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May 31
Colin Farrell
Birthday's today: Joe Namath, Wendy Smith (Prefab Sprout), Clint Eastwood, Brooke Shields,
Lea Thompson, Corey Hart, Tom Berenger, Dave Roberts, Peter Yarrow (Peter, Paul & Mary),
Mick Ralphs (Bad Company), Chris Elliott, Kenny Lofton, Vicki Sue Robinson, Johnny Paycheck,
Liberty Irene Kasem, Gregory Harrison, Bart van Poppel, John Bonham (Led Zeppelin R.I.P.)

All week long, it's musical themes. You may send your ideas.

Here are a couple of compilations I made from my iTunes library.
Everyone loves the facination of space and science fiction. These
sound great at night under the stars. (Both fit on 80-minute CD's)

I hope these give you some ideas of your own.
Tomorrow: Radio songs about radio and Sluggo's Rio player fave's

Sad news from Ohio to all

WOXY-FM - X97.7 is dead. The station has flipped formats to Bob-FM -aka the Variety Hits format that is sweeping the nation. I am now officially unemployed. I am looking for a new radio gig in the Cincinnati area. email: sledge@mattsledge.com phone: 513.688.0352 I want to thank those of you that have supported the station in the past year. I couldn't have done it without your help. I'll leave it at that. Please, be well.
Regards, Matt Sledge

This is second time in the past year that bad news has come from the call letters
that was a long-time staple of the alternative format. When the Baloughs sold the
station, Mike Taylor went off to continue WOXY.com, which still exists on the
internet. Matt stayed and while the station hired the Waitt Radio Network to run
their programming, Matt did do a live shift Monday-Friday. Sorry Matt, you are a
good guy and I hope you are employed quickly and doing something that you enjoy.

May 30 Memorial Day
Wynonna Judd
Birthday's today: Stephen Duffy(Tin Tin/Lilac Time), Nicky "Topper" Headon (Clash), Ruta Lee,
Keir Dullea, Meredith MacRae, Manny Ramirez, Michael J. Pollard, Omri Hairi Katz, Scott Eyre,
Tim Burgess (Charlatans U.K.), Peter Townend, Larry Davidson (Dave Clark 5), Colm Meaney,
David Ackroyd, Tammy Parks, Marie Fredriksson (Roxette), Jake "The Snake" Roberts (R.I.P.)

As we honor our country and the people that fought and died, today, it
reminded me of a compilation I did a couple of years ago. Above is all
about America...the land we love.

Below is something I threw together last night from my iTunes. There are
many that I've missed, I'm sure. If it's a band...a member has passed.
Before you bring it up...yes...I missed Janis Joplin and Hendrix.

Tomorrow: Songs about Space.

This week it is all about musical themes. Send in your ideas and lists.
* I must mention that it's so cool that you can now print out your iTunes playlist.
The earlier versions of iTunes, you couldn't.

May 29
La Toya Jackson
Birthday's today: Melissa Etheridge, Danny Elfman, John Mayall, Mel Gaynor (Simple Minds),
Gary Brooker (Procol Harum), Larry Blackmon (Cameo), Rupert Everette, Annette Benning,
Danny Gerard, Adrian Paul, Karla DeVito, Robin Johnson, Mike Portaro (Toto), David Palmer

These are the last 26 songs played on my iTunes. With that in mind, next week
I will come up with interesting themes with songs...and you are invited to
contribute also. By the way...what's playing on your iPod?

May 28
Wendy O' Williams (Plasmatics-R.I.P.)
Birthday's today: Kylie Minogue, Glen Rice, Kari Wuhrer, Roland Gift (Fine Young Cannibals),
Arto Lindsey, Brandon Cruz, Kirk Gibson, Billy Vera, Al Unser Sr., Jerry West, Beth Howland,
Rudy Giuliani, Glady's Knight, Gary Stewart, Leon Klaasse, Sondra Locke, John Fogerty

Never too late: What song best describes you?

Is a month past the question too late Jonathan?
Cleaning out my box and must of missed this one. Different Drum by the Stone Ponies
without a doubt. Realize I am dating myself here (and I am fascinating, trust me), but
it has always been my theme song because almost every guy I have ever known who is
madly in love with me and thinks it is cool that I am in the music business...eventually
goes..."Wah Wah Wah...you care more about your bands than you do me."

Which is not true. It is just the nature of this business to be out at night.
Was married for a few years and had to put it down as my theme song, but I am almost
divorced and it is BACK! Did anyone hear the totally lame country cover of this a few
years back? Only a singer at least almost as good as Linda should attempt it.
Patsy Sermersheim Label X Promotions Louisville KY
502.584.0399 (c)502.643.3073 www.labelx.us
Label X Artists: www.godigby.com www.themuckrakers.com www.502headz.com

May 27
Siouxsie (Susan Ballion) Sioux (The Banshees)
Birthday's today: Bruce Cockburn, Cilla Black, Harlan Ellison, Peter Boyle, Jeff Bagwell,
Peter Sears (Jefferson Starship), Neil Finn (Split Enz/Crowded House), Todd Hundley,
Allan Carr, Eric Bischoff, Todd Bridges, Ramsey Lewis, Frank "Big Hurt" Thomas,
Peri Gilpin, Jerry Mercer (April Wine), Sean Kinney (Alice In Chains), Lou Gossett Jr.

Q of THE WEEK comes to an end:
What is the greatest animated film ever made?

Best looking / best use of technology: Any of the Pixar stuff. They all look amazing
Funniest: South Park - Bigger, Longer & Uncut Favorite non-comedy: The Wall
JJ Fabini Assistant Director of Programming X102 WXTW;
Z94.1 - WCKZ; The River 1250 - WGL; MY103.9 - WYLT; WILD96.3 -WNHT; 102.9 MIKE-FM WXKE Summit City Radio Group 2000 Lower Huntington Road Ft. Wayne, IN, 46819 260.747.1511 jj@X102fm.com

I usually like the last SOUTH PARK I saw. And right now it's the re-run of the
Paris Hilton episode. Now THAT is real reality TV!
Howie Klein former President Reprise Records Los Angeles CA

Finding Nemo...the underwater scenes were astounding. Either that, or
Who Framed Roger Rabbit...for the simple fact that Jessica's nude in a frame.
Paul Kriegler General Manager WCDD / WBYS 1000 E. Linn St. Canton, IL 61520
309.647.1560 http://www.cd1079.com http://www.wbysradio.com

I don't know if it is the greatest animated film, but I would say one of the most underrated American animated films is The Iron Giant. It didn't come from a major animation studio, so it probably got lost in the shuffle when it came out, but it is a solid piece of entertainment that happens to be in animated form. Uses recognizable but not intrusive voice talents such as Jennifer Aniston, Harry Connick Jr., John Mahoney, Christopher McDonald and Vin Diesel (That's right...the original XXX is the voice of the Iron Giant) so you feel comfortable with the voices but are not sitting there going "oh, that wacky Eddie Murphy" the whole time. Directed by the same guy (Brad Bird) who did the Incredibles, it has the same combination of drama and humor and some impressive animation. Highly recommend giving it a shot, especially if you remember some of the attitudes of the Cold War (the movie takes place in the 50s) at all.
Kevin Jackson Program Director WTGZ "The Tiger" 95.9/104.9
2514 S. College St. Suite 104 Auburn AL 36832 334.887.9999

Hey Jonathan- great question! I've pondered it over the last couple of days. I know that people who really know me will be shocked I don't answer G.I. Joe, the Movie. I would have to agree with some that have been mentioned. I've always been a Wallace and Grommit fan, and can't wait for that movie, and even though it came out last year the Incredibles was a fantastic movie. Anything Pixar so far has been great. In case you're interested, I found this list of 100 greatest animated films of all time according to the Online Film Critics Society: http://listsofbests.com/list/57/
Greggory "Adroq" Adams Houston TX

I vote for Yellow Submarine, because it doesn't get much better than The Beatles.
Finding Nemo is good too.
Scott Lowe B104/Allentown eXposedfm.com

The Black Cauldron
Joey Gusto PD WBER Rochester NY

Hey Jonathan, Pound for pound, it's gotta be Spirited Away. Simply a masterpiece.
Buzz Fitzgerald 97.1 WBNS-FM Columbus, Ohio

Without researching this much, I'd have to say it was Disney's Snow White released in
1937 or '38. Wasn't this the first animated film to use a multiplane camera, giving a
3-dimensional look to objects? Although my favorite (as I'm a nostalgia kinda guy) to this
day would have to be Ralph Bakshi's Wizards from 1977.
Dean Wirmer MD KALA-FM Davenport, IA

May 26
Stevie Nicks
Birthday's today: Hank Williams Jr., Lauryn Hill, Lenny Kravitz, Bob (Cat) Goldthwait,
Kevin Kennedy, Dick Nasty, Pam Grier, Philip Michael Thomas, Brent Mushburger,
Wayne Hussey (Mission U.K.), Jackie Liebest (Can), Benji Gregory, Mick Ronson (R.I.P.),
Verden Allen (Mott The Hoople), Genie Francis, Charles Van Eman, Gary Peterson (Guess Who)

More Q of THE WEEK:
What is the greatest animated film ever made?

The Lion King because it's a wonderful storyline that relates to anyone, has contemporary music and it beautifully animated. I love this movie and bought it when it first came out on VHS and later on DVD.
Margaret LoCicero San Fernando Valley CA

I'd have to go with Snow White. I had such a major thing for her when
I was 15, err, I mean 5.
Christian Unruh China Shop Music
1521 Alton Rd. #162 Miami Beach FL 33139 305.490.1725

I'm still partial to Spike & Mike's Twisted Animation Festival shorts. They're hit or miss but the ones that hit are perfectly disturbing, weird, funny, creepy, & stick in your head for days. I never miss the festivals when they come through town. There was an uneven fantasy animated film from the 70's called Wizards. You can still rent it...It's REALLY strange but there's a decent message. Animation is great.
Rubin Channel 93.3/KTCL-FM Denver Morning Jerk/APD

Without a doubt, I will always consider the first animated film I ever saw my fave and/or greatest, Yellow Submarine. As an 8 year-old and already a HUGE Beatle's fan....the music and animation was certainly a perfect combination for entertainment. Today, it was a perfect way to get my 4 year-old niece to "discover" The Fab Four! Everytime Melyssa comes to the house she HAS to watch it....and she does recognize them on the radio! Her birthday is next week.....she will have here very own DVD of it!
Jerry Rubino CMJ / WCHR

While I acknowledge and can appreciate the superior technical aspects of more recent animated achievements, my favorites tend to bend 'old school'...the top 3 being Fantastic Planet,Yellow Submarine and (yes) Fantasia...I'm sure due, in part, to the 'conditions' that I originally viewed them under...but still WAY ahead of their time...eventually, I spent many afternoons with my sons when they were young watching Yellow Submarine and seeing it a whole different way.
Dave Frisna TK99/TK105 WTKW Syracuse NY
Gomez & Dave in the morning...Classic Rock ALL day!!

May 25
Paul Weller (The Jam, Style Council)
Birthday's today: Anne Heche, Claus Minah (Scorpions), Kendall Gill, Jessi Coulter,
George Hickenlooper, Dixie Carter, Mike Meyers, Hiro Saito, Hillary Bailey Smith,
Clifford Archer (Atlantic Star), Connie Selleca, Alison Stern, Sidney Greenbush,
Tatsutoshi Goto, Mitch Margo (Tokens), Ian McKellen, Miles Davis (R.I.P.)
Lindsey Nelson (R.I.P.), Leslie Uggams, Justin Henry

Q of THE WEEK continues:
What do you think is the greatest animated film ever?

No question about it: it's Godzilla Meets Bambi. Great story, great character development,
& real short, too.
Barry Lyons Rent A Label Los Angeles CA 310.397.8520 barry@rentalabel.com

Tough one. Probably The Iron Giant, but Disney's Hercules is simply wonderful. By the way,
can you tell I have three daughters?
Jim Kerr Director of Talent & Creative Services Pollack Media Group Dallas TX
1121 Beachview Street #2214 Dallas, Texas 75218 214.324.9060 jim@pollackmedia.com

Personal: HEAVY METAL! Huge influence on my life. Pro: Cool World really turned a corner,
and I felt was exciting and really entertaining at the time.
Alan Ayo APD KDGE Dallas TX

Toy Story 1 and Toy Story 2: Characters, story, humor, and more poignancy at times than
acted films.
Dave Lombardi Director of Promotion Astralwerks dave.lombardi@astralwerks.com
104 W. 29th St., 4th fl. NY, NY 10001 212-886-7506

Now that's a tough one. we're talking full-length films, not short cartoons, right? I guess it depends on what time of my life you ask the question........when I was a stoner in a Connecticut high school, it was Heavy Metal, cuz I'd never seen anything like that before in my life and I knew every song
in the film.

When I tripped on 'shrooms in college with my native american friends in New Mexico we went and saw Fantasia on the big screen and I almost had a heart attack...At the recomendation of an old professor, I tried to impress this totally fine and totally smart english chick named Vicki Yates by taking her to see this wacked russian movie called Tale of Tales in the mid 80's in Greenwich Village that was WAY over my head, although, over a cup of coffee afterwards, I nodded a lot and said "Hmm, I see..." when Vicky gave me her interpretation of what was going on.

The early Bill Plympton short films were genius as far as entertaining and geting a social point across was concerned...and now that I'm the father of a six-year old, I can't deny the brilliance of Wallace and Grommit and Finding Nemo.

But I think I have to go with Animal Farm as the greatest of all time. I read the book first, and it was good, but the movie was killer. You cant watch it and not be moved by it. It represents society
in all its ugliness and all its beauty, and the animal characters perfectly represent and parallel those who use social class and status to divide mankind today. A timeless picture, whose message is not lost or outdated, and understood only by those with a sensitivity to the struggle and the fight of the oppressed.

Or something like that.
Boy Troy Cape Cod, Mass

I think The Lion King is the best. Beautiful animation, great story and I get a tear on the "Circle
of Life" part every time I watch it. I've seen it a million times because I have two little boys.
Marcie Robinson PD KACV Amarillo TX

May 24
Pricilla Presley
Birthday's today: Heavy D, Tracy McGrady, Bob Dylan, Patti LaBelle, Tommy Chong, Sarah Dash,
Steven McDonald (Redd Kross), Helen Terry, Rich Robinson (Black Crowes), Rosanne Cash,
Nell Campbell, Steve Upton (Wishbone Ash), John Illsley (Dire Straits), Rob Baker (Red Rider),
Tony Valentino (Standells), Derek Quinn (Freddie & The Dreamers), Thomas Alden Page

What is the greatest animated film ever made and why?

Toy Story...the lead characters name is 'Woody'...need I say more.
Jeff Cushman Infinity Broadcasting Program Director WOMX-FM MIX 105.1
1800 Pembrook Drive #400 Orlando, Fl 32810 407.919.1064 jrcushman@cbs.com

I am an expert in the field of contemporary family films and animation and I have to say the SpongeBob Movie is really funny stuff. Great humor. The other one I enjoyed a lot was the Incredibles, my kids love super heroes and I love the whole mid-century modern look and the sounds is great on the home surround. It is really a joy to see your kids laughing out loud.

They loved Star Wars this weekend of course! Take care Jonathan.
Steve Tipp Sotheby's International Realty
5016 N. Parkway Calabasas, suite 100 Calabasas, CA 91302 w: 818.657.4455 c: 818.384.7961

Hi Jonathan, My favorite animated film is the original Heavy Metal: The Movie. Besides having a kick ass soundtrack (it was one of my first cassette tapes ever purchased), it had sex & nudity!!!! When I saw that movie I was just a young lad, and remember it being such a great movie for a young kid. Best regards.
Eddie Gutierrez General Manager KJEE-FM 805.962.4588 kjee929@aol.com

Jon, recently the Incredibles is the best thing I have seen ever. Everything Pixar has done in the last 10 years has been stellar. Their sound design, they are brilliantly visual and have very clever-smart well done story lines that hook me in. Anyone can watch a Pixar film and be entertained. BRILLIANT!
Matt Foley New Rock 96-7 KMRQ Modesto, CA.

I must say, that after watching the Incredibles this past weekend, I was so
impressed with this film that maybe Finding Nemo comes close, but the Incredibles
was so real, and totally funny. I think Pixar, like you said Matt are incredible. This
could very well be the best Pixar film yet!-JL

May 23
Drew Carey
Birthday's today: Helen Bonham Carter, "Marvelous" Marv Hagler, Joan Collins, Ann Hui,
Shelly West, Karen Duffy, Adam Wylie, James Mankey (Concrete Blonde), Laurie Chapin,
Charles Kimbrough, Baltimore, Lars Fredricksen, Buck Showalter, Jimmy McShane,
Linda Thompson, Jonathan Pryce, Staci Greason, Linda Ashby, Judy Rodman

Over in the desert

I dropped by KDKB to see some old friends and meet a new one. When in
Phoenix one must drift back into the past, and what a better way than to
say hello to Paul Peterson, and have a sit down with PD Joe Bonadonna.
I worked at KDKB at the same as Paul back in the mid-ninties.

I've never met Joe before, but have been quite familiar with Joe's background.
We had what I would consider a very comfortable conversation with both of
us recollecting memories from our Long Island backgrounds. Keep in mind, I
didn't set up a meeting, I just simply dropped by with no advance notice. Joe
was gracious, and spent a nice slice of time with Jeanette and me. Thanks Joe,
I truly enjoyed our chat. Joe's radio history at WMMR in Philly is legendary.

While I was gone...I recieved this from Lenny

From: "Lenny LaSalandra" <lennyla@earthlink.net> View Contact Details
Yahoo! DomainKeys has confirmed that this message was sent by earthlink.net. Learn more
To: "Jonathan Rosen" <dropkickmyass@yahoo.com>
Date: Fri, 20 May 2005 14:54:06 -0700

We hear that Chris Williams will be named PD at Clear Channel's Active Rocker WBZY Atlanta, almost a year to the day since he was fired from 99X. (5/20P)

*I found this not very surprising. As Lenny knows, yes indeed...I called it a couple
weeks ago during our lunch at Eatz. A bitter Williams could be a threat. We'll
just have to see. Note to you Chris...I hope you are humbled enough to repair
any damage that might be lingering from your last couple of years at 99X.
Labels, it will facinating to see how you deal with the situation. Some of you are
so spineless, it will be fun to watch you have to handle this situation.

So, let's take this one step further...ok? As Susquehanna Broadcasting has
let it be known that all their radio properties are up for sale, how weird
would it be if Clear Channel bought either all or some? Well...consider this.
They buy 99X, and either flip the format, or dump WBZY as alternative/active
rock and simply switch Chris Williams and his staff to 99X. Just speculating,
but don't we all love shit like this?

I have a strong feeling that Leslie Fram, Jay Harren, and all others at 99X
do not.

May 20-22
Busta Rhymes
Birthday's today: Cher, Joe Cocker, Dave Thomas, David Wells, Warren Cann (Ultravox),
Nick Heyward (Haircut 100), Jane Wiedlin, Ron Regan, Anthony Zerbe, Timothy Olyphant,
John & Susan Cowsill (The Cowsills), Teddy Randazzo, Mindy Cohn, Bronson Pinchot

Gone Fishing: probably for new questions of the week-LOL

Please spend some time perusing the rest of the site till Monday.
Have a great weekend!

Send in anything you want to address, photos, whatever for next week.

May 19
Joey Ramone (Jeffrey Hyman -R.I.P.)
Birthday's today: Dusty Hill (ZZ Top), Grace Jones, Phillip Rudd (AC/DC), Pete Townshend,
James Fox, Bill Lambeer, Martyn Ware (Heaven 17), Turk Wendell, Yazmine (Yazz) Evans,
Ian Harvie (Nothing Ever Happens), Sophia Crawford, Jeanne Basone, Kevin Garnett,
Nancy Kwan, Tom Scott, Joshua Rifkind, Steve Ford, Andre The Giant (R.I.P.)

Being Creative

I do many creative things but my absolute favorite dysfunctional fun is making films. I've done everything from Sound Mixer and Actor to Still Photographer and Producer. Working on indie films allows/forces one to do everything. I am hoping to make another one soon.
Kat Corbett mid-days KROQ Los Angeles CA

Hey...my new web site! www.therubinstudio.com
Rubin APD KTCL Denver Co

Very nice blog you have here. Hope all is well for you!
Jamey Karr 1009theeagle.com Amarillo TX

"Public Defender" Lenny LaSalandra (Combat Rock
Promotions hangin' with Indie 103 Los Angeles
jock Christian B

May 18
Yun-Fat Chow (Chow Yun-Fat)
Birthday's today: Tina Fey, Rick Wakeman (Yes), Brooks Robinson, Chantal Kreviazuk,
Bill Wallace (Guess Who), Toyah Wilcox, Alex Rodriquez, George Strait, Denny Dillon,
Mike Inez (Alice In Chains), Butch Tavares, Wreckless Eric, Mark Mothersbaugh (Devo),
Joe Bonsall (Oak Ridge Boys), Reggie Jackson, Helen Chadwick, Michael Cretu (Enigma)

So what was your most creative thing or moment?

Jonathan, I made a shrine for Michael Halloran. The centerpiece features a clay look-a-like doll wearing Mexican pomade, Black Flyes, sitting on a Harley. It portrays him riding by the studios of 91X flipping the bird. Very life-like.
Buzz Fitzgerald Nights WBNS Columbus OH

That's funny Buzzy...I could picture that.

While some may consider me creative, I consider myself more an imitator than innovator. I started drawing and painting at an early age, copying existing photos or artwork. I've branched out in years of late, where copying means restoration more than originating. I've even restored some classic cars, doing 90% of the work myself. Still being artsy, my horizons have expanded and so I'd have to say that my proudest accomplishment was made a few years ago, actually in 1997.

I spent less than $2000 on equipment and put together a 2 1/2 hour video biography on a drag racing legend and (if I might be so bold) friend named Arnie "The Farmer" Beswick. It told the story of his life until a fire that he had in 1971. Drag Racer Magazine even did a review on it and HATED it. They abhored my bad editing and found countless other faults in it. Still, Arnie over the years has sold over 1000 of these by just having them available at the shows and races that he attends. It's now available on DVD for drag racing fans everywhere. Even if you don't necessarily like Pontiacs! http://arniebeswick.com/arnie_vhs.htm
Dean Wirmer KALA-FM, Davenport, IA and (the sole staff of) Living Room Productions!

I did a 90 ft x 6 ft mural on a block wall along 7th St near McDowell Rd. in Phoenix, AZ depicting lots of kids involved in various activities and using the materials specific to the Montessori School on the property from the counting blocks in the toddler classes to the microscopes and telescopes in the 8th grade classes. Want pictures?
Maggie Keane Phoenix AZ

Would love to run a photo Mags. I couldn't open up attachments you sent.

For myself, personally, when not employed by a radio station, I wrote a book with my best friend Kurt St Thomas. It is a history of the band, Nirvana, that we wrote when we had no connection with the business at all. It would've been very difficult to accomplish while trying to field calls from Jonathan Rosen or Lev about who's supposed to be the hot record to add into heavy THIS week. ;-)

When I was employed in radio, the most creative thing I ever did also involved Nirvana. In our efforts to get the band to come by the station for an interview when Nevermind was busting out, we learned how much they hated doing radio interviews. So we came up with the idea to do an interview CD, with rare music tracks and interviews culled from meeting them in NYC the night they first performed on Saturday Night Live. We thought that, then, Geffen could send the disc out to radio stations instead of trying to get the band to do something they didnt want to when visiting citites to play gigs. The disc is radio ready, meaning it is segmented and tracked so stations could still fit in commercial breaks. Afterall, it was a pair of radio programmers who made the disc in the first place. Little did we know that "Nevermind, It's an Interview" would become a much-sought after Nirvana collectible all these years later.

As a result of that disc, Kurt and I were able to create discs for Frank Black, The Breeders and Paul Weller, all of which you can get thru eBay or your favorite mom-pop record store. We still
have one for Lenny Kravitz which never made it to Virgin because Kurt and I and Dawn Hood split the business before it could get approved. Maybe you'll see it put out by some italian company in the future!
Troy Smith Boston MA

Troy, I still have my copy of "Nevermind, It's An Interview". It is truly a collector's item.

May 17
Enya (Eithne Ni Bhraonain)
Birthday's today: Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails), Bill Bruford (King Crimson), Bob Saget,
Danny Manning, Tracey Bryn (Voice Of The Beehive), Sugar Ray Leonard, Yoko Shimada,
Paul Di'Anno (Iron Maiden), Jordan Nathaniel M Knight (New Kids On The Block), Taj Mahal,
Bill Paxton, Jim Nantz, Craig Ferguson, John Iles, George Johnson (Brothers Johnson)

Q of THE WEEK continues:
What is the most creative thing you have ever done?

Early in my college life, I was something of a "Political Enthusiast". I've written 2 books. Both are Historical & Social Satires which means they don't qualify as "creative". They are currently sitting on my desk waiting for me to finish editing. Perhaps, one day, the Cold War will become relevant again, I'll finish them. Lets take a moment and pine for the good ol' days.
Scott Petibone PD WKRL Syracuse NY

OK...Scotty...let's pine. Actually you and Jack DeVoss (CD101) would get
along great. Jack is a huge history buff.

Hey, Easy answer...Four sons, the oldest of which fronts a band, Simplelife, who has just released his first CD...honorable mention, (on-air)...I've hosted a local music show called Soundcheck for a little more than 25 years. (recently got turned on to your site......thanks!)
Dave Frisina WTKW-TK99 Syracuse NY TK105 Gomez & Dave in the morning...
Classic Rock ALL day!!

First Dave...welcome to the site. You deserve a lot of credit, not just for
doing a local show for 25 years (awesome)...but four sons is a great accomplishment.

I had kids. What a creation!
Michael Halloran APD/MD KZBT 94.9 San Diego CA

Jon, I have to say lieing...and that air craft carrier I designed...the USS Lipshitz.
Foley APD/MD KMRQ New Rock 96-7 Modesto CA

Huh? This is a little too deep for me.
Joey Gusto PD WBER Rochester NY

Deep? Joey...serious? See Petibone above. That's deep.

May 16
Janet Jackson
Birthday's today: Mare Winningham, Debra Winger, Pierce Brosnan, Jonathan Richman,
Bill Spooner (Tubes), Glen Gregory (Heaven 17), Hazel O' Conner, John Sally, Jack Morris,
Roger Earl (Foghat), Billy Cobham, Chingmy Yau, Scott Reeves, Jock Bartley (Firfall),
Richard Page (Mr. Mister), Anne Parillaud, Ralph Tresvant (New Edition), Tori Spelling

Q of THE WEEK: What have you created that you are proud of?
Written a book, created a baby, designed something, a painting maybe?

His name is Owen Dean Wagganer, and he just turned 7 months old!
Chris Wagganer Filmaker, Los Angeles CA

In college, I wrote a three-part play, kind of like a weekly 90210-type parody, basically so I could cast the hottest girl on campus in it, with the motive of hooking up with her. The shows went off great, I ended up hooking up and eventually marrying the girl.
Jay Wulff MD, Afternoons, 96.1 Kiss FM, Poughkeepsie, NY

My creative outlet has always been writing. While I have not finished a book (yet) I have several that I hope to finish over the next couple to three years. My goal is that someday I can support a family just from writing. Here's hoping.
Greggory(AdRoq) Adams Houston TX

*Make Note: Guestbook and Message Board now at bottom of Front Page

May 15
Brian Eno
Birthday's today: Ahmet Zappa, Prince B (PM Dawn), K.T. Oslin, Ray Lewis, Lanie Kazan,
Chazz Palminteri, John Smoltz, Andrew Eldriich (Sisters Of Mercy), David Krumholtz,
Trini Lopez, Holly McPeak, Emmitt Smith, Gunilla Hutton, Omar Visquel, Mike Oldfield,
Dennis fredericksen (Toto), Eric DuBose, George Brett, Madelein Albright

Q of THE WEEK begins tomorrow: What is the most creative
thing you have ever done? A painting, written a book,
designed something, made a baby? What is it? Describe.

May 14
Cate Blanchett
Birthday's today: Sophia Coppola, Ian Astbury (The Cult), Tim Roth, C.C. DeVille (Poison),
Steve Hogarth (Marillion), Roy Halliday, Jace Bruce (Cream), George Lucas, Natasha Ryan,
Robert Zemeckis, Tony Perez, Fab Morvan (Milli Vanilli), Derek "Lek" Leckenby (Herman's
Hermits), Mark Blum, Gene Cornish (Fotomaker), Pooh Richardson, Bobby Darin (R.I.P.)

Hey Bryan Farrish...here's someone...who won't work for you

I read your page this morning and was amazed at the job listing for a part time radio promoter, it made me laugh as I read on to see you had the exact same critique as I did. 15 bucks an hour part time, that will barely cover gas and parking in Los Angeles. What�s next part time publicist/nanny wanted in exchange for attic room + utilities? Not that far off perhaps?
Christina Whitetrash Washington D.C.

*Note: Christina was one of the hardest working promotion persons. Her background
includes Epitaph Records and Fat Wreck Chords. Christina knows what it's like to
work for low wages. So, Bryan...this is the type of person you would want..but
would never get.

May 13 (Friday The 13th)
Stevie Wonder
Birthday's today: Dennis Rodman, Darius Rucker (Hootie & the Blowfish), Franklyn Ajaye,
Mary Wells, Harvey Keitel, Barry Zito, Zoe Wanamaker, Overend Watts (Mott The Hoople),
Danny Kirwin (Fleetwood Mac), Paul Thompson (Roxy Music), Chong-ok Bae, Francis Barber,
Bobby Valentine, Magic Dick (J.Geil's Band), Carolyn Franklyn, Julian Brookhouse

Would you?

Would you know a record promoter in the Los Angeles area that is looking for part-time work?
We need to hire one, or two. By "record promoter" I mean someone who calls PD's and gets records played. This person must work from our office in Santa Monica, part time 10 to 20 hours per week. Must currently live in the LA area (no relocations, please). Needs at least 2 years experience promoting commercial regular rotation (not college radio, or mixshow or specialty).

Will also help set up talk station interviews for book authors. Pay starts at $15/hr. Blue Shield healthcare option at 6 months. Please, we can only use someone who has called commercial radio stations for at least two years, talking with PDs and MDs for the purpose of getting records played; we cannot use any other type of person even if "they would be great at it". If you know of someone in the LA area that is looking, have them call the info line, and if they want to apply they need to leave their details and the records they've worked... 310.998.8305 x87 Thanks!
Bryan Farrish Los Angeles CA

I debated about running this e-mail that was sent to many in the industry. This
is not the first time I've recieved this. With all due respect Bryan, where are you
going to find someone to "get records played" for $15 an hour? Somehow someone
thought that I would be interested in working for you. You sent me a personal e-mail.
When I asked you to call me to discuss the misunderstanding...you didn't. Am I to
assume that you are looking for someone with all format experience, or just one?
You really don't state that to who ever might be interested. By the way "getting
records played" is not only a tall order these days, and also boardering on unrealistic.

Now, let''s get real. You will NOT find many takers on your offer, especially if they
live in Los Angeles. If they lived in Ohio or somewhere, I could see them being
somewhat interested. But...who are you even going to find there. If a person had the
experience that you are looking so desperately for...they would go into business
for themselves and make much more than $15 an hour, even as the industry is
nosediving. I feel for ya man. Good luck. I'm sure you will find somebody, but not
exactly one with the background you desire. You'll get your $15 an hours worth, and
we'll see this e-mail again soon.

The farewell (for now) lunch and
breakfast tour continues.

Yesterday, over at Fabulous Italian Restaurant on
Sunset in Hollywood, had a great lunch with
Doug "Sluggo" Roberts and his beautiful wife Renee,
and my favorite daily DJ Kat Corbett from KROQ (R),
sporting a newer darker hair and longer too!

May 12
Tony Hawk
Birthday's today: Billy Squier, Steve Winwood, George Carlin, Vanessa Williams, Linda Dano,
Steve Finley, Jason Biggs, Christian Brando, Lindsey Ann Crouse, Gabriel Byrne, Billy Swan,
Emelio Estevez, Billy Duffy (The Cult), Ian McLagen (Faces), Burt Bacharach, Stephen Baldwin,
MacKenzie Astin, Bruce Boxleitner, Beth Maitland, Jocko Marcellino (Sha Na Na), Ian Dury (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: Life after being involved with
the music industry. What will you do?

John McClung PD WYOU Virginia Beach VA

A bit drastic John...but ok.

Jonathan: I see myself becoming a mogul with my hand in music related ventures along with film, TV and maybe even bottled water. You heard it here first. In the meantime, radio is my main focus and I'm still looking for that PD gig!
Scott Lowe B104 Allentown, PA

Yeah...how about those "water cooler" commercials on HBO Scott?

Either on The Big Island or in the poor house.
John Dixon Phoenix AZ

I should hope the Big Island Johnny. I know how much you love Hawaii.

Hi Jonathan- GREAT question. I know I will always be in music somehow. With the other business I'm involved in, I'm hoping within 2 years to afford someone like me to hire & do the actual radio plugging to Specialty, webradio & satellite radio. I would oversee & do some consulting. On the side I would continue to grow my other business & start investing in real estate. I'd like to be done working at 40. 35 preferably, but 40 realistically. See you on the beach!
Notorious L.I.Z. Queens NY notorious@notoriousradio.com

There is no beach in the desert Liz. At least the last I checked there wasn't.
Oh...on the beach...thought you meant at the beach.

Hey Jonathan, I want to keep consulting until my kids are out of high school, (6 years) then
consider moving to another country and retiring.
Tom Callahan Newport Beach CA

Nice dream. Scotland would be cool. Literally.

L, I don't know how visionary this answer is for me, since I don't feel like I fit the mold of most of your radio and record people. Even though I love radio, my career has always been a hobby - whether I've been at commercial station or just been involved with college radio. I've never had to depend on it for a paycheck. Consequently, I'd fall back on one of other 30-40 (so says my wife) hobbies, some of which occasionally make me some money. If you'll allow an opinion, I do feel however that college/volunteer radio is the last and only true expression of individuality left in the country for the little guys. While it's only my opinion, I don't like consultant dictated playlists that make sure that radio is standardized whether you're listening in Boston, Miami, Spokane or San Diego. Sorry for venting and I'll step off my soapbox now. Thanks.
Dean Wirmer KALA-FM Davenport, IA

Step on any time Dean.

Good question!! First off, I cannot see myself not being interested in radio until I'm 6 feet under. The exception would be that in 50-60 years or so radio doesn't exist. Even if that happened, I'll follow music to my grave. (like most d.j.'s, I've already picked some songs for my eulogy.) With no radio in my life, I would try to be a opinion writer for SOME outlet...I could never imagine keeping my opinions to myself :)
Margie Rye KLPX Tucson AZ

Joey Gusto PD WBER Rochester NY

May 11
Greg Dulli (Afghan Whigs)
Birthday's today: Jonathan Jackson, Austin O' Brien, Carla Bley, Steve Bono, Martha Quinn,
Natasha Richardson, Matthew Lawrence, Eric Young, Diana Lee-Hsu, Louis Farrakhan,
Darrow Igus, Les Chadwick (Gerry and The Pacemakers), Katie Wagner, Francisco Cordero

Q of THE WEEK rolls on: So...what are you gonna do
beyond the music industry? Might as well think about it now!

I see myself as a Chef in the L.A. area by the year 2006, after I graduate from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School (California School Of Culinary Arts). Long time bro! How is life?
Hope all is well? peace!
Sal (Danny V) Villalobos Pasadena CA

Life is good...and it's good to see you are staying in touch. Can't wait
to taste that first meal you make for me!

To call what I am doing a career, is an insult to all those good careers out there. JL, if
Girls In Hawaii doesn't do something, then I'll be able to answer this definitively very soon.
Christian Unruh 1521 Alton rd. #162 Miami Beach, FL 33139 305.490.1725

Well...then I hope the "Girls" happen

Jonathan-- Hola amigo! It's been awhile, thought I'd chime in on this one...How long in radio? Until I stop learning or stop having fun. After radio? I'll be teaching writing courses at a University, writing a book,and breeding heavily with a wife. Holy shit--I'm a hippy. Thanks for always asking the "enlightening questions" JL. Got any tickets to Widespread? Ciao.
Stiller WBYR Ft. Wayne IN

LOL-you are the first one to ask me for tickets in quite a while. Um...no.

Two words, baby, Hot Topic!
Ian McCain PD "Jack" KJQN Salt Lake City UT

Making furniture!
Steve Jones VP Promotion/Marketing Brash Music, Atlanta GA

May 10 Bono Vox (Paul Hewson) U2
Birthday's today: Dave Mason, Chris Berman, Sid Vicious (R.I.P.), Graham Gouldman (10CC),
Sly Dunbar (Sly & Robbie), Jay Ferguson, Emily McEnroe, Meg Foster, Victoria Rowell,
Maureen Lipman, Aynsley Dunbar, Donovan (Leitch), Ron Banks (Dramatics), Jamie Lomax,
Steve Thomas (Shooting Star), Teri Copley, Emma Ridley, Pat Summerall

Q of THE WEEK continues: Life after radio, label's or simply
the music industry. What to do?

Hello Jonathan, Working in music is equivalent to renting an apartment. You never know when it will turn condo and you'll get kicked out. Therefore, I have a good time and always keep in mind that someday it will end. No stability, but a hell of a ride. I think I will always work in music somewhere, somehow. It might be via Ham radio in my basement, but I'll still be talking about music.
Kat Corbett KROQ Los Angeles CA

Love the analogy Kat.

Drive through host at In & Out Burger or driver of the golf ball sweeper truck at a local muni course range...I'm not qualified to do anything else beyond radio!
Curtiss Johnson KWOD 106.5 RADIO WITHOUT RULES, Sacramento CA

I sent this same thought to a friend of mine who had left his big important label chair for a new challenge in life for the same reasons I had given up on radio: the job had zapped our quality of life. If you are not happy when you wake up in the morning because of a job, then your quallity of life has been effected. And you can't expect better things to happen to you until that unhappiness is corrected. and how one does that is intirely up to the individual.

It's funny how we see this crazy industry.

It's that big shiny train you can't wait to get on, you meet all these people who are equally excited about the train, it's noisy, wild, exciting, new. You ride it for a while, you party and create these terrific memories then, all of a sudden, you get used to the surroundings, keep dining with the same people in the same dining cart going past the same towns and seeing the same sites, and then the fabulous train just becomes ordinary, looses all its lustre.

So you decide to either keep riding it or get off. And when you do decide to get off, there, at the station, no matter where that stop is, are the people who always stood by you, and could care less about the train and where it is going. So you walk away from it, jump into the old convertible you dreamt about buying when you were on the train, and head down this new, strange road.

Sure it's scary, you don't know where you're going. But in time, you get familiar with your new surroundings and pretty soon, you're not even looking back at the train as it pulls farther and farther away from you in the distance. You're only concerned with what's ahead of you and those who sit next to you in the old car. You never thought it possible when you were on the train in the midst of all that mayhem, but , without reason or explanation, it all becomes clear to you why you chose to get off the train and into the old car.

All of a sudden, the grass is greener, the sky is bluer and you wonder to yourself why on earth you so desired to be on that stuffy train with all that noise in the first place.

It is at that moment your quality of life improves, and it is then that you will know what to do and where to go.
Troy Smith Boston MA

Very deep stuff Troy...but makes a lot of sense.

I see myself in radio as long as possible. I'm open to changing directions, but after this who knows, so I'll hold on as long as possible. That sounds sad, really sad. Thinking I may be lost after radio.

(insert tear here)
Program Director/Afternoon Buffoon WRN Alternative Now
Waitt Radio Networks 1000 N. 90th St. Suite 105 Omaha, NE 68114 Direct: 402.952.7611

May 9
Billy Joel
Birthday's today: Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode), Candice Bergen, Albert Finney, Tommy Roe,
Tom Petersson (Cheap Trick), Tony Gwynn, Paul Heaton (Housemartins), Johnny Grant,
Jim Reilly (Red Rockers), Doug Christie, Richie Furay (Buffalo Springfield/Poco), John Corbett,
Steve Katz (Blood, Sweat and Tears), Don Dannemann (Cyrkle), Glenda Jackson, Bruce Milner

Q of THE WEEK: Life after radio and labels.
Where do you see yourself?

Hi Jonathan, I can answer this question cos I just got a new job out of the music biz...mostly! I have just relocated to Washington DC where I am employed by the national Hopeline, 1-800-SUICIDE.

I am raising funds to help keep the Hopeline up and running. I am utilizing my contacts in the music industry and organizing benefit concerts, auctions, sound check parties for local key clubs whom have donated to the Hopeline, etc... I've only been here for about a week but I absolutely love DC and feel as if some semblance of normality is returning to my life following years of the hustling for the industry, it's actually kind nice. Thanks Jonathan!
Christina Whitetrash Washington DC trashytango@hotmail.com

I am so happy for you Christina. I know your last gig was in London, but this sounds
like you will put your passion into this as much as you have in every position you
have had since I've known you. I wish you the best. Please drop us all a line by
sending me an e-mail once in a while. I'll put it up on site.

Selling frozen margaritas in Cabo.
Don Jantzen APD/MD KTBZ Houston TX

Sounds good Don...I may join you!

I see myself sitting on the street asking for quarters. Seriously, it's a shame that we're in an industry that asks that question so frequently, but it certainly is the reality of the business. Unfortunately/fortunately I still have enough passion for the radio biz, that I don't have a solid answer.
John Allers Regional Operations Manager Clear Channel Radio San Jose (KCNL, KSJO, KUFX) Salinas/Monterey/Santa Cruz (KDON, KOCN, KTOM, KABL ,KPRC) JohnAllers@clearchannel.com

John, it is a shame...but it is reality. This weeks question can go in different
directions. It's for people to muse about their future. At the same time, there
are many that read this site that are no longer in the industry...and I thought
it might be nice to hear either what they are doing or what they would like to.
So, this question is for people in or out of the biz. Keep that passion! And, trade
me Andruw Jones...lol. Just kidding.

May 8
Gary Glitter
Birthday's today: Don Rickles, Alex Van Halen (Van Halen), David Keith, Ronnie Lott,
Chris Franz (Talking Heads), Stephen Furst, Chris Wolk, Melissa Gilbert, Keith Jarrett,
Toni Tennille, Eric Brittingham (Cinderella), Cheryl Richardson, Deborah Harmon,
Phillip Bailey (Earth, Wind and Fire), Jim Mitchum, Phil Sawyer (Spencer Davis Group)

Q of THE WEEK begins tomorrow:
Life after radio and labels. Where do you see yourself?

May 7
Traci Lords
Birthday's today: Janis Ian, Tim Russert, John Heard, Prarie Prince (Tubes), Katie Danza,
Peter Wingfield, Bill Danoff (Starland Vocal Band), Willard Scott, Christopher Taylor White,
Bill Kreutzmann (grateful Dead), Johnny Unitas, Derek Taylor, Peter Reckell, John Irvin,
Jimmy Ruffin, Randall "Tex" Cobb, Robin Strasser, Sivi Aberg

Yo Jonathan, Just got back last night and wanted to say it was great seeing you & Jeanette again, albeit the last time in LA...Barb really enjoyed the tour of your home and finally meeting you two.

Since groups like The Clash & Green Day are being mentioned here and my homies The Discontent have been compared to both bands by our mutual bud, Sat Bisla (or using your vernacular-Bisla), I would start any rock radio (any genre) show with "Bulletproof" by The Discontent...hands down the rockinest, rawest intro for any song I've ever heard...and I'll admit I'm a wee bit biased but I would put those first 25 seconds against anything ever recorded for getting the heart pumping...btw...Sat's little soiree rocked! You would have been perfect for the Radio Panel...it would have been like the WWF!

On a more personal note, I think you've always been a straight shooter, maybe at times to your own detriment, but in a business known for two faced, double talking, back stabbing, etc., you stick out like a sore thumb for your honesty and (dare I say it) caring nature...even for an arrogant curmudgeon like yourself...there I said it! Best,
Robert Allen Shala Music, New Jersey www.shala.com

LOL-thanks Robert, other than my fat friend Max, I've never been called a curmudgeon.
I actually like it, as strange as that might seem. If you read more carefully I did mention
Sat's full name, but then decided that many don't know who Sat is, and to see "Sat" over and
over again, might seem confusing to some people. Anyway, he has gotten a fair amount
of "pub" regardless. I'm glad you both had a great time at his shindig, and also your visit
to the L House. I didn't really think about being on the panel, I would have been happy just
to be in the audience. But, you are correct. If I was on the panel, it might have been the
WWF...because lately I've got a lot to say...and I'll say to anyone...and to their face!

Bonus: Thanks to my wife Jeanette, I went and fought a
traffic ticket that I received in Burbank. So, yesterday
we went and with the officer there, and the judge still
decided in my favor. It was a speeding ticket. Cool...huh?

May 6
George Clooney
Birthday's today: Willie Mays, Bob Seger, Lori Singer, Aidan Quinn, Tom Bergeron,
Roma Downey, Robbie McIntosh (Average White Band), Norman Chu, Kate Collins,
Dennis Cowen (Bonzo Dog band), Larry Steinbachek (Bronski Beat), Brian Knobs,
Herbie Cox (Cleftones), Richard Cox, Dana Hill, Sylvia Robinson (Mickey And Sylvia)

Inside the L House yesterday

Christina Ricci and boyfriend Adam Goldberg
And the weird thing is that Jeanette and I were not there.


JL- I just attended the Musexpo convention (hosted by the previously mentioned Steve Smith, Karmen Beck, and Sat Bisla), and being a small business owner myself I tried to get a free registration to it. I remember a few years ago when the R&R convention & the the VA convention were in Los Angeles they used to float free registrations to their friends on the side. Sat Bisla is my buddy for many years, so I thought I could get the "bro" deal. As it turned out, Sat & I talked about it and since it was the first year they really weren't giving "bro� deals to anyone. They needed to make some cash and wanted everyone to kick in. When I learned that was the case, I totally understood and was more than happy to pay for my registration.

The convention, by the way, was amazing. It was everything that a convention should be and I see this becoming an annual thing which is awesome for all involved. But back to the registration: you said you were disappointed that you did not get an invitation. If, when you say invitation, you mean �free� badge, they weren�t really doing that so no need to feel slighted my man.
Lenny LaSalandra Combat Rock Promotion Los Angeles CA

PS- Did Howie Klein really say that the Clash�s �Complete Control� does not hold up to new songs by Green Day and the Offspring? He was kidding, right?

My response

Lenny, I can always count on you to come to someone�s defense. I like that about you. My post yesterday had nothing to do with getting a �bro� deal. You have been buddies with Bisla for years. So your asking him for a �bro� deal i.e.; a free badge was your business. As far as Steve Smith needing everyone to kick in cash�puleeze!

My disappointment has nothing to with not receiving a free badge or invitation. It has more to do with respect, and how people change and forget the people that helped them on the way up. I gave Bisla a job when no one was offering anything to him. Does he owe me? NO.

Again it�s more about how someone can get so wrapped up in what they are doing and can�t remember others. I wouldn�t have expected anything from Bisla. Though, it would have been a nice gesture, or courtesy if you will�to invite me at least the panel that Tolkoff, Oedipus and Jim McGuinn were on. I would have liked to been in the audience. It has nothing to do with freebies. Besides, I wouldn�t have been able to hang the entire three days anyway.

But an appearance would have been cool. I must add that�don�t you believe for one moment everyone you saw paid for a registration or badge.

Keep in mind I was involved with two conventions with Album Net, and participated in numerous New Music Seminars in NY and lots of Gavin conventions. Many are given a courtesy invitation so they will be seen at their convention. It�s a natural thing. I personally got many people in with no
problems from above.

In our conversation after you sent the e-mail, I asked you if you knew the difference between bitterness and arrogance. Your reply was �aren�t they the same thing�. As I explained to you�they are not.

If I walk into a roomful of people with an air of confidence, it can be interpreted as arrogance. To be bitter would be to hang in a corner with others and belittle and be sarcastic about others. When confronted, a bitter person would be chicken shit. Numerous persons have said to others that I�m a bitter guy, and of course it all gets back to me. Would they say it to me? I don�t think so.

I defy anyone to look me in the eyes and say I�m a bitter person. I�m the same sincere guy that is an arrogant son of a bitch at times. Probably it�s because I�m confident and haven�t changed over the years. But others have my friend.

This is simply a case of Bisla forgetting people from his not so distant past, because he is so wrapped up in his own world. These days, regardless of how much he travels, there are things
called a cell phone, e-mail, and instant messenger. Duh.

He also lives in a �let�s get together for lunch soon" world. When you say that to someone, you are the one initiating it. That�s not my world. On his end he then should follow through�remember he initiated it. Too many in our industry have that same mo. If I initiate, I follow through. I�m still waiting for a Bisla follow through on a couple of those �let�s get together for lunch� extended to me in the recent past.

It�s all simple logic. So I will leave you this piece of logic.

When you said to me yesterday �we should have lunch next week�, I said I would love to. You initiated it. But, I know you Lenny�and you will call me on Monday, and yes, we will have lunch.
See, Lenny, you are a sincere guy. That�s logical.

and Howie replys

LOL! I didn't mean the song, just the sound of the recording. There has been so much progress in production technology since they recorded "Complete Control" that even a bubblegum type band like Blink can release songs that TECHNICALLY sound better. (In the history of the Universe, Blink will no doubt sell a lot more records)... and I have a whole bunch of their ditties on my iPod from "Josie", "Man Overboard", "The Rock Show", "What's My Age Again?", "First Date" to "All the Small Things" to "I Won't Be Home For Christmas"-- but they'll never write a "Complete Control".

And, for the record, aside from the 7 Blink songs on my iPod, there are over 60 Clash songs. As for Green Day, I'd say Billy Joe's song-writing is on a par with Strummer and Jones. We'll see if winds up in the Bob Dylan/Joni Mitchell category. I wouldn't bet against him. And as far as live shows... no one was better than The Clash. And no one is better than Green Day.
Howie Klein former President Reprise Records, Los Angeles CA

May 5
Bill Ward (Black Sabbath)
Birthday's today: Kurt Loder, Ian McCullough (Echo & the Bunnymen), Tina Yothers,
Michael Palin, Nicholas Guest, Rex Goth (Air Supply), John Rhys-Davies, Hiro Hase,
Billy Burnette, Maggie MacNeal, Peter Erskine (Weather Report), Rapheal Spain,
Angelo Kimball (Face To Face), Sage Stallone, Danielle Christine Fishel, Amy Hill

Q of THE WEEK continues. Your sign on...sign off songs for radio

If I was Canadian, Sign On: "Hello City" Barenaked Ladies Sign Off: "That's All, That's All"
The Vanity Project

If I was from the States, Sign On: "Hello" Poe Sign Off: "That's All, That's All" The Vanity Project

If I was from the UK, Sign On: "Hello" The Beloved Sign Off: "That's All, That's All"
The Vanity Project

If I was a cowboy, Sign Off: "Happy Trails"... to you...until we meet again. That's All...That's All :)
Marc Nathan FLAGSHIP RECORDINGS 11054 Ventura Blvd. #484 Studio City, CA 91604
818 487 3811 marc@flagshiprecordings.com www.flagshiprecordings.com

Nice seque for a plug Marc. Really dig The Vanity Project (co-produced by
Stephen "Tin Tin" Duffy/Lilac Time and Steven Page) and featuring the vocals of
Steven Page of Barenaked Ladies

I used to sign on my show with The Clash's "Complete Control" and I was listening to it today while I was hiking and you know what? It doesn't hold up next to more powerfully recorded recent songs by bands like Green Day and The Offspring. But, frankly, the nature of musical culture is so fluid that the best song of the moment is probably as powerful as the best song of the decade.

So... I might sign on with "Krafty" (Morel's Pink Noise Vox) by New Order or maybe "Pounding" by Doves or "Jersey Girl" by Tom Waits (not Bruce) or, to really drive the point home, "Flavor of the Week" by American Hi-Fi.

Of course if Bush was doing something stupid in the hour I had to sign on, I might go with
"American Idiot". One classy way to sign off a station would be the duet between Andrea Bocelli
and Sarah Brightman "Time To Say Goodbye".

A station once invited me to help sign them off-- it was a full day affair-- and I debuted that song (having just come back from Germany with a demo of it) and after I played it the phones kept ringing for hours with people asking about it. It segues great into "The Rock Show" by Blink 182 or "Family Affair" by Mary J.
Howie Klein former President Reprise Records, Los Angeles CA

The Samples "Feel Us Shaking" To start .
Joey Gusto PD WBER 2596 Baird Road Penfield, NY 14526-2333

Signing On:
Classic Rock: "You Shook Me All Night Long", "Rock n' Roll"
Classic Alt: "Stop!", "Freaky Styley", "Primary", "Roxanne"
Alt/Mod Rock: "Basket Case", "Head Like A Hole", "Processed Beats"

Signing Off:
Classic Rock: "Rock N' Roll Aint Noise Pollution"
Classic Alt: "Goodbye" (Boingo)
Alt/Mod Rock: "Good Riddance (Time of your life)"

Cliche but hey- it's my pick
Rubin Channel 93.3/KTCL-FM APD/morning jerk rubin@area93.com


Robert Allen (Shala Music) and his lovely wife Barb stopped by the L house
yesterday for a few hours. He's a good man, and Barb, who I've spoken with
many times on the phone, was great to meet in person finally. They were in
Los Angeles for some kind of thing, a convention I believe, put on by Steve
Smith and Karmen Beck, my former bosses. The figurehead was a guy I
gave a job to back in 1996. Took him out of Fresno. Sat Bisla.

It's called courtesy

Now, before you say I'm a bitter guy...which some of you assholes have said to
people that gets back to me...believe me, if you really knew me, you would
know that to the contrary...I'm still just the same sincere, sometimes arrogant,
take no shit from anyone kind of guy. I read people very well, and I see how
many of you have changed. In regards to Bisla...I have nothing but the best
hopes he succeeds at what his goals are. Having said that...the right thing for
Bisla to do was to at least extend an invitation to his shindig. Maybe I wasn't
even thought of because Ms. Farber, who you all know how I feel about her and
the tissue paper known as Radio & Records, was a moderator. Naw...the real
reason was they would want the few hundred bucks for registration. -lol

The thing I really find quite interesting is how Smith, Beck, Bisla are in bed with R&R.
Just writing this inspires me to write an editorial in the near future how many of you
have changed and many of you are so freaked out about losing your jobs, which is
possibly the reason you have changed. I don't know when I will do it, right now I'm
busy making plans for Jeanette (not Nigel) and myself. But, I will get around to it.


I recieved a phone call from buddy Don Kelley, who is settling in as APD/MD at
rocker WAQX in Syracuse. Yep...he finally got out of New Mexico. I know that
many of us are quite happy for Don. You can contact him at 315.472.0200 x224
and don.kelley@citcomm.com
Don is doing afternoon drive, by the way.

May 4
Jay Aston (Gene Loves Jezebel)
Birthday's today: Pia Zadora, Randy Travis, Ed Cassidy (Spirit), Julie Budd, Eddie Perez,
Jackie Jackson (Jackson 5), Darryl Hunt (Pogues), George Will, Ronnie Bond (Troggs),
Zal Cleminsen (Alex Harvey Band), George Wadenius (Blood, Sweat And Tears),
Nickolas Ashford (Asford And Simpson), Stella Parton, Pablo Ruiz, Sybil Danning

Q of THE WEEK: Signing on..and off a radio station.
What songs would you think work the best?

For a heritage alternative station destined to follow WOXY and WPLY onto the internet,
The Smiths "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out".
Dave Sanford Spectre Promotions , Oregon, California

Jonathan, It's never been an experience of mine but a sign-on song for me would ultimately be a 2 minute collage. Bits and segments from the Ramones, "Rock and Roll Radio", just a line MAYBE from Elvis Costello's, "Radio Radio" with snippets from Negativeland's "A Big
10-8 Place" and "Perfect Cut (48 Hours)" and include the line from the Star Wars movie that says, "This station is now the ultimate power in the universe..."

Other included songs that I'd like here would be Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World" and some of the middle bits and pieces from "I Told You So" from New Order's latest record, "Waiting for the Siren". (I agree with you that it's a great one b.t.w.) most of my idea here. There's only one choice for a sign off song for me! That's Sid Vicious covering the Sinatra classic, "MY WAY!"
Dean "Wirmer" Fait MD for (the little college station that could) KALA in Davenport IA

Now that's what I call really thinking about it. Dean, great idea's

I hate the band Styx, more than most things Satan creates to torture us on this earth, but signing on with "Welcome to the Grand Illusion" seems so appropriate...cant stand the music, but the lyrics are right on the money...and then, when its time to say goodbye, indie rocker Kent 25's "Democracy is Hypocracy" or Henry Rollins "Liar" pretty much says it all.
Troy Smith Boston MA

CLASSIC ALTERNATIVE Opening: "We Want The Airwaves" - Ramones. Closing: "Straight To Hell" - The Clash or "Through Being Cool" - Devo.

CLASSIC ROCK Opening: "On The Air" - Peter Gabriel or "Hello There" - Cheap Trick. Closing:
"Long Live Rock" - The Who or "Darkness On The Edge Of Town" - Bruce Springsteen.

ALTERNATIVE Opening: "Pumping On Your Stereo" - Supergrass. Closing: "Why Does It Always
Rain On Me?"
- Travis.
Jerry Rubino CMJ Network New York

Sad News from Pennsylvania

Hello. There's no easy way to say this. I am no longer with WUBZ. I turned my resignation in last night, effective immediately. Last week, I was demoted as Program Director. One of the members of our new morning show was appointed. I could've stayed on as Music Director and APD, but I didn't feel the need. Management noted that the demotion had nothing to do with my performance and that they just felt they needed somebody there during the day (my shift is evenings if you didn't know). I called it bullshit and decided it was time for me to move on. I didn't want to work for a station like that. For those unaware, the station got sold about 5 months ago and you know how those things go sometimes. There are always some casualties. Thanks for everything and I hope you understand my reasons for leaving. I hope you will hear again from me soon, at a station that appreciates hard work and loyalty. Please stay in touch, either by e-mail, or feel free to give me a call at home (814.867.3934) or on my cell (717.860.1256). Happy trails until we speak again.

Austin Davis

May 3
Frankie Valli (Four Seasons)
Birthday's today: Steve Jones (Sex Pistols), Engelbert Humperdinck, Christopher Cross,
David Ball (Soft Cell), Jay Darlington (Kula Shaker), Samantha Eggar, Chris Mulkey,
Ron Hextall, Bruce Hall (Reo Speedwagon), Peter Staples (Troggs), Greg Gumbel,
Van McLain (Shooting Star, Ben Elton, Jeff Hornacek

Q of THE WEEK: So what songs would you sign on and off
a radio station? I'm sure some of you have been there
and done that.

I've been around for more than one station's signing off and on, but I've only been the decision maker once. When my station was flipping from modern rock to Hot AC here were my personal choices for those tunes. Sign off from Modern Rock: "The Last Song" The All-American Rejects (how original, but hey, it was a new tune and it hadn't been utilized to death for that purpose) Sign on to Hot AC: "The Promise" When In Rome (the reason being is the very first Compact Disc I bought was When
In Rome's self titled and whenever I bought a new CD Player, I always played that one first, plus it mentions "and if you wait around a while, I'll make you fall for me" which is what I wanted the listeners to feel... cheesy? Maybe a little, but YOU asked.. =)
Sam Hill Program Director-103.1 KCDA Midday Personality-98.9 KKZX Clear Channel Radio
808 E. Sprague Spokane, WA 99202 509.242.2491

Good choice's Sam

Hmmm. When I was a kid one of the jocks on KSHE in St. Louis used to sign off with Van Halen's rendition of "Happy Trails" from the Diver Down album. When we signed on a new station a couple of years ago we played "Who Will Save Rock And Roll" by the Dictators immediately followed by "Eat The Rich" by Krokus (their former manager is a concert promoter in that market). If it were up to me, there are so many good songs to choose from it would be hard to pick, and I'm sure my list would change every so often. Right now I'd probably choose "How Soon is Now" by the Smiths. It might seem cliche to some, but that is one of those songs than when I as a listener hear it on the radio I proclaim "YES!" and turn it up as loud as I can. I would want to use a song that would make listeners do the same. Ask me the same question next week, and I'll probably be on a different song.
AdRoq Writer, Houston TX

I am going to go with signing on with the Ramones "Blitzkrieg Bob" (HEY HO, LET'S GO!) and then signing off with Frank Sinatra's "My Way", because, hey, I've done it MYYYY WAAAAYY! :)
Eric Cole Director-East Coast Promotion Digital Musicworks International (DMI)
917.373.7985 eric@digitalmusicworks.com www.digitalmusicworks.com

Obviously it would depend on the station. When we re-signed on WKLL (which had become a Nostalgia station), we thought we'd have some fun with the geriatric listeners. 4 hours of Richard Cheese. It took them about 1/2 hour to realize that his Sinatra-like delivery was just masking the hateful "Smack My Bitch Up"-like verses. Since 'KLL was going to be a full on RAWK station, we had stopped Mr. Cheese and started with a song that was to define the attitude of the station. Metallica's "Master of Puppets". Ahhhh. Goodtimes. The last song I would play on a station regardless of format would be "Taps". It pretty much says it all.
Scott Petibone PD WKRL Syracuse NY

Scotty...that was clever..."Taps"

May 2
Leslie Gore
Birthday's today: Bianca Jagger, Lou Gramm (Foreigner), Jay Osmond, Christine Baranski,
Doctor Robert (Blow Monkeys), The Rock (Duane Johnson), Larry Gatlin (Gatlin Brothers),
Jamaal Wilkes, Jo Ann Pflug, Bob Henrit (Kinks/Argent), Elizabeth Berridge

Q of THE WEEK: What songs would you sign on and off
a radio station? Many of you haven't had the chance to.
So what would they be. If you have...well, what are they?

For me, my sign off is easy. It's the song I signed off on most of my shifts from 82-95.
"So Long" by Fisher Z (Zed). I'm still thinking about the perfect sign on song though.
I'll get back to you later in the week on that one. By the way Candy's "The Last Radio
Show" is pretty good too. Way out of print unfortunately.
Jonathan L

Sign off with "Too Drunk to Fuck" by Nouvelle Vayge covering Dk's (Dead Kennedy's)
Dwight Arnold KMRJ Palm Springs CA

I'll tell you a song I hated that I heard at a format change - KOPA played "Back in Time" by
Huey Lewis to herold their change from Top 40 to Classic Rock (a format that has lasted that station nearly 20 years now!). I hated it because it meant I was out from doing 6p-10p nightly (at about age 19)!!! And I used to really like BACK TO THE FUTURE - the movie - but that helped ruin it for me.
Sluggo KROQ, Sirius Satellite Los Angeles CA

Sara Nunes: Interviewed by Rolling Stone last week,
and her song poking fun at Simon of American Idol "Simon Can't Sing" is being added
to MTV, and Much Music. Many of you have a copy already...why are you not playing
it? Gonna let MTV steal your thunder once again?
Check these articles out on-line: www.mtv.com
and www.rollingstone.com

In regards to "good will hunting"

To your man Jim Ballard who wrote in asking what song that was on the Tim Stone show, that was
"I Confess" by the Tom Tom Club off of the stellar Boom Boom Chi Boom Boom album that came out in the Summer of 1989. I saw those guys on that tour back at this club in New York called The World (which was about an 800-seater if memory serves correctly). I remember Tina Weymouth was wearing a tiny miniskirt that night, and when she put her leg up on the monitor she gave us all in the front row a little show. Good times. What a great band that was. So ahead of their time. If Franz Ferdinand, Arcade Fire, Bloc Party etc, etc can pay homage to the sound made popular by Gang of Four, maybe someday soon we'll see a revival in the Tom Tom Club sound.

Lenny Combat Rock Promotions, Los Angeles CA

Jim, if I had conferred with Lenny...I suppose I would have had an answer for you sooner.
Lenny is very much into that era. He listened once and knew who it was.

May 1
Judge Marilyn Milian (People's Court)
Birthday's today: Judy Collins, Rita Coolidge, Joanna Lumley, Tim McGraw, Bernard Butler,
Johnny Colt (Black Crowes), Carlos Ward (BT Express), Steve Farris (Mr. Mister),
Jerry Weiss (Blood, Sweat, Tears), Paul Smith (Haircut 100), Nick Fortune (Buckinghams),
Mark Scott, Trixter), Felix Hanemann (Zebra), Byron Stewart, Charlie Schlatter, Ray Parker Jr.

Q of THE WEEK: If you had a choice of what songs to sign
on a radio station...and sign off a station...what would it be,
and by who? It begins tomorrow.