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June 30
Terry Funk
Birthday's today: Mike Tyson, Angelina, Chan Ho Park, Peter Bogdanovich, Ken Olin,
Julianne Regan (All About Eve), Garret Anderson, David Alan Grier, Laurence Fishburn,
Mitch Richmond, Adrian Wright (Human League), Ron Swoboda, Mark Grudzielanek,
Florence Ballard (Supremes), Rupert Graves, Andrew Scott (Sweet), Stanley Clarke

That good old moving...don't ya just love it?

You know it maybe that because I'm young moving is
alot more fun for me. New adventures in new places,
new people and new places. As strange as it sounds I
dig it. The only thing that I have the biggest
problem giving up is all the great little hole in the
wall resturants that I so love to frequent.

Hey Big J, I forgot to tell you! I'm going through all
of moving nonesense myself. I got a job working in
Promotions at KBZT. I managed to find a beautiful
little town house in Encinitas about 4 miles from the
beach. Just so you can up date your records my new
direct office number is 619.718.7137

Talk to ya soon my friend,
Little j (Jeremy Pritchard)

Can I say one word Jeremy...Jealous. Yes, I am jealous. I
love Encinitas!-JL

Movin? congrats on the move! Dry air is good for the sinuses.
Mark S Rudkin Houston TX

� Spent $1,500 for a moving company
� They too 11 hours to move my crap
� They were idiots
� Then when the bill was to be paid, was suddenly Einstein's and added up the bill
� Oh yeah, and won't take my $5,000 home entertainment and $3,000 TV off the
'til I cut them a cheque
� A week later, I noticed they scratched a family heirloom and they suddenly had
no recollection of the move
Kneale Mann, Program Director 107.5 DAVE-FM Canada
519.621.7510 ext. 206
Ben & Darryl Show with Ben, Darryl & Sarah weekdays 5:30 to 9:00am
Worst of Ben & Darryl Show weekends 7am & 6pm

Mucho more tomorrow

June 29
Colin Hay (Men At Work
Birthday's today: Billy Hinsche, Sharon Lawrence, Barry D (Jesus Jones), Richard Lewis,
Samantha Smith, Ian Paice (Whitesnake), Maria Conchita Alonzo, Steadman Pearson,
Gary Busey, Little Eva, Bill Kirchen (Commandy Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen)

We made it!

Well, talk about moving stress, our day began at 7:30 AM with the movers,
and they finished at 4:40 PM loading up. By the time Jeanette and I left LA
it was a little after 8PM. We arrived in Chandler at 4:30 AM. So I am a wee
bit tired as I write and edit today.

As promised, here are some of your tales of relocation.

Hey Jonathan,
I JUST moved from Denver (Channel 93.3/KTCL) to Sacramento
(KWOD 106.5) for the morning gig.

The drive from there to here was not stressful. I only took what I
could put in the dependable Camry (girlie is shipping the rest piece
by piece). I kind of zone out when I drive so I don't notice how long
it is.

Living in a hotel for the 1st week isn't stressful either. They clean
your room for you everyday if you want. They bring you food everyday
if you want.

Getting a new place wasn't that bad either (a decent credit rating
helps reduce stress in this instance).

The only stressful thing about this move is that my sweetie of 2 years
(Boomer- MD & afternoon drive jock on 99.9 The Point) is still in Ft.
Collins. We're missing each other bad. Never did a long distance
relationship before but she's the bomb & I intend to do whatever it
takes to stay with her. Hopefully by the end of the year we'll have
made some headway into her getting a gig out here.
Rubin KWOD 2.0 @ 106.5 FM Morning Jock rubin@kwod.net

I have moving down to a science. I have moved 7 times in the last 3 years.
I have Rubbermaid bins pre-labeled and organized in my closet so I'm set to go
at any time.

The real deal with moving are neighbors. For instance, I just had a new
neighbor move in about a month ago. Since that time he has borrowed
my cell phone twice for about 45 minutes, ran over my mailbox, attends
my parties and then complains to management about the noise, asks my
friends if they have any pills he can pop, and claims to be an elementary
school teacher! WTF???
Time to get out the Rubbermaid.
Corey O'Brien KXRK-X96 On-Air.APD.Imaging.Sales Assistant
515 S 700 E 1C Salt Lake City, UT 84102 direct line: 801.325.3193

More on the way tomorrow

June 28 Moving day!

Jeanette and I will hopefully hit the road by noon after the movers have
packed the van. For those of you who have my cell number, call if you
would like. I'll just be driving the six hours to Phoenix. Our 17-year old
Maine Coon cat Ollie will be with us of course. She's getting used to the
long drive.

I will update this site when I get to the desert.

June 27
Lorrie Morgan
Birthday's today: Trisha Yearwood, Toby Maguire, Jeff Conine, Julia Duffy, Jack Poels,
Jason Patric, Jeffrey Lee Pierce (Gun Club), Bruce Babbit, H Ross Perot, Isabelle Adjani

L.A. Confidential

I LOVE LA! But, it is time to leave after a decade.

I didn�t really want to have to leave, but hey, when you come to the point where
it�s a struggle financially and maintaining a very expensive home, or moving where
it�s less expensive�you move.

I, like many have found in the past two years as the music industry has taken a
downturn, life decisions have to be made. Having said that, I am sad in some ways,
yet feel that in the long run it is best we move now. Jeanette is having a harder time
than me detaching from this wonderful city. She will get over it. I know she will, but
for both of us we will have so many great and meaningful memories.

When we moved here in August of 1995, we fit in like a glove. We rented Kenny Ryback�s
condo for a year before we bought it from him. The location was a walk downhill to The
Palace and Jack�s Sugar Shack. Neither exists in name anymore. Jack�s is now Deep, and
The Palace is now a chain nightclub called Avalon.

We looked from our terrace at the Capitol Building, a Hollywood landmark.
We frequented places that people knew us by name. We love LA!

We were married in LA on Hollywood and Vine. We partied at Jack�s Sugar Shack
afterwards with The John Easdale Band, The Beat Angels from Phoenix, Stevie Salas
and Howe Gelb (Giant Sand). I had cancer and was lucky enough to receive the
operation I did at the USC Norris Cancer Center. We LOVE LA!

So why did I finally end up in Los Angeles, since I had been coming in and out of LA
since 1973 when I moved from New York to Tucson. Hell, I remember back then there
weren�t any parking meters on Sunset Boulevard. Hah.

I am one person who was always an ambassador, if you will, for our beloved
Los Angeles. Others are way too cynical about knocking a city that DOES have culture.
Plenty of it. Beyond the ocean of course, there is Griffith Park, Dodger Stadium, The
Observatory, many other parks, the mountains nearby, a classic old school Airport
(Burbank), and some of the best restaurants and place s to shop.

Not all Angelino�s are plastic and phonies, as some would have you believe. Ok, maybe
the Westside has some�but that�s not the entire city. There is so much culture with a
large Asian community, and naturally a huge Hispanic community. People from all over
the world, similar to New York inhabit the country�s second largest city.

When I left radio and Phoenix 10 years ago, it was purely to make money and present
a better life for Jeanette and myself. Working at The Album Network for the better
part of 6 1/2 years was amazing. I met so many new people both that I worked with
and others outside of the building too.

Call me Randy Newman junior. I LOVE LA!

In the past 3 1/2 years, post Album Network, I have had a lot of time to finally find
other interests such as golf, walking and utilizing my spare time well. Creating this
website means a lot to me. I did it all by myself, shocking even me. Music is and
will always be the largest part of me, but after Album Net I had to be more than
just the �music guy�.

Especially in the past year I�ve had a lot of time to think about life, family and friends.
Working has been 90% of my life a great deal of years, like many of you. Sometimes
you get so wrapped up in your career that you forget to take some time for yourself.
At least I know I fell in that category. Don�t get me wrong, I love working, I just now
have a different outlook on my brief stay on this earth.

I have been in this business for so many years that I know who my real friends are.
Having been in a position to do things for people since I began in 1974, the past two
years I would say is when I was snubbed, ignored and some even disrespected me,
and I�m okay with that. I have always been street smart from youth to spot the
shallow people around me. That is also a product of an industry that many are looking
over their shoulders worrying they are about to lose their job. Hey, that�s the nature
of the George Bush beast. You could say that during his administration that the
moralistic society has grown way out of control. Big brother now prevails, and the first
industry they scrutinize is the entertainment field.

Hah, should I say I�m a causality of the NEW society?

I LOVE LA!, but I also love Phoenix for many reasons too. Fuck the heat. I�ve always
worn shorts and tank tops, so big deal. Besides, sweating is good for you.
It cleans out the pores-lol.

So on the eve of Jeanette and I packing the last personal items in the SUV, I am
actually looking forward to returning to a city that knows me very well, and who
knows, maybe going back into radio is the piece of the puzzle that makes me
whole again. Now, don�t read into this as if I have something lined up already,
because I don�t. In my heart I know when the time is right, the right people will
ask me onto the airwaves once again.

The beautiful house above, 3842 Shannon Road is our ticket out of town. Jeanette
and I bought the house in 1999. It is an architectural wonder in the middle of much
older homes in the posh Los Feliz neighborhood. I have to give Jeanette a lot of
credit for finding this gem and taking care of it so much that you could eat off the floors.
Howie Klein lives about 12 houses away on Shannon as well as drummer extraordinaire
Jim Keltner. The little guy from the �Nerd� movies lives 3 houses away, as well as
many others in the entertainment biz. No one ever lived in our house but J and me.
It was brand new. That�s been an accomplishment for us. It's been a blast!

A cool neighborhood and people, as many of you who have visited the house knows.

Jeanette and I will miss our closest friends Victor, Jennifer, Geordie, Jenny, Felicia,
Arthur, as well as newer friends like Lisa.

�Say goodbye to Hollywood, say goodbye to my baby�- Billy Joel

Arizona, here we come again. Our family is stoked! Our friends that we always
remained in contact with like The Naylor�s, Larry Mac, Johnny D, Courtney and
Bob and a few others are excited we are coming back, so it�s all good. Also our
Tucson friends are happy too because it isn�t that far of a drive.

This website will continue of course. It was and still is my way of keeping others
and myself in contact with each other. I will also be involved with a few records
when I quickly set up my new office.

So nothing really changes other than we will be in Chandler instead of Los Feliz.

This week: tales of moving, relocation, and wishes from many like Darla Thomas,
Sharon White, Kneale Mann, Jerry Rubino, Paul Kriegler, Rubin, Mark Rudkin,
Jackie Selby and
many others.

June 26
Patty Smyth
Birthday's today: Harriet Wheeler (The Sundays), Chris Isaak, Derek Jeter, Robert Davi,
Mick Jones (The Clash), Jason Kendall, Helen Mirren, Shannon Sharpe, Chris O' Donnell,
Billy Davis Jr. (5th Dimesion), Jerome Kersey, Rindy Ross (Quarterflash), Georgie Fame,

Hey, guess who I ran into at Eatz in Los Feliz yesterday? None
other than an old friend, Kurt St. Thomas and his lovely wife
Megan. Figures, he's been living in Glendale for under a year,
and we finally touch base 4 days before Jeanette and I leave
to go back to Phoenix. We did some catching up, and I can
tell you Kurt is dabbling in many things. Among them, shooting
music video's, managing a band, writing a screenplay with
Megan, and doing an early morning one day weekend shift on
KROQ. Kurt was the PD at WFNX in Boston for years. I took
this photo with my cellphone. Cool...huh?
Oh, I shot a six over par.-lol-JL

Tomorrow: My reflections on 10 years in Los Angeles
and moving back to Phoenix. Also some of your stories
of moving and the stress that goes along with relocating.

June 25
Carly Simon
Birthday's today: Brenda Sykes, Carlos Delgado, Jimmie Walker, Matt Leblanc, Lee Wilkof,
Mark Wahlberg, Dikembe Mutombo, Tim Finn (Split Enz/Crowded House), Michael Lembeck,
Ian McDonald (Foreiner/King Crimson), June Lockhart, Aaron Sele, George Michael (Wham),
Phyliss George, Willis Reed, Clint Warwick (Moody Blues), Alan Lanier (Blue Oyster Cult),
Michael Tucker, David Paich (Toto), Clifton Chenier, Brian MacLeod (Chilliwack)

Me and Brian Wilson (R), at Brian's house.
Barry Lyons Rent A Label Consulting & Management Services

June 24
Jeff Beck (Yardbirds)
Birthday's today: Mick Fleetwood (Fleetwood Mac), Curt Smith (Tears For Fears), Nancy Allen,
Andy McClusky (OMD), Arthur Brown (Crazy World Of Arthur Brown), Terrence Wilson (UB40),
Patrick Moraz (Yes), Jeff Cease (Black Crowes), Derrick Simpson (Black Uhuru), Michele Lee,
Peter Weller, John Illsley (Dire Straits), Chris Wood (Traffic), George Pataki, Katlin Cullum,
Colin Blunstone (Zombies), Jack Carter, Dennis Danell (Social Distortion-R.I.P.)

More of YOUR photo's

Kenny Wayne Shepherd (in the hat), his vocalist on the left, a T95
prize winner, and T95 PD Ray Michaels, on the right.
Ray Michaels PD KICT/KMXW Wichita KS

JL, taken at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, in the ONLY area you can
take pictures. Imagine if Johnny knew that his name was attached to
a Fender guitar!) He was a Mosrite, Rickenbacker, Hamer, Ventures
kind of guy.
Jerry Rubino CMJ Network

Dwight Arnold, APD KMRJ Palm Springs interviewing Noodles, and
Ronnie King of the Offspring, let me know if you need anything else.
Laura Brady Kevaworks Events

The WEQX staff.
Willobee Program Director 102.7 EQX - THE REAL ALTERNATIVE
www.weqx.com 802.362.4800

Comment: He or she who publicizes one self
usually has a longer career. Simple logic.-JL

*Tomorrow a great photo of Barry Lyons with Beach Boy
Brian Wilson at Brian's home

June 23
Glenn Danzig
Birthday's today: Jason Mraz, Bryan Brown, Sally Geeson, Richard Coles (Communards),
Joey Allen (Warrant), Adam Faith, Charlene Thomas, Ted Shackelford, Felix Potvin, Lee John,
Paul Goddard (Atlanta Rhythm Section), June Carter-Cash (R.I.P.), Bob Fosse (R.I.P.)

More of YOUR photo's, as PHOTO WEEK continues

Here I am with Amanda of Dresden Dolls at Northern Lights in
Clifton NY.
Willobee PD 102.7 EQX-The Real Alternative 802.362.4800 www.weqx.com

Forgot about me, how about my daughter Barbra (at the tender age of
just 3 weeks old!) with the one & only Willie Nelson!
Barry Lyons Rent A Label Consulting & Management Services
barry@rentalabel.net 310.397.8520

Pic is the T95 jocks, Jason, PD Ray Michaels, morning guy Hank, and
MD Rick Thomas, with the band Drowning Pool. Thank you,
Ray Michaels PD KICT/KMXW Wichita KS

Here is me with the fantastic Dar Williams.
Scott Lowe B104 Allentown PA

As Jeanette is furiously ravaging through all the STUFF we have as we
pack, she ran across this photo of me with the late great JJ Jackson.
JJ and I first met in the early 90's at a party at Ron Poore's old
apartment in Hollywood. Willobee intoduced us. Years later JJ was a
frequent vistor to my office at virtuallyalternative in Burbank. JJ used
to go to the shooting range not far our building. JJ was featured in the
WBCN book that I put together, and he would drop by his personal
photo's and captions for them. One of the original MTV VJ's and a
longtime radio personality was one of the warmest human beings
you would ever meet.
Jonathan L

More photo's tomorrow

Programming note:

Hey there, gang-o-mine! I'm ready for another rousing round of SOUND AWAKE,
how 'bout you? Tune in this Saturday night at 2 for aural sweetness from
SUMMER LAWNS, plus a classic 90's club block! As always, get your request in
early so I knows what to bring with me! See you when the clubs close for the
hippest afterparty in town! Cheers,
JEFFREY THAMES [King of Grief] Host/Producer, SOUND AWAKE
Saturday Nights 2-4 AM CST KPFT 90.1 FM
Pacifica Radio Houston [89.5 FM Galveston] Listen online: http://kpft.org
Send your requests to kingofgrief@yahoo.com

June 22
Cyndi Lauper
Birthday's today: Kris Kristofferson, "Green" Gartside (Scritti Politti), Tracy Pollan, Tim Russ,
Mike Edwards (Jesus Jones), Bobby Gillespie (Primal Scream), Meryl Streep, Ed Bradley,
Jimmy Sommerville (Communards), Clyde Drexler, Todd Rundgren, Diane Feinstein, Brit Hume,
Jimmy Osmond, Chris Lemmon, Lindsay Wagner, Don Henly, Peter Asher (Peter and Gordon),
Bobby Valentino (Fabulous Poodles), Anne-Marie Ruddock, Kevin Sargent (Thrashing Doves),
Ruby Turner, Derek Forbes (Simple Minds), Garry Beers (INXS), John Ryder (Face To Face)

YOUR photo's week rocks on!

Sorry no rock stars available this week, but here's me & Shaune (Mrs. Real Don) Steele,
at dinner at Palermo (Vermont & Franklin) the other night (photo taken by Shotgun
Tom Kelly showing off his new $3000 camera)...so how's by you? Long time no C.
Freddie Snakeskin Sirius Satellite, Los Angeles CA

Well Fred's, you are correct. Long time no C. I could say, it works both ways,
but I'd rather you read this page next Tuesday. You will understand why. Okee
Dokee, my old friend?-JL

A Classic!

A cheeky wee little Mike Marrone (XM Satellite) with the legendary Dick Clark!

Hi Jonathan, I hope this is Ok. It's me, Ringo Starr, and my two sons.
The taller one is Kelly...the other is Patrick.
Jamey Karr PD 100.9 The Eagle Amarillo TX

More Photo's tomorrow

June 21
Juliette Lewis
Birthday's today: Eric "Mancow" Muller, Ray Davies (Kinks), Meredith Baxter-Birney,
Nicole Kidman, Rick Sutcliffe, Nils Lofgren, Leo Sayers, Mark Brzwzicki (Big Country),
Kathy Mattea, Joey Kramer (Aerosmith), Mariette Hartley, Bernie Kopell, Nan Woods,
Joey Mallard (Badfinger), Sammi Davis, Tom Chambers, Kip Winger (Winger),
Chris Britton (Troggs), Michael Dolan, Ron Ely, Robert Pastorelli (R.I.P.)

Your photo's week continues

Here is a picture of Alice 107.7's, Charlotte,
Usher, and PD "Ugly" Ed Johnson from KLAL,
Little Rock AR, when Usher stopped by the station.
Thanks for sending in the photo Ed-JL


You dig rockin' chicks? I do. Stay tuned, because I'll be calling
you in July about the beautiful Cheryl Hill from Nashville. She
recently played WTGZ's "Tigerstock", as well as numerous
other festivals. So be patient, I'll have sumpthin' sumpthin' for
you all soon. In the meantime go to www.cherylhill.com

*I am on the road with Easy (John Easdale), and will return
tonight. I have many more photo's that you have sent in.
Look for them the rest of the week. If you have a photo and
haven't sent it in yet...please do.

June 20
Twiggy Ramirez (Marilyn Manson)
Birthday's today: John Taylor (Duran Duran), Tina Sinatra, Brian Wilson (Beach Boys),
Anne Murray, Lionel Richie, Candy Clark, Danny Aiello, Olympia Dukakis, Len Dawson,
Alan Longmuir (Bay City Rollers), Joseph William Cathcart (Nelson), Butch Patrick

It's YOUR photo's week

U.N.C.L.E. Promotions Marc Kordelos, who is a major collector of
James Bond memorabilia, and the eternal playboy, after two years
finally made it official in Las Vegas recently. He surprised Michele
(with one L) with an engagement ring. All of us that have known
Marc for ages, are truly happy for both.

My favorite new pastime, sport, and photo. Ladies and babyboys, I give you
Dallas' newest ALL-FEMALE FLAT TRACK ROLLERDERBY TEAM...the Dallas Derby
Devils. Live bands, cold beer, and girl fights...I'm IN. Included with the lucky guy
are Motor Lisa, Rumblin Rose, Ginger Vitus, June Carter Crash, and Panther City
Princess, among others. This was at their car wash to raise money for ball bearings,
bandages, bail, and a portion donated towards a battered women's shelter. RUMBLE!

June 19
Paula Abdul
Birthday's today: Kathleen Turner, Dirk Nowitzki, Larry Dunn (Earth Wind & Fire),
Mark Debarge, Gena Rowlands, Shirley "Cha Cha" Muldowney, Ann Wilson (Heart),
Simon Wright (AC/DC), Phylicia Rashad, Nancy Marchand (R.I.P), Nick Drake (R.I.P.)

Beginning tomorrow...YOUR photo's, all week long!

Glad I wasn't the only one

OMG! I interviewed Russ Meyer too, what stories. Great stuff about Tura Satana
and her sex drive. He sent me two autographed movies. Beyond The Valley Of The
Dolls and Super Vixens...nice!
Foley New Rock 96-7 Modesto-Stockton, CA Clear Channel Radio

Russ Meyer in his day was the King of soft porn. He was actually a
gentle guy with a little sass.-JL

June 18
(Genevieve) Alison Moyet (Yaz/Yazoo)
Birthday's today: Paul McCartney, Linda Thorson (Avengers), Isabella Rossellini, Carol Kane,
Sandy Alomar Jr., Nathan Morris (Boyz II Men), Roger Ebert, William Beard (Face To Face),
Lou Brock, Tom Bailey (Thompson Twins), Brian Benben, Mara Hobel, Bumper Robinson,
Jerome Smith (KC and the Sunshine Band), Andres Galarraga, George Mikan (R.I.P)

At least one of us gets it going! Congrats Ted!

The TV show based on my pretty good selling book, Cook Your Way Into Her Pants!,
will debut on Monday June 20th at 10pm E/P on the STYLE Network. They did change
the name due to FCC pressure and bad legal advice, so it�s called �FOODY CALL�.
Yep, not my call. Whatever it�s called, please be sure and at least Tivo the damn thing
okay? This coming Monday� check your local listings!
Ted Taylor Los Angeles CA

In regards to super heroes set to music

I know you know this, but thought it was worth a special mention, Donovan's
"Sunshine Superman" also mentions the Green Lantern. Just one of my favorite
songs and wanted it to receive the recognition it deserves! Lovin' you...
Gary Poole EVP/GM WhizKidz Records,
201 Shannon Oaks Circle Suite 200 Cary, NC 27511 919.654.4546

June 17
Barry Manilow
Birthday's today: Jello Biafra, Sho Kosugi, Diane & Erin Murphy, Greg Kinnear, Chip Carey,
Chris Spedding, Ruben Blades, Joe Piscopo, Kevin Thornton (Color Me Badd), Ray Seals,
Philip Chevron (Pogues), Newt Gingrinch, Bill Rafferty, Dave Concepcion, Jason Miller

Comic action heroes set to music

There are 271 songs titled Superman
Here are some choice ones: Artist and year released

Atlanta Rhythm Section (1973), Dan Bern (2003), Bronski Beat (1999), Bush (2001),
The Commodores (1974), Brandon Cruz (1998), Daily Planet (1996), Dino, Desi & Billy
(1996), Doctor Mix & The Remix (David Bowie) (2004), Down By Law (1996),
Eminem (2002), An Emotional Fish (1996), Donna Fargo (1972), Five For Fighting
(2000), Glitterbox (1997), Goldfinger (1996), Gruppo Sportivo (1978), Richie Hawkins
(Live-1990), Dale Hawkins (1997), Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians (1989),
The Ides Of March (2003), Tippa Irie (1998), Jabberbox (2000), The Kinks (1980),
Herbie Mann (1978), Alanis Morissette (1996), The New Riders Of The Purple Sage
(1972), The Pistoleros (2001), R.E.M. (1986), David Rice (1998), Rockfour (2002),
RuPaul (2004), Sister Hazel (1997), Sister 7 (2000), Skee-Lo (1995), Stereophonics
(2005), Barbra Streisand (1977), B.J. Thomas (1974), The Wannabeez (2003)

*Special Mentions: Laurie Anderson "Oh Superman", Donovan "Sunshine Superman",
Johnny "Guitar" Watson "Superman Lover", Rick Springfield "I'm Your Superman",

*Bonus: Songs titled Superwoman

Eric Benet (1997), The Dells (1970), George Duke (2005), Donny Hathaway (2004),
Gladys Knight (1991), The Main Ingredient (1973), Peter Spence (1991

There are 26 songs titled Wonder Woman
Here are some choice ones: Artist and year released

Jane County (1979), Wayne County & The Electric Chairs (1995), Lee Dorsey (1994),
Fuzzbubble (2000), John Hartford (1994), Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs (1978), Billy Joel
(1986), Ben E. King (1978), Brinsley Schwarz (1997), Wonderland Band (1996)

There are 59 songs titled Batman
Here are some choice ones: Artist and year released

Alien Sex Fiend (1997), The Astronauts (1989), Blowfly (1996), The Creation (2004),
Duane Eddy (2002), The Esquires (1995), Neil Finn (2002), The Four Of Us (2001),
Lee Hazelwood (2002), Naked City (2002), Jumpin' Gene Simmons (1998), Spitballs
(1978), The Standells (1966), The Surfaris (1963), Violent Femmes (1985), Voivod
(1988), The Who (1965), X (1979), John Zorn (1997),

June 16
Tupac Shakur (R.I.P.)
Birthday's today: Phil Mickelson, Cobi Jones, Gino Vanelli, Joan Van Ark, Ian Buchanan,
Billy "Crash" Craddock, Roberto Duran, Lamont Dozier, Gary Roberts (Boomtown Rats),
Ian Mosley (Marillion), Kale Brown, Peppy Castro, Wally Joyner, Laurie Metcalf

Greatest action heroes, and the ones who should have a
film done about them

Jon, if only Russ Meyer were still alive...I would like to see a big breasted Wonder Woman
flick. As far as great super heros go, I am gonna have to say Superman. he has strength,
he can fly, he has the ability to see through walls and make things red hot with his vision.
He is a quad threat. how often are you going to find cryptonite laying around anyway. So
there is no beating him. Aquaman is another good one. The fact that he can telepathically communicate with sea critters is a beautiful thing.
Foley New Rock 96-7 Modesto-Stockton, CA. Clear Channel Radio foley967@yahoo.com

Believe it or not, I actually interviewed Russ Meyer in a hotel room in
Tucson back in the late 70's.-JL

The Wonder Twins...The Green Lantern... Atom Man... Space Ghost.
Johnny Maze PD WRXW Jackson MS

Hmmmmm.....that's tough. Roge
r Rabbit was pretty badass. LOL. I always tend to
migrate towards Batman. I'm not a huge comic book freak, so I'm probably not even
qualified to talk on the subject. Batman is just a regular dude with some cool toys.
He's just cool, I'll go with the Bat.
Polychronopolis Program Director/Afternoon Buffoon WRN Alternative Now
Waitt Radio Networks 1000 N. 90th St. Suite 105 Omaha, NE 68114
Direct: 402.952.7611 www.heyradioguy.com

Ok, considering all three of you mentioned Superman, Batman , and
Wonder Woman...not that you asked...but tomorrow, I will print a list
of artists that have done songs with those super heroes in the title.
Pretty cool list, so dig on it manana.

June 15
Courtney Cox-Arquette
Birthday's today: Ice Cube, Bif Naked, Mary Carey, Helen Hunt, James Belushi, Andy Pettitte,
Julie Haggerty, Leah Remini, Harry Nilsson, Dusty Baker, Brett Butler, Neil Patrick Harris,
RoRo (Romell Chapman), Carrie Mitchum, Janet Lennon (Lennon Sisters), Chuck Palumbo,
Noddy Holder (Slade), Ava Cadell, Tony Clark, Johnny Halliday, Dusty Baker, Wade Boggs

Q of THE WEEK: Greatest action hero ever, and who
should they do a film about that hasn't been done before?

It's not a single character but I would like to see Astro City done as a movie
...as long as Joel Schumacher wasn't allowed anywhere near it. :)
Kylie Ireland Porn Star and Internet Radio Host www.kylieireland.com

Ha. I find the Schumacher reference humorous. I'm not a fan either...
but I do think you mentioning him did give me a tickle.-JL

Is there any choice besides Jackie Chan? All his own stunts, hilarious, and, prolific.
Runner up, not much on the action front, but Peter Sellers. love,
Jessica "Tiny DJ" Stevens Program & Music Director WRIR
Indie Radio PO BOX 4787 Richmond, VA 23220 call hours: thursdays 12-3pm
Listen and support WRIR http://www.wrir.org/donate/donate.html

The Archies
Shanna Fischer Wind-Up Records New York NY

That's a great idea Shanna. I wish I had all those Archie comics that I had
way back when. I was always a sucker for Jughead. Although many really
dug Veronica, I was always more partial to Betty. She rocked!-JL

Batman. No superpowers, just a man with a mission who gets things done.
Greggory "AdRoq" Adams Houston TX

I haven't seen Batman Begins, but I do have a strong interest in seeing
how they treat the darker early beginnning of the Bat...man-JL

June 14
Boy George (Dowd)
Birthday's today: Steffi Graf, Rod Argent (Zombies/Argent), Chris DeGarmo (Queensryche),
Alan White (Yes), Jimmy Lea (Slade), Will Patton, Yasmine Bleeth, Marla Gibbs, Donald Trump,
Muff Winwood (Spencer Davis Group), David Thomas (Pere Ubu), Brian David Willis (Quarterflash)

Q of THE WEEK: Who is the greatest comic action hero?
Who should a film be made on that hasn't already?

Hot Stuff the Devil, for both. He's red and has horns and a pitchfork, which is
cool, but he also wears a diaper, which is kind of dark and underground.
Dave Lombardi Astralwerks Director of Promotion
104 W. 29th St., 4th fl. NY, NY 10001 212.886.7506

Freewheelin' Franklin, Fat Freddy and Phineas Phreak aka
The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers from Underground Comix.
Willobee Program Director 102.7 EQX - THE REAL ALTERNATIVE
www.weqx.com Phone: 802.362.4800

The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers.
Bob Bish Tucson AZ

You both are funny with this choice. But, if done right, maybe
in a dark way, not too cartoony, it could be a fun flick for this

Hi Jonathan, I would like to see Iron Man done. The story is kind of like
Howard Hughes, but the guy has a bum ticker and has to wear an IRON suit.
Playboy and CEO by day, superhero by night.....SWEEET. If not Iron Man, Thor
would be my 2nd choice. Best regards,
Eddie Gutierrez General Manager KJEE-FM 805.962.4588 kjee929@aol.com

Yes!! Iron Man, which I have numerous collectable comics in
my collection would be one of my strongest choices too Eddie.-JL

June 13
Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen
Birthday's today: Rivers Cuomo (Weezer), Hanna Storm, Tim Allen, Jorge Santana (Malo),
Richard Thomas, Alley Sheedy, Bo Donaldson, Deniece Peterson, Simon Callow, Liz Phillips,
David Mendenhall, Malcolm McDowell, Danny Klein, Thyme Lewis

Q of THE WEEK: Who is greastest comic action hero ever?
Also, who has never had a film made about them
that you would like to see?

BATMAN! If you only read one BATMAN Comic it should be Frank Millers
The Dark Night Returns. He kicks Superman's ASS!
They need to do a proper GREEN LANTERN movie.
Christopher "The Minister" Sirius Satellite New York NY

She-Ra Princess of Power was the best and was ousted from the screenplay
about He-Man and she was his twin sister. HUH? Just another example of the
man trying to keep a sista down. And, also I would like to see AQUAMAN ...
he was tall, blonde and a swimmer ;) Oh Yeah!
Summer James Los Angeles CA (* Note- you can stay up with Summer's
Hollywood adventures on "Always SUMMER" on this website, whenever she
feels the urge. Go to Page 18)

So, do think the guy on Entourage on HBO will ever give in and do Aquaman?-JL

Underdog. His name said it all.
Victor Lentini Universal Records Chicago IL

The Roadrunner & Coyote
Kneale Mann Program Director 107.5 DAVE-FM Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Hey Jonathan; I was going to say Marmaduke, but didn't Grodin do that and call
it Clifford or Benjamin? So I will have to say a film version of Mary Worth especially
to see the live action scene from the extremely rare copy of Mary Worth, where
Mary advises a friend to commit suicide.
Marc Alghini Come On! Management/Aurora Music Group 27
Ludlow Street Suite 4 New York NY 10002 646.862.4800 http://www.addisonrecords.com/mandaecard.html

So...who is yours?

June 12
Grace Jones
Birthday's today: Cindy Lee Berryhill, Chick Corea, Hideki Matsui, Bun E. Carlos (Cheap Trick),
Reg Presley (Troggs), Jim Nabors, Marv Albert, Hector Garza, Paula Marshall, Jim Morris
Brad Delp (Boston), Ryan Klesko, Rocky Burnette, Barry Bailey (Atlanta Rhythm Section),
Wil Horneff, Shiloh Strong, Jenilee Harrison, Sherry Stringfield, Scott Thompson

Hey Jon, the stress thing real quick...finding out you have a daughter that is 10 going
on 11 from a girl friend, a great girl friend mind you. I loved that girl. She thought she'd
keep that vital bit of info from me...nice...I contacted her out of the blue and she
dropped the bomb!, and having everyone around you freak out while you are trying to
come to grips with it. That can get a tad stressful. Sounds like some good shit to talk
about on air...that might help relieve the stress.
Foley New Rock 96-7 Modesto-Stockton, CA. Clear Channel Radio

Who is the greatest comic action hero?
Why? Who hasn't had a film done on them yet that should?
Begins tomorrow.

June 11
Adrienne Barbeau
Birthday's today: Gene Wilder, Chad Everett, Charley Rangle, Joe Montana, Joey Dee,
Peter Bergman, Skip Alenn (Pretty Things), Giola Bruno (Expose), Claire Carey, Robby Kiger,
Donnie Van Zandt (38 Special), Russell Hitchcock (Air Supply), John Lawton (Uriah Heep),

June 10
Elizabeth Hurley
Birthday's today: Kim Deal (Pixies/Breeders), Andrew Stevens, Maxi Priest, Linda Evangelista,
Amy Yip, Darren "Human Beatbox" Robinson, Jurgen Prochnow, Tara Lapinski, Gina Gershon,
Pokey Reese, Vincent Perez, F Lee Bailey, Ron Glass, Dan Fouts, Doug McKeon, Susan Haskell


I don't consider stress to be particularily a bad thing.
Stress actually can help you realize what is important to you.

Well, there really isn't one thing that I would consider the most stressful thing.
Alot of different things contribute to the overall stress in life with varying degrees and
at various times.

Right now, my own ignorance would probably top the list for me. I have noticed that no
matter how well you know something, there is always more to learn and I should have
realized that in the seventh grade, and not smoked so much pot!

Anyone who has children who are in junior or high school, I beg you to make sure that
they realize how much affect a good education plays into their future lives. I know they
will give you some lame excuse like, "We know", but scare the shit out of them if you
have to. Bring them and introduce them to a bum on the street, bring them on a tour of
your local jail, just get through to them.

Here's were my ignorance comes into play. If I didn't think that I knew it all back when
I was a senior in high school, I probably would have gone to college and got a degree.
A degree in what, you ask? It really doesn't matter what I majored in, but I have noticed
in the past few months while looking for a job, even though I have ample
experienece and qualifications, that without a degree your resume just doesn't
get looked at the same.

It doesn't matter if you can get the job done, first you have to get the job. I'm sure that
something will eventully come together for me, and I know that when it does I will take
internet classes and night classes and do whatever I have to do to finally get a degree.

I'm not just going to get one because it will look good on my resume, but because I want to
learn and grow within myself. Damn, I'm just adding more stress to my life. Well I'd rather
live with the stress and the challeneges of life cause the alternative, pushin' daisies
(no, I'm not talking about the Ween song), just ain't for me yet. I'll see ya when I see ya.

I hope everyone is as well as they can be.
Mitch Cry mcry@hotmail.com

p.s.-Sorry about the run on sentences, it's just how I write sometimes. And
if there are any grammatical or syntax errors, screw you, I don't have a degree!

June 9
Johnny Depp
Birthday's today: Natalie Portman, Michael J. Fox, Dan Severn, Dick Vitale, Wayman Tisdale,
Pete Byrne (Naked Eyes), Abraham Joseph Groening, Dave Parker, Jon Lord (Deep Purple),
Eddie Lundon (China Crisis), Mitch Mitchell (Jimi Hendrix Experience), Samantha Strong,
Mitch McLee (Southgang), Dave Parker, Gloria Reuben, Benny Neyman

What is worst stress of all? Really, what is it?

STRESS: Going out of your way to get frozen yogurt, as opposed to ice cream, and the
machine is broken down....now that's stress... kidding....really...if that were all.

MEGA STRESS: is being unemployed and not knowing how you're going to afford your
mortgage or get back into a job you actually enjoy :)
Gina Juliano Cincinnati OH

OK...not that you asked, but lets face it...stress is a weird thing. All of a sudden
a pimple arrives on your face, your back starts to hurt, you get a migrain, you ache
and you can't figure out why. It's stress of course. So to help you cope I've
compiled a list of musical ways to help. Yeah, right! But seriously...here are some
tunes that have stress in the title, and many in the lyrics.


Alien Sex Fiend...........('90) Rock
Dead Fly Boy...............('94) Rock
DJ Dara......................('99) Electronic
The Galactic Cowboys..('96) Rock
Godsmack..................('97) Rock
Ina Kamoze................('89) Reggae
Texas Niggaz..............('03) Rap

Knightowl...................('98) Rap

Patrick Moraz..............('87) Electronic

Change Of Heart...........('87) Rock
DeGarmo & Key............('94) Gospel
Tre..............................('98) Rap

Cyclefly........................('02) Rock
Too Hectic....................('96) Reggae
3 Melancholy Gypsys.....('00) Rap

Tru..............................('04) Rap

Alien Sex Fiend.............('94) Rock
Babyface......................('01) R&B
Murphy's Law...............('01) Rock
A Tribe Called Quest......('96) Rap

Elephant Man................('03) Reggae
Wolpert & Wingfield.......(02) New Age

Us3..............................('04) Rap

Adema..........................('03) Rock

Menthol.........................('95) Rock

Bloods & Crips................('96) Rap

Jazz Fables....................('97) Jazz

Mark Hawkins................('02) Electronic

Floetry...........................('02) R&B

Inch...............................('94) Rock

Feel better now?

June 8
Abra Moore
Birthday's today: Nancy Sinatra, Bonnie Tyler, Griffin Dunne, Boz Scaggs, Lindsey Davenport,
Keenen Ivory Wayans, Johnny Wu, Chuck Negron (Three Dog Night), Don Grady, Emmanuel Ax,
Greg Ginn (Black Flag), Mick Box (Uriah Heap), Mick Hucknall (Simply Red), Doris Pearson

Q of THE WEEK: Ah, that good old stress.
In your opinion, what is the worst kind of stress?

For me, the most stressful thing is MOVING.....I can deal with the stress of most other things,
after I freak a bit, but MOVING is the number one thing that never ceases to Stress me out the worst...wrong business for that, also the reason I've moved so much.
Margaret LoCicero Sherman Oaks CA

Hey there Jonathan, How are you? I would have to say the most stressful thing in my life would
be money. I really do like my job & the people. Even the long distance is ok, but it just doesn't
pay enough. I know things are tight all around, so I am thankful to have a job. So for now I'll
just pray that something happens to help me out financially.

As far as relationships go, I used to think it would be so important to be in a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. Now I don't feel that way. As long as you're happy with yourself and other things in your life, you don't really need someone to make you happy. If I don't meet someone, that's fine.
I've got a lot going on in my life and I don't know if I have time for someone anyway at this time.
Kathy Bissonette Lanchaster CA

I really do not want to go on and on how stressful the last two years have been for me, especially career wise. Heck, we all have our ups and downs. I was just fortunate to go this long without any tailspins. But I think anything family related tends to be more stressful than any other instances.

I've had some pretty stressful times the last six months, dealing with the sudden turnaround in the health of my father. One day he was playing golf once a week and working two days a week at age 76. Next thing you know, his health took a sudden turn for the worse. Within a 8 week period he went from living on his own, to a hospital, to rehab, to a nursing home. Within that time, those who have gone through it know, the stress of dealing with lawyers, doctors, banks, moving him out of his apartment and basically wrapping up anything that he was dealing with. To this day, I'm still awaiting word on him being accepted for medicaid, and whether or not I get approval for a mortgage to buy the house that was turned over to me, by him, within the past year. I feel positive about both going our way, but if not, I have to sell the house, and deal with a lien on the house to cover the $7600.00 a month. Yeah, that's pretty stressful.

Oh, and trying to keep my triglyceride level to as close to 100 as I can......when it was last
"clocked" in at 444! Ahhhhhhhh!
Jerry Rubino The CMJ Network / WCHR, New Jersey

Wow. Jerry I knew of some of this, but not all the details. I feel for you as
I'm sure everyone reading this is too. I think you are a strong person and
you will continue to stay strong.

June 7
Anna Kournikova
Birthday's today: Prince (Rogers Nelson), Allan Iverson, Johnny Clegg (Savuka), Jenny Jones,
Towns Van Zandt, Napoleon Kaufman, Liam Neeson, Mick Foley (Cactus Jack), Joey Scarbury,
Paddy McAloon (Prefab Sprout), Clarence White, Bill Kreutzman (Grateful Dead), Anne Twomey,
Nikki Giovani, Ken Osmand (Eddie Haskel), Jack Ryland (Three Dog Night), Thurman Munson (R.I.P.)

What is your opinion of the worst kind of stress?

Time. Time is so much of problem that I don't have time to respond to this
short questionnaire. I mean as if... I did...but it was to tell you that I can't.
Oh my Gawd, look what time it is I gotta...
Sean Demery PD Live 105 KITS San Francisco

You're so funny Sean, although I suppose, time if not stressful...can
be a pain in the ass

For me it's health problems. I have had a very stressfull year because of my health issues. The worst part is not knowing what is coming around the corner, and I have an especially hard time giving up control and letting other people help me. Moving sucks too.
Marcie Robinson PD KACV Amarillo TX

I can totally relate Marcie. Not just sayin' it either

Well, JL, my most stressful thing is temporary. I'm building a house, as I've told you in the past. Buying a house is always stressful, but building a new one is even more stressful. So much can happen and change during the "waiting process" and it sucks. PLUS, it's my first purchase, so that puts the icing on the stress cake. Other than that, life is pretty good. I tend to not stress out, that's why I got into radio in the first place. So, I didn't have to work a real job. Why should I stress out like a real job. :)
Polychronopolis Program Director/Afternoon Buffoon
WRN Alternative Now Waitt Radio Networks 1000 N. 90th St. Suite 105 Omaha, NE 68114 402.952.7611 AOL: toxirocker The Original Localization CompanyT

I hear ya Poly.

June 6
Uncle Kracker
Birthday's today: Sandra Bernhard, Dana Carvey, Robert Englund (Freddie), Paul Giamatti,
Colin Quinn, Steve Vai, Luke Haas, Peter Albin (Big Brother And The Holding Company),
Holly Near, Edgar Froese (Tangerine Dream), Dwight Twilley, Bjorn Borg, Gordon Gano,
Dee C (Diane Sealey) Lee (Style Council), Yukihiro Yakahashi (Yellow Magic Orchestra),
Chelsea Brown, David Dukes, Sydney Walsh, Angela Cavagna, Terry Williams (First Edition)

So, what is the greatest stress in life?

stress (strs)

1. Importance, significance, or emphasis placed on something. See Synonyms at emphasis.
2. Linguistics
a. The relative force with which a sound or syllable is spoken.
b. The emphasis placed on the sound or syllable spoken most forcefully in a word or phrase.
a. The relative force of sound or emphasis given a syllable or word in accordance with a metrical pattern.
b. A syllable having strong relative emphasis in a metrical pattern.
4. Accent or a mark representing such emphasis or force.
5. Physics
a. An applied force or system of forces that tends to strain or deform a body.
b. The internal resistance of a body to such an applied force or system of forces.
a. A mentally or emotionally disruptive or upsetting condition occurring in response to adverse external influences and capable of affecting physical health, usually characterized by increased heart rate, a rise in blood pressure, muscular tension, irritability, and depression.
b. A stimulus or circumstance causing such a condition.
7. A state of extreme difficulty, pressure, or strain: "He presided over the economy during the period of its greatest stress and danger" Robert J. Samuelson.

Pressure. Career, and parental. No coincidence...also the two most rewarding things!
Alan Ayo APD KDGE Dallas TX

Yep Alan, you couldn't have said it better!

A sick child, nothing else even comes close.
Mike Marrone XM Satellite Washington DC

I totally agree Mike. It's a very difficult and stressful thing to deal with

Hey Jonathan, Right now it's MOVING! I'm leaving Denver/Clear Channel Colorado for Entercom Sacto for KWOD mornings. For a guy who's had a one bedroom apt for over 2 years I can't begin
to tell you the amount of CRAP I've accumulated...And don't want to part with. We'll see if it all fits
in the Camry as I drive to Cali.
Rubin (Former Channel 93.3/KTCL FM Morning Jerk/APD- soon to be KWOD Morning Jerk)

I am so happy for you and Hill Jordan. You will be working with someone I admire and
with for 6 years...Curtiss Johnson. He da man! Yes, moving is extremely
stressful. Jeanette and I will be dealing with that quite soon.

You just had to ask, didn't you? ;) Losing your job to a format change and wondering where the
next gig will be.
Matt Sledge Cincinnati OH woxy977@gmail.com

I am rooting for you Matt. Hope one comes soon

Joey Gusto PD WBER 2596 Baird Road Penfield, NY 14526-2333

June 5
Laurie Anderson
Birthday's today: Teri Nunn (Berlin), Ronnie Dyson, Kenny G, Ray Lankford, Mags (Fuzzbox),
Frank Estersmith (Air Supply), Tom Evans (Badfinger), Fuzzy Fuscaldo (Captain Beefheart),
Fred Stone (Sly And The Family Stone), Gillian Hills, Michael Monarch (Steppenwolf), John Carlos

Q of THE WEEK begins tomorrow:
In your opinion, what is the most stressful thing in life?

June 4
Nikka Costa
Birthday's today: Magic Johnson, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, Bruce Dern, Darren Erstead, David Yip,
Angelina Jolie, Freddie Fender, Noah Wyle, Parker Stevenson, Anthony Braxton, Tony Pena,
Roger Ball (Average White Band), El DeBarge (DeBarge), Paul Taylor (Winger)

These were rockin' my iTunes today

June 3
Doro Pesch (Warlock)
Birthday's today: Suzi Quatro, Hale Irwin, Tom Arnold, Danny Wilde (Rembrandts), Dan Hill,
Mickey Finn, Christopher Cross, Steve Lyons, Cindy Ferro, John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin),
Jose Molina, Ian Hunter (Mott The Hoople), Anderson Cooper, Penelope Wilton, Carl Everett,
Billy Cunningham, Deniece Williams, Michael Clarke (Byrds), Curtis Mayfield (R.I.P.)

Here is a fun CD from my iTunes...feeling in a jazzy mood?

June 2
Charlie Watts (Rolling Stones)
Birthday's today: Sally Kellerman, Stacy Keach, Jerry Mathers, Michael Anthony (Van Halen),
Adrian Carlos Olivares (Menudo), Michael Steele (Bangles), Joanna Gleason, Marvin Hamlisch,
Tony Hadley (Spandau Ballet), Steve Brookins (38 Special), Garo Yepremian, Nikki Cox,
Mike Stanton, Lydia Lunch, Lex Lugar (Larry Pfohl), Antone "Chubby" Tavares (Tavares)

More song ideas with iTpod, iTunes and Rio

I walk everyday for a couple miles listening to my Shuffle. These are the songs I listened to
during the Memorial Day weekend:

Doves- "Pounding"
Tom Waits- "Jersey Girl"
Natalie Merchant- "Put the Law On You"
American Hi-Fi- "Flavor of the Week"
New Order- "Krafty"
Jesus & Mary Chain- "Head On"
Doves- "There Goes the Fear"
Andreas Bocelli- "Time to Say Goodbye"
Eminem- "My Dad's Gone Crazy"
Laibach- "Opus Dei"
Blink 182- "Josie"
Suzanne Vega- "Luka"
Wilco- "Shot in the Arm"
Steve Earle- "Jerusalem"
Salamat & Nazikot Ali Khan- "Rag Mehg"
Barenaked Ladies- "Another Postcard"
Matt Keating- "McHappiness"
Low Millions- "Here She Comes"
Lucinda Williams- "Essence"

Howie Klein Los Angeles CA

Here is another compilation I burned to an 80 minute disc from iTunes

June 1
Alanis Morissette
Birthday's today: Lisa Hartman, Pat Boone, Barry Adamson, Alan Wilder (Depeche Mode),
Heidi Klum, Powers Boothe, Vince Voyeur, Derek Lowe, Ron Wood (Rolling Stones/Faces),
Graham Russell (Air Supply), Rene Auberjonois, Mike Joyce (Smiths), Chiyonofuji,
Jesse Johnson (Time), Tom Mankiewicz, Jonathan Pryce, Mike Levine (Triumph), Teri Polo,
Karen Kwan, Gemma Craven, Diane Canova, Linda Scott, Carol Neblett, Brian Cox

The musical themes and ideas continue

Heyya! Love your question, Jon, about what's pumpin' through our headphones on our 'off time'; only I have myself a Rio Karma (not an ick-pod). I've got about 3,500 tracks in it and I like to set it to RANDOM playing 8 hours of music (you can choose to play from 15 minutes, an hour, etc., up to everything that's in it, played randomly or dropping tracks into playlists that can be named and set up on the fly). Then I'll pick and choose which random songs I wanna hear.

Out of a couple recent lists, I sat and listened to these:

Neil Young - Wonderin'
Moby - The Rain Falls & The Sky Shudders
Dire Straits - Skateaway
Pixies - The Thing
Brazilian Girls - Homme
The Faint - Call, Call
Frank Black - Los Angeles
Massive Attack- Teardrop
Tricky - For Real
Speedy J - Manhasset
Snooze - Thousand Miles
Radiohead - Everything In It's Right Place (Josh Wink remix)
Kodo - Strobe's Nanfushi (Satori mix)
Society Gone Madd - Cruel Sidewalk (LIVE on KXLU; lead singer is a pal o' mine)
Thievery Corporation - Doors of Perception
The Beatles - Revolution
Craig Armstrong - Angelina
P.I.L. - Happy?
David Bowie - Sound & Vision
COMPOSER: Quantz - Arioso Maestoso (and off I would go into classical land, so I'd stop on some Pablo Casals, Yo-Yo Ma, Itzhak Perlman, Nicanor Zabaleta and the like as well as some bad 70's pop rock and disco and I'm a happy, quiet boy on my flight...) Yadda
Doug (Sluggo) Roberts KROQ Los Angeles

Here is my theme for the day: Radio songs about "radio"

Next up: Women That Rock (more compilations/mix CD's) from my
collection. Send yours if you'd like to participate.