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February 26

Linda Brava
Linda also goes by her real name Linda Lampenius. She is the daughter
of Börje Lampenius. Born in 1970 in Helsinki, Finland, Linda is a class
violinist who also models, acts, and has posed nude for publications.
She did appear on one episode of "Baywatch Hawaii', and has been all
over Finish television and film. She is 5'7".
"Hyppönen Enbuske Experience",
is the most recent thing she has done.

Birthday's today:
Amanda Street, Jennifer Grant, Brittany York, Michael Bolten,
Bree Walker, Katie ONeil, Sophie Winter, Emily Aston, Julia Brendler, Lisa Mason,
Ashley Evans, Jenny Thompson, Rachel Veltri, Jonathan Caine (Journey, Babys),
Allison Armitage, JT Snow, Sandie Shaw, Ron Fox, Mitch Ryder (Detroit Wheels),
Bob "Bear" Hite (Canned Heat R.I.P.), "Fats" Domino (R.I.P.), Johnny Cash (R.I.P.)

February 25
Téa Leoni
The 5'8" Elizabeth Téa Pantaleoni was born in New York City in 1966.
Graduated from the Putney School in Putney, VT in 1984. Auditioned for a
"Charlie's Angels" (1976) remake role (as a dare) and got the part. A writer's
strike in Hollywood meant the series was never made, but the pre-publicity
was enough to get Tea noticed.Grandmother was one of the founders of UNICEF.
She is a vegan. She is married to David Duchovney (X-Files), and they have two
children. Personally I'm a big fan, but didn't care for her in "Spanglish".

Birthday's today:
Carrott Top, Ric Flair, Jenny Byrne, Heather Lindell, John Doe (X),
David Putnam, Kurt Rambis, Kirrily Sharpe, Jennifer Ferrin, Mike Peters (The Alaram),
Samaki Walker, Gabriela Platas, Julio Eglesias Jr., Leann Hunley, Allison Roberts,
Stuart "Woody" Wood (Bay City Rollers), Ron Santo, George Harrison (Beatles R.I.P.)

A jlradio.com reader gets the last word on
Vampires exist or not.

I would like to reply to those
that consider someone who is Vampire to be mentally unstable.

If that is the case, then so can be said of all others that have a
fetish or do things outside the "NORM".

I find this train of thought very narrow minded and who are they
to judge what is normal. If they choose to live a vanilla lifestyle
then that's their choice, I have no problem with that or their choices.

The question was, "Do you believe in Vampires?
Not an open forum to slag people of different persuasions off.

That's the easy option for someone who doesn't know anything about
it and who hasn't made the effort to find out.

If indeed everyone who drinks or consumes blood is mental then that
applies to all those that enjoy a rare steak...with one difference...
we dont eat the flesh!!!!!

Amber Bedford Bedfordshire United Kingdom www.myspace.com/yvonne62

*Thank you Amber for having the guts to speak out and make
this page an open forum, which it is.-JL

February 24
Bonnie Somerville
Most recently Det. Laura Murphy of "NYPD Blue", Bonnie was born where I was,
the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, 1974, New York. She attended Boston College
as a Musical Theater major, and left to move back home to New York to try acting
Bonnie sang in many bands in the NYC music scene, and had a
development deal to sing her own music at 17 years old. She was noticed by a
modeling scout while waiting tables in NYC, and did some modeling in New York,
and Europe, only to return more focused on acting.
She moved to Los Angeles at
age 22, and very quickly had a band, and then an agent. One of her first auditions,
after getting an agent was for the lead role in CBS's mini-series, "Shake, Rattle and
Roll: An American Love Story" (1999) (mini) in which she also sang. She now lives in
Los Angeles. Was on the cover of Stuff magazine in May 2004, issue titled, "Girls of
"The O.C." (2003)"

Birthday's today:
Billy Zane, Rupert Holmes, Paula Zahn, Edward James Olmos,
Helen Shaver, Carolina Hoyos, Sammy Kershaw, Barry Bostwick, Sherrie Rose,
Steven St. Croix, Plastic Bertrand, Mitch Hedberg, Eddie Murray, Nicole Lyn,
Steve Jobs, Nicky Hopkins (Quicksilver Messenger Service), Mike Lowell,
Michelle Shocked, Brandi-Alisa Bates, Sarah Lee Guthrie, Samantha Aisling

Q of THE WEEK: Vampires coming to a close.

I think,that just with all other
lifestyles there is always a possibility that something other
than what is classed as the *norm* exists.

Does this mean I believe in Vampires, yes. But, then I also believe
in ghosts . So, maybe I'm just wierd. lol

My all time favourite Vampire movie would have to be Queen of the Damned.

As for the song, well that would have to be "Body Crumbles" performed by
Dry Cell or
"Forsaken" performed by David Draiman of Disturbed.

Thanks for asking such an interesting question.
Be interesting to see that other responses.

Tanika Queensland Australia www.myspace.com/badgurlinoz

Hey Jonathan...no, I don't think "real" Vampires exist.
I do think there are people who emulate them well...and would be
easily mistaken for what we read about in Anne Rice novels.

Interesting topic. :)

Cory James Air Personality KUPD Phoenix Arizona

Can't say that I believe Vampires
truly exist, I've read the story of the real Dracula (Vlad The
Impaler)... but still think that the Vampire legend is just an
interesting myth.

Have always liked the Vampire flick Near Dark from
1987. Coppola's Bram Stoker's Dracula was a good film as well.

Any Vampire song by The Misfits is cool..."Vampira" comes to mind!

Jason KVLU 91.3 Beaumont Texas www.myspace.com/needledrop93

I'm willing to believe just about
anything, honestly. Aliens? Sure.

Vampires? You bet. Bigfoot? Absolutely.

It's more fun to think they
exist than get mired in fact-finding.

OK, hell, I've been reading a lot of
escapist stuff lately (Harry Potter,
Eragon, Lord of the Rings,
Narnia). Elves, dwarves, dragons? Totally.

Notorious Liz Queens New York www.notoriousradio.com

Movie: Dracula, one with Wynona.
Song: "Bloodletting".

Joey Gusto Program Director WBER Rochester New York

February 23
Kristin Davis
Life after Sex And The City will be great to the 5'6" actress who was born
in 1965 in Boulder, Colorado. Look for her in Scoccer Moms this year. She
as has some interesting things happen to her. Such as.
Was written out of
"Melrose Place" (1992) in 1996 after only being with the show a year, reportedly
because the viewers hated her character, Brooke, so much and the writers did
not know what to do with her.
She is the only of the 4 main actresses from
"Sex and the City" (1998) to guest-star on "Friends" (1994). Is a Maybelline
spokesperson. Ranked #42 in Stuff magazine's "102 Sexiest Women in the World"
(2002). Childhood hero was Gloria Steinem. Hobbies include Yoga, Baking and Hiking.

Birthday's today:
Peter Fonda, David Sylvian (Japan), Marc Price, Adele Schober,
Rusty Young (Poco), Johnny Winter, Courtney Culkin, Michael Dell, Heather Young,
Patricia Richardson, Ria Brieffries (Dolly Dots), Howard Jones, Michael Tricario,
Michael Wilton (Queensryche), Bobby Bonilla, Mai Nakahara, Sascha Zacharias,
Brad Whitford, Sylvia Chase, Neil Jordan, Yvonne Tousek, Ed "Too Tall" Jones

Q of THE WEEK: winding down on Vampires. 2 Days left

Well, I absolutely love
the concept of the Vampire.

Imortallity, strength, sex appeal, and knowledge of events that
happened in the past. (time travel has facinated me since I was
very young) I don't neccassarily believe they really do exist even
though I would like to I'm just to realistic to let myself.

Now I think the best Vampire movie of all time is Queen of the Damned.
The Vampire rock star! My fantasy in full form! Lestat is the sexiest
Vampire and the sexiest rocker ever. I watch that movie and fanatasize
of how great it would be to have such a wonderful life full of excitement
and the ability to live it forever.

The best song for a Vampire...thats kinda tough I think the movie pretty
much pegged that one. Any song performed by Jonathan Davis of Korn, or
David Draiman of Disturbed would be enough for me.

Great question!!

Misty (grrr...) St. Petersburg Florida www.myspace.com/rockerchicxxx

Yes, Vampires exist.
They may not necessarily be in the glamorized Hollywood form
that one might think, but they are real.

Picking a Vampire movie is tough though because there are so many
different genres of Vampire films, but one of my favorites is Interview
With The Vampire, the original Dracula (Bela Lugosi) Bram Stoker's, and
Lost Boys.

As far as songs go, two come to mind. "Suspended In Dusk" by Type O
Negative, and "Bloodletting (The Vampire Song)" by Concrete Blonde. Both
of these songs really epitomise the Vampire lifestyle, well because they are
told from the perspective of the Vampire itself. And while each of these songs
are completely different styles of music and have a different atmosphere,
they fit their respective lyrics well, and sound both tormented and erotic all
at once.

^*^MG^*^ Peoria Arizona www.myspace.com/raevynwitch

I'm not into Vampires,
even if I can enjoy reading books and watching movies.

But as with any religion, I don't believe in things that I haven't seen.
They might exist, as well as ghost might do, but maybe everyone can't
see or talk to them. So, I'm not judging any believers, as long as they
don't force me to believe.

For movies and books, it's the same for both subjects, not sure about
the title in English, but Anne Rice has it... for me at least.

Music for Vampires... Dark Funeral - "Shadows Over Transylvania".

Anna (aka Bluesaint) Sweden www.myspace.com/bluesaint

Hi Jonathan,

I think that there are some pretty freaky people out there, but I don't
think there is such a thing as Vampires (i.e. someone who part bat, who
bites your neck to suck your blood dry).

Howie Salmon Author Tucson Arizona

How can anybody who's worked in the music business for any length of time
not believe that bloodsuckers exist?

Dred Scott Westwood One Los Angeles California

My favourite Vampire movie
is Bram Stoker's Dracula (the modern version).

I liked Interview With The Vampire but I preferred the books.

I don't really know any songs about Vampires.
I don't know if they
exist or not but I have always thought it a very romantic idea.

Imagine being so free yet so chained at the same time!

Kerry Wellington New Zealand www.myspace.com/cheekykez

Ok- Vampires Rock!!!!

First of all must address GODSMACKS Song Called "Vampires" off the
album Awake.
"few creatures of the night have captured our imagination like Vampires
what explains our enduring fascination with Vampires".

Godsmack rocks!!!!!

Ok ok, with that being said: favorite Vampire Movie had to be Lost Boys.
Never has a movie had such a great combination of: soundtrack, scary
Vampire vibe , with downright Vampire humor.
"that's it, Im telling Mom your a butt sucking Vampire" (I believe the line went)

I do believe there is always some truth behind the legends and myths... after all
I've known a few bloodsucking attorneys for sure!!!!

Love ya Jonathan, keep asking those great questions!!!

Laura Brady Manager- Conspiracy Of Thought San Diego California

February 22
Drew Barrymore
Drew was born into a legendary acting family and began at age 3 in 1975.
She was born in Culver City, California in 1975. She has been in over 60 TV
shows and films. I used to see her at numerous shows in Los Angeles. She
is a huge fan of music. The 5'4" actress never finished high school. She is half
Hungarian from her mother's side. Granddaughter of actor John Barrymore
and Dolores Costello - on her father's side. Steven Spielberg is her godfather.
Chosen by "People" magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the
World (1997). She was, at seven years old, the youngest person ever to host
"Saturday Night Live" (1975). Great-niece of famed actors, Ethel Barrymore
and Lionel Barrymore. Ranked #61 in Premiere's 2002 annual Power 100 List.
February 3, 2004: Got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, joining her famous
relatives Ethel Barrymore, John Barrymore and Lionel Barrymore as recipients
of that honor. Godmother of the late Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love's daughter,
Frances Bean. Owns her own production company, "Flower Films".

Birthday's today:
Vijay Singh, Jonathan Demme, Kyle MacLachlin, Miou-Miou,
Julie Walters, Chris Dudley, Jeri Ryan, Mark Chmura, Ted Kennedy, David Lopez,
Sparky Anderson, Lisa Huber, Dick Van Arsdale, Debbie Linden, Michael Chang,
Allison Hayes, Julius Irving, Susan Benjamin, Don Van Spall (Sleeze Beez)

Q of THE WEEK: More Vampire stories.

Mmmm...I have always had an erotic
fascination with Vampires, so the kinky part of me likes to pretend
that they exist.

I have actually met or seen people who take the Vampire lifestyle
very seriously, but rather than go around trying to suck random
strangers' blood they instead do it consentually with a lover. Although
I don't partake in this lifestyle myself, I do love the euphoric sensation
of biting and can therefore understand why people living the Vamp
lifestyle would get something out of taking it further to actual blood-sucking.

I don't know if I would ever try it myself, but it's not exactly ruled out either.
If I ever dabbled in acting again, I would certainly love to play one!

It's hard for me to pick the best Vampire movie of all time, but my personal
favorite is Bram Stoker's Dracula. I absolutely loved Gary Oldman as Dracula,
and there was so much passion in that movie...it sucked me in from beginning
to end. Yum.

Okay this might sound predictable, but I can't help picking "Haunted" by
Type O Negative because of the lyrics. And the band just makes me think
of Vampires every time I hear them, especially due to the rousing deep
voice of Peter Steele.

Another yum. But I also have this CD with orchestrated Vampire-themed
music (no lyrics) which is so beautiful (it doesn't say who the artist is though).

*sigh* Thanks, Jonathan...now I know what I'll be fantasizing about when I go
to bed tonight!

Trisha Gilbert Arizona www.myspace.com/trisha72

CoreyO.jpg Oh, Vampires are real! Just like the movie
Leaving Las Vegas is real...to me anyway. I know they are real because
I dated a Vampire once.

She never bit me but she constantly sucked my soul dry by asking me to buy
her shit all the time and complaining that I never hang out with her enough or
that I never opened up to her emotionally or that I hung out with my friends
too much.

There are many kinds of Vampires and she was the worst. My friends
eventually broke me from her evil spell by telling me that they, "fucking
hated her hanging at our house and that I would have to move out if she
kept coming around."

So, yes, Vampires are real just like getting evicted can be real.

Movie: Interview With The Vampire.

Song: "You Suck" by The Murmurs

Cory O' Brien On-air, APD, Imaging, KXRK X-96 Salt Lake City Utah

Do I believe in Vampyres?
Well, I believe that there are groups and individuals ( especially in
the modern Western world ) who believe that they are Vampyres.
They are ususally Goths- and really believe that drinking another
persons blood will empower them. This is usually a consenting act
between donors and Vampyres.

Humans have done this in one form or another since time began -
think of cannabalism, scalp hunters, human sacrifice etc .There are
those that believe killing and taking part of the victims body be it
human or animal (eating body parts or drinking their blood) will make
them more powerful, give them eternal life, stop the crops from failing etc.

There are crazed, sadistic killers in history who enjoyed killing and drinking
their victims blood- Elizabeth Barthory, Vlad the Impaler etc.

Then there are modern day serial killers who believe that by eating their victims -
they will never leave them , they will never be alone.

Do I believe in Vampyres being able to fly, climb walls, change themselves into
bats, crumble at the sight of a crucafix or garlic? No! I think we have the story
tellers to thank for that! And what great stories! Bram Stoker, Ann Rice etc.

The best Vampyre film has to be the origional Nosferatu, but I'm also very
fond of Interview With The Vampire.

Tangerine Dream United Kingdom (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

WillAlien.jpg Of course I believe in Vampires.
I'm in radio. I've been working for bloodsuckers my whole life.

Willobee Program Director 102.7 EQX - THE REAL ALTERNATIVE
WEQX.COM Listen on-Line 802-362-4800
PO Box 102.7 Manchester, VT 05254

Vampires. I'd say maybe not
the Hollywood glamour version, the blood suckers and the
night walkers, but I sure believe in energy Vampires.

There are some people that just seem to drain you. I also reckon people
who are allergic to the sun could be considered Vampires, but do they really
go and live off of blood?

The best film? There are so many and they are all brilliant for their own
individual reasons. The more independant the better.

And the song, "Sympathy For the Devil" by the Rolling Stones
(or even the Axl Rose version)

Tayler Brighton England www.myspace.com/taylersuicide

JonLandman.jpg From the 80's
you'd have to say LOST BOYS! Mullets & Vampires
is a
leathal combo!

Jon Landman @ The Syn Weekhawken New Jersey

February 21
Jennifer Love Hewitt
The young actress/singer was born in 1979 in Waco, Texas. Even though she
has carved out quite a career, it wasn't easy. Lost the role of Juliet in
Romeo + Juliet (1996) to Claire Danes because the director felt she
wasn't "modern" enough. Lost the role of Darlene in Brokedown Palace
(1999) to Kate Beckinsale because of scheduling conflicts. Auditioned for
the role of Tricia Jones in Mallrats (1995), and almost got it, but lost out
at the last moment to actress Renée Humphrey. Was considered for the
title role in Lolita (1997). Was offered a role on the WB's "Charmed" (1998),
taking over Shannen Doherty's place, but turned it down (2001). Ah, but
through it all, JLH has overcome. Voted in at #7 in FHM's Sexiest Girls of 2002
poll, American edition (June 2002). She has recorded four albums: "Love Songs"
in 1992, "Let's Go Bang" in 1995, "Jennifer Love Hewitt" in 1996, and "BareNaked"
in 2002, which was produced by singer/songwriter Meredith Brooks. Named #32
on the Maxim magazine Hot 100 of 2005 list.

Birthday's today:
Charlotte Church, Alan Rickman, William Petersen, Tyne Daly,
Jake "Body By Jake" Steinfield, Alan Trammell, David Geffen, Larry Hagman,
Jerry Harrison (Talking Heads), Wendy James (Transvision Vamp), Troy Slaten,
Mary-Chapin Carpenter, Jack Coleman, Tommy Hendricks, Jean-Jaques Brunel,
Nicole Parker, Nina Simon (R.I.P.).Sam Peckinpaw (R.I.P.), Erma Bombeck (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: Vampires continues.

I do believe that Vampires are real.
Although...not what Hollywood claims that they do. I do not
believe that they go out and randomly suck peoples blood and kill.

I know that they are more proper and normal of humans. sorta like
people who are lactose intolorent.. although these people need blood
for there energy level and to feel good within.

Vampires could be anyone. Your neighbor, teacher, boss, manager,
just about anyone. I have quite a few movies about Vampires although
I hate that most of them depict the Hollywood blood sucking Vampire.
Although, these are some good movies.

The Lost Boys
Interview With a Vampire
Horror of Dracula
Legacy of Dracula
Mark of the Vampire
My Best Friend is a Vampire
Lake of Dracula
The Loves of Count Yorga, Vampire

There are so many movies out there that I enjoy watching although most
of them are the Hollywood versions which bite.. although it's what people
nowadays believe.

I would have to say the artist that most reminds me of Vampires is
Jyrki from the 69 Eyes. I think it's his voice.

Stephanie (aka Infection) Los Angeles California www.myspace.com/deaddolly0

Max Tolkoff is a Vampire. He also invented the Alternative format.
Just ask him.

Lenny Diana PD WRZX Indianapolis Indiana

Hi Jonathan-
A very stimulating question indeed. I certainly believe that their
are types of Vampires. But there are fine lines, I think, between
fantasy and reality.

Vampires are perhaps those individuals for whom the lines are
blurred more so than others. Is there any doubt there are night
dwelling creatures who feed off of other humans? The blood
drinking part, albeit sexy, probably more fantasy derived from
ancient folk lore than modern reality. But, I know I lived a
Vampiresque lifestyle from about 1984-1990 embracing a night
driven reality that focused around maintaining the high, and
demanded the attention of others to keep the lifestyle. Certainly
by definition, something of a vampire.

I am also a huge fan of Anne Rice. I think Lestat is probably my
biggest fantasty. Who could walk the streets of New Orleans in the
wee hours of the night or the ancient ruins of cemetaries in
New Orleans or Pere La Chaise in Paris and not look about for
the undead.

Best Vampire movie ever. Although I didn't hate Interview with the
Vampire the way I thought I would after they cast Tom Cruise...could
there be any other discussion after the mention of The Hunger? Can we
file that under "hottest lesbian vampire sex scene ever"....c''mon
Catherine Deneuve had me at the first bite. I was ready to sign on...
and throw David Bowie in there as the cherry to top their cake. I was a goner.

And...best Vampire song ever...of course there must be talk of
"Bela Legosi's Dead" as the quinessential Vampire song. I think
Peter Murphy altogether has a smoky Vampiresque voice...how
about "Cuts you up"?

That's my two cents.
Anastasia (aka Tinkerbell) Los Angeles California

I think there are people who think they are Vampires.

Best movie: Original Dracula with Bela Lugosi with soundtrack updated
by Kronos Quartet.

Best song: "Night Of The Vampire" by Roky Erickson.

Mark Mayfield Mornings KSLX Phoenix Arizona

Hey Jonathan, interesting question!
It's not something I've really thought about but now that you mention it
I'd like to think that Vampires existed but then I'd be lying, especially if
they were like the one's portrayed in the movies!

I happened to watch a documentary a while back which claimed that
Vampires did exist, however these so called Vampires were actually just
people getting a thrill out of biting each other and eating some of their so
called victims flesh, no blood sucking or transformations!

Isn't that just cannibalism? hmmm?

Addi Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom www.myspace.com/littleoldmelol

OOh Vampyres!!!!
Best movie of all time - The Lost Boys, no comparison...
" you're eating maggots Michael, how do they taste?"

I love the idea that Vampyres might exsist, and yes I have been
effected by films, books and pictures, but they possess such a style
and grace, I am envious beyond belief. And how come they always
dress so well??? LOVE THEM!!!!

Sophie Auckland New Zealand www.myspace.com/sophieuk

Maybe I've had a few ex-girlfriends that I thought were Vampires, but no
such thing.

Monk Doctor of Production (Production Director)
Citadel Broadcasting, Inc. 142 Skyland Blvd. Tuscaloosa, AL 35405

February 20
Cindy Crawford
Model/actress was born in DeKalb, Illinois in 1966. One of the five original
supermodels. The others are Claudia Schiffer, Christy Turlington, Naomi
Campbell, and Linda Evangelista. Started modeling at age 19. Has been on
the cover of more than 600 magazines worldwide including Vouge, W, People,
Harper's Bazaar, ELLE, and Allure. First modern Supermodel to pose for Playboy.
Spent a short time on welfare as a child. The 5' 91/2" beauty's nickname is "Baby
Gia", and is well known for the mole above her lip.
Ranked number 5 on Playboy's
list of the 100 Sexiest Stars of the Century. Was the inspiration for Prince's song
"Cindy C." Wears size 9 1/2 shoe. (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine)

Birthday's today:
Charles Barkley, Kelsey Grammer, Patty Hearst, Lili Taylor,
French Stewart, Ivana Trump, Bobby Unser, Brion James, Stephon Marbury,
Phil Esposito, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Randy California (Spirit), Billy Zoom (X),
Sandy Duncan, Andrew Shue, Brian Littrell (Backstreet Boys), John Voldstad,
Livan Hernandez, Walter Becker (Steely Dan), Ian Brown (Stone Roses),
Kee Marcello (Europe), J.Geils (J. Geils Band), Kurt Cobain (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: A Vampire story: Many believe that

on this earth somewhere there are real Vampires.

Do you truly believe there are?

I didn't for years, and maybe I've been affected by movies
and books, but I really do think they exist.
So, what do you think? Explain please.

Also, what do you think is the BEST Vampire movie of all-time?
And, what is the BEST song (and the artist that does it) that
fits for Vampires?

Firstly, yes, I truly believe
there are Vampires. I myself adore the taste of blood, the only
reason I don't drink other peoples blood is that nobody will let
me, and I'm unwilling to turn predator because I believe karma
is marking my card very closely!

There have been times walking behind someone on a dark street
that I've had a strange feeling of how it would feel to suddenly
leap on them from behind and sink my teeth into their necks.

The best Vampire movie of all time, mmmm thats a tricky one.
Odd though it seems, probably From Dusk Till Dawn because
I do like a good laugh.

Bev Whitehaven United Kingdom www.myspace.com/lilmmissmuffet

Hey Jonathan,

I want to believe in Vampires...but I'm simply going to need some
proof. I like the idea of living forever though- oh yeah and sleeping
all day...which is pretty much what jocks do anyway.

The only person that I ever thought might be one was Christy Carter.
She was the KROQ night jock in the late 90s. Black hair, pale, dark eyes,
GREAT deep voice, serious attitude and wasn't afraid of shit. She had a
blue Doberman and NO ONE saw her during the day. Perfect that she has
totally vanished. NO ONE knows where she went. No one knows where she is.

Oh yeah- Lost Boys was fun...Cory's best work...Feldman not Haim

Rubin 1/2 of Rubin & Sims Afternoons on 106.5 KWOD Sacramento CA

Probably Underworld is the best movie and I don't know
about the song part.

Sydney (aka Syd Squid) Christmas Island www.myspace.com/oispazzy

What an interesting email!
It beats "will you marry me and come to live with me in
Turkey" etc.

To answer your questions; I think there are Vampires in the
world but that they have made a conscious effort to be that way
because they were romanced by the idea.

I don't think there are any who were "bitten" so to speak.

I think the best Vampire film is Interview With A Vampire, and
the best song is "Song For A Vampire" by Annie Lennox.

Colette Glasgow Scotland www.myspace.com/colettemckendrick
Colette's Band website www.colettemckendrick.co.uk

Do you truly believe that there are? Yes, as a matter of fact I am one.
What do you think? One day you will be mine.

Also, what is the best Vampire film made of all-time? Interview With A

And, what is the best song?
Nine Inch Nails "Perfect Drug" (Video even reminds me of Ann Rice)

Russell Schenck Program Director WBUZ Nashville Tennessee

Hmmm... yeah
I bet there are somewhere.

Probably in Europe. But, I don't know any songs or anything
like that. Sorry.

Oh yeah, my explaination. Uhmm...why wouldn't there be?

Fabio London England (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

I don't think Vampires exist.
I think it's a label made up from recitation of stories about them.

That started off as fiction. It's a romatic but some what dark idea
that ignites the imagination. Fantasy is normal behaviour for the
average person.

The best film about Vampires as to be for me The Devils Advocate.
I thought it was very sensual.

As for songs, not sure I can think of one that ticks all the boxes relatin'
to Vamps.

Jenny United Kingdom (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

February 19
Haylie Duff
Heyeee, it's Hilary's older sister! The 5' 5" footer was born in Houston,
She wrote two songs on her sister's first solo album "Metamorphosis".
Posed for the cover of Maxim magazine. The actress has been on many TV
shows such as "Boston Public", and "Chicago Hope". Her upcoming films
include "Material Girls", "Foodfight", and "Legacy".

Birthday's today:
Benicio Del Toro, Justine Bateman, Dave Wakeling (English Beat),
Frank Watkins (Obituary), Jeff Daniels, Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath), Sean O' Grady,
Andy Powell (Wishbone Ash), Holly Johnson (Frankie Goes To Hollywood), Toni Childs,
Francis Bucholz (Scorpions), Margaux Hemingway, Jame West-Oram (Fixx), Seal,
Steve Polz (Rugburns), "Mama" Cass Elliott (R.I.P.), Falco (R.I.P.), Big John Studd (R.I.P.)

February 18
Sarah Joy Brown
If you know your soap operas, than this face should be familiar. The 5'5"
soap star has won three Emmy's for her work on "General Hospital", and
in she spent
2003-2004 appearing on hit television series on virtually every
network including, "Without a Trace," (CBS) "The Lyon's Den," and "Crossing
Jordan," (NBC) "L.A. Dragnet," (ABC) "For the People," and "Strong Medicine,"
(Lifetime). She has also been featured in recurring roles on "Mysterious Ways,"
(NBC/PAX) and "10-8: Officers on Duty" (ABC). She has a recurring role on (CBS)
hit series "Cold Case" as Josie Sutton. Sarah was born in 1975 in Eureka,
California. She can be seen on the big screen in "Big Momma's House 2".

Birthday's today:
Dr. Dre, Cybill Shepherd, John Hughes, John Travolta, Yoko Ono,
Vanna White, Milos Forman, Juice Newton, Molly Ringwald, Chelsea Hobbs, Vivian Lai,
Julia Hill, Jessica Kelly, Susan Egan, Nicole Peters, Julie Strain, Robin Bachman (BTO),
Sinead Cusack, John Valentin, Pat Fraley, Irma Thomas

Q of THE WEEK: Vampires, continues from last Monday

Personaly I don't know...but
I hope that they exist, it would be so deep ^_^

And, so romantic as Francis Coppora's Dracula's world !!

I love this movie even I had written a song about, called "Drakul"
and included on my first self-producing LP Inquisition.

This world so beautiful, romantic and sad at same time...this is how
I love the Vampire world !!

The best song about Vampire...? ah ha ^_^
Do you know my name's origin?

Lamia means Witch/Vampire in latin language...and also a creature
of the Darkside which her half body is a serpent in Greek Myth.

And I love my introducing song called "LAMIA",
cause, I AM also a victim of jealousy....burn't alive as a Witch from
Japanese society (that's why my 1st LP calls such).

Thank you for an amazing question of the week Jonathan !!!

Lamia Cross Paris France www.myspace.com/melamia

I think Vampires really exist,
but not the Hollywood blood sucking with black suits and
dresses which live in fancy goth aged houses.

There are Vampires and look just like those 'who are not',
I know that because I met one, she attacked me psychologically
and since then she knows everything about me. No one believes
me though so I dont mention it so often.

Best Vampiric song? That would be "Alone" from Egine.

Best Vampiric movie? Vampiricon (based on the band's
vocalist biography)

Sinnocent Blood Larnaca Cyprus www.myspace.com/sinnocentblood

February 17
Paris Hilton
What could I possibly tell you about Paris that you already have either
heard or know? I'll try-here is the 411. The 5' 8" birthday girl was born
Paris Whitney Hilton in 1981 in New York City. She's filthy filthy rich-lol
She wears blue coloured contact lenses. Sister of Nicky Hilton, Barron
Nicholas Hilton, and Conrad Hughes Hilton. Daughter of Rick Hilton and
Kathy Richards, a former actress.
Has three Pomeranians named Dolce,
Sebastian and Prince, as well as two chihuahuas named 'Tinkerbell the
dog' and Bambi.Chosen the worst-dressed celebrity in 2003 by fashion
critic Mr. Blackwell. In October 2004, she officially had her popular quote,
"That's hot", trademarked. Great-grand-niece of Zsa Zsa Gabor. Is a huge
fan of the band Blondie and singer Deborah Harry. Ranked #59 in FHM 100
Sexiest Women 2004. Ranked #23 in FHM 100 Sexiest Women 2005. Sure,
I could on about the sex tape and 'The Simple Life', and a million other
things. Just know that her film career will blossom over time.

Birthday's today:
Rene Russo, Lou Diamond Phillips, Luc Robitaille, Fred Frith,
Michelle Forbes, Denise Richards, Dan Reed, Janice Dickinson, Mary Ann Mobley,
Rachel Robinson, Richard Karn, Ben Cramer, Drew Barry, Heidi Hagman,
Anne Curtis, Rick Medlocke (Blackfoot), Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day),
Mellisa Brooke-Belland (Voice Of The Beehive), Patricia Morrow, Gene Pitney

Q of THE WEEK: Vampires, will continue all
through next week due to popular response.

Best Vamp flick...Near Dark.
so broody and atmospheric.

Best song...always "Bela Lugosi's Dead" ~Bauhaus...classic.

Didn't fully answer your question !! Sorry!

Sarah (aka Sister Sarah) Wirral United Kingdom www.myspace.com/stinglestick

Absolutely there are. I know of at least one - her name is Lisa,
works over at the UCLA Hematology lab, and I swear the bitch
has drained me dry twice over in the last 2 months.

Barry Lyons Promotions Rent-A-Label Venice California

I've never really given a lot
of thought to the Vampire issue.

But, I can say with absolute finality...the best ever Vampire
song is...
"Mouth" by Bush.

I think they used it for An American Werewolf In London or
something to that effect. It's perfect, though.

Nikki (aka My Space Addict) Fresno California www.myspace.com/nikkithomas

Yes, Jonathan, Vampires DO exist....they're disguised as Alternative
Radio Program Directors, sucking the life and flavor out of a
once-vibrant music format!

Best Vampire movie: Near Dark.

Best Song about Vamps: "Bloodletting" by Concrete Blonde.

You Rock Buddy!

(Bzzy) Buzz Fitzgerald Air Personality WBNS Columbus Ohio

Dear Jonathan,
Hi, no I don't believe in Vampires.

Vampire song? "Love Song For a Vampire" by Annie Lennox.
Gorgeous song.

Silver United Kingdom www.myspace.com/silverose65

February 16
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Amanda Holden
The 5'4" actress was born Amanda Louise Holden in 1971 in Bishop's
Waltham, Hampshire, England. She has a younger sister Debbie who
is a model. Trained to be an actress for 3 years at London's Mountview
Theatre School.
Her first TV appearance was in 1990 at the age of 19 as
an unsuccessful contestant on Cilla Black's dating game show "Blind Date"
She was nominated for a 2004 Laurence Olivier Theatre Award for
Best Actress in a Musical of 2003 for her performance in "Thoroughly Modern
Millie" performed at the Shaftesbury Theatre. Gave birth to her first child,
Alexa Louise Florence Hughes (Lexi), on 21 January 2006.

Birthday's today:
Ice-T, LaVar Burton, William Katt, Lisa Loring, Sam Rubin,
Andy Taylor (Duran Duran), John McEnroe, James Ingram, Teri Harrison,
Susanna & Jenny Kallur, Ana Maljevic, Vicki Butler-Harrison, Emily Harper,
Alyssa-Jane Cook, Cynthia Garrett, Alexa Kenin, Naomi Nishida, Tarita Virtue,
Tabatha Stevens, Gemma Gregory, Tony Kiley (Blow Monkey's) Sonny Bono (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK rolls on: Vampires

"Vampires" not "Vampire's". And the debate over anything
Vampire begins and ends with one word - BUFFY.

Mike Parrish
Editor FMQB New Jersey

*you are correct, it is Vampires, well noted and changed-JL

Yes, I believe they exist, but not exactly
as they appear in 'fairytales'. I think they are a metaphor for the
dark ugliness and ravenous evil that surrounds people who live life
with empty, dead souls.

Parasitic humans who seduce others into feeding them life until the
victim is empty too. I think there are real life Vampires in that sense
...however, I'm aware that things live in the blackest pits of darkness
that are much more than metaphor...so I will just say it is one things
I would prefer to never know.

Best movie: The Hunger~SEXY!!!
Best song: "Bela Lugosi is Dead"~Bauhaus

LuLu (aka StilettoDolly) Tokyo Japan www.myspace.com/ijinxu

There are absolutely Energy Vampires,
especially in this town!

As for the blood sucking one's that live more than a hundred years,
if I've met any they wanted nothing to do with me. If you're one or
know any, please introduce me!!

As for the poser blood suckers that can catch disease like the rest of
us mear mortals, I'll pass.

I myself have no desire to suckle blood, I worked at 4 mortuary's and
after working with the dead the idea of drinking blood is revolting.

Well, Bauhaus I guess would be my fav Vampire song...among others
...but time is preciouse to me and I don't have a lot of it to get into
more detail.

The original Nosferatu is MY all-time favorite Vampire movie, but I
must confess Gary Oldman also was a pretty sexy Dracula in Love
Never Dies; yes some actors were a bit cheesey in that movie but I
loved the romance when he caught his lovers tears and turned them
into diamonds in his hand while they drank absinthe and dreamed of
unrequited love.


Sssssnakelady Los Angeles California www.myspace.com/snakeladyrose

I know for a fact that there are no Vampires .......I was told so by
the Wolfman, Frankenstein's monster and Big Foot ...Although
Big Foot refused to be quoted.

Mike Kelly Music Director WAEB
1541 Alta Drive Whitehall PA 18105
610.434.1742 ext. 5277

Firstly what do you define as a
real Vampire?

Is it the story book / movie version? Or, perhaps it's something more.

There are many Vampire clans, some just around the corner but it's not
something that you will be made aware of, for even today it is looked
upon as macbre or wierd.

Vampires ( Real ) do not shape shift, we do not turn into bats, we can
not fly and we can die. What we have is a hunger for the taste of another
humans blood...whether this be just the need to feed or part of a union
between a man and a woman, man & man or woman & woman.

For those of us that are Vampiric it can be a very difficult thing, for the
hunger and the cravings you feel sometimes become overwhelming to
the extent that you do actually feel like taking to the streets and picking
someone to feed from.

It's a very erotic feeling and something that gives both Vampires involved
a great sense of bonding.

As I sit here writing this the feelings I have become very strong, almost
desperate to feel the first bite of a Vampires kiss to feel that sense of
helplessness as he tastes his first drop and what as his eyes tell you that
he will drink of you all he can.

The best all time Vampire movie for me is Queen Of The Damned.

The song that I feel fits Vampires is: Marilyn Manson's "Redeemer",
from the sound track QOTD.

Amber Bedford, Bedfordshire United Kingdom www.myspace.com/yvonne62

I don't believe in Vampires,
but I believe there are some people who think themseles as
Vampires because of some mentally problems.

Best Vampire movie : Bram Stoker's Dracula

AC/DC - "If You Want Blood You've Got It"
AC/DC - "Thunderstuck"

^^Elf^^ Instanbul Turkey www.myspace.com/elfoceanid

February 15
Sarah Wynter
The 5"8" actress was born in Newcastle, Australia in 1973.
Recently returned from Vienna
where she shot a star-turn performance in Bruce Beresford's "Bride of the Wind" opposite
Vincent Perez and Jonathan Pryce. The film follows the life of Alma Schindler (Wynter),
a talented composer and musician in her own right who forsakes her own dreams to
marry famed composer Gustav Mahler (Pryce).
Currently, Wynter can be seen opposite
Winona Ryder and Ben Chaplin in New Line's "Lost Souls", in which she plays a pivotal role
as Chaplin's sophisticated and mysterious girlfriend.
Wynter's other credits include work
on the independent films "Farewell, My Love", in which she plays a Russian assassin, "Jerks"
and MGM's "Molly". She also appeared in MGM's "Species 2". For television, she guest-starred
in the television pilot for HBO's "Sex and the City" and appeared in the TNT feature "Race
Against Time", opposite Eric Roberts.

Birthday's today:
Jane Child, Jill Sharp, Melissa Manchester, Renee O' Conner,
Ali Campbell (UB 40), Michael Easton, Mick Avory (The Kinks), Matt Groening,
Hark Tsui (aka Tsui Hark), Claire Bloom, Marisa Berenson, Augustina Cherri,
Ron Cey, Suzi Lorraine, Harvey Korman, Gloria Trevia, Jane Seymour, Gina Lynn,
Jess Walton, Lydia Schone, Renee Sands, Mark Price, Chris Farley (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK continues: Vampires

Hi Jonathan, How are you?
You know what, I sure do believe in Vampires. But, not the kind you're
referring to I'm afraid. These Vampires are just as human as you and me.
They are not the typical kind you read about in books or see in movies.

I believe that there are people so empty, lifeless and litterally ill caused
by their unhappyness and sence of worthlessness who therefore crave for
the lifes of others. These "lost souls" desperately try to fill that empty
feeling by feeding on others and sucking up all their energy and happiness
leaving them with nothing but an empty feeling and the feeling that they
are unworthy of human life. They make them ill, very ill and lost.

Lost in a world of dispare.

The best movie I've seen so far about Vampires is Interview With The Vampire.

The song I'd like to introduce is written by Green Lizard titled: "Feed On Me"


This was a nice question. I enjoyed thinking about the answer. Thank you.

Take care.

Tizi Amsterdam Netherlands www.myspace.com/tizibabe

Hi. Yes, I do think that Vampires exist
but I don't think that they would be drinking blood from humans.
Maybe Pigs blood etc.

The best film for me is Bram Stoker's Dracula, also Van Helsing.

My fav song is Annie Lennox "Love Song For A Vampire"

Angel With Broken Wings United Kingdom
(from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

Hi ya Jonathan,
I'd love to believe that Vampires really existed but, sadly I don't.

Trying to choose a favourite Vampire film is a VERY tough call, there
are so many I love. Near Dark is pretty good and so is the oldest one
I know: Nosferatu, proper landmark cinema, that one.

I think my favourite one at the moment is Queen of the Damned.
Not a great movie but visually stunning nonetheless.

The song has to be "Bela Lugosi's Dead" by the magnificent Bauhaus :)

Sasha (aka Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) Portsmouth Hampshire United Kingdom

Yes, I do believe that somewhere
real Vampires exist.

As others maybe it's just a hope for the "romantic" notion that they do.
Not that Vampires are always portrayed that way. I do believe that
there are Good and Evil Vampires as there are humans.

Aside from movies and the books...Yes, I believe they exist.

The best Vampire movie...Dracula...the most recent one. There are others
that I love, but the best so far was the Dracula with Gary Oldman.
Second best if I may...Queen of the Damned.

The best song. Tough one. Not that there are a huge amount of Vampire
songs around...but I'd have to say "Forsaken" from Queen of the Damned...
sung by the singer from Disturbed.

Jane Evil N.Y.C. New York www.myspace.com/hauntedsinger

Don't believe in Vampires except bats,
but I think the best Vampire movie is Klaus Kinski as Nosferatu,
and Bauhaus "Bela Lugosi's Dead" is best song I reckon.

Pippa (musician- World According To... ) United Kingdom
(from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

February 14 -Valentine's Day
Helen Baxendale
The 5'6" mother of two with another on the way was born in Lichfield,
Staffordshire, England in 1969. The actress done quite a few films, and
television. She has appeared in the now defunct show "Friends" a number
of times. The character actress actually doesn't drive. She announced in
January ofthis year she is pregnant with her third.

Birthday's today:
Meg Tilly, Rob Thomas, Pat O' Brien, Jackie Martling, Yuka Sato,
Drew Bledsoe, Maceo Parker, Beth Stolarczyk, Raymond Beerens, Jacob Parker,
Kelly Stinnett, Ken Wahl, Florence Henderson, Alana Campbelle, Nathan Osmond,
Becky Johnson, Dahlia Grey, Stephanie Leonidas, D'Wayne Wiggins (Tony! Toni! Tone!),
Christine Adelaar, Ewa Aulin, Guillaume Raoux, Steve McNair, Heart Evangelista,
Wally Tax, Candice Sharp, Tim Buckley (R.I.P.), Murray The K (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: (see yesterday below)

What? Vampires= Bolax
*(Don't you mean Bollocks?-JL)

Crude Nottingham England www.myspace.com/broken_insanity

I have to say, I don't believe
in Vampires, per se, but I do like the idea of them. Probably,
I too, have been influenced by books and films etc.

I do actually table-top role play, and one of the games we play
is Vampire, The Masquerade, but I do believe that this is only a
game. I think it can get dangerous when it's taken any further.

My favourite Vampire film is Interview with the Vampire. I think
it encapsulates all that is sexy about the world of Vampires.

I think the best song to fit Vampires would be something by
Type O Negative, possibly "I Love You To Death". I think Peter Steele
is the closest we can get to Vampires!!

Jane Cambridge England www.myspace.com/janeadkins

I thought about this for a little
while following your e-mail.

I don't believe in Vampires the reason being I don't want to
believe in them I have to be strong to look after my family
and if I thought about the wierd shit that happens in this world
as well as the evil that human beings do to each other on a daily
basis, then I'd go mad.

However, when I was a young girl watching all the Vampire movies
I always romanticed about being the beautiful girl that was bitten
but saved by a handsome gentleman. Huh, theres not many gentlemen
left never mind any Vampires!!!!! Now tho I'm not the lost lady I'm likely
to fantasise about kicking the Vampires ass! -lol

Best Vampire film ever is Blade.

Not sure on the music , have to think on that one.

Dolly Bobbins Merthyr Tydfil United Kingdom
(from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

Well, that I can answer perfectly.
to me the best ever ever Vampire movie is surly THE LOST BOYS

and the soundtrack I use to love it, wait let me check the name of
the song... "Cry Little Sister"!! That's it, from Sisters Of Mercy!

Well yes, I do beleive in Vampires but not like the movies, like their
hunger for people and killing creatures. To me over the years like
hundreds of years they been stories to stories and we only wonder
what reality and what's not!

I beleive there must been somthing because who else we can picture
us a profile of a creature in just imagination. THERE ARE even more
things out there then only Vampires what we don't even know about
'cos we never saw an image! To me topics like this are wonderful to
discuss because my point to the world is that anything or everything
is possible!!


INXS also a great one, "GOODTIMES"
THE DOORS, just LOOOOOOve "People Are Strange".


Nancy (originally from Belgium) Marbella Spain www.myspace.com/booboolien

I think that Vampires do exist
on this earth. I am not sure if they really came from Transylvania,
but I do believe that back in days of old...that they had knowledge
of Vampires and needed some sort of fact or history to back up their

That's where I think the whole Vlad the Impaler theory came from.
They just really needed some closure to the whole existence of
Vampires. I think historically people cannot deal with something or
put it behind them...or that it's ok unless it does have some sort of
thing to derive from.

I think the best Vampire movie of all-time is Nosferatu.

I think the most suitable song for Vampires is
"Red Water (Christmas Mourning)" by Type O Negative.
I think Type O Negative is the perfect band for Vampires.

Serena Birmingham Alabama www.myspace.com/serenarouqes

February 13
Mini Anden
The 5'9" Supermodel, turned actress was born in Stockholm, Sweden in
1978. She trained in ice-skating from age 5-18. Her birthname is Susanna
Anden. Mini is a nickname she took as a young child. She has graced the
covers of Elle, Vogue, Arena, and Cosmopolitan. She has also appeared
in the Victoria Secret catalog a number of times. Mini was the host for
the Swedish fashion show "Top Model" in 2005. She is married to Taber
Schroeder, also a model, since 2001. The couple has three dogs.

Birthday's today:
Alissa Wang, Gillian Leigh, Juhr Ylonen, Tally Chanel, Liam Brady,
Les Warner (The Cult), Mark Fox (Haircut 100), Peter Gabriel (Genisis), Mats Sundin,
Scott Smith (Loverboy), Michael Craig (Culture Club), Peter Hook (New Order),
Suzanne Maddock, Ed Gagliardi (Foreigner), Jan De Ligt, Stockard Channing,
Sal Bando, Carol Lynley, Jerry Springer, Tony Butler (Big Country), Oliver Reed,
Mike Krzewski, Rikki Louise Anderson, Richard Eden, Henry Rollins (Black Flag),
Peter Tork (The Monkees), Freedom Wililiams (C&C Music Factory)

New Q of THE WEEK: A Vampire story: Many believe that
on this earth somewhere
there are real Vampires.

Do you truly believe there are?

I didn't for years, and maybe I've been affected by movies
and books, but I really do think they exist.
So, what do you think? Explain please.

Also, what do you think is the BEST Vampire movie of all-time?

And, what is the BEST song (and the artist that does it) that
fits for Vampires?

I do think that yes, there are Vampires,
but it's only because it's an actual disease people have, there is this
disease, which name happens to escape me right now.

But, it cause's people to develop fangs, become fragile to the sun and
to the eye are very pale people. Sometimes these people buy into the
Vampire cliches and think that they were born that way because they
are in fact specially chosen to be immortal by drinking the blood of
others, so they actually will do so.

So, in a sense they do exist, but they are just normal humans born with
a problem that tend to take it to far. Who knows though anything is possible?
But, these days how can we set the reality from what's fiction?

I'd say the band that would fit the Vampire look would be AstroVamps.
The name says it all.

Glam Trashkitten N.Y.C. New York (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

Of course they exist.
I remember when one came to me on a cold dark night. He seduced me
and took me to his lair. I'm forever under his command.

Best Movie: Original Dracula, 1931.

Best Vampire Song: "Not of This World"- Danzig

Not of this world
And nothing bites like I do
Nothing screams out loud
In this empty night
Nothing can keep me from you

Shawn Rock Promotions KUPD Phoenix Arizona www.myspace.com/cherrybombd71

Best Vampire Movie: Queen of the Damned
Song: "Change In the House of Flies" by the Deftones.

Ryan (aka Crazy Lowry) Surprise Arizona www.myspace.com/airbrushinsanity

I don't know if Vampires truly exist
or not, but I'm VERY fascinated with the whole romantic notion
and idea of them. Just think, to live for an eternity!

Of course, it would have it's drawbacks. Never being able to watch
the sun rise or set. However, if you're a night person like I am, then
you're good to go! Watching the ones you love die century after
...unless you give "the gift of eternal life". And, would I accept
such a gift if offered? Hell yeah!!!

The BEST Vampire movie made of all-time? That's a tough one!!!
I've not seen them all, so I'll go with my favourite (which wasn't near as
good as the book), Interview with The Vampire...then Queen of the
Damned. And, let's not forget The Lost Boys!

Don't know if it's "the best" Vampire song...but the only one I can think of
is "Sympathy For The Devil" the Guns N' Roses version.

Cheers to you Jonathan! Keep up the excellent work!!! (*Thank you T-JL)

Tamera Kansas City Kansas www.myspace.com/ladyl33ta

I don't think that they exist,
and if there are some, probably that they are in jail nowadays.

Some people can not stand the light, this is a disease and it can not
be cure actually. But those people do not need blood to survive.

If someone needs some blood to survive, he has to be well treated by
doctors, but I don't think that he needs to live in coffins.

Best Vampire movie made of all-time:
Dracula directed by Coppola is the best movie ever made on the subject.

BEST song (and the artist that does it) that fits for Vampires:
at www.nemesia.fr.st

Also, Marilyn Manson.

Mélanie France (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

Hey Jonathan L.
You know I told you I HAD to answer this one. I'm extremely
INTRIGUED by Vampires and their species. I have a plethora of
coffee table style books on the subject.

They're not fictious Vampire stories but rather books on the existence,
folklores, myths, history of, etc. I truly believe there are too many
universal "stories" or "legends" that all seem to parallel each other for
Vampires to not exist...therefore, I believe they do exist indeed.

My favorite Vampire movie of all time is Dracula (Gary Oldman/Winona Ryder)
...he makes such a great classic Vampire. Anne Rice's Interview With A Vampire
was a blood bath orgy and Underworld:Evolution is an incredible new, hot take
on the whole Vampire thing.

Best vampire song is "Suck" by Trent Reznor.

Blackdrss514 Nashville Tennessee www.myspace.com/blackdrss514

February 12
Christini Ricci
The tiny 5' 1" exotic looking Ricci was born in 1980 in Santa Monica, California.
I'm still wondering why she and boyfriend/actor Adam Goldberg didn't buy
Jeanette's and my house in Los Feliz. They seemed to love it, but I guess a
modern house in Los Feliz built in 1999 wasn't what they eventually wanted.
Precocious, outspoken child-teen starlet of the 1990s.
A compulsive talker and
smoker who seems to have a new and refreshing view on every subject, the
buxom Christina is becoming a top box office draw and seems to be destined for
Drives a Porsche Boxster. A check list of her films is staggering.

Birthday's today:
Josh Brolin, Bill Russell, Ray Manzarek (Doors), Maud Adams,
Sigrid Thornton, Joanna Kerns, Chynna Phillips, Cliff De Young, Ruban Amaro Jr.,
Stanley Knight (Black Oak Arkansas), Joe Garagiola, Per Gessle (Roxette),
Arsenio Hall, Arlen Specter, Andrew Cassesse, Ed Lover, Michael Ironside

Another E-mail that makes me proud and blush

So my freshman year in high school was a year that changed my life. I
realized quickly that I was drifting away from my KZZP, Power 92, and
Y95 listening friends when I started that year of school, and little
did I know where I would end up. A few weeks into that year I heard a few
people talking about this new radio station call KEYX. I was hooked. My
sister whom was a senior that year had turned me on to a few bands when
she listened to KSTM but to find a station that would play The Cure or
The Damned in a regular rotation was just too much.

I can never thank you enough for all the music that you turned me on to
back then and for all the great times I had at the Q-fests and Birthday

From '94-'01 I was in Navy and spent a few years in Guam and one of
most treasured posessions while I was in that void was tape my sister
had sent me of a few VV shows.

Reading though your history of KUKQ was an incredible trip into the
past. Thanks for putting that history on the internet. I can't wait to
read the "to be continued".

The years of listening to your radio shows and the stations you were at
spoiled me. I have been across this planet and listened to many radio
stations but never found anything that compared to the years that I
listened to KEYX, KUKQ and KFMA. When I returned to Phoenix in '01 I
tried a few stations hoping to find something to listen to but
eventually gave up and haven't really listened to the radio. So then
tonight I walked in to my wife's office and heard a familiar voice
calling out the "AM 1060 KUKQ" as she opened your Bio page. I am so
to hear that you are back on Phoenix radio. Saturday mornings and
Sunday nights, the radio won't suck anymore.

Take care,
Stephen Menges Phoenix, Arizona

February 11
Jennifer Aniston
Tough choice which birthday girl to feature. Jennifer or Sheryl Crow? I went with
Jennifer. She's had a tough year. Losing Brad to Angelina. Yeah right. -lol The
5'6" familiar face was born in Sherman Oaks, California in 1969. She spent a year of
her childhood living in Greece with her family. Her family then relocated to New York
City where her parents, John Aniston and Nancy Dow, divorced when she was 9. Jennifer
was raised by her mother and her father landed a role, as Victor Kiriakis, on the daytime
soap "Days of Our Lives" (1965). Jennifer had her first taste of acting at age 11 when she
joined the 'Rudolf Steiner' School's drama club. It was also at the 'Rudolf Steiner' School
that she developed her passion for art. She began her professional training as a drama
student at New York's High School of the Performing Arts. In 1987, after graduation, she
appeared in such Off-Broadway productions as "For Dear Life" and "Dancing on Checker's
Grave". In 1989, she landed her first television role, as a series regular on "Molloy" (1990).
She also appeared in "The Edge" (1992), "Ferris Bueller" (1990), and had a recurring part
on "Herman's Head" (1991). By 1993, she was floundering. Then, in 1994, a pilot called
"Friends Like These" came along. Originally asked to audition for the role of Monica, Aniston
refused and auditioned for the role of Rachel Green, the suburban princess turned coffee peddler.
With the success of the series "Friends" (1994), Jennifer has become famous and sought-after
as she turns her fame into movie roles. In 2003, she was ranked number 1 on Forbes 2003
"Celebrity 100 List" According to the magazine, she made $35 million dollars in 2003.
Was named "Woman of the Year" by GQ magazine in 2005. Named #88 on the Maxim magazine
"Hot 100 of 2005" list.

Birthday's today:
Sheryl Crow, Burt Reynolds, Sergio Mendez, Brice Beckham,
Alan Rubin, Kelly Rowland (Destiny's Child), Leslie Nielson, Stephan Gregory,
Mary Quant, Natasia Bobo, Ken Shamrock, Tina Louise, Larry Merchant, Jeb Bush,
Catherine Hickland, Becky LeBeau, Carey Lowell, Brandy Norwood, Linda Wild,
Kathleen Beller, Gene Vincent (R.I.P.), Eva Gabor (R.I.P.)

Calling all bands and artists out there...

Do you want to be considered for a slot at Castle Rock 2006 on Saturday July 15th.

A community event that aims to raise money for charity, Castle Rock is Cornwall's longest running Music Festival.

Castle Rock takes place in the glorious surroundings of Launceston Castle, Cornwall, UK
and aims to cater for all tastes. Rock, Funk, Metal, Ska, Punk, Indie, Blues, Folk, Hip-Hop
and so on.

The organisers are currently trying to secure a big headline band for the main stage, as
well as looking for the best local and national touring bands/artists to perform on the
main and second stage.

If you're interested in playing at Castle Rock 2006, please reply to the e-mail below
for more details!

All The Best,

Christian Murison

E-Mails that make me proud and blush

Originated from: http://www.98kupd.com
Name: Jarrad
E-mail Address: Jarnutt@aol.com
City: Litchfield Park


I normally don't get up early on Saturday's, I'm lucky enough to have a job that the
weekends are my days off, but I had an emergency call for one of my companies
generators at the open in Scottsdale at 5 AM. On the drive back I heard your show,
and I have to be honest, I have been a KUPD listener since I was in junior high,
I got my first red card when I was 11, at a Phoenix Roadrunners game, that was
13 years ago, and I can honestly say, that I have never listened to your show before.

Normally I only listen while I'm driving, but I have never heard anything that I enjoyed
so much on the radio. I'm up everyday at 6am and listen to Holmberg til 10, but I can
tell you now I'm listening to your show on weekends, the music you play, in my opinion,
can't be heard anywhere else. You played things that I haven't heard in YEARS, and I had
completely forgotten about some of them until recently. The radio is a business based
on the listeners, and as a long time listener, I'm telling you, keep doing what your doing.

Originated from: http://www.98kupd.com
Name: Jaime Escobar
E-mail Address: jackneebone@cox.net
City: Phoenix


Hey, I just wanted to let u know I was estatic when I heard u came back.
I owe the
reason for me being into metal to you. I was listening to rap at the
time (NWA, Ghetto Boys,etc). then
I put in 98 one late night and heard you
play King Diamond ("Welcome Home" from THEM)
, then Slayer (GHOST OF
WAR). I was like fuck. I was hooked.

Listened to your show every
Sunday night. You even put in a soundbite for the
opening of your show from one of
my favorite movies of all time "THE ROAD
WARRIOR". But what I always loved about you
, was that you took care of the
scene here in Phoenix. Promoting FLOTSAM AND JETSAM, SACRED
ATROPHY, TYNATER (don't know whats happened to all those guys).

I've rambled enough.
Love you man (that really sounded gay). Keep up the
good work. TAKE HER SLEAZY


February 10
Lisa Marie Varon
Longtime professional wrestling diva. Known as "Victoria" currently in the WWE.
The 5'8" well built Lisa was born in 1971 in San Bernardino, California. Finishing move:
The Widow's Peak. Enters the ring to "Don't Mess With". Debuted as the one of the
Godfather's 'hos'. Claims Ivory (Lisa Moretti) is one of her wrestling inspirations.
Was a valet/wrestler in Ultimate Pro Wrestling, under the name H.B.I.C (Head Bitch In
Charge) Trained by Molly Holly in Memphis and Ohio Valley Wrestling. Mother is Turkish,
father is Puerto Rican. Attended UCLA, Loma Linda University. Studied Bio-Med in college
Her first bodybuilding contest was the NPC Inland Empire show. All three of her older
brothers were amateur wrestlers. She was featured on ESPN's "Fitness America Series",
she won the competition in 1997. Is best friends with fellow WWE Diva Torrie Wilson. In
June 2005, she opened a restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky, called "Fat Tony's Pizzeria".

Birthday's today:
Amber Frey, Roberta Flack, Robert Wagner, Donovan, Mark Spitz
Lenny Dykstra, Francesca Neri, Jayne Asbourne, George Stephanopolous, Tonga,
Mike rutherford (Genesis, Mike And The Mechanics), Joakim Nystrom, Laura Dern,
Jerry Goldsmith, Marjolein McRander, Nancy Christian, Kimberly Fisher, China Lee,
Robbie Nevil, Ty Law, Roxanne Pulitzer, Bobby "Boris" Pickett, Ashleigh Ann Wood,
Natalia Baron, Emma Peters, Peter Allen (R.I.P.), Cliff Burton (Metallica R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: concludes. Over. New Q coming.

Well dear its usually wham bam with me. I'm that kinda lady :-D
But er, if I was getting all romantic, well soft rock maybe, loud
of course
. :-D

Maiden 71 United Kingdom www.myspace.com/maiden71

Hi ya ,
I never feel uncomfortable about sex.

I like music sometimes, I do think it all depends on your mood,
if its a romantic evening and I'm planing to suduce him then
something slow with sexual words within it. Something that makes
you feel sexy.

~*Nita*~ London England www.myspace.com/loveablenita

Well Umm-- Making LOVE?
Hmmm-- don't know that I have gotten to experience, that great
pleasure in life yet - it all feels like wham bam sex to me!! lol

So-- I am gonna have to go with that terminology for my
answer--- ha ha

I must be blushing-- with soooo much laughter!! tee hee

Okay- well-- myself-- I prefer some loud music in the back ground
--- to drown out the DVD that is also playing at the same time!!! :)

Also-- sooo no other ears in the house can hear all the slappin' noise
going on. lol Just jokin'...NOT really though!

So-- for -- noise reduction reasons--- I like MUSIC LOUD.

Now-- there is a real twist--- TURN on loud music to reduce noise!!!
Who would have ever thunk it? ha :) If it was a hot heated moment
of real passion--- I think music would intensify everything!

Rockin Kimmie Roo Phoenix Arizona www.myspace.com/rk44

I have music playing most of the time,
regardless of what I'm doing.

But, in answer to your question... stuff like Madness, Motown,
Northern soul, more mellow stuff really.

Depends on who I'm with!

Tracey United Kingdom www.myspace.com/traceytron

Most definitely with music
in the background.

What kind? It depends, if I'm in the romantic mood
then slow music, if I'm in the BITCHY mood than I like
reggaeton or even alternative.

Francis Hollywood Florida www.myspace.com/francis69

Well, I was a dancer for 10 years,
so sex and music just seems to flow together nicely.

progressive rock, such as Ronnie Dio, or Alice in Chains,
Ozzy/Black Sabbath..."Fairies wear boots" does ring a bell...LOL...!

These tunes are very seductive in nature for me, they were my stage
based tunes for YEARS!

Ohhh, I guess they still are!!!....Lotsa love!!!

Monika Spokane Washington www.myspace.com/monikakosmik

February 9
Zhang Ziyi
Also known as Ziyi Zhang. At this point the 5'5" Chinese actress born in
1979 in Beijing, could be the hottest Chinese star to hit America ever!
Was ranked 2nd of the 100 Sexiest Women by FHM Taiwan (2001).
Was named one of the 25 Hottest Stars Under 25 by Teen People Magazine (2001).
Was named one of the 25 Hottest Stars Under 25 by Teen People Magazine (2002).
Voted in at #100 in FHM's Sexiest 100 Girls of 2002, UK edition. [June 2002]
Her first appearance in an American movie was in Rush Hour 2 (2001), but as she
didn't speak English, Jackie Chan had to translate everything the director said to her.
In that movie, her character's name, "Hu Li" translated from Mandarin Chinese is "Fox".
Even though she has been in many kung-fu movies, she is not actually a trained martial
artist, so in fact she uses many dance moves in her fight sequences.
Attended the China Central Drama College, studying Dance.Spokesmodel for: Maybelline
(cosmetics), Pantene (shampoo), Coca-Cola Asia. Former Spokesmodel for Tag Heuer
(watches), 2% (Korean mineral water), Lenovo Computers.Spokesmodel of Maybelline
(cosmetics). Former Spokesmodel of 2% (Korean mineral w ater). Spokesmodel of
Pantene shampoo. Spokesperson for Coca-Cola (Asia). Currently starring in "Memoirs of
a Geisha". In 2004 starred in "House Of Flying Daggers", and in 2004 Jet Li's "Hero".

Birthdays today:
Lennox Lewis, Judith Light, Joe Pesci, Penny Peyser, Joe Ely,
James Bolan (Skid Row), Grant Moorehead, Madusa Miceli, Mia Farrow,
Carole King, Barbara Lewis, Mookie Wilson, John Kruk, Travis Tritt, Todd Pratt,
Sharon Case, Amber Valletta, Danny White, Sandy Lyle, Justin George

Q of THE WEEK: (see Monday)

Hmmm....let's see...
I love to have music in the background when I having sex.
Somehow it's a kick. It raises the spirits.

Sometimes I want soft music. I love lovesongs from the 50's
and early 60's. And, sometimes I want heavy rock. It depends
on the mood. And I just love blues as well!!!!! :o)

Marly Ludvika Sweden www.myspace.com/marlygirl

Well, I'm a romantic, don't have to,
but prefer music yes, :) With a good beat, and sexy or sensual. ;)

hope that answers it :)
pstttttttttttt when I do that is. lol xxxxxxxxx

Jules United Kingdom www.myspace.com/julescreation

It's been such a long time since I 'made love'
with anyone I can't really remember.

Music is good , but then so is silence and just the sound of them
breathing and sighing or shouting and grunting is enough!

In the old days when I used to have sex in clubs or outside gigs it
had to be loud punk rock.

Miss Dream United Kingdom (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

Well, I'm not a 'making love'
type of person. To me sex isn't good if its not hard core
porno style sex.

Making love is holding each other during a movie or spending
time talking about things that make my heart flutter or makes
me emotional. Slow motion 'making love' is just a waste of time.

The real way to 'make love' is to be very in tune with what makes
each other feel good... the raw emotional sex is sweating, pulling,
moaning, screaming, spanking, dirty talk, and really feeling a
connection to the point of explosion!

So music doesn't even come into consideration. When my partner
and I start 'making love' it starts with a look or a touch...anything
after that isn't laid out or planned.

So I guess to answer the question. Would be what ever is in the
background at the time. :)

Misty St. Petersburgh Florida www.myspace.com/rockerchicxxx

February 8
Abi Titmuss
Born Abigal Evelyn Titmuss in Ruskington, Lincolnshire, England in 1976.
She was Voted #7 in FHM "Sexiest 100 Women" in 2005. She mostly does
Television, and was the original presenter on "Celebrity Love Island" last
year. Abi played herself on "Hell's Kitchen" in 2004. Was long term girlfriend
of John Leslie.
Currently dating comedian David Williams. She at one time in
her life a Nurse. You could say she is also known as porn star, kind of.

Birthday's today:
Seth Green, Gary Coleman, Vince Neil (Motley Crue), Nick Nolte,
Paul "The Big Show" Wight, Brooke Adams, Jim Capaldi (Traffic), Mary McCormack,
Tommy Michaels, Ted Turner (Wishbone Ash), Ted Koppel, "Sensational" Sheri Martel,
Sammy Llanas (Bodeans), Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart, Robert Klein, Mathilda May,
Jack Lemmon (R.I.P.), Terry Melcher (R.I.P.), Neal Cassady (R.I.P.), James Dean (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: rock's on. (see Monday)

Gotta be heavy metal chuck!
*Who is chuck or Chuck?-JL

Trish Tyne and Wear United Kingdom (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

I love candles and music.
Candles and music make a peaceful environment and sets a
great mood for how I feel.

I live in the mountains and there is just nothing more beautiful
than having snow fall, music, candles, fireplace roaring and
2 naked bodies laying on the bear rug in front of it!

Music, Pink Floyd---Division Bell.

Sexy Bartender Alaska (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

I like music on,
but mainly 'cause I am soo loud and it drowns out my sounds
of pleasure...and like I said, I turn it up really loud, too! *wink*

Nurse Kitty Oceanside California www.myspace.com/Nurse_Kitty

I always turn the TV on.
Why? I have 3 kids and I tend to be very vocal during sex.

Need I say more?

Gretchen Goodyear Arizona www.myspace.com/azharleydiva

I do love music when I'm making love.
I love any music with a beat, helps me fuck better...LOL

I love being on top, and dance on the guy, to the beat.

Dorothy (aka Crazy Girl!!!!) Manahakin New Jersey

February 7
Cristi McDaniel
Kristi McDaniel made her network television debut on "Days of Our Lives"
Sept 13, 1995, as the naive and sheltered 'Sarah'. She studied acting at the
Howard Fine Studios and Center Stage L.A. Additionally, she has had seven
years dance training in ballet, tap and jazz from the Linda Compos Dance Studio.
Kristi's additional credits include "Sand", "Pacific Blue", "Mr. Rhodes" and "Sliders".
Kristi is appeared in a project for PBS called "On Tour" which focused on bands. She
does occasional TV. She was born in 1978 in the Los Angeles area.

Birthday's today:
Ashton Kutcher, Chris Rock, Eddie Izzard, Garth Brooks, Emo Phillips,
James Spader, Tina Majorino, Steve Nash, Clara Bryant, Jason Gedrick, Stephanie Swift,
Marina Malota, Steve Bronski (Bronski Beat), Juwan Howard, Michael Stich, Sona Spier,
Gabriel Millman, John Slaney, Sammy Lee, Karen Souza, Alan Lancaster (Status Quo)

Q of THE WEEK: (see yesterday)

I don't have sex...haha.
But serioulsly...I like to have good music on.

Don't know exactly why.

But, I think everything goes and works better with music.

Stephanie Austria www.myspace.com/hulahoops1

I have to say first, that my mom
still lives with me.

We are helping her out. My brother also lives with me too.

Okay, with that said let me answer the question. My husband
and I have to have loud music on. Not to be romantic or anything;
it's just so we don't disturb or disgust my mom or my brother.


Michelle Phoenix Arizona www.myspce.com/todakonzie

Well to be honest wiv ya, it's been a while
since I made love, but when I did it was to slow and romantic music
in the background but the noisiest music we had was probably rock

Boring I know, but it suited me.

^^Dee^^ Exiter, Devon United Kingdom www.myspace.com/_dee_37

Good question there Jonathan! :)
When it comes to a good session, I like music during foreplay
but when it comes down to the deed, I usually don't even notice
if its on or not. Santana's "Supernatural" is one of my favorite
make-out albums.

The beats on that album bring out the primal side! RAARRRRR! ;)

Iron Butterfly's "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" (the 1968 album release, not
the 1995 one) is really good too!

Erin Phoenix Arizona www.myspace.com/ladybarwench

February 6
Tanja Dexters
Tanja was "Miss Belgium 1998". She was born in 1977 in Mol, Belgium.
She has appeared in guest shots on Belgium television, and also a
frequent guest as herself on talk shows, and variety shows too.
She has posed for Playboy. Tanja has a twin sister, Cindy.

Birthday's today:
Axl Rose (Guns N' Roses), Natalie Cole, Rip Torn, Fabian Forte,
Bob Wickman, Rick Astley, Kitty Jung, Cecily Adams, Kathy Najimy, Devon Pierce,
Linda Grovenor, Arie Obdam, Bennie Dekker, Tom Tupa, Brittany Drisdelle,
Robert Townsend, Gayle Hunnicutt, Kurt Abbott, Piret Jarvis, Wendy Van Wanten,
Megan Gallagher, Tom Brokaw, April Lerman, Kris McGaha, Barry Miller, Mike Batt,
Zsa Zsa Gabor (R.I.P.), Francois Truffaut (R.I.P.), Bob Marley (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: When making love, NOT wham bam sex,
do you like music in the background?
Or, do you like silence? Or, is it TV? Each to her/his own.
Explain why? If it is music, what kind?

When making love my recent boyfriend
and I enjoyed silence.

We enjoyed being able to hear one another, not in a "LETS HEAR
THE SEX" nasty type way. We liked the beauty of the passion, it was
so intense that we just felt like one body and one lovely creation.

Although, we had often listened to some music like The Mission Uk and
even VNV Nation, silence was more often.

Hope all is well.

Stephanie (aka Infection) North Hollywood California

Hi Jonathan...nice to hear from u
+ hope u are have'n a great weekend. Well I do like to have
music in background usually rock, tho even wen make'n love +
not wild sex (he he)...pref would be Mr. Steven Tyler or perhaps
a good rock ballad.


Devon Storm Northern Ireland United Kingdom
(from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

Oh, I don't know, it depends
on what's going on, sometimes there is music and sometimes
there isn't.

For example last weekend I was in trouble and to make up for
my mean-ness the room and house was lit with candles and me
in something naughty awaiting my man to come home. There
was no music just us.

If the TV is on then it was spontaneous, but usually it's us being
us and having fun!

Nims Mesa Arizona www.myspace.com/nims69

Music in the background? Yes
Or do you like silence? Or, is it TV?
TV is distracting.

It's not always...depends on the moment.

If it is music, what kind?
Depends. Most of time I can go with some ballads, R&B, pop, etc.
(I don't have a specific choice)

Mauri Netherlands www.myspace.com/mauri_fortin

Gotta have music, whether I'm making love,
having sex...or straight up f'cking. The louder and harder the better :)

On occasion, I listen to softer music... R&B, Soul, some Jazz. But mainly
the Hard Metal is playing in the background.


Meg (aka My Kids' Mom is a Nympho !! Oh shit That's me !!)
Rochester Pennsylvania www.myspace.com/brat2z

Tanika2.jpg Hey Jonathon,
Depending on my mood depends on the kind of music I like to
have playing.

If Im really worked up, I love to have something with a strong
bass line. The vibrations and subtle heat it adds to the environment
are awesome.

So, something like Sneaker Pimp's, Bloodsport, or Anouk.

If I'm feeling horny but want to take my time with my man,
gimme something like Dead Prez's "Mind Sex" or
Blind Melon's "Change".

Hope your having a great weekend, talk to ya soon.

Tanika Queensland Australia www.myspace.com/badgurlinoz

February 5
Laura Linney
The busy and popular 5'7" actress, sometimes a redhead, sometimes blonde
was born in 1964 in New York City. She was born into a theatre family. Her dad
is Romulus Linney. Laura graduated from Brown University in 1986. She has
been in almost 40 films. She also appeared as 'Charlotte' in 5 episodes of the
popular TV sitcom "Frazier". Her film career began in the early 90's, and she
has been nominated for Academy and Tony awards. As I said in the beginning,
Laura is busy. She has four films on tap for 2006. They are "Breach and Driving",
"Lessons", and "Man Of The Year". Also in post-production is "Kevin Approaches"

Birthday's today:
Bobby Brown, Tim Meadows, Hank Aaron, Jennifer Jason Leigh,
Barbara Hershey, Nigel Olsson (Elton John), Christopher Guest (Spinal Tap/SNL)
Nora Zehentner, Jan I'Ami, Charlotte Rampling, David Ladd, Darrell Waltrip,
Duff McKagen (Guns N' Roses), Diego Serrano, David Selby, Crytal Hunt, Alex Harvey,
Giovanni van Bronckhorst, Sven Johnson (Tangerine Dream, Larry Tamblyn (Standells),
Al Kooper (Blood Sweat and Tears), Stephen Cannell, Craig Morton, Roger Staubach

Q of THE WEEK: continues all the way through next week

Hehe :) !! nice quest :) !!
If I'm making love...A Perfect Circle should do it.

If I'm make some hard sex...let it be anything that rocks. :)!!
But sometimes silence can be good...hearing all that body
noises. :)!!


Pedro (from elCigano) Coimbra Portugal
(from myspce.com-no forwarding URL)

Hey J, How's it goin' ??
I definitely have music playing. What's playing depends on the mood.
If it's a special romantic mood then Sariah Bishop, Queen, Styx, etc.
will be on.

Any other time, not including the wham bam sex, it's hard rock to metal
and it has to be extremely loud. Bands like Slayer, SlipKnot, Lacuna Coil,
Dimmu Borgir, etc will be played.

Sometimes silence can be nice, but to me it tends to get annoying.

Liesl (aka Mistress Liesl) Chandler Arizona www.myspace.com/drayesmama

February 4
Natalie Umbruglia
The 5'3" singer/actress was raised in the small beach town called Berkleyvale, on the
New South Wales coast. She was born in 1975 in Sydney, Australia. At the age of 2
began dancing. She got her first job as an extra on a Japanese bubble gum commercial.
She was known as a 'sufer girl' growing up. When she was 17 she was offered a tw-week
trial to play Beth Brennan in the Ausie soap opera "Neighbours" (1985). Her character
became so popular she stayed on for two more years. After she quit the show, one of
the first things she did was cut her long hair shorter to the style she has had ever since.
She moved to London, and started to pursue a singing career. "Her first album was "Left
Of The Middle". She has many awards, among them, "Best New Artist" from MTV Video
Awards (1998), and Billboard magazine's "Best New Artist" (1999). Her last album "White
Lilies Island" did very well worldwide. She has done a lot of TV, and some film. She played
Lorna Campbell in "Johnny English" (2003). Natalie has been married to rock band
Silverchair's Daniel Johns since 2003. She is a vegetarian. L'oréal signed her to a six-
figure contract in 2002.

Birthday's today: Oscar De La Hoya, Clint Black, Alice Cooper, Heather McEwen,
Gabrielle Anwar, Michael Goorjian, Lawrence "LT" Taylor, George Romero, Kitaro,
Juliette Clarke, Lisa Donahue, David Brenner, Lisa Eichorn, Chasity Bono,
Mary Ann Pascal, Kristen Marie, Chris Sabin, Dan Quale, Katie Carlin

Q of THE WEEK: (see Monday)

If you can hear the music,
let alone concentrate on the lyrics, during sex.

You're doing it WRONG!

Gaby Manchester England www.myspace.com/spikednbloody

Wow, hot question (*^_^*)
Well, my favorite song for make love is "Love Me To Death" from
Type O Negative !!!

Because the lyrics are so sensual , song is not so speed and I think
it's one of the best romantic song I've ever listened.
"Let me Love you to Death...Hey, am I good enough for you ...
Am I for you". Wow !!

And, also it's a song which made me united with Fab in 93...
and he stille makes me crazy !!!!

Lamia Cross Paris France www.myspace.com/lamiacross

February 3
Isla Fisher
You have seen her in recent films such as "Wedding Crashers", "I Heart Huckabees",
"Scooby Doo", and "Spyz". But, did you know that the 5'3" redhead was born in
the Arabian country of Oman in 1976. Her Scottish parents lived there until they took
Isla and moved to Australia in the 80's. At age 9 she was appearing in Australian TV
commercials. As she grew up she got small parts like the Aussie TV series "Bay Cove",
and then a bigger role in Paradise Beach". From there she was on the soap "Home And
Away". She was picked in 1997 by the readers of FMH magazine as #35 "100 Sexiest
Women In The World". In the same magazine in 2003 she placed #26. Currently Isla
lives in England, and is engaged to Sacha Cohen of "Da Ali G Show", shown here in the
States on HBO. Look for Isla in a couple of new films this year. She has also written two
best-selling novels, "Seduced By Fame", and "Bewitched".

Birthday's today:
Maura Tierney, Nathan Lane, Lol Tolhurst (The Cure), Melanie,
Koos Albert, Becky Bayless, Fran Tarkenton, Kathleen Kinmont, Maitland Ward,
Lauretta Lewis, Morgan Fairchild, Bob Griese, Vlade Divac, Willeke Alberti,
Pamela Cossey, Tallulah Willis, Cody Gifford, Rachel Glenn, Blythe Danner,
Dave Davies (Kinks), Shawn Phillips, Neil Bogart (R.I.P.), Kerry Von Erich (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: will continue through next week
due to popular response.

When I make love,
I like to listen to Dead Can Dance or Delirium.

I believe music make both parties more comfortable.

Kitti (aka Geishan Princess) Georgia United States
(from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

Music hands down.
It helps set mood and tone. I think it makes things more

Songs from Sade, P.M. Dawn, Aerosmith, and Tonic, ect.

I have lots of music for the occation.

Rhett Prescott Arizona www.myspace.com/somuch4honesty

Hi Jonathan, nice to 'meet you'.
Great site. Am new to this so will have to start fiddling with
it to get it up to par ;o)

In response to your question:

Most of the time it has to be raunchy, dirty slut music - Alice Cooper,
Linkin Park, The Mission, Evanescence etc.

Other times dance and trance, and then sometimes the TV is on with
porn movies playing.

Manda Northants United Kingdom www.myspace.com/blonde_temple

Music...and I go for the classics... Bolero... Enigma... Barry White
... the William Tell Overture.

Dave Lombardi Promotion Astralwerks Records New York N.Y.

Jack Johnson!!!!!!!!!!!! Because he rocks, and yep that's it.

cOrBaN Clearwater Florida (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

Before married sex, I preferred music--like Peter Murphy or something
slow and sexy (I know the artist is dating myself back to before married

Maybe it was the drugs! :)

Now, I prefer silence to absorb the moment without distractions--and
without the drugs! :)

Love ya.

Jackie Selby Air Personality KOOL-FM Denver Colorado

Hey there, Jonathan...
Well, let's just put it this way, I've been with my partner 8 years.
There really isn't any "making love" at all.

My partner would rather be playing video games, watching "Angel"
or "Smallville" and sports.

But, that's just how it is...

However, IF I had my choice of music in the bedroom I'd say none.
I'm very much into lyrics and production and I think that's all I'd be
focussed on.

Tippy Kansas City Missouri www.myspace.com/tippywenslow

Music. Preferably jazz. Diana Krawl is nice.

Maggie Keane Phoenix Arizona

Hey...ok yes I do.
I love Bis on hangover music...soft then fast :)
x x x

Amber United Kingdom www.myspace.com/kinkyishslave

Music. My girlfriend prefers Pink Floyd...so that definitely
works for me.

Dwight Arnold Air Personality KMRJ Palm Springs California

LOL. That's what I need, music playing in the background to take my mind
off of sex, and throw it into the record industry. "Did I work this

"Wait no, this was Jeff's record" -"What was I working at the time?"

"Hmm did Amy just say something?"

Sean Renet Chandler Arizona

February 2
The amazing 5"2" Spanish rock/pop artist has done some remarkable things
at a young age. Born in 1977 in Baranquilla, Columbia, her parents were
Lebanese immigrants. She is the youngest of 8 siblings. The Grammy Award
winner, was ranked #9 in Stuff Magazine's "102 Sexiest Women In the World"
(2002). Although she made in her name with Spanish language albums, her
first English language song was "Objection" from "Laundry Service". Her first
all English album came out last year titled "Oral Fixation 2". She has been all
over television worldwide many times. Shakira sites John Lennon as her #1 music
influence. Her given name is Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripolli. The bleach blonde
hates wearing jewelry. Interesting because she is engaged to Antonio de la Rua,
the son of the President of Argentina. What the hell do you get someone who
doesn't like jewelry. Shoes?

Birthday's today: Holly Hunter, Graham Nash, Christie Brinkley, Farrah Fawcett,
Bo Hopkins, Tom Smothers, DJ Rush, Barry Diller, Osamu Kido, Michelle Bass,
Melvin Mora, Kristie Mardsen, Sherry Mathis, Ross Valory, Stephen McGann,
Sergio Gonzalez (Menudo), Michael Talbot, Kim Zimmer, Brent Spiner, Sean Elliott

Q of THE WEEK: (see Monday)

Hey Jonathan,
I would say that music is a must!!

A bit of Stereophonics usually goes down well, along with
Floyd or anything that suits at the time.

Hope yr good.

Wendy London England (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

Well, it usually just happens to
be TV because it's always on.

I prefer music-Pixies, Interpol, or something nice and ambient
like that. probably for no other reason besides it sets the pace.

I guess it's kinda like dancing-some nice Rock n' Roll makes
muh hips move!

Tricia (aka Trish Vicious) Houston, Pasadena Texas
(from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

It's different everytime.
Sometimes music (whatever is on) and sometimes silent
...and the TV is usually on! : )

Holly Clark (aka Suck My Kiss) Orange County California

I'd have to say
I'm a TV person.

Gary Phoenix Arizona www.myspace.com/skullman

No music, nada. Nothing but the glow of our "oggs"...and an "ogg" is
nothing sexual...uh, nevermind.

Paul Kriegler Operations Manager Midwest Family Springfield Missouri

Well, I guess it really
depends on my mood... If I'm feeling very romantic, probably
something gentle in the background.

If it's really spontaneous then we don't have time to put music on!!
Never any really heavy music, I save that for gigs!!

Take care.

Jane Cambridge United Kingdom www.myspace.com/janeadkins

I like it quiet.
I only like to hear the breathing/moaning/purring
of my lover and me.

Music in the background can be distracting, especially if it's music
you really love or a band or CD you really love. It takes away from
the lovemaking, I think. Just like, when I am listening to music,
if I am doing something else while listening, like, e-mailing people,
for instance, it takes away from my listening experience.... unless I'm
doing something like driving my car late at night when there's not too
many people out on the road, or something that allows me to give a
lot of attention to the music.

I love driving my car & listening to my favorite CDs.

The only time I do not mind music in the background while making love
is if it's really sexy stuff like Sade or some cool, mellow band or artist
that I don't know very well (familiar songs during sex is totally distracting)
or those classical CD's you get from Victoria's Secret, but even those CDs
can be distracting!

I almost always turn off all things that make sound when making love.
Although, I have to admit, the last time I made love, I had music on!
That was the first time in a looooooooooong time! Not sure what that
was all about!

TV during sex? No fucking way! That is WAY too distracting!!!

If you want to watch TV, then watch TV! If you want to make love,
then make love!!!

That's my take on it!

Annette of Shut Up Marie Los Angeles California www.shutupmarie.com

or something with a latino beat.

Yoda's Little Helper Leicester United Kingdom www.myspace.com/latinrose

February 1
Lisa Marie Presley
I can't imagine what it would be like to be the daughter of the "King of Rock n' Roll"?
The tiny 5'3" beauty (hey, look at her parents), was born in 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee.
Okay, so she screwed up by marrying Michael Jackson. Let's not hold that against her. Enough
of that has been documented on two episodes of "E: Hollywood True Story" in 2003. She
has been married three times. Danny Keough (88-94), MIchael Jackson (94-96), and to
Nicolas Cage (02-04). Lisa Marie has two childtren, Danielle Riley, and Benjamin Storm,
both from Keough. She was born 9 months exactly from day Elvis married Priscilla. In
2003 Lisa Marie released her own album "To Whom It May Concern". Some of the eleven songs
were co-written with Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins/Zwan). I actually liked a few songs
off of that. I don't know if she will have a career doing it, but she sure has a lot of money.

Birthday's today:
Laura Dern, Pauly Shore, Joy Philbin, Sherilyn Fenn, Billy Mumy,
Mike Campbell (Tom Petty), Terry Jones (Monty Python), Tina Sloan, Malik Sealy,
Don Everly (Everly Brothers), Petra Nielsen, Bart Braverman, Ana Alexander,
Jani Lane (Warrant), Elana Makarova, Brandon Lee (R.I.P.), Rick James (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK continues: (see Monday)

I really find the music-while-sex
thing entirely too distracting. I guess I have my own rhythm
that no song can match.

Plus, that one time I had it on 'shuffle' and Baby Beluga came on.
Kind of ruined the mood.

(still) Durty Pirate Hooker Columbus Ohio www.myspace.com/toplesshotdog

First, why isn't "wham bam sex" including in this? That is where my
NIN comes out.

Yes, music because I am a music person. If I were a scientist having sex
I suppose I would want the sound of test tubes jangling together in the
background to get me hot.

Kat Corbett Air Personality KROQ Los Angeles California

It's all heat of the moment!
There could be a church choir singing in the backround for all I care.

Now don't get me wrong there is some good baby making music,
it just does not matter to yours truly.

Mojo PD WHHZ Gainesville Florida www.myspace.com/mojoradioshow

Never really thought about it!!
If it's with the right person, I'm kinda of a any where any time
kinda gal!! LOL

~Mary~ La Habra California (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

Guys should really pay attention to the answers that us chicks give
to this question.

Okay, first...no TV on. I don't care what's on, it's just too distracting.
Even if YOU'RE not paying attention to it, you'll always be wondering
if your partner might be.

It's always good to have music on as long as it isn't anything lame.
Personally, I don't like having anything on that I play at work (classic rock)
...too easy for my mind to wonder back to the station, even momentarily.

Personally, I like to have on something cool like...I've found Ours to be a
good band to have on. There's something very sexy about it. Big Wreck
and Audioslave work pretty well, too.

If you want something a little more left-of-center, you can't go wrong with
Elliott Smith in my opinion. Whatever you pick, just make sure that one
person doesn't find it annoying...and don't put on anything that's too cliche,
like Barry White.

Marilynn Mee PD 96.5 WKLH Milwaukee Wisconsin Home of Classic Rock

Ha. Alright, "Goodbye Horses"
from the Silence of the Lambs. On loop.

Robyn Swank Victoria B.C. Canada www.myspace.com/robynswank

I dont HAVE to have music
or any background noise when I make love but I will always
remember once a guy and I had Luther Vandross on loud and
it was so sensual, it was unreal!!

I still see the guy sometimes now in town and we still have a
chuckle about it so it was cool that it blew both of us away!!!

Lisa Stamford Lincolnshire United Kingdom www.myspace.com/mcsludge

I like to listen to pre-recorded sounds of children crying so I remember
to put on a condom.

Otherwise the Carpenter's "Love Songs" album holds tried and true.

When I really want to romance a lady and go the extra mile with
some Guttermouth.

Corey O'Brien On-Air.APD.Imaging.Sales Assistant KXRK-X96
515 S 700 E 1C Salt Lake City, Utah 84102
direct line: 801.325.3193 coreyx96@hotmail.com

January 31
Minnie Driver
The tall 5' 10" star of almost 50 films and Televisions shows was born in 1970
London England. Her given name is Amelia Driver, but during her childhood
was given the nickname Minnie. She trained at the "Wbber Academy of Dramatic
Arts" in London. She was raised in Barbados. Her sister Kate is a model. In 2004
she released her first album "Everything I've Got In My Pocket" on Rounder
Records. Notable films you will know her from are; "Gross Point Blank", "Sleepers",
"Hope Springs", "Goldeneye", and "Phantom Of The Opera".

Birthday's today: Grace Lam, Scott Ian (Anthrax), Johnny Lydon (P.I.L./Sex Pistols),
Justin Timberlake, Lloyd Cole, Phil Manzanera (Roxy Music), Mary Elizabeth Vera,
Ernie Banks, Bret "The Hitman" Hart, Adrian Vanderberg (Whitesnake), Guy Pratt,
Yeong ae Lee, Naja Jamaan, Stuart Margolin, Philip Glass, Audra Lynn, Nolan Ryan,
Terry Lath (Chicago), Jessica Walter, Lisa Karlstrom, Jin-ah Kim, Charlie Muselwhite

Q of THE WEEK: (see yesterday)

Everytime I hear the song "Panama"
by Van Halen I think back to the summer of 1984 when I was on a
date with a cute guy from highschool I had always wanted to date.

We were in dark quiet place, but the radio was playing and when that
song came on, he grabbed me and kissed me the whole time it played.
I have too strong a strong memory for things like that.

So in short, I think in someways playing music to love making is a person's
way of maybe remembering a moment in time?

Like how people have to have certain songs played at weddings and funerals,
ya know?

Or do people who need to have music to make love trying to drown out things?
When I first dated my husband, we had a TV on in a motel room and as he had
me stratled on the bathroom counter, "Dr. Feel Good" was playing.
Thanks Motley Crue. See? I can remember them because they were few times
music was playing while something sexual was going on.

Now when I'm with my husband it is very quiet all except the heavy breathing.
Maybe there is a connection with music, memory and sex after all?

May I add.

I can remember what the first song I heard when my children where born.
I know it has nothing to do with sex but somehow it is like a flavour, you will
remember something like that forever.

Ramona Hope B.C. Canada www.myspace.com/the0shimagirl

It's amusingly pathetic that I am going to
answer this one, for I am not currently having sex with anyone but
what the hell!

I usually prefer music, and when I get my way it is going to be
industrial rock. To me there is no music on earth that can provide the
ambience of raw sexuality that industrial does...and I have tried others.

In fact, just thinking about how great it is reminds me that I'd really love
to run into this delicious guy I met recently. *sigh* Trisha's in a drought.

Other than that, sometimes the natural sounds of surroundings are plenty
for me....the harmonies of wildlife, flowing rivers and rustling tree branches
while camping in a forest....the crashing of waves coupled with coastal breezes
when on or near the beach....the driving rain and booming thunder during a July
storm....who needs music when I have those sounds around me?

So yes, it all depends.

Hey Jonathan, wish me luck on finding a new lover, will ya? Haha!! :)

Trisha Gilbert Arizona www.myspace.com/trisha72

Music, Sarah McLachlan.

Patrick Sanders APD/Afternoons KQXY Beaumont Texas

Depends sometimes. METAL.
like Disgorge or Cryptopsy. Something ridiculous. But, let me tell
you my all time favorite soundtrack for lovemaking, or just sex or even
foreplay. PORTIS HEAD!!!!!! "Wandering Star" just to name one.

Kayla-Jane-DANGER Los Angeles California www.myspace.com/_just_jane_

Have to admit that it depends what the
mood takes. If it's very sensual and romantic then a soft music
background is ideal, on the other hand if it's very unplanned and
erotic then rock music is prefered.

Addi Tyne and Wear United Kingdom www.myspace.com/littleoldmelol

Where do you come up with these questions?-lol
Answer your own questions. lol


I usually like silence, no distractions and paying full attention to my

Some classical music low in the background also works, depending on the

I bet you ask about making love with the lights on or off next.

Victor Caballero Pasadena California www.myspace.com/victorcaballero

Yes, I love listening to music when I make love.
It's quite stimulating because it's POWERFUL !!!! :)

Metal music. No matter the band, Death, Trash, Heavy or Black metal.
I know I'm non-conformist ! lol

Line 666/Petasse Warrior :o) Besancon France www.myspace.com/degrey

No music, Jonathan...I just hum...and she loves it!

Kevin Childs "The Big KC" KRCK 97.7 "Rock of the 80's...and a lot more!"
73-733 Fred Waring Drive 2nd Floor, Suite 201 Palm Desert, CA 92260
800-723-4272 kc@krck.com

January 30
Yumi Yoshimura
Big in Japan as they say, better known as "Puffy" AmiYumi,
was born in 1975 in Osaka, Japan. Besides putting out a few
albums, she has starred and appeared in numerous Japanese
films. In America, she is considered an indie artist.

Birthday's today: Christian Bale, Vanessa Redgrave, Phil Collins, Charles Dutton,
Rob van Zandvoort, Jody Whatley, Marisa Roman, Rebecca Smart, Brett Butler,
Gene Hackman, Femke Bakker, Dick Cheney, Curtis Strange, Stephanie Ronalds,
Heide Bruhl, Marv Ross (Quarterflash), Min-Hie Kim, Tony 'O Dell, Jalen Rose,
Judy McCullough, Miranda Bailey, William King (Commodores), Nick Broomfield

Q of THE WEEK: When making love, NOT wham bam sex,
do you like music in the background?
Or, do you like silence? Or, is it TV? Each to her/his own.
Explain why? If it is music, what kind?

Most of the time, my fiance'
and I don't use any music or TV in the background. Reason?
We make our own music! Hah!

Seriously, our sex is so passionate that we're more about the
connection then the additives. Locking eyes, rough but loving grip
and a lot of sweat.

That's sex in my personal life.

I have dated men in the past that I needed the TV going just to give
me something to do while I was bored. LOL Not anymore though! :)


Tyler Los Angeles California www.TylerFaith.com

I usually have sex in the bedroom
...and the TV is always on.

When making love... I like silence. Because I think it's romantic
to be able to hear the sensual breathing of your partner.

And, it's important to me to have full mental and physical contact.

^v^Obituary Bitch^v^ Manahawkin New Jersey

"Seasons In The Abyss". Very Loud!

(*don't tell Kim)

Larry Mac APD/Music Director "New Area 108" "independent Radio"
Las Vegas Nevada www.myspace.com/larrymac

I like music soft rock,
with the light dim. I like to be intimate so he can see
what I'm doing to him.

Sexy 41 San Bernardino California (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

Hmm...definitely with music.
Doesn't have to be loud...but I love rock and neo-soul stuff.

I think I love the music because it makes things even more
ethereal...yet intense. I am an audiophile.

Oddly enough...for some reason...the hottest, sexiest song
EVER to me is..."Flying High Again" by Ozzy Osbourne.
The combination of the guitar and the vocal in the beginning...
is a PURE eargasm.

NIN and anything with Maynard James Keenan is hot, too.

I also love India Arie...Lauryn Hill...Incubus is wonderful...and I
once has a marathon session while Journey's Greatest Hits played
over and over. (I never thought of Steve Perry's voice the same
after that).

Nikki (aka Myspace Addict) Fresno California www.myspace.com/nikkithomas