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December 31 (New Year's Eve)
Li Gong
Also known as Gong Li. Born in 1965 in Shenyang, Lianing Province, China.
Currently starring along with Michelle Yeoh, and Zhang Ziya in "Memoirs
Of A Geisha". The longtime Chinese actress just "Miami Vice", and is
currently filming "Young Hannibal: Behind The Mask". She lists among
her favorites, Meryl Streep and Dustin Hoffman.

Birtday's today:
Val Kilmer, Scott Ian (Anthrax), Paul Westerberg (Replacements),
Anthony Hopkins, Donna Summer, Tim Matheson, Ben Kingsley, Elaine Cassidy,
Paula Barbieri, Joe Dellesandro, Bebe Neuwirth, Burton Cummings (Guess Who),
Diane von Furstenberg, Andy Summers (The Police), Rosiland Cash, Barbara Carrera,
Martha Byrne, Byron Russell, Anja Gebel, Joanna Johnson, Joseph McIntyre,
Sarah Miles, Tony Hamilton (Aerosmith), Jennifer Hill, John Denver (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK (see Monday)

It's not a easy Q...but I'll try.
Ok...2005...of course it was my band who kept me alive...but this year
Mudvayne was important to get some anger out...APC as well...baaaaaa...
all the music it's important to me...soo...I just want that all this new bands
could care more about music...nowadays it's only the image...and sex that
sell's CD's...I really don't get it? How I miss Alice in Chains, Mother Love Bone,
Soundgarden and so many others.

cheers pal:)!! HAStA!!

Pedro elCigano Coimbra Portugal (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

The music that helped me thru 2005
is not just one band/singer/artist, It's a bunch of them. All the
metal/alternative/rock local bands in Arizona, I've gone to most of
their shows, definately over 50 of them, and have gotten to know
their music, themselves, etc... and it has gotten me thru the hardest,
easiest, times of 2005.

Lisa Mesa Arizona www.myspace.com/xOx_Lisa_xOx

Red Hot Chilli Peppers "By The Way".
No matter what place my heads at it always makes me want to
dance and lifts me.

Happy holidays. Cool site.

Huli Manchester England www.myspace.com/huli13

Kinda long story on this one. I had a lot of dots not connected about
how the upbringing I knew (girl scouts, church, soccer, piano, etc) about
led to who I am now.

Something was missing. Then, in a LONG talk with my older
sister (she's 16 years older than I am), it was all revealed: she used
to watch me when I was really little to the age of 6 or 7. She would take
me out to record shops, drive around listening to music, even to some
seminal punk shows in the late 70s early 80s in Los Angeles. I'd be seated
there on her shoulders and when I liked something, I'd rock out & when
I DIDN'T, I'd pull her hair & try to hide behind her head.

To boot, she sent me a collection of the music we used to listen to that I
would end up singing at the dinner table, which would piss of my Mom. X,
New York Dolls, Stooges, Agent Orange, Patti Smith, Sex Pistols, Clash,
Ramones, Black Flag, Germs, X-Ray Spex (I guess I LOVED them) down
to small bands like Simpletones, Adverts, Bags, Weasels & The Eyes.

The list goes on but you get the idea.

The second I put these tapes on (yes, TAPES...they're the new vinyl), I
felt like a kid again. I was bouncing in my chair singing, "Take a Quaalude
Now", "I Like Drugs", etc. So, long story complete, this is the music that
got my through this year: reconnecting to the music I loved as a kid...and
figuring out why I was drawn to the underground rock scene like a moth to
light. It's what I've always known.

Notorious L.I.Z. Queens New York www.notoriousradio.com

Coldplay "X&Y"

I love everything that Coldplay has done and this album is brilliant.
I love the way it flows and every song allows me to sing a long and
forget everything I am thinking about or perhaps make me think a
little harder.

R.Star "Songs from the "Eye of an Elephant".

Most people have not heard of R.Star or his music and it is a shame.
R. Star was the lead singer of the band STAGE that released an album a
few years ago on Maverick records. R.Star is an amazing song writer that
captures emotion like no other. He reminds me of why I love music and
why I wanted to be in the music business.

Songs from the "Eye of an Elephant" are raw versions of melodic and powerful
songs that will move mountains even further once fully produced. It is
wonderful to hear songs in their primitive form before all the "creative"
minds get together to transform it. And when I say "raw versions",
I do not mean any less intense. www.rstar.net. As you can see I highly
recommend it.

Claudine Levittown Long Island New York www.myspace.com/claudinegarver

Fighting the system and shouting out about the corrupt Bush
administration- Conspiracy of Thoughts Dance of the Revolution CD.

"Another white man stands... power in his eyes,
He got the War-lust no room to compromise,
he sold his people on a pocket full of lies
And now he's gone and there's no one left to terrorize.
You got to open your eyes,and let the sun shine down.
You got to open the door and take the streets right now

Conspiracy of Thought "Back to Back" jointheconspiracy.com

Dwight Arnold KMRJ APD/MD Sunday Night Music Meeting Host 760.778.6995

I can't say any one type music helped me.
I like a lot of different types of music. Mostly old school hip hop. I love it :o)
I recently lost a lot of weight and listening to music made workouts fun.

LOVE all of Mariah Carey's new songs. I can listen over and over :o)

It is really her voice. She has a great gift and so happy she is back on top again.

Deanna Los Angeles California www.myspace.com/crazypistol


Barry Lyons Rent A Label Venice Beach California barry@rentalabel.net
NEW PHONE: 310.399.4440

December 30
Kristen Kreuk
The 5' 4" actress/model was #67 on Maxim Magazine's Hot 100 List for 2005. She
was born in 1982 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Kristen played Lana Lang
in the TV series "Smallville". She also had a starring role in the series "Edgewood".
She has done a few films such as "Eurotrip" (2004), and "Partition" (2005). She is
now nthe latest spokesmodel for Neutrogena, following in the footsteps of
Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Mandy Moore.

Birthday's today: Tiger Woods, Tracey Ullman, Bo Diddley, Sandy Koufax, Fred Ward,
Robert Quine, Patti Smith, Sean Hannity, Lebron James, Joseph Bologna, Heide Fleiss,
Johnny van't Schip, Suzy Bogguss, Matt Lauer, John Hartford, Davy Jones (Monkees),
Jeff Lynne (Electric Light Orchestra), Eliza Dushku, Heather Brown, Brandon Clarke,
Sister Bliss (Faithless), Maureen Flanigan, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Del Shannon (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: (see Monday)
The new band that has helped me
the most has got to be The Atomic Swindlers. It's no secret I'm helping
them out with a little PR - but I'm doing it for free, it's a love over gold
situation. I really do love this band.

Why? First of all, the music. Listening to their CD "Coming Out Electric"
I get the same excited feeling I got when I was a kid transported to the
UK, hearing David Bowie, Roxy Music, and T.Rex for the first time,
at the same time. April's voice is gorgeous. Comparisons to Gwen Stefani
are becoming commonplace. I love the sci-fi, futurist theme in their songs
and presentation. Last but not least, I love to dance to Atomic Swindlers!

My cats love to dance to them as well... and you know how fussy cats are in
their tastes in music. They have my vote for hottest, sexiest, most exciting
new band this year. Aside from the obvious pleasure they give me, they
have helped me to rediscover my original pure love of music that got me into
the business to begin with.

Aside from Atomic Swindlers, I have been hearing old favorites like SAHB,
Stones, Syd Barrett, Toyah, early Bowie, Cabaret Voltaire, in fact all music,
with very fresh ears. Everything is sounding better. My love of music has
never been stronger than it is now. Music has really enhanced my happiness
in a huge way this year. It's the biggest and the best high in the universe.
I am a FAN again! YAY!!!

This year I listened to more Stones than the past decade altogether. I can't
get over how fucking great they sound.

It's an incredibly exciting time for my ears. Hope everybody else has happy
ears! Lots of love :-D xoxo

Euterpe Vancouver British Columbia Canada www.myspace.com/euterpejones

Basically Lounge music, you name it.
Artist: David Morales DJ
"2 Worlds Collide"
pure energy

Eagle-Eye Cherry
"Living The Present Future"
moves my body

Chris Coco
"Chillin At The Playboy Mansion"
Sensual and dancy

Nouvelle Vague
"Nouvelle Vague"

Broken Flowers Soundtrack

Dimitri From Paris
amusing, stylish and glam

Lola Run Soundtrack
help me jogging and rollerblade

Diana Krall
"The Look Of Love"
help me to design, remember him, strech after jogging

The Best Of Barry White
through the melancholyc mood
and strech after excercise

Mireya Madrid Spain www.myspace.com/mireyanotes

Music and artists that have helped
me through this year. Hmmmmm . Tough question. Since I like a huge
genre and am not tied down by one it makes it more difficult. Albums
what is that anymore??? LOL.

Mostafa Sax; I teach belly dancing and this particular has really inspired
me to new heights in my teaching.

Moloko; I always enjoy. Upbeat and fun. Has gotten me out of a bad mood
many a time.

Tribal Vixens; All woman group thoroughly empowering. Especially when
dealing with a right bunch of idiots.

These would be my top 3

Kathaleen United Kingdom www.myspace.com/celestianna

Only music that's "helped" me
through part of 2005 would have to be Depeche Mode's album
"Playing the Angel". The tag-line is "pain and suffering in different
tempos" and that is accurate. It's comforting, affirming and hopeful.
Good stuff (as usual) from my favourite band!

Louise (TGG) London England www.myspace.com/truegalaxygirl

Type-O-Negative for sure.
(Slow Deep and Hard)...."Unsuccesfully Coping with the Natural
Beauty of Infidelity". NOT a 2005 song, but for sure helping me
thru a lot! :D

Damien Rice: the album "O"
38 Special: "Best of"...Just to name 3!

Inge (borg) aka Princess Leia Netherlands www.myspace.com/dutchkosmik

Hey Jonathan,
The music that got me through 2005?

Definately the new Foo Fighters album! I loved being able to listen to just
the ballads on one CD or the rock on the other CD, depending on my mood.

Also (and this is totally out of character for me) the Sugarbabes song
"Push The Button". Usually I hate that shit and could never buy a whole
album of it but I loved that single. I really don't know why, It was almost
subliminal. I couldn't stop myself!

I also went back to an old favourite of mine, Chris Cornell's solo album.
I love his lyrics, the music on that CD really moves me. :)

Kerry Wellington New Zealand www.myspace.com/cheekykez

The Dangerdoom album
by MF Doom and Dangermouse. It made me smile and even
laugh out loud. I like music that makes me feel happy.

Melanie Bass Player Solarcade Glendale California
(from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

December 29
Kate Moennig
The 5' 8" niece of actress Blythe Danner, is one of the main stars of the very
popular show "The L Word" as Shane. Kate auditioned for "Boys Don't Cry", but
lost out to Hillary Swank. She was featured in Our Lady Peace's video of "Is
Anybody Home". Kate's guested on a couple of "Law and Order" episodes. She
appearted in "The Shipping News" (2001), and "Invitation To A Suicide"(2004).
Look for her in "Art School Confidential" in 2006.

Birthday's today: Jude Law, Ali Hillis, Jason Gould, Ted Danson, Marianne Faithfull,
John Voight, Laura Larson, Neil Giraldo (Pat Benatar), Mary Tyler Moore, Kalin Olson,
Ray Nitschke, La Toya London, Sharon Kwok, Jan Pijnenburg, Lena Bogdanovic,
Jay Fielder, Kimberly Russell, Paula Pondstone, Yvonne Elliman, Richie Sexson,
Carlo Ponti Jr., Dave Gilbert, Barbara Steele, Adje Roland, Cozy Powell (Jeff Beck)

Q of THE WEEK: (see Monday)

2005 Was a great year for me
and luckily, there was no tragedy and no drama. So, for the most part
the music that got me through this year was a mix of new and old.

The new helped me to really focus on the constant change that we all
undergo throughout our lifetimes, and the old helped me to appreciate
where I've been and who I have grown to be.

Thomas Dolby - The Golden Age of Wireless was a revisitation to earlier
years in my life when things were easier and synthesizers were definitely
making their move to the forefront of composition. It reminds me of the
early eighties, which were phenomenal as far as music is concerned and
it was a time in my life which most reminds me of current times....effortless
and free. "Airwaves" is one of the most perfect highway driving songs!

Kate Bush - Aerial is everything I could have hoped for from this twenty plus
year music veteran who has always satiated our tastes for concept projects.
She is and will always be a pioneer in my eyes for being honest and forthright
with both her abilities and her emotions.

This work ranks right up there with some of her best, which includes
The Hounds of Love and The Sensual World. This is quiet reflective
eccentricity at it's purest.

Zoe Keating released her One Cello x 16 series this last year, and I love to
listen to this when I am feeling calm and at peace with everything around
and within me.

It is the kind of songs you want to be the soundtrack when you lie in tall, green
grass and bask in the warmth of the sun.

Johann Johannsen - Englaborn always evokes the most beautiful images in my
mind....snow and grey branches pattering out their own language against each
other's branches as the wind brings them together, steamy breath from red lips
that contrast against the snow and tuiet laughter. This is one of my favorite pieces
of beauty to immerse myself in while photographing landscapes, and architecture.

Rain Tree Crow, formed by several members of the Original Japan linup released
their digitally remastered self-titled CD in 2003 and David Sylvian has never
sounded better. These guys have always been a constant in my life in all of their
incarnations and various solo projects. This particular CD brought me joy off and on
all year. It was in constant rotation. I even listened to it while I slept and that is
the ultimate homage to any album in my world.

And since I could truly write this list for days, I will stop now for fear of putting
folks to sleep.

P.S. Just because I have listed only mellow albums here does not mean that I
don't rock out. I wouldn't want to worry anyone who knows me out there by letting
them think that I am getting old.

Thanks J!

Cassandra McKinney Texas www.myspace.com/lilmissanthropy

*Cassandra, your answer is the most well thought out, and articulate to date.
You paint a picture with each paragraph. Thank you. -JL

needledrop.jpg Top 5 to get through 05
Would have to say,
Sigur Ros - Takk
Uplifting music during the Rita evacuation.

Neutral Milk Hotel - The Aeroplane Over The Sea
Rediscovering from my collection

John Coltrane - Cresent
Jazz Beauty

Godspeed! You Black Emperor

Infinity - sounds like the end of society as we know it

Tom Waits - Real Gone
That's his new one of course, but Waits gets me through every year!

Jason "NEEDLE DROP" 91.3-FM Beaumont Texas www.KVLU.org

I am definitely with you (Needle Drop)
on the Sigur Ros - Takk!! A Phenomenal Album!
And, Waits is in a league of his own, just the way he likes it!


There's one artist
who has helped me through this year - Bob Dylan.

Especially the album Blood On The Tracks - almost too painful to listen to.
It's raw, it's heartfelt, it literally makes your heart bleed. Master lyricist
and poet - I bow down to you, Mr. Bob Dylan.

Anja United Kingdom www.myspace.com/yippet

Music that got me through 2005.
Sons & Daughters "The Repulsion Box"
Pistolera "Pistolera"
White Stripes "Get Behind Me Satan"
Katy Mae "The Lightning and the Sun"
The Swear "Every Trick's A Good One"
Johnny Cash "Live at Folsom Prison"

Monk Music Director www.independentsonly.com

Since I wasn't in "the biz" in 2005, I was blissfully ignorant of most
new releases, but there was one release that rocked my world:
Green Day's American Idiot. ( I know, it came out in Sept 2004,
but whatever.)

I've been a fan since Kerplunk, and have always been impressed with
their consistency, but the new record blew me away. It reminded me
that great music doesn't have to come from cutting-edge upstarts, and
that great bands can continue to release truly great music. Everytime
I listen to it, I get chills, and wax nostalgic about my misspent youth,
and the soundtrack to it that Green Day was a huge part of.

I'm sure I lost a million "cool" points for picking a band as "mainstream"
as Green Day, but I don't think another record can touch it.

Tits McGee (formely Melody Lee) Austin Texas www.myspace.com/devilgirl23

Music that helped me through 05?
Well I have been travelling the whole of 2005, and being away from
home, and not living anywhere permanently meant having to rely on
a stock amount of albums on my iPod. Luckily I have about 100 on there,
so choice wasnt a problem. The albums that I have been listening to the
most have been:

Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge by My Chemical Romance -
A great album. I saw them a year ago in Toronto and they put on a great
show. I have no time for critics, I just enjoy what I hear from these guys.
Great lyrics, great tunes and with the absence of videos, I have just enjoyed
the music for what it was. It has certainly travelled with me, to the Blue
Mountains, to Frazer Island, to my sister's house in Windsor in the UK, and
now to Auckland.

Thankfully, my CD collection has just arrived from the UK, so I have been holed
up at home for the last week, re-visiting old favorite songs:

"The Killing Moon" - Echo and the Bunnymen
" Lullaby" - The Cure
"Ever Fallen in Love.." - The Buzzcocks
"Grace" - Jeff Buckley
"Once around the Block" - Badly Drawn Boy
"Walk" - Pantera
"Cicatriz" - The Mars Volta
"Mirror in the bathroom" - The Beat
"Peaches" - The Stranglers
"Aerials" - SOAD
"Killing in the Name" - Rage Against the Machine
"Land of Sunshine" - Faith No More
"Mother Mother" - Tracy Bonham

I could go on, and I know this was supposed to be about music that was
important to me in 05, but it wasn't just the music that I listened to in 05
that was important, it was the music I couldn't listen to and that I was
desperately waiting to hear again!!

Back off to my room now to imerse myself, see you in 06!!! Hope you had
a wicked Xmas and I will be chatting to you very soon!!

Sophie Auckland New Zealand www.myspace.com/sophieuk

End of Love - Clem Snide.
Was a perfect album to help me with a breakup and the start of
a new relationship - bridged the gap quite nicely.

JJ Fabini Program Director/Morning co-host WXTW Ft. Wayne Indiana

Juliette And The Licks
got me through most of '05 and i had the opportunity to meet her
at the Reading Festival 05 as well as getting an autograph.

Other than that I can honestly say that the N.E.R.D. album Fly Or Die
has been in my CD changer ALL year! I love that music so much plus
anything produced by Pharrell - Snoop Dogg especially.

I've just been stuck in the past a little with a lot of Nirvana / Hole /
/ Devo playing, not into chart at all.!

Tayler Nr Brighton United Kingdom www.myspace.com/taylersuicide

Sigur Ros-Takk
Jason Anderson-The Wreath

Joey Gusto Program Director WBER Rochester New York

December 28
Sienna Miller
Sienna is probably known most as Jude Law's ex. After a 8 month engagemnet,
Law confessed to having an affair with a nanny, Daisy Wright. Poof, went the
relationship. The 24-year old was born in New York City, but raised in the United
Kingdom. She was educated at Heatherfield School in Ascot, Bershire. She met
Law when playing Nikki in "Alfie" (2004). The same year she played Tami in "Layer
Cake". Currently Sienna is filming "Factory Girl" for 2006.

Birthday's today:
Denzel Washington, Edgar Winter, Willow Bay, Malcolm Gets,
Stephanie Cheeva, Adam Vinatieri, Jane Alexander, Alex Chilton, John Fitgerald,
Martine Robine, Elaine Hendrix, Kenneth Grant (Midnight Star), Nigel Kennedy,
Lanny Poffo, Tony Rosato, Ray Knight, Terri Garber, Tannis Vallely, Maggie Smith,
Daniel Avila, Hubie Green, Chad McQueen, Rosie Vela

Q of THE WEEK: (see Monday)

OK, Have been deeply moved
by lots of music.

The reasons being:- divorce, loss of a best friend, sick father, sick
baby bro, loss of home, never giving up.
Ok, you asked for it, here is my list.


my husband's life, he left me and I couldn't listen to them for a year, too much
for me, then this album, wow, I cry everytime I listen to it, it's not cos of sadness,
it's just cos I am amazed.

Jools Liverpool England www.myspace.com/jools66

Hey JL.
The music that got me through 2005. That's actually pretty easy.

It was, pretty much, 4 albums. Of course there were others, but
4 definitely set themselves apart from the pack. First, and foremost,
Avenged Sevenfold. That was, by far, my favorite album of the year.
So, fresh and different for 2005. Not completely original as it conjures
up thoughts of Guns-N-Roses, Iron Maiden and even maybe some early
punk, but it is a great fresh sounding album for the year past.

Our Lady Peace is one of my favorite bands ever, so whenever they
release a new album it's a good year. And this year, in particular, as good
because Healthy In Paranoid Times was probably OLP's best outing yet.

Then there is my boys, 32Leaves, their debut album Welcome To The Fall
hit stores in Sept., but they've been entertaining my ear sockets all year,
since the initial demos came back from the studio. I'm so proud of that band
and the growth of the last couple years.

And, finally, Nine Inch Nails. What a great album. This was the band aid album
for me. It got me from the first few months of the year, after I burned myself
out on 32Leaves to the later months when OLP and A7X became available.

Again, there were of course others along the way, but those are the main records
that got me through 2005.

Program Director Alternative Now/Waitt Radio Networks

Zamfir "Master of the Pan Flute". Ok, just kidding but, those commercials
always used to air during the holidays so it is a distinct holiday
season memory.

Surprisingly I listened to the new INXS Switch a couple of times. I
wantedto hate it! But it's really good. It's not exactly Kick, or Listen Like
Thieves, but songs like "Pretty Vegas", "Hot Girls" and "Perfect Strangers"
are slick and sexy enough to revive Hutchence-era INXS. But that man is,
of course, irreplaceable. Found myself pulling out Shabooh-Shabah. I need
not say more.

Ben Folds / Ben Folds Five. A variety via my iPod. I will never grow
tired of my fellow Nashville citizen. And always seems to be perfect to sooth
me during the stressful holiday season.

When I needed swagger I reached for The CULT, also various via iPod. No
explanation needed. The Cult will always rule in my little world.

Russell Schenck Program Director WBUZ Nashville Tennessee

My partner of 18 yrs left me.
He then started seeing one of my mates!!!! Bad , bad time .
So here are some of the songs that helped me through this year,
good and bad times.

My Happy Ending - Avril Lavigne
Crawling - Linkin Park
Should I Stay or Should I Go - The Clash
Tears of a Clown - The Beat
Ever Fallen In Love - Buzzcocks
Fighter - Christina Aguilera
Dance - The Lambrettas
Push The Button - Sugababes
You Really Got Me - The Kinks
Suddenly I See - KT Tunstall

There were many more!!!
Cheers to all my mates ,old and new, who got me through this year,
you know who you are.

Life is made up of experiences and I intend to experience all the great
things out there. I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cheers Jonathan xx

Tracy (aka Suddenly I See) Edinburgh Scotland www.myspace.com/the bitch_

2005: I was hoping the Fiery Furnaces new album was going to be
great and was completely the opposite.

LCD Soundsystem got the party started more than twice.

Ringside? What the fuck didn't anyone pick up on the hits contained within
that album?

Louis XIV was the one great savior.

Mando Diao was not a disappointment.


Corey O'Brien KXRK-X96 On-Air.APD.Imaging.Sales Assistant
515 S 700 E 1C Salt Lake City, UT 84102
direct line: 801.325.3193 email: coreyx96@hotmail.com

I still haven't made it through 2005.

Danielle Houston Texas www.myspace.com/blondie0313babe

December 27
Joanie Laurer
Better known as Chyna. Born in Rochester, New York in 1969, Joanie began
lifting weights at 15. Almost begun a boxing career when discoved by the WWF
and Vince McMahon. She instantly became a hit as part of "Degeneration X". As
her wrestling career took off she underwent major facial surgery to make her
more feminine, and breast enhancement also. Has posed twice for Playboy
Magazine, and a Playboy video. Has appeared in a few small films, and will be
in the upcoming "Last Guy On Earth", now in pre-production. Joanie counts
Jane Fonda as her idol.

Birthday's today:
Terry Bozzio (Missing Persons), Gerard Depardieu, Cokie Roberts,
Wilson Cruz, Javine Hylton, Tabatha Cash, Peter Kriss (KISS), Jack van Gelder,
Janet Street-Porter, Michael Pinder (Moody Blues), Karla Bonoff, Dean Palmer, John Amos,
Mick Jones (Foreigner), Barbara Crampton, Tracy Nelson, Niels Meijer, Arthur Kent

Q of THE WEEK: (see Monday)

Is so uplifting and get your toes a moving
and they look sooo KOOL.

Shrigvamp...Bitch's...Film's London (Eastend) England www.myspace.com/shrigvamp

BLONDIE - The Curse Of Blondie.
This album has everything for me, it's a multi-faceted collection of emotion
and energy.

BILLY IDOL - Devil's Playground. Long overdue! Some great songs on here,
'Plastic Jesus' is one of my favourites. Billy still rocks!

THE STIFFS - Punk Collection. This lesser known power pop punk band from
the North of England were around (AND STILL ARE TODAY)in the late 70's and
one of their early tracks "Innocent Bystander" sounds a lot like Greenday's
"American Idiot"!

Michelle Hendriks United Kingdom www.myspace.com/michellehendriks

British Sea Power.
His voice just makes me happy, in a way that is mostly mystifiying.
dunno, it's something about being powerful and vulnerable and geeky
at the same time...can't help it, I love that record.

I spent 2 weeks rescuing animals in New Orleans after Katrina, and
that was what I listened to in my tent at night. Yep, BSP did it for me.

Jessica Tiny DJ Stevens Music Program Director WRIR Richmond Indie Radio
PO BOX 4787 Richmond, VA 23220 listen to WRIR www.wrir.org


Because they are the farthest thing possible from that mind blowingly
bad "Some My Humps" by the Black Eyed Peas.

Jenn Canada (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

Mr. Bungle/Mike Patton
Well, I can't say they actually helped me through the year, but I think
Mr. Patton is brilliant and sometimes it's nice to listen to something
with absolutely no hidden meaning!

Hells Belle Somewhere U.S.A. www.myspace.com/bunnyrabid

Oh, I always find a bit of Death Metal.
Moorgate style sees me through the day.

Sue United Kingdom www.myspace.com/i_fancy_girls

December 26
Alexandra Rapaport
Born in 1971 in Bromma, Stockholm, Sweden, Alexandra has done mostly Television
in her native country. Most recently she played the role of Lina in the mini series
"Medicinmannen". Her parents came from Poland.

Birthday's today: Jared Leto, Steve Hartman, Lars Ulrich (Metallica), Tiffiny Brissette,
Carlton Fisk, Nadia Litz, Tricia Leigh Fisher, Peter Woods (Romeo Void), Colleen Dion,
Lisette Hordijk, Chris Chambliss, Michael Jones (BT Express), Anna Przybyska,
Vixtoria Racimo, Cecile Bois, Ozzie Smith, John Walsh, Joyce Jillson, Kitty Dukakis

Q of THE WEEK: Continues
What was the music that helped you through 2005 ? Why?

Believe it or not it was Cold Play.
"Song Fix You"
We had cancer in the family at that time and I was nursing my Mum
and that song always stuck with me and always will ...
and Marcy Playground. Happy tunes always made me smile. x

Nick Northern Ireland www.myspace.com/pick_n_mix

Music for 2005?
Union Underground because their music is angry and I have
felt a lot of anger this year (and last year, come to think) I play
their album at full volume in the car as im driving along, singing
till I'm hoarse!

Also have been listening to a lot of Lifehouse, a much gentler breed
of music, for those moments of reflection. An excellent version of
"You belong to me". Three Doors Down remixed their brilliant "Here
Without You" as a tribute to the late great Eddie Guerrero whom I
adored and (no laughing!!) "3 a.m." by Busted is quite catchy. I've got
it as my ring tone on my cell phone. lol.

Weird Al Yankovic always makes me laugh so I'm gonna go for the
song as another fav for this year.

Kat United Kingdom www.myspace.com/i_work_therefore_i_am

Let's see, Zodiak.
Because they are wonderful men who play good music and I
have it bad for Stew.

Tool/A Perfect Circle - because sometimes Maynard expresses my
bitterness better than I do.

The Tea Party - because they have the sexy rock song down to an art form.

Moist/David Usher - to this day I cannot explain it but I love their music.

AFI - for being first new music discovery of 2005.

Jilly Tracy & The Malcontent Orchestra - for being AMAZING!

Alexia San Jose California www.myspace.com/ajsaxon

The album
that made the biggest impression on me this year is "How I Do"
by an artist named Res (pronounced "Reese"). It was released in
2001 and should have been a huge hit.

Her songs are a blend of hip-hop, R&B and rock, well-produced with
refreshingly smart lyrics. Lots of fat bass and drums with great melodies.
She has a nice voice that reminds me a little of Stevie Nicks. I love this
album and it is one of the CD's that motivates me to continue making music
(not that I need much motivation!).

Dina D'Alessandro Los Angeles California www.myspace.com/dinadalessndro

December 25 (Christmas day)
Born Dido Armstrong, named after an African Warrior Queen, in London, England.
Her brother Rollo is in the very cool band Faithless. She is amazing singer. I've
had the pleasure of meeting her and having my arms around her in a photo. Just
an awesome person. A consumate singer. Her music has been in films you have
seen, such as "Love Actually", "Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason", and
"Crossroads", among the many. She has had songs in many TV shows such as
"Roswell and others. Funny thing, Dido was raised with no telly. Born in 1971.

Birthday's today: Amy Grant, Shane McGowan (Pogues), Bernhard Jr., Barbara Mandrell,
Sissy Spacek, Jimmy Buffett, Helena Christensen, Dean Cameron, Fantasia (Tonya Manley),
Joop Gall, Annie Lennox (Eurythmics), Larry Csonka, Robin Campbell (UB40), Gary Sandy,
Noel Redding (Jimi Hendrix Experience), Alannah Miles, Noel Hogan (The Cranberries),
Kenny Everett, Henry Vestine (Canned Heat), Merry Clayton, Julie Mack, Sandy Corn



December 24 (Christmas eve)
Sophie Moone
Sophie was born 1981 in Budapest, Hungry. She is a well known Adult Film
star in her native country and beyond. This year she starred as herself on
"Reality Porn Series 2" shown in Hungry and the United Kingdom.

Birthday's today:
Lemmy Kilmeister (Motorhead), Francessca Vanthielen, Peter te Bos,
Ricky Martin, Mike Curb, Sean Michael, Kevin Millwood, Christina Umana, Laura Aikman,
Ian Burden (HUman League, Catie Anderson, Kenny "Damn" Kelly, Sharon Farrell,
Mary Ramsey (10,000 Maniacs), John Ackerman (Focus), Stephanie Hodge, Mai Le

Thank you to all that answered the Q of THE WEEK. The response
was so good that I will continue to post more all the way to the
New Year! Everyone loves music for whatever reason, and that
means everyone has an opinion. If you haven't sent yours yet,
please do. So, look for more next Monday.

Have an awesome Christmas eve.

December 23
Estella Warren
Canadian actress was born in Peterborough, Ontario in 1978. Estella was a
synchronized swimmer from the age of 7 to 17. You might recall seeing her
in "Kangeroo Jack" (2003), "Planet Of The Apes" (2001), "The Cooler" (2003),
and TV show guest stints on "Law & Order", "Ghost Whisperer", and "That 70's
Show", among others. Look for her in "Glamorama" now in pre-production, as
as well as "Pre Approved", already in post-production.

Birthday's today:
Victoria Williams, Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam), William Sinot (Shamen),
Susan Lucci, Hans Tentije, Jorma Kaukonen (Jefferson Airplane), Elizabeth Hartman,
Keiji Muto, Joan Severance, Cory Haim, Adrian Belew, Dave Murray (Iron Maiden),
Martha Byrne, Tatsumi Fujinami, Jim Harbaugh, Jennifer Van Dyck, John Callahan,
Luther Grosvenor (Spooky Tooth), Harry Shearer (SNL, Spinal Tap), Peter Quaife (Kinks)

Q of THE WEEK ROLLS ON: (see Monday)

Hmmm, great Q

Gigwise it's been an awesome year for me here in the UK...
System twice, Donnington, Opeth, Lamb Of God and the MIGHTY
god forbid... Otherwise 2005 was def not my year tho.

But what's got me thru?

I think it's Killswitch, track "End Of Heartache". They rocked at Donny,
and I've had LOADS of major probs this year. That song has helped
me every single time. And, that's about it! :-)

Caz Cornwall United Kingdom www.myspace.com/cazfromcornwall

I can't say I have any one
favorite artist or album. Actually, I have many favorites, too
many to list. I listen to music from many different cultures around
the globe. Not big on alot of the hard head banging trash with the
nasty foul language in it that the kids around here listen to today.
I don't consider that music though. Music is something that soothes
and relaxes your soul and mind.

CrazyMagicLady Horseheads New York www.myspace.com/crazymagiclady

Europe album start from the dark:-
It was a suprising new sound from a great band relesed in late 2004.
I played it all through 2005. Some fantastic lyrics and sounds still
playing it now!!

HIM Dark light:- amazing CD. Dark lyrics that never fail to make me
listen. I'ts a melancholy drift that actually cheers me up!!

Maiden71 United Kingdom www.myspace.com/maiden71

For me it would of been Green Day, Avril Lavigne, My Chemical Romance,
and Gwen Stafani, and lots of Stones and Beatles in the background.

Audra Winnipeg Canada (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

HIM definitely. The new album Dark Light was
the highlight of 2005 for me.

Now looking forward to 19th Jan. for the gig. Thanks xx

Sheila Stirling United Kingdom www.myspace.com/sheila_robb

Hey Jonathan,

Music is my sanity. This year I've been jumping thru the past going from
Dave Matthews Band to Pink Floyd to Garth Brooks and anything
in between.

I think my theme song for 2005 is "Scars" by Papa Roach. (Stolen from my
sister, but for different reasons.) I've come to realize I can't really help
anyone else to "fix" themselves. I can only fix me and hell I'm not broken
(at least not more so than expected). The line "My weakness is that I care
too much" is basically my line for life although I've come to realize that's rare.

Most people just don't care enough ... about others or even themselves.
Sometimes you just have to let go and move on with life; never forgetting
where you came from and the fires that forged you.

"And our scars remind us that the past is real" Be it heaven or hell we've all
got the scars from our past and I'm wearing mine like badges of honor.
Either way the hard part's over, the holidays are here and it's time to rock
our way into the new year and see what wicked and wild memories we can make!!

Best wishes & sweet thoughts,
Candy Hialeah Florida (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

30 Seconds To Mars - A Beautiful Lie

Reason is that the album is absolutely amazing and the band members
make everything beautiful. They are kind, honest, and very appreciative
of people like my self who want to support them. They gave me more of
a reason to find bands to help out in this business.

Alkaline Trio - The Crimson
One of the best punk rock albums in the last 10 years!

Queens of the Stone Age - Lullabies to Paralyze
It's Queens...Enough Said!

Gabby x1039 KMBY Monterey California www.myspace.com/radiogabby

December 22
Jennifer Hawkins
This wholesome beauty was Miss Universe 2004. The former Newcastle Knights
cheerleader was born in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia in 1983. Jennifer
has done quite a bit of television in her native country.

Birhthday's today: Mia Tyler, Trinity Styles, Susan Powter, Tracy-Louise Ward,
Ricky Ross, Deacon Blue), Vanessa Paradis, Ralph Fienes, Barbara Billingsley,
Rick Nielsen (Cheap Trick), Steve Garvey, Marianne van Wijnkoop, Tyrell Biggs,
Robin Gibb (Bee Gees), Joanna Hughes, Lenny Von Dolen, Michael Osborne (Axe),
Diane Sawyer, Steve Carlton, Joe Pyne (R.I.P), Maurice Gibb (Bee Gees R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK (see Monday)

I would have to say,
I've always been a club kid growing up and loved danceclub music.
Madonna's new CD hits the mark for me. All her somgs are upbeat,
danceable and mixed really well. It's great to play non stop and picks
you up you know? Like, there's a feel good kinda vibe to it.

So whenever I feel down...all I need to do is pop it in my CD player
and let it play on my surround system.


Harajuku Tgirl Hudson County New Jersey www.myspace.com/trannygurlinnj

like usually industrial-experimental & minimal wave, specially
old analogic ones.

Hmm, too many of themmmm....I love so much bands and projects,
I don't like to reduce it to just one.

Echo Frau France www.myspace.com/ErszebetX

Maroon 5:
U2: "How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb"

Their music has soul, Bono's voice is full of emotion and his words
have such deep meaning

Annie Marleau Burlington Ontario Canada www.myspace.com/anniemarleau

Hi my friend,
My year has been going from bad til better and hopefully really good
when the new year starts ...(smile) :) So, lately I have been listening to
a lot of new music with artists that I have never heard before.

I can't really remember what I listened to in the beginning of the year
but here are some of the latest artists and songs.

Oh yeah, in the beginning of the year it was:
Nikola Sarcevic- solo CD from the singer of Millencolin. Really sad love songs.

After the summer:
Blue Foundation - "My Day" "End of The Day (Silence)".
Laleh - "Live Tomorrow".
K's Choice - "Weak" (Skunk Anansie cover live)
Hello Saferide - "My Best Friend" "Highschool Stalker" "San Francisco".
Shout Out Louds - "The Comeback"
Madonna - "Isaac" "Like It or Not"

Love hurts...(smile) :) that's all I can say. It's so obvious when I see the songs
I have mentioned here. It starts with sad love songs and in the end it's more
commercial songs. Ha ha ...it's good to heal.

Take care friend!
Rockerz Sweden www.myspace.com/www.rockerz66

The Cure:
"Strange Attraction" and EVERTHING by Tear Garden!

Trillian United Kingdom www.myspace.com/sexyspacecadet

Hi Jonathan,
The music that has helped me through this difficult year is
sweet Doo Wop. It is music that heals a brocken heart and
gives hope of finding true love!

Voodoodoll United Kingdom www.myspace.com/leopardlegs

December 21
Jane Kaczmarek
She will go down in American Pop Culture as one of the funniest "moms" on TV. For
years her facial expressions and screaming as 'Lois' on "Malcolm In The Middle" will
forever be remembered. Born in 1959 and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Jane has
appeared as a guest or recurring role on probably every TV show ever made in the
past 20 years or more. -LOL She has done film and stage in New York and Los Angeles.
Married to actor Brad Whitford and they have a 19-month old daughter Frances.

Birthday's today:
Julie Delpy, Jane Fonda, Samual L. Jackson, Lisa Gerritsen,
Nicola C. Hindshaw, Joe Paterno, Chris Evert, Ervin Johnson, Phil Donahue,
Roger McDowell, Jim Rose, Dave Kingman, Christy Forrester, Karrie Webb,
Francis NG, Shyla Foxx, Dan Frye, Jared Martin, Anne Engelke, Ray Romano,
Andy Dick, Elle, Frank Zappa (R.I.P.), Carl Wilson (Beach Boys R.I.P.)

Q Of THE WEEK (see Monday)

Metal Church
Album: Weight of the World

Because they touched my soul. Never get tired of listening to it.
Their music goes right through you.

Jeanette Amsterdam Netherlands www.myspace.com/jeanette117

Mostly Punk and Metal
Misfits~ Walk Among Us
Distillers~Every thing they put out
Loud , Fast Ramones.There toughest hits.
Metallica~St Anger
System Of A Down~All the CD's I have by them

I think I relate to this type of music more I'm going through a lot of
changes in my life and can relate to the angist and anger of some.
And, the contemplativeness of others. Plus I've always believed hard
fast and loud is better.

Theresa Illinois www.myspace.com/jem3

"Outside The Gray" and "State Of Blank". Because those boys acted as
my family especially over 2005, their music helped me through.
Also Jim Croce.

After a long week without sleep, a friend of mine and I sat doing a lot of
drugs, listening to depressing music and chainsmoking. He played this
song and just as it was perfect at the time for all I was telling him...
it still holds true, although I am a native New Yorker. The song was
"New York's Not My Home".

This song helped me get over some of the bad things that happened last
year and move forward and furthermore on to California.
Sometimes old music works like that.

kayla-jane-DANGER California www.myspace.com/_just_jane_

American Head Charge.
They are my life line! They help me deal with all the shitty new music
that's coming out. I'ts good to know there are still some true bands
that have minds.

Clowngirly Minneapolis Minnesota www.myspace.com/clowngirly

Hey there Jonathan,
Hope your having a great week!

Music thats helped me through 2005..........would have to be Tigertailz.
Albums, Bezerk, Banzai, Original Sin and Young & Crazy. Also Ramones
and Hanoi Rocks have figured too, though Tigertailz is almost a daily thing.

Because their music makes me feel happy and relaxed, makes me want to
dance, go out, go wild, it uplifts & elates me. It does everything I want it to
do for me and never makes me sad or feel the need to change the CD.

I'm so glad that both Tigertailz bands are still around, I've never found
anything that makes me feel the same during all the years from the 80's
til now, though one whose tracks holds me there so far is "Fillmore Slim",
I really like their sound and can't wait for the CD to be ready after the
new year.

Hope you & your family have a lovely Christmas :)

Hugs x
ArenA Derbyshire United Kingdom www.myspace.com/arenacreations

I don't understand you sir, which music are u talking about???

Ahoo Palos Verdes California (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

*After 3 e-mails back and forth, this as far as I got-LOL -JL

Hi babe pleased to meet you.
Any fan of Rammstein's is welcome here.

I saw them last February. Totally wild. I have been following them for
the last 4 years and they just rock!!!

1 Well, it gunna be Rammstein

2 Rammstein

3 Every CD but my fav has to be Mein Teil

4 Why, because they take me away from here into a world that is
just like no other.

Hope that helped. I know you prob guessed I would say that but I just
live and breath them.

Have a bangin X-mas babe. xoxox

ShAzNay (PFFG) Lancashire United Kingdom www.myspace.com/m_shaznay

December 20
Amanda Swisten
The 5' 9" beauty has done some film and TV work, such as William Hung's "Hangin'
With Hung", where she played herself. Born in New York City, New York in 1978.
The facinating thing about Amanda is that she writes a regular column for Maxim
Magazine in the UK, on serial killers.

Birthday's today:
Nicloe de Boer, Zoe Warner, Billy Bragg, Ashleigh Caldwell, Mia Beck,
Travis Green, Claudia Jennings, Alan Parsons, Alex Chilton, Kyuk Jang, Sergio Vastano,
Uri Geller, Blanche Baker, John Fitzgerald, Ed Kuepper (Saints), Peter Criss (KISS),
Bobby Colomby (Blood, Sweat and Tears), Rich Gannon, Lucy Pinder, Bonnie Marino,
Robert Cavanah, Jenny Agutter, Mike Watt (Minutmen/ Firehose), Catherine Porter

Q of THE WEEK (see Monday)

Metal !

Avenged Sevenfold- City of Evil, Trivium- Ascendancy, Slayer- All,
Children of Bomdom - All.

Just gave me something to put all my frustration into and it inspires my bands.

Jako St. Albert Canada www.myspace.com/whorenamedjako

Which artists?
Meshuggah - Choasphere, Nothing, I, Catch 33
Jeff Buckley - Sketches for my Sweetheart the Drunk, Grace
Mastodon - Leviathon
Lamb of God - Ashes of the Wake
Citizen Cope - The Clarence Greenwood Recordings
Soilwork - Stabbing the Drama
The Haunted - Revolver
Soul Coughing - Ruby Vroom (never gets old)
Detox - No album yet but being in this band has really kept me on track.


Bad politics, untimely demises, and major disasters made an unusaly large
doseage of HEAVY music greatly needed to get through this year. Although
some introspective mellowness came in handy as well. I also find more
comfort than anything while screaming my head off for my band DetoX
which brings me more musical satisfaction than anything in my iPod.
And in closing R.I.P. Dimebag, Carly and Hairy Darrin.

Matt Ward DetoX Vocals Phoenix Arizona www.myspace.com/detoxmatt666

Okydoky, music that got me through the year.
Can't remember album name but right now its "I will survive" by Cher
(don't ask!!!)

Other albums are "Ultimate" Kylie Minogue and
"Immaculate" by Madonna
and of course "What Dreams Are Made Of" by Zoya-laken, my daughter.

Samantha Cape Town South Africa www.myspace.com/coogirlcc

Disco music is getting popular in 2005.

Who are the artists and albums?
Franz Ferdinand, Madonna, The Bravery, Mylo, Vitalic.

Describe why?
Club night event's are border less styles.
If I go to clubs, I can hear both of rock and dance on same floor.
I love that style.

Setsuko Tokyo Japan (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

I'm into Industrial, EBM and Synthpop. Many
who don't listen to the genre consider it mindless "bleepy shit". It's not.

I had a hard time at work through much of 2005. I found myself living with
a great deal of stress and due to this and general tiredness I turned my back
on the more spiritual side of me as I just wasn't "feeling it".
This is where my music helped me.

Music has been many things for me this year. One thing it has achieved is
helping me to switch off and be somewhere else with banging tunes and
happier climes. They've given me the energy and strength to deal with arses
at work, and they've given me back the spark I lost.

Below are the bands and albums that have helped and changed me the
most and why.

VNV Nation - "Empires' & 'Praise The Fallen"
Combichrist - "Everybody Hates You"

These are the type of albums with huge ravey synths, big bad drums and kick
arse attitude lyrics. If I know I'm going to have a bad day at work I'll listen to
one of these on the way down and by the time I go in I'm ready to take on
the world.

Combichrist are evil and twisted and make me grin while imagining what I'm
doing to the colleague I'm forced to be civil with on the surface. VNV Nation
give me the power to get through the day by their driving music and allow me
to rise above it all with their meaningful lyrics and overall message of 'victory
not vengeance' (It's what the VNV stands for).

VNV Nation - "Future Perfect"
Assemblage 23 - (any)

These have songs that sing to the morose element of my soul. A large part of my
personality is quietly depressed, I have issues. Both these albums have helped
me face them, held my hand and helped me heal them. For that I will be
forever grateful.

VNV Nation - "Matter & Form"

This album wasn't a huge favourite of mine until one night I sat and actively listened
to the lyrics. It's like a lightbulb went off in my soul. I was floating. It's the most
uplifting album I have ever heard. It's spiritual, beautiful and awoke again the part
of me that used to be love & light. I missed that spiritual high. I have it back now.
Again, I'll be forever grateful.

There are many songs by other bands that have helped me in one way or another
over 2005, but I have kept it down to the ones that have had the most impact.

EBM and Synthpop aren't just 'bleepy shit', they're life altering, soul connecting,
meaningful tunes. And even the ones that are kick arse for being kick arse sake,
they're still kick arse! And some, like Combichrist, make me want to do very
naughty things to my soulmate. >:o)

Gabi Manchester England www.myspace.com/spikednbloody

Hi babes xx, hope all is well :-)

Music that got me through this year was Black Label Society, Him, but
mainly my older favs - Pearl Jam and Temple Of The Dog.

Wasn't the greatest of years for me but 2006 is gonna rock!!!! xx

Helz Midlothian United Kingdom www.myspace.com/hippyhelz

The song that got me through this year
must be James Blunt - "You're Beautiful".

Because I split up with my man and I didn't feel beautiful anymore but
listening to this song made me believe I am...and I have met someone
else. He said this song reminds me of him!!

Leemee Hong Kong (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

I don't really use music as a way to get through.
I listen to it because I enjoy and appreciate it really...more than it
being a crutch.

My favourite album of the year is Lazarus Blackstar "Revelations", its
fantastically crushing and evil and I can't get enough of it.

But, then again, I'm very biased being married to one of the guitarists...lol

I also liked Disturbed's "10,000 Fists" and the Alter Bridge album.

And, onto a completely different genre...Damien Rice's "O", which is a
fabulous album, and I listen to it a lot.

Juicy...Bunny Boiler Slayer Bradford, Yorkshire England

December 19
Alyssa Milano
The 5' 3'' Italian born in Brookyln, New York in 1972, is noted as one of the most
popular child actors of all-time. Played Tony Danza's daughter on the TV series
"Who's The Boss" from 1984-1992. Also starred on Melrose Place for 1997-98
seasons. Currently she is one of the stars of the very popular show "Charmed".
She was and still is the 1-800-Collect girl. Her favorite sport is Hockey, and she
plays piano and flute.

Birthday's today:
Lauren Petty, Kristy Swanson, Chris Robinson (Black Crowes),
Jennifer Beals, Tim Reid, Reggie White, Zac Foley (EMF), Wendy Miles, Warren Sapp,
Alvin Lee (10 Years After), Cicely Tyson, Limahl (Kajagoogoo), Tom Gugliotta,
Jake "The Snake" Plummer, Elaine Joyce, Robert Urich, Jessica Steen, Janie Fricke,
Al Kaline, John McEuen (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band), Phil Ochs (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: will continue during the Holidays
What music helped you get through 2005 and why?

Surprisingly enough,
I would have to say I didn't buy 1 album this year, instead I stalked the
college radio's all around the USA all day long at work and found that I:

1. Hate the Decemberists and hate their band name
2. Really like Wolf Parade despite the fact that they are Canadians
3. Can't believe Bright Eyes has put out so many albums that make
me wanna puke
4. Can't name one really good ol rock n roll band that came out this
year off the top of my head
5. Wish the DJ's weren't so monotone but glad they don't sound like
classic rock DJ's

I don't really think I answered your question, so I guess I would go with
Wolf Parade's apologies to the Queen Mary because I'm still not sick of the
songs they play on the radio and they totally surprised me with a nice
ambiant record.

*Trish, yes you did. And, damn good I might add.-JL

Tricia Vicious Houston/Pasadena Texas (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

Howdy Jonathan,
Hope all's well with ya! As far as musica this year, I have a few:

My Morning Jacket "Z" - Simply a phenomenal piece of work that I fully
expect to be listening to decades from now.

Gang of Four "Return the Gift" - The seminal post-punkers return to form
in a major way with these new renditions of old favorites...check it out
in 5.1 for the full effect.

Living Things "Ahead of the Lions" - Fun, groove-ridden rock with a splash
o' T-Rex and leftist political leanings...unfortunately, they're on Jive, which
has yet to break a rock act.

Kasabian "Kasabian" - Saw 'em at Coachella and immediately bought the
album at the Virgin ministore on the site. Fun stuff, good vibe.

Dramarama "Everybody Dies" - Even though I've had the rough mixes for
over two years, it's cool to hear a mastered version!

The Lamented "The Lamented" - Great garage rock from the O.C.--check 'em
out at www.myspace.com/thelamented.

Hope you enjoy the best o' holiday seasons, and a great year in '06!

Tom Hollywood California www.myspace.com/switters

I rediscovered Tenpole Tudor!
Remembering bopping round to "Swords of a Thousand Men" at school discos
really makes me smile!...aaah, takes me back to my youth....not that i ever
grew up mind!!

*I know know why we connect so well. I used to play the shite out of
TT back years ago. I will have to dig some up for my radio show.-JL

Sister Sarah Wirral United Kingdom www.myspace.com/stinglestick

First of all, a belated thank you for playing F&J for me last weekend, and
thanks for the shout out! Following it up w/ Scatterbrain was great.

I hadn't heard "Don't Call Me Dude" in years!!!!! And of course MLB was
wonderful as well. ANYHOO...music that got me thru 2005. Pretty much
all of it, but at the moment two bands come to mind, one being Inkubus
Sukkubus. Christians have their contemporary inspirational artists
(Michael W. Smith and the like), but Inkubus Sukkubus is the Pagan equivalent
to that, and songs like "Supernature", "Heartbeat of the Earth", and "Wytches"
are very powerful and inspirational on a spiritual level for me.

SECONDLY, The Dresden Dolls has left a big impact on me this year as well.
I just recently moved out of my g/f's house after a tumultuous 4 year relationship
and I am learning how to be independent again and survive on my own and care
for my two children. The Dresden Dolls' song "Good Day" has become my anthem
and I will play it on the stereo at home and scream every line loudly and proudly!
("I'd like to do more than survive, I'd like to rub it in your face!"...etc.)

MG Peoria Arizona www.myspace.com/raevynwitch

This year has not been an easy one for me and I am so glad its almost over.
Hopefully next year will be a better year. Some of the songs that have helped
to cheer me up this year include :

Kanye West ~ "Gold Digger"
Red Hot Chili Peppers ~ "Fortune Faded"
Bobby Valentino ~ "Tell Me"
Gorillaz ~ "Feel Good Inc."

Have a great Xmas and a wonderful new year

Dee United Kingdom www.myspace.com/deeuk

even thought they didn't get the backing from Warner they deserved.
I would have lost my mind without that album earlier this year after
getting out of a horrible relationship it was my therapy.

Anyways, I think what you're doing for the music community in Phoenix
is fantastic! We'll all keep trying to get it the recognition it derserves,
someday soon it may just happen! KUPD rocks and is defintitely one of the
best in the country, much better then the legendary KROQ! Can't wait to
move back to Phoenix!

Happy Holidays,

AnglorDvl Huntinton Beach California www.myspace.com/anglordvl

*Thanks Anglor, KUPD does rock. Good, when you move back, I will have
another listener, :-) -JL

December 18
Christina Aguilera
The popular pop singer was born on Staten Island, New York in 1980. She is bilingual, and
is from an Irish and Ecuadorian decent. She sights some of her inflences as Etta James,
and Billie Holiday. Her breakthrough hit was "Genie In A Bottle" back in 1999. Her concert
rider demands various health foods, Flintstone chewable vitamins, and soft drinks, Coca
Cola or Nesquick. No Pepsi for Christina. She has two Papillon dogs, Chewy and Stinky.

Birthday's today: Katie Holmes, Naomi Lang, Brad Pitt, Keith Richards, Steve Austin,
Ray Liotta, Trish Status, Steven Spielberg, Kiefer Sutherland, Michael J. Moocock,
Bryan "Chas" Changler (The Animals), Rob Van Dam, DMX, Joe Randa, Barrie Chase,
Bill Nelson (Be Bop Deluxe), Ken Foreman (Thrashing Doves), Leonard Maltin,
Elliott Easton (Steinberg -Cars), Sam Andrew (Big Brother & The Holding Company)

Okay, don't listen to radio much,
there's way too much news on, I mean every half hour, really, is that
necessary? But I always switch on for the Nigel Pearce show.
He's on in the morning's when I take the kids to school and his slogan is
"I'd rather be pearced off than pearced on" (say it fast) and that's what
he does. He's hilarious only because he dares to say what others won't,
and he's got a really infectious laugh and always puts me in a good mood
for the rest of the day.

Samantha Cape Town South Africa www.myspace.com/coogirlcc

Hey Jonathan,
In an effort to expand my musical tastes (and because I was so curious
about your show) -- I'm listening to your show and just heard the song
"The Angel"... love it! Great show...thanks.

I wouldn't label it "Odd", but "Interesting" (I think) would be a better term
...will be listening tonight.

Betz Scottsdale Arizona www.myspace.com/betzpoley

*Betz, as I wrote you in an e-mail back...I sincerely am grateful
for you at least listening to my show, which I admit is odd and
way out there. Having said that, you are the greatest testimony
for what I am trying to acheive now, and my entire career. To be
creative, innovative, and not stand still. Since I began in radio in
1982, and as a known pioneer for the alternative format, which is
today, by no means alternative, to reinvent myself again for the
umpteenth time, makes it all worth it. You are the listener that at
least has an open mind, so I thank you so much.- JL

Ps. I also thank you for getting my lazy ass to call old friend David
Ellifson (F5-x-Megadeth), and yes, he will be calling in live tonight
on my show. So thanks for the nudge :-)

December 17
Milla Jovovich
Whenever someone asks me who are the hottest women, for some reason I
always forget to mention Milla. So I will atone for that now. Milla is one the
hottest women on earth. And to think she went to High School with another
one of my fave's Christina Applegate puts me in another state of mind.-LOL
Milla, born in 1975 in Kiev, Soviet Union (now the Ukraine), began modeling at
the tender age of 9. Her fame began with "Fifth Element" with Bruce Willis, even
though she had done film before. Now with the success of both "Resident Evil"
films, is preparing to do "Resident Evil: Afterlife" for 2006. The 5' 8' beauty is
the international spokesmodel for L'Oreal products.

Birthday's today:
Giavoni Ribisi, Mike Mills (R.E.M.), Eugene Levy, Emma Laaksonen,
Barry Livingston, Bill Pullman, Art Neville, Albert King, Jim Bofanti (Rasperries),
Mark Gane (M+M), Giulla Boschi, Paul Rodgers (Bad Compnay), Nick Dinsmore,
Carlton Barrett (Bob Marley & The Wailers), Ernie Hudson, Simon Bates, Wes Studi

~The Human Value's Hiram, TuRu, and my son/sidekick Russell,
taken this morning during my radio show "The Lopsided World Of L"
on 98 KUPD, Phoenix, Arizona.~

After doing a Winter Tour of Seattle, Portland, Las Vegas, and San
Francisco...they drove all the way from San Francisco yesterday to
do the radio show today. I give them a lot of credit. Thank you to both.

December 16
Miranda Otto
Born in 1967 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. She is the daughter of Australian
actor Barry Otto. Miranda should be familiar to you. Besides being in the new version
of "War Of The Worlds" (which she was pregnant while filming), she played 'Eowyn"
for all you hobbit fans. She was in "The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King", and
"The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers". She has also been in "Flight Of The Phoenix",
and almost 30 other films. She gave up a medical career for acting.

Birthday's today: Valerie Chow, Elayne Boosler, Bill Hicks, Maruschka Detmers, Sylvi,
Wendy Doolan, William "Refrigerator" Perry, Benjamin Bratt, Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top),
Gail Harris, Stephen Bochco, Liv Ullman, Paul Van Dyk, Liane Foley, Frida Hallgren,
Mika Kikuchi, Christina Cabot, Lesley Stahl, Ben Cross, Melanie Smith, Filip Bolluyt,


Who's Mike Peer? LOL

Holly Hutchison IL Sistema, CEO Artist Management/A&R Executive
732.978.0160 cell 615.872.5252 alternate #/fax
8163 Stewarts Ferry Parkway Nashville, TN 37214

Lots of people do nice
stuff nearly all the time. Little things, you know just things like friends
ringing asking how things are going when your not feeling so good that
makes you feel like there are people who care. Lots and lots of little things
that people take for granted. My seven and eight year old coming in from
the garden with a bunch of "flowers" they've picked just for mummy ...when
really their mummy's weeds!!! Life can be so hectic we dont stop to count all
the little good things people do that all add up to make big things to make you
feel better. x x x

Dolly Bobbins Merthyr, Tydfil, United Kingdom (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

*Dolly, what a great attitude. *Smiles* to you.-JL

Hey Jonathan,

Doesn't get any more real than this... how about what I've been spending every
single minute of my time on since we last spoke? We will be officially getting the
word out in January about this but I just couldn't resist your tempting offer to
speak up about anything....so here it is.

Kissing Violet. Kissing Violet is my new band. Kissing Violet is David Vaughn
and Jay Hood from Purple Planet fame, Devon Glenn former member of
Buckcherry (the hugely successful rock act), and fronted by Emily Carlstrom
(she had a singles deal on Universal for a time before she joined forces with us).

I simply can't wait for you and everyone else to hear this stuff. It's magic. It's quite
simply the band I've always wanted to have.

The work ethic, the talent and the triple X factor all in one. You will be among
the first to hear it.

Have a great holiday season!

David Vaughn Kissing Violet Los Angeles California

Hi Jonathan,
i've just finished checking out your site. Admittedly, I do sign on every
morning to see what's happening before leaving for work, I really have
to say that I LOVE what others have to say.

I am a self confessed blabber mouth (around people who make me comfortable)
and it rocks to see/read about peoples lives/opinions from all over the world.

Am sincerely sorry you were not having "funtimes" with that Mike dude...perhaps
I should ask him "carrot up the ass anyone?"

I may have only known you for a few short weeks, but your an awesome person,
and the empathy you have towards others be it musicians, or hobbits like myself
*giggles* can be felt through reading your words.

I suppose, some people have permanent "foot and mouth disease".

I like who you are. You are real and whole with a huge heart. I guess certain people
can't see past the HARDOUTKICKASSROCKING exterior named Jonathan.

If it were at all possible, I'd rock on over with some mates, a few bottles of bourbon
and vodka and have some hardout funtimes.

Could be me, but ABSOLUTE & JD's seems to be a requirement for such occasions.
With that being said, I hope your week is drawing to a smooth finish.

Smiles and hugs for the remainder of the day/night

cheers, hugs, smiles n other stuffs

Billie (aka PuNKpiSTol) Auckland New Zealand www.myspace.com/redlips_heels_rock

The above is one of the sweetest communications I've gotten. Billie, you
and I have connected in only a few weeks as you stated. You are AWESOME!!
What I love about you, and I've told you this before. I can close my eyes and
hear you talk. It always makes me smile. -JL :)

Now let's get to something that some of you might have recieved, and is
probably the real dark side of myspace. This person has 1 friend listed,
and it's our friend Tom, who is basically myspace.

I'm Sandra from Danville Pennsylvania, I'm 29 years old 5''7 inchs tall,dark hair,
brown eyes. I was brought up in an orphanage.

I went to college back in Danville where I got a degree in nursing and I work
with the Geisinger Medical Center in Danville.

I have been in love before, but with the wrong guy, that's why i am here in Africa.
I ended up here just because of love, 2 months ago, I came here with the with the
man who claimed to love me so much, he is an African american.

When we got here, he left me the night before the day to see his parents.He went
away with all that I had and left me with nothing. Right now as I am writing u this
letter, I have been thrown out of the hotel where we lodged because I could no longer
pay the bills.

I was beaten up on the streets and found myself in the hospital. The doctor has
refused to to give me back my travel passport insisting that I must pay the hospital
bills before he would give it back to me.

If there is a way u can help me call the Doctor and talk to him, I would be very glad
and I promise to leave here as soon as he gives the passport back to me.

I don't mind coming to you if that is ok by you. Thanks for reading this and I hope to
hear from u soon.

Sandra Danville Pennsylvania (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

* I did not accept this person. As you read this, is this for real? It's hard
to want to help someone, who has no information on her page, and is asking
for money. Scam, or not a scam? That is the question. You tell me.- JL

The following is a back and forth e-mail from someone who found
me somehow...and did not ask to be accepted. If he did I wouldn't
have anyway. The above graphic just appeared days after I asked
why no picture. He gets the last words.

Like I said, angels are invisible, I hear sound coming from your pages, and its
dross, play some music with meaning, some chords dude, not American schoolboy
dross. music used to mean some thing.

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Jonathan L
Date: Dec 10, 2005 9:31 PM

What are you talking about?????

If you are slamming me personally, then be more intelligent and explain where you
are going with this. I'm not a musician, I host and program two radio shows--
so you are not making any sense.

btw--put a face on your page...so we can see who you are

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: black--angel
Date: Dec 10, 2005 1:26 PM

Was listening to your kinda music man, and u ain't the man. It sure is dross,
it sounds like an m&m retake with even less sense and more self indulgence.
when is music gonna talk again. Think.
angel-- rocks

Black Angel Edinburgh Scotland www.myspace.com/black_angel

*He has every right to his opinion. This was in relation to
my having Aldo Rox on my page for a couple of days as
my song. The only interesting thing about him is his page.
Go read it and and you will understand him better. It's
pretty funny from a 35-year old proffessed snot. I understand dodgy,
but will one of my British friends explain to me what "dross" means
please? -JL

Hi guyz and gallz,
How many of u out there think that Ville Valo is the sexiest guy on
the planet. He is so sexy, he just oozzzzes sex appeal and koolness.
All genders want him!

Mrs. Ville Vallo Dundee United Kingdom www.myspace.com/zoecoutts

*He's a handsome bugger, but I think I will stick with women, like my wife.
But, ladies, check out her page and look at her husband. What's your thoughts-JL

Originated from: http://www.98kupd.com
Name: Tracy Vandenakker
E-mail Address: tracy721@cox.net
City: Glendale


Wow! I almost fell over when I heard your familiar voice on the radio awhile back.
Took me right back to driving back from Bartlett Lake Sunday nights back in '89.
And you're still the shit playing the coolest alternative underground music!

I hit "send" too quickly before I could finish up with a big WELCOME BACK!!!

*Tracy, thank you, it makes me feel good that you still appreciate what I am
doing, although I would say it's more Rock N' Roll than alternative, but because
the music is mostly unknown, yes, it could be considered underground. Cool,
glad you are listening!-JL

Hi Jonathan !!

I thought about for choosing a subject, and I think that my wish is good
explained on my bio.

And, the title would be "Please sign my band LAMIA CROSS !!!"

Well, I was born in Tokyo, Japan. My parents wanted to make me global people,
so I started to learning English when I was 6. And when I entered to GAKUSHUIN
(ex. Royal education) Girl�s High school, I found the pleasure to learn French. In
1995, After grad fac. Economical Science of GAKUSHUIN University, I left my
country to live in Paris.

I couldn�t stay in Japan, where the people thinks something but say anything. The
uniformity is everywhere, always governed by fucking corrupt capitalists.

In 1996, I started to write few songs with Fab (we met in �93) , and his brother
Ludovic (G. Lead) joined us two years later. That was the first formation of the band.
One day, I saw a documentary movie about HIROSHIMA on a French/German
channel. I said �I can do something for sensitize people about this terrible
consequence of A-bomb�, then my first lyrics of �HIROSHIMA �ce jour l�-� was
born. In Japanese�it�s called �ANO-HI� (That Day). The recording was realized
in Tokyo, in summer 1998 , but at that time, the subject was a taboo in Japanese
society, so we�re Rejected !!

Also, this year made me different: I had my first daughter (and the second in 2000)
I came back in Music scene in 2004. Druid, new lead guitar joined us in 29/10/2004,
on my birthday. I scouted him in a Caf� bar, and met Dee Links, free producer
who helped us to make our first pre-mix, and who learned me a several tech. for
composing and a current vocal direction. Now, we have two musical directions, the
one is for French market with French lyrics and Heavy/Rock sounds, the other is for
international market with english lyrics and heavy/electro sounds.

By the way, I�ve worked as an Producer Assistant in a Japanese TV spot production in
Paris for 8 years. (I left Japan, but my ex. Boss was a man of pure old Japanese
education�macho!) It was last year he�s discharged me (No project, No money, No job)

So now, it became very serious to find a label for my band. I hope it before April 2006,
if not��� You can find my band�s page http://www.lamia-cross.com

Much Kiss to you and Jeanette !!
Have a sweet week end !!
Lamia Cross Paris France www.myspace.com/lamiacross

Hey J to the L,

We talk more than I post on your site. Don't know
why, just never get around to it. BUT open forum?!!? I can't pass that up
and I think you know what I'm gonna talk about. I GOTTA spread the word of
rock's best kept secret.

WHY they're still a secret? I have no idea. They are 32Leaves.
Find them at www.myspace.com/32leaves and www.32leaves.com.
They're a great new band from Phoenix. Their debut album, "Welcome To
The Fall", just hit stores. It's easily one of my favorite albums of the year,
just can NOT stop listening to it. When listening they bring to mind bands
like A Perfect Circle, Deftones, Failure and Dredg. Please go check
them out, that way you can be a cool kid and say you heard them before they
were huge.

Again, www.myspace.com/32leaves, www.32leaves.com and I forgot

JONATHAN, THANK YOU for the platform to talk about this!!!

Polychronopolis Program Director/Afternoon Buffoon WRN Alternative Now
Waitt Radio Networks 1000 N. 90th St. Suite 105 Omaha, NE 68114
Direct: 402.952.7611 www.heyradioguy.com

My shout out is to MySpace for creating this service!

Victor Pasadena California www.myspace.com/victorcaballero

December 15
Helen Slater
1984's "Supergirl" put Slater's face on the map. She actually did some of her
own stunts in the film. Born in 1963 in Massapequa, Long Island, New York.
Born real name Helen Schlater. Also has appeared in over 25 movies. Her
best friend is actress Helen Hunt, and she co-founded the New York based
Theatre Group "The Naked Angels" with fellow actress Gina Gershon. Helen
enjoys singing and playing piano. She has recorded three albums.

Birthday's today: Paul Siminon (The Clash, Havana 3AM), Molly Price, Ami Kawai,
Rodney Bingenheimer, Claire Driver, Joe Jordan, Annie Pujol, Garrett Wang, Art Howe,
Viviane Victorette, Dave Clark (Dave Clark 5), Christiana Oliveira, Adriana Esteves,
Cindy Birdsong (The Supremes), Don Johnson, Melanie Chartoff, Carmine Appice,
Mo Vaughn, Sin-Hye Hwang, Teresa May, Marlene & Valerie Assman, Alex Cox


Hi Jonathan,
Of course I remember! Nice to hear from you. There is a new album
coming out in mid-February, so perhaps you can contact the US label,
In The Red Records
(intheredrecords.com) to arrange an interview.
They are setting up stuff now.

We are shortly off to Europe to tour but certainly they can slot in a time.

All the best to you and thanks for your continued support,

Russell Mael -Sparks Los Angeles California www.myspace.com/allsparks

*Sparks in European Tour (mark it on your calendar)

Feb 12 2006 7:00P Glasgow, Scotland, The Academy Glasgow
Feb 13 2006 7:30P Gateshead, England, The Sage Gateshead
Feb 15 2006 7:30P Salford, England, Lowry Salford
Feb 16 2006 7:30P Leicester, England, De Montfort Hall Leicester
Feb 18 2006 7:00P London, England, The Forum London
Feb 20 2006 8:00P Fabrik. HAMBURG, GERMANY Hamburg, GERMANY
Feb 21 2006 8:00P Paradiso. AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS
Feb 23 2006 8:00P S�dra Teatern. STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN Stockholm, SWEDEN
Feb 24 2006 8:00P S�dra Teatern. STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN Stockholm, SWEDEN
Feb 26 2006 8:00P B2. MOSCOW, RUSSIA Moscow, RUSSIA
Feb 27 2006 8:00P B2. MOSCOW, RUSSIA Moscow, RUSSIA

I for one, do not care where Mike Peer goes. I am sure he will be fine.
He always does! Once he is there, we'll all know!

Speaking of Mike Peer - Austin TX. What I am wondering is if it does
any good for a band on a small label to play at SXSW. Is it worth the
costs? Thoughts?

Christian Unruh China Shop Records

*Christian, sure it's worth it, so long as you make the greatest effort
to get people in the room to see YOUR band among the thousands that
are playing all over the city for 4 days. So baiscally it's your money and
energy that can make it worth it. Keep in mind, people are being tugged
in every direction. -JL

Who the hell is Mike Peer then?

John Dixon Tempe Arizona

*Johnny, not important to know who he is. Doesn't affect your world. -JL

I must confess I don't really listen
to the radio much, although I occasionally listen to BBC Radio 2
on a Saturday morning for the Jonathan Ross show. I have music
playing every day, though & most of music I like is not played on
English radio stations as a rule, as most is underground punk & ska.

United Kingdom www.myspace.com/traceytron

Hi Jonathan,

Open forum week...Hmmm.

Happy: Still have a job in radio where it still doesn't feel like a job.

Pissed Off: Arm-Chair Philosophers who with no actual hands-on
experience rely on bullshit & distraction to "win" arguments.

Happy: This past weekend in SF @ Live 105's Not So Silent Night & in
Sacto at my station's KWOD, Politically Correct Non-Denominational
Holiday Ho-Down. Saw Death Cab For Cutie for the first time- BELIEVE
the hype. Morningwood ROCKED with a replacement drummer.

Pissed Off: That I'm only 6 months into my first long-distance
relationship & that I'm having a hard time being positive about it.

Happy: That I'm only 6 months into my first long-distance relationship
& that my Boomer & I are still way into each other.

Pissed Off: That there are people in this industry who have attitudes
that REALLY need ENEMAS. And that they should count their lucky LUCKY
stars that they're as blessed as they are.

Happy: That I hold no grudges.

Pissed Off: That my brother has been gone for 19 years & I miss him so

Happy: My family rules. I am still the luckiest kid on earth.

Jonathan- thanks for the open forum...Needed to vent. Best of this mad
season to you!

(1/2 of Rubin & Sims) Mornings on KWOD 2.0 @ 106.5 FM SACTO!

I think for the forum idea,
I would like to be able to find out what the public nowadays feel about
our Queen of Rock...Janis Joplin. Do they know who she truly was,
what she and her clan represented, there feelings about her and that

Thanks Love,
Monika Spokane Washington www.myspace.com/monikakozmik

Hi JL...

I'd just like to take this opportunity to wish you & everyone out there
happy & healthy Holidays. Since there are way too many things to rant &
rave about in general, I would only hope that everyone in the Music Biz gets
back to focusing more on the MUSIC. The world will be a better place for it!


Robert Allen New Jersey Sha-La Music Inc. www.shala.com

December 14
Beth Orton
One fine singer. Beth was born in 1970 in Norfolk, England. She has had a number
of her songs in films. Also, has appeared in a couple of films as a singer. Most
notable, "Vanilla Sky", and "Monster". Her acting consists of playing the role of
'Rocket' in "Southlander" in 2001.

Birthday's today: Tisha Dabber, Eva Mattes, Tiffany Paul, Dee Wallace Stone,
Craig Biggio, Cliff Williams (AC/DC), Lee Remick, Vicki Michelle, TK Carter,
Spider Satcy (The Pougues), Vijay Amritraj, Bill Buckner, Chelsea Noble,
Michael Ovitz, Patty Duke, Billy Koch, Mike Scott (Waterboys), Lester Bangs (R.I.P.)

OPEN FORUM WEEK: Say want you want, it's YOUR forum!

State of the smart!
(For you sensitive one�s, smart-ass)

Let me start by saying, I haven�t written anything in a while. Why? Probably
because I had nothing really to say, and watching all of you amaze me.
You are all terrific.

When I began this website a little over a year ago, it was perceived by others
as an industry (music) site. I tried over and over to get across my point that it
was re-e-e-e-ally a site for people to communicate, including myself, and for
people to reconnect with others that they haven�t been in touch with for a
period of time.

I�d like to think that was accomplished to some degree. Each week I e-mail about
1,100 e-mails with questions of the week to you (not myspace peeps), and over the
past year I received maybe a core of 60 people that would respond either each week
or at least often. Thank you for being there and being involved.

But, I wasn�t satisfied, so I joined myspace on October 25, and all of a sudden the
site becomes global with just plain good folks who like to communicate. Which was
my original idea. I didn�t want the site to be so niche, that I have to depend on a
small group of people.

The purpose is still about music, pop culture and whatever is on people�s mind.


Now let�s get to music industry at large. Due to the investigations and stupidity on
the major record label's part, and radio being greedy and illegal in their practices
also as much as the labels�the industry fucking sucks! There are more people out
of work then ever, and the ones that still have jobs will eventually lose theirs. I
stopped promoting records a couple of weeks after going back to radio. Thank God!

Warning, be prepared when that day comes. Ask Stu Bergen and Mike Peer, and
others if they thought that they would be out of a job? At holiday time also.

Which now brings up something that I say with no bitterness or anger, but I know
many of you pecker heads will say I am. I�m not, but hey if you disagree with
what�s about to follow, either piss off, or write me an e-mail which I will publish
and respond to. I doubt you will, because most of you that read the website are
voyeurs. You like watching, but won�t participate. I only know this from so many
persons over the past year that have told me they absolutely go to the site often,
yet admit they haven�t answered any of my e-mails, and they can�t say why.

As most of you know I�ve been involved with the music industry and entertainment
industry since 1974. In all those years I have been humiliated and disrespected a
few times. Everyone has at one or a few times in his or her careers too. Comes
with the territory.

One will always stand out as I reflect at this holiday time of the year, which I�ve been
out of work during the toughest time of any year, on at least 3 occasions.

It�s difficult trying to enjoy one�s self when you have to sit out November,
December, and January.

Over the past few weeks, I have been asked on at least almost a dozen times by people
On the phone, e-mail, or instant messaging, �oh, where do you think Mike Peer is going
to end up?�

For those of you who truly know me, I am so incredibly passionate with compassion for
people out of work, and even when I�m not personally happy with my situation, have
gone out of my way to help others get a gig or at least help sooth the pain.

Mike Peer. I have no compassion for you. You are the number one pang I get when I
think of how an ego the size of Dallas makes one think that they are so up there
looking down, act in a manner which you did to me back in 2001. During the fucking
holiday's when I was out of work.

The only defense I can conjure up for your defense is that WE are all guilty. You label's,
and trade publication's help build up people. I won�t deny it; I was part of that process
when at Album Network for 6+ years. I�ll also admit to before that throughout my radio
career, I was built up too. See, we all have ego�s, especially in radio, It�s how we handle
it is where the line is drawn.

As I said, Mike�finally I have to admit that with you there is no compassion from me
to you. For all I care is you can either skate by and get a great gig or end up in Podunk,
anywhere USA. This is not dredging up the past. It is to make a point to you and
others. You are out of work right now during the holiday's.

Here, untouched is an e-mail between Peer and I from May 2002. This will
make all of you understand what compassionless people can be like during the
holiday season. *His response is above my e-mail

"Peer, Mike" <mpeer@krockradio.com> Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
To: "Jonathan L" <dropkickmyass@yahoo.com>
Subject: RE: Jonathan L
Date: Thu, 2 May 2002 09:32:02 -0400

thank you for the e-mail...but unfortunately, not interested in
it any further

-----Original Message-----
From: Jonathan L [mailto:dropkickmyass@yahoo.com]
Sent: Thursday, May 02, 2002 1:46 AM
To: peerm@hq.cbsradio.com
Subject: Jonathan L


For all the years we've known each other, I'm
saddened that you won't respond to my phone messages.
I've been trying to clear the air between us, but
you won't afford me the opportunity. In our last
conversation at the end of 2001, when I called you
about your award, you were very cold to me, and made
me feel like your unhappiness about not being included
in "the Super heros" mag was directly my fault. You
have no idea what I went through last year. Not your
problem, I know, but because I couldn't say anything
that would get me in further trouble with my company,
I had to take it like the fall guy. That was hard for

Whether you were aware or not- I didn't leave that
company on my own accord. I was let go just a few days
after our conversation. I hope you should never have
to be out of work during the holidays. It wasn't the
first time for me in my career. It's not fun.

You have no idea why. That much you should know.
Currently I'm doing great, and I hope you are also.

Bottom line...be the man and call me so we can clear
the air once and for all.


Jonathan L. Promotions/Consulting
3842 Shannon Road
Los Angeles, Ca 90027
(P) 323-662-4955 (F) 323-662-4994
(C) 213-819-9393
(AIM) jonathanLmania
(email) dropkickmyass@yahoo.com


Now, let me let all you record label people know, that you have finally turned
me to the �dark side�. You label people always, and I mean always complain
that radio people won�t play your music and you need to sell records. I fully
understand the concept. We play the music, and you hopefully sell CD�s etc.

Many of you have not updated mailing lists, or at least try and find people that
might play your music. As alternative radio is dead as a concept, it is just another
heavily consulted format in most markets. Alternative, modern rock, etc are obsolete.
Just my opinion. "It's only Rock N' Roll and I like it"...now. Period.

By the way, as I have galloped through 17 weeks back on-air, programming and
hosting, now two shows, ratings are up. Frankly that�s all I care about.

The station being happy, and most important my listeners are entertained and keep
coming back. So the �dark side� is a reference to the fact that I really don�t need your
music. I have music and will find ways to continue to find and come up with music
that my audience wants to hear.

I am not on-air to break your latest singles.

I am on-air to entertain and maybe break a band here and there.

Might sound snotty to YOU, but sit back for a moment and reflect upon why someone
like myself and many others in radio feel the same. Why does the guy in Auburn not
have the latest music from some of you big-ass labels? I could go on. But, all of you
are concerned what KROQ in Los Angeles are doing anyway, so it�s pointless.

�It�s only Rock N� Roll, and I like it �

*Note 1:
I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that Warner Brothers, Universal, and EMI
have put me on their mailing lists. I thank and respect you for that.

*Note2: Today I went out and bought two older HIM CD�s. My audience loves that band,
a rare import of The Chameleons, A rare Ministry remix album �Twitched�, the new
KMFDM, and ordered a Big Black, Die Laughing, and The Sound CD�s.

The show must go on-lol- Jonathan L

Hello Jonathan,
It's Kat here- from myspace. I have attached a few links of my artwork, and
if you are happy I would love to show my ebay stuff. I show in several galleries,
and have returned to art full time after having my children. Most is abstract, or
tongue in cheek- although I studied fine arts. I do this for the love of it... I told
my husband today that a coke habit would be cheaper to maintain...a shoe
fetish, even. Times are tight in the world of art.



Kind regards, LOVING your site, delighted to see your links to British tabloids
(we hate them too! - so so full o' crap)

Kat X Helensburgh, United Kingdom www.myspace.com/katrionagee


Just recieved my grades, and after being out of school for sixteen years
I've got a 3.0 GPA in my first semester in college. I'm headed back to
New Orleans in a week, so if anyone down there needs a hand, don't hesitate
to hit me up.

I don't think KKND is back on the air yet, and I've already e-mailed Sig and once
I get back down there I'll get in touch with him again and see if there is anything
I can do to help them get back on the air. Congrats on the new gig! It seems as
though you are streaming your show, seeing as you've got tons of fans from Europe
and elsewhere around the world writing in, keep up the jams. Tell Jeanette I said hi
and I'll give you a call before Christmas.

Mitch Cry former boy-wonder mcry@hotmail.com

getting that poor sweet guy from a fanzine to drink a can (Tennants
extra empty can) of my warm piss...needless to say, he never did write
about my band The Death and Beauty Foundation!
Have I done this right? Love silly, xxxxx

Val Denham United Kingdom (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

"Where have all the good times gone?"

-Van Halen

Victor Lentini Chicago local Universal Records

*Dunno Victor, I thought there were some good things left. I guess
according to your response there are none. Oh well. -JL

December 13
Amy Lee
The lead singer/composer of Evanescence was born in Riverside, California
in 1981, and her family moved around a bit til they ended up in Little Rock,
Arkansas. The bands album "Fallen" has sold over 6 million copies, world-
wide. Amy has appeared on TV a bunch and has songs that she sings in a
few movies. She has a kitten named Zero, and among her favorite musicians,
Tori Amos, NIN, Coldplay, Bjork, and Nirvana.

Birthday's today: Suzie Dunn, Leyna Nguyen, Jamie Foxx, Steve Buscemi, Ted Nugent,
Tom Verlaine, Dick Van Dyke, Wendy Mallick, Lynn-Holly Johnson, Ferguson Jenkins,
Lou Adler, Steve Forbet, Jeff "Skunk" Baxter (Doobie Brothers), Chelsea Hertford,
Christie Clark, Matt LeCroy, Karen Witter, Charles Oakley, Paula Wilcox, Cynthia Khan,

OPEN FORUM continues:

Hi Jonathan,
Thanks for your message. I'm here to network and hopefully get
some really good friends too.

I pretty much have the same thinking here on Myspace as in my real life
...that I don't need to have hundreds and hundreds of friends, I think the
quality of those I have and the friendship we have is much more important.
And it's easier to stay in touch with a few than too many :-)

I'm new here on myspace so I haven't tried IM yet but I will for sure.

Keep rocking J!
Take care!

Rockerz Sweden www.myspace.com/rockerz66

I only care about myself right now. I had my tonsils out, which is no fucking
picnic when you are old like me. My throat looks like I ate a hand grenade.
Thank god for Lortab. And, I wish my family would stop sending me religious

They know I don't believe in "GOD", so why keep sending me shit like that??
Now, back to the popsicles and Lortab. Did I mention Lortab?? :)

Lisa Biello Program Director WHRL Albany New York

Hi Jonathan,
Well I've been thinking about a subject and here is mine.

I had some diffeculties by me been on myspace, my boyfriend is very
jalous and we almost broke up over it.

Jalousy can be good to a sertan extant , but when it gets to much its like poison!!

What makes someone jalous is it that they are not confedent and see other
man/woman as a threat?

Well, I can`t relate to that at all! If you have a loving partner and a good relationship
nothing can come between that...cause you trust each other..to me that`s how
it shut be!

It is absurt to need to think about how you can talk to and how not just to eas
your partner.

The fact that my partner and i have a different nationalety and we have a age
gap of 10 years (I`m 35, he is 26) can be the only anwser to why he is jalous to me.

I hope it passes over soon!

Best regards Xx

Kitty Babberich, Gelderland, Netherlands www.myspace.com/cheesgrater

*Note: I did not edit this, because I felt the verbage is right, and although the
spelling is not in places...so what...it's cool that you can almost hear Kitty
saying this. Awesome Kitty, and I hope your younger man will get over his
jealousy. He needs to, otherwise you will have go your own ways. -JL


I have no idea what this means, but I made this discovery during my
radio show last night. Jarod (my producer) was reading a news story
about Prince's next album, "3121", and I started to wonder about some
sort of deeper meaning behind that number.

The first two albums to come to mind were Prince's "1999" and Rush's "2112".
While Jarod was reading the story, I did some calculations:

3121 - 1999 = 1122

3121 - 2112 = 1009

1122 + 1009 = 2131

Did I stumble onto a great secret or is it just an interesting

If nothing else, it makes for a good puzzle.

David Sadof High Fidelity, 97.5 FM KFNC Houston Texas

Hi Jonathan,
just a quick msg to say I've bookmarked your site - which is fab by the way!!!

Addi Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom www.myspace.com/littleoldmelol

*Thank you Addi. Lets chat soon. Ok?-JL

Hi Jonathan!
First off, I feel like such a flake because I never sent in my weirdest
concert experience and I know I suck for that. I don't know what my
problem is lately, but if it's still a part of your site I'll go on and submit
it sometime.

Second, I never congratulated you for getting Larry's old spot! It sucks
to see him leave, however I am really happy for him and it's cool that
we'll get to hear you in his place...since you were always his mentor,
it's fitting. Oh, and now we all have another reason to visit Vegas: hang
with Larry! Whoo-hoo!

Lastly, I just wanted to let you know that I forwarded your profile to a local
band called My Darling Murder. You may or may not have heard of them yet;
they formed last year so are fairly new and unsigned. I finally got out to see
a show of theirs recently, and I enjoyed them so much! I told them earlier
this evening that I would forward your page to them so you will probably hear
from them tomorrow. I hope you like their sound. They already have an
impressive local following here so I know people would be happy to hear them
on one of your shows! I of course didn't make any promises, just told them that
I'd tell you how much I like them. So I hope you do!

Talk to you later~

Trisha Gilbert Arizona (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

*Thanks Trisha. Yes, let's all coverge on Larry once he gets settled. I will
give the band you mentioned a listen when they send a CD.- JL

Dear JL,

People don't read anymore.

We're a new company not hobbyists. The difference is own cash, long
hours & dedication to try and help new music get EXPOSURE. No catches,
no deviousness, just trying to gain a reputation from a positive prospective
for unsigned artists from all genres. This is why we GIVE FREE websites
to artists worldwide.

If it wasn't for myspace I would not have met some great talent and increased
my profile, that's a fact. Not to mention having found a great guy who dedicates
a whole show to new music.

So it amazes me when I e-mail individuals who haven't got a clue about what we
do here at POGO even several e-mails down the line. WAKE UP PEOPLE you need
as much exposure as possible. And, where I come from, if it's FREE and can help

50% of whether you make it in the industry is about right attitude and attention
to detail.

Read the fucking small print you lazy bastards!!!

Jonathan ..we at POGO get a kick out of all the new music you play on your show.

You can publish this on your forum... to shake things up a little, but maybe I need
to send some pictures to get the message across

Cheesy grin
Yours respectfully,

Shelley & Terry United Kingdom www.pogoboxes.com

*Shelley and Terry, I do believe you got point across, I don't think
pictures are needed. :-) -JL

December 12
Bridget Hall
A 5 ' 10" super model, who began modeling at the age of 10. She left Springdale,
Arkansas, where was born in 1977, for New York City at age 14 for the Ford
Modeling Agency. Hall has appeared on over top fashion magazines. She has
done a little TV and film work. An avid snowboader, and a huge fan of the
Dallas Cowboy's football team.

Birthday's today: Jennifer Connelly, Missy Francis, Sheila E, Kirk Cameron, Tatiana,
Mayim Winkleman, Holly Gagnier, Tracy Austin, Dickie Betts (Allman Brothers Band),
Bruce Kuliek (KISS), Mike Pinder (Moody Blues, Clive Bunker (Jethro Tull),
Hank Wiliams III, Neil Pert (Rush), Sheree Wilson, Chris Mullen, Honor Blackman,
Connie Francis, Ana Alice Ortiz, Buford Pusser (R.I.P.), Frank Sinatra (R.I.P.)


Hi, long time, hope your well .
I totally agree all I seem to get is pervs asking me to call them, like I
have nothing better to do with my time. I'm here as an artist who
appreciates other people who are in this industry how the hell do these
pervs get through, there should be a barrier, I mean getting naked pictures
of some strangers d_ _ _ is not what I want to see. I get so peeded of with it,
fed up of having to block people all the time, that's my say.

Anyhow on a lighter note been tuning in when I can and loving it, I'm off
recording for a month abroad so I wish u a happy Christmas and new year!
Take care x

Sonja Scarborough, United Kingdom (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

*This in regards to a post I put up about how much bullshit there is on myspace.com
Of course there is a lot of good too. Nice to see a response though.
Happy Holiday's Sonja-JL

In this day and age
and in this world of me me me, I have seen heartache and greed take
everything of these holidays. So with that being said ...

This is the time of year for gathering of friends, family and peace. So instead
of yelling about what you didn't get, be thankful for what you do have. For me I
am thankful for my friends and aquaintences. I am thankful for my health, and
I am thankful to be able to see another day in this world. I have lived through
tragedy and pain and have survived a disease that takes most women by storm.
So for me life is precious and something not to be taken light heartedly.

My heart goes out to the troops not making it home. I hope and wish for their safe
return so next year they can enjoy and cherish their family and friends. I hope for
everyone out there that they find what they are wanting. I hope for everyone to
see the true meaning of this holiday in any religion that they choose to practice.

Most of all I hope that those who read this take the time to reflect on themselves
and what they can do unselfishly to give someone, somewhere, something to bring
hope and joy in their lives.

Kathaleen United Kingdom www.myspace.com/celestianna

*Excellent!! Well said K-JL

Hi Jonathan

There are 2 subjects what I would like to promo to.
My Dutch Fansite of Boy George and a friend of mine.
A Dutch look a like of Boy George.
The Dutch Fansite of Boy George
This is fansite of Boy George
And it's for the biggest part in Dutch with a tough of English, because it
has become public.

I made this site for all the Dutch and Belgium Boy George fans ,though
other fans are welcome to. In this site you will find Biography's, a Forum,
a Photo Album, WallPapers and some Poetry.
I'm running this site/forum for almost 2 years now
Click here at the banner of my website.

The Dutch Boy George (look-a-like)
Biography of The Dutch Boy George (click on photo)

This look-a-like of Boy George appears exactly like Boy George.
And even his voice sounds particularly enough like him.

This Imitation-act had begun in 1985 and after 2 years he changed into a
"LIVE" Song-act.

In 1987 he get through the Final of the "Henny Huisman Sound Mix Show".
After that there were a follow several of performing in disco�s.
Also in a show at a amusement park "SlagHaren" with Danny de Munck and
even a tour of 2 Months in Spain along the South-East coast.
And he did even some TV appearances on the Dutch TV, which among like
Call-TV, the Karin Bloemen show and the Nachtsuite.

It seems quiet unique that the Dutch Boy George not just appear like the real
Boy George, but even his voice sounds like him.

He did get singing lessons by Margriet Eshuys at training of the foundation Conamus.
Even his perfect appearance he one�s it to Endemol and HMG (RTL4, RTL5 and Yorin)
where he is working as an Professional visas. (Make-up).

In a act of approximately 20 minutes, he sings the most known songs from the 80's
of the band Culture Club and he shows the glamour of the radiation of the glam disco.
Because of this he is qualified to perform at 80's parties, business parties and Disco's

Netherlands www.myspace.com/marychild

Ok... interesting point of view.
I joined myspace because some teenage nieces I have in NY, so to keep in
touch and so on... I did it. After a while I found out there was more than
teenagers around here, and a good spot for my visual work, then a good
place to keep updated my journal and writings, and finally, once again the
same word, I have myspace to live a continuous catharsis.

I have been an observer and learn from everything I see, just like in real
life the only difference is that "online" things happen faster, in a shorter
period of time, but emotions and attitudes are the same than the offline life.

And, it amazes me to be able to see it so clear specially because in real life is
more complicated to have the whole vision of the whole picture being part of
it, as you know is one of the things humans couldn�t get over around their 3
years old when trying to realize who is who and that we are individuals apart
from others and cut the bloody symbiosis we continue living for the rest of our
lives. I don�t know if it makes sense or not.

The thing is that I use myspace to practice and exercise my relationship with
the other, to understand "the other", work on my emotions if there are some,
(an ex boyfriend is around myspace and it is difficult to avoid his presence),
know myself through "the other" and so on. No conclusions but so far I see so
much necessity around... so much. I do not expect anything from anyone in
myspace because just to work on myspace site, to project the environment I am
in the mood that day, to design the background, to update the images of my work
this week, to take time to find the right music according to my "today" circumstances,
update my blurbs. All this is spending and investing creative time with myself, like
taking care of myself, and just because that is worth it.

If I contact interesting people even better!!! If not... I really don�t think about any
"if not". It is not easy though to find interesting people but this is not just at myspace, that
is everywhere. Used to care about it. Now I just care about nourishing relationships.

I usually accept all the friends requests and if couple of weeks later there is no story to
talk about, I delete them. I rather the quality than the quantity.

I know everybody is expecting to be listened and viewed, which is fine, and me also,
everybody! We all need "the other" acceptance. So, I have on my schedule, "time for
my friends", that means take care of mailings and myspace friends, I do try always to
read everybody's blog, fortunately not everybody writes blogs so that is an easy part
(joke), leave a comment on their site or any bulleting posted.

I believe that if I give that would be the only way I would receive, probably the same.
Probably not, it is one of the excercise this myspace catharsis is doing to me, so far.
Let�s see what else happen.

Mireya Madrid Spain www.myspace.com/mireyanotes

*Mireya, you said a mouthful...yet somehow it all made sense. I love when you
use the word catharsis, as I mentioned in e-mail to you. God bless you for
opening up and saying what many won't. Have the best of holidays. -JL

Great! Maybe not very original,
but...I get so tired from the bickering...;) here goes!

In this time of year, no matter what your political views are I want everyone
to stop for a moment and think about our troops, overseas. Young and old,
fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, wives and husbands all alike. It is hard to
have to miss them during the holidays with the fear that any day something
might happen to them.

From Holland, with love and admiration for all that serve! And in particular
for my love, who is coming home in February and I know he will be safe until
then... I love you, my King ;)

Princess Leia Netherlands www.myspace.com/dutchkosmik

*Leia, that was very sincere, and I wish you and your man, who returns soon
the best of everything.-JL

Hey Jonathan,
that was cool. Thank you so much, I can't believe you picked "Lost".
No one has played that song or payed any attention to it. That was
my favorite, But I felt I didn't record it very well and the mix down of
it was not the best so we always played "12 Hours", or taking for granted.

I'm happy you liked that song though. Rock on thank you again.

Mikey D vocals Playing God Phoenix Arizona www.myspace.com/playinggod333

*Mikey, I just listen and what my ears tell me ends up on the radio. Sometimes the
bands aren't happy with my choice of songs, but hey...we all hear music in a
different way. I am happy you dug that my choice was mine. It did sound good
on the air. -JL

December 11
Emma Ledden
The woman who always wears black, was born 1977 in Cork, Ireland. She is an
VH1 Europe VJ who does the "daily" and "weekly" editions. The British presenter
also did the BBC's "Live and Kicking" from 1999-2000. Her favourite artists are
Brandy, Stereophonics, and Jennifer Lopez.

Birthday's today: Nicki Sixx (Motely Crue), Teri Garr, Lynda Day George, Mos Def,
Samantha Maloney (Hole), Donna Mills, Jermaine Jackson, Francisco Rodriquez,
Anne Heywood, Rita Moreno, John Kerry, Yang Song, Tina Gayle, Bess Armstrong,
David Gates (Bread), Jennifer Capps, Mary Gallagher, Christine Onasis, Nikki Benz,
Ken Wahl, Ejo Elberg, Brenda Lee, Jay Bell, Rider Strong, Mo"Nique Imes-Jackson,
Chris Wagganer, Dawn Steele, Anita Caprioli, Rebecca Grant

Having a hard time over here finding a DJ with our philisophy.
If the UK doesn't know about you yet...give it 2 months and you
won't know whats hit you!

We have a new venue for new music ( it's a great venue).

In Southend on Sea Essex. Every Sunday...all genres. It's in a night
club that is relaunching as ZERO 6 and part of Essex County Hotel. It
holds 1000 capacity with stage and our sponsers, Professional Music
Technology are providing equipment. Just confirming start date at the
moment, probably February 2006.

I have a contact for you...Sky Music Channel (based in Southend). They
relaunced last year and viewing figures are over 500,000 now. They are
a channel just for unsigned artists. Maybe they could do a piece on you?
Would you like their contact details?
Do you want me to get them to contact you?

We had a meeting with them a month ago.. thinking of promoting POGO on
their station and the new venue.

Shelley Pogo Entertaiment United Kingdom www.myspace.com/livepogomusic

*Shelley, this sounds exciting for you and all the bands. As for me, I'd be
flattered if if Sky Music Channel would like to chat with me live on-air over
the phone. If they would like to, I will give you my number to pass on to them.
Thanks for thinking of me. -JL

December 10
Nia Peeples
Born in Hollywood, California. Her mother is an interesting mix of French,
German, Filipino, and Spanish. Her father is caucasian. Nia is ia singer,
songwriter, and a professional dancer. Although she has done numerous
movies, she really can thank TV. Dhe was on "General Hospital" and truly
made her mark on series "Fame". She was also a regular on Walker, Texas
Ranger from 1999-2001.

Birthday's today: Jack Scalia, Susan Dey, John de Wolf, Frank Beard (Z.Z. Top),
Gloria Loring, Paul Hardcastle, John J York, Summer Phoenix, Stacie B. Flood,
Fionnula Flanagan, Tommy Kirk, Johnny Rodriquez, Burke Moses, Holly Witt,
Ann 'So, Kristel Verbeke, Tisha Sterling, Chad Stuart (Chad and Jeremy), Rita Rani,
Brian Molko (Placebo), Darren Berry, Kyoung-In Hong, Susanna Reid

Q of THE WEEK: (see last Sunday)

You know what the best thing
is that someone can do without you asking for it. Give
a big hug when you feel really sad, or just for no reason at all.

Touch is the most important of all the senses, without it we die.
People should hug more.

Frutsel Amsterdam www.myspace.com/grotefaaf

My hubby left a lovely gold cross
with amethyst with my best friend to give me on our wedding day.
Awwwwww bless.

Lucy United Kingdom www.myspace.com/loobysplace

It's something that keep's me moving on.
It's at the end of a show...when I leave the stage and go out to meet
people and they tell you who much they've liked. But, when someone
older than me (40/50) comes out to me...it's great having someone with
that life experience saying that they loved it.

Pedro elCigno Coimbra Portugal (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

Other Stuff:

Body language sounds good to me.
I like the body. I like the soul .

How many tattoo's? 5, mostly large. My back is fully covered, going
down to my cheeks. Both shoulders and forearm, and my right leg
fully covered.

I forgot my tongue piercing, but I did it years ago (1992)

And not finish yet. I love tattoo. I love the way it expresses itself. The way
it moves, but I'm particularly attracted by Asian tattoo's. Japanese and Thai.

Dim Geneva/Krungthep, Vietnam (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

Wow, quite the music history there on your website. Yes, I do
remember you from back in the day on KUKQ. I didn't realize how
much history you have though. That's awesome.

I'll keep checking back from time to time. Can't wait to check out your updates.

Mullet Mike 98 KUPD Listener Glendale Arizona www.myspace.com/themulletmike

December 9
Felicity Huffman
Huffman, born in Bedford, New York 1962, is the nuerotic Lynette Scavo on the hit
TV Series "Desperate Housewives". She is married to actor William H. Macy, and they
have two children. She has been in over 20 films, but "Housewives" is what is driving
her newfound success. One of her idol's is Tina Turner.

Birthday's today: Jakob Dylan, John Malkovich, Kurt Angle, Dennis Dunaway, Don King,
Michael Foster (Firehouse), Allison Smith, Karla Nelson, Dame Judi Dench, Beau Bridges,
Joan Armatrading, Herman Finkers, Donnie Osmond, Chrstiane Jolissaint, Buck Henry,
World B. Free, Dan Hicks, Kirk Douglas, Michael Dorn, Joshua Rudoy, Brad Savage,
Victoria Shalet, Sylvia Kokomo, Joe Lando, Marietta Coleman, Dick Butkus,
John Cassavettes (R.I.P.), Redd Foxx (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: (see Sunday)

The most special thing
is a nickname I have.

It's 'lovely' by my best pal in the world for Christmas, because I will
be outta town, he got me perfume that's called Lovely. I dunno if that
counts but it's special.

Bonny (Miss Fortune) Reno Nevada www.myspace.com/eringobragh22

About 9 years ago,
I was sitting at home with my son who was about 2, and it was the day
before Xmas eve. We had just moved to Florida, and we didn't know
anyone in our area. My husband and I were having great financial problems,
and we didn't even have a Xmas tree...or any presents...or anything. It was
totally depressing, and I felt so bad for my little boy. Suddenly there was a
knock at the door, and when I opened it there were 2 big black garbage bags
sitting there. I thought it was some kids playing a joke, putting their garbage
at my door, but when I picked it up to bring it down to the trash, I noticed
there was a Xmas tree inside, as well as ornaments, lights, presents, etc!!!!

I stood there and cried with joy, as I couldn't believe this miracle! Still to this day,
we have no idea who did this for us, or how they knew, but it is one Christmas we
will never forget! I still get teary eyed thinking about that day!!!

Melodie Sasebo Japan www.myspace.com/theprincessfairy

As for this weeks Question, I really can't answer
that 'cause I have an amazing group of friends who do so much for me already.
Be it emotional or physical support, it's always on tap for me.

You know what never fails to trip me up and get me all gushy like melted
chocolate? So many times I've had "You know what Billie? I love you cause
your a good friend" said to me and it never....NEVER fails to floor me.

These are friends who I KNOW I can depend on, rely on if ever I were stuck in
a needy situation.

Apart from my friends there were special times with my grandmother RIP.
Up until the day she died of cancer, she never once treated me like my
grandfather had. Nan got me addicted to the silver screen when I was 8. She
taught me how to knit, fish, plant a garden, so much more...oh and how to
play poker *smiles*.

Nan passed on when I was 18. I remember the night before it all happened.
I was deathly ill with the flu, I had slept non-stop for 2 days with a high fever.
During those two days she'd bring me cups of water, change my sweated clothing,
sheets and massage my entire body. Nan was a healer, and massaging was her
way of making me a lil somewhat better, but I noticed she didn't have the strength
anymore. The third day I was up, so at night we watched TV.

I woke up feeling 98% better, but there was alot of hussle in the next bedroom.
Nan had tried to get out of bed for a drink of water when her collarbone snapped.
The cancer was back and had eaten away at almost everything. I'm am forever
indebt that nan was there for me when ever I fell ill, and I'll never forget how much
of a rock she was to my being.

People don't realise how much grandparents do for us. I can only hope that when
I'm a grandmother I can bestow upon my grandchildren the same wisdom and
knowledge that she had bestowed to me.

Sorry for the long winded story Jonathan, I hope you haven't fallen asleep reading
this novel. lol

Billie (PuNKpiStol) Auckland New Zealand www.myspace.com/redlips_heels_rock

*No, I didn't Billie. I thought that it was a great heartfelt story.- JL

The most amazing thing
anyone has done for me is ...nothing really special, but my
husband got the kids up for school and let me have a lie in, when
I had a hangover!! Nothing really special, but really nice all the same!!

Eve_Of_Destruction Methilhill, Fife, England www.myspace.com/eve_of_destruction

I have had many suprises.
Like my house full of flowers, orchestra outside my window, and such.

The one thing that always stood out was when I was living with this guy
and without any hesitation or my knowledge he knew I was low on tampons
and I guess he knew my cycle for the day before I started I had a fresh
box waiting for me in the bathroom. He said he knew it was close and he
knew I needed them so he took one of the tampons went in and asked the
sales girl for that brand. I know it's weird but it had to be THE most thoughtful
thing that ever happened.

Kathaleen United Kingdom www.myspace.com/celestianna

The most amazing thing
that someone has done for me was go and get tested
to see if he was a match for an organ donation that I needed.

He was a match!

I've been fighting for almost 5 years.

2001, After I had my son, I was diagnosed with Non hodgkins lymhoma,
did 4 months of chemo before they realized it wasn't helping. I had a bone
marrow transplant in Tucson, in Nov. 2001.

It was a success I went into remission, I spent over a year in Tucson.
In June 2003, I was diagnosed with stage 2 Cervical cancer and Stage 1
ovarian cancer. I had a partial hysterectomy and went into remission, also
did chemo/radiation with that.

February of 2004, I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma (bone cancer). I am
still fighting with that. Have had 7 bone graphs on my legs and I take pain
meds regularily to help fight flare ups. In December 2004, I was diagnosed with
acute lymphoblastic leukemia. I am currently on Methotrexate and Rituxin in
oral forms for chemo. Thankfully, I haven't lost my hair yet, I was bald for the
past 4 years, but hell, bald chicks are sexy. ha ha ha.

It's been a long, almost 5 years, but, I live each day as its my last, never give up
and always, well most always have a smile on my face. I was told I was terminal
on my son's 4th birthday, But, I looked the doctor in the eye and told him everyone is
terminal, and that he can kiss my eyes.

I've had:
Gallbladder, appendix, spleen REMOVED
Heart, aorta, Liver, Kidneys taken out and had transplants.

My immune system sucks ass, meaning I get sick ALOT, but I still try to go to as
many local shows as I can.

My friend who works for Bodyart Tattoo, and I have been talking and he is going to
do some work on me on Monday, to cover up some of the scars that I have, I'm
getting several Lotus (meaning life and beauty) flowers w/ swirly designs on my
right upper arm from my shoulder to elbow on Monday. I can't wait, I'm very excited.

Just to be on the safe side, my doctor is going to give me a dose of vancomycin
(antibiotic) before and after the tattoo is started/finished, just for my protection.

~*~Lisa~*~ Mesa Arizona www.myspace.com/xOx_Lisa_xOx

*Lisa, you are a trooper, and only 21 years-old! I said I would try and come
up with something. I spoke with Mark Randall and Shawn Rock on Wednesday.
We are working on something. Stay strong! -JL

I had just moved to Austin, Texas and went food shopping my first night
in town. It was about 11 PM when I got to the check out with about $60
in groceries. After the cashier rang everything up I reached for my
wallet and realized I had forgotten it. All I had on me was $30 in
cash. I told the cashier I had to put half of my items back since I
didn't have my wallet on me. At this point she told me not to worry,
that she would lay out the balance. She reached in her pocket and took
$30 of her own money to lay out for the balance. I could not believe
that a total stranger would trust me, someone who she had never seen
before. Not only did it make me feel special, but it renewed my faith
in people.

Willobee Program Director 102.7 EQX - THE REAL ALTERNATIVE
WEQX.COM Listen on-Line My Space people @ www.weqx.com

He fell in love with me,
and now im soon to be moving to New York...I love how life works.

Why yes, Jonathan I'm very excited. I can't wait to move to the BRONX
of NEW YORK. This is the greatest thing to ever happen to me.

Candy Missouri www.myspace.com/hazeleyes1972

* Candy, I'm not poking fun, but have you ever been to the Bronx? I grew
up in New York and had to go to the Bronx often. Not one of the most pleasant
places to be. Or, maybe they have cleaned it up some. I admit it has been
years that I've been in that part of the city. Been other places in and out
of Manhatten...but not the Bronx since I was a younger.
Do let us know how you like it please.-JL

Nobody has ever done that for me I'm afraid.

The closest thing that happened was my friend got me a ticket to see
Robbie next year even though I said I couldn't afford to go.

The most amazing thing is my mum being a brilliant mum.

Halifax England www.myspace.com/kezza

You hired me at KUKQ...nuff said
...and became my mentor and one of my best friends in the process.
I learned tons from you.

Larry Mac
APD/MD KVGS Las Vegas Nevada

* I wish you all the success in the world Lar...but you already know that.-JL

December 8
Kim Basinger
Ok...it was a toss up who would be today's featured b'day girl. I chose Basinger for
numerous reasons. Her career is more compelling than Terri Hatcher's, and Sinead
O'Conner, who I like very much hasn't done much, although she will have a new CD
of Reggae songs very soon. So Kim it is. Won an Oscar for "L.A. Confidential", and
has been in over 30 films since the early 80's. "Batman", "Cool World", and Bond Girl
in "Never Say Never Again". Ok, let's not forget "Nine 1/2 Weeks". Born in 1953 in
Athens, Georgia. Married and divorced Alec Baldwin. She has two films now in post-
production for next year. Kim suffers from Agoraphobia.

Birthday's today: Teri Hatcher, Sinead O'Conner, Ann Coulter (Boo), Butch Vig,
Gregg Allman, Rick Baker, Nick Nolte, Junkie XL, Geoff Hurst, Mike Mussina,
Roy Firestone, Dan Hartman, Mary Waronov, David Carradine, Belinda Belaski,
Bobby Elliot (The Hollies), Warren Cuccurullo (Missing Persons), Jenny Linden,
Sam Kinison (R.I.P.), Jim Morrison Doors R.I.P.), Flip Wilson (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: (see Sunday)

First, let me start by saying
that I am Native American.

My teenage daughter got into some trouble with the police. So I called
my elders to see what I should do. The told me to bring to her to the rez.
Not to worry about anything ...just bring to them and they will take
care of the rest. That was 5 years ago and my daughter is now entering
the Army Forces. She has turned out to be a resposible young woman
with a good head on her shoulders due to our elders treating her like one
of their children and getting her head on straight. It is a debt that I could
never pay back. They gave me my sweet child back.

Queen Leo Campbell California www.myspace.com/queen_brie

This is just one of the amazing
happy unconditional events that has occured in my life.

Do you remember the Beauty and the Beast TV series? I only remember
watching a few episodes but what impacted me most about the sitcom
was the soundtrack. Ron Perlman had/has one of the dreamiest calming
voices. I had it on one of those archaic audio devices. I think you call it a
tape. Well, we all know that those get warped and funky from over play.

The soundtrack was a meditative tool. It seemed to sooth me when there
where storms in my life. I tried several times to find the soundtrack on CD.
Out of print. I started dating this guy the end of January 2003. Well, for
Valentine's day he showed up with roses. No man had ever given me roses
before that. Okay, no man that wasn't family. And, he found and gave me a
mint condition of Love and Hope CD. To this day, he will not tell me where
or how he came to find it. Only that it would help me when the storms of life
would cross my path again.

Siren Bern Switzerland www.myspace.com/quantum_muse

Hi Jonathan,
How are you guys? Miss you!!! Did you have a great Thanksgiving?

In answer to your question...

I recently lost my health care coverage. I take a lot of medication for
my Crohn's Disease, and it's very expensive without insurance. After
talking to one of my closest friends about it he left me a message on
my home phone.

It said that he came by and left something for me on my patio, under
a potted plant. I had no clue what it could be. When I looked, it was a
letter telling me how much he cared for me and didn't want me to worry
about money or not being able to get my medication. Enclosed was
$140.00 to pay for my medication until my new insurance kicked in.

I actually cried. I know that he did it because he loved me and cared for me.
I truly appreciated it. I will pay him back in time and also will be there for him
whenever I can.

Linda K Santa Clarita California (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

Well, of course I'm thinking 'bout
my parents, who are just doing everything without asking.

Besides that I have one girlfriend who picked me up in the middle of the
night, I just broke up with my boyfriend the day before, and I was stranded
in a situation I really wasn't comfortable in... and I told her I was not
feeling fine overthere, and she came without me asking her to come.

Even it would have been a 6 hours drive, she would come and pick me up.
That's what friends are for!

Redfeline Breda Netherlands www.myspace.com/redfeline

Hey Jonathan,
Great question, I think I'd have to say while recently travelling around
Europe by myself for 3 months it was simply the kindness of strangers
that amazed me.

People were so friendly and willing to help. They were quick to offer help
when I was staring blankly at a map while slightly misplaced in a land where
I don't speak the language. A girl gave notice to me waiting to take a bus
which she didn't think would be safe, given the hour, and offered another
option. Others took me out with them to a family gathering after chatting
together for only an hour in a caf�. There are simply too many examples
to list. It was also quite a nice feeling for me to be able to return the favor
when I could.

I ended up having some of the best conversations and have some new friends
all over Europe. It really was amazing how kind, open and generous people were.
Restores my faith in humanity.

Lisa London England (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

Last year, I spent the holidays
with the family. After xmas, I called my friend Jennifer back home
to see how her Xmas was and tell her I wasn't sure if I would be back
for New Years. She got in her car, drove 4 hours, picked me up and
turned around and drove back... another 4 hours, so two best friends
could spend New Years together. I never asked her for the ride, she
just offered.

Ginger Virginia Beach Virginia www.myspace.com/g_i_n_g_e_r

Hi there Jonathan.

My friends and my kids are prettry amazing and are always doing
things to make me feel special. But...yesterday they were
just wonderful!!

I have 4 children, 2, 4, 7, and 15, and I also lost my son several years ago.
As time goes by, it doesn't make me miss him any less and this time of
the year is really hard for me.

My kids are very arty and this year we decided to make our own bobbles
for the tree and put our pics and those we care about the most on the bobbles.

My oldest son got all my friends to do one each to suprise me and between all
my kids, they made a beautiful angel and placed my Alexander's face on it!!

Tekking me...Now our brother can be here for Christmas too, and since he is at the
top of the tree, he will be watching down on us like he always is!!!

I thought this was lovely and it has really brightened up my spirits and I am looking
forward to Christmas with all my children, I ain't felt like that in a while.


Wilma Gateshead, TYne & Wear United Kingdom www.myspace.com/wilma32

December 7
Tammy Lynn Sytch
The former wrestling 'manager' and 'valet' worked for many federations including
the WWF and ECW. The tiny (5'4") blonde retired from wrestling in 2004. Her
husband wrestler Chris Candido died on April 28 this year. Tammy, born Tamara,
used to go under the moniker "Sunny", and was quite popular until drugs made
her fall out of favor with the WWF. She is a huge fan of rocker's KISS.

Birthday's today: Aaron Carter, Larry Bird, C Thomas Howell, Tom Waits,
Anne Somers, Tino Martinez, Duncan Miller, Priscilla Barnes, Gary Morris,
Johnny Bench, Ellen Burstyn, Arisa Cox, Mike Nolan (Bucks Fizz), Julie Halston,
Jennifer Carpenter, Shari Appleby, Barbara Weathers (Atlantic Star), Kristi Albers,
Helen Gurley Brown (R.I.P.), Harry Chapin (R.I.P.), Eli Wallach (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: (see Sunday)

My boyfriend waking me up
from a bad dream, and holding me. Telling me it's okay.

When Girls Telephone Boys United Kingdom www.myspace.com/hanalaralait

Well Jonathan, just remembering this makes me weep.
If it's too heavy for your blog, that's cool. But this is the greatest kindness I was
ever shown in my life.

There are so many incredible kindnesses I have been shown in my life. I have seen
the very best of people - usually right after being exposed to the very worst of them.
When you're living the adventurous life, you're dealt extremes of both good and bad,
and you learn to hold onto the good and let go of the bad.

I started out on my own at an early age, after running away from the very
inhospitable group foster home I lived in, at age 13. I had to grow up fast and
really watch my ass to survive.

The greatest kindness came when I was living in L.A., 16-years old, 3 weeks
shy of my 17th birthday. Right after one of the worst experiences of my life.

Two guys I knew, who I thought were "safe" had assaulted and battered me
horribly, then dumped me off. A man going for an early morning walk with
his dog found me. I was hemorrhaging, in the worst pain I have ever felt in my
life, and couldn't lift myself off the ground, but I lifted my face and begged him
to help me. He looked horrified, ran away and my heart sank. Luckily for me he
had run away to the nearest phone and called the paramedics, who were there
in a flash. I was losing so much blood it is possible I could've died if he hadn't
called for help on my behalf. No way could I help myself in my condition.

I told the paramedics I was a runaway and an illegal alien. They said, "That's OK,
we'll help you anyway, don't worry." They took me to the hospital, where I finished
having my miscarriage (I was pregnant at the time) under doctor's supervision.
When it was time to release me, they wouldn't let me leave alone, they said a friend
had to come and get me. I let them take my little pocket address book to call my
"friends." Apparently, most of the people they called didn't want to know - but a
near-stranger, a rich kid I had only met once before at a costume party, assured
them he would be there as fast as he could. No questions asked. He took me back
to his place and cared for me like I was his sister - bought me a whole new wardrobe -
I wanted for nothing - until I was fully healed and able to face life again. He never
asked a thing of me. When I questioned him about it, he said, "You're a nice girl.
You didn't deserve this. Thank you for letting me help you."

When he thanked me for letting him help me I was speechless!!! To top it all off,
on my 17th birthday, he took me to see the Ramones at the Whiskey. The Ramones
were my favorite band and it was the best birthday of my whole life. Despite the fact
I still had pain before the show began, I forgot all my pain at that unforgettable concert.

I wasn't going to share this because it's so personal. A good reason to share it though
is to send a message to women who have been assaulted, and were left feeling wounded
and confused about men. I might've ended up feeling that way myself, but this guy -
whose name was Arlan - was so extraordinarily kind and caring, that he didn't just help
me heal in the short term, I do believe he singlehandedly redeemed the male of the
species in my eyes. I never saw Arlan again after that, but I have never stopped thinking
about him, and thanking him in my heart. So, yeah, there are some nasty pieces of work
on two legs, but there are also some dear, wonderful, incredibly decent men who do the
right thing, and then some, without having to think twice. I've never forgotten that.

Euterpe Vancouver B.C. Canada www.myspace.com/euterpejones

* E...thank you for sharing this incredible story. I do hope it helps others.- JL

Ummmm, a boyfriend sold his sofa so he
could take me away for the weekend on my birthday...
and they say romance is dead.

Zo� Yorkshire England (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

Sent me a bouquet of roses to cheer me up. Sweet!!

Suddenly I See Edinburgh Scotland www.myspace.com/thebitch

Wow, I have to think about that.
The most amazing thing someone's done for me that I didn't ask for is
get me pregnant with my daughter. But, they didn't do it intentionally so I
guess you don't want that kinda answer. Hmmm, everything amazing
my partner has done he's told me as he's done it and one singular thing
doesn't stand out.

I guess no one has ever done anything really amazing for me like whisk
me away to a tropical island when I thought we were just going out to
dinner or anything, and I think that's the kinda answer you want? Or,
stories of being helped or taught a wonderful life's lesson and I don't have
one of those stories either so yeah...?

Greer Auckland New Zealand (from myspace-no forwarding URL)

This stands out in my mind
because it just happened. I was in Los Angeles a few weeks ago with
my best friend Lisa Derrick. In a dept. store dressing room, I stepped
out -- just a few feet -- to look at some crappy outfit in the mirror.

When I returned to the dressing room, my shopping bag from Sephora
was gone. Some power loser stole my makeup! Evil foundation stealing
twat! I searched the store to no avail, and finally left to talk to the bloated,
apathetic mall police.

When I returned to the makeup crime scene, Lisa was standing there with
a Sephora bag. My bag had not been recovered, but she had replaced all I'd
lost. That�s a friend! She also took me backstage at U2 in Vegas this past
November, and once hung a chicken foot on my door to keep away solicitors.
Lisa rules!

Cat Radio air-talent WEQX Manchester Vermont www.myspace.com/radiokitty
Listen to Cat on-line www.weqx.com

December 6
Lindsay Price
The 5'7" beauty born in Arcadia, California 1976, began her career young singing in
a Toys-R-Us commercial. Her motther is Korean, and father German/Irish. Price
has been a soap actress numerous times. "All My Children" 1991-1993, "Bold And
The Beautiful" 1995-1997, and Beverly Hills 90210 1998-2000. She has done a few
movies, but in 2006 look for her as a regular on the planned TV series "Pepper Dennis".

Birthday's today: Gina Wild, Steven Wright, Peter Buck (R.E.M.), Will Shriner,
Kevin Appier, Chelsea Brown, Chris Stamey, JoBeth Williams, Janine Turner,
Spanky Marcus, Thomas Hulce, Nick Bockwinkle, Kylie Wylde, Lisa Rotondi,
Elisabeth Lanz, Larry Bowa, Rick B utler (The Jam), Gina Hecht, Noel Clarke,
Edward Tudor-Pole, Charlene Miller, Ruben Sierra, Randy Rhoades (Ozzy R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: (see Sunday)

I had been corresponding with someone
for quite a while, although I hadn't met them and one time I had
mentioned having trouble with a bad back. I went to meet the friend
eventually and while I was there he arranged for a physiotherapist
he knew to examine me to see what was wrong with my back, which
saved me waiting months on end for a hospital appointment.

That was so sweet and thoughtful, and after a month seeing a
chiropractor my back is now fixed!

Razzle United Kingdom www.myspace.com/razzle13

It didn't make me feel special, perse, but it sure saved my ass!

My dad had a heart attack there in Phoenix. I jumped in my old, beat up
1969 bug with about 35 cents in my pocket (L.A. radio doesn't really pay
all that much to the overnight kids) and actually made it out there fine.
He ended up being o-k.

On my way back, I broke down in the middle of the desert. The REAL desert
- the part where there ain't NOTHING. Thank God I rolled up next to a CALL BOX.
Two o'clock in the morning. AAA towed me to a gas station that dicked around
with the car for a few minutes before closing for the night - and claimed they
had fixed it. I wasn't even a quarter of a mile down the freeway before it sputtered
out and quit again.

Moments later, a dude in a pickup who had been hanging with a friend at that gas
station rolled up behind me. Check it out. He pushed me and my bug on the shoulder
ALL THE WAY to the next town!!! He got me to a place that could fix the car in the
morning (though I found some dudes hanging out at another place, and they got it
going that night so I could be back in time for my day shift that day) - but as soon
as he had gotten me there - he took off!

He had to know I had nothing to give him - he just did it because. I have thanked him
on the air countless times (esp. on Sirius for all the people out on the highways),
and wish him nothing but the very best in life - and am really sure that, ultimately,
someone who would do something fairly dangerous like that (trucks were whipping
past us) will have the very best of everything - and they deserve it.

Doug "Sluggo" Roberts Air Personality KROQ Los Angeles Sirius Satellite

Years ago someone gave birth to me.
(Actually I don't know if this is the right way to say it in English,
but you got the point right?)

Mireya Madrid Spain www.myspace.com/mireyanotes

Oh, for me, it's...
you, Jonathan found me and you continue to play our song on your show.
That's is the most kindest, coolest, nicest thing someone has ever done
for me-without I asking.

And, for Fab, it's happened on his birthday in 1998.
Our first daughter is born...he said what wounderful birthday present !!

Kiss !!
Lamia & Fab Paris France www.myspace.com/melamia

Good evening Jonathan,
I finally bookmarked your page and it is pretty neat. I also saw that
you published my message to you, about my son being killed.
Thank you Jonathan.

Alexander O, Connie's son

I am glad others can read about the positive outpouring of kindness I
received even from strangers and that for a moment people can focus on
the good things that others can do for one another sometimes.

Theres enough garbage in the universe that we both do and dwell on.
There sure is a shit load of that going around.
Well, I will visit your site more often and thanks again for publishing mine.

Keep well, and hug your kids when you can.

Connie-Lee Stockholm Sweden (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

* Connie, you are very welcome. I agree about the garbage. Your story
touched me and I'm sure anyone else who reads it. Much love.- JL

December 5
Margaret Cho
Very funny cutting edge stand-up comic, actresss, and author. Born in San Fricisco
in 1968. Although an acknowleded bi-sexual, Cho counts Quentin Tarantino and
Chris Isaak as former boyfriends. She will be playing the role of Janie in the forthcoming
film "Social Grace", now in post-production. Catch her old HBO special's when they
re-run them. She's great!

Birthday's today: Nick Stahl, Me, John Cale, Doctor Dre, Lisa Marie, Morgan Freeman,
Art Monk, Yuriko Tuchizakai, Donna Rose, Frankie Muniz, Angela Shelton, Leila Tong,
Larry Zbyszko, Morgan Brittany, Little Richard, Johnny Rezeznik (Goo Goo Dolls),
Jim Plunkett, Adrian Street, Heather Luttrell, Joan Didion, Tom Ferguson, Arisa Mizuki,
Rebecca Wright, Adam Howarth, Jennifer Newman, Otto Preminger (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: (see Sunday)

Well, my Mum gave me a diary with everyone's b'day already hand
written in, which I thought was very sweet.

My ex b/f hid a nightdress I wore when I was really ill because he
didn't want me to be ill ever again, which I found adorable.

When I was 21 and I came into college to find my friends had decorated
all over my desk and got me a cake & presents :)

Photo_Chick London England www.myspace.com/emmaporter

There are many things in my personal life where that's happened, but how
about I relate one from the industry, one that I'm sure NEVER happens.

In 1998, Two years after I left WFNX-Boston, I get this huge box in the mail
at my house. It looks exactly like the boxes we used to get in radio that
contained the gold or platinum records you'd get from labels for supporting
an artist - do they still do that?

Anyway, I open the box, and sure enough, there's a platinum record, framed,
with my name on the plaque. I'm thinking, well, this arrived REALLY late, until
I read the card inside. It was from Bill Carroll, who at the time, was working
records for the band Portishead. In short, he was sending it to me for believing
in and helping launch the band a few years before, and even though he was in the
midst of doing the obligatory hand-out to PD's and MD's at the time, he wanted me
to have one too for the work I helped him do so many years before.

Though Bill and I were friends for life already, that industry-related gesture made
by him long after I'd jumped off the alternative train was one of the kindest and
most considerate things anyone had ever done for me.

There's nothing like a reward for something you did in this industr
y, when you did
it from passion and not obligation, especially when you thought no one was
looking or cared.

"Boy" Troy Smith Cape Cod MA

So many amazing things happened to and it
depends on how people view it... but one thing that I never forget when
I was 24 old, there's one person that teach me and make me realise
about life and it's really change myself.

1) I went home one night, and I found a rose with a card on my dressing
table. I open the card and there's a money he slip on card and the words
that he wrote is really touching. ( You are such a wonderfull person and
amazing girl...and meeting was a bless. I hope this will help you to start
something in your life).

2) It was during Valentine and he came and took me to the store to buy
grocerry. I was mad at first because expecting that he will took me for candle
light dinner. Well you know woman...he.he

We went home after shopping and he asked me to help him cooking for dinner
that nite. So, we did and finally after dinner that night he was keep smiling and
stared at me like there's something in his mind...and I asked him why? He asked
me if I was mad and I remain silence. Finally he asked to get something in my bag.
when I open it I saw a handmade card and there's anothe
r check inside the card.

I was laughing and I straightly give him a big hug and say thank you.
With those money I enrolled my self to college.

He always make me felt special and love til today. We still bestfriend.

Victoria Malaysia/Vietnam, now resides in Switzerland
( from myspace.com-no forwarding URL )

My boss (who is USUALLY a self-centered ass)
suprised me last year with a RIAA certified platinum record/cd/cassette
display of PEARL JAM'S "TEN".

See, he's a program director, and was in radio around the "TEN" days,
and back then record companies used to engrave the PD's name on it
and send it out to them as a 'thank you' for the album doing so well.
KNOWING what a huge PJ fan I am, Alex had his name plate removed,
and MY name put in it's place. It's about a $900 display and he GAVE it
to me 'just because'.

WOW, talk about almost passing out!

Just thought I'd share that with ya. Thx for reminding me too...makes me
feel all warm and fuzzy about the douche! LOL

Stacey Morning co-host MIX 107.9 KVLY /weekends Q94.5 THE ROCK
South Texas www.myspace.com/sherocker

A few years ago I was in a bad car accident.
I was hit really hard at an intersection and my air bag went off before
I even knew it. Right afterward I looked in my rearview mirror and
noticed that my face was badly scraped from being burned by the airbag.
Since I had never been in an accident before, I was really shaken and afraid.

When I got out of my completely wrecked car I saw a man walking towards me.
He was dressed up in a nice suit and jacket and for some reason I felt very
connected to him. By this time I was crying hysterically and even though he
was a stranger I walked right into his outstretched arms in desperate need
for a hug. He told me his name was Jeffrey and that he was an RN. He said
he had witnessed the whole accident and wanted to help, since I was obviously
hurt (the other people were not). After the police and the ambulance arrived he
let me sit in his car (a beautiful old Jaguar) and used his cell phone to call my
family to come get me. He even talked to them on the phone at one point when
I was too choked up to talk. The whole time I was there at the scene of the
accident he was by my side, even giving me medical advice on how to care for
my scraped up face so that it would heal without scarring (which it did, thankfully!).

A few days later I sent him flowers. I have never heard from him since, but I will
always remember his kindness. It's amazing how a stranger can be there for
another stranger in their time of need and expect nothing in return. I don't know
what I would've done if he hadn't been there. Humans can be really amazing
sometimes. :-)

Dina D'Alessandro Musician Los Angeles California www.myspace.com/dinadalessandro

I don't think it has happeded yet, unfortunately.
I've had strangers coming up to me in the street telling me that I'm the
most beautiful they've ever seen, guys giving me flowers and gifts for no
real reason... and it has always made me feel special. But I've not yet had
that really amazing moment!

Freddie H�ssleholm Sweden (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

December 4
Tyra Banks
Named as one the most beautiful women in the world by People Magazine both
in 1994 and 1996. One of America's top models for years. Also has a television
and film career. Born in and raised in Inglewood, California 1973. NOT a very good
section of Los Angeles. She is the CEO of her own company TY inc. Tyra is a
regular call-in guest on the Kevin and Bean show on KROQ, Los Angeles, and
she is allergic to dogs.

Birthday's today: Casssandra Wilson, Jay-Z, Nikki Tyler, Jeff Bridges, Tricia Yen,
Bernard King, Anke Huber, Pamela Stephenson, Chris Hillman, Lindsey Felton,
Tze-Kin Cheng, Freddy Cannon, "Southside" Johnny Lyon, Corliss Williamson,
Gary Rossington (Rossington-Collins Band), Brian Cook, Dennis Wilson (Beach Boys R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: What is the most amazing thing that
someone has done for you? You didn't ask, but, it
made you feel special.

Hi Jonathan,
I recently lost my 16-year old son 30 days ago here in Stockholm,
Sweden. I am American.

He died in a crazy tragic accident, getting electrocuted to death with
16000 volts that hopped 1.4 meters out at him while he was fooling
around by a train.

Over 800 people came to his funeral and the American and English
speaking groups I deal with here in Stockholm, online and have contact
with have gathered over 4,000 dollars in donations. Plus they fixed food
for a month...took and helped me with everything and people helped me
in every possible way. The whole commuity and country, because the
media followed my sons accident's story and even came to the funeral.

Even several American friends flew over including a musician friend of
mine who played and wrote his song called "Words Are Not Enough" at the
funeral, touching everyones hearts.

I asked what I did to deserve all the love support and kindness and they all
answered...your just getting back what you give out. That was an awesome
awakening among such a tragedy

Connie Lee Stockholm Sweden (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

* Connie, as I sent you in an e-mail after I recieved this, I have 3 sons and
2 daughters, and I just cannot imagine what you have been through. The
support you recieved is just incredible and spiritual. Be strong and well.- JL

December 3
Julianne Moore
Red hair, freckles, one of the most sought after actress's in Hollywood today. She
has appeared in almost 50 films such as "Big Lebowski", Hannibal", "The Hours",
"The Fugitive", "Boogie Nights", and "The Lost World: Jurassic Park" to name a
few. Born in 1960 in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Julianne has 5 films in the works
for 2006 and 2007 already. No wonder why she is laughing.-lol

Birthday's today:
Daryl Hannah, Katarina Witt, Brendean Fraser, Ozzy Ozbourne,
Samantha Fox, Riki Chosyu, Mickey Thomas (Jefferson Airplane/Starship),
Holly Marie Combs, Lauren Roman, Brian Bonsall, Bobby Allison, Lindsey Hunter,
Melody Anderson, Laura Dean, Jessica Wylde, Valerie Perrine, Anna Chlumsky,
Ralph McTell, Paul Gregg (Restless Hearts), Jennifer Rothschild, Kevin Telles

I believe radio is still the best media ever.
I have all the respect for moderators because its a major job to entertain
people on this way! Some radio stations follow me all my life and I will love
them forever! They feel like home! The voices become kind of family, sounds
weird but it's the way I feel about... :-)

Hope this is ok, sorry for my english...it's not really the best.

Harmony Netherlands (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

*Your English was just perfect Harmony. I think you and a few others
this past week really put radio in the right perspective for what it is.
Sure, there is much wrong with radio, yet radio still serves a function
for many.-JL

December 2
Lucy Liu
Lucy Liu is pretty much a household name by now. Two "Charlie's Angel's"
films didn't hurt & Two "Kill Bill" flicks didn't either. Personally I think she
kicks major ass in "Ballistic Ecks vs Sever", but I imagine most of you
wouldn't agree. Liu was born in 1968 to Immigrant Chinese parents in
Queens, New York. In the coming year look for her to Executive produce
and star in "Charlie Chan".

Birthday's today:
Britney Spears, Nelly Furtado, Monica Seles, Steven Bauer,
Rick Savage (Def Leppard), Michael McDonald (Doobie Brothers), Meg Griffen,
Myung- Whan Chung (Chung Sisters), Mark Kotsay, Willie Brown, Dan Butler,
Cathy Lee Crosby, Holly Hollywood, Stone Phillips, Elna Reinach, Julie Harris

Q of The Week: (see yesterday)

To me I think of being 13 and listening
to John Peel, a great way for unsigned punk bands to get a listen in.

Whoops thats the past

Shrigvamp Filmaker London England www.myspace.com/shrigvamp

Radio to me is company in my Taxi,
whilst I'm sitting on my own at 4am in the dark, waiting for work.

Tia Essex United Kingdom www.myspace.com/queen_bee_

Yeah, I was listening to the station the other day, nice
one. I DJ myself for a small online station been doing it 4 years and
I really enjoy it .

I have a bad show from 9-10 hahaha, that's when I get bad on air, but I
be myself which to me that's what DJing is all about being yourself and
having fun !!! To me if I couldn't have fun I wouldn't do it.

Yeah, I'm glad I came back I took time out from it for a bit but I missed
the place. lol

Joanne Lac's Burnley United Kingdom www.myspace.com/t0xicuk

Radio is still one of the most powerful ways
to get an artist known...however, it is for the most part inaccessible to
new artists on smaller indie labels. Most artists that are not affiliated
with a major label are shut out of that arena. Internet radio is a cool
new vehicle to help breaking artists but of course, most do not yet have
the same kind of power to spread the word about new artists.

I have received pretty good support from radio for the most part and am
always very grateful for that support! Just wish there were more avenues
open to new artists!!!!!!!!

Mark Wright somewhere in the United States Musician www.myspace.com/markwright

"Radio...someone still loves you.."
At the risk of sounding like some sad and lonely, radio is like a pal.

Not some energy sapping, life bleeding leech, but a cheery, selfless
friend who's only interest in life is to make me smile.

Lilla London England (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

Radio seems to have become a sad state of affairs. All the big stations,
or all the stations swallowed up by the Clear Channel monster seem to
spend a lot of time focusing on charts and not on real talent. They have
become sterile and predictable all in the name of advertising sales and
the perfect demo.

Thank god there are still some independantly owned stations left keeping
the quality of music at a high and allowing room for new and talented up
and coming artists. There is Jonathan at KUPD and Dwight at M995 and
John at X1039, Daryl at KCAL, Poly C at the Waitt Network who continue
to be true DJ's true music lovers. Hats off to you gentlemen, the future of
Rock is counting on you all.

I wish it was about the music and not only about the money!!!
We love you Jonathan keep up the good work!!!

Laura Brady Backstage Pass Management Conspiracy of Thought

*Blushing (humbly), I say thank you Laura.-JL

I use the radio only to listen to eighties and
nineties songs and not more than that.

Nice regards from Holland

Anjalisa Holland Netherlands (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

Radio is...music, information, news
up to the mintue bulletins and its something I class as my car
companion as well as my CD's of course :-)

Maiden71 United Kingdom www.myspace.com/maiden71

www.radioparadise.com is really the best most enjoyable radio station

I listen to it almost daily. Great contemporary freeform radio and of
all the records I have worked they only play the good ones. KROQ is
unbeatable, they may not be perfect but they are larger than life and
for me if it is not on KROQ it is not on my musical radar.

Lastly, I am digging XM's Deep Tracks.

Steve Tipp Thousand Oaks California

Radio should be music and updates. Heading
into the future, it has since lost the reason it came to be.

The meaning of radio has been forgotten.

Mistress Liesl Chandler Arizona www.myspace.com/drayesmama

Almost a living.

Bill Blog Los Angeles California www.myspace.com/billblog

Hey Jonathan,

Well, I guess I didn't express myself too well. I certainly wasn't
putting down myspace. I'm actually a big myspace fan. All of our bands
have myspace pages and I too have found some great new artists there.
They're just harder to find (for me).

Gary St. Clair Dynatone Records Palmdale California

December 1
Carol Alt
One of the top model's of the '80s. Although she was born on Long Island,
New York in 1960, Alt has starred in over 40 European films. She has just
completed a new film, "Mattie Fresno And The Holoflux Universe".

Birthday's today: Julie Cruise, Charlene Tilton, Bette Midler, Lee Trevino, Lou Rawls,
Treat Williams, George Foster, Andrea Paige Wilson, Jaco Pastorious, Woody Allen,
Shelby Stevens, Eric Bloom (Blue Oyster Cult), Mindy Miller, Nestor Carbonell,
Golden Brooks, Annette Haven, Steve Walsh, Reggie Sanders, Bob Goen

Q of THE WEEK continues:
What does radio mean to you nowadays?
Think quickly! Be spontaneous. Be it positive or not.

Well, I don't listen to radio-shows that much,
because here in Germany they mostly play the same songs 5 times a day
- just the charts up and down. There are surely some internet-radios that
are much better - but they are so hard to find.

greetz from Germany, sina :o)

Sina from Pzychobitch Ruhrebeat Germany www.myspace.com/pzychobitchsina

Noise pollution (in most cases).

Silke NRW Germany www.myspace.com/weirdsister

Growing up in Washington DC, I remember when FM radio started to take
over the airwaves. Stations like WHFS let the DJ's play whatever they
liked. Sometimes, if they liked an artist a lot, they would just put
on an LP and play a whole side. Not a good business model, but a
magical time for musicians and music lovers. And for DJ's. They had the
privilege and responsibility to guide the listeners to great new music.
This was when artists like Hendrix and Janis Joplin and Bob Dylan were
emerging and the album, not the "single" were the focus. Still love
radio, and think it's still powerful, but I sure miss those days. It
sure beats sorting through all the crappy bands on MySpace.

Gary St. Clair Dynatone Records Palmdale California

* Gary, it's nice to opine about the "magical years", yet in your last
sentence you pretty much probably pissed off the myspace band
population. Not that I'm Perry Mason, but I will defend some of these
artists. I have found some gems for me (my show), that maybe others
could care less about...but I care. I do agree there is crap on myspace,
but there is just as much out there on major, mid-size and small labels.
Believe me...my office gets a strange odor from them. -JL

Generally the same shitty music
however, I don't have a CD player in my car and that's the only time
I listen to the radio so I get stuck with generally...
the same SHITTY MUSIC.

Kayla-Jane DANGER Los Angeles California www.myspace.com/_just_jane

During long car journeys,
it's a valuable source of travel information, and a companion.
And, over the years, it's introduced me to a lot of great artists.

H United Kingdom (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

Radio to me means music, culture,
entertainment and information on the go, anywhere and everywhere,
at anytime day or night.

XLeticia singer of The Screeches London England www.myspace.com/aliensexfiend

Radio is like a box of chocolates you never know what ya are gonna get....
um, actually you know exactly what you are going to get...the same thing
every time...but I see in my crystal ball things will get better soon.
Of course also in that crystal ball I am receiving an Oscar.

Summer "Gruvegirl" James Los Angeles California (go to Archives for past rants)

Radio at the end of 2005 going into 2006 means:
Now-called "free radio" -- a moniker dreamed-up by Viacom, or their Madison
Ave. advertising agency... "Jack" format of no DJ's all across the country.

80+ spins a week for Linkin Park on Clear Channel owned terrestrial radio stations.

Followed by more Green Day spins...on all the "new rock first" radio stations...
followed by more Linkin Park or even Metallica.

Sirius satellite radio practically mandatory for long drives or long inter-state driving.

Podcast(s), downloading via i-Tunes as the radio version of Tivo or DVR's.
A very helpful tool for not missing your favorite radio shows, some only air
once a week for an hour or two.

Morning drive radio still relevant for driving-to-work commuters,
but Howard is on Sirius.

Rachel Zilla BROADZILLA Detroit Michigan (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

Radio, once was a way of finding new interesting music.
Now, to me, it is little more than the annoying drone in the
background at work playing the same 5 songs.

Marian Oxfordshire United Kingdom www.myspace.com/cherrysmashes

The radio that means something to me today is community radio, what
KXCI is doing: local culture, DIY spirit; ordinary people playing music that
they love, sharing it with others, turning people on to something that
they think is fabulous.

That includes the chatter between songs, which is intended to educate, not
to entertain. Whereever the spirit of old FM radio goes, that's where I like to go.
Otherwise, radio is something to help me fall asleep at night, or to make a drive
to Phoenix shorter.

Howard Salmon Tucson Arizona