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Die Musik-Flatrate!
I will be on vacation and return with more responses if there are any,
on July 30. There will also be a new Q coming too.

July 20  

Sandra Oh

Born to Korean parents in the Ottawa suburb of Nepean, Ontario, Canada in 1971.
Her father and mother, who were married in Seoul, South Korea, both attended
graduate school at the University of Toronto. She began her career as a ballet dan-
cer and eventually studied drama at the National Theatre School in Montreal. She
then starred in a London (Ontario) stage production of David Mamet's "Oleanna"
and appeared as the title character in the Canadian television production The Diary
of Evelyn Lau (1993) (TV), beating out over 1,000 applicants. Her list of awards in-
cludes the FIPA d'Or for Best Actress at the 1994 Festival International de Program-
mes Audiovisuels at Cannes, France, two Genie Awards (the Canadian Oscar), a Cable
Ace Award, a Theatre World Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award. In 2003, she
married writer-director Alexander Payne and their first film together was the Oscar
-winning Sideways (2004).
She has played a pregnant woman in two films: in Under
the Tuscan Sun (2003) with Diane Lane, and in Cake (2005/I) with Heather Graham.
When asked who her favorite rock-star is, she answered Wayne Coyne (lead singer
of The Flaming Lips), the reason being he looks enough like her husband, Alexander
Payne, for her to pretend her fantasy about being married to a rock-star is true!
She is most known for her roles as 'Rita Wu' on HBO's "Arli$$" and currently as 'Dr.
Christina Yang' on "Grey's Anatomy".

Birthday's today:
Judy Greer, John Lodge (Moody Blues), Donna Dixon, Carlos Santana,
Chris Cornell (Soundgarden), Stone Gossard (Pearl Jam), Bengie Molina, Kim Carnes,
Diana Rigg, Tony Oliva, Jay Jay French (Twisted Sister), Judy Chicago, Tracey McCall,
Kool G. Rap, Sleepy LaBeef, TG Sheppard, Michael Anthony (Van Halen), Katie Rabbet,
Michael McNeill (Simple Minds), Paul Cook (Sex Pistols), Natalie Wood (R.I.P.)


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Lore (Musician) Hollywood California

I listen often. Sunday evening because I'm not a
morning person.

I like the artistic freedom and greatly appreciate the exposure!
Thank you very much.

More trip hop and darkwave, weird stuff.

Faves that you do play: Lore :) - Johnette Napolitano -
and German goth/industrial.

Would like to hear more of Portishead, Muse, Unkle, and Lore
of course!

Yes, I do read your playlists.

Lamia Cross (Musician) Paris France

I really enjoy your Saturday's show on PC over
here from Paris, France Jonathan ^_^!!

Well as you know it's little bit hard for me to listen to your Sunday's
show with 7 hours advance (3 am on Monday) but as possible as I
can I'm in front of my PC on Saturday afternoon.

And off course, every weekend and Monday morning, I check out
both your playlists, and I'm so glad to be a part of your selections.

Thank you so much for your long time support for me and for what
I do with Fab, my Pirate-Metal-Husband. ^^)b

We enjoy very much your playlists especially when you play Rammstein
and all artists of 80's.

Keep rocking Jonathan !!!

Great cheers from Paris, France  !!!

Monica Phoenix Arizona

I listen to your show every Sunday evening since
you've been on the air.

I like your show because you expose listeners to music they might not
otherwise hear on the radio. I really value your opinion on music and I
like the background info you give on the artists.

I really enjoy it when you do live interviews with the different artists,
whether it be on the phone or live in studio. I was pleasantly surprised
when you started playing Gogol Bordello on you Sunday show. My
brother turned me on to them a while ago and I really enjoy them.

The only thing I think I would like to hear more of on your show is local
artists. I would also like to hear more garage and punk bands. I think
your show is perfect otherwise, and I really look forward to your show
every Sunday! I love your show!

Rayko (Musician) Los Angeles California

I listen occasionally. On Sunday evenings.

I love the diversity! More of? Well, my BF's step dad says
he wants to hear Bikini Kill stuff. lol

Some of my favorites are Dig Jelly (lol), Foo Fighters,
Filter, Dream Theater, and Bjork.

I'd like to hear more of: Dig Jelly (lol), Muse, My Chemical
, Rage, and Glen Miller.

Do I read your playlists: Fo Sho!!!

July 19  
    Michelle Heaton
Pop Star from Liberty X, Michelle Christine Heaton was born in 1980 in Newcastle,
Tyne & Wear, England. A former student of Emmanuel City Technology College in
Gateshead, Heaton began her singing career in the band Sirens with other girls
from the north east of England. She rose to fame when she took part in the ITV
reality television show Popstars. Heaton reached the final ten but was not selected
for the five member band Hear'Say. Soon after, she and the other four unsuccessful
applicants formed Liberty X, signing a record deal with Virgin Records. Michelle has
taken part in several photoshoots in lingerie, swimwear and other revealing outfits
for men's magazines such as Maxim and Loaded, and has commented in the past that
she would welcome a move into glamour modelling full time if her singing career was
to come to an end. In September 2006, Heaton was announced as the face (and body)
of the Ultimo 'Michelle at George' lingerie range, available exclusively at Asda stores
nationwide. She is married to Andy Scott-Lee, the brother of Steps star Lisa Scott-Lee
and former member of boyband 3SL. The couple married on 21 October 2006 in a lavish
Winter Wonderland-style wedding. Michelle has been all over British television, even
including being a contestant on "Weakest Link".

Birthday's today:
Patricia Ja Lee, Vikki Carr, Nikki Sudden, George Hamilton, Will Smith,
Angela Griffin, Anthony Edwards, Preston Wilson, Alessandra de Rossi, Vinessa Shaw,
Keith Godchaux (Grateful Dead), Brian May (Queen), Lisa Lampanelli, Katherine Hawkes,
Dennis Cole, Becky Boxer, Great Yatsu, Alexandra Curtis, Ilie Nastase, Campbell Scott,
Christian Bergstrom, Lauren & Candice Mead, Nancy Walls, Alan Collins (Lynyrd Skynyrd)


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Yasamin Phoenix Arizona

I listen at least twice a month. :)

Sunday nights mostly because I can't get my ass outta bed on
Saturday mornings even though I like the saturday morning
shows better.

Eclectic and hardcore. No time to try to blend with the collective
mainstream. Yours is a show not made for the the weak willed.
Saturday mornings are a great way to enjoy the mornings with
good music and greats thoughts from a great man. Sunday is an
awesome way to end the week...with a mix of old and new and of
course the timeless you. (I should write this type of shit for a
living huh?)

I love the industrial stuff... MORE IGGY! lol

I also love triphop and chill. I love to hear local AZ bands too.
Rockabilly psychobilly. Branchin out into the realms of rock that
aren't mainstream. Ya know?

I love how you throw down the Ministry sometimes or once I even
heard Skinny Puppy. I love Aldo Rox. ;p
Love him! I want to have his love children! lol

More of Blonde Redhead, Yunyu, new Portishead, new
Skinny Puppy. :) Love that triphop downbeat chill.

I read the playlists once in a while. I try to but its hard to remember
what song came after what when I'm tryin to figure out a song I liked. lol

Bri Western Washington State

Ok, honestly I listened pretty regularly when I lived
in Mesa. We always had KUPD on the radio at work.

Since I moved to WA we don't listen very often because we have
to do it from the computer, but what I can tell you is your show is
great because it's a break from the heavily rotated played to death
stuff we're force fed the rest of the time.

And, I'm still impressed about the L.A. Guns thing. That was brave
and awesome. hehe. Really.

Oh yeah, good job on identifying the names of the songs and artists.
I hate when you hear something you like and they don't say who it is.
Especially when you don't know when or if you'll hear it again.

Keep up the good work! :)

Woody Woodham (Musician) Phoenix Arizona

I love your shows and listen on KUPD as often as
possible but it doesn't always fit my schedule.

I never listen on line. I kind of have a media overload on line that
takes too long to sort through. I occassionally view your website if
the question of the week looks interesting but I never respond.

I can't think of much to improve your show because I like it as it is.
I always CRAVE new music and get tired of things easily. I love the
Beatles but after hearing all their songs a million times as well as
performing them I get bored by them now. I always like music with
lyrics and strong hooks. After hearing a song a few times I want to
be able to sing along.

If I were you I would always be looking for new material to play via
other specialty programs like 'Out of the box' (Amber Kuhl), myspace,
European radio stations, Big Smile Magazine, local acts, etc, etc.

There is certainly no shortage of unique and talented artists in the world.
Some of my unknown myspace friends just blow me away. Thank you for
your shows.

Hope you'll play some of my material when my new album and videos are
out later this year. I am actually dedicating one song on the album to Fitz
at KUPD. Will send it when it's ready in a few months.

JONATHAN: Thanks Woody. I am tired of and could care less about the Beatles.
As for going by other person's shows and magazines etc. I don't think so. I
think I have plenty of avenues to expose music, without copying others.

Tami Phoenix Arizona

I listen whenever I'm listening to the radio at the times
the show is on.
I've heard the Saturday am show more often, but I've
also caught the Sunday pm show.

It's not often that a person gets to hear a wide variety of music without
flipping through stations. I like different types of music. And you have a
great radio voice. Very nice.

The one type of music that I cannot stand (and it's so hard to describe)
sounds like the 70's guitar sound. Some newer bands have decided to use
that, and it does not work for me. But, I do not go out to find new music.
If I hear it, and I like it, then I will listen more. (I have 3 teens with totally
different tastes but they all like to share them with me).

Oh and the screamo shit sucks. If I can't understand what they are saying
and the music isn't that great, then I will NOT listen to it, no matter what.
You know what though, when you discover a band that YOU really like, you
will play multiple songs of theirs. Sometimes that's good, sometimes not.
How else will they get their sound out there though?

What artists are your faves that I do play? MSI.

Find some GOOD ska or thrash. :)

I have read your playlists when I wanted to know who sang a song and I
missed what you said.

I normally don't listen to the radio when I'm at home. I only catch you when
I'm driving out of town or coming back in to town. Why are your shows done
at the times they are done?

Is it the music content issue and the fact that you play stuff that isn't normally
on the radio station playlist? Or are you finding out you have more listeners
out of the country, so you try to make sure they have a prime listening time?

I'm asking because I try very hard not to be up at 6:45 in the morning on
Saturday's. What has been your experience with callers? Are they normally
just getting home party people, or more the getting to work kind of people?

Either way, I do like listening to your show. I know I'm not a hardcore listener,
but I've always been pleasantly surprised by what I get to hear, when I do

JONATHAN: Tami, thanks for asking why the shows are on when they are.
Saturday morning at 6:45-10 AM is prime time radio. It isn't for the party
people from Friday night. It's mainly regular John and Jane Doe's. People
that are up at work, at home doing chores, etc. It is a very large listening
audience. The internet is great spice and it is on in the afternoon in Europe.
But, it is a small group loyal listeners compared to the Phoenix metro area.
As for Sunday from 6-8 PM, it's a pretty good time slot, people are driving
BBQ'ing, swimming, or just chilling out. Thanks for listening.

July 18  
   Kristen Bell
Kristen was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1980. She graduated from New York University's
prestigious Tisch School of the Arts, where she studied musical theater. She made her
Broadway debut in 2001, originating the role of Becky Thatcher in the short-lived "The
Adventures of Tom Sawyer." In 2002, she was in the revival of Arthur Miller's "The Cru-
cible" on Broadway, starring Laura Linney and Liam Neeson. After playing Mary Lane in
the "Reefer Madness" stage musical, she was asked to reprise the role in the film version,
Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical (2005). Played a 17-year-old on "Veronica Mars"  back
in 2004, but was 7 years older than her character. Named #68 on the Maxim magazine
"Hot 100 of 2005" list. Then named #11 on the Maxim magazine "Hot 100 of 2006" list.
Was voted PETA's "World's Sexiest Vegetarian" for 2006. Roots passionately for the Detroit
Red Wings hockey team. Was named the Popular Television Actress Most AIM users wanted
to Add to Their Buddy Lists, and received the AIM Best TV Buddy award. She was mentioned
in People's Magazine "Most Beautiful 2007" on the Beauty at every age page. She was the
beauty at age 26. Named #24 on the Stuff Magazine "100 Sexiest Women 2007" list. Named
#46 on the Maxim magazine "Hot 100 of 2007" list. Was voted peta2's "World's Sexiest Veg-
etarian" for 2007. Has been living with producer Kevin Mann for 5 years.

Birthday's today:
Elizabeth McGovern, Maya Lilly, Natalie Spinell-Beck, Catherine King,
Anne-Marie Johnson, Vicki Davis, Richard Branson, Bobby Sherman, Dion DiMucci,
Ben Sheets, Steve Forbes, Anfernie "Penny" Hardaway, Valerie Cruz, Joe Torre, Al Snow,
James Brolin, Tim Webber, Jack Irons (Eleven), Ricky Scaggs, Calvin Peete, Brian Auger,
Lonnie Mack, Martha Reeves, Rebecca Santos, Molly Culver, Hunter S. Thompson (R.I.P.)


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Debby Phoenix Arizona

I usually listen to it when I'm driving in to work on
Saturday morning or embalming however, I've been going through
some stuff and haven't been listening to the radio much at all lately.

The show is informative and ecclectic.

I'm an old school goth. What do you think? I also like 90's music and
Brit Pop.
Most of the stuff you play I've never heard of. It's why I listen
to your show.

I like stuff from Placebo, Concrete Blonde, Peter Murphy, etc. I also
like groups like Sisters of Mercy, Dead Can Dance, KMFDM, very
VERY old school Marylin Manson, and Machines of Loving Grace.

Sometimes I read you playlist. Like I said, I'm going through something
right now so I am a bit distracted. If I hear something really catchy but
I didn't hear who it was, I'll go back and look.

Marie Atlanta Georgia

Hi Sweetie. I will be happy to give you my feedback!

I stream from Atlanta. Listen often, sometimes every weekend.
Mostly Saturday mornings.

Love your shows. The music is great and you are awesome. So sexy
hehehehehe. Also like the live performances and interviews.

I love the variety of Rock that you play, some old, some new and some
I have never heard.

I can't remember all the names of the groups, but I like RAMMSTEIN

I try to read your playlist, especially helpful if I like a song so I can see
who it is.
Also I like to see if there are any live performances or interviews.

Barbara Aberdeenshire Scotland

Hiya J. I love the Saturday morning show,
well it's afternoon here in Bonnie Scotland in the UK by the time
I hear it. Don't tune in every weekend J...but do when I can. Love
the competitions. The ad's make me laugh...sooo different from
the UK.

I don't always look at your playlist on your site...but I really like
listening to the new bands you feature, as living here in the UK I
would probably never hear of them. I know some of the oldies
you play.

The emails I recieve from KUPD 97.9-FM...love 'em. Especially the
birthday one but couldn't collect the freebie as was a wee bit too far
to go to collect it. :)

I've never listened to the Sunday show.


Cheri Phoenix Arizona

I listen to the Saturday morning show every week on
my way into work. I regret that I have to stop at 8am when I start
my day! I LOVE IT!

This is by far the best thing we have in AZ radio! I love hearing things
I haven't heard in years as well as being introduced to music I may have
overlooked in my yonger years, but is so amazing! If it were not for JL
and this station, well I may never have heard any of these artists!

I (of course) like to hear the older deathrock/gothic and maybe some
original industrial. A lot of people think Skinny Puppy "founded" industrial,
however there were others that preceeded them that really paved the way.

Other than that I love hearing the European bands that I never have heard
of, and of course the Joan Jett song of the week!!!! AWESOME!

I would love to hear Leonard Cohen. What an amazing artist!
And Tom Waits too.

You have played me Alien Sex Fiend and Virgin Prunes (by request),
and I love Iggy Pop and Nick Cave!

Wow, I truely like all the artists you have introduced me too so I can't
honestly say "Play more of this..."

Play more of it all!

I have too read your playlists! I need to get the artist names so I can go
search out the CDs!

Jonathan L you rock, and I love you!!!

July 17  
   Natasha Hamilton
The well known (since 2001) pop star "Atomic Kitten", 5' 5" Natasha Maria Hamilton,
was born in Kensington, Liverpool, England in 1982. Turns 25-years old today.
It was
announced that via the official Atomic Kitten website on Friday 30th 2004 that they
were taking a break after their tour "Feels So Good." Tash feels that she needs to be
a full-time mother to her son Josh as due to the demands of being in Britain's most
popular girl band she hasn't had enough consistent time with him. The door has been
left open for the band to reform later. They still haven't done that, but Tash continues
to appear all over British Television. This year she has been a contestant on the show
"Just The Two Of Us". Was become re-engaged to Fran Cosgrave in September 2005
who gave her a brand new �15,000 ring.

Birthday's today:
Camilla Parker-Bowles, Lou Barlow, Mandy Smith, Phyllis Diller,
Lucie Arnez, Spencer Davis, Diahann Carroll, P.J. Soles, Susan Ashton, Robin Shou,
Fenneken Fockema Andreae, Brian Glascock (Motels), Nancy Giles, Denise Miller,
David Hasselhoff, Donny Marshall, Gale Garnett, Connie Francis, Connie Hawkins,
Donald Sutherland, Nicolette Larson, Molly Parker, Phoebe Snow, Pat McCormick,
Chet McCracken (Doobie Brothers), Heather Langenkamp, Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath)


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Coree Las Vegas Nevada

The live stream of the internet is how I plug into
Saturday�s Morning show !! I�m hooked and haven�t missed a show
since then.

What do I think of the shows?� Wow!! They kick ass to be brutally
honest. You can�t find another show that compares even a little bit
to Jonathan�s Lopsided World Of L. It�s hard to put it to words.

Jonathan has created a show that is a one of a kind. I truly believe
that for the most part he�s playing himself! I know that sounds off
but, its he�s passion for music and his spice for life that plays on the
airways every show. He serves up a buffet of music that would please
the palate of any musical enthusiast appetite.

One might say that there is always room for improvement!! �Not in this
case�� I was asked what type of music is not being played, what are my
favorites, and what artists would I want to hear more. Well I�m at a loss
of words. I can�t think of anything that�s not being played, that isn�t my
favorites, and Jonathan always playing something that rocks from the past
or new that keeps you coming back for more.

Yes. I do read Lopsided World Of L�s play list every week on both shows.
It�s a must! I think Jonathan loves to TEAZES us . .lol..!!!

Jonathan�s show is like a fine wine that is ready to drink�Pop the cork
(turn� L� on) let it breath (turn it up) and slowly sip it (enjoy).

Georgie (Musician)(R) Scottsdale Arizona

I usually listen to at least part of the Sunday night
show every week. I listen to the Saturday show occasionally, but I'm
usually not awake that early on a Saturday morning.

Your show is my favorite broadcast radio show in the metro Phoenix
area by far. If your show were not on 98 KUPD, I would never listen
to the station at all. The station's metal format is just not my thing.
I like that the show is eclectic but rockin', good stuff you probably
won't hear on any other show around and you mix in some local and
unsigned stuff. Probably the only FM radio I listen to at all is your show,
KCDX 103.1 FM (which is the #1 preset on my car stereo), and some-
times NPR in the afternoons.

I'm not a big fan of some of the metal and goth/metal stuff you play.
Well, that's not always true because I like Accept, Judas Priest and
Motorhead. You've given some exposure to Priestess who are great
guys and they're really really good at what they do. Not sure I'm keen
on Primus or Dream Theater. I really appreciate that you play the punk
and punk rock n roll stuff though. Dead Boys, Hanoi Rocks, The Dogs
, New York Dolls, etc.

Your Ramones fixation is cool too. You played Izzy Stradlin's "Train
recently. That was a cool pick too. I mean, I got all that stuff in
my collection already so if you don't play it, I can still hear it but... It's
good music. It deserves to be on the air. Keep it up on that. I like to hear
alt-country stuff but I don't think that would fit your show anyway. I really
like the live performances in your studio. I imagine that your studio is
probably about the size of a broom closet but even acoustic live performances
are cool. That's something I heard more often on the radio when I was a kid
that they don't as much anymore. Kinda miss it.

I check out your playlist every week and read your Q's of the Week. I have
your page bookmarked at work. It's a fun read when the work slows down.

No complaints here. It's a great show.

July 16  
   Phoebe Cates
Phoebe was born in 1963 in New York City. She attended the Professional Children's
School in New York City and made her motion picture debut as Jennifer Jason Leigh's
"experienced" confidante in Amy Heckerling's acclaimed Fast Times at Ridgemont High
(1982). Cates then landed the role of Christine Ramsey in Private School (1983), then co
-starred in the innovativeGremlins (1984) for Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment
directed by Joe Dante. Cates has remained active in theatre as well. After making her
New York debut in Joseph Papp's Off-Broadway production of "The Nest of the Wood
Grouse" in 1984, she followed with David Hwang's "Rich Relations" at The Second Stage
and a one-act festival at the Manhattan Punchline. On the West Coast, Cates played Nina
in the La Jolla Playhouse production of Anton Chekhov's "The Sea Gull," and has since
appeared in "Much Ado About Nothing" at New York's Public Theatre, and as Juliet in
Chicago's Goodman Theatre production of "Romeo and Juliet".
The punk band "Fenix TX"
wrote a song about her entitled "Phoebe Cates". Gets at least some of her exotic beauty
from her Filipina mother. Named on Harper's Bazaar's list of America's 10 Most Beautiful
Women in 1984). Although retired from making films, she has put her son Owen Kline into
the movies, often showing up on the set to make sure he is behaving. He has appeared in
The Anniversary Party (2001) and as a lead role in The Squid and the Whale (2005).

Birthday's today:
Jenna Lewis, Rain Pryor, Corey Feldman, Mickey Rourke, Misako Uno,
Mindy Carlson, Sherri Stoner, Stewart Copeland, Tony Jackson (Searchers), Nina Petri,
Lorraine Chase, Cyndy Garvey, Ray Major (British Lions), Ruben Blades, Alicia Knight,
Barry Sanders, Michelle Morgan, Tom Boggs (Box Tops), Alan Fitzgerald (Night Ranger),
Camille Saviola, Will Ferrell, Anne Francis, Philece Sampler, Kelly Wagner


As you all know, I do two RADIO shows. One on Saturday mornings (New
and Older music combined), and the other
on Sunday evenings (All New music).

I truley want brutally honest feedback, whether you listen live on KUPD 97.9-FM
in the huge Phoenix
metropolitan area, or on the live stream on the internet from
anywhere in the world.

Have you listened to show only once, occasionally, or often?
Which show do you listen to more?
Describe what you think of my shows.
What type of music am I not playing that you would like to hear? Or, more of? Less of?
What artists are your faves that I do play?
What artists would you like to hear more of?
Do you read my playlists on my website?

This is all very important to me. Please as I said, be brutally honest, I can take it.

Angiy Glasgow Scotland

I listen in just about every week. Your Saturday
show of course!

Entertaining. There is a very laid back atmosphere which you
portray over the air. I like that. Makes you want too listen in. :)

Can't say I would personally like to hear more or less of what
you play. You cover a broad spectrum and cater for a variety
of music tastes.

Too many favorites to list!

Some more AIC please. :)

I do actually read your playlists.

Candy Stanton (Actress) Phoenix Arizona

Here we go Jonathan! I listen often.

Saturday mornings, getting ready for work.

I use to listen to KUKQ when I was in Highschool. I thought it
was the best thing since sliced bread. When the station was taken
off I was completely heart broken. Listening to you on KUPD in the
morning is refreshing, compared to all the crap that is played over
and over and over and over...you get what I mean?

I love getting a chance to listen to some obscure band that I probably
would never hear about.

Please play the Cranes... "Shining Road". What about some
Dead Can Dance?

Concrete Blonde is fantastic. Rasputina! There are too many to list.
You cover so many great bands that would not get any play here
in Phoenix.

I really would to hear more Dead Can Dance.

I do read your playlists. To help me check out more songs from the
bands that you play.

July 13  
   Ashley Scott
Born in Metairie, Louisiana in 1977, and raised in Charleston, South Carolina,
Ashely McCall Scott started out as a child model. By the time she was a teen-
ager, she had moved to New York and was modeling internationally, in fashion
shows in Miami, Paris and London. Then she decided to try out acting. At her
first audition, she worked with Al Pacino. She didn't get the role but kept on
auditioning. She had a starring role in the WB's "Birds of Prey" (2002). She
resides in Los Angeles with her two pet Australian tree frogs, Azul and Chunk.
She enjoys horseback riding, cooking and hanging out with her friends.
with Jessica Alba in "Dark Angel" for one season, and starred with Jessica again
a few years later in the movie "Into the Blue". Named #46 on the Maxim maga-
zine Hot 100 of 2005 list. Currently stars as 'Emily Sullivan' on the television series
"Jericho", and can be seen in the film "Strange Witness" (2007). Personal quote;
My mom used to say, "Don't bring your bad mood in the house. Take your bad
mood coat off and put it outside the door and come inside. If you want to put it
back on when you leave, that's fine." "I used to hang my coat a lot."

Birthday's today:
Harrison Ford, Emma Louise Tinniswood, Cameron Crowe, Didi Conn,
Cheech Marin, Sean Waltman, Robert Forster, Patrick Stewart, Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim),
Lawrence Donegon, Nancy Sorrell, Sean Waltman, Mark Mendoza (Twisted Sister), Erno Rubik,
Giancarlo Giannini, Harrison Ford, Roger McGuinn (Byrds), Jean-Pierre E Plooij, Jack Kemp,
Louise Mandrell (Mandrell Sisters), Anders Jarryd, Vanessa Guy, Natsuhi Ueno, Romy J. Park,
Jamie Walter, Daphne Maxwell Reid, Danitra Vance, Violetta Kolakowski, Deborah Cox


Everyone wants that. Who would you be (fill in the blank)
or what would you do to achieve that?

Give a detailed description of your fifteen-minutes of fame.
What would the experience be like?

  (This Q is now over)

Lu Valentino Florida

I would LOVE to invent a 'chip' that re-programs
sick CHILD MOLESTERS, to NEVER think whatever goes through
their F*&(%^ED up minds to ruin or even kill a child ever again!

Oh, and that goes for the asswipes that are cruel to animals too.
Like Coree (below) I don't want the fame, just want it DONE.

Thanks for letting me fantasize Jonathan!

Donna Brody Albuquerque New Mexico

DONNA SAYS: If I had fifteen-minutes of fame it would be for
something that no one has ever accomplished. It would be for
something that everyone in their right mind has tried so very
hard for, Something that will probably never be done, I would
like to probably catch an alien!

No, in reality I would like to solve problems for a living, maybe
like Dr.Phil, Oprah, or Michael Jackson. I don't know everyone
has their own gift at doing their own thing. I seem to be a person
everyone turns to for help.

I suppose I give good advice, so I would love to be famous for being
a PROBLEM SOLVER. I am outgoing and not that ugly, so now I just
need to figure out a way to accomplish this!!

I would help everyone with their problems, like you can call me in the
middle of the night, and you would get a recording while I am helping
other people, and possibly a voice mail, but don't worry I will get back
to you!!

I would only charge like fifty-cents a minute and make alot of com-
mercials, that way everyone would know who I am, and when people
realize that they can solve their own problems, they will stop calling
me, therefore I would have had only 15-minutes of fame!

But, it would have been worth it. :)

Jo Jo Leigh, Wigan E. United Kingdom

Hi Jonathan. You know your self "That just 15 minutes
of Jojo
isn't enough for the whole wide world to see.

Jo Jo is Jody Allen, The girl that has climbed an over a mountain, and
every single step or fall she may ever had in her life, has made her
stronger and stronger and still come back. I've never given up my dream.
My passion that fuels my work, for my readers to come back again and
again to read my poetry, my stories, articles.

And, my passion that fuels my work, is my life. You know even with a
degree, so many times people who write to you and say we can help,
it's all very kind, but what would be even better for me is some pub-
lishers, someone to get my step on to my dream.

I have so much to give, and I do help so many people who have wrote
to me thanking me for something I've wrote, how it has helped them heal.
That to me is the fuel to keep writing, keep getting letters from you !!!

Hahaha, but at least Jonathan if you remember you have been there
from the very beginning ~ When I started out on my space, and I'm
damn sure you would like to see me published in USA or the U.K.

Otherwise you wouldn't write and ask me to make a statement.

It's for peoples comments and smiles that light my world.

15-minutes of Jody Allen. 15-years would be enough

Christa Phoenix Arizona

15-minutes of fame...hmmmm. You'd be out
there and some people would want to know all personal things
about you, such as the media.

It sounds great and neat cause you could get probably a lot of
free stuff from vendors and such. Yeah...FREE STUFF CAN BE FUN!!

That's probably why I would like to have 15-minutes of fame.

To be noticed by everyone...NO THANKS! I like my privacy.

July 12  
   Jennifer Saunders
Before I get to Jennifer's bio, I have to say, she is the funniest woman alive. I would
love to meet her one day.
She was born today in 1958 in Sleaford, Lincolnshire, UK.
She attended Central School of Speech and Drama where she met her comedy part-
ner Dawn French. Like many of the early 80s groundbreaking "alternative" comed-
ians she began her career as comedienne/actress/writer with Dawn French at "The
Comedy Store" in London, where she met fellow comedians Adrian Edmondson (later
her husband), Rik Mayall, Nigel Planer, Alexei Sayle and Peter Richardson, who later
opened his own club, "The Comic Strip", where these comedians quickly formed a reg-
ular format.
The Comic Strip team were transferred to television screens with great
success as they all starred alongside each other in "The Comic Strip Presents..." (1982).
After The Comic Strip she starred in a few episodes of "The Young Ones" (1982), "Girls
on Top" (1985) and "Happy Families" (1985). Afterwards she and Dawn French wrote a
TV show of their own, "French and Saunders" (1987), which was an immense success
due to the double acts genius writing, brilliant acting performances and hilarious spoofs
of world famous blockbusters and bands.
It was in one of the episodes of "French and
Saunders" that the audience had the pleasure of watching a sketch about an uptight
daughter and a crazy, neurotic mother that became a comedy classic sitcom. When the
BBC next asked Saunders to write something, she just couldn't come up with any ideas,
so she decided to expand on that sketch, making it more outrageous and therefore fun-
nier - "Absolutely Fabulous" (1992) was born. Perhaps by coincidence Saunders had cre-
ated one of the most loved, funny, and creative TV Shows in BBC history. Three series
were made, in 1995 the show was put on hold until Saunders began writing again and
came back with a fourth series in 2001. Won a People's Choice Award for "Favorite Movie
Villain" for playing the wicked Fairy Godmother in Shrek 2 (2004).
The Eurythmics' songs
'Jennifer', (from the album Sweet Dreams are made of this), and 'Adrian' (from the album
Be yourself tonight) are dedicated to her and her husband.

Birthday's today:
Rolonda Watts, Eric Carr (Kiss), Travis Best, Liz Mitchell (Boney M),
Kristi Yakaguchi, Jay Thomas, Brock Lesnar, Bill Cosby, Rebecca Hunter, Joanna Klum,
Robin Wilson (Gin Blossoms), Porsha Coleman, Krista Carter, Michelle Rodriguez,
Tracie Spencer, Mel Harris, Cheryl Ladd, Walter Egan, Paul Silas, Annabel Croft,
Denise Nicholas, Van Cliburn, Connie Francis, Phil Kramer (Iron Butterfly)


Everyone wants that. Who would you be (fill in the blank)
or what would you do to achieve that?

Give a detailed description of your fifteen-minutes of fame.
What would the experience be like?

Adeline Huddersfield, W. Yorkshire United Kingdom

Well, I always believed I should be on a stage,
either singing, acting, doing panto or musicals or something along
those lines cause I'm the local joker.

I have a wicked sense of humour and make people where I work
laugh a lot, but my humour is blue. I would really enjoy singing and
entertaining people in a tribute band, which is what I'd like to start up.

I just don't know how to go about it. I'm not too fussed about being
famous as long as I made people happy.

I've never known what to do with my life in my career, and I'm still
wondering to this day. As I mentioned above I'd love to do any of
those as a career.
I can sing quite well. I used to be a club singer in pubs and working-
men's clubs around Yorkshire. I had 3 agents and called myself
Leoni Star.

I currently work full time as an assistant manageress at Greggs
in my home town, and work 2 nights a week at the local
bingo club either checking claims or selling books.

I'm currently single but am looking for Mr. right, so if your out there
u know where to contact me. I live on my own but am currently looking
to move somewhere nearer the town centre. I have a sister called Faye
and her boyfriend is called Jay. I have a brother called Chris and a cat
called Simba.

Most of my friends who know me like me as I'm a very likeable person
and I enjoy meeting people when I go out. My hobbies are karaoke and
going to step aerobics and playing bingo. But, I'm pretty easygoing and
like doing lots of guy stuff like laser quest and go carting, and watching
Formula 1.

So this is me, thanks for my fifteen-minutes of fame.

Bri Western Washington State

I would be the brave-ass assasin who terminated
George Bush Jr. and basically just decided to take a HUGE one
for the team. AND, for the greater good of all of God's people,
(after all SHE would want it that way!!)

Just joking! (About the she thing) Bush really TRULY does suck
more than I could ever put into words. (And I'm pretty damn witty.)

Tamara Naples Florida

I would be God for 15-minutes. And all the
people who kill, are in gangs...think their shit don't stink...I
would put them all in their places.

Cheaters, liars, killers, deceivers, evil politicians, bully's.

Give me 15-minutes and I would change the world!

Mia (L) Los Angeles area, California

I would like to be a Punk Rock star like JOAN JETT
or MIA ZAPATA of The Gits.

But, of them all, I would love to have 15-minutes, and more of

She lived a crazy passionate life, and had the voice that was so
strong it could make all the dirty men in this world cry!!!!

Viva JANIS, may her and MIA ZAPATA rest in peace!!!!

That's who I would be, because we need more determined strong
women singers in this world!

Thanks so much for this opportunity Jonathan!! You rock! Cheers!

July 11  
   Sela Ward
Everyone's favorite "Sister" (TV series "Sisters" (for 6 years) was born Sela Ann
Ward, today in 1956, in Meridian, Mississippi. Sela's parents were Granberry Holland
(an electrical engineer) and Annie Kate Ward; the 3 younger children in the family
are Jenna (1957), Berry (1959), and Brock (1961). "Sela" is a religious Hebrew word,
often used to indicate God's will. Sela graduated from the University of Alabama in
1977, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in art and advertising; Sela was also a ch-
eerleader for the Crimson Tide football team, a Homecoming Queen, and a member
of the Chi Omega sorority. Sela moved to New York to work for an advertising agency.
Responding to a friend's suggestion that she was tall (5'7") and pretty enough to try
modeling, Sela began a highly successful career with the Wilhelmina Agency. Her first
gig was in the Pepsi advertising department, and her first commercial was for Maybe-
lline. After appearing in 20 national TV commercials, Sela moved to L.A. and got her
first TV role in "Emerald Point N.A.S." (1983).
Played Kevin Coster's wife in the movie
'The Guardian'. In the movie 'The Fugitive' she played Harrison Ford's wife. Kevin Co-
stner was considered at one point to play Dr. Richard Kimble the role that eventually
went to Ford. Her husband, Howard Sherman, is a venture capitalist. They have two
children. She appeared in The Muppets' "She Drives Me Crazy" music video.

Birthday's today:
Suzanne Vega, Peter Murphy (Bauhaus), Rachel Taylor,
Bill Boggs, Bonnie Pointer (Pointer Sisters), Adrienne Barbeau, Leon Spinks,
Lisa Rinna, Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi), Clara Perryman, Andy Ashby, Michael
Rose (Black Uhuru), Ray Dodds (Fairground Attraction), Beverly Todd, Debbe
Dunning, Melanie Papalia, Benny Defranco, Vince Williams, Kimberly 'Lil Kim'
Jones, Bridgette Andersen (R.I.P.), Tab Hunter (R.I.P.)


Everyone wants that. Who would you be (fill in the blank)
or what would you do to achieve that?

Give a detailed description of your fifteen-minutes of fame.
What would the experience be like?

Tori South London England

Hi. For my 15-minutes of fame I'd like to
lead the Liverpool Football squad out at the champions
league final.

I'd give my right arm to be able to do that!

Coree Las Vegas Nevada

Wow! Great question Jonathan.
For myself...I wouldn't want fame. "That Rock Star kind of fame".

I would like to be known for something deeper, more meaningful.
"Like a cure". To do something good for all man kind. If it's a cure
to the common cold or making a new fuel.

I know I sound so lame but, that's my 15-minutes of fame.

Lisa Sparxxx Kentucky

I am calling all Lisa Sparxxx fans. We are in a war!!
I am calling all my fans world wide to help me fight to win the
Booble Girl of The Year.

How might you ask? It is very simple. You can cast your vote by simply
clicking the banner and vote for me. BOOBLE GIRL OF THE YEAR PLEASE
PLACE YOUR VOTE HERE!! Vote as many times as you can. If you have
internet on your cell phones you can vote there as well. Vote Vote as
many times as you can.

Lisa Sparxxx

*I guess this is what Lisa's 15-minutes of fame would be (JL)

July 10   
    Jessica Simpson
Jessica Ann Simpson was born on this day 1980, in Abilene Texas to Joe and Tina
Simpson. She grew up in Richardson, Texas, living a normal childhood as the dau-
ghter of a youth minister. In church, she was able to shine, using her gifted voice
to attract an independent record producer. This producer was the first of many to
see the potential for greatness in Jessica. However, because of the lack of finances
the independent label went bankrupt, preventing Jessica's album from reaching
wider audiences. Although heartbroken, Jessica's dream to be on the radio remained.
With support from her family, and her father's managerial talents, Jessica's indepen-
dent album managed to work its way to Tommy Mottola's desk, then President of
Columbia Records. He was won over by her "pure heart" and strong voice. Jessica's
singing career with Columbia would take her all over the world many times over and
include three major albums reaching Gold, Platinum, and double Platinum.
As a born
performer, it was only natural for Jessica to spend more time in front of the camera
both in television and feature films. Audiences were naturally drawn to her open and
uncensored attitude, contributing to the success of the hit reality show "Newlyweds:
Nick & Jessica" (2003), which she starred in alongside her then husband Nick Lachey.
She followed up the show by making the bold choice to fill in the famous "Dasiy Duke
shorts" alongside Johnny Knoxville and Seann William Scott in her debut performance
for the film version of The Dukes of Hazzard (2005). Ranked #41 on the Maxim mag-
azine Hot 100 of 2007 list.

Birthday's today:
Bela Fleck, Greg Kihn, Sue Lyon, Ian Whitcomb, Rik Emmett (Triumph),
Arlo Guthrie, Neil Tennent (Pet Shop Boys), Sandy Stewart, Wally Bryson (Fotomaker),
Rob de Weerd, Andre Dawson, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Willie Ford (Dramatics), Ron Glass,
Hal McRae, Dave Smally (Raspberries), Jacky Cheung, Jerry Herman, Mills Watson,
Ronnie James Dio, David Brinkley (R.I.P.), Arthur Ashe (R.I.P.), Nick Adams (R.I.P.)


Everyone wants that. Who would you be (fill in the blank)
or what would you do to achieve that?

Give a detailed description of your fifteen-minutes of fame.
What would the experience be like?

Glitter Plano Texas

I would love to be myself, and be the
centerfold of Playboy Magazine.

I would totally blow the magazines off the rack.

Glitter Rules!!!

PimpZtress Rah Washington D.C.

I saw this and had to reply. My heros have always
been music producers and DJs...always! Who would I want to
be? Any of those great producers I have ever admired...YOU!,
Carl Cox, Moby, Eric Morillo, Danny Tenaglia, Richard Vission,
Timo Maas, Olav Bosaski, Bryan Cox, or the Bassment Jaxx,
or Audio Bullys, or The Crystal Method or The Chemical Brothers.


It is such a great feeling when you move the masses with your very
OWN sound! As a music producer I never knew the joy of sharing your
complete soul inside and out, until I spun my own music in the club
and had people clappin and dancing...WOW. Incredible!!

My biggest crowd has been a mere 3500+ -- I can't imagaine if it
were 35,000! WOW!

To have the masses jumpin and feelin your beats is a powerful thing,
it would be like a party in heaven - a giant orgasm of beats and bodies!
CRAZY!! There is no greater high and I will struggle every week and
every day as a producer in the dance music industry till I get there!

One day little caterpillar...you will fly.

I decided to give you a track that I wrote about just this thing...my
vocals, my production, my lyrics. Hope you like it. It isn't my normal
style, but it just had to be made this way. :)

"Butterfly Wings (U Walk)" Original (unreleased) - PimpZtress RaH


(*Scroll down after you click to download and listen)

Gretchen Goodyear Arizona

Honestly, like one of the other ladies on
here, I wouldn't want just 15 minutes.

First of all, (and this will sound lame, but I don't care), I want
to marry Criss Angel. Woo hoo!

Second, I want to finish my education so I can practice medicine
and have a very successful practice working as a radiologist.

Third, I'd use Criss' and my money to help people. I'd like to open
some kind of employment agency for the homeless to help them
get back on their feet...perhaps offer free childcare or something.
Maybe win a Nobel Peace Prize. No big deal. :P

Sirius Satellite Radio Inc.

July 9   
   Courtney Love
The woman you either love or hate, Courtney Michelle Harrison was born on this
day in San Francisco, California in 1964. 43-years old today.
The daughter of The
Grateful Dead devotee Hank Harrison and psychologist Linda Caroll, she spent her
early years in hippie communes and at schools in Europe and New Zealand. As a
musician, she played in early incarnations of Babes In Toyland and Faith No More,
as well as acting in bit parts for some Alex Cox films. She started her own band,
Hole, and in 1992 married Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain. After Cobain's suicide in 1994,
and the release of Hole's second album "Live Through This", Love continued to thrill
her fans and enrage her detractors with her on- and off-stage antics.
Has admitted
to having extensive plastic surgery on her face and body.
Though the band denies it,
she insists she inspired the song "Crush With Eyeliner" that appeared on the 1990s
R.E.M. album "Monster". Dedicated Hole's My Body, The Hand Grenade CD to her late
husband Kurt Cobain and former Hole bassist "Kristen Pfaff", who died of a heroin
overdose. Ranked #67 on VH1's 100 Sexiest Artists.
Is a skilled ballerina and her da-
nce abilities can be seen in The People vs. Larry Flynt (1996) and in a music video for
Hole. Beat out Angelina Jolie for the lead role in Lovelace (2008). The film is about one
of porn's first stars in "Deep Throat". Linda Lovelace R.I.P.

Birthday's today: Jack White (The White Stripes), Tom Hanks, Jimmy Smits, John Tesh,
Jim Kerr (Simple Minds), Mitch Mitchell (Jimi Hendrix Experience), Richard Roundtree,
Marc Almond (Soft Cell), Fred Norris, Frank Bello (Anthrax), Fred Savage, James Scott,
Lee Hazelwood, Dean Koontz, Lisa Banes, Mercedes Sosa, Brian Dennehy, Kelly McGillis,
Bon Scott (AC/DC), Vince Edwards, Ed Ames, Debbie Sledge (Sister Sledge)


Everyone wants that. Who would you be (fill in the blank)
or what would you do to achieve that?

Give a detailed description of your fifteen-minutes of fame.
What would the experience be like?

Victoria Seeger United Kingdom

VICTORIA SAYS: Dear Jonathan, Alright Love, here we go:

Everyone wants that. Who would you be? I'd be a Modern Day
Joan of Arc. Only I would not be as sweet and as lovely as she
had been, war and all mind you excluded.

There'd be no bloody wars. I'd listen to God and the Angels, and
I'd protect the wee babies and the poor people and all of those
who are truly trying to make a difference. In modern day times
I'd make health care free everywhere and charities would be run
by good decent people not by some of the evil sods they have now.

People would actually be held accountable for their actions and the
prison system be a whole different ball game, people would actually
be scard to go and think twice before they did the crime in the first

I would teach people to Love and not hate, be no religious wars, we'd
all respect one another, not judge one another so harshly. When I
make a statement about not being so sweet and lovely, I mean that I
have the luxury of time she did not have to learn from her, she felt
very tortured by her decisions, I would not, you rape a child, you get
thrown in the back with my dogs. {Put your money on my dogs}

End of story, I don't want to hear it. Why are we protecting criminals???
We are not on this earth to harm another, punishment is equal to the
crime, you never hurt a child, ever. I have studied Joan of Arc for a
very long time, find her to be facsinating, gifted, visionary, brilliant,
amazing~love everything about her.

I believe my 15-mintues of fame if I were her would not particularly be
a happy 15-minutes, no, I believe I would have to defend my views as
normal because I usually say out loud what most are thinking but don't
want to say. And as of late, I have stopped defending my views, shant
anymore, I believe anyone with a strong opinion and/or view will get a
reaction regardless of the topic. I think to achieve your goals you have
to remain steady and have tremendous Faith, as you will have many that
want to push you over, they can't do it, but they certainly know how to
knock people over.

It truly slays me how someone with no knowledge can go about and just
run their mouth and they do so with no care, it's always the same, the
one with the least amount of knowledge, makes the most noise. But,
knowledge is power,-true knowledge. We know this to be true, with God
and Angels whispering to me, how could I lose?

If I alone just had that for 15-minutes, I know what question I would ask?
How do you cure diseases? I sincerely think God would reply, Love. Call
me bloody nuts, but I believe that's the tune I'd hear.

The 15-minutes I could do without, unscrupulous people is what Joan
despised, and I believe people are basically good, so could I be her
without the 15 minutes?

Smile, Cheers Jonathan. Your Lovely~

Alex Falkirk Scotland

My fifteen-minutes of fame? Hmmmm. Well, I
would love to use it to maximum impact on the screen to try
and get it across to this narrow minded world of ours that people
like me are not freaks or weirdos just because we happened to
be born different from most of the rest of the world.

I'd get my point across on the biggest talkshow host's show that
most transgendered people like me are indeed human, and we
have the same feelings that get hurt when we are shut out of
normality for just daring to be ourselves. Try living a life where
all the people you once knew shut you out, and also try to get by
in a society that refuses to recognise anyone who isn't naturally
born as the gender they become at a later stage in their life.

I would love to ask the general public watching the show in their
millions how they would feel having to live in the opposite gender
through no choice of their own for the rest of their lives, and be
persecuted for taking the only step in life to try and correct that

Next time any of you hurl abuse and hurtful opinions to a transsexual
person, just try to remember that could well have been you instead of
me having to live through the curse of being different.

15-minutes? I fear even 15 years of trying to get that message across
wouldn't change the bigotry of many on this earth.

Thanks for giving me the chance to say my little bit here though Jonathan.
Luv, Alex. xxx

Kristina Phoenix Arizona

I like answering your Q's, but this one??

I don't think I would want 15-minutes of fame when I am
famous. I want to be famous forever, not a "one hit wonder"
or a "Pauly Shore" moment.

I want to be a legend like Tom Hanks, Madonna, Sting.
People that never give up and change to suit the times.