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April 30
Kirsten Dunst
Kirsten Caroline Dunst was born on April 30, 1982 in Point Pleasant,
New Jersey, USA to Klaus Dunst, a German medical-services exec.
who's now stationed in New Jersey while the rest of his family lives
on the West Coast. Klaus separated from Kirsten's mother Inez Dunst,
a former art-gallery owner. Was a Ford model as a child. Beat out
Christina Ricci for roles in Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire
Chronicles (1994) and Little Women (1994).One of People Magazine's
50 Most Beautiful People of 1995.Nabbed the lead role of Peter Parker's
girlfriend, Mary Jane Watson, in Spider-Man (2002) after Kate Hudson
and Alicia Witt turned it down. Voted the 2nd Sexiest Female Movie Star
in the Australian Empire Magazine September 2002. Is a fan of the television
show "Curb Your Enthusiasm" She is Swedish/German.

Birthday's today:
Jill Clayburgh, Willie nelson, Cloris Leachman, Merrill Osmond,
Mimi Farini, Babette Van Veen, Phil Garner, Kelly Duncan, Michael Waltrip, Booby Vee,
Diane Hurley, Nan Zhang, Bill Plympton, Burt Young, Isiah Thomas, Zohra Lambert

April 29
Uma Thurman
One of the most gorgeous woman in the world. The tall 6' actress
was born in Boston in 1970.
Thurman had been briefly married to
Gary Oldman, from 1990 to 1992. In 1998, she married Ethan Hawke,
her co-star in the offbeat futuristic thriller Gattaca (1997). The couple
had two children, Levon and Maya. Hawke and Thurman filed for divorce
in 2004. Former model. French cosmetics firm Lancome have employed
her as a spokesmodel for their company since June 2000. Named after
the goddess of light and beauty in Indian Mythology. Named #21 on the
Maxim magazine Hot 100 of 2005 list.
Her mother, Nena, was once married
to LSD proponent Timothy Leary. The marriage lasted less than a year
(1964-1965). Their marriage, which took place in Nepal, was the subject of
a 15-minute documentary entitled "You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You."
Nena married Uma's father, Robert Thurman, two years later in 1967. The
film roles Uma will always be remembered for will be "Kill Bill: Vol. 1 & 2",
and "Pulp Fiction". All three will hold up over time.

Birthday's today:
Master P, Eve Plumb, Jerry Seinfeld, Nora Dunn, Daniel Day-Lewis,
Deborah Iyall (Romeo Void), Tommy James, Lonnie Donegan, Michelle Pfeiffer,
Kate Mulgrew, Richie C. Robertson (Fabulous Poodles), Hugh Hopper (Soft Machine),
Reggie Miller, Andre Agassi, Zubin Mehta, April Stevens, Dale Ernhardt (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK ends: New one on the way

Catherine Phoenix Arizona
(from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

CATHERINE SAYS: I would have to say my fav female vocalist of
all-time would be Janis Joplin. You can feel her voice in your soul
when she sings and it can be amazing. Of course that's just my opinion.
She had something no one has ever had since...her raspy but beautiful
voice makes you feel as if she's in your head and heart. I don't think
anyone else compares.

Lamia Cross Singer/songwriter Paris France

LAMIA SAYS: Whitney Houston, just because I love her voice and she
was the fist female vocalist I discovered when I was a child, who thrilled
me so much.

And, I think others might say Mariah Carey, she is also very popular.

David Sadof Host of High Fidelity 97.5-FM Houston Texas

DAVID SAYS: Jonathan, it would be unfair to answer this question
without acknowledging
the technical ability of such greats as
Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday,
and Sarah Vaughan.

All of whom are amazing and are contenders
for this title. As much as
I respect them, they're not artists that
I actually listen to very often with
the exception of Sarah Vaughan's
live version of "Misty" on the album,
Sassy Swings The Tivoli. It's
a very funny version of the song.

My choice for 'Greatest Female Vocalist Of All-Time' goes to Emmylou
Harris. Emmylou has a wonderful voice that is both beautiful and
expressive. While her solo work is outstanding, there is no one better
than her when it comes to singing harmony. Her voice
has complemented
a wide variety of artists from Gram Parsons
to Elvis Costello. Plus, I find
her voice very soothing to listen to
and that's probably the best reason of all.

Michele Norfolk United Kingdom

Hi Jonathan. No question, it has to be ARETHA!
No one can touch her.

Rockin' Ranch Palmdale California

Barbra Streisand of course. I hate to say
it cuz she bugs me so much the last few years. But it really is true.

There is one other singer that is the best too but she is sooo off the deep
end I cannot even mention her. In the rock world I would say that
Gwen Steffani is the best until she started putting out crap.

April 28
Jessica Alba
The 5' 61/2" most talked about actress these days was born in
Pomona, California
on April 28, 1981, Jessica Alba and her family
moved to Biloxi, Mississippi, when she was an infant. Three years
later, her Air Force father brought the family back to California, then
to Del Rio, Texas, before finally settling in Southern California when
Jessica was nine. Was #1 on Maxim's Hot 100 Babe List (2001).

Her show "Dark Angel" (2000) was canceled after two seasons on Fox.
Voted #4 in the Top 10 Sci-Fi Babes in 2002 for her role as Max in "Dark
Angel" (2000). Voted in at #6 in FHM's Sexiest Girls of 2002 poll, American
edition (June 2002). Loves to play golf. Her second cousin is skateboarding
legend Steve "Salba" Alba. Named #5 on the Maxim magazine Hot 100 of
2005 list. Ranked and Voted #1 by AskMen.com's Top 99 Most Desirable
Women of 2006. Ok...you get the point. "Fantastic Four" and "Sin City",
you were most likely watching because of...Jessica. Nuff said.

Birthday's today:
Penelope Cruz, Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth), Bruno Kirby, Jay Leno,
Chengjiang Li, Marcia Strassman, Ann Margret, Mary McDonnell, Jennifer Sciole,
Nate Richert, Jean-Paul van Gastel, Nancy Lee Grahn, Eddie Jobson, Barry Larkin,
Chris Young, Simbi Khali, Jeremy John Beadle, Steve Kahn, Pete Stoyanovich

Q of THE WEEK: almost over

Indigo United Kingdom

INDIGO SAYS: I don't know who others would say is the greatest
vocalist, but I have a choice of my 2 favourites, that's Kirsty MacColl,
and Mama Cass. They were both outstanding vocalists, and the range
they both had, had been unequaled before or since.

Indie x

Living Dead Girl Phoenix Arizona

LIVING DEAD GIRL SAYS: This is a very difficult question, you know.
I'd say probably some opera singer I've never heard of. I think people
will pick something like Ella Fitzgerald or some other diva, but have no
idea why.

Dana Somewhere in California

DANA SAYS: Greatest female vocalist of all time (IMO) would have
to be Mahalia Jackson. I believe this because when I listen to her
beautiful, inspiring voice I'm moved to tears.

As far as who others would think is the greatest that'a a tuffy, but
I'll say K.D. Lang because she has a voice that is smooth as honey.
Her voice is classical yet contemporary.

Stefer Feffer Pittsburg California
(from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

Tina Turner- her voice and energy is awesome

I'd say others will say Mariah Carey- her high notes are amazing.

Keren Gloucestershire United Kingdom

KEREN SAYS: Wow thats a question and a half! Do we go rock,
classical, pop, country??????

I don't think I could possibly pick one, as the others are the best in their field.

Rock: Tina Turner
Soul: Aretha Franklin...with Joss Stone a possible contender in years to come
Classical: Catherine Jenkins
Pop: Beverley Knight
Country: Faith Hill

I'm sure no one else would agree with me, and thats because we are all individual
and are tastes are different. Other wise the world would be a boring place!

JONATHAN: Good words of wisdom Keren. :)

Cory James Air Personality KUPD-FM Phoenix Arizona

So, I'd have to say this is a hard question Jonathan.
First off, because there are so many things that make a vocalist great.
Range. Screamability. Depth. Emotability. Ya know?

So the best I can do is say Aretha Franklin, Chrissie Hynde, and
Courtney Love all come to mind. Yeah, I know Courtney is hard to
swallow for a lot of people, but she has more heart and insanity than
most anyone in music, so I have to include her.

Does it count as an answer if I picked three???? I wish someone could be
all three in one. Bonnie Raitt maybe? Probably not, but close.

JONATHAN: Cory, it seems this was a harder Q for most. Some already
knew who their choice would be, but many simply cannot settle on one.
Who knew? lol

Phalkon Filmaker Stanwood Washington

PHALKON SAYS: Hmm, tough one. I will have to say Stevie Nicks.
She has such an amazing voice.

As for who others might pick, I don't know. A lot of my friends like Cher.
Also an amazing voice.

JONATHAN: I don't know how many are aware that Stevie Nicks is a
product of Phoenix, Arizona. She was born and raised here. Her father
Jess Nicks owned a lot of land in the area.

April 27
Anne Suzuki
Nicknamed Ankoromochibe, Anne was born in Tokyo, Japan in
1987. The 19-year old rising star of TV and film loves Pokemon,
modern dance and rollerblading. Actors she admires are Shingo
Katori and Asaka Seto. A popular child actor in Japan, she made
her Hollywood debut in Snow Falling On Cedars in 1999. Recent
projects Anne has been involved with are;
1. ch teien (2005) (as An Suzuki) .... Mana Kyobashi
2. "Ganbatte ikimasshoi" (2005) TV Series .... Etsuko "Etsuneh"
3. Tau man ji D (2005) .... Natsuki Mogi
... aka Initial D (International: English title)

Birthday's today:
Mica Paris, Pedro Feliz, Sheena Easton, Casey Kasem, Judy Carne,
Cuba Gooding Sr., Sandy Dennis, Marco Pirroni (Adam and the Ants), Larry Elder,
Ace Frehley (Kiss), Anouk Aimee, Arther van Dijk, Emma Taylor-Isherwood,
Sally Hawkins, Anna Alvim, Herb Perersen (Desert Rose Band), Chris Carpenter,
Yoshiaki Fuiiwara, Pete Ham (Badfinger), Andre Gower, Coretta Scott King (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: (see Monday)

Sissy The Singer Burbank California

SISSY SAYS: Well Janis Joplin der!! :)


JONATHAN: For those of you in Phoenix that listen to my shows, this is
Sissy The Singer that I've been playing for weeks. As some have said to
me..."Man, she's beautiful". Agreed. But beautiful looks doesn't translate
into airplay. One listen to "Fly Away", you will be mesmerized on how
Sissy is about the closest to Janis Joplin I've heard in years. Sissy is
herself of course. Yet, whether it's Rock, Country, and the Blues, this is
one talented lady. Her raspy voice is an instant attention getter!

Angel on fire Somewhere in Oregon
(from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

ANGEL SAYS: Shakira!! End of story. :)

JONATHAN: Really? End of story. :)

Calamity Pain Roller Derby Jammer Tempe Arizona

CALAMITY SAYS: WOW there are so many.
I would say Etta James. Her gritty raspy voice goes straight through
your ribs right to your heart before making a stop at your soul.

Runners up:
Wanda Jackson - The queen of bitch ass rock and roll.
Oteph - Her words are amazing
Texas Terri Bomb - This says it all www.myspace.com/texasterri
Loretta Lynn - Van Lear Rose is one of my fav cds
Wendy O' Williams - The Plasmatics - www.myspace.com/plasmatics
-as if didn't know.

And I have to give metion to local girls. My Doll. Drea's voice is amazing,
and holy hell can she play a mean guitar! www.myspace.com/mydoll

That was fun!!! Haha, thanks for asking!

Tamera (aka sweet t) Kansas City Missouri

TAMERA SAYS: That's a tough call!!! And I can't think of just one!!!

Patsy Cline, Joni Mitchell, Mama Cass Elliot, Carly Simon, Natalie
Merchant, Chrissie Hynde, Melissa Etheridge and Amy Lee are
just a few of my top picks.

Why? Because they all rock!!! Not to mention they can sing a gajillion
times better than I could ever dream of!

I have no idea what others would say!!! We all have different likes,
dislikes, and opinions, as we are entitled to having.

That's what makes all of us unique!!!

Angelica Tempe Arizona

ANGELICA SAYS: Duh...Johnette Napolitano (Concrete Blonde).
Celia Cruz is pretty damn awesome too!

JONATHAN: I do believe that Johnette was supposed to play in
Tucson tonight and Phoenix on Friday night. She cancelled, due
to some kind of illness (yeah right). With her history of drugs and
alchohal, who really knows? She is a fine vocalist though.

Tanya Ypsilanti Michigan

TANYA SAYS: It's gotta be Billie Holiday / Aretha Franklin.

I'll predict others will say Madonna or something equally weak,
because the modern day qualifications require popularity to be
the measure of greatness. Popularity is measured by media

Media attention is measured by itself, thus an ugly vicious cycle.

JONATHAN: Not to be disagreeable Tanya, but all vocalists, even the
greats have been pumped by the media, going back to the beginning
of time. I don't believe it's only the modern media. Just my humble
opinion. :)

April 26
Joan Chen
Born Chong Chen, the 5'4" Chen was born in 1961 into a family of doctors
and educated in China at the Shanghai Film Academy and the Shanghai
Institute of Foreign Languages, Joan Chen was discovered by veteran
Chinese director Jin Xie while observing a filming with a school group.
Her performance in Xiao hua (1980) (aka "The Little Flower") won China's
Best Actress award, and resulted in the Chinese press dubbing her "The
Elizabeth Taylor of China" for having achieved top stardom while still a
teenager. Her trademark is classy traditional feminine beauty of the 1930's
Chinese Gentry. US citizen since 1989. Has one elder brother, Chuan Chen,
an artist who goes by the professional name of Chase Chenoff. Selected by
Self magazine as one of "The Nine Best Bodies for the 90s". Chosen by People
magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the world (1992).

Birthday's today:
Jet Li, Kevin James, Sara Downing, Roger Taylor (Duran Duran),
Giorgio Moroder, Carol Burnett, Jessica Lynch, Nikki Martinez, Jordana Brewster,
Emily Booth (Eurotrash), Claudine Auger, Giancarlo Esposito, Teresa WaeiBbach,
Howard "Leon" Reeder (Champaign), Gary Wright (Spooky Tooth), Anna Mucha,
Michael Damian, Ryan O' Donohue, Bobby Rydell, Duane Eddy (R.I.P.)

More Q of THE WEEK: Greatest Female vocalist of all-time

Dreamer Los Angeles California

DREAMER SAYS: Hmm...I absolutely love Stevie Nicks and Janis Joplin.
they have been rocking my world for about 25 years now...and no one even
compares to their unique and soulfull voices! :)

Ree_N_Vegas Las Vegas Nevada

REE SAYS: IMHO... Billie Holliday... she was raw and full of passion.
Billie once said anyone can sing the blues as long as they have felt them.
She felt them and it came through.

Peace ~ Love ~ Rock N Roll

Jools Liverpool England

JOOLS SAYS: Wow, this is a major one for me J!!
My immeditate reaction is MICA PARIS!!

Purely because of the power of her voice, she is as diverse as she is mellow,
lots of duets and lots of years of power vaccuming to this lady. She is pure

Mega thanks for including me in this one! xxxjoolsxxx

JONATHAN: Damn, Jools...I wish everyone had the enthuiasm that
you have. :-)

Alicia Tucson Arizona
(from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

Hi Jonathan! This is an easy one for me.

No.1 female vocalist of all time: MADONNA.

She never repeats herself, constantly reinventing herself. She knew
what she was doing since she started. She's an extremely business
savvy , sharp woman! No one can touch her.

Dina D'Alessandro Musician Los Angeles California

I think Karen Carpenter is the greatest of all time!
She has the most crystal clear, beautiful voice ever.

Others would probably say Patsy Cline. There's something very
sincere about her voice that everyone can connect with.
I'm a big fan of hers as well.

Shorty B Southern California

SHORTY B SAYS: Aretha Franklyn.
She is the Queen of soul.
She has an amazing range, she is a power house and you can
feel every bit of her when she sings!

April 25
Rene Zellweger
Look for Rene to star as Janis Joplin in a future film titled "Piece
Of My Heart". The "Bridget Jones" star was born in Katy, Texas
in 1969. Swiss father, Norwegian mother. She was a part of the
Katy High School Bengal Brigade and Cheerleaders. Chosen by
'People Magazine' as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the
world (2001). Her salary for Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason
(2004) $11,000,000, Cold Mountain (2003) $15,000,000, Down
with Love (2003) $6,000,000, Chicago (2002) $10,000,000
Bridget Jones's Diary (2001) $3,750,000. Kind of tells you what
stratosphere she is in. The 5' 4" beauty has an inifinty for musicians.
Her marraige to Country singer Kenny Chesney lasted a few months.
There are few actresses as good as her. She is in a class of her own.

Birthday's today:
Cat Wilson, Marguerite Moreau, Talia Shire, Fish (Marillion),
Al Pacino, Billy Rankin, Jacque Jones, Andy Bell (Erasure), Paul Mazursky,
Michael Brown (Left Bank), Steve Ferrone (Average White Band), Tim Duncan,
Sofia Helin, Jonathan Angel, Jerry Leiber, Travis Fryman, Laura Birn, Hank Azaria

Q of THE WEEK continues

Jeannie99 Fresno California
(from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

I would have to say MARIAH CAREY.
SONG: "We Belong Together". Why? She has the voice for it.

To answer your other question. MARIAH CAREY.
SONG: "We Belong Together".

First thought was Arthea Franklin.

Brigette Spang Los Angeles California
(from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

BRIGETTE SAYS: NO question for me.....I think Sheryl Crow is the
greatest female vocalist of all-time.

I think the teeny boppers will say Avril Lavigne or Gwen Stefanie.
But Sheryl does it all. She writes, she plays, she is beautiful and
I can go on.

My favorite vote is for Sheryl Crow. There may be some older
female vocalists and I suppose it depends on the "style" you are
looking for but still I vote for Sheryl.

JONATHAN: Brigette, I haven't heard the term teeny boppers in
quite some time. -lol

Jules United Kingdom

JULES SAYS: Hi there Jonathan, well to be honest with you, I personally
think Kylie Minogue. She has a great voice, has sang for a while now, as
well as being an actress, and she has done well changing her style of songs
over the years, shes one of those singers, that every age loves, whether old,
young, male, female, party, home dicso, club etc, singing dancing. :)

I think you will find many people do like her as a great singer also, I know
there are so many out there, but I would say her. :)

KYLIE your the best. :) !!!!!!!

Sarah of the Monkey Basket Wirral United Kingdom

Hmm thats a tricky one...I will have to say
Dusty Springfield for effortless ,smooth ,velvety tones!

Although I do enjoy a bit of Christine Aguilera! (blush!)

Laurie West Sacramento California

Absolutely love the vocal style of Annie Lennox.
She has a very powerful yet soulful voice. She is AWESOME... and
has a very unique style that is all
her own.

Shimmer Alabama

I see Stevie Nicks as the greatest female vocalist,
because she explored many avenues, that had not been explored openly.
Her enchanting lyrics combined a powerful voice, and abiltity to deliver
hard and heavy
rock, make her the best pick for me.

Others would say is? I would think the choices would range from
Billie Holiday to Bette Midler, for obvious reasons.

My pick of Stevie Nicks has to do with the time in which I found her music.
A time of growth and change. Her music at that time, served as a suitable
companion to my feelings.

The others mentioned, are great singers of respectable talent, well known
within the musical world. Due to the precise skill, clear application of training,
and passion for sharing their talent. Many have embraced them.

April 24
Kelly Clarkson
Ironic that Kelly's birthday falls in the weeks that the Q of THE WEEK
is about the 'Greatest Female Vocalist'. She has been mentioned quite
a bit so far. The 2002 winner of "Americal Idol" has carved an incredible
career since. Kelly was born in 1982 in Fort Worth, Texas. She shares the
same birthdate as Barbra Streisand. The tiny 5'4" singer performs barefoot.
Originally wanted to be a marine biologist but changed her mind when she
saw the movie 'Jaws'. Was an extra on the show 'Sabrina, the Teenage Witch'.
Was a cocktail waitress at a comedy club in Arlington, Texas and at Hyena's
Comedy Club in Downtown Fort Worth, Texas. Her first single sold nearly
250,000 copies in its first week. Sang the National Anthem at The Day of Service
in Washington D.C., on September 11, 2002. Christina Aguilera co-wrote her hit,
"Miss Independent". Is of Greek and Irish Descent. Ranked #92 in FHM's 100
Sexiest Women in the World (2005).

Birthday's today:
Barbra Streisand, Jill Ireland, Shirley MacLaine, Emma Andersson,
Michael O' Keefe, Chipper Jones, Eric Bogosian, Vince Ferragamo, Richard M. Daley,
Billy Gould (Faith No More), Jack Blades (Damn Yankees), Joey Vera (Armored Saint),
Richard Sterban (Oak Ridge Boys), Glenn Cornick (Jethro Tull), Paula Yates, April Mills,
David J (Bauhaus/Love & Rockets), Shane McDermott, Jim Capaldi (Traffic R.I.P.)

Who is the GREATEST FEMALE Vocalist
of all-time?

And, who do you think others would say is?
Why on both?

Melanie France
(from myspace.com-no fowarding URL)

Hi Jonathan !! For me the greatest female vocalist
is Alison Shaw from the Cranes. She is the best because she is
absolutely unique, I never heard such a strange and beautiful voice.
She express so many feelings in it.

Others people won't say this because this kind of voice is so special.
I suppose that they will talk about Celine Dion, Mariah Carey. I think
those singers have great voices, but they are not unique . Cheers ;)

JONATHAN: Good one Melanie. Alison has a beautiful voice.

Cosmico United Kingdom

COSMICO SAYS: Janis Joplin. There's this ad on tv here at the moment
which uses "Piece of my Heart", and I guess it's stuck in my head!
She was bloody brilliant though!

I also like, Siouxie, Debbie Harry, Pauline Murray (Penetration), Poly-Styrene,
Eddie Reader, Annie Lennox, Grace Slick...the list could be endless really! x

Hestia Jones Hogsmeade United Kingdom

HESTIA SAYS: Gretchen Wilson.*winks* Because there isn't anyone
out there that sounds like her. She's one of a kind. I love her music.
She's the one singer I would pay top money to see!

Cyndi Bristol Connecticut

CYNDI SAYS: Hello Jonathan ....Do I have to pick 'just' one? I never like
to pick just one! But I would have to say Madonna, for her voice is so
distinctive and she always pushes the limits and is always changing. For
these reasons I feel many would agree and see what I see.

Sade is also a favorite of mine for 'her' very distinctive voice.

Oh yes and, Barbra Streisand in mid career like the late 70's & early 80's.
Janis Joplin >>> Kick ass! Shakira WoW :O

OK I'll be quiet now ;)

JONATHAN: Oh Cyndi, you never have to be quiet. ;-)

~Debbi~ Southern California

DEBBI SAYS: Hello Jonathan. I personally think Mary J Blige.
That woman is just awesome. She has been through a lot and has
the most awesome music. Plus she has made it back despite it all.

I think people would say Aretha or Janis Joplin as well as a few
others. Because they were and are great singers.

JONATHAN: I hadn't thought about Mary J, but that is a good
choice Debbi.

April 23
Joanna Krupa
The 5'7" model was born in 1981 in Warsaw, Poland. Was raised in
Chicago, now lives in California. Has a younger sister, Marta Krupa.
Named #78 on the Maxim magazine "Hot 100 of 2005" list. Has two
dogs, Mickey and Jezzabelle. Her nickname is JoJo. She has appeared
on TV series such as "Son Of A Beach", "Las Vegas", "ER", "The Man
Show", and "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation". In 2006 she will a few
small roles in films. Consider her an up and comer.

Birthday's Today:
George Lopez, John Cena, James Russo, Valerie Bertinelli, Su Ingle,
Andruw Jones, Jan Hooks, Captain Sensible (The Damned), Steve Clark (Def Leppard),
Michael Moore, Shirley Temple, Tony Atlas, Narada Michael Walden, Joyce DeWitt,
Rachel Skarsten, Elaine Smith, John Miles, Maggie Blake, Tessa Wyatt, Blair Brown,
Judy Smith, Roy Orbison (R.I.P.), Sandra Dee (R.I.P.), Herve Villechaize (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK continues: (see all of last week)

Beth Richard The Addictions Austin Texas

Jonathan, this is an impossible question for me to answer
so I will name a few- Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Ella Fitzgerald, Pat Benetar,
Joan Jett, Maria Carey, Courtney Love, Madonna, Diana Ross, BETH
RICHARD- (of course I have to include myself on this list or else what the
fuck am I doing with my life)- Missy Elliot, that Clarkson girl, Bonnie Raitt,
Gwen Stefanie, I hate to say but X-Tina Agullara, Heart, I'm sure I could
name 50 more but these are a few off the top of my head.

Beth...you cheated -LOL


Mike Mena Sothern California

MIKE SAYS: Wow! Choices, choices. Hard to pick one. I think I'd have to say
Billie Holiday. The anguish and emotion in her voice. The uniqueness.

Others might have similarities but I'd have to say Billie. For me personally,
Chrissie Hynde is runner up.

Other people will say Madonna.


Phil Rind former lead vocalist Sacred Reich Phoenix Arizona

PHIL SAYS: Ella Fitzgerald. Hands down. Best vocalist of ALL TIME.
Why? Phrasing, vibratto, range, tone, that fucking incredible voice!

She made a ton of records with Louie Armstrong. If he wants you singing
with him that's a good enough endorsment for me. Plus she invented scatting.
Tell me what other singer invented a new way of singing.

There are a lot of great singers out there, with a great voice, or a unique style,
or whatever they have going for them. None of them can match the timelessness
of her voice and material.

None. I rest my case.

JONATHAN: Ok Phil, you made quite a case there, but she's great, not the best


Laura Brady M99.5 SNMM Local Music Coordinator Palm Springs California

LAURA SAYS: Oops i may be too late on this.. but I truly love PINK!!!
I'm not really into pop-rock music, but I've seen her perfrom live before
and her voice is stunning and her attitude is brilliant!!! I love her new
video for the song "Stupid Girl".

Thank god someone finally said something about these silly, anorexic, Hollywood,
little dog toting fools!!! PINK ROCKS!!!! We are actually featuring her this
weekend on the M995 Sunday Music Meeting in our Chicks that Rock segment!!!

Now who do I think people willpick as great female singers. Hmmmmm, old school
maybe Janis Joplin or Stevie Nicks. New School: Gwen Stefani, Lauren Hill or
maybe a Kelly Clarkson. Hard to guess...but im sticking with PINK!!!!!

JONATHAN: Ok, ok then...it's PINK.

April 22
Sheryl Lee
For all you Laura Palmer/Madeleine Ferguson fans of the TV series
"Twin Peaks". Sheryl was born in Ausburg, Bavaria, Germany in 1967.
She grew up in Boulder, Colorado, spending much of her youth studying
dance before knee injuries ended her hope of becoming a dancer. "Dead,
wrapped in plastic" is how Sheryl Lee entered onto the scene as Laura
Palmer, the doomed homecoming queen on the cult TV series "Twin Peaks"
Lee worked with "Twin Peaks" (1990) mastermind David Lynch again
on the film Wild at Heart (1990), and resurrected Laura Palmer one last time
for Lynch's Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (1992).
Lee has gone on to have
a long and adventurous career since then. Appearances have included the
Stuart Sutcliffe biopic Backbeat (1994), the John Carpenter film Vampires
(1998), and the TV series "L.A. Doctors" (1998).
Married to musician Jesse
Diamond, son of singer Neil Diamond; they have a son named Elijah. Was
originally cast as Mary Alice Young for the ABC series "Desperate Housewives"
(2004) in its pilot episode, but was replaced by Brenda Strong.

Birthday's today:
Marilyn Chambers, Jason Miller, Jack Nicholson, Glen Campbell,
Laura Henner, Johnny To, Anna Eriksson, Arthur Baker, Peter Frampton, Ryan Styles,
Bimbo Coles, Lewis Biggs, Selah Victor, Terry Francona, Jack Nitzsche, Byron Allen,
Chris Makepeace, Shira Zimbeck, Sherri Shepherd, Catherine Mary Stuart, Steve Bond

Q of THE WEEK continues (see last Monday)

Today, some of my music industry friends chime in

JJ Fabini OM, PD, Air Talent Ft. Wayne Indiana

JJ SAYS: OK, here. Best female vocalist of all time? If we're talking rock,
I would put my money on Janis to win the award. Reasons (many of which
have nothing to do with her music) include an incredible "Don't Fuck With Me"
attitude when having one wasn't exactly in fashion for women.

She could drink her contemporaries under the table, snort half of Columbia
and treat men like pieces of meat. Her vocal stylings were unique to say the
least, she had a talent for amassing incredible players to back her, and she
fought for everything she gained.


Jeff R Cushman PD/Afternoons WOMX Orlando Florida

Joan Jett. Her "owwwwww" is top notch!

People will say Janis Joplin. She's good too. I didn't say her cause
everyone will say her.


Jackie Selby MD/Air Talent Denver Colorado

JACKIE SAYS: Shit. That is hhhhhhaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrdddddddd
to answer!

Ella Fitzgerald-- man she moves me! Jazz singers are the best, and I
am not just saying that because I am playing Martini Music in Denver!

I suppose people may respond with rock singers, but please.


Joey Gusto PD WBER Rochester New York

JOEY SAYS: Tori Amos. Why: Just listen to her.

Others? No clue.

April 21
Andie MacDowell
One of America's favorite actresses. A southern gal, Andie was born
in Gaffney, South Carolina in 1958. The 5' 8" mother of 3 was chosen
by People Magazine one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world
(1991). Worked at McDonalds and Pizza Hut as a teenager. Former
cosmetics model. Chosen by People magazine as one of the 50 Most
Beautiful People in the world (2000). In 2000, she filed suit against
Wal-Mart for displaying her picture in several stores without permission.
Spokesmodel for L'Oreal cosmetics and haircare. Real name Rosalie
Anderson MacDowell. Although she has been in well over 30 films, we
will always remember her for her great performance in "Groundhog Day".

Birthday's today:
Iggy Pop, Tony Danza, Ashley Peldon, Nicole Sullivan,
Ken Caminiti, John Cameron Mitchell, Alan Warner, Avi Phillips, Claire Denis,
Marie-Ernestine Worth, Brianne Davis, Paul Carrick (Squeeze), Karen Foster,
Samantha Drule, Elaine May, Patti Lupone, Cindy Kurleto, Charles Crodin

Q of THE WEEK: Greatest Female Vocalist of all-time?
Continues through next week. More great responses coming.

Silverose United Kingdom

SILVEROSE SAYS: Hello Jonathan, I would say probably Madonna.
As the vocalist in my time. she doesn't stay the same, she's always
evolving. Does that make sense?

I couldn't guess who other people would put as the greatest
female vocalist.

JONATHAN: Silver, I agree, Madonna always evolves and that puts
her way up there in the elite vocalist catagory.

Cherrymoon Sydney Australia

CHERRYMOON SAYS: I think that Aretha Franklin is the greatest
female vocalist of all time.. because of the era and purity of her
style. Also, cos she kicks butt with that voice.

I think a lot of people may agree with me. I really cannot see
anyone else as "the greatest". No one quite has matched up to
her...or maybe I am biased. I will be interested to read who
others choose.

Shawn Rock Radio Personailty Manhattan Kansas

SHAWN SAYS: This question is tough, because it all depends on
what genre of music you are focusing on. Let's see...

1. Greatest Punk Rock: Joan Jett
2. Greatest Heavy Metal: Wendy O. Williams
3. Greatest Classic Rock: Ann Wilson
4. Greatest Country: Patsy Cline

JONATHAN: Shawn why did I know that you bring up Joan.-lol

Don Jantzen KTBZ-FM Houston Texas

Jesus, why don't you make this weeks question a wee
bit harder?

For me... all-time... Either Patsy Cline or Janice Joplin. They both
forged ground that had never really been done before. Moved into
male dominated areas at a time when no one really cared.

Both of their voices can move you into another space mentally and
you can feel every emotion they sing with. You don't feel like anything
is left out or held back.

As for who others will say...hard telling. Taste is so subjective. I just
hope they remember the question was "of all time".

JONATHAN: True Don, that was the question.

April 20
Mila Shegol
The tiny 5' 3" adult film star known also as Mila "Nasty" was born in
1970 in Russia, Mila's parents emigrated to the US when she was
just a child. After graduating from a private school, she attended
Cal State University at Northridge, earning a B.S. in Psychology.
After several years of working in the medical profession, however,
she got bored and started looking around for something a bit more
exciting, decided that porn was it, and made her debut in 1996. Her
willingness to try just about anything, combined with her striking
blonde good looks and top-notch body, guaranteed her steady
work in the business.
After marrying Kevin Radtke in 2001, she quit
working at The Chicken Ranch - a legal brothel in Nevada - and retired
from adult films. She is enjoying the married life and plans on having
children. That was then, this is now. Mila has been back making a few
films since 2002-2004. Again, retired now for the time being at 36, which
is considered old for an adult film star, kinda like a athlete is considered
old in most contact sports.

Birthday's today: Carmen Electra, Ryan O'Neal, Tito Puente, Jimmy Winston (Small Faces),
David Leland, J.D. Roth, Craig Frost (Grand Funk Railroad), Julieta Prandi, Jessica Lange,
Kal Swan, Edie Sedgwick, Amanda Fahy, Clint Howard, Don Mattingly, Todd Hollingsworth,
Lamond Murray, Rachel Maryam Sayidina, Becky Jago, Luther Vandross (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: (see Monday)

Kitty Oceanside California

KITTY SAYS: I like Stevie Nicks and Suzie Quatro...both great vocalists.

I don't know what everyone else might say. If they don't agree with me,
they are just wrong. haha

Lyndsay United Kingdom

LYNDSAY SAYS: Easy. Kate Bush. Fantastic range, and no-one
sounded anything like her. Seriously, transport yourself to 1978.

No-one had heard anything like this before. People have emulated,
but no-one has achieved the same. She was 15 when she was
discovered. Had a shitload of songs under her belt already. The
woman is a genius. Same league as Prince.

Mark Wonderland Records Gilbert Arizona

MARK SAYS: Wow this is a tough one, I mean really tough.

I have to mention a couple of runners-up first.
*Aretha Franklin, Patti Smith, Kim Gordon, Christina Amphlett.

After much internal debate I have to go with Chrissy Hynde. A voice that
is beautiful snd powerful at the same time.

Great question Jonathan!!!

JONATHAN: Yes Mark, a tough Q indeed. Hard to narrow it down to just
one...but you did it.

Roxie Los Angeles California

ROXIE SAYS: I think of many. But one of the purest voices, I love
rock and she's not...is Barbra Streisand. I said that out loud
and my 16 yr old son said...why isn't she famous? lol...lol.

Madonna can hold a tune pretty well too!

JONATHAN: Finally, someone mentioned Madonna at least. Thanks Roxie.


Oedipus Vice President of Alternative Programming
CBS Radio 154 Claybrook Rd Dover, MA 02030

OEDIPUS SAYS: Lisa Gerrard of Dead Can Dance. Her voice transcends
this world and transports one next to the Goddess that nurtures and protects
all life.


Howard Salmon Author Tucson Arizona

Aretha Franklin: for her range, her emotion, and for her
soul. And for
"Aretha's Greatest Hits". She's real, not a poseur.

April 19
Kate Hudson
The 5'6" daughter of the legendary actress Goldie Hawn, was born in
1979 in Los Angeles, California.
By all accounts, Hudson was a born
performer--as a child she danced and sang at every opportunity. Her
family hoped that she would attend New York University after graduating
from high school, but she opted to get her feet wet in the professional acting
world first. She made her big-screen debut as an ambitious young starlet
stranded in a tiny California town in Desert Blue (1998). Her next two films,
while critically panned, made it into wider release: 200 Cigarettes (1999)
(in which she played an earnest but accident-prone ditz) and Gossip (2000/I)
(which cast her as a rich, virginal college student). Perhaps Hudson's biggest
break was landing the role of rock groupie (or "Band Aide") Penny Lane in
Almost Famous (2000).Raised by Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn's longtime partner.
Named one of the '50 Most Beautiful People in the World' by People Magazine
(2000). Ranked #99 in Premiere's 2003 annual Power 100 List. It is her first
appearance on the list and she was the youngest person on it that year at the
age of 24. Married to the Black Crowes Chris Robinson. Gave birth to her first
child with Chris, Ryder Russell Robinson, on January 7, 2004. He weighed 8 lbs
11 oz. Speaks French
. Buys her clothes from vintage clothing shops and makes
her own jewelry

Birthday's today:
Dame Kelly Holmes, Al Unser Jr., Bernard Worrell (Funkadelic),
Thomas Nock, Hayden Christensen, Tim Curry, Jesse James, Ashley Judd, Ruby Wax,
Bob Rock (Payolas/Rock and Hyde), Alan Price (Animals), Luis Miguel, Shannon Lee,
Mark "Flo" Volman (Flo & Eddie/Turtles), Lorin Shapiro, Danelle Folta, Sue Barker,
Annika Murjahn, Ellen Weston, Dudley Moore (R.I.P.), Jayne Mansfield (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: Greatest FEMALE vocalist of all-time

Gwen United Kingdom

GWEN SAYS: Hey hard question I would say!!! As their is no category for
this as in classical/rock/pop, erm, going on a broad spectrum answer. I
would go for Barbra Streisand as her voice had depth is crystal clear
powerful/emotional can make you cry. Her voice is very versatile as well

JONATHAN: Gwen, can I just say erm, I like the term erm. :-)

Melanie Miller United Kingdom

MELANIE SAYS: Barbra Streisand, because she has the most soothing
voice, and yet the most powerful at the same time! But there is a
uniqueness to her voice too, something that cannot IMO be topped!!

I think others might say Whitney Houston, because she has similar
qualities to her voice as Barbara, both women make your spine tingle
with the huge amount of feeling they pour into every word. :)

The more I look at your profile Melanie, you do resemble
Marilyn Monroe very much. Just a compliment.

Jako Edmonton, Alberta Canada

JAKO SAYS: In my opinion the best female vocal today, would have to be
...none that I can think of.

There is really no new talent out there to date and everyone is just feeding
off of everyone else's sound. No one is unique now and that bothers me.

I think other people will say X-tina or maybe Kelly Clarkson because they
are in big right now...well Kelly for the Christina, but that's what I think.

Matthew Phoenix Arizona

MATTHEW SAYS: Tori Amos. Multi-talented and gorgeous. Total package.
Sings better than people should be allowed to.

If only Jeff Buckley were alive so they could do a duet that would make
the Earth spin off it's axis.

Fuck Celine Dion... just a thought. Peace brutha.

JONATHAN: I wouldn't...Celine Dion...that is.

Bev Whitehaven United Kingdom

BEV SAYS: Even though she is long dead, I would have to say Janis Joplin.
She was fucking awesome, had her own style, and of all the female vocalists,
she did her own thing and did it bloody well!


Dwight Arnold Radio Host KMRJ Palm Springs California

DWIGHT SAYS: I like Ani Difranco...but everyone else will say Janis Joplin.

JONATHAN: Not everyone will say Joplin, but quite a few will Dwight.

April 18
Melissa Joan Hart
Our little "Sabrina: The Teenage Witch" has grown up. The above photo
is from a Nexxus ad. Notice the darker hair. She was born in 1976 in
Smitown, Long Island, New York, and raised in Sayville.
Her acting career
started at the age of four when she did a commercial for a bathtub toy called
"Splashy". Her mother, Paula Hart, has been her agent from the beginning.
Melissa has five younger sisters, Trisha Hart, Elizabeth Hart, Emily Hart,
Alexandra Hart-Gilliams and Samantha Hart, one younger brother, Brian Hart,
and one younger half-brother, Mackenzie Hart. Elizabeth Hart, Emily Hart and
Brian Hart have appeared on Melissa's TV series, "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch"
(1996). Performed in off-Broadway play "Beside Herself" with William Hurt and
Calista Flockhart in 1989. Has sung on two rock/pop albums, "This Is What 'NA
NA' Means" (1994) and "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch: The Album" (1998), and
narrated a classical album for children, "Peter and the Wolf" (1994). Hobby:
collects great paintings; owns 3 Picassos. Enjoys snowboarding.

Birthday's today:
Ana Voog, Conan O' Brien, Christian Slater, Jane Leeves, Lori Martin,
Hayley Mills, Miguel Cabrera, Eric Roberts, Melody Thomas Scott, Nate "Tiny" Archibald,
Rick Moranis, Lee Pattinson (Echo and the Bunnymen), James Woods, Jayce Fincher Jr.,
Kim Stone (Spyro Gyra, America Ferrera, Cheryl Haworth, Mike Vickers (Manfred Mann),
Skip Stephenson, Robert Hooks, Kristina Sisco, Ocl Sweda (Bulletboys), Jilian Bowen

Q of THE WEEK: (see yesterday)

Echo Frau (DJ) France

ECHO SAYS: I have no greatest female vocalist at all. I think they
all can be good in their style. But to give an exemple, would bid for
Danielle Dax, Rose McDowall in the most "famous" range.

Otherwise I would bid for Tara Cross or other more obscure female
genres but who knows them?

Or maybe I am the greatest vocalist myself. :D

Maybe you are. I haven't heard you.

XoX~**>Nicole<**~XoX New Jersey

NICHOLE SAYS: Debbie Harry. Because she has been doing it for
decades and always tops herself.

Others would say Debbie Harry too, because Blondie has the most
diverse music of any band. (pop, punk, reggae, rap, disco)

JONATHAN: I know of one right off the top of my head, Michelle Hendricks.
She is a major fan and sounds just like Debbie. Michelle'e band is Blondied.

Tina Walsall, West Midlands United Kingdom

TINA SAYS: Can't stand female vocalists, but I suppose I would have
to say the woman from Arch Enemy (don't know her name).

I guess others would say Shania Twain or other suchlike.

JONATHAN: Tina, could it be Angela Grossow from Arch Enemy?

Rayko (Dig Jelley)
Los Angeles California

RAYKO SAYS: Pat Benater. She has both the angelic and the death voice,
and carry a tone like crazy! The transitions on both sound is very smoothly
done! That's a talent!

I get the same complements from people. They say like I'm the hardcore
version of Pat Benater.

Others will say: Lauren Hill? Why?: Cuz' I dig her, too :)

LaWanda El Mirage Arizona

LAWANDA SAYS: I would say...Celine Dion, that woman can sang!!

I think others would say Barbra Streisand...she is so popular somebody
gotta be thinkin about her. But it ain't me.


John Adams Promotion Rhino Records Los Angeles

JOHN SAYS: Damn...Well...My favorites are Chrissie Hynde and Annie Lennox.
I guess it's because they are cut from the same cloth. Both have AMAZING power
and block out the world when they are on stage. They really love the music, but
not the spotlight, and that's rare.

My guess is that the "all-time" list that most people will have includes Aretha,
Whitney, or Ella. But they are wrong and I am right.

JONATHAN: John has a new Pretenders box-set coming. Do not e-mail
him for

April 17
Jennifer Garner
Jennifer was born in Houston, Texas in 1972.
She catapulted into stardom
with her lead role on the series "Alias" (2001), has come a long way from
her birthplace of Houston, Texas. Raised in Charleston, West Virginia by her
mother Pat, a retired English teacher, and her father, Bill, a former chemical
engineer. She has appeared in numerous other television production as well as
such films as Elektra (2005), 13 Going On 30 (2004), Daredevil (2003), Pearl
Harbor (2001) and Dude, Where's My Car? (2000). Aside from filming "Alias"
(2001), Jennifer enjoys cooking, gardening, hiking, and inspired by her character
on the show, kickboxing. Named one of People Magazine's 'Breakthrough Stars of
2001'. Named one of the 50 Most Beautiful People [People Magazine - May 2002].
Named the #1 sexiest woman of 2001 by MAXIM men's magazine. Married to Ben
Afleck, her co-star in "Daredevil". The couple had a daughter Violet Anne in Los
Angeles, December 1st, 2005.

Birthday's today:
Claire Sweeney, Victoria Beckham, Jordan Hill, Elizabeth Lindsey,
Olivia Hussey, Jan Hammer, Don Kirshner, Pete Shelley (Buzzcocks), Tanee McCall,
Boomer Esiason, Lela Rochon, Byron Cherry, Cassidy Ladden, Leslie Bega, Bilal,
Teri Austin, Fuschia Sumner, Theo Ratliff, Marquis Grissom, Laura Petela, Susie Amy

of all-time?

And, who do you think
others would say is?
Why on both?

Aurielle Kilmarnock, Ayrshire United Kingdom

I think Kate Bush must surely be it. She is the most
original, innovative female singer/songwriter of our times. Honestly,
is there anyone else like her?

Hard to say who will vote for who, it all depends on personal tastes
with people, also the age group of voters as well.

JONATHAN: I agree Aurielle, the age group will make a difference.

Ceri Cambridge United Kingdom

CERI SAYS: Hi Jonathan. For me the greatest female vocalist has to
be, Elizabeth Fraser from the Cocteau Twins....Her voice is just so
beautiful, ethereal and unique. I can honestly say I have not heard
another female voice that can compare to hers. Wonderful!

As for the question to who who others would believe had the greatest
female vocals, well that's a hard question to answer! I mean you do
have the likes of Aretha Franklin, Annie Lennox, Blondie, Siousxie
Sioux and many more! All of them stand as great female vocalists
in their own right with their own unique sound. So who knows...it will
be very interesting to see what others think!

JONATHAN: Ceri, glad you mentioned Aretha Franklin. Wow, she can sing!

Ann Campbell California

Hmm, Well, I love Patsy Cline, so I'll say her.
I can't imagine who everyone else would choose - maybe a more up
to date artist like Sarah McLachlan???

JONATHAN: I was wondering if anyone would say Patsy Kline. Cool!

Devon Storm Northern Ireland
(from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

DEVON SAYS: Hi Jonathan xx This is tough cause it depends on the
age of peeps u askin' 'cause most will say who ever they related to
growing up . For me Stevie Nicks was great, and I love Cher.

Singers I suppose who withstand the test of time and could still have a
No. 1 hit today unlike B Spears etc. Can't see them still topping charts
in 20 years time. Ha ha, but that's jus my opinion. Each to their own.

Hope all's good with u and ur family and keep the questions coming,
it does my brain good. lol xx

Family's good, and I am happy you continue to participate Devon.

Small Paul Los Angeles California

PAUL SAYS: First person to come to mind was BLONDE. Something so
hot about her...ever since I was a kid I thought so!

But right now Karen O pretty much has all my attention!!!

But, others might say Tina Turner, because she could probably kick
your ass!! lol

JONATHAN: My dear friend Paul, you had me until the Tina Turner comment.
Now, why would she want to kick my ass? ;-)

April 16
Shu Qi
Also known as Qi Shu. The 5'6"
beauty was born in Taiwan and is of
Taiwanese nationality. Has a "manic" acting style, which (unfortunately)
has won her detractors. However she has proved her acting credibility by
winning the prestigous Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan (regarded as the
"Asian Oscars") for Best Supporting Actress.
Appeared with Jackie Chan in
the wonderful romantic-comedy Bor lei jun (1999) ('Gorgeous'). Her name
is spelled in a variety of ways, including: Hsu Qi, Hsu Chi, Qi Shu, Shu Kei and
there are quite a few other variations on her name on foreign VCDs, DVDs
and Internet sites. You might remember her from "Transporter" with Jason
Statham. She has appeared in over 50 films. One of my personal favorites she
was in was Hong Kong action thriller "So Close"

Birthday's today:
Jon Cryer, Martin Lawrence, Nikki Griffith, Gerry Rafferty, Ellen Barkin,
Dave Pirner (Soul Asylum), Bobby Vinton, Herbie Mann, Frederik Nilsson, Bill Belichick,
Joseph Bottoms, Fernando Vina, Christine Dea Mols, Natalie Blair, Karim Abdul-Jabbar,
Walt Williams, Elisabeth Donaldson, Bill Spooner (The Tubes), Dusty Springfield (R.I.P.)

April 15
Linda Perry
The 5' 3" former lead singer of 4 Non Blondes was born in 1965
in Springfield, Massachusetts. Currently one of the most in-demand
songwriter/producers in music. Recently worked on songs for Christina
Aguilera and Pink, James Blunt and more. Wrote most of the songs on
Gwen Stefani's "love angel music baby" album. Here's a fact. I was the
first radio person to ever put 4 Non Blondes with Linda on the radio live
back in 1992 in Wickenburg, Arizona on the original KFMA-FM. Afterwards
myself , others from the station, the label, and the band had dinner with
lively conversation. That's how I remember Linda, with her natty dreads.
She was and still is awesome.

Birthday's today:
Annie Costner, Dave Edmunds, Roy Clark, Elizabeth Montgomery,
Kyoko Ayana, Samantha Fox, Graeme Clark (Wet Wet Wet), Peter Billingsley,
Emma Watson, Michael Cooper, Mike Chapman, Emma Thompson, Diana Zubiri,
Jeromy Burnitz, Amalie Dollerup, Amy Wright, Phil Lesh (Grateful Dead), Marti Wilde


Cindy (aka Lady Lendela) Cathedral City California

CINDY ASKS: What was the craziest thing that you can remember ever doing ?

JONATHAN: Getting married at 18 would be high on the list. Dumb move.
Crazeee! Wouldn't suggest that for anyone. Ok, Got paid for throwing some
nasty man through a plate glass window when I was 15. Left him lying in his
own blood. Pretty crazy, but at 15, what are you gonna do? Stupid things.

Mitzi Huntington Beach California

MITZI ASKS: I would like to know your thought's on the Mexican immigrant's
and what we are doing with them?

JONATHAN: You know Mitzi, pretty timely. I have mixed feelings. On one hand
I can't blame them for striving for a better life here in the U.S.A. They work hard
for little money, and it is true they do jobs that whites and blacks won't do. Mexico
is a poor country for most. The downside is that it does drive down wages for others
and it does affect the economy, especially in California, Arizona, Texas and all the
other border states.

The argument for letting them in and becoming citizens is that we took their land
away from them. History shows that The state of California was once part of Mexico.
I don't see any solution that will make either side of the debate happy. This will anger
both sides whenever there is a law passed. No one will be satisfied. Only my humble

Kat Some Where Idaho

If you could see any 5 bands/singers (dead or alive) in
concert, who would you pick?

JONATHAN: Well Kat, I've seen so many, their aren't too many I haven't
seen in concert. So I will go with a superfestival with Elvis Presley, Eddie
Cochran, Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash, and Joe Strummer. They are all dead,
and I have seen Cash and Strummer, but what a great night of music that
would be.

Bands that no longer exist that I would love to see again: The Clash, The
original Guns N' Roses, Lords Of The New Church, Big Audio Dynamite, and
Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine. Been there and would like to again. So,
set the wayback machine, and let's go!

Dave Scottsdale Arizona

How did Metallica get started?

JONATHAN: Dave, without sounding snotty, I would suggest going to google
and you can find out the history of Metallica from many websites. They started
in the early 80"s in San Francisco. From there it's up to you to do the research.
I know they are your favorite band looking at your myspace page. There are
also books about the band, and of course the many DVD's.

April 14
Sarah Michelle Geller
The 5'3" star of "Grudge" and "Grudge 2" was born in 1977 in New York
Eating in a local restaurant, she was discovered by an agent when
she was 4 years old. Soon after she was making her first movie, An
Invasion of Privacy (1983) (TV). Besides a long list of movies, she has also
appeared in many TV commercials and on the stage. Her breakthrough
came with TV-series "Swans Crossing" (1992). During 1997 she became
known to the cinema audience when she appeared in two movies at the
cinema I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997) and Scream 2 (1997).
But she is arguably still most associated with her title role in the long
-running TV series, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1997). One of People
Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People. [1998]
. Voted by FHM (a leading
UK mens magazine) readers the No 1 sexiest woman in the world (1999)
and the No 3 sexiest woman in the world (2000). [1999]. Collects rare
editions of classic children's literature.
#8 on Google.com's most searched
women in 2002.

Birthday's today:
Ryan O'Neal, Amy Dumas, Loretta Lynn, Steve Martin, Brad Ausmus,
Cynthia Cooper, John Clarke, Anita Chan, David Justice, Julie Christie, Joan Darling,
Kat Tuohy, Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple/Rainbow), Ty Grimes (Captain Beefheart),
Greg Maddux, Mary Castro, Adrien Brody, Anthony Michael Hall, Greg Zahn

coming to an end tomorrow

Sarah of the monkey basket Wirral United Kingdom

What's your ideal food, film, night out combo??

JONATHAN: Sarah, I rarely go out to theatre to see a film. I usually
buy DVD's and watch from the comfort of my home. Having said that,
to answer your question leading to an ideal, and fantastic night out
combo...it would have to begin with either Japanese or Thai food. I
love Asian cuisine. For the film, to keep my attention it would be an
action film such as "King Kong", "Underworld" (either one), "Kill Bill"
(again, either one), you know, something along those lines.

Romantic movies are for watching in the leisure of my own home.

Lamia Cross Paris France

My personal question to you Jonathan, is what was
your first tattoo and why you have chosen this motif and when?

If you will get one more what would you like to be have and where?

JONATHAN: Lamia, my very first tattoo was my name and a cross. It
was done when I was 16 and incarcerated in an institution in New York.
There were 60 of us in a ward for violent people, and broken up into gangs
of black, white and hispanics. My first was done by an elder black man
who was drinking Aqua Velva shaving lotion. He gave 7 of us the same
tattoo, name and cross using a large baby diaper pin, with bakery thread
wound around the tip. The ink was a bottle of black india ink. His method
was poking constantly. Quite crude.

When I was released it looked exactly like what it was, a prison tattoo. It
was ugly. That was in 1962. In 1978 I had a woman tattoo artist in Tucson,
Arizona cover it with roses and thorns with color. The weird thing is that the
original tat, due to the poking was raised up on my arm. It took until the
90's for it to be smooth. By that time the cross and my name was seeping
through, so in 1998 I had Small Paul (you can find him on my myspace
friends) did the colorful huge dragon that you like, and in the middle where
it is all black is the second cover up of that original tat from 1962.

Oh, for sure I am getting not just another, but alot, as soon as either one
of the only two I trust, Small Paul or Mike Roper, have the freakin' time!!
Roper currently is designing the complete sleeving of my right arm. He has
a shop in Tempe, Arizona. As for Small Paul, I am waiting for him to come
to Phoenix from Los Angeles and in Ropers studio, he will be continuing his
colorful dragon from the top all the way up my left side of my neck. Then
I will have Roper sleeve the entire left arm next. I already have large
tats on both legs (which are not pictured on my profile on myspace), so
I don't know if I will put any more there. But, ya never know.

Loretta San Diego California

How do streets get their names and who names them?

Wow, Loretta. I didn't have any time to research this, because
quite frankly, I have no idea. It's an awesome question, so even though I
will probably be way off on my guess, I will try at least.

In each community, I'm going to say that the local board of directors in any
large city, or small town sit around, look at the new roads or streets and
randomly come up with the names-lol. "Hey, let's call that one, 5th Street",

I mean let's face it, with exception of special street names like "Martin Luther
King Way" and other celebrity's or famous historic persons, pretty much most
cities and towns have the same names. Since I moved back from Los Angeles
to Phoenix, I am noticing a common thread of street names. I'll even bet that
San Diego has similar street names to both L.A. and Phoenix.

Kathaleen United Kingdom

Who is Jonathan?? If you could go back and change
anything would you and if so why??? What do you feel is your best quality
and why???

LOL. I have plenty more questions I could ask but this will do for now.

This Kathaleen is the hardest of all to answer and sound humble.
People that truly know me for let's say 30 years or more will say I am the
same person. I am arrogant, but sincere, and have a compassion for others.
I left home at age 14 and a half, paid the price with being in and out a number
of institutions. I wouldn't change that, only because, although I made pit stops
home between the times of not being able to, I learned a lot from the streets.
I believe in my heart that is why I am the way I am. The streets for some is
the real "school" of life. At least to me it is.

My best quality? What I said above, and throw in that I am not lucky to be
where I am today, for I worked hard to get there. No one ever gave me a
"silver platter" to help me.

But, I think I should add that I am a great communicator, and care about people,
even though some think I am selfish, and cold in some ways. I admit that I trust
very few people, and from the streets learned how to read people quite well. I
can smell bullshit so quick it's frightening.

April 13

On this date in 1996 J&J were married on the corner of Hollywood
& Vine, with Minister Mojo Nixon presiding in front of over 200
people. We then went inside Jack's Sugar Shack and had a blast
with Dramarama, Beat Angels w/Gilby Clarke, Stevie Salas, and
Howe Gelb performing. Mary McCann also did an amazing scat
poetry reading and performance. Today we celebrate 10-years of
marriage and 17 together.

Courtney Peldon
The 5'4" older sister of Ashley Peldon was born in New York City in 1981.
Appeared with Jonathan Taylor Thomas in Tom and Huck (1995). She later
guest-starred on "Home Improvement" (1991) as one of the girlfriends of
Thomas' character. Was voted (2002) by the film actors guild of NEPA as the
young artist that most viewers wish they dated. Shye currently has a recurring
role on the TV series "Boston Public" as Becky. She has literally has had quite a
career in Television, from "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" to "3rd Rock From the
Sun", and about 25 more shows as appearences.

Birthday's today:
Aaron Lewis (Staind), Lou Bega, Paul Sorvino, Randy Piper (WASP),
Jack Casidy (Jefferson Airplane/Hot Tuna), Edward Fox, Julia Rose, Kristen Sargent,
Nellie McKay, Rick Schroder, Cory Yothers, Al Green, Roy Loney (Flaming Groovies),
Peabo Bryson, Ron Perlman, Terry Lester, harold Pruett, Sally McLean, Daria Lorenci,
Max Weinberg (E-Street Band), Lowell George (Liitle Feat R.I.P.), Don Adams (R.I.P.)


Living Dead Girl Mortician Phoenix Arizona

LIVING DEAD GIRL ASKS: Have you ever in your life been attracted to a man?

JONATHAN: This might disappoint you, but the answer is no. I won't deny I
am envious that some men have nicer hair (more of it-lol), and maybe a
better build. But that's about it. I'm as hetero as they come.

Have some of my gay men friends seem to be attracted to me? I would say
there are times when I feel their eyes penetrating me, as well as strangers,
but it's more flattering than annoying. Last year before I left Los Angeles, a
very dear friend who has been gay his entire adult life described to me about
having anal sex without a condom, and he said a condom is the way to go. I
won't deny that it gave me a tinge of being uncomfortable. I just can't imagine
that, but each to his or her own. As most hetero's, I can easily imagine two
women having sex. I had sex with a lesbian friend many years ago, and it didn't
work out at all. I wasn't upset about it. But two women make more sense in
a way. I might add, as much of a "man" that I am, I also have a feminine
side also, which I think most manly men do. Ok, maybe some toothless
wonder toting a gun, and can't speak in sentences might not. -lol :-)

Cimber (aka Some Gurl) Sacramento area California

I would like to know what brought you to the radio business
and if you had a career choice again, would you pick the one you are in?

I look forward to hearing back from you.
Bright Blessings.

JONATHAN: Cimber, I actually backdoored my way into radio in 1982. I
was publishing a music magazine, and radio in 1979-80 changed to boring
formatted pablum, much the way radio is today. I made a cassette of 90-
minutes of music and sent it to 3 radio stations in Tucson, Arizona. One
person took the chance with me, and within 6 months my one-hour show
expanded to 5 hours, and I played anything I wanted. The ratings went
sky high. I was lucky. It was called "Virgin Vinyl", which I did for 14-years,
regardless of what station I was at and in a full-time position as Program
Director of a few stations.

To be honest, there are some people that are meant to be in certain careers,
and others that aren't. I was born to be on the radio. Sure, we all want to
be famous film stars, or a highly respected scientist...but I wouldn't change
the path of my career in any way. Happy to be doing what I do.

Oh, I began working at age 17 and a half in trucking after I was released from
being incarcerated. Worked as a partsman for Hills-Korvettes Supermarket chain
in their trucking division (60 tractors and 150 Trailers) for 3-years and then at
age 20 went to work for Mack Trucks in Hicksville, Long Island for 6-years. That
was not my calling.

Keren Stroud, Gloucestershire United Kingdom

If mankind had the technology, and you could have any
kind of super power...
what would it be and why?

JONATHAN: Good question Keren, but a toughie. I suppose if I narrow
it down to one, I'd want to be like Ben Hawkins on the TV show "Carnivale".
The ability to heal by touching a persons soul. Of course, when Ben did
heal someone, some other person suffered. A nasty side affect of doing

Logan Phoenix Arizona

What is good music to have sex to?

JONATHAN: Well, Logan...that was a Q of THE WEEK last month. The
obvious is that if music is going to be a part of the act of sex, you
should discuss with your partner what they like.

I know you are young, and I accepted you to my myspace because you
are a listener of my radio shows. Also judging by your current photo (not
this one), that you are kissing a hot blonde. So sex at 16 (ah, I remember
those days), would consist of what you are listening to, but again, you
should ask her what she wants to hear. If it's rock, rock on. If it's softer,
than be soft. Nothing worse than her saying to you right in the middle, "can
you please change that music". Kinda ruins the moment, ya know?

LOL- I really don't know how to answer this. :-)

April 12
Claire Danes
The 5' 51/2" actress was bornin 1979 in New York City. Since 1990
Claire has appeared in over 30 films and TV shows. Most known for
her role as Juliet in the 1996 updated modern version of "Romeo +
Completed 2 years at Yale University pursuing a degree in
psychology but never finished (2002). Chosen by "People" magazine
as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world (1997). Was banned
from the Philippines in Sept 1998, for making derogatory remarks about
the country. The President of the Philippines condemned her publicly.
Has at least 3 songs written about her. The Ataris' "My So Called Life"
(album: "Look Forward to Failure" EP), Size 14's "Claire Danes Poster"
(self-titled album) and The Five Mile Line's "Claire Danes" ("Busride Home"
demo). Her mother ran a daycare center out of their Soho loft called Danes
Tribe. Loves watching The Golden Girls reruns.

Birthday's today:
Lisa Gerrard (Dead Can Dance), Phoebe Thomas, Mellow Man Ace,
Will Sergeant (Echo And The Bunnymen), Andy Garcia, Herbie Hancock, Elissa Leeds,
Paul Lo Duca, Vince Gill, David Cassidy, D.D. Verni (Overkill), Shannen Doherty,
Alexis Arguello, Alicia Coppola, Eddie Robinson, David Letterman, Natalie Durante,
Tony James (Sigue Sigue Sputnik), Charles Napier, Jodi Fleisher, Tiny Tim (R.I.P.)


Ft. Collins Colorado

Hey Jonathan, I have a question, what are your top 5
gold alternative songs that you think were important to the format, but
don't really get played much by many stations anymore?

JONATHAN: This is a toughie Boomer. I don't know what "alternative' is any
more? Aside from a few stations, most sound like they dictated what is a
"gold" song and what's not. There are more 'not's', so that leaves a wide open
area to choose from.

The real problem is that what was "alternative" in my pioneering days, is being
played on HOT/AC and POP stations more than the supposed "alternative" radio
stations nowadays. Many songs sound outdated today.

The question is a great one, and I don't know if this is what you are looking for,
but I will give it a go. My choices might seem crazy.

1. "Stargazer" by Mother Love Bone 2. "Daddy Have You Ever Been Arrested"
by Dear Mr. President 3. "My Way" by Sid Vicious 4. "World Desctruction" by
Time Zone (Afrika Bambatta & Johnny Lydon)
5. Anything from the RAMONES
other than "I Wanna Be Sedated", Blitkrieg Bop", and "Do You Believe In Rock and
Roll Radio".

These are maybe what radio today doesn't consider "gold" songs, but maybe I'm
wrong and these are played. I know you are in radio and probably have your
own thoughts on this topic. I don't really pay attention to formatted radio today.
Consultants play god with music. They decide what should be played. As for me,
as you know...I live in my own musical world and play what I feel will entertain
my audience, and most of what I play from the past is pretty radical, for it's
usually unfamiliar songs to the listeners and not always songs/artists that would
be considered "alternative". There are artists like Wonderstuff, Sisters Of Mercy,
Dead Milkmen, that were considered "alternative" that have been ignored by radio.
And many more.

Please let me know your reaction to this, and we'll do a follow-up. Ok?

Whitehaven United Kingdom

What is your favourite sexual act/position, and more
importantly why do you like it?

JONATHAN: Ooh, ooh, can I answer that (raising his hand-lol). Well Bev,
I could be evasive, but I said I will be truthful and open with all my answers,
sooo...ok. For me the act of making love is taking time and fully enjoying the
experience. No rushing. Savoring every moment.

Position? I prefer "69". Why? Because both partners enjoy each other at the
same time before intercourse. Why do I like it? The taste babe. I won't get any
more descriptive, you get the idea.

Jaunita State of Colorado

JAUNITA ASKS: Hey Jonathan, What is the scariest thing that has ever
happened to you? I mean something that really got your adrenaline
pumping my friend. =)

JONATHAN: Hmm, well Jaunita, It would have to be someone putting a
gun to my face and telling me that they were going to "blow my fucking
head off". I think that was pretty scary. Yeah, my life was flashing before
my eyes, and that got my adrenaline pumping like a Texas oil drill.

Other than that, thinking I've lost my wallet and keys does really scare me,
and although it's never happened, my adrenline goes way up just thinking
about it.

April 11
Joss Stone
Today the singer/actress is 19-years old.
Joscelyn Eve Stoker was
born on April 11, 1987, in the pastoral county of Kent, England. She
spent her teen years in the rural county of Devon, where she bought
her first album, Aretha Franklin's Greatest Hits, which inspired her to
become a singer. At the age of 14, she auditioned for a popular BBC
show, "Star for a Night" (1999). The 5' 7" star's trademark is that she
performs barefoot. Took part in the Band Aid 20 re-recording of "Do
They Know It's Christmas?"(14 November 2004). Nominated for 3
Grammys: best new artist, Best Female Pop Vocal Performance
('You Had Me') & Best Pop Vocal Album (Mind, Body & Soul) (2005).
Joss supports the Liverpool Football Club.

Birthday's today:
Kelli Garner, Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi), Lisa Stansfield, Emma Bing,
Monica May, Cerys Matthews (Catatonia), Robert Fripp (King Crimson), Jason Varitek,
Chris Difford (Squeeze), Michele Scarabelli, Delroy Pearson, Sascha van Wissen,
Bill Irwin, Kazuo Fukushima, Sara Lofgren, Mason Reese, Terry Cousin, Niki Notarile,
Robbie House, Peter Riegert, Gabrielle Boni, April Ennis, Ruth Moshner, Louise Lasser


It's your turn now. I always ask you, so go for it!

Only this week. (see yesterday)

Tamera (aka sweet t) Kansas City Kansas

Hi Jonathan!!! hmmmm...ask you anything????? ok.

Who has been the coolest of the cool that you've got to meet and/or
interview? and who, if anyone, turned out to be the rudest or the one
that may have let your expectations down? *hugs*

T, I will start with the rudest. That would be Damon from
Blur. I had him live in the studio about 1991. As we went live on-air he
became another person, and began speaking in jibberfish with snide
remarks. So live on-air I said "you're a dick", and asked him to leave.
He did. A second close one would be Rivers from Weezer. I was recording
an interview with the band in a production room. It was their very first ever
radio interview. He was so snotty, I stopped the interview and walked out
of the room. Oh, and Wesley Snipes when I said simply hello. And, how can
I forget Oliver Stone, the director. One night at the Troubedor in L.A., my
wife asked him if would take a picture with her, and he (drunk) was nasty.

I've done probably about a 1,000 interviews, or chats as I like to call them,
so it's hard to single out one. Maybe David Bowie, a phone interview when
he called live from Dallas, but the funniest was Captain Sensible from the
Damned, calling live from a rooftop in London on a cell phone. I asked one
question, and he, with a lot of humour went on for 15-minutes straight, and
I let him. It was hysterical. :-)

As far as meeting. I was very close with Joey Ramone. Have socialized with
Frank Black on more than one occasion, but I would have to say my dear
friend Joan Jett. We have a special relationship. One of trust, warmth, and
very real. She to me is arguably the "Queen Of R&R". Oh, I forgot, smoking
a joint with Joe Strummer and Rat Scabies at a Hollywood recording studio in
the late 90's (picture I took can be seen on my Gallery page).

Fort Lauderdale Florida
(from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

IMJUSTAGIRL ASKS: ok, so Jonathan...what is a guy thinking on the
first date with a woman??

JONATHAN: If he is a nerd, he is simply thinking how to muster up a
conversation, and usually messes it up. No second date. If he is all full
of himself, he is thinking between your legs right away. But you would
know that. If it is a good first date, he isn't overthinking anything. He is
just being his natural self, and hopes his date is doing the same. I know
you want me to say 'sex', but I think although many men are always
thinking that, some are better at controlling that urge than others, even
though deep down inside they are thinking a score would be great. Oh,
by the way...thinking is one thing...acting upon the thought in most cases
would be disastrous.

As an aside, before I met my wife, I never actually had a real date. I always
seemed to end up with a woman somehow. Ok, so maybe I was lucky...never
have been on an official "date'. I feel bad for those that have to go though that
process though. My friends, both women and men tell me that in most cases
it's not fun.

Horst, Limburg Netherlands

oooh Jonathan what have you gotten yourself in to.
I hope you're not gonna regret this.

I'll make it easy for you, my question is: how are you doin', and what
is your favorite record of the moment?

JONATHAN: Kim, I am doing fine, feeling good, thank you. With the
amount of music that comes my way, or I buy...currently there are
only three albums I can wrap my ears around. The kind that I can
listen to over and over, play it loud and either piss my neighbors
off, or maybe they will enjoy-lol

1. Queensryche "Operation Mindcrime II"
2. HIM "Dark Light"
3. Sparks "Hello Young Lovers"

Sorry, Kim, was hard to narrow it to one. And Placebo's "Meds" is coming
up fast on that list.

Rebecca Cambridgeshire United Kingdom

What is the ONE thing you DID as a child that your parents
perhaps caught you doing...or...in doing it you destroyed the image they had
of you, and that still makes you go hot under the collar when you think about
it today??

JONATHAN: Becca, I never did anything to destroy an image they had of me.
They created me. My father was a man with deep seeded problems. Most
likely from WWII. My mother was greedy and a strict authoritative person.
He had a temper and slept in the basement, and she slept upstairs and was
always trying to keep up with the Jones's. They have both passed. I did forgive
my mother about ten years before she died. I even flew from LA to NY to be
with her in the hospital the day she finally sucumbed to a heart problem. I don't
know if I get "hot under the collar" thinking about it. What they created was a
juvenile deliquent, a Junior High School dropout, a kid that they had to watch
going in and out courtrooms, and being incarcerated. But, she at least saw the
boy grow into a man and be successful with a career. He didn't.

I guess you could say that I inherited my fathers anger and unhappiness, which
I have long gotten past. My father left my mother in 1974, the year I debuted
my music publication. I never heard from him again. As for my mother, due to
one girlfriend, and my current wife, I helped take care of her via long distance
for those last ten years. So, I feel pretty good about that.

Wow, this is therapeutic. Ha.

April 10
Mandy Moore
The pop singer gone actress was born
Amanda Leigh Moore was born in
Nashua, New Hampshire, on April 10, 1984 to Don (an airline pilot) and
Stacy (a former news reporter). After seeing the musical "Oklahoma!",
she decided that she wanted to pursue a career in singing.
At the ripe age
of 14, while she was recording in a studio in Orlando, a Fed-Ex worker who
happened to be passing through heard her and was interested in her talent.
He happened to know someone at Sony as well. Hosted her own daytime MTV
series during Summer 2000. Was named one of the 50 Most Beautiful People by
People Magazine in 2002. Won at the 2002 MTV Movie Awards for Best Break-
through Female artist. She's a Neutrogena spokesperson. Ranked #67 in Stuff
magazine's "102 Sexiest Women In The World" (2002). Has been in numerous
filmes and is continuing to pursue that with more roles this year to come.

Birthday's today:
Tim "Herb" Alexander (Primus), John Madden, Orlando Jones, Q-Tip,
Terre Roche (Roches), Steven Seagal, Don Meridith, Bunny Wailer, Laura Bell Bundy,
David Lowery (Cracker/Camper Van Beethoven), Chuck Norris, Claudia Delpin,
William Jane, Billy Jacoby, Ayesha Takia, Natasha Melnick, Alan Wren (Stone Roses),
Ken Griffey Sr., Angela Dodson, Julie Fulton, Olivia Brown, Brian Setzer (Stray Cats)


Go on, ask me anything and I will try and answer it
truthfully. Have a car problem? -lol What food to take
a first date out for? Anything...yes, even personal.
Go on, the challenge is on!

I hope I don't regret this-lol

Connie Lee Stockholm Sweden
(from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

CONNIE ASKS: Ok, Jonathan you really asked for it this time. (haha rubbing
in delight for a loaded question.)

What is it...that gives your soul food for your existance and thriving in this life?
Oops, one more question. Have you ever experienced something paranormal and
if so what?

Hahaha. Expecting an enthusiastic and interesting and truthful soul searching
answer to all
questions above. ~smiling~

Jonathan: I know this might sound trite, but being back on the radio, at my
age, and rockin' more than a 14-year old is what currently makes me thrive
and enjoy life more than anyone can imagine. I am blessed to be able to do
that. BUT, the real reason, is that when I left Arizona for Los Angeles back
in 1995, little did I know that a mere 7 months later I would be diagnosed with
terminal cancer. I had been urinating drops of blood for months and thought
that it was due to stress. It wasn't. I had bladder cancer. I was extremely
fortunate to be hooked up with the world's leading Eurologist, Dr. Donald Skinner
from the USC Norris Cancer Center in Los Angeles. He performed a miracle
operation in April of 1996, nine days after Jeanette and I were married.

He removed my bladder and prostate (comes with the bladder), and made a
Koch pouch, which is a simulated bladder. Lucky for me that the cancer did
not spread any further. After 10 years and every year check-ups, I am cancer
free. So, that is my soul food for my existence, being given a second chance to
enjoy life in a normal and fullest way. Many things that might seem to be important
before, are now no longer that at all. I am happy to still be on this blessed earth. :-)

As for a brush with a paranormal experience, the answer would be no. Makes me
think of the "X-Files" though, and if I ever had one, it would be either very cool or
quite frightnening.

Stephanie (aka Infection) North Hollywood California

Stephanie Asks:
When do you know a man is in love with you?

Jonathan: The easy answer would be, to say "I love you" means very little.
When he is 'in love' is when you would know. I have a radical theory on this.
I believe that no one should get married until age 40. They should live as a
couple for a long period before taking a step that at a younger age in most
cases lead to divorce and unhappy children, and resentment.

I base this on my first marriage at age 18. Father at 19. It just won't last.
People change, and few times do they change together in the same way
or direction.

For any guy to say he "loves you" is just that. Let him prove it over time. Who
knows, you might not feel the way you originally did.

If he is in love with you, you as a woman (I can't speak from that angle), will
see all the right signs, like attention, caring, putting you above anyone else,
and of course the real committment, it's all about you and no one else. Through
good times and bad.

Cyndi Bristol Connecticut www.myspace.com/cexyfariegirlcyndi

Cyndi Asks: mmmm ...Tell me your fantasy!
or is that too SeXy for the postin' babe? ~! ;)

Jonathan: Ahh, it's got to be every males fantasy. A 3-way. Two woman, and
myself. That will never happen in my life-time. My beautiful wife has no
interest in women, and besides she would kick the living shit out of me for
bringing it up any more than I have-lol. Funny thing though, many women
are attracted to my wife. She's hot!

My other fantasy is to go in to outer space. That won't happen either. But one
can always dream and fantasize right?

*These are the first batch of a number of questions. I will get to them all.

April 9
Jenna Jameson
The world's most known adult film star is a current resident
of Scottsdale, Arizona where she operates "Club Jenna". She
recently fought the Scottsdale City officials over a proposed
law that would have lapdances done from 5 feet away. There
was a petition that Jenna and her girls filled up with a large
amount of supporters to fight a law that would try and rid the
city of all strip clubs. Born in 1974 in Las Vegas, she was raised
by her father.
By the time she was 18, the bright lights were
already drawing her in. She studied ballet as a student, but it
was stripping that started Jenna on her road to superstardom.
Dancing led to nude modeling, and by her 20th birthday Jenna
had appeared in dozens of top men's mags, including Penthouse,
Hustler, High Society and Cheri. The 5' 6" beauty's given name is
Jennifer Marie Massoli.

Birthday's today: Dennis Quaid, Gene Parsons (Byrds), Jordy Masterson, Nathan Cook,
Valerie Singleton, Rachel Stevens, Mark Kelly (Marillion), Cynthia Nixon, Leila Leigh,
Megan Connolly, Terasa Livingstone, Hal Ketchum, Emily Freeman, Avery Schrieber,
Keshia Knight Pulliam, Graeme Lloyd, Jeffery van As, Wang Yang, Austin Peck


April 8
Emma Caulfield
Today's featured B'day girl was tough. Patricia Arquette could be
what you would have been viewing. She's one of my all-time favorites,
but Emma deserves to be, so the 5' 5" star, best known for "Buffy The
Vampire Slayer" is in your face. She was born and raised in San Diego,
California in 1973 as Emma Chukker. Best known for her starring role as
the young and beautiful demon-turned-mortal, "Anya" on the hit series
"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1997) starting in 1999. Caulfield's role originally
started out as a guest, demon-of-the-week, appearance in a December 1998
episode. Attended San Francisco State University. Her mother is a professional
singer. She was number 98 in a list of the worlds 100 sexiest women in 2003.

Birthday's today:
Patricia Arquette, Robin Wright Penn, Izzy Stradlin (Guns N' Roses),
Jim Lampley, Biz Markie, Gary Carter, Julian Lennon, Lisa Guerrero, Shecky Greene,
Tim Thomerson, Steve Howe (Yes, Asia), Adam Woods (Fixx), Jim "Catfish" Hunter,
Gerald McRainey, Roger Chapman (Family), Taran Noah Smith, Tom DeLay, Timo Perez,
John Havlicek, Peggy Lennon (Lennon Sisters), Carmen McRae (R.I.P), J.J. Jackson (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: Survival, is done.

Well, mine would be probably one
from Gary Dyer on creating your own reality and the power of inner self.

So that would teach me that anything is possible in this universe and I could
survive by changing what I have been taught to beleive about a situation.

I know its deep, but believe it or not, I kept it simple.

Connie Lee Stockholm Sweden (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

Okay, so maybe I'm taking this a bit too seriously
...but if I'm really going to have to survive on this island...I'm praying
that it is blessed with waves.

The CD would have to keep me sane and not push me over the edge,
make me angry, or depressed, something like perhaps Jack Johnson's
"In Between Dreams".

The DVD would be "Global Gardener" starring the co-founder of permaculture
Bill Mollison, which will teach me how to live sustainably and feed myself on
a small island. With limited resources.

And, the luxury item would be my new South Point longboard (can I be
gauranteed a lifetime supply of wax?) (Sure, why not-lol. -JL)

Philo Surfer Tokyo Japan (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

aaaaaaaaa, Electrical!
(I agree Mitzi, if I was on an island, I'd want electricty too.-JL)

Mitzi Huntington Beach California www.myspace.com/mitzireal

April 7
Anika Knudsen
The tall 5'11"
Anika Knudsen was born in April 7, 1979 in Sweden. She
moved to the US when she was just 6 years old. At age 14, Anika decided
that she wanted to go into modeling. So she signed on through ha modeling
agency in San Francisco. She also signed in LA and in Milan. Anika graduated
with a Bachelor's degree in Theather Arts from the University of California at
Berkeley. In 2001, she was on the cover of Playboy Magazine. She also was a
guest-star on E! television Girl Next door. She has received numerous cover
and was named the Sexy Girl Next Door of December 2003. Anika's recent
appearance was on the NY vs. LA episode of Fear Factor. She represented LA
but lost on the show. Currently Anika Hosts along with her Playmate Jessica
Drake on Playboy TV's Sex Cells.

Birthday's today:
Russell Crowe, Janis Ian, James Garner, Jennifer Schwalbach Smith,
Tiki & Ronde Barber, Marni Lustig, Ricky Watters, Teri Ann Linn, Francis Ford Coppola,
Spencer Dryden (Jefferson Airplane), Wayne Rogers, Cathy Sara, Freddie Hubbard,
John Oates (Hall & Oates), Pippa Hinchley, Bill Bellamy, Gabriella Gubas, Adrian Beltre,
Jo Appelby (AMICI), Ronnie Belliard, Kelli Young (Liberty X), David Frost, Jerry Brown

Q of THE WEEK nearing end: (see Monday)

DVD-"Alice in Wonderland".
CD-Pink Floyd's "The Wall".

Luxury Item- FOOD!

Stephanie (aka The Shower Curtain) The Great Wall of Corn Cornwall Canada

Ok, the CD has to be the Yo-Yo's
"Uppers and Downers", because it never fails to make me smile.

The DVD... something like the "The Blues Brothers" that you can watch
over and over again.

And, the luxury item, sun cream.

Indie United Kingdom www.myspace.com/indigo_storm

Ok, lets see.
CD - Metallica - "Black".

DVD - "Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels".

Luxury item - extra batteries for the players, and a bra! lol

Nix London Essex United Kingdom www.myspace.com/pixie_nix

Omg! only 1 CD?
Well, it would have to be AC/DC and the DVD would be AC/DC
-"Family Jewels".

And, as far as 1 luxury item, well, I am alone on an island, you guess
what it would be. lol

(Ok Chrisy, a MAN...correct? -lol -JL)

Chrisy London Canada www.myspace.com/chrisygib

The CD would be "A Kind Of Magic"
by Queen because it makes me feel alive when I listen to it.

The film would be "Brave Heart", as I can watch that over and
over np.

And, I'd take my eyebrow pencil cos I can't go any where with out it. lol

Scorpiolass Wales United Kingdom www.myspace.com/scorpiolass68

April 6
Myleene Klass
The 5' 6" Klass was born in 1978 in Norfolk, England. She now makes
her home in London. The Hear'say singer is all over British television,
either performing or as a guest as herself. Includes among others;
"Richard & Judy", Space Cadets", "Soapstar Superstars", "The Wright
Stuff", and "Big Brother Efourum". Plays the piano, harp and violin. Has
sung backing vocals for k.d. lang and Cliff Richard.

Birthday's today:
Charles Thompson (Frank Black, Pixies), Merle Haggard, Bret Boone,
Jason Hervey, Diora Baird, Marilu Henner, Michelle Phillips (The Mama's and the Papa's),
Roy Thinnes, Nevia Stelmann, John Ratzenberger, Judith McConnell, Billy Dee Williams,
Andre Previn, Udo Dirkshneider (Accept), Johnny Dee, Oliver Miller, Alana Austin,
Dianne Brill, Lori Heuring, Ari Meyers, Roger Cook, Matthew Thomas Carey

Q of THE WEEK: (see Monday)

Hi there Jonathan,
I'll bring my Deep Forest CD, "L.A. Story" for my movie
on my sandy DVD player. Duracell batteries.

For my luxury item I'll take soap. It's nice to be clean even in
the middle of nowhere. :)

Cheers :)
Alicia Tucson Arizona (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

Hi Jonathan.
My CD would be Queen's "Greatest Hits" Double Album.

My DVD would be "Some Like It Hot" with the gorgeous Marilyn Monroe.

My luxury item would be Red Lipstick.

Maxine Wigan Lancashire United Kingdom (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

CD - Elvis - "The Jungle Room Sessions".
DVD - "The History of Rock n Roll".
Luxury Item - B.O.B. (battery operated boyfriend) ; )

Ree_ N_ Vegas Las Vegas Nevada www.myspace.com/reenvegas

This one is too hard to answer.
One CD is WAY to hard!!! I can't pick one.

The DVD would be "Friends".

The luxury item would be chocolate or makeup, probably. LOL

Emma (aka Photo_Chick) London England www.myspace.com/emmaporter

Oh, Jonathan...It's "Sophie's Choice"!
Only one...how can there ever be just one?

My heart hurts just a little thinking of it. I suppose it would be the
Replacements, as life is not complere without "Unsatisfied" and
"Answering Machine". But perhaps "Hatful of Hollows" by the Smiths.
Or Frank, or Bob Marley!

See I can't do it!

You have raised the bar on questions impossible to answer my friend.
Our friend Robin Johnson always likes to add the caviate that
"greatest hit's" albums are not allowed on this game, so I think you
should also throw that one out there as well, so that there is no talk
of Bob Marleys Legend, and the like. It has to be an album definitive
of the artist without being a summary, no?

My one luxury item, and I get to bring batteries? Hmmm, that leaves
so much to the imagination. However, it would be Definicils mascara
by Lancome.

Being a crafty gal I am sure I would in short shift figure out how to make
all other product out of coconuts and bananas.

(*Tink...it was ok to have a musical compilation-JL)

Anastasia (aka "Tinkerbell") Los Angeles California

OK...CD would HAVE to be a
compilation tape...because I don't think there is ANY one album
that would not drive me insane 'eventually' on hearing it over and
over again. Contenders for the compilation would include Prince,
Jimi Hendrix, Nina Simone, Frank Sinatra, Bob Marley, Elvis Presley
and The Eagles. Got to be a 'classic' timeless collection of musical genius.

DVD would probably have to be "The Life of Brian or Holy Grail". Something
that could still make me laugh, no matter how many times I watched it.

The luxury item would have to be a Man. Preferrably a Celtic one, with a
good sense of humour. A man with 'fire' skills that can cook a decent fish
barbeque and has an idea how to build a raft.

Morrigan United Kingdom www.myspace.com/morrigan333

April 5
Krista Allen
The 5' 71/2" actress has a very long resume of television and film.
Krista was born in Ventura, California in 1971. She has been on "Monk",
"Just Shoot Me", "Two and a Half Men", "The X Files", "CSI: Crime Scene",
"Baywatch", "Arli$$", "Silk Stalkings", and so many more. Is of Portuguese
and Irish heritage. In both "Smallville" (2001) and "Mutant X" (2001), she
played a woman who could control men with her pheromones. Has started
her own T-shirt line called Sex Brand. Named #70 on the Maxim magazine
"Hot 100 of 2005" list.

Birthday's today:
Paula Cole, "Diamond" Dallas Page, Dave Holland (Judas Priest),
Agnetha Faltskog (Abba), Max Gail, Dave Swarbrick (Fairport Convention),
Vince Gill, David LaFlamme (It's A Beautiful Day), Allan Clarke (The Hollies),
Bernie Carbo, Tasia Valenza, Ann Maxwell, Ryan Drese, Anna Uluaeus (AHA),
Ju-hyeon Lee, Cammie Lusko, Jane Asher, Michael W. Butler, Finidi George

Q of THE WEEK rocks on: (see Monday)

Hi Jonathan,
what an interesting question...makes you think.

The CD I would take is Bob Marley & The Wailers "Exodus".

The DVD would be "Countryman". Living on a remote island you can
learn from "Countryman", he lived off the land.

The luxury item would be a satellite phone that way I can talk to
someone other than myself or a volleyball named 'Wilson' and
not go bananas.

Dana California www.myspace.com/fierylocks

Blimey, thats a question and a half.

ok CD..."Aerosmith Big Ones", I'm a big Aerosmith fan, have
their wings logo tattooed on my back, just love the music.

DVD...that is really tricky, so many good films to choose from,
so not worth going for LOTR as there are 3 in the series
or I could go for comedy......cos I'd probably need cheering up
or cud b completely daft and go for "Castaway"!

Ok ok, I've thought of one...
"Les Miserables" the musical!!!!! - I can sing along to it.

Luxury item...toothpaste. I will be able to make shampoo out of
fruit. If u have clean teeth u always feel better.

Keren Gloucestershire United Kingdom www.myspace.com/kezisyours

- "Cocksparrer".
-"True Romance", and luxery item-my boyfriend.

Jen Arizona (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

Hey Jonathan.
These are not easy questions. If I were stuck on an island then
I guess I would want my audio and video choices to bring me peace.
Although there are so many new choices today, they are not like they
used to be.

CD: Jim Croce (I was age seven when I listened to this man's music
in a serious way.) He totally brought happiness to my ears during a
time that was very challenging. Jim Croce made my mom and I laugh
as we were driving for hours. We were getting the hell out of TEXAS!

DVD: "Sound of Music" ( This was always my favorite musical!)
Again, a very challenging situation, but it turned out well in the end.
Also showed how status can be a barrier to something special. Two
different people can actually have more in common than they realize.
It's sad when people restrict themselves from the beautiful possibilities!)

Luxury Item: I'll keep this simple...Fishing Pole.- LOL

Take Care,
Jaunita Colorado www.myspace.com/jaunitas

K...one CD...hmmm...
would have to be one I make with music from Orbital, Synthenasia,
Mostafa sax, Imogen, A few hair bands from the 80's, and a few other
bits and pieces mixed in.

DVD...DAMN that is the toughest one. I think before I got on the island
I would trade the DVD and DVD player in for a DVD camcorder.

Then my luxury would be the DVD's to go with, so this way I can record
all my thoughts, ideas, and my insanity that would be from being alone on
a deserted island. Alone.

Kathaleen United Kingdom www.myspace.com/celestianna

A big knife I think!

Michigan (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

April 4
Natasha Lyonne
The 5' 3 1/2" sometimes badgirl, was born in 1979 in New York City,
New York. Was lesser known in the 1980s as 'Little Opal' on "Pee-wee's
Playhouse" (1986). Attended Yeshiva high school in Manhattan, where
she acted in a school production of "The Magic Garden."
In New York City's
Beth Israel Hospital's intensive care unit. Reportedly suffering from hepatitis
C, a heart ailment and a collapsed lung. [August 2005]. Rufus Wainwright's
song "Natasha" is written about her. Dated & lived with actor Edward Furlong
[1998-2000]. Has appeared on many TV shows like "Will & Grace", and films
such as "American Pie 1& 2", Scary Movie 2", "Detroit Rock City", and "Blade:
Trinity", among many more.

Birthday's today:
Robert Downey Jr., Craig T. Nelson, David Blaine, Daisy Lang,
Serena Autiere, Nancy McKeon, Graeme Kelling (Deacon Blue), Claudette Mink,
Peter Haycock, Tom Byron, Jim Fregosi, Berry Oakly (Allman Brothers Band),
Steve Gatlin, Allan Houston, Heath Ledger, Kaylan Nicole, Anja Stadlober,
Joyce Giraud, Robbie Rist, Gary Moore, Scott Rolen, Rebecca Wild

Q of THE WEEK: (see Monday)

CD - Nickleback - "Silverside Up"
DVD - "The Matrix". Luxery Item - Vin Diesel.

Cathy (Cat) Massillon Ohio www.myspace.com/dancewolve

The CD I'd bring would have to be a mix CD,
Full to the max of band's songs I could not live without, like Joy Division,
Sex Gang Children, The Chameleons, Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees,
Deadfly Ensemble, Cinema Strange, Adam and the Ants, Dresden Dolls,
The Birthday Massacre, Japan, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Christian Death,
Tragic Black, My Chemical Romance, The used, Interpol, The Killers,
Element, Detraction, U2, Wumpscut, Front 242, Peter Murphy, Gary Numan,
Deadsy, Thin Lizzie, Boston, New Order, No doubt, Madness, Malice Mizer
and pretty much anything I can stuff into one lengthy CD.

As for the DVD, that's hard, but I think I'd go with the "Family Guy" second season.

My luxury item would be hmmm, I'd say a book of really interesting stories, a
really long book with many pages and lots of stories. Mostly non-fiction on gore
and horror, mix with mystery, paranormal and gruesome deaths.

~Rosie (aka GlamTrashkitten) New York (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

Hmmm...The album would be
G'N'R -"A.F.D"....DVD- "Interveiw With A Vampire".

One item...iPOD. Haha, I'm cheating. *wink*

Ash (aka Action Phobe) Arlington Texas www.myspace.com/ActionPhoebe

Duran Duran-"Greatest".
"Gross Pointe Blank"...or "Dogma".

And...a set of Ginsu Knives.

Although, personally I'd forget the movie and all that and bring books. (=

Jacksonville Florida www.myspace.com/internetbarbarella

The CD I would want would be my
favorite Chopin, I could listen to it forever.

I wouldn't want any DVD's. I would want my Complete Works of
Shakespeare book and perhaps a journal to write in.

I would be more than happy with just those things.

~H~(**~**~**~**) Salem Keizer Oregon

Oh yeah, CD and DVD -
"The Way Things Work, of course" and Metallica with ("Nothing Else Matters")

I suppose my Lexus with survival kit is out of the question? LOL

I'd take my Swiss army knife. It's not rocket science.

Pleasurebot's Parental Unit Winter Park Florida

CD - The remastered "Rio" album
by Duran Duran.

DVD - "Astronaut" CD/DVD by Duran Duran.

Lux item - My husband. *wink*

Ramona Hope British Columbia Canada www.myspace.com/the0shimagirl

April 3
Amanda Bynes
The bubbly 5' 8" actress of TV and film turns 20 today. Born Amanda Laura
Bynes in 1986 in Thousand Oaks, California. Nicknamed 'Chicky', Amanda
has quite a resume for such a young woman.
Her acting debut was in 1996
when she auditioned for and got the role as a newcomer on "All That" (1994).
Right away, she became very popular as people enjoyed her acting and skits,
especially the "Ask Ashley" skit, where she played a little girl running an advice
column who would get very angry every time she read a letter.
In 1999, thirteen-
year-old Amanda was given her own variety show, "The Amanda Show" (1999),
in which she starred in all of the skits except "Totally Kyle". Shares the same
birthday as her "What I Like About You" (2002) co-star Jennie Garth.
in her first television commercial for Nestle's Buncha Crunch candy at age 7. Let's
put it this way, this girl will be around for a long time.

Birthday's today:
Jennie Garth, Eddie Murphy, Mike Ness (Social Distortion),
Melissa Etheridge, Sebatian Bach (Skid Row), Mick Mars (Motley Crue),
David Hyde Pierce, Alec Baldwin, Tony Orlando, Wayne Newton, Jane Goodall,
Marsha Mason, Huub va der Lubbe, Dee Murray (Elton John), Allana Slater,
Curtis Stone, Lance Storm, Catherine Spaak, Gwen Welles, Jonathan Lynn,
Lyle Alzado (R.I.P.), Jan Berry (Jan and Dean R.I.P.), Marlon Brando (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK continues all week:

You may have one CD, one DVD & Player and batteries,
and one luxery item. That's it. What will they be?

*All Blonde Monday

: Metallica-"The Black Album".

Lux Item

Sound Garden California www.myspace.com/greenbaydoll

~~"The Notebook". Luxery item~~ A bed.

El Mirage Arizona www.myspace.com/lmomma03

Hmmm...very interesting question
...and with a little thought about it...I would have to say;

CD~ One of my own mixes...need variety =)

DVD~ "Kill Bill 2"...I swear I can't get enough of that movie.

Aaaand, for my one item...a deck of cards...hours of entertainment...lol =)

~thanks for asking.

Dreamer Los Angeles California www.myspace.com/wtfmom

Well, I would have to have my David Essex
CD- "Gold and Ivory".

The DVD would be "The Seven Year Itch".

My luxery item would be my red lipgloss!!!

Melanie Miller United Kingdom www.myspace.com/marilyngirl
Melanie's website www.marilynmonroe-lookalike.com

Hmmm Let's see here, if I had one CD
to bring with me it would have to be Korn - "See You On The Other Side".

The DVD would have to be (and this is silly, but true) The 4th season
of "Viva La Bam" - so I could laugh.

And, for a luxury item, would be my chap stick! hahah

Ann Campbell California www.myspace.com/rocknrollmama42

April 2
Shandi Sullivan
The 5' 10" model/DJ was born in Kansas City, Missouri in 1982. She also
goes by the nicknames; The Great and Powerful Shandi, Evil Shandai, and
Shandite. She was born Shandiara Annemarie Sullivan. Her favorite movie
is The Breakfast Club (1985). Her favorite TV show is "The Kids in the Hall"
(1988). Shandi was DJing on Monday nights at Pianos in New York City. She
appeared in 2003 and 2005 on "America's Top Model" and on "The Tyra Banks
Show in 2005.

Birthday's today: Prince Paul, Emmylou Harris, Leon Russell, Bill Romanowski, Jon Lieber,
Nicole Cherie Saletta, Rodney King, Paul Gambaccini, Linda Hunt, Don Sutton, Kristi Wirz,
Willie Green, Larry Coryell, Penelope Keith, Kerry Minnear (Gentle Giant), Victoria Jackson,
Dana Garvey, Yj Nagata, Ashley Peldon, Bethany Joy Lenz, David Robinson (The Cars),
Kurt Winter, Pamela Reed, Ron Palillo, Meryl Cassie, Lindy Booth, Marvin Gaye (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: see yesterday

The CD would have to be a mix/mp3 CD
with a bunch of good metal like Slayer, Metallica, Children of Bodom,
Behemoth, etc.

The player = mp3 CD player and DVD, some good long lasting batteries,
and luxery item = Hair dye.

Jako Alberta Canada www.myspace.com/whorenamedjako

Album-"Joshua Tree"-U2.
DVD-"The Breakfast Club".
DVD Player-One that won't crap out on me
Batteries-Duracell Ultra
Luxury Item-iPOD.

Dawn (aka All I know how do do is sing) Patterson New York

CD would be
Sarah Brightman
- "La Luna".

DVD would be "Cabaret". Luxery item; M.A.C. makeup kit.

Jessica (aka Disneyland Princess) www.myspace.com/msjessicasixx

These things are never easy.

I like so many different kinds of music and movies for lots of
different reasons, dont really have a favorite,


I s'pose, in my current frame of mind it would have to be, a
compilation CD of some of the bands here on myspace, there
is some awesome music goin' on right here under our noses,
I got a request this morning and it blew me away.
(I don't understand this, but it's ok-JL)

And, DVD, I'm afraid, off the top of my head it has to be the
LOTR trilogy.

I know cheat, cheat.- lol

Hmmmmmm, luxury item...

A camera...that never runs out. lol

*grinzzzzz* XOX

BECI "SILENT WARRIOR" Cambridgshire United Kingdom

April 1
Patricia Morrison
The dark haired beauty was born in New York State in 1962. If you
know your Goth Rock, to some she is the queen of Goth. Guitar/Bass
player and backup vocalist for several rock bands over the years, including
Gun Club, Sisters of Mercy, Fur Bible and The Damned. But she will always
be known as Andrew Eldrige's co-singing partner for The Sisters Of Mercy.
She is still active and you will find her popping up on someone's album from
time to time.

Birthday's today:
Hannah Spearitt, Traci Lind, Jimmy Cliff, Annette O'Toole, Randy Orton,
Simon Crowe (Boomtown Rats), Jessica Collins, Ali MacGraw, Taran Killam, Phil Niekro,
Debbie Reynolds, Ronnie Lane (Small Faces), Billy Currie (Ultravox), Jeff Porcaro (Toto),
Stan Ridgeway (Wall Of Voodoo), Jennifer Runyon, Bryan Buffington, John "Jumbo" Elliot,
Gil Scott-Heron, Rusty Staub, Carol White, Peter O' Toole (Hothouse Flowers), Gordon Jump

Q of THE WEEK continues:

You may have one CD, one DVD & Player and batteries,
and one luxery item. That's it. What will they be?

My one CD would be a self made
compilation of my favorite industrial songs. :)

I don't really care to watch movies more than once, so the DVD
wouldn't matter, probably "Little Monsters" 'cause it was my favorite
movie of all time. :)

Can my luxury item be my boyfriend??? (Sure, why not-JL)

Erica New Baltimore Michigan www.myspace.com/fearen

CD: "Survivor" - Destiny's Child (that's easy! I need to keep
myself psyched!)

DVD: "The Boy Scouts Wilderness Survival Guide" (hell, if I
really do have to survive, I am gonna have to know this inside and out)

Luxury item: a yacht (so I can get the hell out of there if I can't
hack roughing it.)

Electra New York City New York www.myspace.com/veryscarygirlie

The CD would have to
something to evoke enthusiasim, so anything from
System of a Down.

The DVD aside from the
player would be borderline asinine, so a full
length, no plot, no specific fetish fuck fest of a movie would do.

And, as for luxery...
a GPS capable phone to get my ass off the island
when the novelty wears off.

I Beat Bitches With Beltbuckles Hemet California www.myspace.com/ms_mighty

CD: "Bloodletting" - Concrete Blonde.
DVD: "An American Werewolf in London".

Luxury item: a toothbrush.

Living Dead Girl Mortician Phoenix Arizona www.myspace.com/phoenixlivingdeadgirl