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The Beatles Box of Vision

July 31
J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter)
Birthday's today: Leona Naess, Bill Berry (R.E.M.), Dean Cain, Curt Gowdy, Gary Lewis,
Daniel Ash (Love & Rockets), Barry Van Dyke, Sherry Lansing, Rodney Harvey, Loren Dean,
Jerry Rivera, Bob Welsh (Fleetwood Mac), Ahmet Ertegun, Lane Davies, Rudolf Martin,
Tami Stronach, Elizabeth Wurtzel, Gerald Anthony, Nico (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: Spitzer, Sony/BMG...how does it affect
the industry, you, or do you really care?

July 30
Kate Bush & Jamie Pressly
Birthday's today: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bud Selig, Hillary Swank, David Sanborn,
Lisa Kudrow, Delta Burke, Ken Olin, Frank Stallone, Ed "Kookie" Burns, Tifini Hale,
Bill Cartwright, Joyce Jones, Jeffrey Hammond (Jethro Tull), Paul Anka, Diva Zappa,
Cara Jackson, Peter Bogdanovich, Pat Schroeder, Buddy Guy, Monique Gabrielle

Dandy Warhols � Odditorium or Warlords Of Mars
Kaiser Chiefs � Employment
Madness � The Dangermen Sessions Vol. 1
Fischerspooner - Odyssey
Nouvelle Vague � Self titled

Willobee Program Director 102.7 EQX - THE REAL ALTERNATIVE

Hey everyone!!!

As I am headed for Amsterdam first thing tomorrow morning.
The show is pre-recorded this week.

Obviously this is also a reminder that I will be gone until August 15th.
The show will not air during those 2 weeks.

Here is the playlist for the show. (Air Date: 7/31/05)

New Pornographers "Use It"
Dandy Warhols "Smoke It"
Warlocks "Its Just like Surgery"
Vessel "Stand Off-ish"
Hard-Fi "Seven Nation Army"
Bodyrockers "I Like The Way"
Dead 60's "We Get Low"
Killer Elite "Secret Mission"
Hail Social "Hands Are Tied"
Evil Queens "Government Has Cloned You"
Bloodhound Gang "Foxtrot..."
Greenhornes "I'm Going Away"
Sleater Kinney "Rollercoaster" (From PDX pop compilation)
Heavy Mojo "Beat Like that"
Hockey Night "For Guys' Eyes Only"
American Minor "Walk On"

THANKS!!! I will talk to you all soon!!!

Amber Kuhl Specialty programmer Waitt Radio Network
1000 N. 90th St. Suite 105 Omaha, NE 68114

July 29
Patti Scialfa (Mrs. Bruce Springsteen)
Birthday's today: Geddy Lee (Rush), John Sikes (Thin Lizzy), Wil Wheaton, Gary Busey,
Kaori Sakagami, Roz Kelly, David Warner, Michael Biehn, Gary Springer,Peter Jennings,
Leslie Easterbrook, Alexandra Paul, Scott Steiner, Neal Doughty (REO Speedwagon),
Jem "Country" Finer (Pogues), Lana Kinnear (aka Lana Star), Rodney Allen Rippy,
Jeanetta Arnette, Laetitia Pesenti, Sharon Gans, Ken Burns, Elizabeth Dole

Q of THE WEEK raps up, with your favorite
current albums, past or present.

There's only one record in the world worth mentioning at the moment:

"Rock & Roll Is Dead" by The HELLACOPTERS

I'm not sure if Liquor & Poker is putting this record out in the US but
you can probably get it from your favorite retail outlet that specializes
in Imports. This is arguably the best CD I've heard in years! I bet
you'll agree...

Gary Poole EVP/GM WhizKidz Records, LLC
201 Shannon Oaks Circle Suite 200 Cary, NC 27511 919.654.4546

* I could agree Gary. I actually have a copy for quite
some time. I even included it on my demo for Sirius
Satellite quite a while ago. Great stuff!- JL

Egypt Central - Egypt Central (of course!) unsigned
Gavin Degraw - Chariot
Electra - Movie Soundtrack on Wind Up Records
Foo Fighters - In Your Honor
My Chemical Romance - Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge
Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway

Still playing:

Evanessence - Fallen
Linkin Park - Reanimation

Holly Hutchison IL Sistema, CEO Artist Management/A&R Executive
732.978.0160 cell/home office New Jersey

Good God, whatever's on MyPod is the BEST...but in terms of non-iPod

The new Jamiroquai is amazing, my fiancee has been into the new Brian
Jonestown Massacre, so I've been listening to that a
lot...hmmm...Orbital's Blue Album rocks. Oh & I re-discovered Rustic Overtones.
What an AMAZING band. Between them & the Oingo Boingo collection, it's been
fun to reminisce. From here I could plug the hell out of the bands I'm working
with, because there's some amazing ones who have done well at Specialty
(Summer Lawns, Chalk Outline Party...and watch out for Life in Bed) but
one need only check the site for those. :)

L.I.Z. Notorious Radio Queens NY

Hey Jonathan,

I'm loving:

Decemberists - Picaresque
Of Montreal - Sunlandic Twins
Norfolk and Western - if you were born overseas

Hope all is well in AZ

Mark Rudkin Houston TX

Duran Duran - Astronaut
Gwen Stefani - Love, Angel, Music, Baby

Mark Anderson Promotions Director/APD 93-3 KOB-FM
Albuquerque's Pop Music Channel
500 4th Street NW Albuquerque, NM 87102 505.767.6791
mark.anderson@citcomm.com www.kobfm.com

Benzos - Morning Stanzas (Stinky)
Chad Vangaalen - Infiniheart (Sub Pop)
The Detroit Cobras - Baby (Bloodshot)
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Howl (RCA)
Esthero - Wikked Lil' Girls (Reprise)
Jack's Mannequin - EP (Maverick)
Death Cab For Cutie - Plans (Atlantic)

Jerry Rubino Account Executive The CMJ Network
151 W. 25th Street 12th Floor NY, NY 10001
PH: 917.606.1908 ext. 275
FX: 917 606-1914 CELL: 201.245.4687
E-MAIL: jrubino@cmj.com AOL IM: TheRubUSA

CMJ 2005 Music Marathon
Sept. 14-17
Lincoln Center
New York City


"Futures" by Jimmy Eat World - Just amazing hard pop rock.
"Angels Trumpets and Devils Trombones" by 400 Blows - Local LA boys
latest blast-fest!
"NO!" They Might Be Giants - their "children's" album. It's my 9 month
old son's fave too!

Chris Wagganer Film Maker Los Angeles CA

Hey JL!!!

Hope you're getting settled and feeling better!!! Let's see, favorite albums
right now.....hmmmm....I think my favorite would have to be Transplants
"Haunted Cities". Just got the new Our Lady Peace album, "Healthy In
Paranoid Times", after one listen I'm diggin that. It's different for OLP,
but sounds pretty cool. Also, diggin' the new Blindside album, "The
Great Depression". Cool new sound from Blindside, at the same time trademark
Blindside sounds. Honorable mention to Audioslave and Nine Inch Nails
as I still find myself going back to those two quite often. Lastly, some
shameless promotion of a band I'm helping out. 32 Leaves, from Phoenix,
I've wore out the album but if anyone wants to hear what these guys are all
about, check out www.32leaves.com or contact me at poly@wrnonline.com.
They're debut album, "Welcome To The Fall", hits stores 9/6.

Thanks Jonathan!

Polychronopolis Program Director/Afternoon Buffoon WRN Alternative Now
Waitt Radio Networks
1000 N. 90th St. Suite 105 Omaha, NE 68114
Direct: 402.952.7611
AOL: toxirocker
The Original Localization CompanyT

Hi Jonathan:

Here's my top 5 for the week:

Kaiser Chiefs - Employment
The Rayvonettes - Pretty In Black
Captian Sensible - The Collection (2003 Import)
The Best of Bardot (Brigitte Bardot, NEW 2005 Release)
Tremolo - Love Is The Greatest Revenge (Indie Power-Pop Rock from the
Bay Area, released next month)

Scott Lowe B104 Allentown, PA

July 28
Lori Loughlin
Birthday's today: Elizabeth Berkley, Rachel Sweet, Sally Struthers, Steve Morse (Deep Purple),
Vida Blue, Scott Bloom, Jonathan Edwards, Andy Fraser, Steve Duncan (Desert Rose Band),
Monique van de Ven, Steven Pegegrine Took (T-Rex), Mike Bloomfield, Jung-ah Yum,
Marilyn Quayle, Simon Kirke (Bad Company), Ken Margolis (Mink Deville), David Huff (Giant),
Rick Wright (Pink Floyd), Phil Proctor, Dick Ebersol, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK continues: Your favorite albums, new or
older right now, and what do you want to say about them?

I'm listening to Son Volt's "Okemah and the Melody of Riot" almost non
stop lately. I think their song "Jet Pilot" is one of the best I've
heard in a long time. Also still really digging Drive By Truckers "The
Dirty South", Clem Snides' "End of Love", Ben Folds' "Songs for
Silverman", and of course Venom's "Piss on Jesus 'cause he ain't no
Satan". Touching and heart-warming, to say the least.

JJ Fabini Assistant Director of Programming X102 - WXTW;
Z94.1 - WCKZ; The River 1250 - WGL; MY103.9 - WYLT; WILD96.3 -WNHT;
102.9 MIKE-FM - WXKE --Summit City Radio Group
2000 Lower Huntington Road Ft. Wayne, IN, 46819 260.747.1511
jj@summitcityradio.com jj@X102fm.com

Hey Dad,

I can't seem to get the Garden State Soundtrack out of my CD player. I
can listen to it for hours.

Talk to you soon,

Rueben Tripod Photo Group Chandler AZ

I will never stop listening to Piebald's "We Are The Only Friends That We Have."

Jay Wulff Afternoons MD 96.1 KISS-FM Poughkeepsie NY

The new Sigur Ros!

I am going on my honeymoon tomorrow.
Can you take me off this list until the second week in August?
Joey Gusto WBER 2596 Baird Road Penfield, NY 14526-2333

* Yes Joey...CONGRATS to you and Carly!!-JL

Hey, Jonathan. I miss talking with you! I'm still doing the new music show if
you have any current records you want to talk about. Call me at home (although
I'll be on vacation next week, so call the week after if you'd like) at (814) 867-3934.
Anyhow, I say Hot Hot Heat's Elevator, Coldplay's X & Y, The Killers' Hot Fuss (still),
Green Day's American Idiot (still), and The Best Of INXS (always a favorite, but
I popped it in cause of the hot reality show). Thanks, Jonathan!

Austin Davis WUBZ BUZZBIN Sunday Nights State College PA

* I miss you too Austin. I did leave a message , but I think you have
already takin' off on holiday. I've been so busy with the move, but I actually
will be calling you about Cheryl Hill and The Eyeliners new single soon
(shameless plug-lol)-JL

Gorillaz new CD

Paul Westerberg Greatest Hits

The Bravery

Eric Cheroske Aezra Records Phoenix AZ

Current spins are:

Seether - Karma & Effect
Dark New Day - Twelve Years Silence - AWESOME ALBUM!!!!!
Papa Roach - Getting Away With Murder
Breaking Benjamin - We Are Not Alone

Cheryl Hill Musician Nashville TN

July 27
Juliana Hatfield
Birthday's today: Alex Rodriguez, Jonathan Rhys- Meyers, Pete Yorn, Simon Jones, Donnie Yen,
Sasha Mitchell, Yahoo Serious, Paul Michael "Triple H" Levesque, Bill Bradley, Barbara Ferris,
Maureen McGovern, David Muse (Firefall), Carol Leifer, Greg Gagne, Maria Grazia Cucinotta,
Takashi Shimizu, Shannon Moore, Michael Vaughn, Enrique Wilson, Betty Thomas, Gywinn Gilfor,
Al Ramsey (Gary Lewis and The Playboys), Shea Hillenbrand, Bobbie Gentry, Julian McMahon

Q of THE WEEK: Your favorite albums currently,
old or new. Mini review them if you want.

Michael Tolcher's "I AM" CD (every song is AMAZING), Sheryl Crow's Greatest Hits,
Eagles "Desperado" (or anything Eagles), and Led Zeppelin (anything).
I LOVE music so being music director is a dream come true!

Live Strong & Rock On!

Carson MD/Middays 105.3 the Buzz KFBZ-FM Wichita 316.685.2121
IM: catchinabuzz1053


1) Fall Out Boy - From Under The Cork Tree
2) Coldplay - X & Y
3) New Dead Radio - Avalon Bridge Will Burn
4) System Of A Down
5) Dark New Day - 12 Year Silence

Scott Perrin PD KFTE Lafayette LA

This is hard for me to pick but here are some of my staples right now.

Mr. Anonymous "Mr. Anonymous"
Stephen Lynch "The Craig Machine"
The Chemical Brother's "Push the Button"

Some oldies:
Robert Randolph "Unclassified"
AC/DC "Back in Black"
Iron Maiden "Brave New World"

Have a fabulous week Jonathan.
Jillian Reitsma What Are Records? Denver CO

Hey Jonathan,
Curtiss says "hi" and had really nice things to say 'bout you.

Fav albums right now:



JOE JACKSON "BIG WORLD' (not new but love the J man- great road trip

Rubin KWOD 2.0 Mornings with Rubin & Sims, Sacramento CA
rubin@kwod.net www.therubinstudio.com

*Numerous more tomorrow


R&R postscript: I'd be stupid not to say something about the recent change
at R&R in the Alternative Department. For those of you who pay attention,
I had to go through the humilation of an interview last October with a
person that I could have done her job standing on my head. I wasn't upset
that a friend, Kevin Stapleford got the gig. Nope, just the way she handled it.
So here we are a mere nine months later and Kevin goes back to radio
after over a decade to run 91X again. Good for you Kevin. I am being sincere
about that.

Now, to you Erica...you my dear, did I frighten you with my experience?
Kevin used the opportunity to get back into radio. Why shouldn't he?
I applaude him with his charm and getting the gig from you.
Keep calling Richard Sands, but I assure you, unless you pay him
his worth, you will be searching for a name that really won't be there.

I no longer live in Los Angeles, happy where I am, and about to announce
some exciting news on my end. So good luck, naw, screw it, I hope you
have a fun time trying to find someone with the experience and give
you the longevity that you could have had with someone like me.
No sour grapes babe. Lesson learned.

July 26
Mick Jagger (Rolling Stones)
Birthday's today: Sandra Bullock, Jeremy Piven, Kevin Spacey, Roger Taylor (Queen),
Terri Nunn (Berlin), Gary Cherone (Extreme), Jennifer Ashe, Susan George, Dobie Gray,
Andy Connel (Swingout Sister), Kate Beckinsale, Andrew C. Timmons (Danger Danger),
Bobby Hebb, Darlene Love, Nicholas Walker, Nana Visitor, Helen Mirren, Keil Martin,
Dorothy Hamill, Mary Jo Kopechne (R.I.P.), Stanley Kubrick (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: Your current favorite albums, old or new?
Mini review them if you'd like to.

Piece Of Mind - Iron Maiden

Top 5 Metal CD ever!


Jeff R. Cushman infinty Broadcasting Program Director WOMX-FM Mix 105.1
1800 Pembrook Drive #400, Orlando FL 32810 407.919.1064 jrcushman@cbs.com

Right now I am in love with Maximo Park, Spoon, Editors and Hard-Fi.

Cheers Jonathan!
Kat Corbett mid-day's KROQ Los Angeles CA

It's Friday afternoon and I finally have some time to participate in
one of your questions!

As I said earlier via IM - I am currently in love with The Libertines.
Up the Bracket is quite a ride.
In particular, tracks
#3 Horror Show
#5 Boys in the Band
#7 Up the Bracket
#8 Tell the King
#9 The Boy looked at Johnny - (To me this is VERY reminiscent of early
BOWIE ahhh I LOVE it!)

A friend gave me a gentle push in the Libertine direction. Once you get
past the initial abrasiveness you discover how richly melodic these guys can
be, and oh the reward.

I am so enjoying them, the more I listen the more I find - I'm onto
Begging now, track #10, and on I Get Along - "...people tell me I'm
wrong........" then a breathy "Fuck 'em."
The cocksure swagger of Marc Bolan to me....

Yes! My first run of the whole album was mid-flight to Texas. Plenty of
time to savor...and No! I did not throw a drink at a flight attendant or trash
the airplane, as Pete might have done.
I didn't become unruly until the craft had come to a full and complete
stop - then I took a 26 year olds approach to the remainder of my evening. ; )
Lisa Robinson HBO Los Angeles CA


Blue October---Consent To Treatment
Seether--Karma and Effect
Blind Melon--Classic Masters
The Mayfield Four--Second Skin


Stiller Nights/MD, WBYR Ft. Wayne IN

I'll play along...

Nine Black Alps - Everything Is - Island UK
Amusement Parks On Fire - Amusement Parks On Fire - Filter US
Dredg - Catch Without Arms - Interscope
Soft - Soft EP (unsigned)
Oceansize - Everyone Into Position - Beggars Banquet

Jeremy P. Goldstein Beggars Banquet New York NY

Hey Jeremy, it would be swell if you would send that
package (hopefully including Oceansize), you
mentioned months ago. xo-JL

July 25
Iman Abdulmajid (Mrs. David Bowie)
Birthday's today: Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth), Pedro Martinez, Matt Clarke (Uriah Heap),
Barbara Harris, Rita Marley, Jon Barry, Illena Douglas, Jay R. Ferguson, Steve Goodman,
Ken Greer (Red Rider), Marty Brown, Jimmy Garvin, Katherine Kelly Lang, Brad Renfro,
Billy Wagner, Trevor Peres (Obituary), Roger Clinton, Peggy Leming, Nate Thurmond,
Verdine White (Earth, Wind and Fire), Janet Margolin, Ray Billingsly, Veronica Yip

Q of THE WEEK: Your favorite pet sounds currently,
past or present. Mini review them if you'd like.

Boy Hits Car...The Passage

Tracks 3,4 and 6 are the bomb!!!!!
Nancy Stevens OM KEDJ, Phoenix AZ

Jesus, could you ask a harder question than this? How in the hell am
I supposed to narrow it down? Let's see...

Top 5 (in no particular order)

1. Dredge - Catch Without Arms
2. David Gray - White Ladder
3. Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth
4. Kings of Leon - Aha Shake Heartbreak
5. Foo Fighters - In Your Honor

All my love,
Don Jantzen APD/MD/Afternoons/Super Genius KTBZ Houston TX

Joe Walsh - The Confessor: Not every song is great but the title track
alone is
pure rock-o-la!
Motley Crue - 2 Fast 4 Luv: Crank it, crunch it and full throttle it!
Best hair album ever!
Dead Kennedys - Plastic Surgery Disaster: Jello the next Notradomis?
Tupac - All Eyez On Me: Stop hate'n yo!

Wayne Elam Team Leader Phoenix Toyota Transport

New Stuff:

Norma Jean - O'God: The Aftermath
Hawthorne Heights- The Silence In Black And White
Bright Eyes - I'm Wide Awake It's Morning
Hope Partlow - Who We Are (advance)
Secret Machines - The Road Leads Where Its Lead
Shakira - Fijacion Oral, Vol. 1
Smile Empty Soul - Anxiety

Old Stuff:

TKO - In Your Face
New York Dolls - New York Dolls
The Jam - This Is The Modern World
Cheap Trick - Dream Police
The Police - Regatta D'Blanc
Bloodbath - Resurrection Through Carnage
Queen - News Of the World
Semisonic - Feeling Strangely Fine
Nick Gilder - City Nights

Gary Jay TVT Records New York NY

Great stuff from all of you! More tomorrow-JL

July 24
Jennifer Lopez
Birthday's today: Torrie Wilson, Rick Fox, Gus Van Sant, Pam Tillis, Kadeem Hardison,
Mick Karn, Karl Malone, Anna Paquin, Arissa Segal, Paul Geary (Extreme), Ruth Buzzi,
Robert Hays, Evan James Springsteen, Barry Bonds, Chris Sarandon, Michael Richards,
Mara Wilson, Jim McCarty (Yardbirds), Dan Hedaya, Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman)

Q of THE WEEK, begins tomorrow.
What are your favorite albums currently*. What's in
your pleasure bin? You can mini-review if you want,
and you don't have to be in radio to answer this.

*New or older albums

July 23
Monica Lewinsky
Birthday's today: Don Imus, Gary Payton, Martin Gore (Depeche Mode), David Essex,
Nomar Garciapara, Woody Harrelson, Saul "Slash" Hudson (Guns & Roses), Ronny Cox,
Belinda Montgomery, Antoine Carr, Alison Krauss, Marlon Wayans, Eriq La Salle,
Janis Segal (Manhattan Transfer), Andy MacKay (Roxy Music), Daniel Radcliffe,
Adam Green, Dino Danelli (Young Rascals/Fotomaker), Tony Joe White, Tara Williams,
Edie McClurg, Ian Thomas, Terry Davis, Blair Thornton (BTO), Don Drysdale (R.I.P.)

Billy Corgan, Willobee (WEQX) and Christopher the Minister
(Sirius) Webster Hall, NYC, June 27th 2005

*Billy's new album is awesome. Read my review
on page 4 (http://www.jlradio.com/page4.html)

*Send your photo's...you could be on this page

July 22
David Spade
Birthday's today: Louise Fletcher, Bobby Sherman, Alex Trebek, Mark Pointer (Marillion),
Shawn "Heartbreak Kid" Michaels, Don Henley, Keshawn Johnson, Rufus Wainwright,
Tim Brown, Estelle Bennett (Ronettes), Keith Sweat, Steve Albini (Big Black), Bob Dole,
John Leguizamo, Scot Shields, Pat Badger (Extreme), Willem Defoe, Terrance Stamp,
Madeline & Mary Collinson, Jack Grisham (T.S.O.L.), Michael Spinks, Patricia Quinn,
Bonnie Langford, Rick Davies (Supertramp), Danny Glover, Al Dimeola, Albert Brooks,
Sparky Lyle, Sylvia Chang, Colin Ferguson, Perry Lopez, Caroline Guliani, Jimmy Castor


Hi Jonathan and Jeanette,

Hope you are both keeping well.

All lovely here, especially with the addition of our little fella,
Dylan Peters. We are coming to LA in August and thought it would be
nice to meet up?

Let us know what you think.

Love Jules, Mike and Dylan Peters xxx Wales

First, Jules, congrats on baby Dylan. Second, unfortunately Jeanette
and I have moved back to Phoenix. Hopefully one day you will
be able to make it out here. Maybe Mike will perform here soon?-JL

Jumping in Palm Springs!

Fall 2004 Spring 2005

12+ 3.1- 4.6

18-34 4.5- 7.3

18-49 3.5- 6.8

25-54 2.1- 5.0

Men 25-54 1.6- 5.9

Major increases in ALL day parts and ALL demos!

Dwight Arnold APD/MD KMRJ Palm Springs CA 760-778-6995

Nice Dwight! Most station's would kill for a jump
like that. Did you know anyone with a diary?
Just kidding. -JL

July 21
Caroline Neron
Birthday's today: Robin Williams, Kim Fowley, Geoff Jenkins, Garry Trudeau, Art Hindle,
Janet Reno, Kelly Tanner, Jim Martin (Faith No More), Doug Collins, Josh Hartnett,
Sara Calaway, Cat "Yusaf Islam" Stevens, Jon Lovitz, Mike Bordick, C.C. Sabathia,
David Downing, Sarah Biasini, Lance Guest, Larry Tolbert, Tailor James, Leigh Lawson

Letter from a former listener

Hi JL,
You might remember me from way way back when you were on KLPX in Tucson.
I was the one who has a friend in Tucson who would tape all your shows and send
them to me weekly. I had written you back then telling you how much I enjoyed
those shows, sent you a couple of my mixes (Toad Music Mixes), you called me
about those. I even had the pleasure to meet you once at Nino�s and you gave me
a Giant Sand album, which turned me on to their music (October Anywhere and
Artists are my favorites still).

I thought you might want to know that I still listen to those old shows and even put
many of them (edited somewhat) to about a half dozen open reel tapes, which I am
now converting to CD (slowly)...sonically they are better than they should be!
I believe you were the only one who had the same music taste as me...on the radio!
I don�t know if this was good...YES, HELL it was GREAT!
I just loved your format and taste!

It was very interesting (after all these lost years) to read about what you have been
doing. You were very influential to my listening habits and have certainly made me
aware how horrible most radio is. About the only way I keep up on any new bands
now is via CMJ�s magazine CD, yes it�s gotten that bad here in Minneapolis!

I did see Howe (Gelb) again in Tucson, and most recently in Minneapolis. I
talked to him after the show, talked about you too, he seemed appreciative but
gave your address as dropkickmyass@aol, no wonder it did not work.

I just wanted to say hi, and let you know how much enjoyment I have had over the
years with your music...Our music. Thanks and best wishes.
David Valentine Edina, Minnesota

David, even though I don't remember you, I am humbled by your e-mail.
Thanks for taking the time to write. Funny how Howe remembers the
dropkickmyass part of my e-mail-lol. Correct me if I'm wrong, but there
is Music Conclave going on at the end of this week in Minneaspolis? You
might want to head out there. I'm sure there will interesting people you would
meet and I know there will be plenty of live music.-JL

July 20
Chris Cornell (Soundgarden)
Birthday's today: Robert Rodriguez, Kim Carnes, Carlos Santana, John Lodge (Moody Blues),
Radney Foster, Bengie Molina, Jay Jay French (Twisted Sister), Stone Gossard (Pearl Jam),
Donna Dixon, Diana Rigg, Judy "Chicago" Cohen, Mike McNeill (Simple Minds), Ray Allen,
Tony Olivo, Kool G. Rapp, Michael Anthony (Van Halen), James Harris, Peter Forsberg,
Merlina Defranco (Defranco Family), Chris Kennedy, Kevin Meadows, Natalie Wood (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK continues...Realty Radio

Hey Jonathan,

Seems like the draw for reality TV has always been nice looking people
under 25 who are either so mean, stupid, naive, horny, and basically
so unformed that it's like watching a car crash that you know will
happen 5 minutes before it happens. Will it transfer to radio? Right
now I can't see or hear it working. But any radio that's compelling
always seems to work. To package it as a reality show seems like a
tricky way to go.
Rubin KWOD 2.0 in Sacto (1/2 of Rubin & Sims Mornings)

Aloha, JL,

Good radio has been doing this for years. Many morning shows in my
market have a 'Fear Factor' type segment... Whats the crazest stunt you
would do for tickets to ? show. Survivor? How 'bout the 'Touch' (or kiss) the
car the longest and win it promo? Marriages on air. Matchmaking. The
Apprentice? That's called internship, or the stunt guy.
Fil Slash Honolulu HI

July 19
Michelle (Liberty X) Heaton
Birthday's today: Kathleen Turner, Vikki Carr, Brian May (Queen), Anthony Edwards,
Preston Wilson, Bernie Leadon (Eagles), David Segui, Ille Nastase, David Goldsmith,
Alan Gorrie (Average White Band), Peter Barton, Keith Godchaux (Grateful Dead),
R.J. Williams, George Hamilton IV, Simon Cadell, Great (Yoshiaki) Yatsu, Kelly Star,
George Frayne (Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen), Naohito Fujiki,
Alan Collins (Lynyrd Skynyrd), Andrew Kavovit, Terri Treas, Brad Wilson

Q of THE WEEK: Reality Radio...is it a Reality?

So far, it's really only been tried in comedy pieces, which have been
completely scripted, so it's hard to tell. All I know it that, with the
average TV watcher these days, anytime you can exploit someone's
misfortunes, someone will be watching. Schadenfreude is rampant in our
society, and if you can translate that to radio, it probably would
JJ Fabini Assistant Director of Programming X102 - WXTW; Z94.1 - WCKZ;
The River 1250 - WGL; MY103.9 - WYLT; WILD96.3 -WNHT; 102.9 MIKE-FM - WXKE
Summit City Radio Group 2000 Lower Huntington Road Ft. Wayne, IN, 46819
260.747.1511 (Office) 260.747.3999 (Fax) jj@summitcityradio.com jj@X102fm.com

We did a "Be The Next WBER DJ" contest and it was awesome!
Joey Gusto PD WBER Rochester NY

Already doing it...click on the loft. www.Radionow931.com
Chris Edge PD WNOU-FM Indianapolis IN Emmis Broadcasting

Reality Radio? I think that already exists in a sense. Shows like
Howard Stern have game show elements (some taken directly from so-
called Reality TV shows.)

As for an on-going series with a "Survivor" type format, I don't know if enough
interest could be generated in an audio-only format. I suppose a companion
web site could feature pictures short video clips and back story on the contestants.
The advent of streaming video on cell phones could also be an
incorporated element.

That's all I can say for now. If you want to hear more-- you have to
pay my consulting fee. Just kidding!

Chris Wagganer Film Maker Los Angeles CA

July 18
Hunter S. Thompson (R.I.P.)
Birthday's today: Elizabeth McGovern, Ricky Skaggs, Al Snow, Bobby Sherman, Joe Torre,
Penny Hardaway, Nigel Twist (The Alarm), Lonnie Mack, Brian Auger, Teresa Ann Savoy,
Steve Forbes, Richard Branson, James Brown, Calvin Peete, Kurt Mann, Patrick Dancy,
Ben Sheets, Kristen Bell, Jensen Buchanan, Dion DiMucci (Dion and the Belmonts),
Cesar Zuiderwijk (Golden Earring), Danny McCollock (The Animals), Ayn Harris,
Martha Reeves, Robin McDonald (Billy J. Kramer & The Dakota's), Susan Marie Synder

Reality TV works and is popular, so can radio bring it's
own brand of Reality Radio? Think beyond Stern.

Reality radio? Hey Jon, ever hear of Howard Stern?
Kenny Ryback The Promotions Department Ventura County CA

Duh, yes Kenny.-JL


Isn't radio already "Reality?" Look at Howard Stern, Bob & Tom, etc.
Listeners are always on the shows. Maybe you should ask should it be
"more" reality, by getting more listeners involved. More stupid human tricks,
more living in a car to win the car, etc. Those kinds of things have always
been radio based anyway.

Just my thoughts. Thanks for the question.
Mark Anderson Promotions Director/APD 93-3 KOB-FM Albuquerque's Pop Music Channel
500 4th Street NW Albuquerque, NM 87102
505.767.6791 mark.anderson@citcomm.com www.kobfm.com

I agree Mark, with what you've said, I only thought that
to break away from traditional "reality", could TV type reality
based shows work on radio too? Thanks for taking the time to
answer. Really appreciate that- JL

I like reality TV. At least the ones that are interesting. I think reality radio
would work, but the FCC would probably place too many restrictions on it that
I would be hard to produce an informative show. With TV you can visualize
what�s going on, with radio you have to listen intensely.

To my knowledge, the closest reality radio show is Howard Stern. If you
can make it better and more interesting then his show, you�ll have a winner.

Go get it...you have nothing to loose.
Mark Hill Los Angeles CA

My thought is if a concept was created where the show is
truly reality based, the stations website could play a visual
part in it. I dunno, maybe I've come up with a question
that has either no real answer, or I've hit on something.
I really don't know Mark-LOL-JL

More on this topic tomorrow

July 17
Vicky Chen
Birthday's today: Lou Barlow (Sebadoh), P.J.Soles, David Hasselhoff, Daryle Lamonica,
Camilla Parker-Boles, Terry "Geezer" Butler (Black Sabbath), Nancy Giles, Phoebe Snow,
Robin Shou, Heather Langenkamp, Nicolette Larson, Lucie Arnez, Bobby Thigpen,
Donald Sutherland, Chet McCraken (Doobie Brothers), Spencer Davis (Spencer Davis Group),
Gayle Garnett, Pat McCormick, Bruce Crump (Molly Hatchet), Denise Miller, Mandy Smith

Q of THE WEEK begins tomorrow:

With the popularity of Reality TV-could Reality Radio
be possible in the future?

*Note: A few have already brought up Howard Stern. I was
looking beyond that. Could the Hulk Hogan, Big Brother,
The Simple Life, and others work on radio without visuals,
although if a station came up with an original idea, they could
also utilize their website with video streaming. I remember
Jack Daniels of WEND Charlotte having "Stripper Friday's", and
having them on air as a camera was filming their every move.-JL

July 16
Michelle Pfeiffer
Birthday's today: Phoebie Cates, Will Ferrell, Corey Feldman, Stewart Copleland, Swan,
Barry Sanders, Cyndy Garvey, Hu San Yang, Rain Pryor, Mindy Carson, Esther Kwan,
Leila Kenzie, Michael Flatley, Ruben Blades, Alan "Fitz" Fitzgerald (Night Ranger),
Lorraine Chase, Tom Boggs (Boxtops), Tony Jackson (Searchers), Desmond Dekker

July 15
Mark Bell (Marky Ramone)(Ramones/Dust)
Birthday's today: Jan-Michael Vincent, Lolita Davidovich, Jesse Ventura, Linda Ronstadt,
Peter Lewis (Moby Grape), Patrick Wayne, Willie Aames, Khalid Reeves, Joe Satriani,
Mil Mascaras, James Baldwin, Trevor Horn (Buggles, Frankie Goes To Hollywood),
Leonard Stabb, Christina Novak (Miss Arizona 1996), David Pack (Ambrosia), Kim Alexis,
Larken Collins (Rossington-Collins Band), Forest Whitaker, Bridgett Nielson, Brian Austin,
Kristoff St. John, Shari Headley, Jeff Carlisi (38 Special), Ian Curtis (Joy Division-R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: So what is/was the best part of
being the PD/MD of a radio station for you?

One of the coolest things is getting something cool in the mail and
putting it on the air right away.
Marcie Robinson PD KACV Amarillo TX

Damn, Jonathan, these questions are too deep!

It'll be a novel if I think to long about it, so let's just save the space
and shoot from the hip.

For those not in the know, I was MD and PD of WFNX Boston from 1993-1996.
Unlike radio today, alternative was fresh and still very new in terms of its
functionality, its relationship to the labels, etc. For me as MD, all I cared about
was helping to break new bands. As PD all I cared about was breaking the necks
of my jocks who cheated on song rotations!

Being MD was the greatest job in radio. Never worked on the weekends,
(with the exception of station events), made a pretty decent salary, DJ'd at
THE alternative club in Boston every Saturday night (beat mixing my own
mixes with vinyl!), got to see free shows in any format in any venue in the
country, eat for free, even shop for free, fly around the country and meet new
people every other week.

The best part about being MD was having a front row seat to the industry and
all its machinations. I totally dug being on panels at CMJ and SXSW, and the
Gavin conventions were always a blast. I enjoyed my phone conversations with
industry bigs who let me pick their brains, and it was awesome to help break a
band that no one had ever heard of (Green Day, Nirvana, Pumpkins, Everclear,
Garbage, Pearl Jam, No Doubt, to name a few) or the ones the industry didn't care
about. I feel very fortunate to have been one of many MD's able to see the future
of this format, and, with the help of too many to mention, been able to give those
bands 30 spins a week on not just one track, but three or four.

Oh yeah, and never having to deal with the face-to-face corporate pressures a PD
does that are brought on every day by the suits upstairs was part of the cool as well.

That stated, being PD was a good managerial experience and nothing more.
You can't be as close to your staff as you were when you were MD. I didn't like
that feeling at all. And I hated working for the suits.

Which is odd to say because I am a suit today in my postion as senior account
executive at Cape Business Magazine.

Hey, a punk's gotta eat, nome sayin'?

Boy Troy
ex-WFNX, Boston MA

Troy, sorry to drain your brain, but you aptly gave a great
description of the life and times of a PD/MD in a era,
not so long ago. I do appreciate it when someone takes the
time and effort to give a great answer to my deep- or not
so deep questions. Nome what I'm sayin'?- JL

July 14
Tanya Donelly (Belly/Throwing Muses)
Birthday's today: Victoria Ingrid Alicea Desiree, Gwen Guthrie, Jeff Jarrett, Eric Laneuville,
Tommy Motola, Steve Stone, Chris Cross, Bebe Buell, Jos Zoomer (Vandenberg), Stan Shaw,
Lynn Loring, Haley Carr, Jose Hernandez, Joel Silver, Jackie Earl Haley, Nick Benedict,
Robin Ventura, Jerry Houser, Ray Herndon, Matthew Fox

Q of THE WEEK: So...what jacks you up about being
a PD/MD past or present?

I love creating the personality of the station. I can no longer say, "I'd do it
THIS way". A great seque with the right production Jacks me up BIG!
Kenny Allen PD KMBY Monterey CA

For me, it would have to be the satisfaction of putting together an
awesome station promotion...from the concept, to the creation of the on air
promo, to relaying the message to the jocks and in turn them executing that on
the air...and then the actual giveaway.

We recently gave away a custom built chopper and all the qualifiers and
other spectators came together on the day we gave it away... Over 400
people on a Saturday afternoon at a local bar. It was awesome!
Johnny Maze PD WRXW Jackson, MS

After all my years in radio, for the first time I can actually say I
have the freedom to be creative and weave a quilt with music. This is
the most fun I have ever had and gotten paid for it.
Willobee Program Director 102.7 EQX - THE REAL ALTERNATIVE
www.weqx.com 802.362.4800

*Note: You can now hear 'EQX on the streaming internet. Just go to their
website and enjoy Willobee live on the NET. He does afternoon drive.

Hey Jonathan, How's things in AZ?
Things are SWEET in Sacto. Great people & a cool new format.
Being the APD @ KTCL/Channel 93.3 FM in Denver was the best learning
experience of my life. At the same time I couldn't believe how much
stress was involved with the job. I scheduled all the music, scheduled
the jocks, was a secondary imaging voice & did minor imaging, was in
charge of all specialty shows, all trade contracts, outside imaging
contracts, spot-loads, and I was a one-man morning show from 6-11.
There's one part of me that feels I was overworked, there's also a
part of me that knows that there isn't a job in radio that I can't do.
But now I'm just doin' mornings and minor imaging for the stream. And
I DO NOT miss 11 hour days!
Rubin (1/2 of Rubin & Sims mornings) on KWOD 2.0 @ 106.5 FM in Sacto

Rubin, to answer your question. Things in AZ are going well. Still
unpacking and I'm sure 110 degrees is a bit hotter than Sacramento.
Tell Curtiss (Johnson) I said hello, and he and Amy should move back
to Phoenix-LOL.- JL

*Tomorrow: Boy Troy, former WFNX PD/MD gives his take.
As always he will give us a facinating story.

July 13
Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim/Housemartins)
Birthday's today: Cameron Crowe, Harrison Ford, Cheech Marin, Sean Waltman (X-Pac),
Mark Mendoza (Twisted Sister), Giancarlo Giannini, Erno Rubik, Daphne Maxwell Reid,
Louise Mandrell (Mandrell Sisters), Didi Conn, Roger/Jim McGuinn (The Byrds), Jack Kemp,
Patrick Stewart, Danitra Vance, Bobby Rock (Nelson), Stephan Jo Bladd (J.Geils Band)

Q of THE WEEK: What is your or was your favorite hat
(part) of your gig as PD/MD?


Outside of the geeky pleasure I get from hearing someone react to a sweeper
or piece of imaging I obsessed over til it was just right, I really get into a zone
of satisfaction when I get to host my local music show, Soundcheck, once a month
from the Redhouse ( a small performance art theatre) in front of a studio audience.
Two bands are featured,over the course of an hour, performing in a live broadcast.
The bands dig the attention they get from the audience and the overall exposure,
and it provides the radio listeners with some cool local concert performances and
some unpredicable programming.
Dave Frisina APD WTKW (TK99) Syracuse,NY

Jonathan ,
There have been a couple of "perks" that have really, really made
me happy over the past 13 years. The first would have to be the
opportunity to see A.I.C. on the Dirt Tour from the VIP balcony at the
Riviera in Chicago, and then meet Layne, Jerry, Mike (Starr) and Sean.

I was 21 at the time, and had rolled a big fattie to smoke with the band
if given the opportunity. Layne had already dosed himself after the
show, and was alone in the corner with a bottle of Jack, so I decided
not to ask him. I did ask Jerry and Mike if they wanted to fire it up,
and they said they would love to. I then noticed two of Chicago's
finest standing about 5 feet from us, so I suggested we retire to someplace a
little more seculded, but they were not concerned. "Fire it up, dude"
they said. When I asked if they would be kind enough to bail me out of
jail, they politely declined, so I put it away for the ride back to Ft. Wayne.

The second big one for me was the opportunity to book Ben Folds for
a Christmas show, interview him live on the air for WAAAAAAAY too long
(I'm guessing the listening public didn't really care if "Fred Jones Pt.
2" was a continuation of "Cigarette", or if he had tuned down his piano
on "Song for the Dumped", but I sure did. And getting to spend time with
him backstage meant more to me than I could ever explain.

Of course, another big perk we all enjoy is the opportunity to
expand our CD collection on a daily basis, which I am extremely
grateful for. Thanks, J
JJ Fabini Assistant Director of Programming X102 - WXTW; Z94.1 - WCKZ;
The River 1250 - WGL; MY103.9 - WYLT; WILD96.3 -WNHT; 102.9 MIKE-FM - WXKE
Summit City Radio Group 2000 Lower Huntington Road Ft. Wayne, IN, 46819
260.747.1511 jj@X102fm.com

Best part of being an MD, picking the songs! Making hits!
Hearing music for the first time and making that decision.
Now that is good clean fun!

Jackie Selby MD/air personality KOOL-FM Denver CO

For me, it was talking music to those record reps that were really into
their artists. Even better was when one of my nationals called me to
tell me about an artist on a totally different label that she was passionate
about and wanted me to play them. I also loved getting the new music
early, and also the alternate versions/formats of the new music, like the
White Stripes on vinyl. It was stuff like that that made all the stupid
drama/ego/nonsense from certain on air staffers and higher ups almost
worth it.
Greggory (AdRoq) Adams Writer, Houston TX adroq@hotmail.com

July 12
Christine McVie (Fleetwood Mac)
Birthday's today: Kristie Yamaguchi, Robin Wilson (Gin Blossoms), Cheryl Ladd, Mel Harris,
Travis Best, Denise Nichols, Brock Lesner, John Wetton (Asia), Liz Mitchell (Boney M),
Judi Adams, Jay Thomas, Walter Egan, Gareth Gates, Rolonda Watts, Richard Simmons,
Phil Kramer (Iron Butterfly), Grecia Colmenares, Eric Carr, Connie Francis

Q of THE WEEK: You wear many hats, so what is the
part that Jacks you up most about your gig?

Being able to train new talent and watch them be grow and become
better than I ever could be.
Alex Duran PD 'RQ-FM McAllen/Brownsville TX

Brainstorming a great idea then hearing it come out of the speakers.
Jeff Cushman Infinity Broadcasting Program Director WOMX-FM MIX 105.1
1800 Pembrook Drive #400 Orlando, Fl 32810 407.919.1064 jrcushman@cbs.com

Holy crap! being PD of KUTZ in Austin,Texas was the best..I think the feeling
of accomplishment was the best part over all. When the ratings book came out.
and you got to see what all those late nights tweaking music and paying close
attention to your categories making sure the rotation is killing, all those aircheck
meetings, promotions, stunts and all the stress you put yourself under payed off.
There is nothing like it...fuckin' radio Jon...it's my heroin!

Foley APD KMRQ Modesto CA

As a hopelessly geeky music director, I love all our audience testing.
We do Call Out and Auditorium, seeing the results gives me great
satisfaction 'cause it's one of the few direct contacts I have with our
core listeners.
Don Mitchell 102.1 The Edge CFNY Music Director
#1 Dundas West Suite 1600 Toronto, Ontario M5G 1Z3

Jonathan, the music!
Mark Elliot PD/MD KFYV-FM Oxnard/Ventura CA

July 11
Suzanne Vega ("Tom's Diner")
Birthday's today: Peter Murphy (Bauhaus), Sela Ward, Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi),
Leon Spinks, Michael Rose (Black Uhuru), Mark Lester, Beverly Todd, Ray Dodds,
Rod Strickland, Debbie Dunning, Benny Defranco, Bonnie Pointer (Pointer Sisters),
Georgio Armani, Vince Williams, Andy Ashby, Tab Hunter (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: What IS/WAS the best part of being PD/MD
You wear (wore) many hats, but there has to be one thing
that really jacks (or jacked) you up. Describe it for all of us.

For me, there's 2 things as an MD that I honestly love. One is driving around in
my car with a piece of music that is just killer that no one else in the city has.
When you get an advance or a band leaks you a song before it actually goes out.
Driving around with it, for some reason always does it for me.

Second, when you fight for months to get a record in, being told the whole time
that it sucks. Finally getting it in and still hearing how bad it is... then, months
later... those lovely words... "Just put this piece of shit in power!". That's satisfying...
that rocks balls!.
Don Jantzen APD/MD/Afternoon Drive/Super Genius KTBZ Houston TX

Don, that's a great take on this week's question. Feelings and emotion is
a special thing.-JL

It's still hearing new music. Honestly, I still pull CD jackets out of
their cases and sniff the artwork... but that's more of a personal
problem than anything else.

Ian McCain PD "Jack" KJQN, Salt Lake City

*NOTE: To Jim Kerr...I guess I'm not the only person who loves
the actual CD in my hands and to-lol-sniff the artwork.-JL

Programming a song, playing it on the air as a jock also and having
someone call in and ask who sings it.
Joey Gusto PD WBER, Rochester NY

Joey, this is a first. More than a 2-5 word answer! Cool!-JL

July 10
Jessica Simpson
Birthday's today: Ronnie James Dio, Rik Emmett (Triumph), Arlo Guthrie, Gene Holder,
Andre Dawson, Neil Francis Tennant (Pet Shop Boys), Ron Glass, Thomas Ian Nicholas,
Willie Ford (Dramatics), Bela Fleck, Wally Bryson (Fotomaker), Mark Shera, Sue Lyon,
Greg Kihn, Dave Smalley (Raspberries), Arthur Ashe (R.I.P.)


Mrs. Kim and Olive

Beware Romulans bearing gifts! Especially if they are carrying a cat
carrier and are named Cyndee Yamamoto!!!

Cyndee and Riq brought us two ten week old black kittens last night - and they
have siezed control of our apartment!

They are, in no particular order, Mrs. Kim and Olive (the Other Black Cat;
Black olive with the green eyes).

We snapped these examples of their first activities here...YAE!!! (send money!!!)

Doug (Sluggo) & Renee

July 9
Courtney Love
Birthday's today: Tom Hanks, O.J. Simpson, John Tesh, Trent Green, Kelley McGillis,
(Peter) Marc Almond (Soft Cell), Jim Kerr (Simple Minds), Fred Norris, Brian Dennehy,
Mitch Mitchell (Jimi Hendrix Experience), Jimmy Smits, Fred Savage, Chris Cooper,
Debbie Sledge (Sister Sledge), Dean Koontz, Edy Williams, Kevin Nash, Lisa Banes,

Getting the point


I guess I did miss your point. I thought your point was, "I want to review albums for
the benefit of my readers, but I can't do that because I don't have access to them."
I was simply saying that there are plenty of ways to have access to music being
released without having to litter our landfills with more UPS envelopes.

Please understand that it was easy for me to miss your point. What really screwed
me up was this line: "Because my readers are more important than any personal
feelings I may have. Now, that�s the BIG picture." I love that sentiment, and it was
the reason I sent you my e-mail. I was pointing out ways you could do album reviews
and serve your readers without trying to deal with a label run-around.

All the best,

Jim Kerr Director of Talent & Creative Services Pollack Media Group/Dallas
1121 Beachview Street #2214 Dallas, Texas 75218
214.324.9060 jim@pollackmedia.com www.pollackmedia.com

Jim, sorry to be harsh at times in my response, but that was so you
would understand that it was about relationships, not that I was
angry at label's in general, but why bother with music that isn't sent.
Ok, enough...I still consider you a friend and I appreciate you and
anyone who has their opinion.

In case you haven�t heard�

Farough moves from Q to London

There�s a PD opening at Q107, but whomever fills the spot will face some
serious expectations.

Effective immediately, Dave Farough (formerly program director at Toronto�s
Q107) is the general manager of Corus Radio London/Woodstock. He is
responsible for overall operations and strategy of AM-980 CFPL (London, talk),
Energy 103 (London, CHR), FM96 (London, classic rock) and 103.9 The Hawk
(Woodstock, classic rock).

Farough joined the Corus Radio division in early 2001 as program director of
Edge 102. �Following successful ratings growth on The Edge as PD, he accepted
the position of PD on Q107 in early 2004. Under his leadership Q107 broke the
1 million listener mark for the very first time in the Fall of 2004, and is currently
enjoying its largest ratings ever. Having recently hired the Legendary Rocker
Kim Mitchell, Dave�s contribution to talent development on both Q107 and
The Edge has been significant,� said a Corus release.

Congrats Dave! Movin' on upwards!-JL

July 8
Sophia Bush
Birthday's today: Kevin Bacon, Anjelica Huston, Janice Pennington, Steve Lawrence,
Chuck Negron (3 Dog Night), Jonathan Segal, Andy Fletcher (Depeche Mode), Kim Darby,
Jeffrey Tambor, Taylor Maine Pearl Brooks (Garth's daughter), Greg T. Walker (Blackfoot),
Graham Jones (Haircut 100), Carlos Canazo (Quiet Riot), Lori Hallier, Jerry Vale,
Wendy Benson, Jaimbe "Johnny" Johnson (Allman Brothers Band), Rob Burnette

Albums Rant!


I found your discussion about albums to review somewhat fascinating, as I'm
currently begging people (the few that still do at least) NOT to send me CDs.
The reason is simply that I subscribe to Rhapsody, which at $9.95 a month gives
me unlimited access to pretty much every album currently in release. I have other
resources for singles, of course, including Mediabase, which streams practically
every single played in the format; TM Century, which provides a weekly sampling
of new songs in a slew of formats, all of which can be downloaded in broadcast
quality files; and All Access, which also has practically every new song in the format
available to be streamed.

All of the above keeps my desk bright and shiny and helps me help our record
company friends from wasting $$$ on postage when it's not necessary.

Jim Kerr Director of Talent & Creative Services Pollack Media Group/Dallas
1121 Beachview Street #2214 Dallas, Texas 75218
214.324.9060 jim@pollackmedia.com www.pollackmedia.com


We�ve known each other a long time, and we respect each other. However, I don�t
really think you got my point.

I�m overjoyed that your desk is "bright and shiny". First, you are not exactly known for
your musical background. You published a fax magazine that had very little to do with
music. Radio, yes...music no. You worked at R&R (Ugh), and music was not even in the
forefront of your section. You did a webzine like me and again, music was not your forte.

Admit it Jim, you are trying to portray that you�re a music head by subscribing to
Rhapsody for access to albums, and everything else you speak of has to do with the
Internet. Hey big spender of $9.95, who cares?

Saving label people $$$ is like saying you are a martyr of some kind. Again, who cares?
Label people are hired to do promotion. The most important part of what they do is
make relationships. Relationships Jim, that�s what this is all about�not the fact that
you can access music from the net.

I might add that this site is not only an alternative outlet, no my friend, rock, pop,
and even hip-hop is what this is.

This is now an era where, sure I get many labels sending me downloads, and
All Access is awesome, yet this has little to do with relationships does it?

I like to have the feel of a jewel box in my hands. I like to read the lyrics and credits.
I like to pop it in to my CD player or computer. It�s almost as if you are saying that it�s
�oh so old school� to have an actual CD in your hand (with artwork). Listen, maybe I don�t
want to download and burn a shitload of CD�s. I like an organized clutter on my desk.
I like to carry the damn CD�s with me! I like to discuss an entire album with radio. In
many cases they do too.

Shiny? That�s for �puter nerds.

Back to promotion peeps. They are supposed to promote their music any way possible.
We now live in an era where there are many websites. Mine is just one, and what�s so
wrong with a little old school thrown in. Such as; sending me an album that costs under
a buck to mail regular, not Fed-Ex, etc.

Working for Pollack Media, you are now a glorified promotion person, in the sense that
you have to push songs that YOU deem good for your stations. That doesn�t quite qualify
as being a music head. You are a pusher�of music.

Me, I�m just a guy who has built a career on music first and radio second. Do NOT put
yourself in the same category as me Jim, the majority knows.

You missed my original point, and at the same time you, in a smarmy way try to make
yourself look good. Re-read your last sentence. The shiny desk thing actually makes
me howl, and postage�fuck!�sending a CD to me or anyone else who cares about music
is more important than expensive lunches and dinners which still do happen my friend.
Do you truly think that label peeps really care as to you �begging people NOT to send
me CD�s�?

What a bunch of crap!

Here is the most important part of all of this. I treat this website like I did radio. If
I wasn't sent music from a label, I simply didn't play it. I felt my responsability was
to the labels that DID send their music. Same apply's to this site. I still purchase music,
however, I will go buy a Dirty Vegas CD that is hard to get, than go and buy the Moby
CD. Why? I love Moby, but it is the label's job to utilize all oulets to get the word out.
That's a good promo person. Relationships and hopefully getting something out of it.

Jonathan L


Aloha Jon,

So it's been wild. Wanna hear about it? Gimme a ring.

For Immediate release:
Contact Phil (Fil Slash) Roberts

On July 4th, 2005, ��Visionary Related Entertainment�� fired longtime
KPOI Air Personality, ��Fil Slash.�� The reason given for his dismissal was
that his radio program would be replaced with a mainland syndicated radio

Phil Roberts, known as ��Fil Slash�� had worked at 1059 KPOI for eleven
months, and previously at 975 KPOI for over 10 years. He maintains a
e-mail address at filslash@kpoifan.com

Sorry to hear this news Phil. Yes, I will call. Please answer.-JL

July 7
Michelle Kwan
Birthday's today: Ringo Starr, Shelley Duval, Jessica Hahn, Lisa Leslie, Chuck Knoblauch,
Cree Summer, Lynval Golding (Fun Boy Three), Larry "Rhino" Rheinhardt (Iron Butterfly),
Shawn Paddock (Red Rockers), Clive "Doctor" Jackson (Dr. & The Medics), Roz Ryan,
Perry Richardson (Firehouse), Warren Entner (Grassroots), Jean LeClorc

Love those PHOTOS...keep 'em coming

This is me (The Tiny DJ) Music Director, WRIR Richmond
VA with Doves members JEZ (left) and ANDY (middle) on
tour bus before their last show of the US tour at 9:30
Club in D.C.
Jessica "Tiny DJ" Stevens Program & Music Director
WRIR Richmond Indie Radio PO BOX 4787 Richmond, VA 23220
Listen to WRIR www.wrir.org

Hi Jonathan,
I hope all's well...best of luck with your move. All's well here,
especially as we've had a baby daughter (Lily Mae, 15 weeks old yesterday!)
Adrian Bossey A.Bossey@dartington.ac.uk

Tomorrow: Pollack Media's Jim Kerr takes me
on about my album "rant" two days ago.

July 6
Heather Nova
Birthday's today: George W. Bush, 50 Cent, Geoffrey Rush, Willie Randolf, Shelley Hack,
Fred Dryer, Tia and Tamera Mowry, Burt Ward, Sylvester Stallone, Glenn Scarpelli,
Brad Park, Jennifer Saunders, John Keeble (Spandau Ballet), Phyllis Hyman, Nanci Griffith,
Michael Grant (Musical Youth), Rik Elswit (Dr. Hook and The Medicine Show), Allyce Beasley

The Public Defender returns

You once asked me why I did not come to the defense of Robbie Lloyd. I didn't want to
get into a whole discussion then because I had a million things to do, but now I have
some time so I will address your question.

A little while ago on your blog you called him out because you only recieved the Beck
single and not the full. You said something to the effect of it wasn't a smart way to
promote records by denying people with huge website hits like yourself the full copies
of albums so that you can talk them up.

Although I agree with your idea of being an open promotion person, let me tell you
from personal experience with Robbie, that he has a completely different philosophy.
He believes that the art of anticipation, and building a desire in people is what makes
them like something, rather than allowing full disclosure. He believes that keeping an
air of mystery around a project creates that special something in people that makes
them crave it more.

Since I disagree with this philosophy, he & I got into some light-hearted debates on
the subject, but ultimately, he believes in his position as passionately as I believe in
mine (and you believe in yours) and for that, he has my respect.

This is a free country, and although I may not agree with his opinion, I will defend his
right to have it. I realize you were a little confused what his M.O. was in not sending
you full CDs, but I am quite sure it was not malicious. I worked side by side with that
guy for seven years, so believe me when I say...he's a good guy.

Anyway... that's why you only get singles from Interscope.
Lenny LaSalandra Combat Rock Promotions, Los Angeles CA lennyla@earthlink.net

First Lenny, I admire you speaking for yourself, and for Robbie. On the other hand,
Robbie doesn�t speak for himself. He more than likely believes it�s not worth his time
to offer up his opinion to me. He probably believes that this website is worthless and
no one reads it. He also believes more than likely that I will wither and go away.

WRONGO BOINGO. I can dig Robbie�s belief in anticipation. But that�s the big hype
pre-build up to the single and when it�s first released. That�s not what I said back then.
Hey, I would like to hear and possibly review the album even after it�s released to
the public.

This has nothing to do with him being malicious, just about a guy who has changed and
can�t see the big picture anymore. Brenda (Romano) his boss is probably where he got
his brilliant idea anyway of �anticipation�.

Listen, as you know, I am not going anywhere. I might not have the power I once had,
but I am in touch with many in radio as you know, and �hmm, what�s to say I won�t
re-enter radio again now that I�m back in Phoenix? Maybe I will, and maybe I won�t.

But still, this website is done by a music head, not just a schlub who decided to throw
together a website.

I don�t harbor any resentment towards Robbie; just see it as a petty thing not to add me
to a mailing list for full albums like you did when you worked at Interscope. Again,
I could care less if it�s an advance album or after the release to the public.

You know Lenny; this is not just a Robbie thing. It has to do with others also. One of
my closest friends for years Ron Poore of Atlantic, and Geordie Gillespie of Hollywood,
and even a lesser friend like Matt Pollack of V2 won�t send me any albums unless I bug
them, and in Pollack�s case I have at least 3 times e-mailed and asked politely for copies
of the Moby, Stereophonics, and White Stripes albums. Amazingly he doesn�t even bother
to respond. I asked after they were already released. Duh.

This is very short sighted. On the other hand, I do thank all the others like Warner Brothers,
Reprise, Universal, Epitaph, TVT, Roadrunner, Capitol, EMI, Astralwerks, Fat Wreck
and others for knowing that it�s a good thing that I hear the albums. It helps
them when anyone raves about their artist. It's promotion baybay!

One last thing, because I am not petty, for months if you go to the Subaculcha page, you
will notice that I plug the new single releases and now album release dates for all the labels
whether they send me music or not. Wanna know why?

Because my readers are more important than any personal feelings I may have. Now,
that�s the BIG picture.

I will leave you and others with this to ponder. I don't need to be your friend if that's the
way you would like it to be. I am getting tired of programmers asking me what I think
of a certain artist's album, and I have to tell them I haven't heard it. Their response, is
"you gotta be kidding, _________ (insert lable person's name here) didn't send you
a copy". Just be a responsible promotion person and send me a God Damn copy!
Jonathan L

July 5
Edie Falco (Carmela Soprano)
Birthday's today: Robbie Robertson (The Band), Judge Joe Brown, Julie Nixon Eisenhowser,
Huey Lewis, Michelle St. James, Tim Worrell, Marc Cohn, Shirley Knight, Tatsuhito Takaiwa,
Patricia Pease Jeffers, Gary Matthews Sr., Michael Monarch (Steppenwolf), Jeffrey Kramer,
Richard "Goose" Gossage, Meredith Ann Pierce, Michael Gismondi (Michael Stanley Band)

One for the road

WEQX PD Willobee with a great American,
Willie Nelson. Willie headlined the station's
recent fest. Just kidding.

Hello from Oregon

All the best to you two! Hope the move wasn't too too painful. We are loving
our new life in Oregon. xoxo
Kris Metzdorf KSTOVE@aol.com

George Steinbrenner
Birthday's today: CJ (our son), Geraldo Rivera, Al Davis, John Waite, Dr. Joyce Brothers,
Vinny Castilla, Pam Shriver, Jeremy Spencer (Fleetwood Mac), Kirk Pengilly (INXS),
Morgana Roberts (the "Kissing Bandit"), Al Wilson (Canned Heat), Kevin Sutherland,
Bill Withers, Dave Rowberry (Animals), Mickey Rooney Jr., Emerson Boozer

Good News for Cheryl

Cheryl Hill is "Artist Of The Month" for July at ArtistBlast!

Posted by ArtistBlast on Saturday, July 02, 2005 (00:51:37)

Cheryl Hill has made artist of the month for July. With two previous successful
independent releases, she now has a new 5-song EP titled, "Change". This totally
new release is produced by four-time Grammy nominated team, Johnny Pierce and
Jim Emrich of CedarHouse Productions.

Cheryl has a college degree in music business management from the University
of Miami and worked for a short time at Island Records. When it comes to hard
driving rock and roll, tasty lyrics, serious writing ability, pure talent and a fast
growing fan base, you will have a very hard time finding anyone who better fits
an A&R's dream come true. Our only question is: "Have labels gone totally mad
not to see that this artist is their next big ticket?"
One short word sums up our thoughts on this exciting artist. "DYNAMITE!"
BIG congratulations to Cheryl on grabbing the coveted spot as our Artist Of The Month!

Listen to songs by Cheryl Hill by clicking here...

July 3
Taylor Dane
Birthday's today: Tom Cruise, Montel Williams, Moises Alou, Stephan Pearcy (Ratt),
Vince Clarke (Erasure), Laura Branigan, Oral Hershiser, Amy Van Horne, Jeff Philips,
Shinya Hashimoto, Frank Tanana, Jan Smithers, Paul Barrere (Little Feat, Cesar Tovar,
Neil Clar (Lloyd Cole and The Commotions), Thomas Gibson, Shane Lynch, Betty Buckley

Hear of this show?

Hello folks,
My name is Brian Joens and I host Dirt Road Radio every Sunday from 5-7pm on
KSWI-FM 95.7 in Atlantic, Iowa. Since January of 2004 I've been playing an
eclectic mix of new music from the region, across the country and from around
the globe.

The station covers southwest Iowa, a mostly rural area situated between Des Moines,
Iowa and Omaha, Nebraska. There is simply not a program of this type anywhere in
those larger markets, and I believe we're doing what we can to expose some fantastic
new artists in all genres of music to the good people of this area.

Tonight's show is attached. I put a big emphasis in the first hour on local/regional artists,
but the majority of the show spotlights the wonderful artists I've come to know from all
over the world.



Greg Brown The Poet Game The KUMD Sessions Vol. 3 self released
Jen Gloeckner Otherside Miles Away Spinning Heads
Firewood Revival East Iowa Home Peep Show Rock Is Dead
Kelly Pardekooper Not In Iowa Haymaker Heart Leisure Time


The Mezcal Brothers Rock Boppin' Baby Deep Blue - Omaha Blues Soc. self released
Ben Green Lady Luck Lonesome Highway self released
Chrys Mitchell Blue Morning Ramble No Plans For The Day self released
Brother Trucker Forever For Now Something Simple Trailer
Sarah Benck Tidal Waves Suicide Doublewide self released


Erik Koskinen It's Misery All The Same Misery 5 Spinout
Manx Falling Manx Spinout
Summer Lawns Choke First We Waited��.. Stunning Models on Display
Thievery Corporation Feat. Perry Farrell Revolution Solution single ESC


Utah Come Home Pt. 1 Break The Mould Koda
Jennifer Matthews Brother The Wheel Thundamoom
Forgery Shedding Circles re-mix Forgery self released
Troubled Hubble 14,000 Things��. Making Beds in a Burning House Lookout
Trist Clear Blue Sky demo self released


Snow and Voices Carry Us Home Snow and Voices Parasol
Grey de Lisle God's Got It Iron Flowers Sugar Hill
Chris Pierce When I'm With You Static Trampoline self released
Black Tie Dynasty On Your Last Night In Town This Stays Between Us Idol
The Sights Good Way To Die The Sights New Line


DJ Harry Wake Up The String Cheese Remix Project SCI Fidelity

Protassov feat. The Jungle Brothers Cruise Control Grow -
Kabanjak Meets Protassov Switchstance
Micatone feat. Gerard Presencer To The Sound Vintage Chill Vol 3 - Autumn Kriztal

Brian Joens Dirt Road Radio c/o KS95 413 Chestnut Street Atlantic, Iowa 50022

July 2
Lindsay Lohan
Birthday's today: Michelle Branch, Jose Canseco, Jerry Hall, Yancy Butler, Larry David,
Dave Parsons (Sham 69), Richard Petty, Sean Casey, Debee Ashby, Paul Williams,
Roy Bittan (E Street Band), Sean Casey, Julie Montgomery, Joey Puerta (Ambrosia),
Jeffrey Cooper (Midnight Star), Mike Anger (Blow Monkeys), Imelda Marcos, Tony Armas,
Johnny Colla (Huey Lewis and The News), Wendy Schaal, Wayne Hayner (Axe)

Glad you took the time

Shit Jonathan, You hit me awhile ago about your website when it was in its infant
stage. I just spent an hour on it tonight, lol.


Way too much heritage, Just seeing people like Jeff Suey and Mary Moses alone.

I guess I have been living in my hole (studio) for way to long. Oh I just mixed sound
for a movie that I think you will love. Its called �Glen O�Briens TV Party". I am to
lazy to type about it so I stole a blurb I found:
-------- --------- ---------

The producers promoted it as the television show that�s also a cocktail party, but
Glenn O�Brien�s TV
Party, a live weekly New York public access program that
ran from 1978-82, was better described by Parliament Funkadelic leader George
Clinton as "anarchy Howdy Doody guerrilla TV." The soon-to-be released documentary
TV Party is a must-have for anyone interested in the swamp of punk, new wave and
graffiti that was New York in the late �70s and early �80s.

The 91-minute documentary by Danny Vinik includes interviews with host O�Brien and
regulars, as well as lengthy footage from the show, featuring the guests who came to
sit and chill or stir shit up: Jean-Michel Basquiat, David Byrne, Debbie Harry, Mick Jones,
Robert Mapplethorpe and Fab Five Freddy just to name barely a few. Other highlights:
slipshod camera work, lots of pot-smoking, musical horsing around and make-out sessions, outrageous outsider performers frolicking in boleros and tights, and regularly abusive
callers-in who can�t believe what they are seeing and are ready to beat up the "fags" in
charge, but just can�t seem to stop watching.
------- --------- --------

But this thing was crazy to watch and mix down, We (Scott Benzel) scored a couple
songs on it.

The crazy thing is I am going to start doing promotion again. Kinda crazy seeing how
much the landscape has changed in three years but I figured the right thing would get
me out of the studio for awhile.

Lets hook up soon, I am off to your our old stomping grounds for the next few days
(Vegas...Me and PHX and Tucson...You)

Tell Jeanette I said HI.

Joel Habbeshaw Los Angeles CA

Thanks for spending quality time on the site. Indeed it has grown and
morphed into a real website since the beginning. Yep, let's hook up when
you are in the vicinty. By the way, Mapplethorpe was a very interesting
cat. I read a book years ago about him.-JL

July 1
Liv Tyler
Birthday's today: Debbie Harry, Karen Black, Genevieve Bujold, Poi Burton (Transvision Vamp),
Lorna Patterson, Twyla Tharp, Pamela Anderson, Evelyn "Champagne" King, Theresa Lynn,
Jamie Farr, Fred Schneider (B-52's), Adrian Wright (Human League), Dan Aykroyd, Alan Ruck,
Ron Silver, Andrew Scott (Sweet), James Cotton, Daryl Anderson, Princess Diana (R.I.P.)

Moving is fun, right?

Are you in Phoenix now?
Marc Young PD KEDJ Phoenix, AZ

Yes I am now Marc. Waiting for your call-lol-JL


You haven't moved until you've moved with 2 kids under the age of 3
(and a dog) in the middle of the winter...over the Christmas holiday, we
literally ran across the country with the worst snow storm in years
following our tail. From the time we had to stop to let our daughter
use the portable potty on the interstate with icy roads to getting
stranded by an ice storm in a town called Plankenton, South Dakota,
you will never have a greater adventure.

Our New Year's Eve celebration was spent in a one room hotel with the kids
and the dog and stale sandwiches from the only open truck stop within 30 miles.
(And of course a 6-pack of beer that only costs $10!) To this day whenever we
see a Super 8 my daughter yells "there's our hotel!".
Darla Thomas Program Director KSRZ-FM Journal Broadcast Group
Omaha Operations 5030 North 72nd Street Omaha, NE 68134
402.592.5300 www.104star.com

Darla, you are correct. That is one stressful move you had.-JL

Hope you had fun moving Jonathan (like that's possible)!
Being in radio and moving quite a bit with my family growing up, I've managed
to have moved 17 times with in 11 different states! That's ugly and I hate it...it's
one of the most painful things life has to offer. Two moves ago the movers stole
an autographed guitar and my brand new (box never even opened) DVD player.

Then, when I moved to Cincinnati (which has been a nightmare experience in itself),
my house has been broken into several times. Bottom line...moving sucks ass and
I just want to go somewhere cool where I can live happily and do radio.

Is that too much to ask?
Gina Juliano
Cincinnati OH

Hell yes it's stressful, but you're handling it well!!
Geordie Gillespie Hollywood Records, Burbank CA

Please, God, don't make me re-live it! The agony!
Jackie Selby KOOL-FM Denver CO

Hope your move is going well. Moving sucks. Done it more than I care to mention.
Moving vinyl and CD's is one giant pain in the butt. Especially where you're driving
through. Make sure your vinyl goes in a car or SUV.
Hope to see you soon...it went well, quite well. I'm hopeful. We shall see.

All the best to Jeanette and your bad self. Keep your sanity. This too, will pass.
Let's catch up this next week or the week after.
Paul Kriegler

Somehow, nearly all of my studio gear was lost during a recent move. I
do a lot of production from home and I have more gear than you'd find in
most radio production rooms. The list of missing items included a Tascam
reel-to-reel, 2 Studer CD players, Yamaha SPX-90, Crown amplifier, and a
turntable pre-amp.

Luckily, I had lent the rest of my gear to a friend during that time.
It took me a a couple of months before I got around to unpacking and
noticed what was missing. By then, the moving guys no longer worked for
the company that I hired. I would have been completely screwed except I was
covered by home owners insurance. Whew!
Scott Lowe B104 Allentown PA

No tales, it just sucks.
Joey Gusto PD WBER 2596 Baird Road
Penfield, NY 14526-2333

Awesome! my family lives in Phoenix. We can hook up on the holidays.
That's my hang. Hope your happy with the relocation.
Ed Hale Transcendence New York NY

And you're moving because?
Roger Smith Palm Springs CA

Probably the same reason you moved from LA to Palm Springs-lol-JL


Jenni Sperandeo Director of Promotion, Shout! Factory
2042-A Armacost Ave, Los Angeles CA 90025 310.979.5606

We didn't really want any fanfare...left quietly.-JL

Jonathan back in AZ..Fuck yeah!
Taver Phoenix AZ

Congratulations...my niece moved back and she used to live in Phoenix and
loves it. Good for you and Jeanette. I was blessed to have to move all across
the U.S. courtesy of record companies. Thanks to all the gigs, I've been to half
of the U.S.A.Take good care. All the best, Sharona

p.s. why am I up so late? I was on the computer and heard this big focking crash--
went out with Bella--and there was a brand new C230 MB, smashed into the
northeast corner wall at Fountain and Flores. The brothers escaped since the driver
didn't want to get popped for DUI. Only in LA. And, it was THEIR focking car too!
Sharon White 1233 N. Flores St., #201 LA, CA 90069 C-(310) 344-2906

Hi Jonathan & Sis. Just wanted you to know I sympathize with your big move.
I hate moving, it is very stressful indeed!!!! I know this will be a new journey
in your lives,but I'm sure it will be okay as long as you are together.I know
all your kids will love that your closer to them. Wish I could help. I'm just glad
I got the chance to visit the both of you while you were in LA. I know I probably
would never got to see LA if you two weren't there.

Love to you both, I have your new ph# now so I'll call you in a couple days and
see how you survived. Be strong sis, I know how much you hate leaving but you
have some new memories to make in AZ.
Betsy Lucky Summerville NC