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January 29
Heather Graham
Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and raised by a strict father who worked for the
FBI. The 5'8" beauty worked at Toy R'us as a teenager. Graduated Agoura Hills
High School in California in 1988. Dropped out of U.C.L.A. in her freshman year to
pursue an acting career. Had to turn down the main role in the film "Heathers" in
1989 because her parents felt the language was to risque. Heather should be a
very familiar face. She has been in a ton of films since 1984. Her credits include;
"Drugstore Cowboy" (1989), "Boogie Nights", "Scream:2", "Lost In Space", "From
Hell", and "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me". She enjoys yoga, and cooking.

Birthday's today: Roddy Frame (Aztec Camera), Ann Jillian, Hendrik Dreekman,
Eddie Jackson (Queensryche), Nicholas Turturo, Oprah Winfrey, Sara Gilbert,
Paul McGann, David Byron (Uriah Heep), Tom Sellick, Ed Burns, Marc Singer,
"Handsome" Dick Manitoba (Dictators), Katherine Ross, Cho- Liang Lin,
Bill Kirchen (Commander Cody), Tommy Ramone, Peter Lundgren, Steve Sax,
Judy Norton-Taylor, Kelly Packard, John Riatt (R.I.P.)

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January 28
Sarah McLachlan
Sarah is ranked #69 on VH-1's "Greatest Women In Rock n' Roll". Although she was
born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada in 1968, Sarah claims it to be Vancouver though.
She has been the recipient of "The Order Of Canada". Sarah has had her songs in many
television shows and films, as well as appearing in some. She is married to her long-
time drummer Ashwin Sood. They were married in Jamaica in 1997. They have a
daughter India Ann Sushil who was born in 2002.

Birthday's today: Elija Wood, Nick Carter (Backstreet Boys), Harley Jane Kozak,
Peter Schilling, Barbi Benton, Robert Wyatt (Soft Machine), Magglio Ordenez,
Shawn Murray (Mink Deville), Dave Sharp (The Alarm), Danny Spitz (Anthrax),
Melody Perkins, Alan Alda, Ani Cee Alvina, Sam Phillips, Donald tardy (Obituary),
Susan Howard, Keith Hamilton Cobb, Jermaine Dye, Tony Delk

This past week I put up a new page TUNECAST U.K.
I think people from all over the world will enjoy the
information and easy way to click and listen to music.

Here are some comments:

I find it interesting because I have not seen or
heard any of that music before in my life.

Some of the songs wouldn't play for me, but I did once I started to
play with the button a bit.

I hope you can get a trusted fan's point of view because they are
the ones who know what they like from you in all honesty.

You must have put that page there for a reason.

In the end it shall be up to you, right?
I think I'll bookmark your site if that is okay?

Ramona Hope B.C. Canada www.myspace.com/the0shimagirl

Love the new page and no, it's not crappy - it's a great idea. :-)

Addi Tyne and Wear United Kingdom www.myspace.com/littleoldme

Fricking brilliant, Jonathan!!!
I love how when I click to play I don't get directed to another page
or a pop-up player. and...when I click on the album cover for more
info, it opens a new page, so I can still be listening to the artist!

I think it's a spectacular idea and i'll be checking back for the weekly
updates, if this is something that stays at the site. I have an affinity
for UK bands, so I personally am right gobsmacked with the

cheers to you mate!!! :)

Tamera Kansas City Kansas www.myspace.com/ladyl33ta

*These are just some, all positive, so I will be keeping the page.
Thank you Ramona, Addi, and Tamera for your comments. Helps.

January 27
Bridget Fonda
The name Fonda alone means something in the film industry, and Bridget, the
daughter of Peter Fonda, the niece of Jane Fonda, and the grandaughter of the
late great Henry Fonda was a natural from the get go. The 5'6" actress was
born in Los Angeles, California 1964. As a child she appeared in her father's
biggest film ever, cult classic "Easy Rider" (1969) as a kid in a commune. I have
been a big fan for years. Here are some of my favorite films in no particular order
that she has been in; "Point Of No Return" (1993), "Single White Female" (1992, "The
Godfather 3" (1990), "Jackie Brown" (1997), "KIss Of The Dragon" with Jet Li (2001),
and "The Road To Wellville" (1994). Bridget has done almost 50 films. She is married
to Danny Elfman (ex-Oingo Boingo and master film composer), and they have one
child named Oliver.

Birthday's today: Johnny Lang, Fann Wong, Jane Yee, Mimi Rogers, Alan Cumming,
Gillian Gilbert (New Order), Frank Miller, Cris Collingsworth, Mikhail Baryshinikov,
Brian Downey (Thin Lizzy), Nedra Talley (Ronnettes), Ava Padberg, Tamlyn Tomita,
Nick Mason (Pink Floyd), Jermaine Jackson, Tricky, James Cromwell

Q of THE WEEK: (see Monday)

My husband (he died 11 years ago).
Because even now I still miss having him around

What would I do? Introduce him to his teenage daughter (she was
only 1 when he died)

How would we spend the day together? Doing loads of stuff that we
used to do. 10 pin bowling, laughing, talking, dancing, and going to
our 'local' for a pint, just enjoying each others company.

Clare United Kingdom (from mypace.com-no forwarding URL)

I would spend the time
with my deceased husband just chatting about things we never
had gotten around to discussing because you always think you
have more time.

I would just spend the time anywhere peaceful. Doesn't have to be
anything special just peacful for that precious 24 hours!

AnglorDvl Phoenix AZ/Huntington Beach CA www.myspace.com/anglordvl

Ohhh, if I had 24 hours to spend
with anyone it would have to be Eddie Cochran.

I've been in love with him since i was a little gal in pink ribbons
and bobby sox. I'd sit at his feet and listen to him sing and play
his guitar, especially for me. At the end of our time I'd look deep
into his eyes, kiss his sweet lips and cry a single tear as I said
goodbye to my dream lover.

R.I.P. Eddie Cochran

Voodoodoll United Kingdom www.myspace.com/leopardlegs

As much as I'd like to let the devil on
my shoulder wander on this, I'd rather have the chance to spend
some time with my Dad.

He passed away suddenly and totally inexpectedly three years ago
while I was away on vacation and I never got the chance to see him
one last time.

How would you spend that precious time together?

Talking, but mostly listening. There's always questions and insights that
you put off asking for another day. If I had that day, I'd take advantage
of it. At some point we'd have a game or 2 of H-o-r-s-e (he was a helluva
basketball coach) and then sit around cooking chicken on a cinder-block
barbeque, smoking cigars and tossing horse-shoes.

Then wind up getting my ass kicked playing cards, drinking some fine Scotch.

**Dave @ TK99** Syracuse New York www.myspace.com/radiojock

It would have to be Elvis Presley.
As he was the sexiest guy in all time.

I would spend the whole 24 hours in his arms with his lips against mine.

I'd have him serenading me in that time so I would just melt away and
that would be the best 24 hours I'd have spent in my life. lol

I know I'm dreaming. ha ha ha

Dawn United Kingdom (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

January 26
Anneka Svenska
The 5'8" Swede was born in High Wycombe, England in 1976. Her birth name is
Anneka Barrett. The comedy/actress has a 20-year history in TV, the Theatre,
and film. The known presenter is most notable for her 3-year run on the highly
succesful cult televison show "outTHERE". Lately she's writing a lot of comedy
for TV and the Theatre. Soon she will be seen in "Carry On London". Her family
owns at least 30 race horses, and her grandfather was an Olympic World Champion
Flyweight boxer.

Birthday's today: Anita Baker, Ellen DeGeneres, Mike Watt, Wayne Gretzsky,
Kelly Stables, Bob Ueker, Jules Feiffer, Harold Lederman, Lucinda Williams,
Tom Keifer (Cinderella), David Briggs (Little River Band), Beverlee Buzon,
Jazzy B (Soul II Soul), Wendy Menoin, Andrew Ridgeley (Wham), Sara Rue,
Corky Laing (Mountain), Andy Hummell (Big Star), Allison Hossack, Scott Glenn,
Agatha Drake, Derek Holt (Climax Blues Band), Gene Siskel (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK almost coming to a close: (see Monday)
Tomorrow will sew this one up. New one coming soon

My father.
He died when I was a baby.

He was a mod boy, so probably go clothes shopping with him,
get advice on life, bitch about boys, and play my guitar
(he sang and always wanted to play an instrument) and smoke
a fat joint.

Interseting...I've heard that question before, but I don't think I've
ever answered as honestly.
Jeanette (aka MOXY) California www.myspace.com/mzmoxy

Nice to meet you :-)
I had to think about that question for a while.

At first I was thinking about Plato, Socrates or some other person
from way back. I would like to bring them into our age, show them
around and hear what they have to say about the way we are living
now. Will it be a positive or negative opinion?

Then, I was thinking about Jon Bon Jovi, because I believe that when
he spends one day with me he will fall madly in love, we'll both divorce
our spouses and live happily ever after. One can dream.
And no, I won't tell what we will be doing that day :-)

But I think that, although I'm not a buddhist, I would like to spend that
day with the Dalai Lama at his place. I want to know what he does
during the day and if he is really such a calm and peacefull person as
he seems. I believe that he is a wise man and I would love to have a
change to talk to him. I probably don't know what to say at that moment
but who cares. Maybe I'll meet Richard Gere while I'm there and he will
fall madly in love with me,... etc., etc.

I hope my husband doesn't read this :-)

Henny Netherlands www.myspace.com/pynneh

I would say my Uncle Chuck in Michigan. He is having his leg
amputated tomorrow, (from his knee down). I wish I could be
there with him.

I could be there to make him laugh and just be there for him.
He and the doctors' decided this would be the best thing for him,
since he's been having so much trouble with it for so many years.

He is my only uncle and we're very close. He's very positive about this.
I would really appreciate it if you would pray for him and keep him in
your thoughts.

Kathy Bissonette Los Angeles California

I would go back with Led Zeppelin,
and listen to their music and hang out with them allllll day.

Courtney Paris France www.myspace.com/pinkthunder

My boy,
'cos life without him would be a sad place, his dad for my boy's
sake and my mates in the band, 'cos they are all my family...
and my dad if he was talking to me!

Tara Rez (The Duel) Camden Town London England www.myspace.com/theduel

Why? 'Cause he's my main squeeze.

What would you do? Make passionite love all day and night.

How would you spend that precious time together?
Far away from home, somewhere (anywhere) where no one
knows us or could even bother us.

Francis Hollywood Florida www.myspace.com/francis69

Hey Jonathan,
ok my answers to your questions

Chad Kroeger from Nickelback.

Why? He's a nice guy and I'd like to get to know him better.

What would you do? Let him tell me his real life story.

How would you spend that precious time together?
Just drinkin a few beers possibly a smoke or two.

Jo Wales www.myspace.com/604_jo


Much like you, I love to talk with people and there's a number of
individuals that I'd like to spend a full day with. Present company
includes Yourself, Jimmy Carter, Arnold Swartzenegger and
Farrah Fawcett.

Looking back in history it's my understanding that Thomas Jefferson
knew everything there was to know in his day, to talk with him would be such
a joy, but...number 1 answer at this time...Benjamin Franklin!!!

He did so many diverse things, as I tend to do. If only you had a time
machine with your questionairre!

Thanks for letting me be heard,

Dean Wirmer MD KALA, Davenport Iowa

January 25
Alicia Keys
One of the hottest singers today! The 5'8" R&B great is only 24-years old.
Her Mother is of Puerta Rican and Italian descent, and her dad is African-
American. She was born in New York City, New York in 1981. Alcia began
taking piano lessons at age 7. Her debut album "Songs In A Minor" (2001)
sold six million copies and she recieved 5 Grammy Awards. Her second in
2005, "Diary" gave her 4 more Grammy's. And, this is all by 24. Amazing!
In 2001 she named one of People Magazine's "Breakthrough Stars". The
following year the same magazine named her one of the "50 Most Beautiful
People". Alicia has made the rounds on TV, making over 40 appearences to
date. Her Face has adorned the covers of Vibe, Vanity Fair, and others. Here
is a little know fact; at age 4 she appeared in an episode "Slumber Party" on
the old "Cosby Show" in 1985.

Birthday's today: Sho Sakurai, Sean O Haire, China Kantner, Tobe Hooper,
Christine Lakin, Dinah Manoff, Leigh Taylor-Young, Etta James, Chris Mills,
Don Maynard, Raine Davison, Tracy Walsh, Ami Cusack, Diana Hyland,
Suzanne Klemann, Michelle Tobin, Malcolm Green (Split Enz), Justin Greer,
Amanda Carraway, Jenifer Lewis, Andy Cox (Fine Young Cannibals)

Q of THE WEEK rolls on: (see Monday)

My dad.
Because I love and miss him.

We would talk, and hold each other.

Kim Netherlands www.myspace.com/kimhengst

John Lennon is my choice.
Why...well he was great and I love his work.

I would love to talk to him for hours.

And I would take advantage of our precious time together asking
him to play "Woman", "Jealous Guy" and "Imagine" just for me.

The Bling Witch San jose Costa Rica www.myspace.com/changingforthe better

I would spend that day with my father.
He passed away almost 21 years ago. I was a young girl and don't know
much about him, his life or his family.

I would spend that day asking him all the questions I've ever wondered
about him, his life and his family that I never got to ask. I would absorb
every minute of that time and every bit of that information.

I have dreams about him often. In these dreams he isn't really dead he
was just missing for a long period of time. The dreams are so real that it's
such a heartbreak to wake up.

Angelica Phoenix Arizona www.myspace.com/12angelica07

Joe Strummer
Because I grew up with The Clash, and loved Joe's music.
We were going to see him play, then he died :((

What would you do? Go for a meal and a drink, I'd want to chat.
Then I'd like to let Joe choose a band that we could go see.

How would you spend that precious time together?
aughing, drinking, eating, chatting. Finding out more
about each other.

Lyndsay United Kingdom www.myspace.com/justlyndsay

My dad.
He died when I was too young
we would sit, chat n' chill.

Jane Kettering England www.myspace.com/crazymaybebabe

January 24
Sharon Tate (R.I.P.)
We should alway's remember Sharon, the actress who wanted to go beyond
B-Movie status, but never got that chance. The beautiful 5'5" Sharon Marie Tate,
was brutally murdered along with four friends in one of America's most infamous
and documented mass slayings by 4 members of that fucking piece of shit Charles
Manson 'Family'. Sharon was born in 1943 in Dallas, Texas, and would have been
62-years old today. She was a regular in the TV series "Beverly Hillbillie's" back in
1962 to 1965. People will probably remember her from "The Valley Of The Dolls"
(1967), and "The Wrecking Crew" with Dean Martin in 1969. She was married to
Director Roman Polanski and was carrying their first baby when that fatal day of
August 9, 1969 happened. The baby did not survive.

Birthday's today: Kenya Moore, Matthew Lillard, Yakov Smirnoff, Neil Diamond,
Jools Holland (Squeeze), Mary Lou Retton, Louise McPaul, Stephanie Romanov,
Ashley Jade Stern, Tanya Crowe, Aaron Neville, Benny Medina, Natassja Kinski,
Nayoshi Mizuta, Klaus Nomi (R.I.P.), John Belushi (R.I.P.), Warren Zevon (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: (see Monday)

My best friend Lee.
We click, know each other well, and there wouldn't be a dull moment.

What would you do with that person?
Whatever it takes to have a good time and survive.

How would you spend that precious time together?
Talking, laughing, living.

Dawnie United Kingdom www.myspace.com/Dawny

Jack White.
Because I admire his musical talent. (ha)

How would you spend that precious time together?
Walk in the mountains, camp out and sing folk songs like
in "Cold Mountain".

Yoda's Little Helper Leicester United Kingdom www.myspace.com/latinrose

Salma Hayek

Spend time gazing into each other's eyes and making lasting memories!!!
You know smoochin' and stuff.

Alex Duran Program Director KFRQ McAllen/Brownsville Texas

OK, it took me a bit to answer this one for there are so many
people I would love to have spent time with.

My biggest would be my father. He passed 10 years ago and I miss
him very dearly. I would love to spend the day like we use to when
he had a chance to take time.

We would mostly deal with the house and find something to fix or
decorate. It brought us closer together in my adult life. It also gave
us the chance to talk and have some laughs.

I would love to know if he is proud of what I have become and what
I have done. He was the one person I can truly say I searched for his
approval. I would love to know if he is OK?

Most of all I would give him a huge hug and a daughterly kiss and tell
him I love him and miss him dearly.

Kathaleen United Kingdom www.myspace.com/celestianna

Wow, holy-shit. My parents when they were about my age.
So I could seewhere their heads were at, and if they really did
have fun at some point in their marriage!

Jackie Selby Air Personality KOOL-FM Denver Colorado

Well I dont wanna get sappy
on you, but that would be my grandma.

Because when I was born I was a blue baby so from the minute I
was born til the time I was in the incubator and off it my grandma
was the first person to hold me. Loving, strong and nurturing.
I miss her so much.

I would at least have been given the chance to see her alot and do
things with her. Like take her out to the mall shopping, go see a
movie. Things I've missed out on when I was growing up and working
too much long hours.

How would you spend that precious time together?
Just spend as much quality time with her as I can.
Same goes with my mom.

Harajuku Tgirl Hudson County New Jersey www.myspace.com/trannygurlinnj

Jeanne D'arc.
I think she is one of the first woman who we know of who demands
attention from men on another matter than just being a "wife".
She had her own "grale" to persuede.

What would you do with that person?
Sit down and ask what she wanted to achieve?

How would you spend that precious time together?
Lot's of talking I guess

Redfeline Near Breada Netherlands www.myspace.com/redfeline

If I had 24 hours to spend
with someone it would have to be Kurt Cobain.

I would choose him because I was a huge fan of his and he was a
big influence to me in my teenage years.

I would love to just hang out with Kurt and listen to him sing .
Anything that Kurt wants to do is all good with me ! ; )

Dee Dee United Kingdom www.myspace.com/deeuk

January 23
Tiffani Amber-Thiessen
As a teenager Tif won Teen Magazine's Great Model Search of 1988. Born in
Long Beach, California in 1974, you would know her mostly from her role as
'Valerie Malone" in the hit TV show "Beverly Hills 90210" (1994-1998). And,
earlier she played 'Kelly' on "Saved By The Bell". She was named one of the
"102 Sexiest Womaen In The World" by Stuff Magazine in 2002. Some of Tif's
film credits include "Love Stinks" (1999), and "From Dusk Till Dawn: Texas
Blood Money" (1999). She started her own production company titled "Tit
4 Tat Productions". 3 tattoo's adorn her body. You will see her in "Stroller
Wars", which is now in post-production.

Birthday's today:
Tanya Harding, Robin Zander (Cheap Trick), Mariska Hargity,
Richard Dean Anderson, Angelica Lee, Julia Jones, Olga Koskikallio, Alan Embree,
Edward Ka-Spel (Legendary Pink Dots), Earl Falconer (UB 40), Michelle Ihnot,
Reginald Caloway (Midnight Star), Eric Metcalf, Claire Rankin, Abigail Turner,
Sonita Henry, Erubiel Durazo, Richard Gilliand, Patrick Simmons (Doobie Brothers)

Q of THE WEEK: continues from last week.
If you had 24 hours to spend with someone
dead or alive, any era, who would that person be?

What would you do with that person?

How would you spend that precious time together?

The answer to your question
would be very simple.

My Mom it would be right now, I miss her so much, and I would sit
next to her, talking, cuddling, crying, kissing , giving her all my love
and affection, and taking the same from her. Thats it!

I lost her last year.

Laurence Paris France (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

John Lennon for 12 hours then Martin Luther King Jr. for the other 12.
Probably MLK in the day and Lennon for the nightime into the sun coming

Gary Spivack Promotions Geffen Records Santa Monica California

Oh yes thanks, well there are so many!
At the moment I would like to spend time with Catherine de Medici.
she was living in a time of inter-state wars and, the Renaissance.

I would like to ask her just how she managed to stay sane...we would
walk round the Uffizi and she could give me the background info on
the artists.

But in the rock world...it would have to be Slash or Synester Gates. Rock!


Celia Reading England www.myspace.com/chickahominy

Max Tolkoff. If you have to ask why then you are too far gone.

Lenny Diana Program Director WRZK Indianapolis Indiana

I would spend my 24 hours
most definitely with Ocar Wilde.

I find him very intelligent witty handsome and intriguing. I love his
work, his writings.

I would ask him questions and he would answer them.
I would go through his wardrobe and dig into his mind. We would
attend a function together where I would get to see people's reactions
to his actions and ideas.

Hopefully I would steal a kiss.

Cherrymoon Sydney Australia www.myspace.com/cherrymoon

I think he's a funny guy, and he must be cool as hell!

If he still was in MR BIG, I would like to see them at the studio, or
backstage after a show... and drinking beers and chatting with them
all night.

I would enjoy every minutes, take pics and write something for the mag I
work for, talking about this wonderful day/night !!!

Line 666/Petasse Warrior :o) Besancon France www.myspace.com/degrey

January 22
Olivia D'Abo
I used to have this thing for Olivia, but not anymore-lol Don't get me
wrong, she's awesome, but anyway, O was born in London, England in
1967. She is the daughter of actress/model Maggie London and Former
vocalist and keyboard player of Manfred Mann, Mike D'Abo. O has done
an amazing amount of television and film work including everything from
"Conan The Destroyer" (1984), with Arnold, "Wayne's World" (1993), to
"The Wonder Years" from 1988 to 1992. You can hear O's voice in many
animated TV shows and movies too.

Birthday's today:
Diane Lane, Linda Blair, Jazzy Jeff (Townes), Steve Perry (Journey),
Ray Matthew (Sique Sique Sputnik), John Hurt, Keith Forsey, Steven Adler (Guns & Roses),
Graham Kerr, Tully Blanchard, Hidetoshi Nakata, Balthazar Getty, Maria Ellington,
Michael Hutchence (INXS R.I.P.), Sam Cooke (R.I.P.), Bill Bixby (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK rocks on (see Monday)

Good question !!!
So, if I had 24 hours to spend and I could be everywhere I want, I
choose to be in Arizona !!!

And I will definitely meet you and Jeanette, also Rockin' Kimmie Roo,
and Lisa my friend Rock'n fighter mommy !!!

And I hope to having a wonderful time to realise finally a real friendship
born from this MySpace's cyber world.....around a BIG table for a dinner,
then love singing, and I know that Kimmie has what we need to play Rock
together at her home (if she would be agree with off course !!!)

Lamia Cross Paris France www.myspace.com/lamiacross



How would you spend that precious time together?

Wilma Gateshead, Tyne and Wear United Kingdom

January 21
Emma Lee Bunton
The 5"2" "Baby Spice" girl was born in Finchley, North London, England in
1976. Probably the cutest of the legendary Spice Girls, Emma joined the
group after Michelle Stephenson left. Her mother was a karate instructor,
and her dad was a milkman. They divorced when Emma was young. The
dynamo has done plenty of television since the group split up. She has also
been getting some film roles. She has "Baby Spice" tattooed on her arse.

Birthday's today: Chan "Cat Power" Marshall, Geena Davis, Amanda Strang,
Robby Benson, Anette Oldenborg, Hakeem Olajuwon, Billy Ocean, Brian Giles,
Kelly Farrell, Chris Britton (Troggs), Richie Havens, Jill Eikenberry,
Chris Hammond, Edwin Starr, Cordell Crockett (Ugly Kid Joe), Tommy Puett,
Telly Savalas (R.I.P.), Benny Hill (R.I.P.), Wolfman Jack (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK continues (see Monday)

The great Jimi Hendrix.
Why? There's no why.

What would you do?
Smoking lots of dope and playing lots of guitar.

How would you spend that precious time together?
Creating and evoluting.


Pedro elCigano Coimbra Portugal
(from www.myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

My Uncle Rollie.
who passed away suddenly 8 years ago.

He had just retired from his job in northern Minnesota and
became a snowbird in Arizona. I miss him lots!

What would you do with that person? How would you spend that
precious time together?

Play a round of golf, sit with him at the cabin and laugh at his crazy
jokes and stories, go fishing with him (and have him put the worms
on and take the fish off for me like he used to), play 6-5-4, and grill
the best steaks in the world at midnight.

Betz Scottsdale Arizona www.myspace.com/betzpoley

January 20
Rachel Perry
The outgoing host of various shows on VH-1, such as "VH-1 Top 21
Countdown" , used to work for the Canadian based MuchMusic for
three-years. Makes sense, Linda was born in Brockville, Ontario,
Canada in 1976. She does quite a few guest appearences on TV.
She was named #49 on the Maxim magazine 'Hot 100 of 2005 list.

Birthday's today: Skeet Ulrich, Lorenzo Lamas, David Lynch, Melissa Rivers,
Crystal Lowe, Malcolm McLaren, Bill Maher, Paul Stanley (Kiss), Stacey Dash,
Michael Anthony (Van Halen), Rich Gannon, Olivia Hallinan, Heather Small,
Eric Stewart (10CC), Ian Hill (Judas Priest), Traci Guns (LA Guns), Jalen Rose,
Tiffany Mason, Julie Godfrey, Ozzie Guillen, Ivana Trump, Victoria Sellers

Q of THE WEEK: (see Monday)
*This Q will continue through next week due
to the response. Thank you.

Hi Jonathan.
Well, maybe it could be I am answering quickly? I think there are
many people who would deserve to be the special one...but
well, Burt Bacharach...I would like to meet him.

And well, I would make sure I've got some music
and, I'd play flute til I drop...well, he's playing piano of course.

But, I'd like to meet Sacha Distel too, and
Nat King Cole....of course.

Have a nice day.....xx from foggy London.

London England www.myspace.com/lydialolly

Hi Jonathan,
What an intrigueing question.
There are so many different people.

Ok- I'll pick Jesus of Nazareth, a.k.a. Jesus Christ.

Why? I think he'd have a lot to say, a lot to teach.

What would you do?
Walk around and hang out with probably a lot of creative types.
In our modern society the artists are often considered the outcasts.

How would you spend that precious time together?
have a bite to eat, glass of wine accompanied by deep conversation
and contemplation.

Joanna San Diego California www.myspace.com/joanna_2

My lovely gal.

Kneale Mann Program Director LIVE 88.5 Ottawa Canada

I'd spend it with my daughter's dad,
who died when we were only 23, I'd tell him what a brilliant young
lady she's grown into.

I just read some of the other answers, and the first one is very similar
to mine!

Wow, I guess we aren't all so different after all.
Change my answer to Hugh Grant!

London England www.myspace.com/jennie_m

I would spend it with Siddartha Gautama
so, that I could gain more spiritual wisdom and be closer to enlightenment
so that I may hopefully reach Nirvana.

Evelyn Konohagakure Kent England (from www.myspace.com-no forwarding URL)


I'd pick Jack Bauer. It'd be a wild 24 hours, (if I didn't get wacked)
during Jack's worse day. Seriously, the show is great, and I advise
everyone to watch. Jack is Back!

Fil Slash Honolulu Hawaii

I would spend time
with my big brother who passed away 15 years ago.

The reason I would choose him is because he's my brother and
I miss plus I would like to get to know him a lil better now im a lil older...
I would take him around all the family and show him whats changed in the
time he's been gone.

Monique Glasgow Scotland www.myspace.com/moniquefletcher

Boring I know but of course
it would have to be my daughter and I would just tell her about
me and what I think and feel about the world and life and just
have fun and give her memories to remember me by.

Oh, hang on, maybe I have this answer wrong, am I dying afterwards?

Auckland New Zealand www.myspace.com/greerm

This is not a difficult question
for me to answer. If I had 24 hours to spend with someone, I would
spend it with my husband that passed away 11-25-96.

The reason I would spend it with him, is to say goodbye, because I
never got to say goodbye. He just left our lives without notice.

I would ask him for his advice on the right things to do and the right
choices to make in regards to me being a single parent and raising
our daughter. We all three would play together and laugh together
and cry together for one last time, and then, I would finally have to
let him go and say goodbye...WHICH... I still haven't till this day!!

If only we could have 24 more hours!!!

Rockin' Kimmie Roo
Phoenix Arizona www.myspace.com/rkr44

January 19
Today Janis would have been 62-years old. An American Icon. Man,
what a sweet soulful voice. She lived hard and paid the price. She
died in Hollywood, California in 1970 at the age of 27. She was born
in 1942 in the oil-refining town of Port Arthur, Texas. One thing for
sure, she will always be remembered and never forgotten for the
music she left us even at that short period of time. The raspy voice
of Janice Lyn Joplin was aided by smoking and drinking Southern
Comfort. Voted the 47th 'Greatest Artist in Rock 'n' Roll' by Rolling
Stone Magazine. Her ashes were scattered on the Pacific Ocean.

Birthday's today: Martha Davis (Motels), Katy Sagal, Desi Arnez Jr., Ann Compton,
Simon Rattle, Shawn Wayans, Laurie London, Michelle Page, Holly Karrol Clark,
Whitfield Crane (Ugly Kid Joe), Junior Seau, Candice Hillenbrand, Maurice Hofman,
Mickael Virtue (UB 40), Rod Evans (Deep Purple), Robert Palmer, Christine Tucci,
Orlando Palmeiro, Dan Reeves, Linda Hayden, Celeste Cid, Luc Longley,
Shelly Fabrares, Paul Rodriguez, Jodie Sweeten, Robert Palmer (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: (see Monday)

My son.
Because he has been the most amazing thing that ever
happened to me.

We would spend the day doing what ever he wanted.

We often overlook those who are most important in our lives.

Joann-Thrax Phoenix Roll City Arizona www.myspace.com/joannthrax

The easy answer would be my mother.
She killed herself when I was 14 and I never really got to know her.

So obviously I would love the chance to just spend some time with
her and find out who she was. And what made her so desperately
unhappy with herself and her life.

Sorry I didn't contribute something witty or intelligent. Just the plain truth.

All the best,

Janie (originally from Copenhagen) now in the United Kingdom

I would spend 24 hours
with Hunter S. Thompson because I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be
a bore.

He could probably explain metaphysics and lastly, I think
he'd let me pick all the music. :)

Cori DJ KUPD Phoenix Arizona www.myspace.com/theradioqueen

I would say YOU, I would be fascinated
just to watch a day in your life but, I reckon the queue would be too
long and I'd have to wait an awful long time. So, I'm gonna say...

-:|:-�:*''''*:� -:�:-�:*'"*:�.-:�:-�:*''''*:�-:�:-�:*'"*:�.-:�:-


-:|:-�:*''''*:� -:�:-�:*'"*:�.-:�:-�:*''''*:�-:�:-�:*'"*:�.-:�:-

Merlin: Magician, wizard, sorcerer, seer, and teacher at the court
of King Arthur.

He was a bard and culture hero in early Celtic folklore. In Arthurian
legend he is famous as a Magician and as the Counselor of King Arthur.

In Tennyson's Idylls of the King, Merlin is imprisoned eternally in an old
oak tree by the treacherous Vivien, when he reveals the secrets of his
knowledge to her.

The magic is all around us.

Carol London England www.myspace.com/caroladict

If I could spend a day with anyone
- alive or dead- I think I'd spend it with Michael Hutchence.

Do I need to give a reason why - legend - what more can I say!

Addi Tyne and Wear United Kingdom www.myspace.com/littleoldme
Hi , for me it wouldn't be a person
but, I would love to spend 24 hours in the time of dinosaur's.

Cuz I think that they are such amazing things and I would love to
at least touch some or see how they lived, or better still, ride on
one, amazing.

Astrid Bristol United Kingdom (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

January 18
Jane Horrocks
The 5'2" woman with a very strong Lancashire accent went to the 'Royal
Academy of Dramatic Art' and joined the 'Royal Shakespeare Company'.
Born in 1964 in Rossendale Valley, Lancashire, England. Her resume is a
mile long, and is one of themost known Television actresses in the United
Kingdom. Although she does voices of many characters like Babs in "Chicken
Run", she has been on "Absolutely Fabulous" as 'Bubble' among the long list of
other credits. She also has done film, with "No One Gets Off In This Town"
now in pre-production for this year.

Birthday's today: Kelly Taylor, Kevin Costner, Mark Messier, Frankie Knuckles,
John Huges, Abigail Kintanar, Devon Odessa, Tom Bailey (The Thompson Twins),
Claire Fitzgerald, Jonathan Davis (KoRn), Johannes van Tongeren, Takeshi Kitano,
MC Tab, Mike Lieberthal, Richard Dunwoody, Bobby Goldsboro, Larry Smith,
Alison Arngrim, Crispian Mills (Kula Shaker), David Ruffin (Temptations R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: (see Monday)

If I had 24 hours to spend with anyone,
it would be my mother who passed away when I was 6. There's not
very many memories, and if I had the chance I would love to spend
every minute of those 24 hours getting to know her, hanging out
and having fun!

Stuffing ourselves with pizza, watching movies, listening to music,
playing dress-up, go to the mall, anything and everything we could
think of and do!!!

Tamera Kansas City Kansas www.myspace.com/ladyl33ta

Why? I am hooked on that guy.

What would you do with that person? Make love.

How would you spend that precious time together?
Making freaky love.

Valerie Miami Lakes Florida www.myspace.com/lovenest

1. I would want to spend it with Jesus.
2. Because, I would like to be re-assured that what I believe in is fact.

3. What I would do with him is...I would ask him to make water into
wine and play some Beatle tunes with me.

Jesse (from The Craze) Palmdale California www.myspace.com/jessevaz

My mom.
Because I never got to say goodbye to her when she died.

What would you do? Hug her and talk to her and say goodbye.

*jOdi*sTar* Seattle Washington www.myspace.com/jodistar

TrashKitty2.jpg This probably sounds kinda wierd,
but I would spend 24 hours with Janis Joplin. We would share a
glass of wine and just talk about life .

We may go for a walk or hang out and sing some tunes together.
Just hang out and be friends. Laugh and cry and, that kind of shit.

I just think I could relate to her. Then I would let her go to play poker
with Jim Morrison and Hendrix...lol

Sounds like a good dream if nothing else

Catherine Phoenix Arizona (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

Barbara Woodhouse.
Why? She was a better at understanding dog behaviour than me.

What would you do? Take her to meet my dog.

How would you spend that precious time together?
Teaching my dog not to pee on people's feet.

Kitty Barnsley United Kingdom www.myspace.com/trashkitty

January 17
Nikki Reed
The 5' 8" 18-year old was born in West Los Angeles, California, and raised in
the Venice area. She, at this tender young age is already a writer, producer,
and actress. Hard to believe but true. She co-wrote and starred in a movie
based partially on and autobiographical on her growing up as a rebellous
13-year old in "Thirteen". She is the daughter of Seth Reed. Among her film
credits, she played 'Kathy Alva' in "Lords Of Dogtown". Coming up for her
this year, Nikki is the executive producer of "Invinsible", now in post-production.
Another film she will act in is "Cherry Crush", also in post-production. Make a
note that she will be an upcoming episode of "The O.C." in February.

Birthday's today:
R.J. "Kid Rock" Ritchie, Donnaleigh Reed, Susanna Hoffs (Bangles),
Shabba Ranks, David Caruso, Jim Carrey, Maury Povich, Trish Johnson, Chris Martin,
Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Ryuichi Sakamoto, Paul Young, Jez Strode (Kajagoogoo),
Freja Lindstrom, Jeremy Roenick, Mick Taylor (Rolling Stones), Zooey Deschanel,
Debbie Watson, Melody Johnson, Jane Elliot, John Crawford (Berlin), Chili Davis,
Don Zimmer, James Earl Jones, Muhammad Ali, Steve Earle, Andy Kaufman (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: (see Monday)

I would spend those 24 hours with John Lennon, because I
think he was such a great composer.

What would we do? Compose, of course!

Johanna Sweden (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

My Mother, RIP and Alika RIP.
My mother was my best friend and Alika was like my own daughter.
They were not suppose to die.

What would you do with that person? Hold them and tell them both how
much they changed my life, How much they are both needed and loved.

How would you spend that precious time together?
Saying and doing all that we missed.

Angel Eyes Henderson Nevada (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

I'd like to have one more day with my nana.
I'd tell her once every hour until our time is up that I love her.

We would spend the entire time talking, just reminiscing about the old
days and how much fun it was to just hang with her and learn things.
Even something menial as knitting.

Stories of her childhood never bored me.

I would apologize for all the little spats we had, as well as thank her for
all the times she made me feel like I was important.

I would record her onto a camcorder so that I may forever keep her smile,
mischievious eyes and most importantly her voice. I've forgotten what she
sounds like, I know memories are all one has of a loved one passed away,
but I would like to hear her voice again just one more time.

I would lastly thank he
r for moulding me into the person I am today.
I love you nana.

Billie (aka PuNKpiStoL) Auckland New Zealand

John Denver.
Because I have always felt spiritually very close to him. We have
many things in common and through the things that I have gone
through myself in my life, I have great understanding and compassion
for him. His music means a lot to me and have carried me through
very dark periods of my life. I clearly feel connected to him also through
his music, which is touching something very deep inside me. His texts
are almost part of myself.

8 months before his death he gave concert in my home town in Denmark
and I still very much regret that I didn't go there. Especially because I
have never gone to any of his concerts at all.

In those 24 hours I would go camping with him up in the Aspen mountains.

He would show me his favourite places in the nature up there and we can
share the love we both have for nature and particularly for mountains.
We would use the time for hiking and deep conversations about life in general,
about our lives and why and how things have happened like they did. It would
be a very spiritual experience - and I think for both of us.

Especially the long conversation at the camp fire in the evening under the
, would make an unforgetable impression on me.

x Take care,

Nina Amsterdam Netherlands www.myspace.com/ninaferiancek

I'd have to go for the obvious
and say Kurt Cobain.

So much of what he did shaped my life and there are parts of his that
I can empathise with.

There is so much bull surrounding the whole suicide / murder thing that
it would just satisfying to talk to him and see where his mind was at,
how he could leave Frances Bean, if not Courtney.

I'd also get him to play his guitar and do an acoustic set cause listening
to unplugged on surround sound is really realistic, so imagine hearing it
for real?

Tayler Nr Brighton England www.myspce.com/taylersuicide

Jean Cocteau.
Why? He is the most amazing film maker of our time. He was so
far ahead of his time and was never apprecaited for all he gave, not
only in flim but in theatre, art and religion too.

How would you spend that precious time together?
I would sit him down and record all of his vast experiences and
knowledge and have him invite some of his friends over for tea and
conversation (mainly Dali, Picaso and Eric Satie) and I would fill as
many tapes of this 24 hours as possible so I can treasure the lost
master forever.

Spooky Woman Chandler Arizona www.myspace.com/spookywoman

My Dad.
He passed away suddenly on my 30th birthday, 6 years ago this
month. We had no idea it was coming, and I have a lot I would love
to share with him, ask him, and a shitload of cuddles to give and

I would introduce him to his 2 grandchildren produced by his wildchild
daugher, although the shock of me being a mother would probably spur
another heart attack!

I would ask him to show me some ballroom dancing, as I often go to
functions with my husband requiring such frivolity. The best childhood
memory I have is watching my parents dance, and being then picked
up by my father for a scratchy bearded, close cuddled turn around the
room. "Dance With My Father" (Luther Vandross) puts me in this very
place every time.

I would show him my art, and tell him of successes so far, so that he knew
his money on my education was NOT in vain. When my father passed, my
mother and siblings were in good places. They were settled and content,
with the exception being his baby...me.

My mother hopes there is a bit of him lingering to know that I have
subsequently joined my family in a good place.

How would you spend that precious time together?

During said yapping, dancing and introductions, we would possibly be in a
pub awaiting some steak pie and chips, and we would be toasting the entire
shebang with a very cold, lemony gin and tonic. I would follow up any and
all conversation by letting him know that although I sought his pride for
many years, I was very proud of the man he was.

Kat Helensburgh United Kingdom www.myspace.com/katrionagee

January 16
Kate Moss
It would be hard pressed to find someone who hasn't heard of the 5' 8"
controversial supermodel born in 1974 in Addiscombe, Surrey, England.
Moss was known early in her career for her extreme low weight, and being
paper thin. Was once engaged to Johnny Depp. At the age of 30, was declared
"The World's Sexiest Woman" by a poll taken by men's magazine "Arena" to
celebrate their 150th issue. A spokesmodel for Gucci, Yves Saint-Laurent, and
Banana Republic, among many others. She is a vegan. Kate was mentioned in
Jewel's song "Intuition". Was on the cover of the very first issue of the Russian

Birthday's today: Danni Ashe, Mason Gamble, Sade, Roy Jones, A J Foyt,
Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Marilyn Horne, Juliet Berto, "Black" Jack McDowell,
Josh Evans, Debbie Allen, Richard Bohringer, Albert Pujols, Greg Page,
Maxine Waters Jones (En Vogue), Paul Webb (Talk Talk), Jim Stafford,
John Carpenter, Ronnie Milsap, Michael Kreek, Ron Villone

If you had 24 hours to spend with someone
dead or alive, any era, who would that person be?

What would you do with that person?

How would you spend that precious time together?

Audrey Hepburn or Louise Brookes.
Why? Beautiful, talented, vivacious etc.

What would you do with that person? Ermm, dunno if I can say.- lol

How would you spend that precious time together?
Well, hopefully naked in bed together with either or both. Need
I say more?

Plastic Palace Alice Warrington, Cheshire England
(from www.myspace-no forwarding URL)

This is tough! Only ONE person??
Hmmm...It's a toss up between Einstein (generic, I know)
and Dave Mustaine. Yes, Dave Mustaine as in Megadeth.

Since Einstein is obvious, I'll pick Dave so that I can explain myself.

Two things that are very important to me are intelligent conversation
and music. In most of Dave's interviews, he has expressed himself in
a way that leads me to believe that he is a fairly intelligent man.

Perhaps I'd be disappointed after spending 24 hours with him, but I think
that I'd actually be surprised at how intelligent he actually is.

During out 24 hours, we would discuss a variety of subjects. I always like
to hear other people's views on things.

Of course, at some point, we'd discuss music. Perhaps he'd teach me a few
things on the guitar. Although I'm not really interested in music lessons.
Music touches me on an emotional level. I am very passionate about it.

We'd also talk about "fun" things like HOCKEY! I love hockey and I know
he's a fan too.

Anyway, I don't know if other people think that he would be a good choice out
of all the people in history, and he might not be my number one choice, but
he is certainly in the top 5.

Gretchen Goodyear Arizona www.myspace.com/azharleydiva

Got an answer for ur question this week. x
Would without a doubt be with my best friend who passed away 2 years
ago in very tragic circumstances. I'd take him shopping and let him buy
anything he wanted, no arguments, no arguing price, then we'd go in his
car like before and find one more 'hunk for the day'.

I'd tell him how much I loved him just in case he didnt know, and thank him
for all the years of friendship and tell him how irreplacable he is.

Helz Midlothian United Kingdom www.myspace.com/hippyhelz

I'd spend it with the Dali Lama.
Why? To learn,
and I would just listen, and ask questions.

Where? Northern India would be cool.
in a forest near the mountains with wild monkeys.

Shrigvamp...Bitches:s...Film;s United Kingdom

My Grandpa :)
Because he always gave me a voice!! Which I've never had in my

I really miss the walks we use to go on together, ditchin' school so we
could finish a game of War or Kings In The Corner!! He taught me how
to build, shoot a gun, drive a car, about my Hebrew roots!!

We did everything together. Couldn't separate us at all!!

I've been lost ever since he passed :(

I would just show him everything all about the new Technology!! We'd go for
a long walk, play cards again, I could show him how well I surf now!!

Just let him know I haven't forgotten a thing he taught me :)

Let him know I did finish school and got my Paramedic Certs. And, I'm workin
on the nursing thing he always said I'd be perfect for!! LOL

There's just so much I would love to do with him,and say to him, or show him!!

Mary (aka ~SimplieSweeet~) La Habra California
(from myspace.com-no fowarding URL)

Jimi Hendrix.
He has always been my hero, a musical genius.

What would you do with that person? Smoke weed and TALK.

How would you spend that precious time together?
Get him to play, and talk about his life. I would like to know everything
about him.

Aurielle Kilmarnock, Ayrshire United Kingdom www.mysapce.com/aurielle10

January 15
Kob� Tai
As more and more Asian's are joining the adult-film industry, Kob� Tai
and Asia Carrera remain the top two Asian's in the biz. She is of Japanese
and Chinese extraction. Born in 1972 in Taipei, Taiwan, the diminutive
5' 3" beauty was adopted at 5 months-old by an American couple, and
raised in the United States. Her birth name is Carla Scott Carter. She
attended the University Of Arkansas. She left the biz in 2000 to have
a child, and returned to the screen in 2003 in "Jenna Loves
Kob�". Has
appeared in over 70 Video/DVD's.

Birthday's today: Howie Day, Chad Lowe, Regina King, Andrea Martin, Charo,
Bernard Hopkins, Mario Van Peebles, Julian Sands, Pamela Tola, Tara English,
Shane McMahon, Boris Blank (Yello), Lisa Velez (Lisa Lisa and The Cult Jam),
Julia Palmer-Stoll, Pilar M. Lastra, Heida Hawking, Peter Trewavas (Marillion),
Dini Petty, Lees van der de Linden, Ronnie Van Zant (Lynrd Skynyrd R.I.P.)

January 14
Angela Lindvall
The 5' 10" model-actress was born in 1979 in Midwest City, Oklahoma. The leggy
Okie has been on the cover of Vogue, Elle, and others. She has been nominated
twice for model of the year at the Vogue/VH1 awards. Angela also is spokesmodel
for a number of companies including DKNY, and Calvin Klein. Has ben in afew films,
the most recent playing 'Flicka' in "Kiss KIss Bang Bang" (2005). On TV she was
on the "Victoria's Secret Fashion Show" (2003), and last year played herself on
"The Tyra Banks Show". Married to William Edwards, has two children, and they
live on a houseboat in New Jersey.

Birthday's today: Dave Grohl (Foo Fighter's/Nirvana), Zakk Wilde, LL Cool J,
Karen Elson, Jordy Lemoine, Patricia Morrison (Sisters Of Mercy), Jack Jones,
Steven Soderbergh, Jason Bateman, Carl Weathers, "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan,
Faye Dunaway, Lawrence Kasdin, Allen Toussant, Jemma Redgrave, Polly Lister,
Michelle Parma, Patsy Dougherty, Geoff Tate (Queensryche), Winnie Hung,
Car' "Chas Smash" Smyth (Madness), Chritine Belford, Brigitte Paquette,
William Risbrook (BT Express), Sage Brocklebank, Renee Madison Cole

Q of THE WEEK: (see Monday)

A big house.
What will you do with the rest of it? Spend a lot.

Will you live for the moment and spend it
All? OR, will you think of long term? Think of long term.

Mandy United Kingdom (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

Hmmmm well,
if I was to win the lotto, guaranteed at LEAST 1 million, I think
I would first buy a new car, one of the new hybrids.

Then I would have my simply modest home (a log cabin look)
built far off in an area that unless you knew exactly where it was
you wouldnt be able to find it, lots of trees a stream and lots of
acreage to house a nature preserve.

Of course a new wardrobe and the rest I would put in CD's or some
type of investment and only live off the interest I get from that.

That is what I would do with a large sum of money.

Kathaleen United Kingdom www.myspace.com/celestianna

Ok, Jonathan,
Are you ready? ;)

If I won 2 million (sterling)
I'd have a HUGE myspace party and fly everybody and their
families on my list to the UK. That's if they live overseas.

I'd hire the Millenium Dome and have all the best British bands
playing live. It would be better than the Glastonbury Pop Festival.

Then I'd do the normal boring stuff. Like telling the Bank manager
where he could shove his bank.

Pay off all my debts.

Find a nice high earning investment, and live off off the interest
whilst living in America. ;)

Tia Essex United Kingdom www.myspace.com/queen_bee_

Well say I won the lotto
and it was about 3 million.

I'd - Buy a new house.

Give generously to my family and true mates.

Invest some.

Get some new scooters.

Get my full license!!!!!

Take my kids on holiday to where-ever they want to go.

Donate to charity.

Build a recording studio , so my mates in Bombskare can record
whenever they want to. I'd also get Robyn's {my angel 'daughter' }
songs recorded .

I'd love to be a band manager!!!!

I would take all my true rally mates to the Vegas scooter rally.
All expenses paid.

And I'd love to do Route 66 on a scooter. That's one of my dreams.

Basically I'd make sure my family and mates were secure for the rest
of their lives. And I'd want to enjoy doing things I've always wanted to
do but have never been able to afford.

My fingers are crossed for tonights Lotto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh well I can always dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family. xx

Tracy Scotland United Kingdom www.myspace.com/thebitch_

Well, lets see...
I think I would try to think long term, but as usual (I have, in fact,
received large sums of money in the past), I would probably end up
spending it in a blur of heated live for the moment passion and enjoy
every bit of it. haha

My first thing I would do would be to pay back my parents' loans I
have borrowed in the past. Then, I would probably just spend, on

What the hell, you can't take it with you.

Kitty Oceanside California www.myspace.com/Nurse_Kitty

I would buy/build a huge venue
in the sunshine on a beach. Where alternative and new artists could
gig and have freedom of expression with their music. And, where the
public could go with friends and listen to some amazing sounds.

I would then buy a radio station and get you to run it. Paying you lots
of money of course !!

Shelly United Kingdom www.myspace.com/livepogomusic

Well, I think I'd probably buy
a couple of new appliances I could do with, since the microwave
blew up and the fridge is on its' last legs.

Other than that, I'd treat my friends and family with a few good nights
out and save a large portion of the rest for a rainy day. Maybe even
invest it into a high interest account.

Tracey Preston United Kingdom www.myspace.com/traceytron

If I were to come into some serious money,
and let's say it's 200 million. "Yeah!, I won the powerball", The first thing
I would do is probably type this message from a computer in Jamaica.

After I collected myself and came back to the States, I would set aside
enough money for my children to go to college. Second, I would take a
nice chunk of money and make it work for me, as to afford me retirement
at a reasonable age. I would certainly keep working, since I love what I do.

I would buy a modest home on a very large piece of land. I would get a nice
selection of "big boy toys", couple cool cars, kick ass boat, etc. I would make
sure the rest my family was taken care of.

I think I would probably take the lions share of my windfall and help people
that need it. Sick and terminally ill kids would be my main priority as far as
charity goes.

I would certainly spend a large sum of money on educating young people on
being smart and safe about sex. I think you get the basic idea.

I would certainly make sure I had a good time for the rest of my days, but
most of it would go to people that actually NEED it. I think that would be money
well spent.

I'm sure there would also be a party at my new house, rocked by Slayer, too! LOL!

If the major cash windfall was not 200 million, and more like 200 thousand, I think
I would take half for the kids college, and probably do something really stupid with
the rest.

Dennis Huff afternoons KVGS (Area 108) Las Vegas Nevada

K...Large...think Large.
Half already off the top, for my kids, of course!!

First purchase...huge motorhome to tour in...some...go for gas to
get to all the towns I could, to order drinks on me while were playin'
the nights away!!!

Then, save a bit for the party to have, upon my death, for eventually,
the fun will stop!!

"If you get it today, you don't wear it tomorrow...for tomorrow never
happens, man. It's all the same f'kn' day, man!!" -Janis Joplin

Monika Spokane Washington www.myspace.com/monikakosmik

January 13 (a Friday the 13th...ooooooh, scary!)
Nicole Eggert
The 5'3'' buddy of Christina Applegate was born in Glendale, California in 1972.
The product of television series and shows, is an alumni of "Baywatch" (1992-
1994). She has also done many films, but TV is where she has built up quite a
resume. On TV she has also played herself a lot, most recently "I Love The 80's
3-D" (2005), and "The Real Gilligan's Island" (2004). She was featured on the
cover of Sugar Ray's CD "Lemonade And Brownies". Nicole made several films
with actor Corey Haim. He proposed to her with an engagement ring. She
declined the offer. Depeche Mode was her favorite band growing up. You can
catch her in "Dead Lenny" this year.

Birthday's today: Traci Bingham, Patrick Dempsey, William Hung, Rip Taylor,
Wayne Coyne (The Flaming Lips), T Bone Burnette, Penelope Ann Miller,
Graham "Suggs" McPherson (Madness), Malcolm Foster (Pretenders), Gloria Yip,
Brandon Tartikoff, Orlando Bloom, Shannon Floyd, Suzanne Cryer, Annie Jones,
Trevor Rabin (Yes), Tim Kelly (Slaughter), Sharon Gabet, Shonda Rhimes,
Janet Hubert Whitten, Kevin Anderson, Elmer Dessens

Q of THE WEEK continues: (see Monday)

Gawd... that is SO difficult.
I mean there's large and there's LARGE isn't there.

The responsibilty...

Ok ok, I can specify the amount... really?
Right then, we are gonna go BIG.
Quidzillions! Googols! Whatever that freaky number is.
Big enough to make a world of difference.

My first purchase? A seriously good number cruncher, or at
least his/her time for the forseeable future and a decent cup of coffee.

Let's start by helping put New Orleans and the surrounding area back
together (and a similar but on a much smaller scale operation needs
to go down in areas of the UK)

Africa, clear land mines, vaccinate children, feed the starving, treat the
sick, eliminate debt in poor countries. LISTEN, I am so wealthy I can
do what I want, it's my money. Europe, fund research. Education.

Conservation. No more mass production and intensive farming of animals.
Back to basics, either organicly farmed and reared or not at all.

Asia, India, look, I could be here all night (hence the coffee) and I haven't
even got the cheque yet... suffice it to say... a whole f'kin' lot of levelling
needs to go on.

WHAT????? You didn't think I'd say a holiday, a car , clear the mortgage,
and make sure the rest of the family are comfortable. Did you?
Hell no! Opportunities like this are rare but when they come, you gotta go for it!

Carol London England www.myspace.com/caroladict

Let's say �15,000,000 That's a nice round figure!!
I'd donate �1,000,000 to the school where I work. They'd make
great use of it.

What will you do with the rest of it?
Share it with friends and family. Help out a friend who is a REALLY
talented musician, get some quality recordings, PR etc.

Make sure all my loved ones were looked after and comfortable.

Then I'd love to take, say �1,000,000 of it, and just randomly give
it our in varying amounts, and in varying ways. How GREAT would that be!

Will you live for the moment and spend it All? OR, think of the future?
A bit of both, but mainly the former.

Lyndsay United Kingdom www.myspace.com/justlyndsay

A space for an art gallery
in London.

The rest of it: some plastic surgery retouch and some for charity.

Long term? For the moment I think.

Klarita London England www.myspace.com/klaritapandolfi

My first purchase
would be a new vehicle... I need one so bad.

After that, I would buy a house for my parents and one for myself.
Get out of debt, and then invest and donate a bunch to various
charities that I like. I think of this quite often. One can dream and
hope. Its called faith and I only pray God will bestow a blessing of
good fortune upon me. Happy New year!

Ginger Virginia Beach Virginia www.myspace.com/g_i_n_g_e_r

I would buy my mother a
nice apartment and pay the rents for her and the same with my two
older kids; I would buy apartements for them and pay their rents.

Then I would invite my mom and kids for a travel to a country where
the sun shines and enjoy the travel. Since my dad died, my mum and
kids means everything to me. Some money would go to charity for the
homeless people here in town. There are homeless people in Sweden,
some don't believe it's true but it's a fact.

I hope you and your family have a happy New Year Jonathan.
Love from Sweden!

Ann Sweden www.myspace.com/the_wanjinator

Get a new bass amp,
pay bills and invest. Donate to worthy cause's if a large amount.

The Lowdown Paduca Kentucky www.myspace.com/the_lowdown

January 12
Melanie Chisholm
In our hearts, she will always be "Sporty Spice"-lol Melanie Jane Chisholm was born
in 1974 in Merseyside, England. The 5'6" energetic singer/composer joined the
legendary "Spice Girls" in 1994. The groups 3-year run yielded 3 albums that sold
over 40 million albums worldwide. As Melanie C she began her solo career with an
album that didn't do terribly well in the beginning. 1999's "Northern Star" floundered
til it's re-release in August, 2000. Amazingly the record has gone over 3-million in
sales worldwide since. It actually re-entered the UK charts again in 2004. Her second
album was "Reason", her third "Beautiful Intentions", and last years "Better Alone",
has pretty much cemented her solo career and distanced her from her former
bandmates. Oh, she has a lot of tattoo's. Cool-lol

Birthday's today: Rob Zombie, Howard Stern, Kirsty Alley, Maggie Bell
Heather Mills, Ray Manzarek (Doors), Oliver Platt, Joe Frazier, Vendela,
Wayne Wang, Dontrelle Willis, Tom Dempsey, Naya Rivera, Greg Morton,
Farrah Forke, Anthony Andrews, Chris Bell (Big Star), Larry Hoppens,
Cynthia Robinson (Sly and Family Stone), Long John Baldry (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: (see Monday)

Pay off my bills
and buy all my family and friends a gift.

What will you do with the rest of it?
Bank it and think it over - I'm Libran- I'm indecisive. lol

Will you live for the moment and spend it
All? OR, will you think of long term?
Probably have a little spend but bank the majority to create
some security for myself.

Not very exciting but it's the truth. xxx

Helz Midlothian United Kingdom www.myspace.com/hippyhelz

What will you do with the rest of it? Enjoy It.

Will you live for the moment and spend it
All? OR, will you think of long term? Both

Michelle United Kingdom www.myspace.com/nutmichelle

What will you do with the rest of it?
Invest it. I know everyone states that, right?

Will you live for the moment and spend it
All? hmmmmmmmmmmm

OR, will you think of long term?
Long term.

Corie Las Vegas Nevada www.CorieMarks.com www.myspace.com/coriemarks

I dont plan,
I live for the moment. Life happened when we are busy
making plan for life.

Victoria born Vietnam living in Switzerland (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

Another interesting question Jonathan!
The first thing I'm going to do with the next significant sum I receive
is get my teeth fixed. Then relocate.

I would invest in my work. Plus, the more resources I have, the more
good will work I can do. Right now, I am compelled to think in terms
of money just to keep the show on the road, which is irritating.

If and when the time comes that I have a LARGE estate to administer,
it has always been my intent to start a foundation for musicians.
Everywhere I've lived, I've seen musicians face certain basic situations
which cause difficulties for them, and I have long planned to start a NPO
to meet these concerns. My other career experience, including experience
with NPO's and fundraising, helps strengthen my grasp of the possibilities here.

I've already poured thousands into helping homeless animals, and I would
continue to do so on a much larger scale, possibly funding an entire shelter.

I've always presumed I would achieve wealth and influence, and to be honest,
I'm surprised that the things I speak of aren't already a reality. This year I've
resolved to stop stepping out of the spotlight whenever it starts to fall on me,
so things are more likely to happen.

Lots of love in 2006! :-D xoxo

Euterpe Jones Vancouver Canada www.myspace.com/euterpejones

I'd buy that Urban Outfitters
t-shirt I've wanted for ages.

What will you do with the rest of it? It'll probably have the joy of
being spent on some new clothes, gas money and going towards
my college fund.

Will you live for the moment and spend it all?
OR, will you think of long term? A little bit of both. Being stingy's
not too fun, but I'm already pretty happy with where I'm at right
now (financially), so what's the point in spending it all right now?

Emily aka Eeeka United Kingdom www.myspace.com/emilylicious

OH! Where to begin????

As lame and grown up as it sounds, I would pay off my credit card
debt, and if there was any left, I'd book a trip for my husband and
I to go to Europe.

Melodie Lee aka Tits McGee Austin Texas www.myspace.com/devilgirl23

January 11
Mary J. Blige
The 5' 6" Mary was born in the Bronx, New York in 1971. She never graduated
High School. Who cares, she is one of America's premiere hip-hop siul/R&B
artists. Mary has worked with P. Diddy more than once in her career. Her
husband Kendu Isaacs has helped her through all of her drug and drinking
problems. Her catalog of albums just keep growing. Her songs can be heard
in films such as "Bridgett Jones: The Edge Of Reason" (2004), "Honey" (2003),
and "Brown Sugar" (2002), among numerous others.

Birthday's today: Vickie Peterson (Bangles), KIm Coles, Anna Calder- Marshall,
Bryon Robson, Taryn Reneau, Lee Ritenour, Naomi Judd, Christine Kaufman,
Jessica Nilsson, Nadia Turner, Jason Connery, Ky�ko Hikami, Olivia Barash,
Melanie Hill, Rey Ordonez, Kuniaki Kobayshi, Saska ten Bateburg, Julie Moran

Q of THE WEEK continues (see Monday)

Good question,
I'm gonna answer this one.

Depending on the money...
I'd pay off my student loan, my Dr. bill, my credit cards and my vehicle.

If I received a million I'd probably buy my parents a house in Arizona
for them to retreat too and put the rest of it into college funds for my
nephews and save some for my kids (if I have any) and probably help
out my brother by giving him a down payment for a house for him and
his family. :)

Then I'd just save the rest for a rainy day! :)

Hope you had a wonderful New Years and Christmas.

Take it easy.

Dru Anchorage Alaska www.myspace.com/xotiklovely

Large amount of money
would mean I would purchase a plane ticket to somewhere far
away from here and buy a house !
Never work again and LIVE LIVE LIVE !!!

Have to think long term cos I have 2 kids ! ha ha

Jules Coventry United Kingdom www.myspace/juniorrose

First purchase: Sort of a spending spree
for my band, I suppose...any piece of musical equipment we could
possibly need...hopefully this counts as just one purchase if it's done
all in one day at the same place...I think it should.

After that, I'd get myself outta debt, along with as many of my friends
as possible, so we can go on with our creative ventures without that
on our backs...then a little house so I'd have my own place...and of
course I'd make a few wise investments...but seriously, I could die
tomorrow, so I'd wanna blow a good bit of it on fun things...like
booze, blackjack, and blowtorches. Sounds like a good night, huh?

Sue The Human Value Los Angeles California www.myspace.com/seagle

Hi Jonathan,
I'm easily pleased so I would have to say just enough money
to buy myself a house, car, 2 bikes (motorbikes), a round the
world holiday trip and put some money aside for my 2 children!
Typical purchases really I suppose...how boring is that? lol

Have a good day x

Andrea Preston, Lancashire United Kingdom www.myspace.com/ragdoll8998

What will you do with the rest of it? Put into savings.

Will you live for the moment and spend it
All? OR, will you think of long term? Think of long term.

Francis Hollywood Florida www.myspace.com/francis69

My first purchase would be a
dream home somewhere where it is warm all the time,
with the money left l would make sure my family and good
friends were taken care of to.

Linda Yuba City California www.myspace.com/britbombshell

January 10
Pat Benatar
An American rock icon. Her video of "You Better Run" was the second music
video to be aired on MTV on August 1, 1981. Pat was born in 1953 Brooklyn,
New York and raise in Lindenhurst, Long Island, New York. Her given name
was Patricia Andrzejewski. Her songs have appeared in at least 24 films. The
most recent were in "13 Going On 30" (2004), and "The Italian Job" (2003).
She is married to bandmate Neil Giraldo, and they have two daughters, Haley
and Hana. There is no doubt that MTV drove her career. "Love Is A Battlefield"
would be her most notable song.

Birthday's today:
Shawn Colvin, Rod Stewart, Krista Tesreau, George Foreman,
William Sanderson, Aynsley Dunbar, Willie McCovey, Don Letts (Big Audio Dynamite),
Kirk Kirkwood (Meat Puppets), Donald Fagen (Steely Dan), Marnie Reece-Wilmore,
Glenn Robinson, Luci Martin (Chic), Ivan Twigden, Janet Jones, Shannon Kavanaugh,
Emma Bunton, Michael Schenker (Scorpions), Ana Layeuska, Jennifer Cudnik,
Sarah Shahi, Chris "Mack Daddy" Smith (Kriss Kross), Scott Thurston (The Motels),
Cyril Neville (Neville Brothers), Marcus Bagwell, Sal Mineo (R.I.P.), Jim Croce (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: (see Monday)

Two million dollars.
My first purchase would be a tour. Pay the band's rent and wages and
hit the road with our new album! Nothing better than that. I want to
go to Japan.

What will you do with the rest of it?
Save for my future child's college fund, pay off my mortgage, finish
renovating my home. If I invest a million at 8 percent dividends,
I can maintain my current lifestyle and quit my job, too.

Will you live for the moment and spend it all? OR, will you think of long term?
Half of it. You can't take it with you, and one thing money does afford
you is opportunity. You have to make your own nowadays.

There is a bit of that. Saving for the rainy day is important, so I don't have to
eat dog food when I'm old and someone can stick me in an old ladies' farm
when I finally lose my mind.

Kitty Kowalski Stockholm Sweden www.myspace.com/kittykowalski

At least $300,000
and I would buy a home. I'm boring like that.

Listening to your show now...simply love it keep up the
good work. You rock Jonathan.

Angelica Phoenix area Arizona www.myspace.com/12angelica07

Hope the New Year is treating you well...if not, F' it.

If I 'came across' a LARGE sum of $$, there's nothing particularly
clever or esoteric I'd do with it...pay off credit cards, pay off mortgage,
and fund three teenage boys college educations. I'd like to be able
to help my oldest son's band but, that would require WAY more than just
a LARGE sum of money.

**Dave@TK99** Syracuse New York www.myspace.com/radiojock

Hey Jonathan L,
Bon anno!

If per chance some of the green spot should happen my way I
would firstly start up my own publishing company starting off
with a mag which would be a creative platform for anyone and
everyone it would hopefully be as far away from any PRETENTIOUS
bollocks and most forms of commerciality as it can possibly get.
I would get some old punk honorary editor...preferably one with
brain organ still in tact.

Secondly, I would like to sponsor some kind of animal rescue shelter
beginning with the yellow peril China. Obviously there are limitations
as to what can be done there and of course it's vast. Research would
have to be carried out. The Chinese are awful!

Thirdly, crank up a scheme for the deprived youth of the UK. Take kids
on holiday out of the U.K.. Probably their first time maybe send them to
a snooty American summer camp...ha ha cultural exchange and all that.
No pie in the sky stuff, just away from some Brit politician's idea of a
sodding YOUTH scheme.

Additionals, include getting my MA in film studies, moving to the Kent or
Cornish coast, owning more dogs, indulging my 1950s ceramics and
textile obsession, sending my mum and dad some place nice for a long
holiday, touring across the U.S.A., oh, also bunging some cash to some of
my closest friends so they can get their ideas of the ground.

Elena London England www.myspace.com/eg24769

first off I would pay off all the bills then take a holiday, buy a
house and give some of it to charity.

Tori South London England www.myspace.com/liverpool_fc_no1

ok, I think I'll go for a round
figure of a million (pounds that is).

The first thing I would buy would be airtickets to L.A. where I would
throw a huge party for all my friends out there.

Before I left I would make sure my parents and siblings were taken
care of.

I would invest some for my 2 daughters future.
Oh, and when in L.A. I would give some to my friend David to promote
his band Division Six (http://thisisdivisionsix.com)

Mmmm, I think I'd need more than a million.

Lisa Newport Wales United Kingdom www.myspace.com/taffy70

Hey, hellooo :)
Sorry I missed ur last questionaire thing - damn shame as
it was a good one - I like the way you make people's brain to
have to 'think' :)

But ok, heres my thoughts about it.

If I came into a large amount of money - I would;

1) Pay off all my bills - it's a money making industry putting us in
debt!! - how lovely.

2) I'd take my boy somewhere amazing - laugh a lot - eat loads of ice
cream and feel happy together with no worries.

3) I'd ponder on how to create more money with wot I have in order to
escape the rat race 'n live and do the things I love which are:
Havin fun being involved with my kids growing up in life -writing, singing,
gigging in the Duel.

Puttin' on shows for the benefit of www.release.org.uk - so close
to my heart 4 way too many reasons (I do voluntary work here)

Help fund www.ffruk.com - put on some amazing bands -make easily
available - music that screams into the hearts of the discontent.

Other than that - I'm not sure ... maybe indulge in my shoe fetish, a
bright new red lipstick that doesn't come off. My perfect fella would be
cool - but, haha - dont think money can buy me one of those !!

xx ;)

Tara Rez The Duel Camden Town London England www.myspace.com/the duel

January 9
Maggie Rizer
One of the top models in the fashion industry. The 5'9" blonde was born in
Watertown, New York in 1978. Maggie has appeared in ads for Calvin Klein,
Versace, and The Gap. She has been on TV's "America's Top Model", and had
a role in 2004 on "Sex And The City". When she was 14, her openly gay father
Kevin O'Dea Rizer died of AIDS. After speaking with her fathers life partner
over the years, she has since become very involved with AIDS awareness.

Birthday's today:
Joely Richardson, Dave Matthews, Phil Lewis (L.A. Guns),
Crystal Gale, David Johansen (N.Y. Dolls), Rosalyn Kind, Angie Martinez,
Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), Kiko Calero, Natalie Ebnet, Dick Enberg, Lara Fabian,
Kimberly Beck Hilton, Paul King (Blue Oyster Cult), Mugsy Bogues, Mai Oikawa,
Henriette Richter-Rohl, Sussanah York, Katri Manninen, Bob Denver (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: Continues from last week!
We have a New Year!
Somehow, you recieved a LARGE sum of money.
(You determine the amount) What will be your first
purchase? What will you do with the rest of it?

Will you live for the moment and spend it all? OR,
will you think of long term?

What will be your first purchase?

What will you do with the rest of it?

Will you live for the moment and spend it All? OR, will you think of long term?

Texas Terri Hollywood California www.myspace.com/txt

I will buy a motorbike,
and a garage to keep it warm.

What will you do with the rest of it?
I will book a session in a recording studio for my band.

Will you live for the moment and spend it
All? OR, will you think of long term?
I will think of the long term in investing the rest of it.

M�lanie France (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

Just busy looking through your website
at the mo and there are some pretty cool answers to your Q of the Week!

I think if I won a large amount of money I'd share out between family and
friends so they could live more comfortably for the rest of their lives!

Addi Tyne and Wear United Kingdom www.myspace.com/littleoldmelol


Being the wild and over the top dude that I am, I would have to say
that unless it was enough to retire immediately, I would pay off the
credit cards and put money in savings for my daughters college.

Anything left over would probably go to the bank just in case I get popped
again. More than enough to be on the shelf for a while? Spend like mad
on my wedding in July and a lavish honeymoon!

Take care,

Don Kelley APD/MD WAQX Syracuse New York

100 billion dollars (like Dr. Evil) lol

What will be your first purchase?
I would buy an old motel and turn it into my sanctuary a music studio.

What will you do with the rest of it?
I will invest into my business and spend the rest in travel.

Will you live for the moment and spend it All? OR, will you think of long term?
Wish for the best and expect the worst, so with that said I would hope to keep
it long term but greed is a monster.

Jane Jett "Citie's In Dust" California www.myspace.com/elegantdisaster

A large sum of money, eh?
Well, I'm not really into posessions, to be honest. Sure, sure.
There's the Jackson RR5, ivory with black pinstripes that I'd love
to have. It's my dream guitar and costs $1119.99.

I suppose if I had a lot of money I'd buy that. But really, I don't know
what I'd do with more money after that. Get a nice camera since I am
so wrapped up in photography. Maybe even the equipment to have a
darkroom of my own where I could develop photographs I took.

I guess buy some necessities you needed to live. And, a pink elephant.

Scratch out the pink elephant-I can hardly take care of myself, let alone a pet.

But really I don't know what my deal is. I have these friends that dream of big
houses and lots of things and I don't. I don't need money or power to be happy
with my life.

It was hard thinking of some things I'd buy.

Katie Lufkin Texas www.myspace.com/socialparasite

January 8
Sarah Polley
The 5' 2" actress and renowned director for political activism, was born in
Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1979. Sarah's resume in film is a mile long. She
was supposed to be the original star in "Almost Famous", which she dropped
out of to do a small film in her native Canada. The film was supposed to make
her a star in the United States. Director Cameron Crowe was dismayed. As a
youngster she starred as Sally Salt in "The Adventures of Baron Munchausen".
You might remember her in films such as "Go" (1999), "EXistenZ" (1999), and
"Dawn Of The Dead" (2004). She has done near 50 movies. Her next one will
be "Cock & Bull", now in pre-production for this year.

Birthday's today:
Sean Paul, R. Kelly, Soupy Sales, Bull Nakano, Sass Jordan,
Rey Misterio Sr., Shirley Bassey, David Bowie, Robbie Kreiger (Doors), Bart Starr,
Bruce Sutter, Karen Poole, Amanda Burton, Loletta Lee, Gaby Hoffman, Ami Dolenz,
Rachel Nichols, Jenny Lewis, Genevieve Cortese, Wolgang Puck, Aimi Nakamura,
Ming-Chen Chen, Michelle Forbes, Lauren Hewett, Kathleen Noone, Jason Giambi,
Bill Graham (R.I.P.), Elvis Presley (R.I.P.), Andrew Wood (Mother Love Bone (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: continues (see Monday)

I'd buy a bigger house,
although nothing spectacular...just somewhere homely.

I'd give a large sum (depending on how much I'd won) to
each of my children and other immediate family members.

I'd donate some to NSPCC, NSPCA and cancer research.

A bit of both. I'm very spontananeous and impulsive so would
probably go a little wild for the first day or so until sitting down
and thinking about it.

Charley Manchester England www.myspace.com/charley68


What will you do with the rest of it?
BUY A HOUSE, travel, give a little to friends and family.

Will you live for the moment and spend it
All? OR, will you think of long term?
I think both, but most for long term.

Delphine Nantes France (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

January 7
Kristy Yang
Kristy was "Miss Asian 1995". The 5' 61/2" actress was born in Shanghai,
China in 1974. She actually is an alumni of Rosedale High School in Toronto,
Canada. Sometimes credited as Kristy Yeung. Has appeared in many Hong
Kong films such as; "The Storm Riders", "The Duel", "God Of Fist Style",
"City Of Desire", "A Man Called Hero", and "The Monkey King". Kristy is
currently doing TV in Hong Kong (ATV).

Birthday's today: Nicolas Cage, Kathy Valentine (Go-Go's), Linda Kozlowski,
Katie Couric, Kaz Lux, Sammo Hung, Eric Gagne, Lyndsy Fonseca, Erin Gray,
John Christopher Perry (The Cure), Guy Hebert, Hallie Todd, Mike McGear,
Jann Wenner, Tony Conigliaro, David Caruso, Kathleen Wong, Donna Rice,
Sandra Kearney, Hayley Jensen, David Porcelijn, Malcom MacDonald

Q of THE WEEK: continues through all next week
(see Monday)

Ummm... mine's really dull.
�3000 would do me... I need to get a Powerbook and some
audio hardware for recording.

Medi London England www.myspace.com/medievilal

If I got a LARGE sum of money,
my first purchase would be a large stock of 4 major companies
and get my band signed !!!!

The rest of the money, I have many liste of donations, for medical
researching, for associations helping children, for No-war activities.

And I think of a long long term !!

Thank you !!
Lamia Cross Paris France www.myspace.com/melamia

January 6
Gabrielle Reece
The 6' 3" Professional Volleyball player/ Model was born 1970 in Trinidad. She
was an All-Conference Volleyball star at Florida State University, where she
attended on an athletic scholarship. She played for the Lady Foot Locker
Pro team and was Captain and MVP. As an Elite agency fashional model Gabrielle
could command a $10,000 a day rate. The 160 lb beauty wears a Dress size 8, and
shoe size 11. She appeared as the trainer in "Gattica" (1997), and will be seen in
"Cloud Nine" in 2006 as Christina Hansen.

Birthday's today: Julie Chen (Big Brother), Howie Long, Bonnie Franklyn,
Dirk de Vries, Earl Scruggs, John Singleton, Susie Castillo, Nancy Lopez,
Natasha Bell, Julie Dove, Mark O'Toole (Frankie Goes To Hollywood), Yi Lu,
Kathy Sledge (Sister Sledge), Peter Loren (Trixster), Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean).
Kim Wilson (Fabulous Thunderbirds), Syd Barrett (Pink Floyd), Jenna Z. Wilson,
Sandy Denny (Fairport Convention), Grant Goodeve, Nicole DeHuff (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: (see Monday) *Due to a large
amount of response, this will continue through
the weekend and next week. Thank you.

I will use it to go to school
in England. And save the rest as needed.

Bellatrix London England www.myspace.com/bellatrixriddle

If I came into a large
sum of money I'd donate it to Locks Of Love. A nonprofit organization
that provides custom fitted hairpieces to children with long-term medical
hair loss. They accept hair donations as well as financial donations.

I'm working on my 3rd donation! Please visit:
www.locksoflove.org 1-888.896.1588

Much Love.

Micky___Aldo Rox San Francisco California www.myspace.com/mickyrage

First of all I would pay
off my mortgage. I would donate some and invest a little.

And then LIVE...lol

^^Dee^^ Exeter, Devon United Kingdom www.myspace.com/_dee_37

First I would make sure we were 100% out of debt. Then, I would invest
in Real Estate outside of NYC, a parking lot, build a Trader Joes in
Manhattan...something that would eventually bring in enough passive
money so that we wouldn't have to worry about working again at, like, 40.
We both don't mind working. 10 more years wouldn't be bad.

In short, I'd set us up for the long-term. After we achieved that, only then
would I buy in NYC for us to live. Maybe set up some bungalows across the
US/UK. God how practical & sappy. Oh & I'd take surfing lessons.

N.O.T.O.R.I.O.U.S. LIZ Queens New York www.notoriousradio.com

First I would pay off
my studying loan debt.

And then I would spend some and save some. How much I'd spend
depends on how much money I got. If it were millions, I'd buy myself
that Jag I've always wanted.

If it were less, I'd spend it on music,
clothes and blingbling (jewelery) ;)

H�ssleholm Sweden (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

Gym membership. lol
What will you do with the rest of it? I would buy a car go to
music school, start singing lessons again, and become an
amazing studio/teacher/song writer/producer,give to those
who did not have to help them become what I have always
wanted to be.

Will you live for the moment and spend it
All? OR, will you think of long term? I will think of both.

Shorty B Welmar Southern California www.myspace.com/shortlllqtb

I would upgrade everything that needs it at the station first.
Then, I would buy a house.

I would spend some and save some.

Joey Gusto Program Director WBER Rochester New York

Suppose I won the lottery
- say �1 million - the first thing I would do is pay off my
mortgage and all my debts (LOTS of them!!!)

Then I would get a new bathroom in my house and a new
garage and have the garden landscaped. Then I would buy
condos in Orlando and rent them to British tourists, employing
a number of American citizens and thereby obtaining a Green Card,
after which I would sell my house and buy a chunk of land in Texas
(about 80 miles south west of Austin), have a ranch style property
built on it with a swimming pool and write novels and raise horses
for the rest of my life, using the novels (if they got published) and
the income from the property rental to live off.

Razzle United Kingdom www.myspace.com/razzle13

I'd pay off my house.
Then I'd sell my house and buy one on the beach.
Then I'd buy a new car for my girlfriend.
Then I'd quit my jobs and travel.....
...okay...dream over...back to work.

Dwight Arnold KMRJ Palm Springs California

Lots = set up work as a photographer

A little = a proper haircut

Katie Newcastle upn Tyne United Kingdom www.myspace.com/speshalkay

I'd buy myself a radio station!!!!! And then get all my favorite
cool ass DJ's on board, and put together a real radio station.

We'd make radio fun and cool again!!!! We'd encourage new artists
we'd put on awesome concerts... ahhhhhhh fun to dream!!!!

Laura Brady San Diego California LBBackStagePass@aol.com

January 5
Kylie Bax
Kyle is one of the world's top fashion models. Born in Thames, New Zealand
in 1975. She has appeared on over 20 Vogue covers around the world. She
was ranked #53 in Stuff Magazine's "Top 102 Sexiest Women In The World"
(2002). The 5' 10" beauty has done over a half dozen films. She married
Spiros Poros on the Greek Island of Delos on August 28 of 2005. Has one child.

Birthday's today: Marilyn Manson, Chris Stein (Blondie), Michael O' Donoghue,
January Jones, Clarine Harp, Ray Morgan, DJ Bobo, Rick Ambrose, Chuck Noll,
Pamela Sue Martin, Warrick Dunn, Jeff Fassero, George Brown (Kool & The Gang),
Robert Duvall, Charlie Rose, Diane Keaton, Leila Meskhi, Erin Lear, Amanda Hearst,
Kate Schellenbach (Luscious Jackson), So-yi Yoon, Pamela Paulshock, Carl Evans

Q of THE WEEK: (see Monday)

An on site drum kit!
Then I'd spend the rest on building a new stage!

Melanie from Bungalow B Hampshire England www.myspace.com/melaniebliss

Buy myself another bug!!
Get a board for myself and one for my son!! Then equally spread
the rest out to disease research to help others out!!

~Mary~ Lahabra California (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

First things first, 2006 Range Rover HSE, then a quick stop by my
accountant to invest. Then off to the beach in San Diego to work on a
new melanoma.

Don Jantzen Assistant Program Director/Music Director
Houston Texas 713.212.8184


What will you do with the rest of it?

Will you live for the moment and spend it
All? OR, will you think of long term?
BOTH! ;-)

Thanks for the question. Best of luck in the New Year. ;-)

Morrissa Ayrshire Scotland www.myspace.com/morrissa_m

One Million Dollars. I would spend half on a big party and
vacation/traveling, donations to good causes. The rest would be
invested. I would also move to a quiet area.

Victor Cabellero Hothouse Studio's California www.hothousestudios.com

To buy my son a new car.
What will you do with the rest of it? We just lost our mother so I would
give it to my brothers and our kids to help them out.

Will you live for the moment and spend it
All? OR, will you think of long term? Long term.

Karen Henderson Nevada (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

I would buy an Orban/Odyessy machine with a personal Orban
expert on call 24/7 to help with any problems. Pro-Tools is fine
but I like that big WHEEL!

Rubin (1/2 of Rubin & Sims) NOW AFTERNOON DRIVE! on 106.5 KWOD Sacramento CA

I would pay off my house,
do some investing and buy a new couch. Thanks for asking.

Debra Gilbert Arizona www.myspace.com/mtmrhm

A SPA at Andorra
for 3 days and good food.

What will you do with the rest of it?
Invest on my brand and get rid of my partner in business.

Will you live for the moment and spend it
All? OR, will you think of long term?
Long term definitely.

Mireya Madrid Spain www.myspace.com/mireyanotes

January 4
Beth Gibbons
Beth Gibbons is the mesmerizing voice of Portishead. Born 1965 in Bristol, England.
I will share this with you. Over the years, the "PNYC: Portishead-Roseland New York"
live CD has gotten more rotation in the L bedroom than any other CD, with Paul
Okenfold coming in a close second. Beth and the trip hop sound of Portishead is a
totally unique feeling like few can match. The band has had songs in films such as
"Batman And Robin", "Tank Girl", and numerous others.

Birthday's today:
Ann Magnuson, Dyan Cannon, Cait O'Riordan (Pogues), Vanity,
Dave Foley, Volker Hornback (Tangerine Dream), Matt Frewer, John McLaughlin,
Sonya Richter, Mark Hollis (Talk Talk), Bernard Sumner (New Order), Ted Lilly,
Julia Ormand, Lindsay Kennedy, Patty Loveless, Michael Stipe (R.E.M.), Don Shula,
Chris Kanyon, Martin McAloon (Prefab Sprout), Jeremy Licht, Floyd Patterson

Q of THE WEEK: (see Monday)

A Chanel bag.
I'll buy me and my boyfriend an apartment in N.Y.
I will definantly think long term. But, that probably won't work
out for me too much.

Jillian Simi Valley California www.myspace.com/jillsayssuckit

I can't purchase
what I want with money. Forgivness.

What will you do with the rest of it?
Use it for the drugs I've used to fuck up my life.

Will you live for the moment and spend it
All? OR, will you think of long term?
It will gradually spend.

Victoria Georgia U.S.A. www.myspace.com/xdont_feedthe_infantsx

Lock myself away in
some state of the art studio and record all my music.

Make all the wicked videos that I have in mind to go along with them.
Design my clothing range etc.

Detox, retox and engage in all the things that I haven't time or money
for at the moment and then launch myself on the world!

It's da Boo style get ready!

Set up my multifaith centres of peace for sports arts and culture, Launch
Planet Boo and comechilloutman.

Stage a world peace concert and write my book and do my film.
Act sing dance and be fucking merry.
Be who I am - have more tattoos especially the tear on my face - etc etc etc


BOO United Kingdom www.myspace.com/planetboo

What will be your first purchase?
A car for my daughter so she can get around better with her kids.

What will you do with the rest of it?
Pay off my bills. (debt free is a good thing)

Will you live for the moment and spend it
All? OR, will you think of long term?
Depending on the amount. I would make wise choices try best not
to waste and help out who I can when I can.

I am a custom to struggling with making ends meet. Single mom for
18 yrs, supporting my daughter and her 2 kids, I work full time, while
her and I both go to school full time. Money is always spent with thought.

You would be amazed how far a dollar can go.

Tasha Springfield Oregon (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

First purchase would be,
a new house, I'd pay for it all right then and there, in cash.
3 bdrm 2 bath, furniture for every room.

I'd pay off my medical bills. I'd buy my son everything from some
toys, new clothes, a bike, etc, I'd do the same for me, except mine
would be *Adult* toys to add to my collection, haahahahah.

Ummm, I'd give my mom money so she could finally divorce my dad
and get a place for her and my sister.

I'd think of long term, because it's not every day you'd win that amount
of money (lets say 5 mill. )

Lisa Mesa Arizona www.myspace.com/xOx_Lisa_xOx

January 3
Emme Wong
New upcoming actress and very popular singer. Born in 1981 in Hong Kong.
Real name Wong Yi-Man. She speaks both Cantonese and English. Her
Favorite singer is Faith Hill. Emme's specialty is drumbeat. Her most
recent film was "Hak bak jin cheung" (2005).

Birthday's today: Danica McKeller, Diora Baird, Ross The Boss (Dictators), Jim Ross,
Amanda Rowen, Nicole LaPlaca, Cheryl Miller, Eli Manning, Frank Dicopoulos,
John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin), Jin-yoon Park, Bobby Hull, Caitlin Mowrey, Luis Soho,
Magnus Guestafsson, Dinara Drukarova, George Martin (Beatles R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: (See Monday)

Oh lets see,
if I won a fairly large sum of money...the 1st thing I would buy
is my own recording studio. Then:

I would plan for the future as well as splurge today...and I sure
would make a ton of peoples lives happy. Those people that have
touched mine along the way!!

"Rockin Kimmie Roo" Phoenix Arizona www.myspace.com/rkr44

Hey Jonathan,
ok, I'm given $15 million. Don't know how or why, but
I would spend the money as relayed below in order of importance,
with ...1 being the most important.

5 - pay off mortages for mother and I
4 - donate a large sum to SPCA
3 - invest in stockmarket
2 - allocate certain amount of $$$ to each of my siblings
1 - travel, travel, and oh yeah, travel some more

Originally I had wanted to list 10 things but quickly decided I was being
greedy. I'd certainly want $15 mil when the time comes for me to visit LA.
Alas, I'll have to make do with VISA.
Hope your new years was hardoutfuntimes :)

x's and o's

Billie "PuNKpiStoL" Auckland New Zealand www.myspace.com/redlips_heels_rock

My first purchase
(after paying off my debts first) would be one of the townhomes
I recently saw near my neighborhood, in which I would live while
finding land somewhere and then having my dream home built
(which I already have in my head). Other than that, considering it's
a large enough sum of money I would also do the following:

*Open a new nightclub in this city that only has metal, industrial and gothic
music played by the deejays and features live bands on occasion
(can you tell I miss the Atomic?)

*Open a large no-kill shelter/animal sanctuary
*Invest here and there so that I can keep the money flowing and not blow it all!
*Travel often
*Contribute to certain charities

*Enjoy having financial freedom for once...that would be the most appealing part
of it all...so I could live for the moment, which more of us should be doing anyway,
yet with the investments it wouldn't be all pissed away either!!

Trisha Gilbert Arizona (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

Hello again Jonathan,
I am hiding from Sweden and gaining strength in Upstate New York
for the moment after my 16-year old sons death .....and seeing my
cancer sick mother who is really hanging in there. Strength of an ox
...even after lung surgery and chemo. My sister and grandmother just
died from the same lung cancer but she is hanging in there. Believe
it when they say deaths come in three.

Anyway, back to posivite thinking.

I would send my other living son to the music store and let him buy the
best of the best music equipment for his band...the self deception on this
site myspace. I would play live music from my 16-year old son's grave so
that when all the people including the youth came to visit the gravestone
and light a candle they could be comforted by music. My oldest son actually
played at my other son's funeral

I would send my lung cancer sick mother to the ocean for healing because
the ocean has all the elements for healing and gaining strength. The fire=
from the sun, water=the ocean. the air=the ocean breeze and the earth of
course is the earth. It gives strength and healing there.

If there was anything left over I would invest a little and absolutely give to
someone in need. Pay it forward I think the term is called. Maybe New Orleans
disaster victims would get a good slice.

Happy New Year. Keep up the good work that you do.

Connie Lee Stockholm Sweden (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

January 2
Kate Bosworth
You could say that the 23-year old is blessed. Born in Los Angeles, California in
1983, she already has an impressive resume. Some of her films include "Beyond
The Sea", "Wonderland", "Win A Date With Tad Hamilton", and the very trippy
"Rules Of Attraction" (2002). In 2006 look for Kate in "Seasons Of Dust", as well
as playing Lois Lane in "Superman Returns". She is a champion equestrian, and
her natural hair color is brown. Her boyfriend is Orlando Bloom, till further notice.

Birthday's today:
Lou Gramm, Christy Turlington, Calvin Hill, Ricky Van Shelton,
Tia Carrere, Jack Hanna, Joanna Pacula, Cuba Gooding Jr., Isabella Parkinson,
Heather Juergensen, Diane Lane, Devin Douherty, Juha Lind, Edgar Martinez,
Nadia Cassini, Julie Farrar, Wendy Phillips, David Cone, Jim Bakker, Taye Diggs

Q of THE WEEK: We have entered a New Year!
Somehow, you have received a LARGE sum of money.
(You determine the amount) What will be your first
purchase? What will you do with the rest of it?

Will you live for the moment and spend it all? OR,
will you think of long term?

It depends on the sum.
I have priorities. I know you said large but 'large' is relative.

If it was large enough I'd get myself out of debt, buy a better house
(not too huge, tax still gets demanded on the worth of your house when
the money runs out) furnish it and throw away all my old junk I have now.
Get a nice car, buy a better camera and equipment, then start thinking
about funding my son through college and university.

If there's anything left after that I'll spend it on fun stuff, world travel,
festivals etc., and helping out true friends and family. If there's still a large
enough sum left I'll stick it in a savings account for future needs and live
off the interest.

Gabi Manchester England www.myspace.com/spikednbloody

I am thinking $35,000
as a random sum

What will be your first purchase? A nice rental apartment in Berlin
for my impending trip

What will you do with the rest of it? Put it down on my new house
that I will be moving into next month.

Hells Belle's Netherlands www.myspace.com/bunnyrabid

I would first buy a house and a car.
Then I would make sure that my eldest daughter and her family had a
house and a car. I would then open a high interest account for each
of my other two daughters...for them to have when they are 21. I would
then live for the moment and spend spend spend whatevers left!!!

Raven Leicester, Leicestershire UK www.myspace.com/raven_bird

January 1 (Welcome to the NEW YEAR!)
Holly Willoughby
This beautiful Brit was born in 1981 in Brighton, England. She is a rising star
presenter on Television. She has done "Best Ever Family Films", and "ITV 50
Greatest Shows". Aside from numerous TV appearences, Holly played herself
in "Never Mind The Buzzcocks".

Birthday's today:
Kimberly Page, DJ Shadow, DeDee Pfeiffer, Morris Chestnut,
Catherine McCormick, Michael David Morrison, Morgan Fisher (British Lions),
Frank Langella, Country Joe McDonald, Alexis Arquette, Abdulla The Butcher,
Jaco Pastorious, Don Novello (Father Guido Sarducci), Nina Bott, Melissa DiMarco,
Ren Woods, Grandmaster Flash, Vivian Wu, Marcia Cross, Fang Li

Originated from: http://www.98kupd.com
Name: Dana
E-mail Address: tndarries@peoplepc.com
City: Peoria


I am a religious KUPD morning and afternoon listener. Recently I have
been catching your Saturday morning show. You have turned me on to
a whole new genre of music.
Keep up the great work.

A Red card holder since 6th grade.

*Dana, This is probably the best e-mail I've gotten since
returning to Phoenix and radio. Having an open mind to
music is key to my radio existence. I thank you for taking
that moment to sit down and type this and sending it to me.