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April 30
Willie Nelson
Birthday's today: Kirsten Dunst, Isiah Thomas, Jill Clayburgh, Burt Young, Wayne Kramer,
Richard Farina, Mimi Farina, Merrill Osmond, Phil Garner, Cloris Leachman, Bill Plympton,
Paulo Jr. (Sepultura), Joey Restivo, Babette Van Neen, Bobby Vee


Good morning from Memphis, Tennessee!! Music Capital, USA!

We'd like to get a copy of Sara Nunes' song "Simon Can't Sing" to possibly play on our morning show.

Our address is: Mike and Mandy in the Morning c/o WRVR 5904 Ridgeway Center Parkway Memphis, Tennessee, 38120 If you have any questions, I can be reached at 901.767.0104.
Thank you,
Mandy Morgan, WRVR

Thank you Mandy. A copy has been sent. I hope you guys dig it.

A case of good will hunting

Hi Jonathan, I'm a Phoenix native who listened to the Q from beginning to end, and really enjoyed reading your KQ memoirs on your website. In-fact, the New Times Birthday Bash image you have was scanned and submitted by me to Dave Andrews KQ tribute site! I'm currently tracking down a lot of the music that was played on the Q between 89-92. I have listened to the airchecks that are on Dave's tribute site, and there is a song on one of the airchecks whose artist and song title eludes me. The song is on the Tim Stone aircheck (your favorite, the guy who played Robert Hazard twice within ten minutes!), and I was hoping you could have a quick listen to the aircheck to see if you knew who the identity of the song.

Here is a quick link with a one-minute sample: http://members.cox.net/jim.ballard/unknown_88-89.mp3
Here is the aircheck link with the complete song from Dave's tribute site: http://daveandrews.tripod.com/kukq.html
Jim Ballard Phoenix AZ

I will try and figure it out. I've listened twice and it seems like I should remember it...but keep in mind...not a hit song and that was within the first few days of Q-so it's obvious it came from my own library. FYI-Tim Stone never announces any of the songs he plays in the 41 minutes-lol That's why I fired him a week later. He was a leftover from the country KQ I'll somehow come up with it. Let you know soon, I hope.

Thanks, Jonathan. I appreciate it. Yeah, interesting about Stone never announcing the songs. There were actually two other mystery songs on that aircheck, and thanks to him, I had to figure them out on my own: Fatal Flowers "The Dance" and The Creepers rendition of "Baby's On Fire" (both cool tunes that I finally tracked down). The mystery song I've asked you about is one that I actually remember hearing a few times on the Q (I seem to recall hearing it in a friend's car one night in 1990; such random vivid memories I possess!). I've gone to every 80's/new wave/obscure music forum I could find, and nobody has a clue about the song. The early guesses were Nina Hagen and Danielle Dax, but after scouring through their catalogues, I've ruled them out. I guess I'm on a mission to find a unusual song. We all have hobbies, I suppose! ;) Thanks again for your time and help, Jonathan.
Jim Ballard Phoenix AZ

Wow Jim...this is a tough one. I actually have the entire data base of artists and songs from 1989 for the Q. It's driving me nuts. I really don't think it's Danielle Dax. She was a couple of years after that air check. That air check was from the first week. I am getting the impression that this guy, who I told you I fired might have played the wrong track from the CD of whoever the artist is. That would be very possible, which makes it even harder to detect. As much as I want to think it's Nina Hagen, I'm not sure. I thought it was Caterwaul, but I pulled out their CD's and listened -close-but not them. Maybe Kate Bush? Naw. It might take me a bit longer...but I assure you that Jeanette and I are on the case-lol Seriously though...I will hope to have something soon.

Jonathan, Believe it or not, I figured out the mystery song. The band is Tom Tom Club, the song is
"I Confess", and it's from the Boom Boom Chi Boom Boom LP from 1988. Not as obscure as I thought (though the CD is out-of-print). I want to thank you for any time you put into researching
this song. Take care,
Jim Ballard Phoenix AZ

Hi Jonathan: Just sharing a recent photo op...The Undertones rocked the Sterling Hotel in Allentown, PA on 4/18. Seems that Feargal Sharkey has no interest in rejoining the band,
Paul McLoone (right) is now the group's lead vocalist. Awesome show!
Scott Lowe B104 Allentown, PA 267.261.3291

April 29
Uma Thurman
Birthday's today: Master P, Jerry Seinfeld, Nora Dunn, Carnie Wilson, Reggie Miller, Eve Plumb,
Andre Agassi, Sterling Hitchcock, Tommy James (Shondells), Michelle Pfeiffer, Tammi Terrell,
Francis Rossi (Status Quo), Richie C. Robertson (Fabulous Poodles), Duane Allen (Oak Ridge Boys),
Dale Ernhardt, Ron Verlin (Shooting Star), Klaus Voorman (Manfred Mann), Kate Mulgrew


New comment on your post #8. author : Andrew e-mail : andrews@takeoutmarketing.com url : http://url comment: tough trade man...Feliz is pretty nasty and Walker is solid. Green and Griffey
are both done. You can see all comments on this post there: http://jlradio.com/v-web/b2/index.php?p=8&c=1

I know. I'm not sure about the trade I made, but I am a big fan of Shawn Green, even
though he's now a Diamondback. If you are into Fantasy Baseball, you can go to my
weblog (above) or go to the Subaculcha page and click on the Fantasy Baseball strip.

Egypt Central

Hello JL - It's Holly Hutchison at Levin/Nelson Entertainment in NYC checking in. The band
Egypt Central who I manage released their debut self released CD. Our initial shipment to CDBaby.com was sold out the night before the release in just a couple hours with sales from
Sweden to Mexico City and several states across the US.

The CD is available at retail in Memphis exclusively through Cat's Records. Two of the Cat's locations sold out before 3:00PM day of release.

Egypt Central's song "You Make Me Sick" is blowing up 93X/Memphis station phones when it plays at drive time. The song has been #1 Most Requested over 8 weeks. Last night the band did an on air interview and answered about 30 calls in 40 min. "You Make Me Sick" is getting airplay outside of Memphis on WRXW/Jackson, MS and WTFX/Louisville.

The band has dates scheduled in Louisville and is locking a few down in Little Rock and Fayetteville, AR as well as Jackson, MS. Keep your eyes and ears open for news of two major stations outside of TN to come in soon. The Egypt Central page on www.myspace.com/egyptcentral has been doubling on their daily spins as the fanbase continues to grow at a rapid pace. Be sure to check out www.egyptcentralmusic.com.....we're just getting started....
Holly Hutchison Levin/Nelson Entertainment A&R Executive/Artist Management
130 West 57th St. , Suite 7B New York, NY 10019 732.978.0160 cell/home office 212.489.5738 http://www.levinnelson.com

Its a break from my show last week revnoseed.mp3
MoJo PD/MD/Mornings WHHZ 100.5 THE BUZZ Gainesville Rock Alternative
3135 SE 27TH ST Gainesville, FL 32641 352.372.2528 www.1005thebuzz.com

Hey Jon...thought you'd get a kick out of this www.lipstickanddynamitethemovie.com
Nan Fisher Atlanta GA

This is fun...the classic girls of the early days of wrestling. Fabulous Moolah,
Penny Banner, and Mae Young. Brings back fond memories of growing up.
Thanks Nano

April 28
Penelope Cruz
Birthday's today: Christopher Penn, Jay Leno, Kari Wuhrer, Barry Larkin, Ann-Margret,
Pete Stoyanovich, Jessica Alba, Marcia Strassman, Simba Kali, Willie Colon, Eddie Jobson

OPEN FORUM WEEK: Anything on your mind?

So big J! I'm kickin around your site and I see you haven't reviewed the new Beck yet. Have ya had a chance to listen? I'm really interested on your take on it. I'm frikken loving it! Beck, QOTSA, and (guilty pleasure) Jack Johnson. All of the I would fo sho give 4 1/2 little j's. lol. But seriously now I wanna hear your take on Guero. I'll bug ya tomorrow about it. Still loving the site, you're gettin' goooooooooooood.
Little j (Jeremy Pritchard) 949 San Diego CA

Well little j, I have only heard the Beck sampler, but not the album. Ever since Lenny
Lasalandra left Interscope all I ever get is singles from all the labels over there in
Santa Monica. I guess Robbie Lloyd could care less that I hear a whole album from his
artists. Guess he's too busy shitting out expensive lunches and dinners...and getting
whupped by Brenda Romano. I do appreciate getting singles, and I could go out and
buy the album...but naw...why should I spend the bucks? Others care enough to send
entire albums. I think I'll listen to theirs. The new New Order is the shit!!! Great album.
Jack Johnson is not really something I get wet over. Right now I'm swimming in wetness
over a sampler sent to me from the U.K. Southwest Sound on Dartington Recordings.
They have some fantastic artsists you might not of heard of; Thirteen Senses, Get Amped,
The ***Lovers, and the soulful Jeff Williams. Really dig him!
Big J

JL, we spoke about this earlier today re: Specialty shows & charts...There used to be 3 official charts- R&R, VA & FMQB...now there's only FMQB...and now a few new ones have been started using a new monitoring system from a company called Mediaguide.

I guess they've taken the place of BDS and the word was that they would provide the most "accurate" charts at Specialty, monitoring all of the specialty shows at radio. So if your CD is in
their system and a track gets played, it will show up on Mediaguide's electronic monitor. I know
you remember counting spins by hand when you were doing the VA chart and how time consuming
it was. That's a thing of the past thanks to Mediaguide.

As you're aware, I just released The Discontent Specialty CD at Specialty, where we've been doing quite well for the past couple of weeks, charting on the FMQB Singles Chart and it looks like we might make the Album Chart this week, having 3 different tracks played. But I've been noticing the past couple of weeks that some of the acts we've equaled in spins or better have made the Mediaguide chart and we haven't. Now I'm not one to usually complain because Specialty is very competitive and every show that gives your artist a spin means that someone didn't get a spin and vicea versa. It's part of the game and you just accept it or drive yourself nuts, right?

I like the FMQB chart because it's based on spins from the playlists and you can even track your artist's spins, other artist's spins, the shows playlists, everything right on the FMQB website. It's simple and you know exactly where everyone stands. And that's what Specialty is supposed to be about...to provide a level playing field for majors & indies alike. Now the Mediaguide chart will only provide the number of spins an artist has that week...nothing else. So you can understand that when I see an act with 7 spins and I have as many or more and my act isn't on the chart, I start to get suspicious. I mean at FMQB, I can see exactly how many spins and WHERE they came from. Not so with Mediaguide. I have to go on "faith" that their technology is superior to anything and therefore, their results are "the real deal".

But it turns out that not all specialty shows are monitored equally. Much like the days when certain shows were R&R or VA reporters, it would seem that "caste" system still survives.

Mediaguide does NOT monitor ALL specialty shows and because some shows get repeated, so do the spins. The Discontent actually got 2 spins this week from Mediaguide for a show that was repeated, whereas it was only worth 1 spin at FMQB. I still think the 1 spin at FMQB is more fair to the competition in general because we weren't really 2 spins better than the rest. I guess my point is that you can't believe that everything that is technologically advanced is necessarily better.

Sometimes traditions, like handcounting spins, are still the best and fairest way. And being a "little" guy, I need a level playing field when we're competing with major platinum acts like Green Day or Foo Fighters...btw...The Discontent got more spins than both of those acts and didn't make the Mediaguide chart. So when a company says that they monitor ALL of the specialty shows, they should actually DO it.

Thanks for the soapbox!
Robert Allen Sha-La Music, Inc. New Jersey www.shala.com

No prob, Robert. I'm just wondering how much Mike Parrish from FMQB is paying you say their
name so much. Juuuuust kiiiiiding. I agree, it's a strange system...and I think that there can
never truly be a perfect way of measuring the correct way to satisfy everyone. I never even
heard of Mediaguide until we spoke. You mentioned about seven names of people from this
Pennsylvania firm. I told you I never heard of one of them. So, it's just me...who the fuck are
these people?
Jonathan L

I know its a little early but I really would like a good turn out. Thursday, May 26th
@Hair of the Dog.

I will be peforming my farewell show in Nashville. It will be free before 9pm and doors will open at 8pm. Scheduled to perform Aphropik, Rashad, DJ wick-it, and of course DLUX. I may have a special surprise performance so stay tune, but I would love for everyone to be there. I have done so much growing in Nashville and I just want to say "see you later" on a good note. They will be more information provided shortly. Until then feel free to check out www.blessthamic.com/dlux.php for more about DLUX, to hear songs from, or to purchase the full length album Quest 4 Truth by
yours truly. Until Next Time, Take Care
DLUX Nashville TN

Yo D, I wish you the best in your adventures. For all of you in the Nashville area, I would
recommend going.

Tomorrow: One of my favorite ANRGirl's has a new artist she wants
you to know about...Egypt Central. Holly Hutchison in da house Friday.

April 27
Ace Frehley (Kiss)
Birthday's today: Sheena Esaton, Larry Elder, Pedro Feliz, Casey Kasem, Yoshaki Fujiwara,
Herbie Murrell (Stylistics), Jack Klugman, Judy Carne, Kate Pierson (B-52's), Hayley Carr,
Pete Ham (Badfinger), Jerry Mercer (April Wine), Boris Kinberg (Mink Deville, Mica Paris,
Jim Keltner, Sandy Dennis, Grant Show, Andre Gower, Doug Sheehan

OPEN FORUM WEEK: Any topic, any photo, anything you want

Hey Jonathan, I just wanted to say hello and see how you are doing. Love reading your site.
Kat Corbett DJ KROQ, Los Angeles CA

Thanks Kat. Doing well, and sincerely listening to you every day on KROQ. You sound so good!

Is the Jack format for real or just a quick fix?
Robert Brent England Sherman Oaks CA

To answer your question Robert, I would say�maybe a year�if that. So I guess you could say it�s a fix. How quick�well�we�ll have to see. If it stays longer�boy oh boy�new music will become a white elephant.

The bigger picture is past history. Back in 1978-79, Burkhart/Abrams�yes Lee Abrams, currently running XM Satellite , who has a long history of changing the face of radio�but most of it, not good. Their consulting firm based out of Atlanta, gave radio the uber structured format �Superstars�. I know, because it even affected one of the great �progessive� rock stations of all-time KWFM, in little old Tucson, Arizona.

By 1980, its disease spread its tentacles all over the country. And, we all suffered with boring radio that was playing the same songs overe and over and had a current list of �new� music at about 11-14 new songs. Basically, as I�ve always said�they killed Bambi. That is exactly why I entered radio in �82. To help change the music of that time period, and become one of the founding pioneers of the format along with a small select few others.

Cut to today, and beware�the consultants are back with the �Name� format. They have expanded library�s from under 200 songs to maybe a thousand or more. They allude to being �your iPod�. That is a big mistake, but hey�consultants are into making money. Don�t get me wrong�they have every right to. Unfortunately it comes at your� and mine expense. The �wow� songs will get old fast. They will have to �bike� songs in and out faster than they think. Why? Because they are aiming towards an older demo to regain the Beer, Car, and Concert commercials they�ve lost.

So welcome back all you fuzzy little consultants�it�s your time all over again. Thanks in part to the big Independents who had their time with radio, and now are being scrutinized by the government, it�s opened the door for consultants once again.

I�m sure that some of these consultants will be posting something in response to this�well�let�s just say�if they have the balls to.

Here is the saddest part of the �Name� formats. I don�t care if they all claim to be different�it is new music that suffers, once again. And I�ll bet all of you at the �BIG� labels are loving this. Right? Just another reason for people to go away from radio. Let�s be honest�the �Name� formats are just another way of saying �we play the best of the 70�s, 80�s, 90�s and today�s music" ala Hot AC, disguised as a free-form radio format. We all know what happed to �free-form progressive� rock radio. It�s all come full circle. Ha!

With all the whining, complaining from labels. With all the cutbacks, I would imagine. Consultants make a gain, and more people will be out of jobs.

It�s all simple logic. Tell me I�m wrong!

Jonathan L

April 26
Joan Chen
Birthday's today: Jet Li, Carol Burnett, Gary Wright, Stevie Nicks, Giorgio Moroder, Tod Bass,
Donna DeVarona, Roger Taylor (Duran Duran), Howard "Leon" Reeder (Champagn), Sean Fox,
Claudine Auger, Michael Damian, Jimmy Hall (Wet Willie), Jordana Brewster, Ryan O' Donohue


JL, Regarding Stu Cohen's post: "Hey Jonathan, please remind Jerry Rubino, that the BIGGEST Ramones fans in New York radio at that time were Joe Piasek (Joe from Chicago) and Meg Griffin (WPIX-'Pix Penthouse Party)." Those weren't my words! They were yours! LOL

Joe, Meg, Scelsa, etc......yep, THEY were the flag wavers for Ramones indeed. I'll NEVER forget that, and I wouldn't even consider coming close to what they did in radio back in the day for the Ramones in the NYC market. I wasn't even in radio for the first 3 albums!
Jerry Rubino Account Executive The CMJ Network, New York, NY

J.L.- you are absolutely right. I totally forgot their actually WAS a left coast, who played some good music. Oh well selective memory. I'm sure Howie put up with Seymour at Sire because of the great music that they both signed. Maybe the most underrated label in the HISTORY of the business. BTW, because of your web site Jerry and I have gotten a chance to relive some of our shared musical history. Thanks and say hi to Howie.
Stu Cohen Three Kings DBC ,Burbank CA

Cool...I'm glad you acknowledged the Left (West) Coast...and sharing memories with Jer.
Howie walks by my house every day...so I will convey your hi to him.

How about? For record reps.. What artist would you like to get in a trade for your roster? Foo Fighters for me. For Radio... what talent would you like to get in a trade for your radio station?
Victor Lentini Universal Records, Chicago IL

Interesting thought. Kinda like Fantasy baseball. Anyone else care to respond to this?

Okay, you're on! Why would you buy an iPod when you could buy a far more functional/
cheaper cost player?
Bryan Jones San Diego CA

Hmm...let's see...advertising! Yeah, that would be it Bry...iPod does a hell of a lot more.

April 25
Al Pacino
Birthday's today: Andy Bell (Erasure), Talia Shire, Fish (Marillion), Jacque Jones, Joe Buck,
Stu Cook (Creedence Clearwater Revival), Steve Ferrone (Average White Band),
Tim Duncan, Paul Mazursky, Michael Brown (Left Bank), Billy Rankin, Jonathan Angel


I was sad to hear that KNDD lost its one Mod Rock competitor, ho hum. I actually began to like
The End again since Mr. Manning seemingly had to really "program" music instead of spinning the same handful of tunes in mega-heavy rotation with Nirvana every 15 minutes.

I can only hope that with the sad dimise of Seattle's K-ROCK that KNDD will continue to champion music that is ever evolving and entertaining. (I had forgotten what it was like to hear a station flip midway through a tune... Spooky)
Melyssa Harmon (former journalistic junkie) Seattle, WA

Hey Jonathan
, please remind Jerry Rubino, that the BIGGEST Ramones fans in New York radio
at that time were Joe Piasek (Joe from Chicago) and Meg Griffin (WPIX-'Pix Penthouse Party).

I know, because I was the promo rep for Warner/Sire. Dennis M, Ray White, Larry K, Ben M,
Bob Cranes, Bob Waugh (part timer) and all the wonderful original WLIR boys were great people and friends, but Meg and Joe were NUTS. Also Vinnie Scelsa (he would segue from the Roches to
the Ramones.

Wow what a time. I did a "Rock and Roll High School" promo screening with WPIX and it was
one of the most successful and wildest promo's I ever did (still have the pictures).

Plus, does Jerry remember (he was a big fan) the party's at the pool room next door to the old Academy (Palladium) on 14th street. What an exciting time in N.Y.C.

I don't know why I am sending this, other than I loved that era, and Jerry sure was a big part of it , and I guess it's become SO hip NOW to love the Ramones, but back then it was such a struggle to convince people to play them. Larry Berger at WPLJ gave me such a hard time.

The champions in the day were easily, Meg, Joe, Scott M, Dennis M, Ray W, Jerry R, VINNIE S, and then everyone else. Thanks for letting me reminisce.
Stu Cohen scohen@threekingsdbc.com Three Kings DBC cell-818-749-2677 818.845.6855
4111 West Alameda Ave. Suite 312 Burbank, CA 91505


Stu, you are welcome. The only problem is your wonderful tunnel vision of only New York.
You left me out, but Howie Klein (on the WEST COAST) can attest, that I would be, along
with Rodney Bingenheimer the BIGGEST supporters out here, Los Angeles, Phoenix
and Tucson respectively. Same years and time period. What did Berger know anyway?

Also, let's make a distinction between a fan, and a true radio supporter. Some
of the above I suspect were more of a fan, as opposed to "really" playing the shit out of the
Ramones. To this day, if a station plays just "I Wanna Be Sedated", and "Blitzkrieg Bop",
that shows me nothing. I do agree that many have jumped on the bandwagon, and I might
add very later on at that. Not to take away from Meg and Joe, I think too many others take
credit where credit is not due, or given credit where credit is not due.
Jonathan L

April 24
Captain Sensible (Damned)
Birthday's today: David J, Jom Capaldi, Michael Parks, Barbra Streisand, Eric Bogosian,
Vince Ferragamo, Jack Blades (Damn Yankees), Chipper Jones, Joey Vera (Armored Saint),
Shirley MacLaine, Billy Gould (Faith No More), Aaron Gomes (Spin Doctors), Paula Yates,
Stanley Chow, Cedric The Entertainer, Michael O' Keefe, Glenn Cornick (Jethro Tull),
Doug Clifford (Creedence Clearwater Revival), Tricia Lange, Jill Ireland

Don't forget...OPEN FORUM begins tomorrow.
Any topic you would like to discuss?

Send all e-mails to jonathan@jlradio.com

April 23
Valerie Bertinelli
Birthday's today: John Miles, Judy Davis, Brent Muscat (Faster Pussycat), Andruw Jones,
Jan Hooks, John Cena, Su Ingle, Blair Brown, Joyce DeWitt, Tony Atlas, Tessa Wyatt,
Mike Smith, James Russo, Lee Majors

You guys are lame...even my sister in-law can come up with a song !

Hey Jonathan, I liked the question, my song would be "SUPER FREAK". What can I say, I am
a kinky girl, Ha Ha!!! My song for Tracy would be "KRYTPONITE". Not sure I spelled that right
but Three Doors Down sing it. Tell sis I'll call her over the weekend , Love ya'
Betsy Lucky Summersville West Virginia

April 22
Jack Nicholson
Birthday's today: Peter Frampton, Glen Campbell, Johnny To, Jack Nizsche, Arthur Baker,
John Waters, Joseph Bottoms, Ryan Styles, Aaron Spelling, Terry Francona, Mel Carter,
Jason Miller, Anna Falchi, Byron Allen, Marilyn Chambers, Bimbo Coles, Craig Logan (Bon Jovi)

Next week: OPEN FORUM
Is Jack, Bob, etc. bringing back Consultant radio? Of course it is.
Smell like 1979 all over again? Yes.
Does radio really matter? Will you have a job, or not? That goes
for records and radio. Do trades really matter any more?
Do you really matter anymore?
Hey...we'll discuss that and more. Ok?

Jack Erroll Thompson
Cute Kid...huh? Now 4 and a half months old, and a lot more mature
than the last photo on this site. Frank Black (Charles Thompson sent
this and a personal e-mail yesterday), so heeeeeeere's Jack! A true pixie.

April 21
Robert Smith (The Cure)
Birthday's today: Paul Carrack (Squeeze), Iggy Pop, Tony Danza, Jesse Orosco, Paul Davis,
Avi Phillips, Elaine May, Reni Santoni, Ken Caminiti, Patti LuPone, John Cameron Mitchell,
Bobby McClure, Alan Warner, Claire Denis, Andie MacDowell, Asley Peldon

Q of THE WEEK: Can you find a song that best describes
your personality? Can you?

Easy JL...you posed a tougher question than you probably realized. I have to go along with Rubin/KTCL on this one. I've given it way too much thought and I don't think there's been a song that's been written to best describe my unique individual personality. However, if we're talking
"song titles", that's a different ball of wax. "Leader of the Pack", "I Touch Myself", "They're Coming To Take Me Away" (HaHaHeeHeeHoHo) are but a few of the gems that begin to describe my "sparkling" personality!
Robert Allen New Jersey www.shala.com

I beg to disagree Robert. I would think that anyone who is into music
would find this question fairly easy to come up with at least one song.
I do like your choices though. I guess we all do touch ourself.

Ramones - "We Want The Airwaves"

The lyrics say it all...

As a music fan and listener, this is how I felt the New York market for the past 9 years, and now more than ever! Also, now that I've spent the past almost 2 years as a listener to satellite radio's "alternative programming," there's even more of a reason for this song. This song was written by a New Yorker back in 1981, so you know how he felt back then. At least WLIR came along around the same time. Joey's cries were heard! Can history repeat itself? Hello...can you hear me?

9 to 5 and 5 to 9
Ain't gonna take it
It's our time
We want the world
and we want it know
We're gonna take it anyhow

We want the airwaves
We want the airwaves
We want the airwaves, baby
If rock is gonna stay alive

Oh yeah-well all right
Let's rock-tonite
All night

Where's your guts
And will to survive
And don't you wanna
Keep rock n' roll music alive
Mr. Programmer
I got my hammer
and I'm gonna
Smash my
Smash my

We want the airwaves
We want the airwaves
We want the airwaves, baby
If rock is gonna stay alive

Jerry Rubino New Jersey The CMJ Network / WCHR-FM

Yeah...Jerr...you and I will always be the biggest Ramones heads around.

April 20
Jesse James
Birthday's today: Crispin Glover, Luther Vandross, Jessica Lang, Clint Howard,
Chris Penn, Craig Frost (Grand Funk Railroad), Ryan O'Neal, Edie Sedgwick, Tiffany,
Joey Lawrence, Todd Hollingsworth, Lara Jill Miller, Lamond Murray, Don Mattingly,
Michael Greer, James Gammon, J.D. Roth, Kal Swan

Q of THE WEEK: What song best describes you and why?

What a fun question! I've thought of several songs that have or do apply to me. When I was
younger Queen's "I'm in Love with my Car" fit me well and after wrecking a few cars, Dave Edmunds "Crawling from the Wreckage" did justice to my life. As I grew older Stan Ridgway's
"I Wanna Be a Boss" applied. I've always been artsy, so the song by Code Blue called "Paint by Numbers" and Paul Simon's "Kodachrome" fit and as of late I've been freelancing for some car magazines so "Paperback Writer" from the Beatles is appropriate. I'd have to say though,
especially after seeing the Bacardi commercial with the flys, that the number one choice would
be Patrick Hernandez' "Born to Be Alive"!
Dean "Wirmer" Fait MD KALA FM, Davenport, IA
www.d-nodesigns.com www.the-art-place.com

What a fun and thought out answer Dean. Too bad others can't think of even one

"1812 Overture"...
Paul Kriegler General Manager WCDD / WBYS 1000 E. Linn St. Canton, IL 61520
309.647.1560 www.cd1079.com www.wbysradio.com

The B 52's "Dead Beat Club"
Joey Gusto PD WBER Rochester NY

I can honestly say there's never been a song that I felt described me in a nutshell. And I don't want to just give you songs that I like...but I've been thinking about this question for 4 days and NOTHING is coming. Sorry Jonathan
Rubin Channel 93.3 KTCL FM Denver CO

*This raises a good point Rubin. At least you were honest about it
and wrote in. I send out over 1,100 e-mails with the Q of The Week.
This is a question for music people, that actually listen to music. What
astonishes me, is that today is Wednesday and I don't have any more
to post for tomorrow. This site has a lot of viewers each and every day.
Blows my fuckin' mind that more people are voyers than participants.
It baffles me that this is a music site and most of you can't think of a song
(Rubin, you are excluded), what business are you in? Records and radio
I thought. If you were a sheep farmer I would understand. Damn you
people are lamo's. Okay, I think I'll listen to some tunes while the rest
of you are...actually I don't know what you do.

April 19
Kate Hudson
Birthday's today: Tim Curry, Al Unser Jr., Marion "Suge" Knight, Alan Price (Animals),
Mark "Flo" Volman (Turtles), Andy Shernoff, Rod Morgenstern (Winger), Ashley Judd,
Brent Mayne, Bernard Worrell (Funksdelic), Barry Brown, Jose Cruz Jr., Natsuki Ozawa

Q of THE WEEK continues...What song describes your
personality best and why?

"Thick As A Brick" by Jethro Tull Why?...the title fits...long as hell...loud and quiet...
two sided....many facets and changes... ....beautifully ugly...with a perfect form of
imperfection...analog, but later updated to digital......pretty, ugly...twisting, turning yet
always direct and to the point...without peers yet surrounded by contemporaries...the perfect melding of modern and classical... Sometimes annoying, sometimes pleasing, but always entertaining. Now about me...
Michael Halloran APD/MD FM94/9 San Diego CA www.fm949sd.com

Michael...what about you?

Nickleback "Feelin' Way To Damn Good".
Michael Foth Program Director, KHTB 94.9 The Blaze Salt Lake City UT
801.412.6040 mfoth@millcreekbroadcasting.com

The fun answers would be "Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue" or "Hell Bent For Leather", but the reality is probably closer to "Still Crazy After All These Years"...although "Serial Thrilla" (by Prodigy) has a nice ring to it.
Gary Jay Sr. Director - National Rock Radio Promotion TVT RECORDS New York NY
hear it now at www.tvtrecords.com IM: bigpoppa1130 gary@tvtrecords.com

Hmmm. Maybe Long John Baldry's "Don't Pick Your Nose On Sunday, You Won't Find
God Up There"

Barry Lyons Rent A Label, Los Angeles CA

Barry; I saw Long John Baldry open for Fleetwood Mac (Peter Green era), and YES in '72
at The Academy Of Music in New York City. He was great back then.-JL

Mine would be "Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio?" by the Ramones. For all the right reasons.
It fits me like a glove. A close runner-up would be Joan Jett's "I Love Rock N Roll". I am so
predictable, aren't I?
Jonathan L


Hey everyone it's MONK! Just wanted to let you all know that my website is up at http://www.independentsonly.com! It will be constantly updated so if you could put me on any mailing list you can, we can get your artists featured! Let me know what you think.
Monk Music Director, IndependentsOnly.com 20702 Nelda Drive Mc Calla, AL 35111
205.657.1057 independentsonly@bellsouth.net

April 18
Conan O' Brien
Birthday's today: Melissa Joan Hart, James Woods, Jane Leeves, Miguel Cabrera,
Eric Roberts, Les Pattinson (Echo & The Bunnymen), Rick Moranis, Francis Bean Cobain,
Mick Sweda (Bulletboys), Lenny Baker (Sha Na Na), Hayley Mills, Melody Thomas Scott,
Kim Stone (Spyro Gyra), Robert Hooks, Kelly Hansen (Hurricane), Skip Stephenson

Q of THE WEEK: What song best describes your personality & why?

"I'm Only Sleeping" The Beatles 'Revolver'. Do I really have to explain? :)
Gary Spivack Geffen Records Santa Monica CA

"Comes A Time"! Neil Young. I don't know if describes me? , but it speaks to me soul.
Stu Cohen Three Kings Records Burbank CA

Pink Floyd "Comfortably Numb". I have loved that song since my teenage years. "Always feeling
like there is something else there, but you turn around and it is gone. Was it there in the first place".
Larry Mac KUPD "Red Radio Undergound Phoenix AZ

That's easy JL.... "Bent Out Of Shape" Teardrop Explodes
Mike Marrone XM Satellite Washington DC

Hi Jonathan!!!!! Hmmm...one song...but I have so many facets to my personality!! :)
Let's try this one...think I got this right: "Rock of Ages" Def Leppard "it's better to burn out, than FADE AWAY"
Margie Rye KLPX Tucson AZ

Considering everyone loves music...it shouldn't be hard to name that tune that
describes YOU best. I love questions like this. Can't wait to see what your song is.

April 17
Liz Phair
Birthday's today: Jennifer Garner, Olivia Hussey, Jan Hammer, Pete Shelley (Buzzcocks),
Stephen Singleton (ABC), Redman, David Bell, Leslie Bega, Boomer Esiason, Jordan Hill,
Alexander McQueeen, Roy Estrada (Mothers Of Invention), Theo Ratliff, Marquis Grissom,
"Rowdy" Roddy Piper, Billy Fury, Teri Austin, Timothy Gibbs, Lela Rochon

Feeling Nostalgic for the 70's? Click on this to view a flash video
that will have you rolling. www.zeronews-fr.com/flash/70s.php

New Question of THE WEEK begins tomorrow: What song
describes your personality best and why?

April 16
Shu Qi (Qi Shu)
Birthday's today: Dave Pirner (Soul Asylum), Jimmy Osmond, Jon Cryer, Bill Belichick,
Lukas Haas, Ellen Barkin, Bobby Vinton, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Martin Lawrence,
Stefan Grossman, Fernando Vina, Mark Engel, Jim Lonborg, Gerry Rafferty, John Bently

Last words from the Q of THE WEEK

Definitely not a TiVo, because like you, I almost NEVER watch something that I've taped. I would go with Satellite Radio, just because I will get turned onto new music (that, community radio and Internet Radio are the only outlets for real new music these days). The iPod (and let's not forget all of the other players on the market) is a close second for all obvious reasons, it really does kick ass. Eric Cole Director-East Coast Promotion Digital Musicworks International (DMI)
917.373.7985 eric@digitalmusicworks.com www.digitalmusicworks.com

The future is podcasting!
Bryan Jones San Diego CA

Yes Bryan...I think we all know that...but it's nice to hear you shout it out loud!

April 15
Samantha Fox
Birthday's today: Dave Edmunds, Emma Thompson, Phil Lesh (Grateful Dead), Amy Wright,
Wooly Wolstenholme (Barclay James Harvest), Claudia Cardinale, Petere Billingsley,
Jeromy Burnitz, Mike Chapman, Jason Sehorn, Graeme Clark (Wet Wet Wet), Michael Cooper

Q of THE WEEK: Last bits of whether you would buy one of
these three: TiVo, iPod, or Satellite Radio

Hi JL, The iPod, so I can download The Discontent Specialty CD...THE rockin'est CD to come out this year! It's just been released and flying in hyperspace to your door with your name on it. That's right, check out your name in the credits, because you had a big hand in helping to create The Discontent story at Specialty...and for that, I and the band will always be grateful!
Robert Allen Shala Music New Jersey www.shala.com

Thanks Robert, and tell the guys a big hello and thank you from me

Hey Jon. Hope you are well! Hi to Jeantette! Hey, we already have all three. Then again, we're DINKS! Love each and everyone of them!
Jackie Selby KOOL-FM Air Personality Denver CO

Joey Gusto PD WBER 2596 Baird Road Penfield, NY 14526-2333

Dude, I've been involved in the design and manufacture of DAP's for 3 years. Guess? Although they are not iPods there are much more functional and cheaper players than the iPod.
Bryan Jones San Diego CA

Jonathan, this is an easy question for me. I did buy an MP.3 player a few months ago. I've been collecting "favorite" songs for over 20 years and they originate from various sources. It's truly a way for me to take a song from a CD, record, cassette tape, VHS tape and take it with me where ever I go. Incidentally, several of the songs that I heard on VV are on my MP.3 player, like music from Hans Olson, the Strand, Toneset, A Picture Made, Attack and even a couple of ditty's that you played with Tesco Vee.
Dean "Wirmer" Fait KALA FM, Davenport, IA

Jonathan, I, much like yourself, don't have any of the three and quite frankly don't want them at this point. Good local radio would be my preference and look at that?!?!? It's still free!
Don Kelley Albuquerque NM

TiVo, iPod, Satellite Radio...So, which one purchase would it be and why? I choose none of the above, and now I'm going to listen to my vinyl copy of the new Stereophonics album.
Scott Lowe B104 Allentown PA 267.261.3291

Hey, I would settle for the Stereophonics CD...V2...cheap bastards. Love ya Matt

April 14
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Birthday's today: Steve Martin, Pete Rose, Anthony Michael Hall, Ryan O' Neal, Brad Ausmus,
Barret Martin (Screaming Trees), Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple), Kenny Aaronson,
Simone Griffeth, Ty Grimes (Captain Beefheart), Greg Maddux, David Justice, Michael Shea

Q of THE WEEK continues: iPod, TiVo or Satellite Radio.
What's your poison?

I have a DV-R and XM (don't tell anyone) so I guess it would be an iPod, but I'm not down with them, since they try & make you buy only from iTunes and then the plastic screen breaks, then the whole thing doesn't work and they get you for $150 to fix it. Damn Apple.
Jay Wulff MD, Afternoons, 96.1 Kiss FM

Hey Jonathan!!!! More than likely...TiVo...you know us morning guys, in bed early and up @ the butt-crack of dawn, WE MISS EVERYTHING!!!!! or at least all the good shows that come after 9 or 10 PM TiVo rocks!!!!! just need to get one now.
Frank Wells APD/MD 99-3 WYSK Fredericksburgh VA frank@wysk.com

I gotta with the iPod JL. It's simply one of the greatest inventions in the history of man. I love mine, love it love it love it. TiVo is pretty cool, I have DVR, not TiVo but the concept is pretty cool. However, music is far more important that TV, I think we'd all agree that. Therefore, gotta take the iPod. To me, Satellite Radio isn't even in the race.
Polychronopolis Program Director/Afternoon Buffoon Waitt Radio Networks
1000 N. 90th St. Suite 105 Omaha, NE 68114 Direct: 402.952.7611

JL--Great question, since all three provide different "conveniences" to our lives. I have Satellite Radio and love the national sports, news and talk features it provides but could probably live without it if I had to. I don't have TiVo, but everyone I talk to that has this genius device tells me it changes their lives as far as when and what they watch (less overall time, but more quality viewing is what I've assessed.) The one thing I couldn't give up -- being a music head -- would have to be my iPod. It's like carrying 0.1% of JL's record collection in my pocket.
Ian McCain PD JACK-KJQN Salt Lake City UT

iPod iPod iPod. It's my own radio station with over 3200 songs in rotation. Just hit shuffle, baby!!! It's also portable. I know XM has a semi-portable, but I don't have a car & MUST use subways. No reception down there. iPod wins.
Notorious L.I.Z. Promotions Queens NY

The 411

Alternative, Hot AC, and POP Radio...It's on your desk now! What is one the most
popular TV shows, and now a part of our Pop Culture? American Idol silly. This is the
show people talk about over the cooler, on the phone, and just about anywhere. Simon
is now an International favorite or maybe not.

Do not resist and judge...your audience will love young, sexy Sara Nunes belting out
"Simon Can't Sing". Already #1 in Finland, it's sweeping Scandinavia, and now the U.S.
As the show builds in the next few weeks as to who is the "American Idol", play this NOW!
Perfect timing for you and your audience. E-mail me with any airplay, questions or if you
need a copy. jonathan@jlradio.com

April 13
Al Green
Birthday's today: Rick Schroder, Peabo Bryson, Ron Perlman, Paul Sorvino, Tony Dow,
Louis Johnson (Johnson Brothers), Lou Bega, Randy Piper (WASP), Jimmy Destri (Blondie),
Jim Pons (Mothers Of Invention), Page Hannah, Max Weinberg, Jack Casady (Hot Tuna),
Roy Loney (Flamin' Groovies), Riff West (Molly Hatchet), Aaron Lewis, Dylan Francis Penn
-Jonathan and Jeanette's 9th wedding anniversary-

Q of THE WEEK: It's all about Pop Culture. TiVo, iPod,
Satellite Radio. So which one would you purchase and why?

TiVo for sure! That way I don't have to miss all the killer afternoon TV shows, and the 2 episodes of Seinfeld I ALWAYS miss when I'm on the air, and South Park that I miss on Wednesdays because of my club gig.
Riggs Program Director WKXJ-FM 98-1 KissFM Chatanooga TN Clear Channel Radio

Finally one I can answer... I got 'em all. I would also like to add my new Sony PSP to the list.
It's not like I can afford all this tech-junk, but I'm just a gadget person.
Sean Maxson Rough Trade America New York NY

I have to go with the Satellite Radio because I can listen to any MLB baseball game I want from anywhere static free!
Jim Logrando WGMR 2351 Commercial Boulevard State College, PA 16801
814.238.0717 ext 101 jim@revolution101.com

Can't live without my TiVo. I don't know how I ever watched TV without it. It allows me to zoom through a show, skip the commercials, pause a live show when I have to take a call and do my own instant replays during a good game. Instead of wasting an hour on something, it saves almost 25 minutes, which I can convert to sleep time.
Willobee PD 102.7 EQX - THE REAL ALTERNATIVE www.weqx.com 802.362.4800

The only thing I watch on TV is South Park and if I miss it-- which I rarely do-- they repeat it often enough. So it's a no go for TiVo. Satellite Radio sounded pretty good in a hotel lobby once but nothing's as good as my own iPod. And the new one--The Shuffle-- doesn't weight anything. I wear it around my neck on a string and more people stop me and ask me questions than they do when someone is walking a cute doggie. I'm in Bali this month and my iPod is becoming an object of worship for everyone I meet. Jimmy D did good!
Howie Klein Former President Reprise Records Los Angeles CA

Many more tomorrow!



Kelly Palmer 14 East 4th Street New York, NY 10012 212.320.8528 Kelly.Palmer@V2music.com

April 12
David Letterman
Birthday's today: David Cassidy, Claire Danes, Shannon Doherty, Herbie Hancock,
Ed O' Neill, John Kay (Steppenwolf), Pat Travers, Andy Garcia, Alicia Coppola,
Will Sargeant (Echo & Bunnymen), D.D.Verni (Overkill), Jackson Spires (Blackfoot),
Tony James (Sigue Sigue Sputnik), Mellow Man Ace, Sophie Rahman, Paul Lo Duca

Q of The WEEK continues: It's a pop culture thing. If you were to
purchase one of these items, which would it be, and why?
TiVo, iPod or Sattelite Radio?

I'm thinkin TiVo cause there's a lot of stupid stuff my son and I enjoy watching for laughs that we miss sometimes because our outdated TV/VCR combo isn't pre-programmable. We just hooked up another VCR to it so we might be able to program stuff now. So annoying.
Maggie Keane Phoenix AZ

Jonathan - If I had to make one new electronic purchase this year, it would certainly be a TiVo.
I've been reluctant because of the monthly usage fees (or the lifetime subscription), but there is no doubt that storing programming on your hard drive is the way to go, so you may watch what you want, when you want it, period. As for the iPod, why waste $400 on something your cell phone will do next year? I'll hold back on that one.
JJ Fabini Assistant Director of Programming X102 -WXTW; Z94.1-WCKZ; FOX SPORTS 1250- WGL; MY103.9 -WYLT; WILD96.3-WNHT; 102.9 The River-WXKE Summit City Radio Group
2000 Lower Huntington Road Ft. Wayne, IN, 46819 260.747.1511 jj@summitcityradio.com

Ok, JL, Here's my 2 cents worth.... Just a few weeks ago, the band I manage Waiting For Brantley had a gig at Spinikers in Panama City Beach Florida during Spring Break. My p.o.s. was in the shop so I had to rent a car. My rental came fully equipped with XM Satellite Radio. It blew me away! I was so impressed that as soon as I returned home, I made the trip to Best Buy and bought the whole set-up and purchased a 2 year subscription. I haven't even tried the other two devices... but I can tell you, just for the Comedy Channel itself XM get's my vote hands down!...Channel 150.
And every so often, I'll tune to Channel 6 in the afternoon to hear my old friend Terry "The Motormouth" Young do an oldies request show. Anyway, to make a long penis short....my pick is Satellite Radio. Thanks,
Scot Fox PD WCPR Biloxi MS

Would LOVE to have an iPod. Does anyone want to buy me one? For real...I can handle it! :)
Gina Juliano Cincinatti OH

iPod. Fuck TV, I'd rather be listening to music!
Scott Perrin PD KFTE Lafayette LA

SO, what would you buy? Let us know

The Eyeliners going out on tour with Social Distortion

May 12 Johnson City, NY Magic City Music Hall
May 13 Allentown, PA Crocodile Rock
May 16 Clifton Park, NY Northern Lights
May 17 New Haven CT Toads Place
May 18 Providence RI Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel
May 20 Hampton Beach, NH Hampton Beach Casino
May 21 Poughkeepsie,NY The Chance
May 25 Niagra Falls, NY Dome Theater
May 26 Columbus, OH PromoWest Pavillon
June 6 Portland, OR Crystal Ballroom


6/24 Dallas, TX Smirnoff Music Center
6/25 Houston, TX Reliant Center
6/26 San Antonio, TX Verizon Wireless Ampitheater
6/28 Las Cruces, NM NM State University Practice Field

April 11
Robert Fripp (King Crimson)
Birthday's today: Cerys Matthews, Jason Varitek, Chris Difford (Squeeze), Harley Race,
Lisa Stansfield, Trot Nixon, Louise Lasser, Richie Sambora, Dustin Runnels, Mason Reese,
Peter Riegart, Bret Saberhagen, William Stuart Adamson (Big Country), Kelvim Escobar

Q of THE WEEK: You have the money to purchase one of these items...which would it be; TiVo, iPod, or Satellite Radio?

I would have to go with TiVo... or similar DVR type device.
Tim Boland APD/MD WKGB Binghampton NY

Well, I can't be bothered with television in real time, let alone TiVo something I'll never watch. And Satellite Radio hasn't intrigued me enough to pay for it. So, it would definitely be an iPod, hands down. And for those of you looking to take your iPod to the next level, get yourself the Bose iPod Docker. Holy shit. You'll never use your component stereo system again...I swear. It's unbelievable. Lisa Biello PD WHRL Albany NY

Easy. iPod. I want to control what I listen to. I hate =20= everything "programmed".
Stu Cohen Three Kings Records Burbank CA

I would buy the xm2go with the built in recorder. There are more program on Satellite Radio than ever before not just music. If cell phones with radio are becoming available it will not be long before you have a full power XMiPod.
Victor Caballero Pasadena CA

So...what would you purchase and why?

April 10
Brian Setzer
Birthday's today: Steven Segal, Terre Roache (Roches), Don Meridith, David Lowery,
Bunny Wailer (Wailers), Q-Tip, Lee Ving (Fear), Orlando Jones, Dave Peverett (Foghat),
Tim "Herb" Alexander (Primus), Alan "Reni" Wren (Stone Roses), D.J. Paul, Cathy Turner

GEEK REPORT: (sent in yesterday morning)

Jonathan, so just read your thing about Fantasy Baseball, I am in Chicago because Friday was Chicago Cubs Opening Day, which I've been going to almost religiously for the last 20 plus years.

And a tradition that has popped out of it, is the WXRT Breakfast with Brehmer broadcast which I think has been going on since 1996. It's like homecoming for me.

XRT's Morning man Lin Brehmer and Midday jock Terri Hemmert broadcast live from a bar near the ballpark. Yak-Zies. The great thing about it, it has become a Cub Opening Day Tradition, recognized by all the local TV Stations and MLB (they were there following XRT's Baseball Analyst and Cub Fan , Billy Corgan.

Music is always provided every year by Jon Langford and The Waco Brothers and then other artists on the XRT playlist (past performers included Bob Mould) . This year also featured an acoustic set by Widespread Panic and the debut of fellow Fantasy Baseball league member, NY'er and Friar Club Alumni Adam Dorn (known as Mocean Worker). Adam, got me into the Buddy Hackett Memorial at Friar's a few years back, wowed the crowd with his vast knowledge of Cub History, he learned alot when his 83 Phillies all became 84 Cubs (including Hall of Famer Inductee Ryne Sandberg). Of course in Chicago, 2005 is the Year of the Ryno.

The wild thing is, the bar is packed I mean JAMMED PACK to the rafters packed at 6am, I usually arrive around 8:30am and can say all the other bars sponsored by stations in the market around the old ballpark are empty until around 11am. It really is an amazing event and SHOW, with of course the live sets, Cub skits , song parodies and of course the Opening Day Prayer from XRT's Regular
. Someday you should sit down with Norm and talk about it.

The Cubs blew it in the 9th yesterday but I do have to say we had some great weather at Wrigley. Usually its a light rain with temps in the upper 30's , yesterday sunny skies and in the 60's over course if you weren't in the sun, you were freezing. And those of you keeping score at home, "Take me out to the Ballgame" was sung by Ernie Banks, Billy Williams, Ron Santo and Ryne Sandberg.

Off to Game 2 against the brew crew today. Ben Sheets vs Carlos Zambrano. As the late Harry
would say, "Win Lose or Rain Out, I'm a Cub Fan and A Bud Man, and I hope you are one too"

P.S. My ex girlfriend called my obsession with Fantasy Baseball , Dungeons and Dragons for Baseball Fans.

Marc Alghini Come On! Management/Aurora Music Group
27 Ludlow Street Suite 4 New York NY 10002 646.862.4800
New Manda and The Marbles Angels with Dirty Faces out Now! http://www.addisonrecords.com/mandaecard.html

Beginning tomorrow, new Q OF THE WEEK:
Tivo, iPod, or Satellite Radio. You can only buy one...which and why?

April 9
Jenna Jamison
Birthday's today: Gene Parsons (Byrds), Dennis Quaid, Mark Kelly (Marillion), Austin Peck,
Keshia Knight Pulliam, Paul Krassner, Avery Schreiber, Dave Innis, Chico Ryan (Sha Na Na),
Graeme Lloyd, Hal Ketchum, Steve Gadd, Cynthia Nixon, Carl Perkins (R.I.P.)


As my buddy Kevin Jackson (WTGZ) said to me yesterday, Fantasy Baseball used to be a niche thing and now it�s quite mainstream. In other words, there are a lot more people joining Fantasy Baseball leagues than you would believe.

Are we geeks as the title suggested?

Maybe, maybe not? I guess it depends on whom it affects. Jeanette says now every year��I�ll see you in 6 months�. She�s joking of course, but she sees how much I enjoy it, and for that she is quite supportive.

Three years ago Shawn Alexander, the alternative guru of All Access invited me to join a league he was starting. He called it Industry Hardball, and he got 11 of us together. All current radio people except he Commish Shawn, myself and Richard Sands of The Sands Report. I know Baseball, but not about Fantasy Baseball and I had a real tough time, but in the end came in third. Richard won the league that year. As anyone who plays knows, with 11 teams there is many more possibilities to get good players, whether it�s through the draft or free agency or waivers.

Our league is a 5x5 rotisserie with the basic important stats. NO buying players�but a $50 dollar entry fee is required so that the first 3 finishers will walk away with some coin. Last year we had 14 teams, as well as this year too. If you read The Sands Report this week�the main point, or at least one of them, is that it is an obsession. I concur, but having acknowledged that�some don�t play as hard as others.

In my weekly calls to radio and record peeps, I�ve been finding out that our league isn�t the only league out there. Duh. Joey Gusto WBER PD plays in two leagues and one is where you pay money for players. Jeremy Goldstein of Beggars Banquet is the Commish of his league. Too many stats and confusing, but fun I�m sure. Mori Ninomiya of Take Out Marketing also is Commish of a league that includes Marc Alghini. Those two just took in the Yanks/Red Sox game on Thursday.

Baseball is in the air, and this year in our Industry Hardball League, everyone will be chasing the 1st place finisher of last year (which you didn�t mention Richard in your article. Lol) Oh�that�d be me�The Artful Dodgers! This years team owners (that�s what we are called) are: (CD101), Jack DeVoss *Jerry Rubino (CMJ), *Jim Logrando (WGMR), Dave Stewart (WARQ), MOJO (WHHZ), *Lance Hale (WRQC), Kevin Jackson (WTGZ), *Dave Lombardi (Astralwerks), John Allers (KCNL), Jeff Sottolano (WZNE), Johnny Maze (WRXW), and Shawn, Richard, and me.

14 teams, 6 months, and plenty of strategy.

I like trading�most don�t. I succeed at trades�most don�t. Each and every one of us has our own outlook on how to play. Not to give any trade secrets away, but buddy John Allers now has a laptop, and brags to me (just kidding) about �hey, I can now watch TV and keep up with my team at the same time�. I love John. He is my mentor�but don�t tell him that. Shhh. Jack, MOJO, John Allers, and Kevin are also in other leagues too. Last year MOJO was in like 5-7 leagues all together. His lovely wife also was in a couple of leagues. Hmm�Now if I could only convince Jeanette to play also. Yeah�right.

Anywhoo�if you�ve got something to add to this or want to say something about Fantasy Baseball�this space is yours. Have at it.

Ok�this is really an addiction�but I doubt anyone of us would admit to it. Play ball�and hey�wanna make a trade?

*Denotes new team owners this year

April 8
Julian Lennon
Birthday's today: Patricia Arquette, Biz Markie, Izzy Stradlin (Guns & Roses), John Madden,
Taran Noah Smith, Adam Woods (The Fixx), Jim Lampley, John Schneider, Gerald McRainey,
Peggy Lennon, John Havlicek, Robin Wright Penn, Gary Carter, Roger Chapman (Family),
Cindy Pickett, Jim "Catfish" Hunter, Stuart Pankin, Steve Howe (Yes), Tim Thomerson


I can frankly say that during my career, I have most likely done more interviews than most, if you include 11 years of my own magazine, 14 years of radio, and 6 years of virtuallyalternative/Album Network. Interviews was and still is my forte.

I�ve had so many interviews that it stands to reason that some were either out of control, odd, or amazing.

As I�ve written in the past, I learned along time ago that to do a good interview, first; not to over study the person you are going to speak with. A good interviewer should not have to write any questions down at all. Memory is key. A few notations are fine. That�s what they make post-its for. Plus, never sound like you are so knowledable that it comes across, as hey, I know it all. Sometimes it makes a better interview when you chill out and make it seem like you really don�t know as much about the person. Some artists will open up with more information that way.

Always make it conversational. Listen to what the person is saying, be attentive, and then follow along with they are saying. If it�s going too long on a subject, it�s ok to change direction�but not too many times. Also key is that you should know how to begin, and then the most important part is to end at the right time. You should know that it�s time when to say �thanks so much for coming in (or calling in)�. End of interview.

I know that most stations are not keen on having interviews on their stations. Having said that, I was lucky�no one ever told me I couldn�t do interviews�so I did them very often.

Ok�here is one that completely went sour. Around 1976 I went to record an interview with Eric Bloom from Blue Oyster Cult at a Tucson hotel. My photographer and I showed up on time. He didn�t. When he finally showed up, we sat down outside and I put the recorder on. Every time I asked a question Bloom would get distracted by young women walking by, and not pay attention to me. After a few minutes, I turned the recorder off�told him to "fuck off" and walked away, with my photographer grabbing the recorder and chasing after me. I wrote a short piece that was basically what you are reading now. What an ass hole!

One of the stranger ones would be when Henry Rollins co-hosted my �Virgin Vinyl Show� on KLPX in 1984. Henry went in to a story about a woman who had blown her brains out somewhere in Texas, and then open up his bag and unraveled a piece of tin foil to show Suzie Dunn and myself. He then dropped it on the floor. Needless to say there was silence for about 30 seconds. I was speechless. -lol

Because they are friends, I won�t go into the Meat Puppets story. Those who heard it will know the theatre and dramatics of anger and me chasing Derek Bostrom and Chris Kirkwood out of the KEYX studio in 1986. It wasn�t good. I blew up live on-air!

Here is one that was an idea that seemed good at the time and really went in a different direction than I expected. I had Brian Baker from Bad Religion and formerly of Minor Threat coming in to the KUKQ studio in 1995. I knew that Chris Kirkwood (Meat Puppets) and Paul Leary (Butthole Surfers) were recording a few blocks from the station. So my brainy idea was to have Chris and Paul interview Brian instead of me. I would run the board and let them takeover the mic�s. As soon as I turned on the mic�Chris went into a Bob Barker (Price Is Right) game show host voice, which was very funny. At one point Chris and Paul brought up Brian�s former band mate Ian MacKaye (Minor Threat/Fugazi), and said that he �took it up the ass", and stated he was junkie, and went into a whole thing about needles. It got even worse from there. I think Brian was shell-shocked. Nothing like live radio�heh heh.

I have so many; I think I�ll just end with this one, which I�ll put in the odd category. Phoners are always fun, right? You can�t see the person�so it�s always a crapshoot.

I remember it was in the noon hour, so I was doing midday�s. So I will say this would be late 1992. Captain Sensible of The Damned had a solo album and I was asked if he could call in live from London. I said absolutely. He called when he was supposed to. I said, "Captain, it�s so good of you to call. Where are you actually calling from?" His reply was �a hotel rooftop in London on a cell phone Jonathan�. I then said I was quite excited about his solo album, and he then went into a �speed induced � like repertoire that was so funny, that I realized that I wasn�t going to try and interject with another question. The man was on a freakin� roll. He went on for 15 minutes straight. Thankfully it was entertaining. I thanked him that it was fun. I gotta find that tape. I know I have it.

Anyway, thanks for sharing all your stories this week.- Jonathan

Over at 'EQX, PD Willobee, morning show host Doug Daniels,
Presidents Of the United States Chris and Jason, and air talent
Donna Frank

Tommorrow: Fantasy Baseball

April 7
Jackie Chan
Birthday's today: Victoria "Posh Spice" Adams, Adrian Beltre, Janis Ian, Jerry Brown,
Spencer Dryden (Jefferson Airplane), Wayne Rogers, Bill Bellamy, Roberta Shore,
Francis Ford Coppola, Mick Abrahams (Jethro Tull), Bruce Gary (The Knack), Tony Aire,
Ronnie Belliard, Tony Dorsett, Simon Climie, Russell Crowe, John Oates (Hall & Oates)

Q of THE WEEK: Interviews gone bad, or not so good

Jonathan, was just reading all the interview stories up on the site and don't if it's too late, but I can sympathize with Corey from X96. I'm usually pretty adept with bands in the studio and I'm always prepared, but I can honestly say that having James Iha and Billy from A Perfect Circle in the studio was a train wreck.

I had gotten the label to agree to a radio takeover segment, you know let them play what they want and pretend to be DJs. I figured with their combined musical history, should make for interesting programming. Problem was, despite my requests, Virgin couldn't get me a list of music ahead of time, so we just winged it live in the studio.

The guys came in with noisemakers and cowbells and did their best version of Adam Corolla doing an annoying disc jockey impression. They played Obstacle 1 by Interpol three times in a row. lol

We opened up the phone lines and I think 3 people called in. These guys were sounding so far out and weird on the air, I think they scared everyone away! who cares though, I got to meet James Iha, as a pumpkins freak, I could care less if the radio sucked.
Jeff Sottolano Acting Program Director WZNE Zone @ 94.1 1700 HSBC Plaza Infinity Broadcasting Rochester, NY 14604 585.399.5809

I found Robyn Hitchcock to be a very nice guy, until we turned the mics on and then he became a smart ass. It might have been my fault. I think my questions were too wimpy. I wish I would have remembered to ask him about working with Captain Sensible. I once had Happy Mondays live on-air. Shaun Ryder was pretty high and incoherent.

He usually had an answer to my questions, but I was never sure what he was talking about exactly. I'm still a big fan of that old Hacienda/Manchester scene. Having the Mondays on my show makes me feel like I got to experience, first hand, a tiny moment of that period. Get the DVD of "24 Hour Party People."
Scott Lowe B104/Allentown

I had a sales candidate tell me in an e-mail to shove my job up my ass when I told him I needed two more weeks before making a decision.

Sheryl Crow discussed dropping acid, which wasn't a big deal in Austin...just funny.

Blur stank like a combination of weed and four-day unwashed ass when they dropped by KNNC in Austin.

John Frusciante began pretending that I was the batter and he was the catcher in a round of simulated anal sex during an interview.
Paul Kriegler General Manager WCDD/ WBYS 1000 E. Lynn St. Canton IL 61520
309.647.1560 www.cd1079.com www.wbysradio.com

My favorite look-back-and-laugh on-air moment gone bad was when Road Furniture, a band I was in, was being interviewed by Jonathan L on the Virgin Vinyl Show. This had to be 1986 or so. My band mates and I were all nervous, so we downed a little (okay-- a lot of) "liquid courage" in the parking lot of KLPX before going in. A few minutes into the interview Jonathan told us we needed to take a break to listen to some record or other.

It looked as though the hand mic we had been using was going to fall off the turntable platform in front of me, so I reached down to move it, and knocked the needle off the record which was playing ON THE AIR! Jonathan managed to get the stylus back in the groove in a split second, and only seemed mildly annoyed at me. I was still pretty damn embarrassed!
Chris Wagganer Film Maker Los Angeles CA

That's funny Chris...sorry I don't exactly remember it...but I'm sure I wasn't too annoyed. lol

April 6
Michelle Phillips (Mama's & Papa's)
Birthday's today: Jason Hervey, Marilu Henner, Billy Dee Williams, John Ratzenberger,
Roy Thinnes, John Stax (Pretty Things), Merle Haggard, Bret Boone, Dennis Eckart,
Johnny Dee (Britny Fox), Jamet Lynn, Judith McDonnell, Candace H. Cameron Bure

Q of THE WEEK: So what's your story about interviews
gone wild or bad?

UPDATE: Oasis interview from yesterday

Hey Jonathan, There wasn't a single person who didn't have a nasty comment or roll their eyes when I said I'd be doin' a phone interview with Noel Gallagher of Oasis. But he was a great interview. Seemed genuinely interested in talking about the new album, the process of choosing 11 tracks from the 66 that they wrote, etc. I asked if he ever got mobbed on the streets of London and he said he gets asked for pictures or autographs but never really gets mobbed. He said he's going to "slap the wanker who invented the camera phone." Doesn't like people asking to take his picture while they're taking it. Didn't like being confused with Liam but other than that, he's cool with his fans. Said the band is excited to play Red Rocks Amphitheatre with Kasabian & Jet next September. Didn't know what to expect but the guy was totally cool.
Rubin Channel 93.3 KTCL APD/Morning Jerk rubin@area93.com

I actually thought about this, and I can honestly say I've never had any interviews since 1981 turn bad. Yes, bands have not shown up a few times, or phone calls were not made to me, but I think I've been pretty unscathed. The craziest thing I do remember was back in 1988 if memory serves me right. I was on-air at WHTG and All were in town to play a local gig (probably at The Green Parrott). Those who remember 'HTG in the day, the studio was built with equipment circa 1953 (except for the 2 "modern" Technique 1200 turntables). All we had were two mics, so any band or artist got one to share. Three members of the band were in the studio and midway through it, drummer Bill Stevenson drops the mic down, put it between his legs, and cuts the loudest, wettest fart I had heard in quite some time. Good thing we had windows that opened.......Classic.

P.S. When you brought up this topic, I immediately thought of the Mike Halloran - Miles Hunt interview on 91X, which I also have on tape, and Dwight Arnold mentioned the other. I was having lunch with Halloran in LaJolla a few days prior to the incident, and Mike was telling me his plan to have Sandy from Too Much Joy call in during Miles' session. I told him it might NOT be a good idea. Mike was trying to layout a video idea for the TMJ song "Long Haired Guys From England" Well, he did the phone call, and Sandy Smallens from TMJ basically took over the airwaves......and once Halloran told Sandy that Miles was there....well, that was it, Sandy continued on...after Halloran hung up on Sandy...Miles spewed his expletives. Wild! I'll listen to my tape tonight, and give you the actual "script" tomorrow!
Jerry Rubino Account Executive The CMJ Network CMJ / Rock Hall Of Fame Music Fest Cleveland, OH June 9-11 http://www.cmj.com/rockfest/ CMJ 2005 Music Marathon Sept. 14-17 Lincoln Center New York City http://www.cmj.com/marathon/

Hey JL..... I don't really have many bad interviews. In 2003 I did a ton of them, did quite a few in 2004 as well, but not too many bad ones. The only I had that was kind of "out of control" was Dave
. And it wasn't really bad, ha ha, he was just enthusiastic that day about the new Jane's album and he just kinda took control. I've had a few that were bad because the artist was no fun, but those, for the most part, were baby bands I can't even remember the name of yet. SO, unfortunately, I don't have much for ya on this one!
Polychronopolis Program Director/Afternoon Buffoon, Waitt Radio Networks 1000 N. 90th St. Suite 105 Omaha, NE 68114 Direct: 402.952.7611 AOL: toxirocker

April 5
Eric Burdon (The Animals)
Birthday's today: Lana Clarkson (R.I.P.), Frank Gorshin, "Diamond" Dallas Page, Max Gail,
Vince Gill, Paula Cole, Michael Moriarity, David LaFlamme (It's A Beautiful Day), Jane Asher,
Anna Ulvaeus (Aha), Dave Holland (Judas Priest), Colin Powell, Everett Morton (English Beat),
Judge Greg Mathis, Ryan Drese, Allan Clarke (Hollies), Tasia Valenza, Jonathan Lynn,
Stanley Turrentine, Anne Maxwell, Janice Long, Dave Swarbrick (Fairport Convention)

Q of THE WEEK: Out of control interviews or interviews gone bad...
continues. Share yours with us. I could use some more.

I had a stinker with Ashanti, things went awry and she ended up hanging up on me...check out the audio at www.wkxj.com/interviews.html
Riggs Program Director WKXJ-FM 98-1 KissFM Chatanooga TN Clear Channel Radio

This is very good. Listen to the second part, where she hangs up. Classic.

Hey Jonathan, I interview Noel from Oasis today...We'll see if this is yet another Oasis interview that gets out of control?
Rubin APD KTCL Ft. Collins CO

Rubin...please let us all know how it turned out. Ok?

Well Jonathan, you know the closest I get to Radio is paying some Indie to get my songs played (lol), but there was this one time when I had the spotlight on me, actually interviewing an artist over the airwaves!

Many moons ago, I interviewed LA artist Wendy Waldman on College Radio. I'm sure your AAA/AC panel knows of whom I speak. Wendy was a seminal female singer/songwriter from the early 70's, who has written some very successful songs in Nashville over the past 10-15 years. But back in the 70's she was probably better know as Linda Ronstadt's "Band Pimp"...lol...because she always had these great musicians backing her like Andrew Gold and Waddy Wachtel and when her records didn't sell, they would be hired by Linda to back her...and back in that day, Linda was THE RnR queen of LA.

Anyway, I found out that Wendy was playing a concert at my old school and I was a big fan because every night after rehearsing with my band, we'd inevitably chill out by listening to discs (records in the "old school" vernacular) and one of our favorites was Wendy's 3rd LP. I actually have 2 copies of it because I wore out the first one, which incidentally, was a promo copy I bought at a record store....imagine that?? So I called my friend, who was a communications prof at the college and the faculty advisor to the radio station there. He got me into the show by putting me on the radio station guest list.

Now to show you how crazy I was about Wendy and this particular record of hers, I brought the album cover with me for her to autograph! The only time in my life that I've ever done something like this. But I just "knew" I would meet her that night. Not only that, but for the whole ride down to the show, I kept running this dialog in my head with Wendy...almost like I was interviewing her. "So Wendy, when you were recording the record...yada yada yada"...I just kept having this conversation in my head with her like I would be having this conversation with her that night, right? Anyway, I get to the show and afterwards my friend says to me that the station is going to do an interview with Wendy, but they don't have anyone that really knows her music and would I be interested in interviewing her at the station for them? Would I???

Now you probably think this is all BS, but I swear it's the truth. I don't know why or how, but I just "knew" it would happen...and it's the only time it's EVER happened to me. So we go over to the station with Wendy and we're chatting amiably while they set up the mics. I get some instructions and then it's GO time...and I go right into "so Wendy, when you were recording the record...yada yada yada"...and afterwards, I ask her to sign my album cover, which she did. The whole thing had a very surreal aura about it and I remember Wendy looking at me with this look in her eye because I doubt she has ever been interviewed by someone who had such "intrinsic" knowledge about her.

Anyway, they thought it was a great interview and gave me a tape of it, and my friend later told me that after it ran, the station had received much interest in hearing Wendy's music. But here's the thing about talking to yourself, like you were interviewing someone. You forget that you're TALKING TO YOURSELF. When I listened back to the tape, I go on and on and answer my own questions...I didn't let Wendy get a word in...LOL But I did get her autograph and a great memory. So began and ended my career in radio.
Robert Allen Shala Music New Jersey

I was interviewing Marlyn Manson and Twiggy Ramirez at WBER and early on I asked Twiggy my first question solely for him and he had to ask Manson if he was allowed to answer it.
Joey Gusto PD WBER Rochester NY

*By the way: On this month's poll...it's interesting how some have added some of
their own favorite "cult" movies on the bottom of the results page. Check them out!

April 4
Frank Black (Chales Thompson), Pixies
Q of WEEK: Interviews gone wild! Or, not so good. You've
got the stories...share them with us.

Speaking of temperamental stars, Matthew Sweet was doing one of our summer shows and refused to play until we got him the right kind of bottled water. No joke, whatever bottled water it was that we provide was a deviation from his rider and he would not go on until I sent an intern to the store for the right kind. Broke my heart as I was such a big fan.
Adam Wright Advertus Media, Inc. P.O. Box 610 Westfield, MA 01086I 413.564.5200

Like the time that Halloran had Too Much Joy on the phone while Miles from the Wonderstuff was in the studio during the "feud' between the bands that got TMJ kicked off the Wonderstuff tour just prior...when Halloran put the TMJ guy on...Miles said to Halloran on the air something close to..."Next time you want to fuck around on the air you can fucking find some fucking one else to do it with...Fuck off!" Before saying it Miles moved the mic...but not far enough away from his mouth to not have it heard clearly over the air....and Halloran was so stunned he just stood there...and let it all go out over the air...and the cool part is...I got it on tape.
Dwight Arnold KMRJ APD/MD Sunday Night Music Meeting Host, Palm Springs CA 760-778-6995

Oh god. I am getting better but my interview skills still lack a bit. I interviewed Billy and Jordie from A Perfect Circle about a year and a half ago. I was so unprepared and not for lack of trying. I simply had no idea what to ask them. It went bad when we entered a room where Maynard was pacing in him underwear. I was quickly escorted out of that room as though my life were in danger to cries of, "Don't let Mayard see him!" So on the tour bus we sat there and I asked the stupidiest questions. Like, "Hey Jordie, how is APC different from Manson's band?" "Describe your live shows." Maybe they just wanted me to feel stupid. Either way I learned a lot that day. I am not sure what it was but with the embarassment had to mean something. The Dresden Dolls and The Start were a much better interview for me.
Corey O'Brien KXRK-X96 On-Air.AMD.Imaging.Sales Assistant 515 S 700 E 1C Salt Lake City, UT 84102 direct line: 801.325.3193 coreyx96@hotmail.com

Thank you to: Karen Dumont from Mike's Artist Management Ltd., Michael
Vogel from Digital Musicworks International, and his wife Christy (V2 Records)
for coming out to my showcase for The Rebecca Harris Band at the Viper Room
on Saturday night. Rebecca is such a talent, and performed a stellar set!

April 3
Mike Ness (Social Distortion)
Birthday's today: Jennie Garth, Sebastian Bach (Skid Row), John Gruffith (Red Rockers),
Eddie Murphy, David Hyde-Pierce, Alec Baldwin, Mick Mars (Motley Crue), Dee Murray,
Billy Joe Royal, Matthew Goode, Marsha Mason, Wayne Newton, Tony Orlando, Curtis Stone,
Richard Thompson, Richard Manuel (The Band), Mel Schacher (Grand Funk Railroad)

Q of the week begins tomorrow: Out of control Interviews, or gone bad.
Plenty of you have great stories...share them.

April 2
Marvin Gaye (R.I.P.)
Birthday's today: Leon Russell, Larry Coryell, Stryc-9, Ron Palillo, David Robinson (Cars),
Debrallee Scott, Dana Carvey, Victoria Jackson, Emmylou Harris, Paul Gambaccini,
Leon Wilkerson (Lynard Skynard), Kerry Minnear (Gentle Giant), Bill Romanowski,
Don Sutton, Rodney King, Jon Lieber

Quite a feat...50 years on the airwaves

Jonathan, Since it is Open Forum, I just want to acknowledge Bob Sanders from our AM station WAUD here in Auburn. Friday April 1 will have marked his 50th year on the air on WAUD, an accomplishment that simply boggles my mind given the changes in the industry during that time. Bob has actually worked for another station as well so he has more than 50 years on the air already.
Geez, I find it hard to get up before dawn and he has been doing it since before I was alive. Amazing.

Kevin Jackson Program Director WTGZ "The Tiger" 95.9/104.9 2514 S. College St. Suite 104 Auburn AL 36832 334.887.9999

April 1
Stan Ridgeway (Wall Of Voodoo)
Birthday's today: Annette O' Toole, Barry Sonnenfeld, Debbie Reynolds, Jimmy Cliff,
Billy Currie (Ultravox), Ronnie Lane (Small Faces), Ali MacGraw, Gil-Scott-Heron,
Mark White (ABC), Jeff Porcaro (Toto), Simon Crowe (Boomtown Rats), Phil Niekro,
Traci Lin-Tavi, Randy Orton, John Barbata (Turtles), Phil Margo (Tokens), Rudolf Isley

OVERHEARD IN THE BOARDROOM: "What do we call these stations?"
(From Mediabase--here is what they came up with. I have a question though...what
happened to "Bob" in Austin, and "Jack" in Salt Lake City?) Anyway, I thought I would
share this with you.

VARIETY ROCK includes monitored Jack, Dave, Ben, etc. stations.

* Mediabase 24/7
* 7 Day Reports (or Daily Reports)
* To view, remember to change default setting from �Mediabase/R&R Panel� to �Mediabase All Stations�, as this is not a current based format, and not an R&R published format
* Song Charts
* Click on �Variety Rock� chart (under the ROCK header) from the list of formats
* For list of stations used for this panel, scroll to bottom of page and click on �Show Chart Panel�
(as of 3/28/05):

Panel Used in this Chart
Station and Market

KDRF-FM Albuquerque WALC-FM Charleston WKQC-FM Charlotte
WKIE-FM Chicago WTDA-FM Columbus KJKK-FM Dallas
KJAC-FM Denver KMXD-FM Des Moines WRVV-FM Harrisburg
KQMQ-FM Honolulu KHPT-FM Houston WGLD-FM Indianapolis
KCJK-FM Kansas City KCBS-FM Los Angeles WXPT-FM Minneapolis
WPYA-FM Norfolk KQOB-FM Oklahoma City WMMO-FM Orlando
WMWX-FM Philadelphia KKLT-FM Phoenix KVMX-FM Portland
WBZA-FM Rochester KYWL-FM Spokane WPOI-FM Tampa KSZR-FM Tucson
WRDX-FM Wilmington, DE WYCR-FM York, PA

Coming soon: Question of the week is "out of control interviews, or interviews
gone bad.

Examples: I still have the cassette of when Frank Zappa got very upset with the PD
who called jock Chris Ryan, KWFM and told him that Zappa couldn't play his own music
only, so Zappa stormed out of the station. I threw Damon and other members of Blur
off the air and out of the studio for being nasty to me. I have many more...what's yours?