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August 31

Deborah Gibson
Birthday's today: Julie Brown, Hideo Nomo, Richard Gere, Gina Schock (Go-Go's),
Reb Beach (Winger), Gabe Kapler, Dan Rather, Frank Robinson, Jim Bob Howard,
Glenn Tilbrook (Squeeze), Rick Roberts (Firefall), Tony DeFranco (DeFranco Family),
Carole Wells, Warren Berlinger, Itzhak Perlman, Marcia Clark, Van Morrison,
Rachel Dennison, Rudolf Schenker (Scorpions), Bruce Soboroff (Buckinghams)

Q of THE WEEK continues:
So, is Jessica Alba the hottest thing going now or not?

Two words: Angelina Jolie...adopted Ethiopian children, leather cat suits,
uzis, gia, fantastic boobs...must I go on? Because I can, oh yes.

Hope you guys are all doing well, I'm going to have some new music
to send to you very soon...amazing minimalistic direction--very groovy.
ttys..love you,

Rebecca Harris Los Angeles CA

That is not a lighthearted question. Heart pounding of course.

Michael Halloran APD/MD FM94/9 San Diego CA www.fm949sd.com

Because skinny little Nancy grew up and filled out!

Kevin Vargas Program Director 93 ROCK WHDR
Miami-Ft.Lauderdale-Hollywood, FL 954.627.9775

Good question- not sure, she's pretty hot!

Cheryl Hill Nashville TN

August 30
Cameron Diaz
Birthday's today: Paul Oakenfold, Timothy Bottoms, Peggy Lipton, John Landis, Dana,
Jayne Irving, Robert Parrish, Jennifer York, Ricky Sanders, David Paymer, Robert Crumb,
Natalie Nadtochey, David Shiff, John Peel (R.I.P.), John Phillips (Mama's & Papa's R.I.P.),
Jerry Tarkanian, Ted Williams (R.I.P.), Tug McGraw (R.I.P.), Kitty Wells (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: Tell the truth, is Jessica Alba the hottest
thing going right now? You don't think so...then who is
and why?

You finally asked me something I can answer! Angelina Jolie is WAY
hotter...why? LOOK AT HER!!!

Rooth Blackman Brash Music
658 11th Street Atlanta, GA 30318
678.904.4790 ext. 115 rooth@brashmusic.com

The REAL Top 10. Words cannot say why....just use your eyes.

Neve Campbell (close-JL)
Kate Beckinsale
Gina Gershon (not close-but a terrific choice-JL)
Kaley Cuoco
Virginia Madsen (are you serious?-JL)
Eva Mendes
Keira Knightley
Leah Remini (you are joking of course?-JL)
Sandra Bullock (maybe-JL)
Christina Applegate (close-JL)

Jerry Rubino The CMJ Network, and WCHZ-FM New Jersey

I dunno about HOTTER...but equally as hot, for sure is SHAKIRA (see her
on the VMA'S?) You could wash clothes - or eat lunch - off of those abs,
and the hips and posterior on her ain't shabby either.

Ella esta MUY caliente.

Gary J TVT Records New York NY

August 29
Diamanda Galas
Birthday's today: Michael Jackson, Me' Shell NgegeOcello, Elliott Gould, Robin Leach,
Sterling Morrison (Velvet Underground), Chris Copping (Procol Harum), John McCain,
Rick Downey (Blue Oyster Cult), Tony MacAlpine, Amanda Hope, Will Perdue,
Kaori Takahashi, James Brady, Richard Attenborough, G.G. Allen (R.I.P.)

Who could be hotter than Jessica Alba at this time??
If there is, please tell me...who and why?

Our little "Dark Angel" has grown up!

Top 5 Jessica's in descending order of hotness:

1. Alba
2. Parker (Sarah Jessica)
3. Biehl
4. Rabbit
5. Simpson

Rubin 1/2 of Rubin & Sims mornings on KWOD 106.5 FM Sacramento CA
www.kwod.net www.therubinstudio.com

Me, I'm outside working and it's 112!!!!

Johnny D Phoenix AZ

*Johnny, weather over a woman? Hmm.-JL

A most excellent choice, sir, though I've got a few personal faves that
rank higher. Kylie Minogue and Nicole Kidman come to mind.
Call me a koala hawk, I guess.


Jeffrey Thames

Yes, Gwen Stefani can be and is. She consistenly looks hot in anything.
She just gets better with age and, my God, what a body. I would marry
her if it weren't for that pesky Gavin... oh, and if she knew I existed.
Hope all is well!

Austin Davis State College PA

August 28
Shania Twain
Birthday's today: LeAnn Rimes, Eric Lindross, Emma Samms, Daniel Stern, Rita Dove,
Jason Priestly, Gates McFadden, Mary McCartney (Paul's daughter), Kim Appleby,
James Jagger (Mick & Jerry Hall's son), Hugh Cornwell (Stranglers), Rick Rossovich,
Vonda N(eel) McIntyre, Lou Pinella, David Soul, Ben Gazzara, Wayne Osmond,
Roxie Roker (Lenny Kravitz's mom R.I.P.), Ricahard Sanders (Les Nessman WKRP)

Q of THE WEEK: Radio nightmares concludes

Mine is too simple to be descriptive. Just typical, fell asleep at the
board, dead air, OH SHIT. I'm sure we've all had that one. Of course I
don't have that one much anymore cuz we live in the wonderful world of

What I wouldn't do to fall asleep at the board again.....and have it
matter. Ha ha.

Polychronopolis Program Director/Afternoon Buffoon WRN Alternative Now
Waitt Radio Networks 1000 N. 90th St. Suite 105 Omaha, NE 68114
Direct: 402.952.7611

Mine relate's more to tapes tails out doing records
instead of radio and just the shitiness of the whole
thing not in the crowd. Don't know how or when that
happened. Probably when I would stop helping people.

Margaret LoCicero Los Angeles CA


Radio is like crack. Once you take that first hit........and like that crack
addiciton, evenutally, when you seek help, the nightmares do go away.

However, the one I used to have regularly is where my song is always
running out just before the break, I have nothing cued up, and time is
running out cuz I'm up on the roof smoking crack with that band Whale.

Oh wait, the nightmare is actually having to PLAY Whale on the radio.


Troy Smith Cape Cod MA


Not being able to listen to ALL the music that arrives. It just keeps coming
and I love it but I need about 3 extra hours each day to get through it all.

Corey O'Brien KXRK-X96 On-Air.APD.Imaging.Sales Assistant
515 S 700 E 1C Salt Lake City, UT 84102direct line: 801.325.3193

Yes...I have nightmares...working in the desert...very hot...not much fun
...oh wait...that's my real life.

Dwight Arnold KMRJ APD/MD Palm Springs CA
Sunday Night Music Meeting Host

August 27

Jimmy Pop (Bloodhound Gang)
Birthday's today: Jim Thome, Charles Fleischer, Paul "Pee Wee Herman" Reubens,
Simon Kirke (Bad Company), Alice Coltrane, Barbara Bach, Don Pooley Jr.,
Jeff Look (Alabama), Diana Scarwid, Stephanie Michelle Stegle, Emanual Davis,
Bob "Sargent Slaughter" Remus, Buddy Bell, Daryl Dragon (Captain and Tennille),
Chi-Yiu "Yoko Chen" Chan, Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols), "Downtown" Julie Brown

Q of THE WEEK: Oh, those radio nightmares

I have them while I sleep, I have them driving down
the road, I have them in the shower, I have them
travelling in Calcutta. I am plagued by varying
degrees of terror. All mostly involving forgetting to
show up to do a show I said I would cover for....so
far in 8 years of DJ-ing I have only missed one show I
said I'd sub for.

The dreams while I am asleep are consistent- I get to
the studio (fully clothed- it's not a naked in school
dream!) only to find none of the equipment works, or
it's been moved to a truly odd location- a cafeteria, a
train car, or some other highly public space, and I
can see all the people who would normally be the
listening audience, but they can not hear me. they act
as if they can't even see me.

Dream number 2 and the more common theme, is getting
to the studio and finding all the music...vinyl, CD's,
carts, mp3s, tapes, reel to reel- ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL the
music...has been replaced by something completely
different- like earrings, or puppies or alll that
remains is just the album artwork, and all the media
inside is just plain gone. I'll try for a while to
shove the earrings nthe player or try and ask the
puppies to sing....and nothing works.

Now that I have told you that, I'll probably have both
dreams tonight and wake up in a cold sweat and have to
drive over to the studio to just compulsively check
and see if everything is in working order.

Damn, thanks alot man!

Kidding, thanks for listening, love,

(slightly paranoid and OCD, but well meaning)

Jessica Tiny DJ Stevens Program & Music Director WRIR Richmond Indie Radio
PO BOX 4787 Richmond, VA 23220 listen to WRIR www.wrir.org

I don't have nightmares in my sleep, but I have had waking nightmares.
I had this one where our morning show wanted to do this "backward-porn"
segment and we warned them not to perform explicit material. They did
anyway, and had a pot on the board (from the automation system) in
program and it went out over the air! While fully awake, I ran into the
control room to put a stop to it, but it was too late.

Paul Kriegler

Hey!!! It's that stranger Sophia...when can I set up a trip to come
visit? That's the best way for me to catch up with the both of you. I
love this radio station I'm at but unless I literally get out of town I
can't relax...I'm in work mode 24/7. Your headliner on this email was
to much for me to pass up! There is one repeat dream and a most
recently a new one that really freaked me out.

1. The never ending, repeat dream is a new gig, on air, 30 seconds left
till the very first break, no music pulled ...thanks to the crappy,
mean DJ before me. My headphones aren't plugged in and I don't know what
I'm going to say. And to top it all off it's a Top 40 Format!

2. That the only gig I can get is overnights at a Christian station.
How pathetic can it be that you go from programming an Alternative to
nobody wants you except a Christian station and only on overnights!

Take care, hope to SEE you soon.

Sophia John

*Sophia, Jeanette and I would love to see you. Anytime...open invitation-JL

None to date.

Joey Gusto PD WBER Rochester NY

August 26

Shirley Manson (Garbage)
Birthday's today: Macaulay Culkin, Branford Marsalis, Nancy Martinez, Candy Moore,
Jet Black (Stranglers), Billy Rush, Valerie Simpson (Ashford & Simpson), Ola Ray,
Jimmy Olander, Steve Wright, Chris "Crummy" Curtis (Deep Purple), Maurice Williams,
Francine York, Alex Trevino, Wally Murphy, Richard Cowsill (Cowsills), Yvette Vickers,
Tom Ridge, Joanne Gail Abbott, Geraldine Ferraro

Q of THE WEEK: Radio nightmares!

Okay, this isn't actually mine, but it's the best radio nightmare I
ever heard.

One of my part-timers was also a waiter, and his nightmare was that the
station was also a restaurant. He specifically remembers the PD
screaming at him that table 5 needed a coffee refill, as he was scrambling to
cue up the next song as the current one was ending...

My nightmares usually have something to do with all the music being
taken out of the station, leaving me with nothing but the crap in the free

Jaz Tupelo Music Director / Midday Host WNRN
2250 Old Ivy Rd. Ste 2 Charlottesville, VA 22903
www.wnrn.org 434.971.4096

JL- that sounds like old age, not a dream!

Dave Lombardi Astralwerks New York NY


Try this one on for size. I had a dream the other night that I was back at
KILO in Colorado Springs, only the radio station was in my childhood home.
The studio was in my old living room, only it was too dark to read anything,
and I couldn't find my headphones. Any clue what they hell that means?

Don Jantzen APD/MD KTBZ Houston TX

*Get a new pair of glasses or get them even if you don't need them?- JL

God I hope not! If my job invades my life that much. Its time to call it quits!

Victor Lentini Universal Records Chicago

*Funny how the two record label guys above are sarcastic.-lol-JL


I had one last night about the show coming up this weekend! I've got some
friends in a local band scheduled to do an acoustic set, and in the dream, I
got to about 10 minutes before my show was over before I realized they were
still waiting to play. I get them all the time, and boy, do I go through the
ringer...faulty equipment, miscues, leaving my apartment with only 2 minutes
to get to the station (it usually takes about 15)...glad to know it's common, which
I figured. Any idea what causes these nightmares? Do we get so caught up in
trying not to screw up on the air that our subconscious has to spit those worst-case
scenarios out to keep from overloading? Ay yi yi...


Jeffrey Thames


*Jeffrey, I believe that anyone that has been on-air in radio has had nightmarish
dreams about all kinds of things linked to the gig they love. Anyone who says
that they never had any are in denial.-JL


August 25

Gene Simmons (Kiss)
Birthday's today: Robert Horry, Rob Halford, Jo Dee Messina, John Savage, Tim Burton,
Willie Deville (Mink Deville), Declan "Elvis Costello" Patrick McManus, Blair Underwood,
Anne Archer, Sean Connery, David Canary, Claudia Schiffer, Joanne Walley, Monte Hall,
Regis Philbin, Rollie Fingers, Billy Ray Cyrus, Albert Belle, Martin Jourard (Motels),
Anson Williams, Christian LeBlanc, Vivian Campbell, Doug Glanville, Molly Tuter

Q of THE WEEK: Radio nightmares while asleep. Have any?

I will never forget the nightmare I had the night before my first show
ever in college. The song was always ending, and I was constantly rushing
to get the next song cued up. (back in record days, of course) Finally it was
the end of the show and I realized I hadn't even talked once! Brrrrrrrr!

Another recurring one is being back at an old job and the equipment is
pure crap, nothing is working right at all. Of course the whole setup looks
completely different from the real thing. I'm just frustrated beyond
belief to try to get anything decent on the air. And then I forget where I am
and say the wrong call letters. And so on......

Hope all is well. Keep up the good work, Jonathan!

Julie Clay Ft. Myers FL

I just had one the other day! I found that these dreams are such a prevalent
pattern in our business, I've devoted an issue of The Sands Report to this
subject in the past...my radio nightmares always revolve around being in
the studio and not having anything ready to go. As in the other dreams in
the one I had this week, I was on the air, but I had no music lined up to play,
and no records "cued up"...yikes!

I start to panic.

I look around, and there's no commercials ready to go either. I scan the studio.
there's a commercial, but it's not at hand. I dash over to get it (with the mic open),
and I rush back as fast as I can, slam the spot in the cart machine (you can judge
the vintage of the radio station by equipment in the dream), and with the
commercial going, I knew now I'd have at least 60 seconds to scour the studio for
some music. But alas, time runs out on the spot, and there's nothing but dead air
as I continue to search for any music to play. All there are in the studio are some
old carts stacked along the wall, and they have songs on them that don't fit the
format and are totally unplayable. that's when I woke up. I know it's anxiety,
but what do these dreams mean?

Richard Sands The Sands Report Mill Valley CA

Hey Jonathan,

My song is ending. I can see the :30 count down and much to my horror the
board is encased in unbreakable glass. :27, :26, :25, and my PD is opening
and closing the studio door every three seconds saying, "You better not fuck up."
:19, :18, :17, "You better not fuck up," and I cannot push the next button.
It gives me a heart attack!

Kat Corbett Mid-day's KROQ Los Angeles CA

* The above three examples are GREAT!-JL


Being in the music industry here at Loveless Records, I get a lot of
email and I've been getting your email's for some time. I gloss over
most of my email and hit delete. Before I deleted this one, I looked
down and realized that it was from one of my music heroes, Jonathan L.

Long story short, I used to tape your sets on KUKQ when I lived in
Phoenix and I would send them to my brother who lived where radio
sucked (like most places). Those tapes helped shape my brother's musical
tastes and on-airstyle (just being himself). He has become the voice of
KEXP where he is now influencing the next generation of music lovers.

No nightmares to report, but just wanted to say thanks for making such
a huge and positive impact on me and my brother.

Eric Richards Loveless Records Seattle WA

* Eric, first let me say I am totally flattered by your email. In addition,
your brother is working with a dear old friend of mine, Kevin Cole. Your
email brightened my day, because the past few days have been shitty,
being on the phone for hours with tech support to solve issues with this
site. Thanks again, and please don't delete anymore, ok?-lol- JL


August 24

Marlee Matlin
Birthday's today: Dave Chapelle, Vince McMahon, Tim Salmon, Mason Williams, Pebbles,
Reggie Miller, John Bush (Anthrax), Jim Capaldi (Traffic), Craig Kilborn, James Tony,
Ken Hensley (Blackfoot/ Uriah Heep), Colin Angus (Shamen), Sho Funaki, Stephen Fry,
Jeffrey Daniel (Shalamar), Joe Chambers (Chamber Brothers), Cal Ripkin Jr,
John Cipollina (Quick Silver Messenger Service), Steve Guttenberg, Gerry Cooney,
Mark "Bedders" Bedford (Madness), Jimmy Farrar (Molly Hatchet), Kurt Miller


As a long time fan, I am soooo glad you will be back on the radio here
in Phoenix.

After KUKQ became a sports radio, some of us have been hoping you would
come back and add some variety to the radio. Phoenix has changed a
lot, but certainly is ready for excellent taste in radio!

I still wear my Q hat and T shirts from time to time. I am always
surprised to run into a lot of people that really miss the time you were
running the Q.

Welcome back. We will be listening!

Mike Miller Phoenix AZ

Read how Mike's mind works at:

*Thanks Mike, it's great to be back on the air, having fun and playing
songs that I hope you all dig.-JL


It was wonderful to literally stumble across your debut show on KUPD.
I heard your voice and knew it was you! I loved the old KEYX stuff, was a rabid
KUKQ fan (even though the signal sucked in the far east valley), and still have my
stub to the KFMA fest with Joan Jett!

You may (or may not) remember while you were on the air one evening in
Wickenburg, a couple of fans knocked on the station door. You let my friend and
I in, gave us the nickel tour and we talked music for a half hour or so. We had
driven down the White Spar Highway from Prescott returning to the valley and
were enjoying your show . We appreciated the opportunity to show our support.
I will spread the word that you are back.

John Christensen Phoenix AZ

* John, stumbling is good. Thanks for finding me on KUPD.
I honestly don't remember that occasion, but I'm happy you do.
Yeah...the Joan Jett performance was outstanding!!- JL


August 23

Rick Springfield
Birthday's today: Kobe Bryant, Julio Franco, Rik Smits, Tony Bill, Jay Mohr, Lee Majors,
Shaun Ryder (Happy Mondays/Black Grape), Ron Bloomberg, Woody Paul, Amanda Hope,
Mark Hudson, Dalton Reed, Shelly Long, Mark Bellhorn, Sonny Jurgensen, Ronny Cox,
Bobby Gubby (Bucks Fizz), Barabara Eden, Glenn Healy, River Phoenix (R.I.P.)


August 22

Tori Amos
Birthday's today: Debbie Peterson (Bangles), Roland Orzabel (Tears For Fears), Lily Yip,
Beenie Man, Vernon Reid (Living Color), Paul Molitor, Donna Godchaux (Grateful Dead),
Ian Mitchell (Bay City Rollers), Frank Marino, Carl Yaztrzemski, Norman Schwarzkopf,
Cindy Williams, Ron Dante (Archies), Steve Kroft, Bill Parcells, Holly Dunn, Teresa Davis,
Valerie Harper, Morton Dean, Diana Sands, Layne Staley (Alice In Chains R.I.P)


August 21

Kim Cattrell (Sex and the City)
Birthday's today: Harry Smith, Patty McCormack, Tauren Blacque, Ismael Valdez,
Carrie- Ann Moss, Amy Fisher, Alicia Witt, Hayden Panettiere, Serj Tankian,
Kim Sledge (Sister Sledge), Budgie (Souxsie & The Banshees, Peter Weir,
Melvin Van Peebles, Wilt Chamberlain (R.I.P.), Joe Strummer (R.I.P.)


August 20

Joan Allen
Birthday's today: Al Roker, Connie Chung, Issac Hayes, Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit),
KRS-One, Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin), Graig Nettles, John Hiatt, Rick Olsen (Berlin),
Elizabeth Alda, Rudy Gatlin (Gatlin Brothers), Rob Wiedijk, Andy Benes, Key Huy Quan,
Todd Helton, James Pankow (Chicago), Dimebag Darrell (Pantera R.I.P.), Peter Horton,
Theresa Saldana, Jat Acovone, Rick Rael, Courtney Gibbs, Phillip Lynott (Thin Lizzy R.I.P.)


August 19

Lee Ann Womack
Birthday's today: Matthew Perry, Bill Clinton, Kyra Sedgewick, Tabatha Soren, Fat Joe,
Elizabeth Wolfgramm, Jason Starky (Ringo's son), Adam Arkin, Peter Gallager, Eric Lutes,
Kevin Dillon, John Stamos, John Deacon (Queen), Dawn Steel, Joey Tempest (Europe),
Woody Williams, Ginger Baker (Cream), Ian Gillian (Deep Purple), Fred Thompson,
Mary Matalin, Jill St. John, Diana Muldaur, Gerald McRaney, Tipper Gore, Billy J. Kramer

OPEN FORUM WEEK: Promoting yourself, and all that
other jazz, like discussions

WOXY.COMWOXY.com is launching Unsigned@WOXY.COM, a new program
focusing on up and coming, unsigned artists that will air on its Internet radio
broadcast and then be made available as a downloadable podcast.

Unsigned@WOXY.com will be a regular feature for the station and joins its existing
podcast of the Modern Rock Minute, a feature of music news. The new program
and podcast are slated to debut in September, and a call for submissions is under way.

Before moving strictly to the internet last July, WOXY (97X Radio) conducted 18 local
band competitions during its 23 year run as a Cincinnati-based FM broadcast station.

Unsigned@WOXY.COM will incorporate similar elements as the station's 97Xposure
contests but will no longer confine submissions to its immediate area. General Manager
Bryan Jay Miller: "Being on the internet has brought us listeners from across the country
and all over the world so there's no real reason to limit where we receive music from.
This will be very much like our 97Xposure contests except it's not really a contest.
We're looking to feature the best music from unsigned artists wherever they may
be located."

WOXY.com was named "Internet Radio Station of the Year" in the Independent Media
Category at the 2005 Plug Independent Music Awards. In April 2005 the site reached
nearly 240,000 unique listeners and saw more than 340,000 unique visitors to its website.
In May 2005, the station launched WOXY Vintage, a new 24/7 Internet radio channel
dedicated to the history of Modern Rock, Alternative and Punk music.

Unsigned@WOXY.COM will further brand WOXY.com as a worldwide destination for
serious lovers of eclectic, alternative music. Program Director Mike Taylor: "The
internet has really leveled the playing field for accessing new music and I think
'Unsigned' will allow us to showcase a lot of the great music we receive in capsule form.
I don't think you can put a price tag on exposure at this level if you're an unsigned artist."

Artists interested in submitting music for Unsigned@WOXY.com can find more information and instructions at www.woxy.com/unsigned.

Kathie Lucas Cincinnati OH

And now, something for all golfers, like me and you.

May thy ball lie in green pastures -- and not in still waters. ~Author Unknown

The only time my prayers are never answered is on the golf course. ~Billy Graham

Golf appeals to the idiot and the child in us. Just how childlike golfers become is proven
by their frequent inability to count past five. ~John Updike

It is almost impossible to remember how tragic a place the world is when one is
playing golf. ~Robert Lynd

If profanity had an influence on the flight of the ball, the game of golf would be played
far better than it is. ~Horace G. Hutchinson

They say golf is like life, but don't believe them. Golf is more complicated
than that. ~Gardner Dickinson

If a lot of people gripped a knife and fork the way they do a golf club, they'd
starve to death. ~Sam Snead

Golf is a day spent in a round of strenuous idleness. ~William Wordsworth

If you drink, don't drive. Don't even putt. ~Dean Martin

If you are going to throw a club, it is important to throw it ahead of you, down the
fairway, so you don't have to waste energy going back to pick it up. ~Tommy Bolt

Man blames fate for other accidents, but feels personally responsible when he
makes a hole in one. ~Author Unknown

I don't say my golf game is bad, but if I grew tomatoes they'd come
up sliced. ~Author Unknown

My handicap? Woods and irons. ~Chris Codiroli

The ardent golfer would play Mount Everest if somebody would put a
flagstick on top. ~Pete Dye

I'm hitting the woods just great -- but having a terrible time getting out
of them! ~Author Unknown

If you think it's hard to meet new people, try picking up the
wrong golf ball. ~Jack Lemmon

It's good sportsmanship to not pick up lost golf balls while they are
still rolling. ~Mark Twain

Sent in by Curtiss Johnson GM KWOD 2.0 Sacramento CA


August 18
Erik Schrody (Everlast/House Of Pain)
Birthday's today: Edward Norton, Christian Slater, Madeline Stowe, Roman Polanski,
Richard D. James (Aphex Twin), Tracy Tracy (Primitives), Elayne Boosler, Denis Leary,
Nona Hendryx (LaBelle), Patrick Swayze, Martin Mull, Nigel Griggs (Split Enz), Matt Snell,
Dennis Elliot (Foreigner), Ron Stryker (Men At Work), Roberto Clemente (R.I.P.)

OPEN FORUM WEEK: Promote yourself, send photo's,
discuss any topic you'd like to.


Since self-promotion is the theme this week, I want to use this opportunity
to re-connect with the radio and records people I've lost contact with over
the past 7 years. As you mentioned previously, I have a new radio show
in Houston called High Fidelity that airs Sunday nights from 7-11 on 97.5

It is also streaming on the web at

My recent return was written about in these articles....

The Houston Chronicle Blog article by Sara Cress:

The Houston Press article by John Nova Lomax:

...and these are the playlists from the first 3 shows:

The playlist of the first show:

The playlist of the second show:

The playlist of the third show:

I can be reached at dsadof@earthlink.net

Thanks Jon, and congratulations again on YOUR return to radio.

I don't have any current photos and I have to leave for work right
now, but here's the infamous Ikky Bop photo reluctantly signed by the man

David Sadof Houston TX


I wanted to take you up on the offer of free press and piss on you for
mentioning Colin Moulding's birthday. Now my "Nigel" 45 is scratched.

I know it's not really your fault, but I can't help feeling this way...

Pauly WZZP Clarksville TN-Ft. Campbell KY www.myspace.com/paulyx

Hello Jonathan,

This is Jason Petzold from The Watermarks. David Sadof suggested I get in
contact with you.

We are a band here in Houston. Our website is: http://www.thewatermarks.net

David also sent me your mailing address, just wanted
to let you know I will be sending out some press stuff
and some CDs...hope that is ok?

We would love to hear any advice or criticisms you might have to offer.

Thanks - hope to hear from you soon.


"make my make-believe believe in me." -Michael Stipe

*Jason, I look forward to hearing your music.-JL

August 17
Belinda Carlisle (Go-Go's)
Birthday's today: Sean Penn, Robert De Niro, Donnie Wahlberg (New Kids On The Block),
Gilby Clarke (Guns & Roses), Boog Powell, Colin Moulding (XTC), Christian Laettner,
Kevin Rowlands (Dexy's Midnight Runners), Jim Courier, Jorge Posada, Kar Yan Lam,
Jon Gruden, Sib Hashian, Alan Minter, Kevin Welch, Bruce Penhaul, Buddy Landel


Hey, one huge congrats to my bud Kneale Mann, former APD/MD CFNY,
Toronto, and more recently PD of "Jack" in Kitchener, on his new PD
gig at new Modern Rock "Live 88.5" in Ottawa ON. He will be signing
on the launch on August 29. He called the other night, and we spoke,
as always for quite some time.

I only have a handful of guys that I can speak freely with that I trust,
and the 15-year vet of CFNY is always a pleasure to be around also.
My favorite KM moment would be the day he came to the L House in
Los Feliz about 3 years ago. Just the two of us sitting on my deck and
rambling over anything that has to do with music and radio. Luv ya
Kneale, blow Ottawa's socks off!- JL

What? You are on KUPD Sat. mornings? That is so cool. Do you get to
play your music? Wow. Fucking awesome, JL!

Jackie Selby Air Personailty KOOL-FM Denver CO

*Yes Jack, thanks to PD JJ Jeffrie's, he is allowing me to be me,
and do what I do. There aren't many left like him, and for that I am

Hey Jonathan, It was actually HOTTER in Sacto last week (104) than it was in
Phoenix(102)...No joke!

For Open Forum week I got 2 things: This link
http://www.ourburdenislight.com/ is my interview with Nate Mendel of
the Foos for his film "Our Burden Is Light" which is on DVD right

And this is my last rock star pic.

It's with My Chemical Romance. One of the last shows I went to in
Denver before the move to Sact...
and NO I wasn't baked.

Rubin (1/2 of Rubin & Sims Mornings on KWOD 2.0 @ 106.5 FM)
www.kwod.net www.therubinstudio.com

Hey JL,

Hope all is going well with you and Jeanette, in Phx. I wanted to give you
heads-up on a new website, www.iprebook.com, which is scheduled to go
live in October.

www.iprebook.com is an Entertainment B2B eCommerce website for retailers
and wholesalers. The sites primary purpose is to offer quantity pre-sale support
to movies, music, games and related products companies. We target both tradition
and online retailers, wholesalers, specialty and lifestyle buyers with soon-to-be-
product releases at unbelievable prices.

The site is currently up for retailers and suppliers to pre-register to become a
member. Prior to going live, I will be sending out a special invitation to members
to access the website and check out the site features.

Tell Jeanette I said hello.

I�ll be in touch.

Mark Hill President iprebook.com Los Angeles CA mhill@iprebook.com

*Mark, the site looks like it is going to be great! I wish you the BEST with it.

Summer checks in: Yes, our favorite Hollywood gal has a
few things to say. Go to her page www.jlradio.com/page10.html

August 16
Angela Bassett
Birthday's today: Madonna, Donovan Leitch Jr., James Cameron, Kathie Lee Gifford,
Frank Gifford (*how could they both be born the same day? hmm), Timothy Hutton,
Jonathan Prince, Roger Cedeno, Julie Newmar, Eydie Gorme, Bill Spooner (Tubes),
Quinton McCracken, Rumer Willis, Gordon "Snowy" Fleet (Easybeats), Robert Culp,
Gary Loizzo (American Breed), Carol Shelley, Bruce Beresford, Fess Parker (R.I.P.)

OPEN FORUM WEEK continues...

Singles going steady

A hot topic being discussed often these days, is internet Single
sales affecting Album CD sales?

Now that most of the masses are buying their singles at .99 a pop,
from iTunes and other LEGAL outlets on the net, on one hand the
industry brags about that, yet secretly have to be shitting all over them-
selves. If a person buys let's say, 12 of their favorite songs that they either
heard on radio, or exposed to by video televison, and then can legally
turn around and burn them on to a CDR, hey...bingo...a CD that that
won't disappoint. The majority of albums to most are a crap shoot. And,
let's be honest, most albums have possibly a couple of songs that are
terrific, and the rest are, hmm, just album tracks. In many cases, they are
simply music to fill up a disc.

So, spending 12 bucks on familar warm and fuzzy songs, so you can party
all the time to your "favorites", seems to have to have an affect on our
beloved industry somewhere, doncha' think???

What say you?-JL

I'm lousy at self-promotion (maybe that's why I still live in effin'
Cincinnati...) but we're really happy about this:


Cheers -
Mike Taylor


So good to see you back in town!!! Looking forward to the new show!!!
This is Keith Jackson from the Beat Angels...It's been soo long...where do
I begin??!

I'm still playing with the Glass Heroes, the new CD is out...and is getting
great reviews. Glass Heroes Glass Heroes Home Page

We are working with MaltSoda Records disto thru' Road To Ruin. I'm still doing
a lot of booking in town, Vegas & LA...for Pooch: ie: The Vibrators for the last few
years..Adicts, Rubber City Rebels, Uk Subs, and many more. Enjoy booking my
friends ya' know? Kim Larowe just called me and told me you were back!!...I can't
wait to see ya'!! I would love to get you a copy of the new Heroes stuff!!...Josh (TKO)
is possibly' shoving us into the Wasted Fest show Oct. 8th...so looking forward to that.

I just did the Dwarves show here...was a great show. Until recently I was doing a lot
of work with Channel 44...getting different DV's from various record labels to air...but
Scott Fey has kinda' taken over the station...so I'm not really doing anything for them

I'm also playing with Bruce Cannole in a Bluegrass group we put together. Have played
a slew of gigs with Ralph Stanley over the last few years!!. Check it out!! LOL. Chip
Hanna from One Man Army is doing vocals. Great stuff: Busted Hearts Anyhow, I would
love to get in touch with you...and have some dinner. Give me a shout when ya' get the
chance. Welcome back. Maybe you can turn this place around!!! ;-). I got the offer
from MSO to do the Sex Pistols final gig out here a couple of years ago at Marquee...
since we had played with the Nuerotic Outsiders so many times before...it was amazing.
There are some great pics and review on our homepage...it was just us and the Pistols.

I think you'll dig the new CD....I'm glad we waited to put in out!! it really does sound
amazing. The last 5 years we have really been doing some great gigs with the groups
I've been booking..& been having allot of fun!! Mark Miremont is doing the vid' in Sept.

Would love to get you involved somehow...some ideas and such. Please get a hold of me
when you've got some free time...would love to chat!!! Also did a bunch of stuff for
Susan Dyners new film: Punks Not Dead Great Documentary film being released soon.
As you know...Brian Smith is still in my home town of Detroit...and still the music editor
for the Metro Times...he's doing well..and sober now for a couple of years...anyhow, hope
I got ya' up to date on my current life!!

LOL..talk to ya soon.

All the best
Keith 602.796.1587 (my personal mail addy: robroy2@qwest.net )

PS: tell Larry (Mac) to buzz me..so I can get him the disc as well

*Keith, no disrespect, I am happy to hear from you, but I am sheer
exhausted from reading all of this. I checked all the sites out. Very cool.
That's a lot of info crammed into one e-mail-lol.

Let me get a bit more settled, and sure, I would love to catch up.-JL

August 15
Debra Messing (Will & Grace)
Birthday's today: Ben Afflec, Kate Taylor, Gene Upshaw, Debi Mazar, Linda Ellerbee,
Natasha Henstridge, Yancy Thigpen, Bobby Caldwell, Tess Harper, Barbara Bouchet,
Marcus Jones, Mikey Graham, Tommy Aldridge (Ozzy), Geraldo Velez (Spyro Gyra),
Thomas Aldrich (Black Oak Arkansas), Takashi Ukaji, Joan Delk, Ann Ryerson

OPEN FORUM WEEK: Send in your comments about
anything you would like to discuss. Also, promote
yourself, station, staff, family. Send photos.

Sluggo punches in twice!


Great name for your show, man - and I really want some CD airchecks with
all the music sometime down the road (esp. the debut show, if possible) -
I really love the music you play.

Where is KUPD in town these days? I never saw the infamous trailer - but
I heard all about it. That's a good pic of you on All Access.

How's Chandler? Do you have a pool? A friend of mine up in Prescott was
telling me that they've been getting lots of monsoon activity - and THAT I miss!!!
VERY MUCH!!! I wonder if it happens more up there now than down in the Valley -
too much concrete? Someone on the the Phoenix City Council voted to have the
thunderstorms pushed further north?

How's Jeanette? How is she liking being back in Hotzona?

Yadda - please tell Frank (Black) howdy - CYA!

Doug KROQ Los Angeles C


So, how is Hot-azona treatin' ya'all? What have they torn down that was cool
since last you were living there? Have they put up or started anything new
that is cool?

Is TRAILS still there in Tempe? I heard the JAR closed this year - that blows!!!
Is it true? What about 300 Bowl up on Bethany & 19th Ave.? I remember when
they took down the cool, 60's needle point sign - about the same time they took
down the clothes-pin sign that held an old model T car at the car wash across the
street. They were replaced by white, plastic 80's signs. Brilliant. Oh - wait - no,
I meant fucking moronic!!!

Yadda -When do I get a CD of the first show? :^)

Douglas inc., (Doug Roberts/Sluggo KROQ Los Angeles)

*Doug, I hope all is going great with you, Renee and the kittie's. They are
damned cute! I will try and get you copies of the show. Got to get me one
of those new fangled machines that converts cassette tapes to CD's.

Actually, KUPD is in the same "Alamo" looking building off the I-10 where
it has been ever since I first arrived there in January of 1988. I believe
the trailer days were over a few months before I began there. It's in the
lovely downtrodden city (if you could call it that) of Guadelupe. Chandler is
booming like you wouldn't believe. No pool yet. In the stage of getting one.
Monsoons are awesome, and we have had a number since Jeanette and I
arrived back on June 28. The lightening is spectacular!

Trails is still around, and yes...as reported on this site months ago, The Jar
is gone.

The first show begins this coming Saturday the 20th. I've been on Larry
Mac's Red Radio Underground show the past two Sunday's promoting it.
Hope that pretty much covers most of your questions.-JL

Hey Jonathan,

Congratulations on your show that is a great welcome back to AZ for you
to the building and friends you are so familiar with. You've recreated
yourself so many times in the years I have known you (which may be over
20...) pretty amazing.

I'd like to recast "My Three Sons" with my wild little boys and get a
role for Hannah and Wendy as well.

Secondly I wanted to comment on the Spizter activity from a few weeks
back. I remember a time when life was about music and music making a

I remember the first band I worked at radio (The Might Lemon Drops) and
the first record I got played at KROQ (Tin Tin's "Kiss Me" from an import
7" single). And I remember the most incredible, impassioned and
intellectual conversations about music and bands with people like Lyn Bremmer
and Norm Winer and Tom Calderon and Denis McNamara (and the handful of
guys at radio I still love to talk music with). Hey at some point and it is real
blurry here, the toll booth went up. Was that the moment it became about
Greed on the Radio side and Fear on the Record side?

Steve Tipp Sotheby's International Realty
5016 N. Parkway Calabasas, Suite 100 Calabasas, CA 91302 818.657.4455

*Steve, it is quite sad the way things have changed. Always keep those
great memories. There are too many cynics out there, and you are NOT
one of them. Think of all the good things that we all enjoyed over the years.-JL

August 14
Halle Berry
Birthday's today: David Crosby (CSN&Y), Susan Saint James, Dash Crofts (Seals & Crofts),
Steve Martin, Wayne Chrebet, Ben Sidran, Sarah Brightman, Daniele Steele, Jackee (Harry),
Antonio Fargas, Wim Wenders, Bob Backlund, Earvin "Magic" Johnson, Lori & Terri Sigrist,
Mark Fidrych, Marga van Praag, "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton, Heather Blair, Mark Loretta,
Mark Gubicza, Zoe Heath, Larry Graham (Graham Central Station), Gary Larson (Far Side)

Beginning tomorrow, it's OPEN FORUM WEEK

Any topic, and promote yourself, station, staff, family
by sending photos. Let's have fun next week!

August 13
Dan Fogelberg
Birthday's today: Elvis Grbac, Don Ho, Danny Bonaduce, Dawnn Lewis, Ian Haughland,
Feargal Sharkey (Undertones), Jay Buhner, Gretchen Corbett, Andre van de Berg,
Midori Ito, Sheralee, Jarrod Washburn, Marie Helvin, Bobby Clarke, "Jumpin" Jim Brunzell,
Jimmy McCulloch (Wings), Tony Santini (Sha Na Na), Tigg Ketler (Bango Tango)

Hey Jonathan,

I remember back when I first met you over the phone. We talked for hours and I
had no idea who you were, but it didn�t take long to realize you were someone I
wanted to have as a friend and confidant. Over the years we worked as competitors,
worked as collaborators and worked the room.

You were there for me in my time of self-doubt when I wanted out of this fucked up
business. You were there for me when I needed advice on how to get BACK into this
fucked up business. IT�S ALL YOUR FUCKING FAULT. Now I hope you once again enjoy
what we both have in our blood. You belong in radio, hell what else can you do with a
voice like that? Well, there is the phone sex business. But seriously, you have been
an icon in this business and icons never fade, they segueway.

Best of luck and HAVE FUN!

Willobee Program Director 102.7 EQX - THE REAL ALTERNATIVE
Listen on-Line www.weqx.com 802.362.4800

Thanks Will. That means a lot to me. We have been friends
for a long time, and will be forever. You know how excited
and happy I am for you. You have taken WEQX to a new
level of success that hasn't been there in a long long time.-JL

I've heard you're the Wolfman (Jack) of AZ...any truth to those
rumors? Congrats...I hope you wear an oufit to work. A black or
purple cape would do well. Break a leg.

Brooks Brown GM/Owner WEQX Manchester VT/Albany NY

Hey, thanks Brooks. I'm no Wolfman Jack, wish I was...but content
to just be me. Although I do like the cape idea.-lol-JL

August 12
August "Kid Creole" Darnell
Birthday's today: Pete Sampras, Pat Methany, George Hamilton, Roy Hay (Culture Club),
Jennifer Warren, Terry Taylor, Wendy Palmer, Antoinee Walker, Rebecca Gayheart,
Morty Black (TNT), Ron Mael (Sparks), Pete De Freitas (Echo and The Bunnymen),
Donna Michele, Deborah Walley, Sam Andrews (Big Brother and The Holding Company),
Bruce Greenwood, Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits), Katia "Kitty G" Geiger

Q of THE WEEK wraps up. Next week, OPEN FORUM.

Jon, Boston Legal and I think I would like to be Denny Crane...he is crazy
but sharp as a tac. He still gets laid and seems to get the best of everyone...
that or Spaders character Alan Shore because he gets to rub on Rona Mitra.
God she is a piece of ass! A big steamy pile of it man!

Hey I have a question for you. Didn't we used to play a band called Ruby Soho??
Because I thought they were the original band to do the song of the same name.
Rancid gets that credit...on allmusic.com. Am I trippin or what?

Matt Foley APD KMRQ MOdesto CA Clear Channel Broadcasting

*We used to play a band called Ruby. Not the same kind of music, and
has nothing to do with Rancid. You are trippin', but I bet it feels good.-JL

In a bit part, I would have to say one of the villainous henchmen on the old
Batman TV show just so I can experience having a sound effect go off when I
get hit by Batman. Either that or Al, the old alcoholic on Cheers who would
sit around and drink and then drop a one liner every now and then.

In a bigger role, probably would want to be Buck Rogers (in the 25th century).
You get to experience life in two completely centuries and be sarcastic to everyone
you meet without them knowing it. Plus you get to hang out with Wilma Deering.
All in all, not a bad tradeoff after being frozen for 500 years.

Kevin Jackson Program Director WTGZ "The Tiger" 95.9/104.9
2514 S. College St. Suite 104 Auburn AL 36832 334.887.9999

*Kev, thanks once again for coming up with the Q of THE WEEK. Better yet, thanks
for answering your own question.-JL

I'd like to be on Rock 'N Roll Jeopardy (no longer aired on VH-1),
because the questions were so easy and I could clean up!

Chris Wagganer Film Maker Los Angeles CA

I would like to replace Bob Barker on the Price is Right!
Or replace Brooke Burke on Rock Star INXS!

Jackie Selby Air Personality KOOL-FM Denver CO

I want to play Carmen's girlfriend on The L Word because she is super fine!

Cheryl Hill musician Nashville TN

Hey Jonathan, This is a fun question!!!! I would like to be Liz on NIP/TUCK,
working next to Dr Troy,well need I say more.What a fantasy.....oh,la,la!!!!!!
Love ya' Tell sis I'll be calling her.Bye now

Betsy Lucky (my lovely sister-law) West Virginia

* Great show Sis.-JL

I'd personally love to be Ellen De Generes for a day. I know it's not a
role, persay, but she always looks like she's having a blast and is
doing what she wants to do, no matter how goofy.

Notorious L.I.Z. Notorious Promotions Queens NY

This is probably the easiest question you've done yet.....at least, for
me. '24' would be the show, without question. I believe it's the greatest
TV show ever. However, I am torn as to who I would be. I wouldn't mind
being Elisha Cuthbert's love interest, then again I wouldn't mind workin side
by side with Jack Bauer either. I would, definitely, have to be a new
character cuz I wouldn't dare take someone's spot, like I said it's the greatest
TV show ever......they must be doing something right. If I was Elisha's
love interest, there would have to be a lot of heavy petting though. I think
that covers it.

Thanks JL! and, again, CONGRATS!

Polychronopolis Program Director/Afternoon Buffoon WRN Alternative Now
Waitt Radio Networks 1000 N. 90th St. Suite 105 Omaha, NE 68114
Direct: 402.952.7611 www.heyradioguy.com

I'm Batman, Jonathan, I'm Batman.

Gary Jay TVT Records New York NY

August 11
Hulk Hogan
Birthday's today: Joe Rogan, Charlie Sexton, Andy Bell (Oasis), Hamish, Steve Wozniak,
Robert Mothersbaugh, Will Friedle, Ann Michelle, Norio Honaga, Eric Carmen, Linda Polino,
Ian Charleson, Linda Rhys Vaughn, Jerry Falwell, Anna Massey, Joe Jackson, Don Boyd,
Cordelia Gonzolez, Edgardo Alfonzo, Richie "Richie Ramone" Beau (Ramones), Eddie Garcia,
Chris "Mack Daddy" Kelley (Kris Kross), Dru Berrymore ( German porn star)

Q of THE WEEK continues

Walter Cronkite-- because no one else is doing it. Infotainment has replaced
news reporting.

As bad as catering to the lowest common denomintor has been for the Music
Business in general, ruining the viability of radio stations and record companies
alike, it's MUCH WORSE in the news media, much worse for the quality of our
Democracy. I mean 38% of the citizens of this country still are so delusional that
they think Bush is honest!

Howie Klein former President Reprise Records Los Angeles CA

Hey Jonathan,

I use to be a huge Doctor Who fan in the 80s. Sometimes, I still wish
I could travel through time and space like he does. Who else remembers
The Timelords (aka KLF) "Doctorin' the Tardis"?

Also, congrats on your new show at KUPD! Welcome back to the airwaves.
Radio needs more good people like you.

Scott Lowe B104 Allentown, PA

Hey Jonathan,

Favorite show when I was a kid was LAND OF THE LOST. I have the 1st &
2nd seasons on DVD. For the times ('74-'77) the show was mind-blowing.
The guy from Star Trek who wrote 'The Trouble With Tribbles' was the
story editor. Walter Koenig who played Checkov on Star Trek wrote &
directed a lot of the episodes.

I've never seen a Star Trek episode as I was never a fan but I always
knew that the writing on that show was stellar. For a kid's show on
Saturday morning, Land Of The Lost was way ahead of its time. And the
stop-motion dinosaurs (again, for the times) were a real as when you
saw Jurassic Park for the first time. I would haved KILLED to have
been Will Marshall- son of Rick, older brother of Holly...(You know
the song..."Marshall, Will, & Holly...On a routine expedition...") It
just seemed like the most fun to be young and on a show that had time
gaps, dinosaurs, pylons, sleestacks, bizarre weather patterns, and to
live in a cave.

Great question!

Rubin 1/2 of Rubin & Sims...Mornings on KWOD 2.0 @ 106.5 FM...Sacramento
www.kwod.net www.therubinstudio.com

Any VIVID video movie as the one guy in a movie full of woman...and
also WWE RAW....the announcer who turns on a wrestler.

Johnny Maze PD WRXW Jackson MS

*Johnny, that "turns on a wrestler" could be misconstrued, don't you think?-LOL-JL

August 10

Veronica "Ronnie Spector" Bennett (Original Queen Of Rock 'N Roll)

Birthday's today: Riddick Bowe, Rosanna Arquette, Antonio Banderas, Rick Overton,
Mark Price (All About Eve), John Farriss, Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull), Patti Austin,
Fred "Tugboat" Ottman, Ashley Putnam, Lorraine Pearson, Nicole Bass, Lori Tatum,
Eric Braunn (Iron Butterfly), James Reynolds, Carlos Palomino, Dan Donovan

Q of THE WEEK: So you want to be on TV. Let's face
it, everyone would so what show, and who? Why?

Thanks to all those part-time radio gigs back in the early 80's, where I would
do Saturday night on the classic rock station in one town and do Sunday morning
on the adult comtemporary in the next, this answer is in kind:

On set 42, I would love to play any bad-ass alien with a re-curring role in any
Star Trek series. Just wanna regularly kick some pink-skin ass. And no, I dont
need a plethora of alien chicks to mess up my scene either.

Cuz right after that I'll be on set 58 playing the role of Nikki Cox's devoted and
loyal husband in any show she wants to be in.

Troy Smith Boston MA

Hey There JL,

I think I'd actually rather be just a regular host of a Travel Show...one
like the old Lonley Planet ones- kinda odd places and not exactly luxury
cruises...I'd much prefer to just be myself, maybe a little bit over the
top...but memorizing lines is for the birds.

Think of all the cool places you could go...and a whole camera crew to
hang out with...wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I guess it would be a little like Djing, hosting a show, so to speak.


Jessica Tiny DJ Stevens Program & Music Director WRIR Richmond Indie Radio
PO BOX 4787 Richmond, VA 23220 listen to WRIR www.wrir.org

AC Slater (From Saved By The Bell)
He's the only character in Sitcom history to letter in every sport, get
crazy applause as he walked down stairs, yet still not be able to out
sing Jessie Spano in the choir.

Brandon Pappas Program Director WMZK & WJMT Oshkosh WI

Thanks for the congrats:

Just wanted to say congrats on being back on the air....I know how
important and passionate that shift will be for you. All the best.

Tommy Nast AEG/Network Live Los Angeles CA

Hey JL--

Just wanted say a quick congrats on your return to the airways..Congratulations!

Stiller MD WBYR Ft Wayne IN

Congrats on the new show.

Chris Patyk PD KZON Phoenix AZ

August 9

Melanie Griffith.............Gillian Anderson

Birthday's today: Whitney Houston, Kurtis Blow, Sam Elliot, Eric Robertson,
Brett Hull, Barbara Mason, Troy Percival, Ashley Johnson, Deion Sanders,
Greg Chaisson (Badlands), Amanda Bearse, Ken Norton, David Steinberg,
Matt Morris, Diane Williams, Maarnus Gerritson (Golden Earring), Derek Fisher,
Kyle Kyle (Bango Tango), Lonnie Quinn

If you could appear on a TV show, which one,
as who and why?

Hi Jonathan,

If I could be on TV, I would want to be Andy Travis on WKRP in Cincinnati.
That guy was the coolest. I suspect our sales staff relates more to Herb Tarlek.
WKRP may be the best show EVER.

Best regards-

BRAD SAVAGE Mad Radio 96-3 WMAD Madison, WI

Samantha's boytoy on "Sex and the City".

Oedipus Vice President of Alternative Programming Infinity Broadcasting
154 Claybrook Rd Box 373 Dover, MA 02030

The Sid Caesar or possibly The Milton Berle show.
Todays TV pales to the quality we had during the early years (my early childhood).
How about Ernie Kovacs? To most people out there would have to ask their
grandparents to tell them who these people are, or about these shows themselves.
Mel Brooks could easily put together a GREAT TV series today....but none of the kids
in charge of the networks, large or small, would ever ask, or permit him to get involved.

Kevin Childs PD KRCK 97.7 "Rock of the 80's...and a lot more!"
73-733 Fred Waring Drive 2nd Floor Palm Desert, CA 92260 800.723.4272

I'd like to be a guest on Craig Feurguson.....just as
me and just bs about bits and music....think he's
fabulous and lends himself to JQ Public being a guest
on his show......either that or I'd like to be
Feonia's drunk American Counterpart.

Margaret LoCicero Los Angeles CA

* Margaret, I think Fergy is probably the best interviewer,
next to Letterman on late night TV. Feonia cracks me up.
She's great!-JL

August 8
Dave "The Edge" Evans (U2)
Birthday's today: Dustin Hoffman, Rikki Rockett (Poison), Keith Carradine, Suzee Pai,
Divine Brown (Hugh Grant's prostitute), Reno "Sable" Mero, Donny Most, Kool Mo Dee,
Jose Cruz Sr., Deborah Norville, Martin Best, Hans van Eijk, Harry Crosby, David Grant,
Jerry Tarkanian, Larry Wilcox, Ali Score (A Flock Of Seagulls), Chris Foreman (Madness),
Jay David (Dr. & The Medicine Show), Lorraine Pearson (5 Star)

If you could appear on TV, what show
and who would you be and why?

(*Thanks to Kevin Jackson, PD WTGZ Auburn AL for coming up with the Q of Week)

I'd like to be Sydney on Alias, because she is smart, sexy and in the
end she always kicks butt!

Nikki Nite Program Director WFBC, WOLI/WOLT
25 Garlington Road Greenville, SC 29615 864.271.9200

I would be on America's Most Wanted for killing you.

Dave Lombardi Director of Promotion Astralwerks
104 W. 29th St., 4th fl. NY, NY 10001 212.886.7506

I would want to be on the Cops episode as the arresting officer
slapping the cuffs on Lombardi for your murder. But before I get the cuffs on,
please God, let him run. Let him run so I can billy club the shit out
of him and kick him in his balls while he is face down on the ground.

Mike Parrish Alternative Editor FMQB, New Jersey

* You'se guys are funny-LOL-JL

I'd love to have a reccuring role on HBO's "Entourage." It's one of my favorite
shows..so cool and so well-written. Since (in real life) I love dogs, maybe I could
be the boys' dog groomer/dog-sitter/dog walker. And, of course, in one episode
I'd end up in bed with Vince Chase...every womans' fantasy!

Marilynn Mee Music Director/Mid-day Air Personality WLZR Radio Milwaukee, WI

Guest appearances on Silver Spoons. Simply to ride that train and
admire Erin Gray from afar.

Ian McCain PD "Jack" KJQN Salt Lake City UT

Show: Magnum P.I.
Who: Thomas Magnum
Why: Hawaii, Ferarri, hot chicks �shall I continue?

Kneale Mann, Program Director 107.5 DAVE-FM Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Many more coming this week!

August 7
Charlize Theron
Birthday's today: David Duchovny, Kristen Hersch (Throwing Muses), Garrison Keillor,
Masa Saito, Jacquie O' Sullivan (Bananarama), Rodney Crowell, Jason Grimsley,
Charlotte Lewis, Edgar Renteria, Sydney Penny, Verna Bloom, David Hollander,
Sydney Penny, Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden), Caroline Aaron, Richard Joswick,
John Glover, BJ Thomas, Don Larsen (R.I.P.), Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer (Our Gang R.I.P.)

More congrats

Hey man!

Just wanted to drop a line and say congrats about the new show!
welcome back to the seedy side of this game!!!

Hope that you are doing well, my friend.
I will be coming out of my bio-sphere-like cave that I have been in
and get in touch with you soon! Take care,

Boomer The Rabbi Of Rock -Assistant Program Director/Music Director/Mornings
New Rock 103-9 The X WXEG Dayton OH
937.224.1137 x.128
"gam zeh ya'avor"


Howie Klein ex-prez Reprise Records Los Angeles CA

My man,

This is awesome news, congrats! I'll give MediaGuide the heads up that
you have this new show so they can start detecting your spins. (They
already have Larry's (Mac) show in the mix)

I'll give you a call next week and we can catch up. By the way... I
was just in Atlanta this week and had a layover in Phoenix. Crazy wild
desert thunderstorms in your hood. Intense!

Lenny LaSalandra Combat Rock Promotions Los Angeles CA

Congrats on your new show at KUPD! Welcome back to the airwaves.
Radio needs more good people like you.

Scott Lowe B104 Allentown, PA

And it's on FM!!! Congratulations, glad to hear you are doing what
you were meant to do. I'm sure Jeanette is also happy to be home and
around the kids, please tell her I say hi.

See you around......

Thomas Westfall San Francisco CA


I am thrilled for you and your show! Yes yes ....I hope you get settled
soon and keep those grandkids in check

Check out his page ..it's somthing I have been working on
take care,

Summer James Los Angeles CA

August 6

Geri "Ginger Spice" Halliwell....Michelle Yeoh (Ultimate Chinese Actress)

Birthday's Today: Max Kellerman, Asia Carrera, Elliot Smith, Pat MacDonald (Timbuk 3),
Soleil Moon Frye, Sally Eaton, Randy DeBarge, Vinnie Vincent, Tin Reid, Peter Bonerz,
Nathan Purdee, William Fred Mayfair, Joyce Sims, Louise Sorel, Catherine Hicks,
Paul Bartell, Michael Peters, Moosie Drier, Dorian Harewood, Lisa Boyle, Dale Ellis,
Jon Benet Ramsey (R.I.P.), Andy Warhol (R.I.P.)

Thank you for caring

Congrats on the KUPD show!

Marc Young PD KEDJ Phoenix AZ

Hey Jonathan,

Just wanted to drop you a line and say congrats on getting back on the
air in Phoenix at KUPD. I'll give you a listen when I get out there as I
usually do 4 or 5 times a year.

Rich Creeger APD/MD/Mornings www.classicrock969.com
Fredericksburg/Richmond, Virginia 540-374-5516

Hey Jonathan L {& Jeanette!},

So good to hear from you.
Been such a while.

I always think of you in Phoenix, I'm sure it's the right move & when the new
GLJ anthology comes out {the Fall}, I hope I can pass through & spend some
time with you both.

I'm working a couple of days a week at Apple in London & enjoying this great city.
Tons of new music, but finding time to record it has been difficult.
Hopefully September will open up & I can get on with the new material.
Good luck & I'll be watching!
Big Love

Jay Aston Gene Loves Jezebel London England

*Jay, it's awesome to get a reply. I guess we both left Los Angeles.
We've been trying to get a hold of you. The last time you were at
the house, you messed up Jeanette's computer. Probably due to the
squarrel from hell! I'm kidding of course. We both look forward to
seeing you when you come back stateside. Cheers.-JL

Congrats, JL, good luck with the new show!
Richard Sands The Sands Report Mill Valley CA

I Love KUPD! I talk to JJ every week. I hope you're happy and Well.

Robert England Bob UK Enterprises Artist Management
Artist Development Radio Promotion Will Work For Food
Sherman Oaks CA 818-379-9608 bobuk@sbcglobal.net

Congrats on the new gig...can we listen online?
Can I send you stuff? Boy that would be a switch.

Dwight Arnold APD/MD KMRJ Sunday Night Music Meeting Host
Palm Springs CA 760-778-6995

*I don't really know if they stream Dwight. I'll find out.-JL

August 5
Loni Anderson (WKRP in Cincinnati)
Birthday's today: Tawny Kitaen, Carl Crawford, Samantha Sang, Maureen McCormick,
Pete Burns (Dead Or Alive), Jonathan Silverman, Adam"MCA" Yauch (Beastie Boys),
Patrick Ewing, Pat Tananka, Amy Foster, Rick Derringer, Sammi Smith, Calvin Hayes,
Eddie "Fingers" Ojeda (Twisted Sister), Holly Palance, John Olerud, Roman Gabriel,
Germain Wattameleo, Ferdi Bolland (Bolland & Bolland), Mike Nocito (Johnny Hates Jazz)

It's a wonderful day in the world of L !

I wanted my dear friend Shawn Alexander to be the person to break
the news first on ALL ACCESS. Now that it's out of the bag...yes indeed,
I am returning where I belong...RADIO!

Beginning Saturday August 20th, and every Saturday morning from 7-10 AM
I will program, produce and host the show of my dreams titled
"The Lopsided World Of L". 3 Hours of great music from the past, and
selective new music to make it special. The mix will be 70% past and 30%
present. Awesome Alt/Rock tunes from artists that are either known or unknown,
but not the same old songs that are in gold library's of alternative stations,
or the percieved "hits" played on Hot AC. My new/old home will be Sandusky
Broadcasting's BIG RED ROCKER, KUPD-FM...98 ROCK!

This is a great time slot for Phoenix. I have to say that JJ Jeffries and Chuck,
showed me how welcome I was back "home". I had recieved contact from two
other stations, but JJ and Chuck being the aggressors and knowing what they
want, won me over. In all due respect to the others, this offer came quick and
what I truly was interested in. I will be in the same building that is so familiar
with my bud Larry Mac, Larry Mcfeelie, new bud Rob Flajnik, and some
terrific others.

A quick note: I will be posting what I play on this page every Monday.

Having said all this, how ironic, David Sadof is back on Houston radio with
a show after 7 years and Kevin Stapleford is back as PD at 91X after well over
a decade. We all are back doing what we love and where we do belong. You can
reach out to David Sadof at carnubawax@earthlink.net

A note from Kevin

Thanks, I'm glad for both of us. As for being "happy", my man Lau Tzu
says it best, "Anyone who flows as life flows has solved the enigma of human
existence. Anything is evil that blocks the flow and everything is
prosperous that flows with the universe."
Simple as that.
Kevin Stapleford PD 91X San Diego CA

Some congrats already!

About fuckin' time...you've been missed. Congrats my friend.
Into the future,

Oedipus Vice President of Alternative Programming Infinity Broadcasting
154 Claybrook Rd Box 373 Dover, MA 02030

Hey Jonathan - congrats on the new show on KUPD, that's great to hear!
Hope you are well. Best.

Troy Hanson Vice President of Promotion/Artist Management Wild Justice Management
28411 Northwestern Hwy Suite 930 Southfield, MI 48034 248-358-5818

*Seether * Ra * Smile Empty Soul * Sponge * Paper Street Saints

Hey Jonathan,

Good luck with the Lopsided World of L.

Mark Felsot Renegade Syndication
Little Steven's Underground Garage
(818) 623-0856 clipfan@adelphia.net
IM: Elvisclub

There are more, and I will post them and others as they come.
Thank you.

August 4
Lauren Tom (Joy Luck Club)
Birthday's today: Billy Bob Thornton, Cole & Dylan Sprouse, Richard Beltzer, Tina Cole,
Kensuke Sasaki, Wesley Snipes, John Riggins, Maureen Cox Starkey (Ringo's ex-wife),
Cleon Jones, Marcus Schenkenberg, Crystal Chappell, Paul Williams (A Flock Of Seagulls),
Robbin Crosby (Ratt), Paul Leyton (Seekers), Susanne Borman, Tim McRae

Spitzer and you, and we're all a happy family, right?

Hey JL...how's the dry heat in AZ? Probably cooler than it is in some of the
Boardrooms around the biz these days, I'm sure. But in regards to your
question, I would suggest a different POV, to get some kind of reaction here,
if nothing else...

In a "real" music world, it would be great to wake up one day and get a call
from a big radio station PD telling me they heard "Bulletproof" by The Discontent
and that the song is a Punk Anthem and is exactly what they feel their listeners
NEED to hear...but alas, my medication is wearing off and I'm back to the REAL
world with no illusions as to why this will never happen, unless some major label
has signed the band and is spending a ton of $$ at Radio to make it happen...which
brings me to my different POV...

Since payola is not illegal if the stations announce that Green Day's new single is
being paid for by the folks at WB, why not just do it? The majors are always talking
about "branding", so here's a perfect chance to do exactly that. In a world where
kids are taught that it's "all about the Benjamins" and "the Bling", do you really
think kids are going to be pissed about learning that their favorite artist's new song
is being brought to them by the artist's record company? Sounds more like some
kind of new found status to me. The kids get to hear the label's name every time
a song is played and learn through constant repetition that this is how songs get
on the radio, until it becomes second nature to them.

You have corporations running radio stations, playing music being paid for by other
corporations. It's the American way! Are people going to suddenly stop listening to
Mariah or Madonna or whoever because the "veil" has been lifted? I really don't
think so. Why not stop the BS and just announce it so that the dirty little games
and secrets are no longer needed.

Do you think people would stop buying their favorite food at the grocery store if
a sign was put up that said "this shelf space has been paid for by..."? I think the
public is more aware than they're given credit for, but seriously, I don't think they
really care as long as they get what they want.

Why do the stations and the labels continue to foster the illusion? Here's the perfect
opportunity for labels to establish brand name recognition and get what they pay for
legally. Just a thought...

Robert Allen Sha-La Music, Inc. New Jersey

August 3
Martha Stewart
Birthday's today: Deidra "Spinderella" Roper (Salt-N-Pepa), Victoria Jackson, Jay North,
Wayne Hussey (Mission UK), Asante Jones, Troy Glaus, Martin Atkins, Marcel Dionne,
Lucky Dube, Morris "BB" Dickerson (War), James Hetfield (Metallica), Martin Sheen,
Butterbean, Kirk Brandon (Spear Of Destiny/Theatre Of Hate), Rod Beck, John Femia,
Beverly Lee (Shirelles), Lee "Leon Drucker" Rocker (Stray Cats), Cindy Nixon

Q of THE WEEK: Spitzer, you and the world you
live in. Have an opinion about all the news that
affects you and many others?

I think this is ultimately a good thing for the industry because it forces an end to
practices that were costing tens of millions of dollars per year. There are many
sides to this, of course: people will lose their jobs, companies will be fined, perks
will be lost, (and all of that sucks), but at the end of the day these perks, billbacks,
and spin programs were just too expensive for the current state of the industry
to handle.

Some say this will change nothing and the old ways will come back soon enough.
Perhaps, but have you read the report? It�s pretty tight on the do�s and dont�s.
Besides, why would labels want to throw money down the toilet if they don�t have to?

Now, onto the radio side: as you all remember, most of the major radio chains
(Clear Channel, Infinity, Entercom, Cox, and Emmis) have recently entered into
a �no indie� policy whereby they will not even talk to independent promoters
about music. This was all fine and good except for one small problem: it was
unfair to the �legit� indies out there who do not engage in any pay for play schemes.
It was also unfair to the independent artists who depended on indie promoters to
bring their music to the attention of the programmers. This has been a big Catch-22,
because while radio did not want to necessarily screw the little guy, they did want to
distance themselves from this whole mess, so something had to be done, even if it
was unfair. So, what will happen here? Well, the jury is still out, but from what I
am reading in the papers, the radio side will be as thoroughly investigated as the
labels just were and a similar set of fines and rules will be mapped out for them as
well. Perhaps then they will no longer need the �no indie� policy, and then all artists
big and small will have the same opportunity to bring their music to the attention of
the radio programmers for airplay.

I don�t think Spitzer is a bad man. At first I was apprehensive because of all the
confusion and turmoil this thing caused within the biz, but when I read the full report,
I saw that it was pretty well-balanced and fair. For example, it clearly states that Sony
/BMG can still hire independent promoters that agree to abide by these practices of no
pay for play. This opens the door for the major radio chains to drop their �no indie�
policy. And once that happens, then all will be right and fair in the world once again.
Major labels that need the extra help can guiltlessly hire indies for the purpose of
getting the music heard, small labels that have no one can hire indies and can get a
chance to play on a leveled playing field, independent artists can have a better shot
at commercial radio airplay than they do right now, and honest, passionate, independent
promoters can continue to do what they do: get music to radio and talk about it.

Anonymous industry professional

*Mr.or Ms. Anonymous, you had me at moments, where I agree
with your opinions, but to say that "Spitzer is not a bad man"...
that's where we part. Spitzer is a loogie on the floor. -JL

This whole investigation is ironic coming from a guy who throws lavish election
fundraisers for $10,000 a plate. I�d love to see how many special interest groups
get their dicks sucked when Spitzer gets elected. Maybe the next Attorney General
should investigate how he got elected, if it comes to pass. Oh wait, he�s already
sucked a dick to get the job.

Willobee Program Director 102.7 EQX - THE REAL ALTERNATIVE
PO Box 102.7 Manchester, VT 05254 www.weqx.com

WEQX presented a FREEQX Concert with Ben Lee at 33 Degrees,
Albany�s newest night club. The show was packed and Ben put on
an awesome show, and nobody caught his disease.

From left to right:
Darwin (night jock), Willobee (PD), Ben Lee & Doug (mornings)

August 2
Mojo Nixon (Musician, DJ, Minister*)
*Mojo married Jeanette and I on April 13, 1996 at the corner of Hollywood & Vine in front of over 200 people

Birthday's today: Pete Sampras, Edward Furlong, Cassidy Gifford, Judge Lance Ito,
Katheryn Harrold, Butch Patrick, Rebekah Ryan, Angel Herriera, Isabel Pantoja,
Pete de Freitas (Echo & The Bunneymen), Cynthia Stevenson, Cedric Ceballos,
Wes Craven, Andrew Gold, Takayuki Iizuka, Madeleine Smith, Joanna Cassidy,
Roberta Wallach, Kathy Lennon, Andy Fairweather-Low, Garth Hudson

Q of THE WEEK...interrupted by this important message !

There is an irony in my Q of THE WEEK�s. If I ask a generic question about music
and pop culture, which I like to do�there are some that say to me, �hey, ask more
questions with substance�.

When I asked this question via e-mail to you all, I thought I would get some honest
opinions. It looks like I am not going to get much response due to the gravitas of
It�s nature. Spitzer is a cocksucker (Deadwood reference), and everyone knows it.
It blows that so many are being affected, yet I understand that maybe I should state
that you could send an opinion and let me know that it should say �Anonymous�. I have
no problem with that and will honor your request.

The news of what ran in yesterday�s New York Post is a shocker, whichever way you
want to read it, spin it, etc. But keep in mind the Post is not exactly a bastion of
journalistic integrity

So, allegedly Joel Klaiman or Brad Davidson, (who was let go a couple of months ago),
of Epic/Sony Records was flirting with a woman in Miami on one of their business trips.
If you read between the lines, she was probably asking questions about the music
industry with �interest�, and they were either drinking too much and bragging about the
practice�s of our industry, or without the booze, same. How would they know she
worked in Spitzer�s office? They didn�t, but it sure should point out a lesson to one and
all�be careful what you say, and to who, it could come back and bite you on the dick.
(Sorry for the pun).

I don�t know if I believe all of what was printed in the Post, but I have compassion for
either�s wife. I cannot fathom the reaction from her, and the additional grief she is
dealing with. Maybe either guy were just socializing, not hitting on this woman. Who knows,
maybe she was sitting within earshot of their conversation with someone else. OR, maybe
they are guilty. Only time will tell.

Everybody loves a conspiracy theory, so here is what a few have said to me, and I say;
sure, this could very well be the case. Klaiman is the only name continued to be
mentioned so far. He is the ultimate scapegoat. Somehow I don't think it's fair.

Having said that, the theory is that someone had to be the scapegoat, so Sony paid him
off for a few years to just go away, say nothing, and become a vapor. You have to admit,
this is not far fetched.

...okay, back to regurely scheduled Q of THE WEEK

As instructed by Clear Channel I have no comment :)

Donna Miller MD KOSO Modesto CA

*Donna, I respect your following directives-JL

I don't know Diana Laird...but from people I've talked
to about her involvment....apparently she is not very
liked....and from what limited knowledge I learned
about the allegations against her...it looks like she
was "set up"- someone kept records for the purpose of
getting at her in some way...it seems.

Dwight Arnold KMRJ Palm Springs CA

* From what I gather, from person's that have worked for Sony,
they kept a paper trail of everything Dwight, which ultimately killed
them. I don't know her either.-JL

Hang 'em.

Bryan Jones San Diego CA

This will not change things. Only an opinion. But c'mon.

Ed Hale musician Transcendence New York NY

*Spoken like a true sarcastic transplanted New Yorker Ed-JL

If you really care, I will continue this. Please say
"Anonymous" if you'd like. But get your opinion
across on this very current topic. Thanks.

August 1
Birthday's today: Chuck D, Michael Penn, Doug "The Greaseman" Tract, Giancarlo Gianinni,
Miu-Ying Chan, Tom Leykis, Robert Cray, Taylor Negron, Rick Anderson (Tubes), Lillian Ho,
Landry Allbright, Joe Elliot, Def Leppard), Dom DeLuise, Tommy Bolan (The James Gang),
Laura Johnson, Mark "Red" Mitchell, Nancy Lopez, Nick Christian Sayer (Transvision Vamp),
Dennis Paxton (Dave Clark Five), Jim Carroll, Jerry Garcia (Grateful Dead R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: Okay, everyone's talking about it,
and everyone has an opinion. Spitzer, Sony/BMG.
Does it affect you, do you care? What are your
thoughts about this important event in our/your
industry...radio and labels?

A lil' recurrence of the periodic hiccup caused by over-reaching, out-of-control
greed combined with an ambitious personal political agenda. (Yawn); everything'll
be back to normal when Spitzer's governor of NY, Pataki's ambassador to some
small-but-respectable country, Marc Green is the new Attorney General--
Go! Go! Go!-- and the new head of promotion at Epic is doing it exactly the way
the old head of Epic, and everyone else, was doing it. On the other hand, can
keep the old corporate music business model going?? I wouldn't bet on it.

Howie Klein Former President of Reprise Records Los Angeles CA

I wasn't surprised about the news of Klaiman, Columbia and BMG. More to come!!

Thomas Westfall San Francisco CA

I'm flummoxed why Spitzer's crew has targeted radio prior to investigating the
pharmaceutical/drug business where actual LIVES are at risk!!!

In one sense, I'm happy to see program directors FORCED to think twice about
taking advantage of relationships. On the other hand, I'm upset seeing very
capable, honest independent promotions people finding business all the more
difficult. Babies and bathwater.

Either way, if labels are going to spend less on 8 balls, lap dances, laptops, and
whatever...perhaps they'll lower their list prices.

I sleep easy at night knowing that any large prizes received by labels were ALL
awarded to a listener. Any t-shirts? The artist or the label was always given a
spot somewhere. Conscience, I guess.

I have a problem with BOTH the radio companies that had their collective hands
out replacing marketing budgets with those from indies AND dishonest PD's that
were pocketing gifts.

Have I gone to conventions where the labels paid for my airfare and hotel? Yes.
Have I flown to functions where labels had their artists performing for numerous
programmers? Yes.

But, have I ever had my family flown to a convention or other exotic locale on a
label dime? No. Taken a computer, plasma television (wow, the balls!), or had a
new kitchen installed in my house? No. No way. No how.

Anonymous Program Director