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March 30 
  NorahJones2.jpg Syndicate™  
Nora Jones

She was born Geetali Norah Jones Shankar in New York City on this day in 1979, she was
destined for greatness right from the start. Her father was legendary Indian musician, Ravi
Shankar, and her mother, Sue Jones, was a dancer whose love of music left its ever lasting
impression on her gifted spirit. Jones burst upon the pop music scene with her auspicious
debut album, Come Away With Me, released by Blue Note Records in 2002. The album of
original compositions - having sold almost 10 million copies in the U.S. and over 20 million
worldwide - swept the Grammy Awards in 2003 and established her as the 'genuine article',
unquestionably destined for a long and influential career. Two years later Jones followed up
with Feels Like Home, another engaging and heartfelt album that, like her first, was the per-
fect blend of originals by Norah and other members of the band. Feels Like Home debuted at
#1 on the Billboard charts, eventually selling over 4 million units in the U.S. and over 10 mil-
lion worldwide. Her third album, Not Too Late, was released in January, 2007 to both critical
and public acclaim. According to Jones, it is her most personal album to date, having been
written entirely by her and her bassist and songwriting partner, Lee Alexander. Further flesh-
ing out her creative artistry, Norah Jones will star in acclaimed director Kar Wai Wong's My
Blueberry Nights (2007), along with Jude Law, Natalie Portman, and Rachel Weisz. But despite
this recent foray into the world of cinema, she insists that the movie is a welcome diversion only
and that music will always be her first love.

Birthday's today:
Lindsay Parker, MC Hammer, Piers Morgan, Julie Richardson,
Celine Dion, Tracy Chapman, Lene Lovitch, Grady Little, Eric Clapton, Paul Riser,
Graeme Edge (Moody Blues), Warren Beatty, Astrid Gilberto, Sarah Bryce Foster,
Jim Dandy (Black Oak Arkansas), Mark Consuelos, Jessica Cauffiel, Peter Marshall

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Marie Atlanta Georgia

I was juggling college at night, work during the day
and raising 3 children as a single parent somewhere in between there!

Well, I was trying to hold out on jumping into a full time permanent
position until I could graduate but I was offered a job with the state
Catholic Diocese School Board, as a secretary.

I would have full medical and about 5.00 more an hour which at the time
I was living on food stamps and living in a trailer with no health insurance.
So I jumped on it and I got along great with all the state superintendents
because I had computer database and Microsoft office skills they new no-
thing about.

All went well until this lady that had been there for 35-years started to get
jealous of me and when our supervisors left for a trip she harassed me con-
stantly and wouldn't allow me to train her like I was told to do. I tried to be
compassionate about how I made her feel and she just got worse, so I said
fine do it yourself and started to walk out her office when she grab my arm
and tried to pull me back to listen to her bitch some more.

I got away from her went to my desk packed up my shit and announced I
could no longer work in these conditions because there was no one around to
control her!

I walked right out that door and never looked back and I learned then that
some jobs just are not worth the bitching!

Jules United Kingdom

My first job, working as a office junior for a free
newspaper that got its revenue on advertising.

There was no coffee machine, I was it basically. That was bad
enough but I was also expected to file back copies of rival news-
papers and got bitten by paper mites. Nice!

If that wasn't bad enough, another female boss took over a year
into my job and bullying was her game. Me being the youngest and
most vunerable in the office, she used to do things like walk up to
my desk in front of my young, but older than me collegues and slam
her cup down and say "COFFEE!!".

Consequently she got it "frothy".

Yep, I spat in it and watched her drink it...sweet!

C-Rod Charlottesville Virginia

The worst job ever? Well, all of them really.

I mean think about it, who really wants a job? Unless you're lucky
enough to be able to do what you love as a job, such as singers or
actors, and that doesn't happen to many of us.

No one grows up aspiring to work at Walmart, do they?

Or wait tables? So I say all of them!

So I should be happy now as I have no job, and I am, but the
paycheck really sucks!

March 29 
   Elle MacPherson
Born Eleanor Nancy Gow in 1963 in Killara, Sydney, Australia. One of the world's top
models. She was "discovered" at the age of eighteen while vacationing in Aspen, Col-
orado, and was promptly signed to the Click modeling agency. One of the models who
own the Fashion Cafe in New York City, along with Claudia Schiffer and Naomi Campbell.
Elle claims she put on over 20 pounds in weight so that she would have a figure more in
the tradition of a model of the day, for the film Sirens (1994). Son, Arpad Flynn Busson
born in New York, New York, USA. Father is Arpad "Arkie" Busson, a Swiss financie on
February 14, 1998. Home was robbed. Money and photographs were stolen. Ransom
was held for photographs. Elle and  her husband worked with FBI and they caught the
thieves. One of the thieves claimed that he was the father of Elle's baby. Became eng-
aged to her partner of six years, French-Swiss financier Arpad Busson, in the Bahamas
on January 9, 2002. They were still not married. Gave birth to her second child, a son na-
med Aurelius Cy Andre (February 4, 2003). Busson and Elle split in 2005. Checked into
the Meadows Clinic in Arizona, which offers treatment for psychological conditions and
addictions. She was suffering from postnatal depression after the birth of her second
child in February, October 2003. Was ranked #7 in Channel 5's "World's greatest super-

Birthday's today:
Jill Goodacre, Lucy Lawless, Jennifer Capriati, Teo Filo Stevenson,
Kurt Thomas, LaToya Jackson, Eric Idle, Nancy Kwan, Diane Kay, Michael Brecker,
Julie Goodyear, John McLaughlin, Perry Farrell (Jane's Addiction, Porno For Pyros),
Christopher Lambert, John Major, Vangelis, Terrance Hill, Earl Campbell, Willem Ruis

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Mike Phoenix Arizona

MIKE SAYS: The worst job I ever had was as a busboy at the
Ramada Inn in downtown Phoenix.

One day they wanted me to pull the seats off in all the booths to
clean out the dead mice under every booth. It was sick.

Some of those mice had been laying dead for days under the seats
that everyone sits on in the restaraunt.

I refused and walked off the job.

Linda Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

LINDA SAYS: Your readers will probably find this unbelievable, but
I've never had a job I didn't like.

I will say that when I took a job as a waitress many years ago, I was
at first terrified by the prospect of keeping so many people happy...
customers, managment, kitchen crew, etc.

When I relaxed and learned that you simply cannot please all of the
people all of the time, I just did my best, and I did make a lot of money,
which was the reason I took the job in the first place.

If I had quit during that initial nervous period, a lot would have been lost.
I would never have realized that making money is largely a matter of being
the best person you can be in every situation, and not worrying about what
you cannot do. I wish more young people knew this.

The musicians and artists I work with sometimes give up too soon when they
face the difficult parts of the business. Bosses and venue owners are not ogres
simply because they want to have things a certain way.

I believe that the entertainment business and the artist can coexist, IF...neither
disrespects the integrity of the other. Integrity is necessary for both parties,
and unfortunately it is sometimes true that one or the other lacks that quality.

I have found business AND artist to be "tied" in the occasional lack of integrity.
WAIT...I just thought of the job I dislike the most: telling someone "you need to
work on the development of your personal integrity."

It's hard, but often necessary and essential for a mentor to be able to say this.
Thankfully, my mentor once said it to me and I have been working on my in-
tegrity every day since. Although I cannot always be the good person I expect
myself to be, trying is like exercising the soul which may be as beneficial as
exercising the body.

So, this is a lengthy attempt to answer a more straightforward question. I am
glad you asked it, because I had never asked the question of myself...and my
answer was a suprise to me.

I learn something new every day.

Dennis Huff Las Vegas Nevada

Worst Job I ever had - I lived in Indiana for a few
years, and worked in a brickyard.

Literally stood on hot, flat train-like cars with bricks fresh out of the
kiln. My job was to break them apart WITH MY HANDS!, and grab them
6 or 8 at a time and stack them into a machine that binds them and
sends them outside to the trucks.

Between myself an 11 other suckers, we moved 1.5 million bricks per

I love my job (now radio) more and more everytime I think of that.

Ha! Cheers!

March 28 
  Julia Stiles
Already critically acclaimed for a number of youthful film roles, it's just a matter of time
before fresh-faced blonde Julia Stiles reaches the height of heights as a new tier of adult
talent starts hitting the screen. Born Julia O'Hara Stiles on today, 1981, in New York City.
At age 11, she made her debut as a child actress with the experimental off-Broadway La
MaMa Theatre. Her passion grew and by the next year was performing professionally and
working in commercials. A bright, precocious student, she was seriously considered for the
child vampire role of Claudia in Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994)
but lost out in the end to Kirsten Dunst. She continued training at New York's Professional
Children's School and, at 15, made her cinematic bow with I Love You, I Love You Not (1996)
with Claire Danes. Next featured as the daughter of Harrison Ford in The Devil's Own (1997),
her breakout role came on TV with the hard-hitting mini-movie "Before Women Had Wings"
(1997). Moving into mainstream roles by the millennium, Julia co-starred with the popular
Matt Damon in The Bourne Identity (2002). Voted one of People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful
People in 2001. One of Teen People Magazine's "25 Hottest Stars under 25" (2002). Has dated
the Prince of Denmark in two movies, Hamlet (2000) and The Prince & Me (2004). Is a die-hard
New York Mets fan. After a 39-minute rain delay and dressed with a Mets cap, Julia Stiles threw
out the opening pitch at Shea Stadium during the Memorial Day game of the New York Mets vs.
Arizona Diamondbacks on May 29, 2006. Currently filming "The Bourne Ultimatum".

Birthday's today:
Heather Chase, Luke Walton, Diane Wiest, Ken Howard, K.C. Jones,
Alf Clausen, Meagan Smith, Vince Vaughn, Reba McEntire, Rick Barry, Nikki Sanderson,
Angelo Garcia (Menudo), Ged Grimes (Danny Wilson), Conchita Ferrell, Bernice King,
Samuel Ramey, Shannon Mitchell, Brian Jones (Rolling Stones R.I.P.), Curt Hennig (R.I.P.)

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Jane Leicester United Kingdom

JANE SAYS: Hi Jonathan. My worst job was when I was 14. I
did a cleaning job after school to earn extra money. That in
itself was not so bad except I had to clean men's toilets. 

The worst part was knocking on the door and hoping that they
did not turn around whilst still doing their thing - so to speak. lol  

When you are 14 it can be very traumatic, so this was definately
the worst job for me. lol

Jane x

Tanya Santa Clara California

TANYA SAYS: Worst job I've ever had is a split. I worked at a radio
station taking cold call survey questions. Boring but the kicker was
the chick I worked with.

Hillbilly, large and in charge Marge who wore cut off jeans and liked to
put her legs up and you would get a flash of the scary unknown fleshy
parts inside her cut off jeans. She was obnoxious and stinky as well.

I collected my first paycheck and left.

The other was working for Costco. The managers would crack me up
because they had the "KEY" and had to go to the registers to fix voids
etc. Again, I collected my first paycheck and left.

I went back to the Costco where I worked about 3 years later and one
of the managers recognized me and asked what time was my shift.


Erica  Leeds United Kingdom

ERICA SAYS:  Hiya. I have had many bad jobs. the worst has got
to be working 12 hour night shifts in a plastic injection moulding
factory, making those plastic trays you get fruit and veg in in

You had to get the waste plastic off a massive roller at the back of
the line, that involved many massive electric shocks and very nasty
cuts from the sharp edges.

I bloody hated that job. That was followed by the fish cake packing job.

Fish cakes without bread crumbs have the worst texture ever - totally

I only did these jobs when I was at University to earn money, but some
people would argue that teaching is the worst job people could ever do.

Well, compared to those two, its not!

Debby Phoenix Arizona

Working the customer service phones for the
California Toll Roads.

I had to sit in an office and answer phone calls from angry people
telling me they didn't go through the toll road without paying when
a picture of their license plate was taken catching them in the act.

I was made to listen to them call me every name in the book and
couldn't hang up on them. The worst part of it was it wasn't supposed
to be my job.

I was just supposed to be the person you talked to when you updated
your account. We'd have 40 to 60 people waiting on line to talk to us
at a time, and my manager Arlene would think that was a good time to
call and see if I was answering the phones correctly.

She'd also come up behind me when I was obviously on the phone with
a customer, tap me on the shoulder, and ask if I were answering calls.

I almost became an alcoholic over that job.

March 27 
  Mariah Carey
Mariah was born in Huntington, Long Island, New York in 1969. Her parents are Patricia
Hickey (Irish-American) and Alfred Roy Carey (African-American/Venezuelan). Mariah
attended Greenlawn's Harborfields High School. In June of 1990 Mariah made her debut
with "Mariah Carey" which entered at #73, but on August 4 1990 it reached #1. Her 1990
self-titled debut album went multi-platinum and spawned an extraordinary four conse-
cutive #1 singles: "Vision of Love," "Love Takes Time," "Someday" and "I Don't Wanna Cry",
and led to Grammy Awards for Best New Artist and Best Female Vocalist. Her 1993 album
titled Music Box went ten-times platinum. On September 30th 1995, she made music history.
Her single "Fantasy" from her 1995 Daydream album debuted at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100,
making her the first female artist to accomplish a number one debut in the U.S. Beauty mark
just below her mouth is a trademark.The only female artist (and third artist or group ever) to
have 17 #1 songs on the US Billboard Hot 100 charts. Founder of Camp Mariah, a serene escape
located in Fishkill, New York for inner-city youth to embrace the arts, introduce career opport-
unities, and build self-esteem. 
Named one of People Magazine's '25 Most Intriguing People of
2001'. Virgin Records bought out her $80 million contract for $28 million. The primary reason
being the failure of her Glitter (2001) album and film. Voted in at #36 in FHM's Sexiest Girls of
2002 poll, American edition. Named #28 in FHM magazine's "100 Sexiest Women in the World
2006" supplement. Was married to Tommy Mottola. She has also been acting, and remains one
of the biggest pop stars in the world.

Birthday's today:
Stacy Ferguson (Black Eyed Peas), Susan Oliver, Quentin Tarentino,
Shaun Cassidy, Jennifer Grey, Dave Koz, Kerri Ann Darling, Tom van der Leegte, XuXu,
Jennifer Lasky, Kristen Aldridge, Emily Ann Lloyd, J.P. Steur, Tom Sullivan, Jann Arden,
Clark Datchler (Johnny Hates Jazz), Randell Cunningham, Lorelei Lanford, Corey Page

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Cyndi Bristol Connecticut

CYNDI SAYS: My worst job would have to be when I was 15,
working in the Tobacco fields of Simsbury, CT.

I had to catch the bus at 6am from my home town Bristol, CT.

The work was really dirty and smelly. The tobacco leaves were sticky
and it stuck on your fingers and was hard to wash off. We were in the
hot sun all day long too. Then as the summer went on and most of the
leaves were picked, we worked in the hot barns and strung the leaves
with huge loud machines onto the string and long sticks.

There were alot of 'challenging people' there also to to get along with!

Would never want to go back to those days!

Michele London England

MICHELE SAYS: I once did a temping job...it was, so I was told,
cleaning old peoples private houses. We got lots of tea, cakes and

But a few weeks in, we were told that the company had got a contract
to do dead body cleans. I had watched a documentry about it and thought
it wouldn't be so bad. It's where someone has died in their own home and
had gone unnoticed for a few days. Well, the one and only dead body clean
I did was of someone who had been dead for 12 days. This was in the town
where I live in Northamptonshire.

Describe why it was so bad! Ummm...ok! You could see where the person
had laid for those 12 days. The place was covered in maggots, flys, splatt-
ers of blood, hair and body liquids. No-one else on the team could clean up
the hair but me as they would retch when they tried to scrape it up.

The body liquids were a browny red and the smell was something else. It
had 4 notes to the smell. One of wet hair (like wet dog), one very sweet
and sickly smell, one was like a dirty unwashed person smell and the other
one smell of shit (I've a sensitive sense of smell!). This could all be smelt
through the anti toxic mask...gurgh!

The mans relatives were outside so it wasn't as though you could joke or
scream to get you through the clean either.

After we did that clean, it was lunchtime. I can recommend anyone wanting
to lose weight to go do a dead body clean as you really don't feel like eating

I left that temping job the next week.

**Being a medium, I tuned in to see how this person had died before we got
to the job. We were only told it was male and had been there for 12 days.

I got that he had an epiletic fit, smacked the back of his head as he fell and
had whacked his head so hard, it caused him to die....and that's exactly what
caused his death...poor sod...he was only 42!

JONATHAN: Hmm, I think my mistake was to edit this in right after I ate
breakfast Michele. ;-(

Jen Colorado

JEN SAYS: My worst job. I have had a few. But the one that I always
remember was working in a Nursing Home in Lakewood, Co as a nurses
aide when I was 16.

It totaly sucked, because I think I was the only one there that cared enough
about the patients to spend time with them. I sat by so many beds for hours
on end while they past away.

Families were to busy to come, didn't care or they didn't have any family.

Death doesn't bother me. It is just a new beginning, but the way these people
felt dying alone was horrible. Of course the work left little to be desired also.

Skumlove Hollywood California

SKUMLOVE SAYS: Selling toner at a telemarketing company was
the worst.
Lasted 2 days.

I also worked for a company called www.guitarpartsdepot.com.
Started out pretty cool, but then they got shady and when I got the
flu for a week, they fired me and denied me my unemployment.

Then after I left they tried to get my bass played who worked there
to quit Skumlove and promised him a raise.


March 26
    Keira Knightley
Will always be best known for her role as 'Elizabeth Swann' in all of the "Pirates Of The
Caribbean" films. The third installment is in post-production now. Keira was born in 1985
in Teddington, Middlesex, England.
The daughter of actor Will Knightley and playwright
Sharman Macdonald. After she requested an agent at the age of three, her parents allo-
wed her to work on productions in her summer holidays. Her first role was at the age of
9, in Moira Armstrong's A Village Affair (1994). However, Knightley's first high profile role
came in 1999, as Sabe, Decoy Queen to Natalie Portman's Queen Amidala in Star Wars:
Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999). Since then she has completed an impressive ar-
ray of films including The Hole (2001), but is probably best known for her role of tomboy
footballer Jules Paxton in Gurinder Chadha's Bend It Like Beckham (2002). Personally I
thought she rocked in "Domino" as bounty hunter 'Domino Harvey'. Was voted #1 in New
Woman magazine's 50 Most Beautiful Celebs 2004. Voted #18 in FHM 100 Sexiest Women
2005. Named #53 on the Maxim magazine Hot 100 of 2005 list. The Daily Mirror named her
"Actress of the Year in December 2005. Named #9 on MAXIM magazines "Hot 100" list of
2006.Named #5 in FHM magazine's "100 Sexiest Women in the World 2006" supplement.
 Let's just say, for someone this young, Keira will be around a long long time.

Birthday's today:
Teddy Pendergrass, Martin Short, Amy Smart, Kenny Chesney,
Leeza Gibbons, Vickie Lawrence, Ronnie McDowell, Marcus Allen, Heidi Zeigler,
John Stockton, Curtis Sliwa, Erica Jong, Alan Arkin, Steven Tyler (Aerosmith)

Q of THE WEEK: Continues from last week


What and where?   Describe why it was so bad!

(*Thanks to reader Mariska)

Jay  London England

JAY SAYS: Hey there Jonathan. Hahaha, my first ever job was
the worst and I was happy when they sacked me!

I was 15 going on 16 and the job was a fill in during the summer
holidays before I was due to start my first year at a technical college.

I got a job with a bridal boutique which was owned by a Jewish family,
a husband and son business in which both their wives also worked, and
all four of them acted like they were boss but none of them agreed with
the other what I should be doing in my working hours.

One person would tell me to do something then another came along and
told me to stop and do something else, then the first person would come
back and have a go that I hadn't finished the job he/she told me to do.

Everyone from the postie to customers told me I was too good for the job.
Little did my bosses know that I intended to work with them for only a
month then quit to go to college.

The one perk of the job was snacking on sugar coated almonds (no it wasn't
allowed)...suffice to say I don't particularly like sugared almonds anymore.

have fun
Jay xXx

Glitter Dallas Texas

GLITTER SAYS: Hi sweetie. The worse job I ever had was
working for 2 construction companies and one was old school
and one was computerized and I was the Office Manager.

One boss was kewl but had no balls to back me up, and the other
boss was a total *ss.

He literally harrassed me on a daily basis from locking me in,
lipping me off, using foul language to the point where after 6 years
I told him "I QUIT" and needless to say he tried to fight me in the
unemployment office, but I won and got a year and a 1/2 of pay so
needless to say my 6 years paid off and he got stiffed.

They are still in trouble on an account basis and revenue, so no bad
wishes to anyone but what goes around comes around.


Keren Stroud United Kingdom

KEREN SAYS: My worst job was a job I took for the money.
Contracts manager for a company that built fibreglass water tanks.

My salary increased by �6k, but god what a mistake taking the job.
They basically told me so many lies in the interview, and when I
started I soon found out, I was travelling 25 miles there and then
back again.
Starting at 8am finishing at 5.

Except I was working through lunch and working til 6.

After a few weeks I was feeling sick driving to work. I hated it that
in the short few months I was there, they got through 4 man-
agers on the shop floor, and the company was in dire straits!!!

In the end liquidators were called in and I lost my job. But the relief
of the long hours and drive and job I hated was immense!

Yasamin Tempe Arizona

aaack!! Working for a major health care company
here in the "Valley", until they were bought out by the other
largest health care company, which followed by laying off half
the staff, only to rehire at much cheaper wages.

It was really sad. I hated it.

Big business blows!


March 23 
  Keri Russell
Keri was born in 1976 in Fountain Valley, California and raised in Mesa, Arizona and
Denver, Colorado. Keri began her career on the Mickey Mouse Club in 1991. She stayed
with the show until 1993. After leaving "MMC" (1989) (where she, along with her fellow
castemates recorded an  album, she moved to LA to pursue an acting career. Keri's br-
eakthrough role came in 1998 where she played "Felicity Porter" on the WB's popular
series "Felicity" (1998). In 1999, Keri won her first Golden Globe award for her role in
"Felicity" (1998) in which she continued until the show ended in 2002. Keri pursued a
movie career starring alongside Mel Gibson in We Were Soldiers (2002) and Joan Allen in
The Upside of Anger (2005). In 2004, Keri made her Broadway debut in "Fat Pig" along-
side Andrew McCarthy and Jeremy Piven.Read for the part of Lois Lane for Superman
Returns (2006), but lost to Kate Bosworth. Currently serving as a model and spokesper-
son for Cover Girl cosmetics. Wed Shane Deary at the Harrison restaurant in NYC's West
Village on Valentine's Day, 2007, before ten immediate family members. Announced that
they are expecting their first child together this summer.

Birthday's today:
Amanda Plummer, Poe, Louie Anderson, Ric Okasek (Cars),
Katie Piel,
Hiroyoshi Yamamoto, Moses Malone, Rebecca Corry, Nicholle Tom,
Jason Kidd, Anna Bocci,
Yasmeen Ghauri, Gail Porter, Chaka Khan, Mike Remlinger,
Anna Moret,
Patricia Richardson, Jennifer and Michelle Steffin, Marti Pelow


  What and where? Describe why it was so bad!

(*Thanks to reader Mariska)

Alba Bama San Jose Costa Rica

ALBA SAYS: My worst job was when I was 18 years old as a
Manager of a Pizza place.

It was a nightmare because the owner, a 30 year old married
guy started to act nasty with me (Sexual Harassment) and I
was too young to be able to deal with that so I quit the job after
2 months there.

What a jerk! I still hate him!

Hugs Dear Jonathan!

Traci Northern Ireland

TRACI SAYS: I was a kitchen porter once when I was in my 20's
and it sucked!

Needed money and my friend ran the kitchens so I took the job.
Needless to say I only stuck it for a few weeks as I can't wash
dishes without havin' to wear rubber gloves and the uniform just
wasn't my colour! ha ha ha

DJ Toni Ton Ton New Zealand

DJ TONI TON TON SAYS: Hi Darlin'. Oh, I remember one night I had
to dj at a very rough club in Napier.

I went early to get the feel of the place and a dj friend I knew was
playing. He put on Pseudo Echo, and within seconds 200 people threw
bottles at him. He leapt from the dj box and ran for cover, and gone
for the hills.

The boss turned to me and said you're on!! You gotta be joking I thought?
Nervously I ran up and changed the music to Michael Jackson.
The crowd roared and I was an instant hit.

It was packed full of gangsters and drunkards. I quit at the end of the
night. God, it was the worst night ever.

Dare to be a DJ and live to tell the story!

March 22
   Reese Witherspoon
Now a HUGE star, Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon was born in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Reese was introduced to the entertainment industry at a very early age. At age 7, she
began modeling. This led to appearances on several local television commercials. At age
11, she placed first in a Ten-State Talent Fair. She was born in 1976. In 1990, she landed
her first major acting role in Robert Mulligan's The Man in the Moon (1991). Her role as a
14-year old tomboy earned her rave reviews. Roles in bigger films such as Jack the Bear
(1993) and A Far Off Place (1993) followed shortly after. Her breakthrough role came as
Elle Woods in the 2001 comedy Legally Blonde (2001). That movie was a huge box-office
smash and established Reese as one of the top female draws in Hollywood. The next year,
she scored a follow-up hit with Sweet Home Alabama (2002) which went on to gross over
$100 million dollars at the box office. In 2006, she took home the best actress Oscar for her
role as June Carter Cash in the Johnny Cash biopic Walk the Line (2005). Named one of People
Magazine's "25 Most Intriguing People of 2001". Named one of E!'s "Top 20 Entertainers" that
same year. Was named one of the 50 Most Beautiful People by People Magazine in 2002. She
appears in Entertainment Weekly's Most Powerful List sitting at #22. Ranked #1 on E!'s Holly-
wood's Hottest Blondes (2003). Named 'Favorite Female Film Star' by People Magazine (2004).
The year she won her Oscar for Walk the Line (2005) her husband Ryan Phillippe appeared in
the movie that won "Best Picture": Crash (2004).Named #40 in FHM's "100 Sexiest Women in
the World 2005" special supplement. Named #34 in FHM magazine's "100 Sexiest Women in
the World 2006" supplement. Currently one of America's hottest actress's.

Birthday's today:
William Shatner, Stephanie Mills, Jessica Darling, Andrew Lloyd Webber,
Jeremy Clyde (Chad and Jeremy), Bob Costas, Serge (Saska and Serge), Glen Campbell.
Lena Olin, Randy Hobbs (McCoys), George Benson, Matthew Modine, Keith Relf (Yardbirds),
Dax Griffin, Pete Wyle, M. Emmet Walsh, Suzzane Sulley (Human League), Kim Yun-Jung,
Laurie Sargent (Face To Face), Pieter Christiaan, Fran Sheehan (Boston), Pat Robertson,
Jon Hassell, Wolf Blitzer, Brian Shaw, May Britt, Marcus Camby, Shawn Bradley

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Tamera Memphis Tennessee

TAMERA SAYS: I've always been good about keeping a steady job,
but the worst one I had was as a customer service rep for one of
the major cell phone providers.

I completed 6 of the 8 weeks of training before I finally threw in the
towel. What made it so bad was NOT the company...it was the cust-
omers. I mean, hello? How can you not know what plan you're on and
how many minutes you have? How is it so fricking difficult to read your
bill? Do you not know how to control your children and their friends to
keep them from downloading wallpapers and ringtones? You say they
sent more text messages than your plan allows?

UP!!! If they're 13 or 14 years old, their grades suck, what the hell are
they even doing with a cell phone anyway???!!!???

The straw that broke the camel's back for me, was some snooty English
lady (nothing against my brit friends) that called me stupid and asked if I
even graduated from High School. I informed her that I did and even had
completed some college. She continued to put me down, and kept me in
tears, for at least another 15-20 min's before my supervisor took over.

The customer service rep is there to help. That's what they get paid for.
They are not there for you to yell at because you did something stupid...
like drop your cell in the sink full of water, lost your cell at the club, or
your kid called Pakistan 5 times and talked for an hour each time!!!

Thank you Jonathan and Mariska!!! Finally I've had to the chance to publicly
complain about my worst job!!!

Pjamela@kwss Scottsdale Arizona

PJAMELA SAYS: Hi Jonathan. The worst job I ever had was a
"perfume model" at a major department store in Scottsdale.

Not only was I bored to tears, I simply didn't like the smell of
the product I was promoting. For whatever reason it made me
nausous even though it was/is a very popular fragrance!!

Sure, the money was good at $15 bucks an hour ~ easy right ?
Standing around the cosmetic counter greeting people, but I always
knew that for the most part, customers just didn't want to check out
the perfume. I was reluctant because my belief is that perfume is a
personal accent to discover without the help of a salesperson pitching
it...spraying it...wasting it...flaunting it....all of that just eliminates
the intimacy of fragrance.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane...xo Pjamela

Wendy United Kingdom

WENDY SAYS: Hmm! All of them!! Probably the worse one was
when I was working in a ladies evening hire shop. It was called
Cinderella's and I felt like Cinderella. Stood amongst the beautiful
floaty ballgowns all day.

Problem was the boss had the hots for me and I spent most of my
time dodging his advances and his foul breath. Yuk.

The customers were mainly very upper crust and spoke to me as tho
I was far beneath their notice.

The nice part of it was the students who came in just to try on the
dresses. But when the boss came in, he'd shoo them all away, and I'd
be left with the dowager duchesses.

It was also very hard sell, and I crossed swords with the boss on many
occasions cos I refused to tell someone they looked wonderful in some-
thing totally ghastly just to make a sale.

I also had problems getting my wages. I'd have to wait outside the shop
on a Friday night for the boss to turn up outside in his Lambourghini and
hand them to me out of the car window. Lol

What a job that was. Sometimes he didn't even turn up and I'd be standing
there in Cardiff, middle of the city propping up a damn lamp post for an
hour amidst curious glances from passers by.

Say no more. Worse job ever. Yeah...had to be that one.

I jacked it in eventually cos he kept ringing me at home in the middle of
the night to try and persuade me to date him. I did get a good wardrobe full
of nice dresses out of him tho. He was so keen to get me into a relationship,
he gave me huge discounts on the dresses.

March 21
    Laura Allen
The dynamite 'Julia Mallory' of "Dirt" was born in 1974 in Portland, Oregon.
Grew up on Bainbridge Island, Washington. Attended Wellesley College as a
Sociology major and graduated in 1996. She worked with the NYPD as a dom-
estic violence counselor before pursuing acting. Middle child of three sisters.
Older sister is Jenny and younger is Lindsay. Appeared in Mona Lisa Smile
(2003), set in the 1950s at Wellesley College. Coincidentally, she graduated
from Wellesley in 1996. Laura and her fianc� Bruce Weyman were married at
the Relais Palazzo del Capitano in Pienza, Italy on September 23, 2006. You
will also know the petite 5'4" blonde from her role as 'Lily Moore Tyler' on the
incredible show "The 4400" (one of my favorite shows currently-set to begin
it's third season later this summer.)

Birthday's today:
Rosie O' Donnell, Matthew Broderick, Timothy Dalton, Anna Bolling,
Guy Chadwick (House Of Love), Vanessa Branch, Vivian Stanshall, Rachel MacFarlane,
Brad Hall, Lara Naszinsky, Kassie Wesley, Rosemary Stone (Sly And The Family Stone),
Gemma Catlin, Wei Wang, Anne-Sophie Briest, Shawon Dunston, Jennifer Lyn Jackson,
Roger Hodgson (Supertramp), Peter Banks (Genesis), Marie -Christine Barrault,
Cynthia Geary, Ananda Lewis, Jean Marie Hon, Tom Flores, Chris Candido (R.I.P.)


(scroll down to Monday March 19 for all responses so far)

Michelle Hendricks United Kingdom

MICHELLE SAYS: Hi Jonathan. The worst job that I ever did
was when I was 18 and took a summer job in a crisp man-
ufacturing factory.

I just didn't fit in and had the Mickey taken out of me constantly
by the older more streetwise girls.

The job itself was a nightmare! Crisp packets would shoot out from
an overhead device and I had to catch them and pack them in the
appropriate box.

I got quite good at this until one day when crisps came shooting out
without a bag and all over the place. (They swept them up and put
them back in the fryer, I swear! I don't eat that particular brand any-

I just remember thinking I'd be glad when summer ended.
Never again!!!! But, it paid for my holiday in Tenerife!!!

PimpZtress Rah Washington D.C.

RAH SAYS: Worst job? Telemarketer. I was to call up people and
tell them they WON! Then describe to them how they had to send $
(a butt-ton) for the tickets and bla bla bla.

I actually SOLD one of these packages to an old man who said he
didn't have that much in his account, but if I could wait until his social
security check to come in he could send it, as that is what he lived on.

I felt so terrible! After three days (of people cursing at me and hanging
up on me) and only the one sale on the third, I never came back.

I never even came back to pick up my check. I didn't want their filthy


xo -RaH

Candy S Alaska

CANDY SAYS: I worked at a catering business called
Smokey O's.

The owner of the company rented a room for his business in a
slaughter house. My entertainment for the day was watching
cows and pigs being shot in the head and then skinned.

One particular day I watched a bull get shot 5 times because the
first 4 couldn't kill him. Another day I got completely emotional
when a beautiful chocolate brown cow came in for slaughter. She
was shaking and crying. You could smell the blood everywhere.

Needless to say I don't eat beef or pork anymore.

March 20
   Theresa Russell
This well known face was born in San Diego, California in 1957. Her birth name is
Theresa Paup. Began modelling at age 12. Studied acting at the Lee Strasberg
Institute in Hollywood. In 1986 Russell won the National Association of Theater
Owners Award as "The Star of Tomorrow". According to the liner notes to Pete
Townshend's album "Scoop 3," she was the inspiration for The Who song "Athena"
(originally titled "Teresa"). Chosen by Empire magazine as one of the "100 Sexiest
Stars" in film history (#58) in 1995. Theresa has appeared in over 50 television and
movie roles. Plays 'Mrs. Marko' in the upcoming "Spider-man 3" this summer.

Birthday's today:
Jane March, Holly Hunter, Ashley Moore, John de Lancie,
Tanya Boyd, Jimme Vaughn (Fabulous Thunderbirds), Slim Jim Phantom (Stray Cats),
Richard Drummie (Go West), Mookie Blaylock, John Wetton (Asia), Yuka Nomura,
Guy Perry (Motels), Carl Palmer (Emerson, Lake and Palmer), Carl Risinger,
Bryan Genesse, Norman Tome, Jerry Reed, Hal Linden, William Hurt, Bobby Orr,
Pat Riley, Fiona Wade, Fred "Mr. Rogers' Rogers.


 What and where? Describe why it was so bad!

(*Thanks to reader Mariska)

Gloomy Phoenix Arizona

GLOOMY SAYS: I worked a telemarketing job once in 1989 as
a second job.

I had never worked on the phone before, let alone making cold
calls. I went through orientation, and the job sounded easy enough.
I got assigned my desk and my phone list. Every single name on
my list was completely unpronouncable.

I think they pulled out the section of the phonebook that only included
Asian last names. I was cussed at in more than one Asian language
that night.

I lasted 4 hours and I quit.

Tori South London England

The worst job I had was in a factory opening
envelopes and putting stuff into them.

Very boring. Work loads of paper cuts and crap pay for 40
hours a week starting at 8am and finishing at 4pm.

Barbara Abereenshire Scotland

This is an easy one.. I didn't even have
to think about it.

The worst job I ever had was when I was a student. I was a
clown at kid's birthday parties.

If you have to ask why this was my worst job?...well.....

March 19
   Rachel Blanchard
The TV and film actress was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1976. Rachel attended
Havergal college, an all girls school in Toronto. After high school she went on to attend
Queens university in Kingston, Ontario Canada. She later dropped out, however, when
she got offered the role of Cher in the "Clueless" (1996) TV series. To prepare for her
role as Cher, Rachel actually did go to some high schools in L.A. where she was surprised
to find out that the scene was somewhat like the movie portrayed. Rachel is an avid ho-
ckey fan, and also enjoys rockclimbing. She is a vegetarian and has a brother and sister.
Hair was dyed red for film "Road Trip" (2000) because the producers wanted her to have
a different look from Amy Smart. Voted in at #37 in FHM's 100 Sexiest Girls of 2002 poll,
UK edition. She has worked with both the London-twins. With Jason London in The Rage:
Carrie 2 (1999) and with Jeremy London in "7th Heaven" (1996). Has a pet dog, a bull
terrier named Wilbur because it looks like the pig in Charlotte's Web (1973).

Birthday's today:
Bruce Willis, Glenn Close, Ashley Head, Simmone Mackinnon,
Rick Mirer, Billy Sheenen (Mr. Big), Ricky Wilson (B-52's), Myung-Wha Chung,
Derek Longmuir (Bay City Rollers), Renee Taylor, Paul Atkinson (The Zombies),
Liam Jewell, Phyllis Newman, Ruth Pointer (Pointer Sisters), Nadine Kirschon,
Shelly Burch, Denny Albee, Alaina Castro, Philip Roth, Terry Hall (Colourfield)


What and where? Describe why it was so bad!

(*Thanks to reader Mariska)

Mariska United Kingdom

MARISKA SAYS: I will take this opportunity to thank you Jonathan for
allowing me to have selected this week's Q of the week.

"Ok guys here's a quick synopsis of the last three months of my hellish
life...as I know it.

We all have our cross to bear and this one's mine.
Firstly I got to work
along side this woman, who is best described as the collegue from hell's
mouth. She is a know it all. Stubborn as they come. Making up her own
rules as she goes along. Nutter...goes around in an aggressive manner
and egg shells are involved. ;(

She has led a valued member of staff to walk out of his job.
I'm following
a close second. Thing is she complains about everyone and everything with
whom she works along side. Even to the point of putting in a grievance
against me.

(((((Which turned out to be unsubstanciated)))))...Feck I cry.

Consequently I do not have the power to sack her! But she is now off work
on sick leave.

Enough said, she must terminal!!!!


Sharyl Salt Lake City Utah

SHARYL SAYS: I've never been fired. I guess I would say
Old Navy, but not because it was that bad, but more because
I was goth and working at Old Navy. lol

Not good.

Skyla Austin Texas/visiting England now

WHAT AND WHERE?: Day Shift Topless Dancer
Expose Men's Club. Austin, Texas.

The manager must have been a chubby chaser or a greedy ape
because he hired girls who should have never even made it to the
application process. He was paid $25 by each girl everyday so he
just tried to get as many girls in as he could.

They were wilder beasts and took over the day shift like a herd of
locust. They would charge half as much for lap dances as the rest of
us and would do just about anything for a dollar causing the original
day shift to have our money cut in half.

To keep us there, the management did not charge us for drinks so we
just sat at the bar and got hammered daily as we watched these new
girls make out with our customers that it took us years to build up an
image with.

Hundreds of dollars shattered and gone because some plus size "model"
was willing to go home and do god knows what with a guy and we were
not.  So being drunk every day and coming home with maybe gas money
caused many fights at work. FIST fights! Violent and ugly we all sort of
turned on each other.

It was never like that before. There was plenty for everyone, you could
actually talk to men when they came in and not feel like you had to do
your best goofy stand up routine and hard sell or to back stab another

Being drunk or on X everyday makes your body feel miserable and the
bruises from the pole and stage seemed to take for ever to heal! Worried
which customer is coming in and will you have to fight to sit with him.
Wondering if or which of your colleges of years are switching to the dark
side and doing more than dancing now. Knowing management is trying to
keep it's head above water because they let these ugly girls in and all the
men with money left because the place was an embarrassment and realized
too late that most of the veteran team of dancers are gone and they are left
with maybe 4 girls to hold the club if they fire the bad ones.

Phew!!!!!! Rant over. I feel much better. I had to switch to the night shift but
the hours of 4pm to 3am make you feel stir crazy after a while so I am just
going to take a break for 3 months and see if it clears its self up.

Steph (aka One Love) Cornwall, Ontario Canada

STEPH SAYS: A couple years ago I worked at this dog grooming
salon. It wasn't long after that I sort of regreted handing my resume
in because my boss had such a high pitched voice!! It was terrible.
She would scream at the dogs and it would be chaos.

I ended up working there for I think two years, since my mom also
worked there, I was payed under the table (for the first year). My
boss took advantage of it and gave me very little money for the work
I was doing.

All in all, I preffered the dogs to my boss. If it wasn't for her, I don't
think I would mind.

Besides all that fur that would get stuck in my bra. ITCHY.

I guess someone needs to do it.


Took a week off March 12-16

March 9
  Linda Fiorentino
Who could forget the raven haired beauty with that starred in 1995's movie "Jade".
Born Clorinda Fiorentino in 1960 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Graduated from Wash-
ington Township High School, in Sewell, New Jersey. Is a Graduate of Rosemont Co-
llege, in Rosemont, Pennsylvania (just west of Philadelphia). She earned her Bachelor's
Degree in Political Science from Rosemont College in Pennsylvania in 1980 at only 20
years old. After graduating college in 1980, she moved to the Hell's Kitchen section of
New York City and worked as bartender at the Kamikaze Club with Bruce Willis. She has
been an active photographer since 1987 and has studied it at the International Center
of Photography in New York City. Chosen by Empire magazine as one of the "100 Sexiest
Stars" in film history (#66) in 1995. Won her part in Men in Black (1997) in a poker game
from Barry Sonnenfeld. Besides the part in Men in Black (1997), she won around $1200.
"Marriage is a financial contract; I have enough contracts already." She is divorced.

Birthday's today:
Bow Wow, Brittany Snow, Martin Fry (ABC), Juliette Binoche,
Mickey Gilley, Jeffrey Osborne, Sophie Ngan, Kato Kaelin, Jamie Lyn Bauer,
Emmanuel Lewis, Isabella Hervey, Benito Santiago, Keely Smith, Ashley Chase,
John Cale (Velvet Underground), Robin Trower (Procol Harum), Adele Roberts,
Rick Steiner, Marty Ingels, William Kirby Cullen, Faith Daniels, Aaron Boone,
Ornella Muti, Trevor Burton (The Move), Mark Lindsey (Paul Revere & The Raiders)


*All music should be sent to: Jonathan L c/o KUPD-FM,
 1900 West Carmen, Tempe, Arizona 85283

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Boundzound Berlin Germany

HAVE I PLAYED HIM: No. Of all the artists I've brought to
your attention this week, and back in the beginning of January,
Boundzound, who is really a man by the name of Demba, is not
an unsigned or small label musician. His album will be out on
Universal Music soon. If he hadn't asked to be accepted recently,
I would have never been aware of this talented person. He kind of
reminds me of Aleksey, a similar African German. Born in Berlin's
Buch district, Demba has a first rate smooth sound. I don't know
if my audience will accept songs like "Love Clock", but's it's soooo
killer-hey-you never know. I also like the all German language
"Marathon Man". Hopefully I will be sent a copy, and take it from

Papageorgiou Vasilis Greece

WHAT TYPE OF MUSIC: Movie Soundtrack
HAVE I PLAYED HIM: No. I am waiting for a long promised CD.
Papa, who works as a sound engineer on a TV station currently,
has been around for years with bands, and as a session musician,
including bands like Dr. Feelgood. This is a gulity pleasure on my
part, but I can listen to this man's guitar work for hours. On a song
like "First Murder", he just slays me. No pun intended. When I finally
do recieve his CD, it will be interesting what I do with it. Papa is a
first class musician waiting to be discovered. His songwriting and
producing skills help make him a teriffic find.

Flipron Glastonbury United Kingdom

HAVE I PLAYED THEM: Yes. Ok, I confess, even though I didn't find
them on Myspace until after Rat Scabies came on my show and gave
me a CDR of their music, I still needed Myspace to find out more info.
Formed by singer/songwriter Jesse Budd, this outfit has great soul and
passion for lyrics and musical dramatics. Even though I have played
"Big & Clever" mostly, they have a strong arsenal of songs. They like
to refer to themselves as psychedelic. Ok, I will go along with that. I
wonder how Jesse will take it when I say that his voice reminds me
of Jim Bob from Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine, a band that I
heavily supported in radio for the duration of their career together.
It's actually a high comment Jesse. :-) They will be on the bill at the
annual Glastonbury Festival June 22. More info to come. Check in on
their profile from time to time. Do go buy their CD on a small label
titled Bisquits For Cerberus.

* Thank you for checking all these artists out.
I will
do this again soon in a couple of months.

March 8
  Christiane Paul
The long-time television actress was born on this day in 1974 in Berlin, Germany.
Was discovered during a "Miss Vogue" model contest at the age of 15. Her father
is a surgeon, her mother an anesthesiologist. Has worked on traineeship in the
Berlin Charit� hospital. Is a Doctor of Medicine, but not practicing. Has appeared
on over 50 television shows in roles on seroes or one-offs, and as herself. Finally
decided to concentrate on her acting career and quit her job as a doctor (2006).
Big fan of soccer club Bayern Munich. Married to Wolfgang Schwenk (August 2006
 - present). Gave birth to her daughter Mascha on 21 July 2002.

Birthday's today:
Gary Numan, Carol Bayer Sager, Cecelia Yip, Jim Bouton,
Freddie Prinze Jr., Aidan Quinn, Michelle Monroe, Shawn Mullins, Susan Clark,
James Van Der Beek, Elizabeth Young, Devon Michaels, Cynthia Rothrock,
Andrea Parker, Laura Tabourin, Nora-Jane Noone, Micky Dolenz (Monkees),
Richie Allen, Lynn Redgrave, Kenny Smith, Keith Jarrett, Lavinia Wilson,
Ralph Ellis (Swinging Blue Jeans), Cheryl Baker (Bucks Fizz), Jason Elam


*All music should be sent to: Jonathan L c/o KUPD-FM,
 1900 West Carmen, Tempe, Arizona 85283

The 4th 3

Michelle Meldrum Stockholm, Sweden/Los Angeles

WHAT TYPE OF MUSIC: Heavy Heavy Metal Old School
HAVE I PLAYED HER: NO. She's blonde, she reminds of
a cross between Doro and Girlschool, but more important
she plays a MEAN MEAN guitar. On "Bad Reputation" (not
the Joan Jett song), that would be a prime example. The
song is all instrumental and just slams! Michelle does have
a band called Meldrum, which consists of 3 other woman.
She really rocks on "Another Kind Of Solo", which cannot
be aired due to "F" word. Too bad. Anyway, Michelle...send
me a copy of your music if you want airplay. The address
is above. Love your attitude.

The Gentlemen Denmark

WHAT TYPE OF MUSIC: Progressive Rock/Metal
HAVE I PLAYED THEM: No. I should be recieving their music any
day now. Very much looking forward to playing "Ghosts And Black-
birds". Brilliant dynamics on that song. Talk, singing, and tempo
that goes from 15 MPH to 60 and back and forth. Great stuff! They
are actually a band of two. Bjarne Jensen and his partner Mads
Aanum. Together they make some intersesting sounds. Denmark
has some facinating music coming out of there. These two as they
progress very well could be getting more attention. I believe that
they already have the goods.

Wirksystem Pforzheim,Baden-Wuerttemberg Germany

WHAT TYPE OF MUSIC: Heavy Eletronic Metal
HAVE I PLAYED THEM: No. Again, I am just waiting for their
CD to arrive. This is not for everyone's taste. It's loud and
obnoxious at times, but melding electronics and heavy guitars,
along with screaming and then soft vocals in both German and
English, makes a quite alarming sound. Heavier than Oomph,
and not as polished as Rammstein, Wirksystem has what can
only be described as a band on the learning curve. Once they
really kick it in with improving on an already good direction,
they will truely capture the imagination of listeners of this type
of music. Listen to "Spiel Vorbei" and "Mr Dung Vorproducktion".

March 7
   Laura Prepon
Laura Prepon was born on this day in 1980 in Watchung, New Jersey. Laura is the
youngest of five children -- she has a brother, Brad, and three sisters, Danielle,
Jocelyn, and Stephanie. She attended Watchung Hills Regional High School. She
studied at the Total Theater Lab in New York City, where she appeared in num-
erous theatrical presentations. Made her mark as 'Donna Pinciotti' on "That '70's
Show" from 1998-2006. Laura resides in Watchung when not filming in Los Angeles.
She loves sneakers and vintage clothes. Her favorite book is 'The Hobbit' by J.R.R.
She and her fellow "That '70s Show" (1998) castmates, Topher Grace(Eric)
and Danny Masterson (Hyde), have made guest appearances on "King of the Hill"
(1997), but not in the same episode. Due to the seven inch height difference between
her and co-star Mila Kunis on "That '70s Show" (1998), Laura and Mila are often filmed
sitting down so that they can appear in the frame together. At other times Mila wears
platform shoes to give herself four extra inches. Ranked #84 in Stuff magazine's "102
Sexiest Women In The World" (2002). Is a natural red head. Was featured as #50 in
Maxim Magazine's "Hot 100 of 2002" supplement. Named #77 on the Maxim magazine 
"Hot 100 of 2005" list. Said her favorite actor is probably Harrison Ford.

Birthday's today:
Taylor Dayne, Ernie Esley, Jeff Kent, Mary Beth Evans,
Ricky Prohel, Wanda Sykes, Willard Scott, Cameron Daddo, Ivan Lendl,
Lynn Swan, Jules Shear, Donna Loren, Matthew Fisher (Procol Harum),
Franco Harris, Rik Mayall, Marsha Yuen, Rachel Rice, Steve Beuerlein,
Jenna Fischer, John Heard, Janet Guthrie, Chris White (The Zombies),
Tylene "Major Gunns" Buck, Kathleen Sullivan, Jennifer Hammon


*All music should be sent to: Jonathan L c/o KUPD-FM,
 1900 West Carmen, Tempe, Arizona 85283

The Third 3

Traci Rock/Vanity Blvd. Sweden

HAVE I PLAYED THEM: No. Just waiting for Traci's promise to
send me music. I actually found Traci and his band through a
myspace friend Traci (woman) from Northern Ireland. Although
I've only heard the two songs they have up on Traci Rock's
profile, I dig what I hear. What I do hear from "Share My Pain"
is solidly recorded music, with a woman lead singer (Cindi), a
deep ryhthm section (Ted-bass and Frecko on drums), and the
star guitar of Traci. As soon as I recieve their music, you will
hear on my shows.

Strawberry Blondes Newport/Dudley United Kingdom

TYPE OF MUSIC: Brit Style Post Punk
HAVE I PLAYED THEM: YES/NO. I did ask last year for music,
and I guess it got lost in the post. The Blondes are an ode to all
Brit punk bands past. Mickie's vocals are strong and the overall
sound is exactly what you would expect from this type of band.
They have played with many known artists such as Rancid, etc.
I just played "Rip It Up" on my Sunday night show this past week,
because Keith Jackson from Glass Heroes brought in his copy for
me to play. The band did hear me play it live on our stream. So,
now I am just waiting for the band to send me a CD.

Tempest London/Lincolnshire England

TYPE OF MUSIC: Classic style Rock/Metal
HAVE I PLAYED THEM: Yes. This a talent loaded outfit with
members that are connected to Saxon, FM, Huey Lewis, and
Motorhead. The lead vocalist who started the band back in '05
is Paul James (ex New Animals). I'm a sucker for this kind of
rock/metal. Not too hard, just hard enough. Fantastic song-
writing, brilliant melodies, melting bridges, and James passion
-ate singing style. Really love "Goodbye To Yesterday" and also
the melodic "Glistening Waters", both of which I've played on
my shows. I suppose I will play a lot more when I recieve an
actual copy of the CD (hint,hint boys ;-)-the address is above),
instead of the burned MP3's.

March 6
  Ellen Muth
The "Dead Like Me" star was born in 1981 in Milford, Connecticut. Last name
pronounced "Myooth" (like youth).
Not only is Ellen an actress but she is a
member of Mensa, a student at the Lee Strasberg School, drives and races a
six speed SS and collects Burmese cats. Her awards include Best Actress at
the AFI for The Young Girl and the Monsoon (1999) and best supporting act-
ress at the Japanese Film Festival for Dolores Claiborne (1995).
Muth became
interested in acting as a child and started studying to be an actor at age 10.
At 14, she recieved acclaim starring as the young Selena in the Stephen King-
based film, Dolores Claiborne (1995) starring Kathy Bates and Jennifer Jason
Leigh. After "Dolores Claiborne", Muth appeared on stage in the off-Broadway
production "Nine Armenians", before taking time off from acting to finish school.
Since then she has been seen in such features as Rain (2001/IV) written and di-
rected by Katherine Lindberg, and A Gentleman's Game (2001), directed by J.
Mills Goodloe. She got her first starring role as Constance in The Young Girl and
the Monsoon (1999), which earned her the AFI Los Angeles International Film
Festival Best Actress Award in 1999. On TV she has credits which include two
episodes of "Law & Order" (1990), television movies Two Against Time (2002)
(TV) and The Truth About Jane (2000) (TV). She also appeared in the miniseries
Superfire (2002) and Only Love (1998). Today she becomes only 26.

Birthday's today:
Betty Boo, Grace Park, Lara Cox, Natalie Amenula, Amy Petz,
Edwina Wren, Greg Ostertag, Tom Arnold, Kiki Dee, Shaquille O'Neal, Judy Loe,
Bubba Sparxx, Willie Mays, Rob Reiner, David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), Moira Kelly,
Joanna Miles, David Spielberg, Jackie Zeman, Willie Stargell, Michael Finley

*All music should be sent to: Jonathan L c/o KUPD-FM,
1900 West Carmen, Tempe, Arizona 85283

The next 3

The Dead Stars On Hollywood New York City

TYPE OF MUSIC: Rock/Pop/Glam
HAVE I PLAYED THEM: Yes. A foursome that bring up many
sounds of others from the past. With strong songwriting and
a great sound, they make their own stamp. Currently I am
loving "Bang Bang Love", but am starting to dig "Prozac Smile"
too. Without trying to label the band, their rock glam sound is
much needed in a sea of very same sounding bands that are
cluttering up my desk. I think I will be playing them for quite
some time. My feeling is that this band is going to go far. How
could they not? Just listen to the songs available on their profile.
You be the judge. I am waiting for the CD to continue with other

Orthostatic Phoenix Arizona

TYPE OF MUSIC: Metal/Hard Rock
HAVE I PLAYED THEM: Yes. Here is one of those undiscovered
gems, that if they didn't contact me, I probably wouldn't have
known about them. From the demo that was sent, immediately
I gravitated towards the song "Glass House". It has all the making
and features of a song that grabs you, and sounds awesome on
the radio. Vocals are strong, it actually features hooks, and the
guitar riffs are amazing! According to the dictionary, the bands
name means 'causing to stand upright'. Just thought you might
like to know that. -lol :-)

The Myths New York

HAVE I PLAYED THEM: YES. The above graphic is the cover of
their album. I only bring this up due my confusion as to what the
group's name is. The all-girl band are a trio called The Myths. Now
personally I like Girlfriend-zy better, but yes, it's the music that will
always be more important. The trio, Isis, Venus, and Medusa have
the look, and boy do they have a clean sound. I am loving "Me
Attack" at the moment, but will wait till I recieve the CD to graduate
to other songs. In that huge pot of all-girl bands, they do stand out.
I've been told that they will be putting together a stage show that will
be very unusual.

March 5
   Nikki Taylor
The tattoed model with hazel eyes was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1975.
Was clumsy as a child with crooked teeth. Father, Ken, is a Florida Highway Pat-
rolman and mother, Barbara, is a photographer. Critically injured in an automobile
crash in 2001, when her then-boyfriend reached down to answer his cellular phone
and swerved off the road. She has had 41 surgeries since, and has been recovering
Sued the publisher of British Glamour and Cosmopolitan magazines for
photographing her scars after she was in a car accident with her boyfriend. Niki and
Nascar driver Burney Lamar were married on December 27, 2006 at the Grande Co-
lonial Hotel in La Jolla, California. Launched her perfume, "Begin", by Niki Taylor, in
October 2005. Resides in Nashville, Tennessee, where she owns a clothing boutique.

Birthday's today:
Dan Stuart (Green On Red), Penn Jillette, Neil Young,
Eddy Grant, John Frusciante (Red Hot Chilli Peppers), Marsha Warfield,
Fred "The Hammer" Williamson, Alan Clark (Dire Straights), Teena Marie,
Rocky Bleire, Michael Irvin, Jolene Blaylock, Marcia McCabe, Nicole Pratt,
Dean Stockwell, Mike MacDougal, Mark E. Smith (The Fall) Andy Gibb (R.I.P.)


The First 3

James Arthur Redcar United Kingdom

HAVE I PLAYED HIM: Yes. Anyone who has listened to my radio
shows in the past weeks would have heard how much I am impress-
ed with this 18-year old, who sounds so mature vocally, it's almost
frightening. James, has that raw, and rare pure talent that will take
him very far. It's only a matter of time before other's will discover
what I have. I do have to thank his mum for asking me to listen. Glad
I did! The ballad "Do You Love Me Like You Used To" shows James at
his minimal best. Strong singer/songwriter. On the more jangly up-tempo
rock side "Indoctranated People" further exposes his afforementioned raw
talent. He also has a band Moonlight Drive. Seriously, keep and eye out,
and an ear on him. As long as he keeps his innocence and being unaffected,
this boy/man will around for many years. Gives me chills listening to him.

Passionworks Helsinki Finland

HAVE I PLAYED THEM: Yes. This quartet captured my ears
instantly! Lead vocalist Harriet simply knocks me out. I have
been playing "Falling" so far. Thanks to the group sending me
their full album, which is fantastic, I will be playing them for
a long period of time. The album Blue Play is stocked with all
varieties of rock, and again it's Harriet all with her mates that
simply sustain one's interest. Hard CD to take out of the CD

Geebeats Bristol Southwest United Kingdom

TYPE OF MUSIC: Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Rap
HAVE I PLAYED HIM: No. I'm still pondering whether I will or
not. The young man from Bristol has a low keyed approach,
in other words, not hardcore screaming, yelling, etc. I love the
way he captures the spirit of House Of Pain's "Jump Around", with
his song "Put Your Hands Up". Maybe it's a guilty pleasure for me,
but there is a charm and quite solid recording quality to this. I
would hope he reads this and sends his music. You never know.

March 2
  Elizabeth Jagger
Nicknamed 'Lizzy', the tall 5' 10" daughter of Rolling Stone Mick Jagger and
model Jerry Hall is 23 today and was born in New York City.
Siblings: James,
Georgia Jagger and Gabriel Jagger, half-sisters: Jade Jagger and Karis Jagger,
half-brother: Lucas Morad-Jagger. She and her ex-boyfriend Sean Lennon are
both children of famous music legends: Elizbaeth's father is Mick and Sean is
the son of late Beatle John Lennon. Signed a deal as the face of Lancome's LCM
range. (Sept. 2002) The two-year contract was worth �500,000 ($1.38 million).

Birthday's today:
Lou Reed, Debra McMichael, Lorraine Newman, Rory Gallagher,
Mike Von Erich, Donna Perry, Heather McComb, Jon Bon Jovi, Shereen Tang,
Chris Martin (Coldplay), Eddie Money, Dale Bosworth, Mark Evans (AC/DC),
Rebecca Harrell, John Osmond (The Osmonds), Winnie Leung, Matthew Laurance,
Jocelyn Jee, Karen Carpenter (Carpenters R.I.P.), "Hopalong" Cassady (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: "I CAN HEAR AND SEE" is over today

Nick Brooklyn New York

NICK SAYS: Life as a kid-Beatles "Yellow Submarine", He-Man.
Also, any hair band from the eighties (don't blame me, my sister
was really into that music and forced me to listen.)

Life as a teenager-Nirvana "Moist Vagina", Angry Samoans
"Gas Chamber", Sex Pistols "Bodies", The Ramones
"Pet Cemetary". The films Kids and Taxi Driver.

Early to mid twentys-Gene Vincent "By the Light of the Silvery Moon",
Dead Kennedy's "Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death", The Candy
Snatchers "HUMAN ZOO!", Two man Advantage "Drafted", the film
Punch Drunk Love.

Life now-Black Sabbath "Supernaut", MC5 "Back In The USA". The
films Children of Men, Idiocracy and Magnolia...oh, and
The Simpsons episode which features the Beer Baaron.

Charmaine Essex East United Kingdom

CHARMAINE SAYS: I would say, Pink- "Don't Let Me Get Me"
for the past.

And present, Iggy Pop- "Lust For Life".


Janice Jett (victim of circumstance) Middletown Ohio

JANICE SAYS: I'm pretty sure if there was a movie to describe
my life it would probably be a cross between RENT and

A rather odd combination, I know, but my life is like RENT because
I am an artist and I will never compromise that for any amount of
money in the world.

I don't care if I am dirt broke as long as I am doing what I love to do.

And also, like SIXTEEN CANDLES because I am pretty much a geek
magnet (which I happen to love), and many people seem to overlook
me or want me to be someone else. But hopefully one day I will find a
female version of Jake Ryan (or JOAN JETT) and be happy in the end.
(and hopefully my dress won't catch on fire when we kiss over the
birthday cake)

Mike Phoenix Arizona

These songs tell a pretty good story of my life.

When The Children Cry
...White Lion
Hell Is For Children
.....Pat Benetar
........Suicidal Tendencies
.................Lynyrd Skynyrd
Youth Gone Wild
..........Skid Row
Up All Night
In The Navy
..............Village People
Coming Home
Wild In The Streets
......Circle Jerks
Shot Thru The Heart
......Bon Jovi
Back On My Feet Again
....The Babys
Lost in Love
.............Air Supply

LOL, hope that makes sense!!!

March 1
   Diane Henry
The fledgling actress was born in 1982 in Euless, Texas. Appeared as a cast
member of Big Brother in 2004 and 2004 (Big Brother All-Stars). Developed
a platonic relationship with fellow Big Brother 5 housemate Drew Daniel. In
1998 Diane appeared uncredited as herself (in Girls Gone Wild: Bad Girls). She
played Bikini Girl #2 in 2005's "The Scorned". Also during 2005, Diane worked
for awhile as the stand-in for Cote de Pablo on the set of "Navy NCIS: Naval
Criminal Investigative Service". The only question that remains is, will she be
able to make an acting career off of Big Brother? The jury is out.

Birthday's today:
Mary Lou Lord, Roger Daltry (The Who), Mike D' Abo (Manfred Mann),
Harry Belafonte, Anna Bruggemann, Alicia Leigh Willis, Aron Winter, Barbara DeAngelis,
Winston Rodney (Burning Spear), Nik Kershaw, Ron Howard, Bill Leen (Gin Blossoms),
Chris Webber, Alan Thicke, Dirk Benedict, Omar Daal, Tony Ashton, Luis Soho, Lana Wood,
Janis Gill (Sweethearts Of The Rodeo), Catherine Bach, Timothy Daly, Naima Mora

Q of THE WEEK: "I CAN HEAR AND SEE" continues
(scroll down to view all responses)

Jo Jo (aka Pretty Green Eyes) Manchester England

JO JO SAYS: I can hear Music, it's a band playing , and the
song is "The Very Thought Of You". A Nat King Cole look-
alike is singing the words so beautiful.

I was so absorbed in the music that , I didn't hear a guy trying
to shout across the dance floor, "hey lady!...yes you?"

He gestures me to walk to the dance floor, and reaches for my
arm. "Will you have this dance?" "Yes I'd love to I say". "What's
your name", he asks me? "It's Jo-anna".

"I'm Gabe". And, "your American I say". "Yes" he says. His eyes
were so soft and he pulled me closer, and said in my ear, "I'm
the luckiest guy in here tonight, to have such a beauty".

"Sure" I say, and begin to laugh. He said "can I spend all evening
looking at you, and dancing". "Yes, I'd like that too".

The film is Yanks with Richard Gere.

(The rest from my own imagination)

LaWanda El Mirage Arizona

LAWANDA SAYS: "Because Of You" by Kelly Clarkson.

My mom and dad were very abusive. Took me a long time
to get over it.

Sean (aka Baroque Pop Radio) Scottsdale Arizona

SEAN SAYS: Great poll.

My Chldhood Years - "Moonlight Feels Right" by Starbuck
Teenage Years - "I'm An Outsider" by the Ramones
College Years - "Marquee Moon" by Television
Dad and School Teacher Years -
"Beginning of a Great Adventure" by Lou Reed

Sue Sheffield England

SUE SAYS: Can't do this with one song, got to be in sections.

Childhood - "Left Behind" by Slipknot, also "Janie's Got A Gun"
by Aerosmith (I wanted justice but kept quiet for my mums sake).

Teens - "Crazy Train" by Ozzy and "Crazy Nights" by KISS.

When my first husband left; "Two Steps Behind" by Def Leppard.

Present; "Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" by U2.
I know it's about religion, but you can use it in other walks of life too.

This doesn't mean I am an unhappy person, just a bit of a lost soul.
So I suppose my song for now should be "Restless Soul" by

This has been really difficult as I have had so many changes in my life,
but always come out smiling and an even kinder person than before.
Nothing hardens me up.

Can't think of a film that sums my life up at all. It's been kinda weird
really, but I never took to drugs. Inspite of it all i guess i am a balanced
person who loves everyone. Although I have always felt there was some-
thing missing but not sure quite what. Oh well, so it goes on.


February 28
  Dorothy Stratten (R.I.P.)
Dorothy's story was brief, glorious and tragic. Born in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. She grew up in
a rough neighborhood in Vancouver, but kept out of trouble and went through the motions of
school. While not a beauty as a child, nor early teen, Stratten came into her own out of high
school and attracted the attention of Paul Snider, a promoter and wannabe star. He started
dating her and after seeing an advertisement for Playboy's 25th Anniversary Playmate search
in 1978, convinced her to pose for photos. Playboy saw the potential in Stratten and flew her
out to Los Angeles, where she became a candidate. Although she lost out to Candy Loving,
Stratten was made a Playmate in the August, 1979 issue of Playboy. Soon after, she was press-
ured into marrying Snider, who had a Svengali-like influence on her. After her centerfold came
out, Stratten found work in a few movies, notably Americathon and Skatetown, USA., as well as
being the object of Richard Dawson's affection in an ABC-TV special shot at the Playboy mansion.
Clearly, her star was on the rise. In 1980, it was revealed that Stratten would be tabbed as the
Playmate of the Year by Playboy publisher and founder Hugh Hefner. While this was one of the
crowning achievements of her career, things were not going well in her marriage to Snider. He
bothered her on the set of the movie Galaxina and when Snider found out she was developing
more than a friendly relationship with director Peter Bogdonavich, Snider grew increasingly fru-
strated. After a separation, Snider bought a gun and talked Stratten into coming to the apart-
ment they used to share in West Los Angeles. Snider tied her up, sexually assaulted her and put
the gun (a shotgun) next to her face and pulled the trigger. Snider then turned the gun on himself
to complete the murder-suicide. Since her death, Stratten has become something of a minor cult
fixture, and has had two (one a television) movies a song and a couple of books written about her.
The last movie she was in, "They All Laughed, " was released after her death. She was born on this
day in 1960. Today she would have been 47-years old.

Birthday's today:
Rae Dawn Chong, Cindy Wilson (B-52's), Mario Andretti, Eric Lindros,
John Turturro, Bernadette Peters, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, Mercedes Ruehl,
Maxine Bahns, Eden Rountree, Rebecca Gibson, Gilbert Gottfried, Margaret Volker,
Bubba Smith, Robert Sean Leonard, Marleen Lohse, Elisa Fiorillo, Adrian Dantley,
Erik van Kessel, Michelle Horn, Phil Gould (Level 42), Brian Jones (Rolling Stones R.I.P.)

(scroll down for all responses)

Candy Phoenix Arizona

Hmmm...let's just say I'm going thru a year
of possible change. Good or bad.

Well, let's see. Dead Can Dance. The ubiquitous
"Mr. Lovegroove" speaks mountains to me right now.

Keren Stroud United Kingdom

KEREN SAYS: My life at the moment can be set to the movie
Bridget Jones Diary, as I'm single and overweight. :(

Song..."Roosters Come Get Some"...as I'm available...lol

As for the past. James Blunt's "Goodbye My Lover".

For film...dont laugh...but Calamity Jane, as I was a real
tom boy!!

Chilli Denmark

CHILLI SAYS: My past. This song is from the Cranberries.
Describes my life/thoughts 5-6-years ago. I had lost my identity.

It ended like this;
I packed my bag and booked a plane ticket to
Iceland and stayed there for 3-4 months

I was looking for a new life/new identity. When I came back
home I was a new person and felt really good and happy

This is the short version of that story ;)
But the song describes the time before I left.

Dr. Jen New York

DR. JEN SAYS: Oh my dearest Jonathan L. You ask such a question
that brings excitement, pain, pleasure, and the year I realized that
my father had been gone (passed on) and my mother had figured I
was big enough to take care of myself in my early teens. So I did.

I packed my suitcase when my mother didn't have a man in the house
(which she would let me know by placing a pair of "HIS" boots outside
the door) and if I was lucky enough I could get in, and finally grab a few
things, and I knew that deep down that was what she wanted.

So I went to my grandmother. Whom I always called "mother". She gave
me what she had hidden in a sock money wise from her abusive husband
(the grandfather "Papa"), I take care of now because even after all of this,
I still believe family comes first.

I lived on the East Coast and couldn't afford a ticket to the west coast, so
off to Florida I went where the music, the lifestyles the parties, everyone
seemed happy, seemed helpful, no one was hip in Florida?

Trust me I got on that bus, and never looked back. I was young. I was 16,
and when we pulled into Tampa, it was like the vultures were waiting, and
I came from a small town in South Central New York on the PA border.

I believed anything these nice guys said...yeah nice guys. I almost immed-
iately got into free-basing. I guess the nice way of saying "crackhead", and
I was an exotic dancer with nothing before I knew it, but I would NEVER sell
my body...until one night my "boss" said this is a huge client and you will
go to him. 'Sharkbait' is easy in these parts.

It was a 'Glam Rockstar'. Instead of abusing me like he could of, we went
thru the bar, out to his bus (or I remember him calling it his war wagon. lol)

I won't tell you who, but he saved me. I was off the dope, never slept with
any of them. In the position most girls would have killed for and I pulled my
way washing laundry for the band. When the tour was over, I came home,
back to New York.

I am still totally estranged from my mother. I am divorced, basically due to
my broken neck while pregnant. But his dope problems. Not best friends with
my ex-husband who broke my neck as I wouldn't get into the dope with him,
as I was above that and made some pretty big promises to people that didn't
have to help me, but could've legally passed me around for fun, and left me.

Donnie, we had 2 children together many years ago, never married, and I'm
glad we never did, because he is truly, my best friend in the world. I am also
not an uneducated woman. Thru all of this, I hold and MSEd, as well as a
PsychD-Cand. But my passion is music. And I hope with the friends in the music
community coast to coast, who are all very supportive of me, that this will work,
as I can't live as a single mom with a family forever.

My business, is slowly growing.

So I guess if I had to chose a song to fit my life, I'd swear Bret would've written
this about me, had he only known, and I wear it proudly tattooed on my inner left
"Mama's Fallen Angel". (*Poison)

Thanks for allowing me to get that off my chest, I've needed to for many years.

Thank you...Jennifer Keller MSEd.,PsychD-Cand

February 27
  Deidre Holland
Well known adult film star was born in 1966 in Amersfoort, Utrecht, Netherlands.
 She has gone under all theses names; Martine Anuszek / Deidre Dutch / Martine
Helene / Dedrie Holland / Deedra Holland / Diedra Holland / Diedre Holland / Val-
erie Stone. Deidre is one of the most beautiful women ever to hit hard-core. She
got her first break in Australia, before coming to America and getting into features.
She has a perfect body, with full pouting lips and hair to die for.  Has a willingness
to please her co-stars that makes her look completely confident and natural on-
camera. Her charming accent, erotic look and sexual demeanor have made her one
of porn's biggest stars in recent times. Was once married, but now divorced. Her
birth name is  Martine Helene Smit.

Birthday's today:
Amanda Street, Jennifer Grant, Brittany York, Michael Bolten,
Bree Walker, Katie ONeil, Sophie Winter, Emily Aston, Julia Brendler, Linda Brava,
Ashley Evans, Jenny Thompson, Rachel Veltri, Jonathan Caine (Journey, Babys),
Allison Armitage, JT Snow, Sandie Shaw, Ron Fox, Mitch Ryder (Detroit Wheels),
Bob "Bear" Hite (Canned Heat R.I.P.), "Fats" Domino (R.I.P.), Johnny Cash (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: (See yesterday-scroll down)

Samantha (aka ...Miss Pink) Liverpool England

SAMANTHA SAYS: I have two songs which are important to me and
which represent the duality of personality I seem to possess.

The softer side is "3Libras" by A Perfect Circle. Always one drawn to
the oppressed and overlooked talents of this world, I am a sucker for
a misunderstood genius. Unfortunately, I have been let down many a
time, through my own poor judgement.

Threw you the obvious
And you flew with it on your back
A name in your recollection
Down among a million, say:
Difficult enough to feel a little bit
Disappointed, passed over.
When I've looked right through,
To see you naked and oblivious
and you don't see me

Well I threw you the obvious,
Just to see if there's more behind the
Eyes of a fallen angel,
Eyes of a tragedy.

Here I am expecting just a little bit
Too much from the wounded
But I see,
See through it all,
See through,
And see you.

So I threw you the obvious
Do you see what occurs behind the
Eyes of a fallen angel
Eyes of a tragedy

Well, oh well..

The second song represents the part of me that is the strong side. I am
spurred on to correct wrong doings, educate myself and others, saturate
myself with knowledge and rise up. Trust me, when you listen to this
song, you will want to join me ~ "Dogma" by KMFDM.

All we want is a headrush
All we want is to get out of our skin for a while
We have nothing to lose because we don't have anything
Anything we want anyway...
We used to hate people
Now we just make fun of them
It's more effective that way
We don't live
We just scratch on day to day
With nothing but matchbooks and sarcasm in our pockets
And all we are waiting for is for something worth waiting for
Let's admit America gets the celebrities we deserve
Let's stop saying "Don't quote me" because if no one quotes you
You probably haven't said a thing worth saying
We need something to kill the pain of all that nothing inside
We all just want to die a little bit
We fear that pop-culture is the only culture we're ever going to have
We want to stop reading magazines
Stop watching T.V.
Stop caring about Hollywood
But we're addicted to the things we hate
We don't run Washington and no one really does
Ask not what you can do for your country
Ask what your country did to you
The only reason you're still alive is because someone
Has decided to let you live
We owe so much money we're not broke we're broken
We're so poor we can't even pay attention
So what do you want?
You want to be famous and rich and happy
But you're terrified you have nothing to offer this world
Nothing to say and no way to say it
But you can say it in three languages
You are more than the sum of what you consume
Desire is not an occupation
You are alternately thrilled and desperate
Skyhigh and fucked
Let's stop praying for someone to save us and start saving ourselves
Let's stop this and start over
Let's go out - let's keep going
This is your life - this is your fucking life
We need something to kill the pain of all that nothing inside
Quit whining you haven't done anything wrong because frankly
You haven't done much of anything
Someone's writing down your mistakes
Someone's documenting your downfall

My film would be True Romance, Like Alabama I have often times been
stuck with a Drexel, but occasionally I meet a Clarence who rocks my


Sooz (aka Major Spoon of the S.S.S) Glasgow Scotland

SOOZ SAYS: I had a look, but I'm rubbish at these type of questions.

My mind changes every two seconds much like my taste in music.

I couldn't even imagine one song to sum up my life, although
"Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen almost touches on it. lol.

Susie (spoon)

Good choice though Sooz.

Debby Phoenix Arizona

DEBBY SAYS: Pink Floyd's song "Comfortably Numb".

Is there anybody in there?
Just nod if you can hear me.
Is there anyone at home?
Come on, now,
I hear you're feeling down.
Well I can ease your pain
Get you on your feet again.
I'll need some information first.
Just the basic facts.
Can you show me where it hurts?

There is no pain you are receding
A distant ship, smoke on the horizon.
You are only coming through in waves.
Your lips move but I can't hear what you're saying.
When I was a child I had a fever
My hands felt just like two balloons.
Now I've got that feeling once again
I can't explain you would not understand
This is not how I am.
I have become comfortably numb.

Just a little pinprick.
There'll be no more aaaaaaaaah!
But you may feel a little sick.
Can you stand up?
I do believe it's working, good.
That'll keep you going through the show
Come on it's time to go.

There is no pain you are receding
A distant ship, smoke on the horizon.
You are only coming through in waves.
Your lips move but I can't hear what you're saying.
When I was a child
I caught a fleeting glimpse
Out of the corner of my eye.
I turned to look but it was gone
I cannot put my finger on it now
The child is grown,
The dream is gone.
I have become comfortably numb.

Erica Leeds England

ERICA SAYS: Cheers, Jonathan. I would have to say that the
album Pretty Hate Machine sums up my life and how I feel
about it now. (*Nine Inch Nails)

Although it was released some time ago, each song not only has
meanings from the past but also meanings from what has been
going on recently.

I always want "Something I Can Never Have" because I always
let people get under my skin when I shouldn't, and then I end up
with "Thats What I Get" every time.

It does also have a somewhat cathartic effect when I listen to it all
the way through. I could go on at great length about each individual
song, but that would be rather self indulgent. It remains one of my
favourite albums of all time, and I think it is genius.

June (aka Evil Barbie) St Albans United Kingdom

Hi Jonathan. I guess I would Have to describe my
life as a 'Carry on Movie' as everyone who knows me well
describes it thus.

As to which one I don't know. probably the program that shows
clips of the best bits of all of them!! It's definately a sitcom, as
the most bizzarre and funny things happen to me and my posse.

We always seem to be in the right/wrong place at the right/wrong
time!! Though I'm sure most people don't believe the adventures
we have had, or celebs we have met.

As when we relay our antics they fix us with an incredulous stare!!

Sex and the City is pretty apt also!!

As for a song at the moment, I can relate to "I Am" and also
"I Don't Care",
both by Ricky Martin.


February 26
   Mandana Jones
Mandana was born in 1967 to her Welsh father and Iranian Mother. Her Head of English
encouraged her to take up acting when she was unsure what she wanted to do with her
life. She began building up her CV and one of her first jobs was an usherette in London's
West End.
Then she got into drama school (the same one attended by "Bad Girls" (1999)
co-star Helen Grace) The Drama School. Her theatre credits include 'Midsummer Nights
Dream' at the National in 1992, 'Hove' at the National 1993 and ''Resolution' at the Batt-
ersea Arts Centre 1994. Previously she did Julius Caesar (Compass/No 1 tour), The Mer-
chant of Venice, Volpone (English Shakespeare Company), (The Merchant of Venice and
Volpone, after a visit to the Globe Theatre in Tokyo, completed a twentyfour week UK
tour), Cymbeline/The Wager (Start Here Productions tour including the Lyric and Birm-
ingham Rep Studios).
She was also in a film called Flesh and Blood. Her role on ITV award
winning drama 'Bad Girls' is what most people associate her with. Mandana became a gay
icon to millions of women through her role on Bad Girls playing Nikki Wade and is very pr-
oud of the shows achievements. But before Nikki she played parts such as a Doctor on
"London Bridge" (1995).
Her 2003 role on BBC1 afternoon play 'Coming Up For Air' was pl-
aying the part of Sarah, the love interest of Jeremy Sheffields character Tom. She played
'Ria Ford' on the British TV series "Doctors" on six episodes from 2003-2005.

Birthday's today: Amanda Street, Jennifer Grant, Brittany York, Michael Bolten,
Bree Walker, Katie ONeil, Sophie Winter, Emily Aston, Julia Brendler, Linda Brava,
Ashley Evans, Jenny Thompson, Rachel Veltri, Jonathan Caine (Journey, Babys),
Allison Armitage, JT Snow, Sandie Shaw, Erykah Badu, Mitch Ryder (Detroit Wheels),
Bob "Bear" Hite (Canned Heat R.I.P.), "Fats" Domino (R.I.P.), Johnny Cash (R.I.P.)


Set your life (Present, Past, or a certain time)
to MUSIC and/or FILM/TV.

Using the above to describe your life.

In other words-using a song(s) or/and a TV
show or movie, what is your life like or was?

You can be creative on this one.

Alba Bama San Jose Costa Rica

ALBA SAYS: My life at this moment should be described with
"In Your Room". Lyrics by Depeche Mode. One of my favourite
songs and also very appropiate right now.

One of the best things of life is to know that no matter how
attatched you are to someone or something, your soul remains
free if you want it that way.


Angiy Glasgow Scotland/Seattle Washington

ANGIY SAYS: Hey Handsome. Ok, here is the song that basically
summed up my life this time last year.

After a long, stressful divorce, this song just summed up everything
for me - Alice In Chains - "It Ain't Like That".

There I was, laid out on a table
Screamin' sweat and bare feet to the floor
In my life, I'd not soften
Things that cut, and burn so often
But I sit, think of somethin'
Scared to face, the dyin' nothing

See the cycle I've waited for
It ain't like that anymore

Where I go is when I feel I'm able
How I fight is why I'm feelin' sore
In my sight, not forgotten
Feel as though, a tooth were rotten
Behind the smile, a tongue that's slippin'
Buzzards cry, when flesh is rippin'

See the cycle I've waited for
It ain't like that anymore

Here I sit writing on the paper
Trying to make the words you can't ignore
In my mind, what I'm lacking
Score at face, a ten for slacking
Sign the deal, set in motion
Smaller fish, so huge the ocean

See the cycle I've waited for
It ain't like that anymore

Gloomy Phoenix Arizona

GLOOMY SAYS: "The Real Thing", by Faith No More. I had that
song running through my head the first time I made love with my
fiance', Christopher.

It's when I knew we would be together forever. I knew he was my
soulmate. The beginning is particularly special to me:

I know the feeling

It is the real thing
The essence of the truth
The perfect moment
That golden moment
I know you feel it too
I know the feeling
It is the real thing

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