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May 25  
Anne Heche

Everyone should be aware of Anne and her story. She was born on this day in 1969
in Aurora, Ohio. Surname is pronounced "Haytch". Was life partner with 'Ellen De-
Generes' from 1997 - 2000. Her father Don, a choir director, died at 45 of AIDS in
1983. Went to Ocean City High School, Ocean City, New Jersey. Graduated from the
Francis W. Parker School, Chicago, Illinois. Chosen by People Magazine as one of the
50 most beautiful people in the world in 1998. Announced that she intended to marry
Ellen DeGeneres if Vermont carried through its plans to legalize gay marriages. In
August of 2000, after three and half years together, she split up with Ellen.
On Sept-
ember 4 2001, her Autobiography "Call Me Crazy" released. She wrote it in just six
weeks. Married cameraman 'Coleman 'Coley' Laffoon' in September 2001. They had a
baby boy Homer Heche Laffoon, born in Los Angeles on March 2, 2002. Today they are
divoreced. Was nominated for Broadway's 2004 Tony Award as Best Actress (Play) for
a revival of "Twentieth Century." Fleetwood Mac's 'Lindsey Buckingham' wrote a song
"Come" about her, taking shots at her lesbianism and delusions. Starting from TV soap
Another World back in 1987, Anne has appeared in over 50 TV shows and films in total.

Birthday's today:
Molly Sims, Bobby Slayton, Mike Meyers, Klaus Meine (Scorpions),
Hiro Saito, Lindsay & Sidney Greenbush, Chelse Swain, Jessi Coulter, Kendall Gill,
Ellen Petri, Lauryn Hill, Alison Stern, Ian McKellen, Beverly Sills, Miguel Tejada,
Karen Valentine, Leslie Uggams, Tom T. Hall, Paul Weller (The Jam & Style Council),
Joey Eischen, Dave Lee Travis, Dave Hollins, Connie Selleca, Lindsey Nelson (R.I.P.)

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Coree Las Vegas Nevada

COREE SAYS: Wow! Jonathan, just the thought of going back
is exciting. I know for me it would be all about music. But, to
pick just one? Can't be done! I would have to do one of those
"Bill and Ted Adventures".

Think about; Bo Diddley, Fats Domino, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee
Lewis, Jimmy Hendrix, Janice Joplin, Elvis Presley, The Clash,
Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, and Joan Jett.

Dead or alive these poeple had a major hand in helping make music
what it is today.

Oh!, just to spend an hour with each of these incredible musicians
and singers.

Coree oxoxo

Rayko Los Angeles California

RAYKO SAYS: That's easy. :) I bet a lot of people will pick a celeb,
but for me this precious person came to my mind instantly.

It's my Dad. :)

Just talk and sing with him for 24 hours. As an adult, I wanna relearn
how awesome of a person he really was.

Mishelle New Hampshire

No hesitation on this one, Janis Joplin!!

Just to talk and party with her would be a dream come true.
Try to tell her to chill a lil on the hard drugs. Then maybe the
world could of enjoyed her a lil longer!

One of the most undersppriciated female artists of all time.
She gave every piece of herself when she performed. 

Truely a rock legend!


Karey Long Beach California

KAREY SAYS: The Marquise De Sade!!!!!

And I would spend the 24 hours doing ANYTHING
he wanted.  ;)~~~~~~~

Bri Washington State

BRI SAYS: I would want to go back to any Friday night in 1988,
with my boyfriend.

Probably to catch a couple of butt-rock concerts in L.A. :)

May 24  
    Kristin Scott Thomas
Award winning British actress was born on this day in 1960 in Redruth, Cornwall,
England. Her father was a pilot for the British Royal Navy and died in a flying acc-
ident in 1964. Her stepfather was also a pilot and died six years later under similar
circumstances. Her childhood home was Dorset, England. She left at the age of 19
to work as an au pair in Paris. Speaks French fluently. Dubbed herself in French in
Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994). She also dubbed herself in French for Random
Hearts (1999). Considers herself more French than British, having lived in Paris for
more years than in her homeland. Chosen by Empire magazine as one of the 100
Sexiest Stars in film history (#50) in 1995. Chosen by "People" magazine as one of
the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World in 1997. Was awarded Legion d'Honneur,
France's highest civilian award, in January 2005 honors list.
She has worked with
three of the fine Fiennes family, co-starring with Ralph in The English Patient and
with Joseph in Man to Man and being directed by Martha in Chromophobia.
Made her
feature film debut in the 1986 film Under the Cherry Moon, which was directed by
and starred Prince. Her recent films are "the Walker" in 2007, and she is currently
working on 3 other films this year for release most likely in 2008.

Birthday's today:
Rosanne Cash, Nell Campbell, Helen Terry, Patti LaBelle, Heavy D,
John Illsley (Dire Straits), Sarah Hagan, Tracy McGrady, Cecilia Cheung, Tommy Chong,
Sandy Gardiner, Sybil Danning, Bob Dylan, Priscilla Presley, Serena Lee, Joe Dumars,
Naomi Ryan, Leah Andreone, Steven McDonald (Redd Kross), Rob Baker (Red Rider)




(*Ends Friday)

Alex Falkirk Scotland

ALEX SAYS: Hi Jonathan. There are a few people I would love
to go back in time and meet at a particular time in their life,
but the one that springs to mind who I would find of most
interest has to be April Ashley.

Being a transgendered woman myself, April is one of my Trans-
sexual icons who impressed me with her individuality and zest for
life, regardless of how hard it was to make it in life as a TS back
in her day.

She started life being born as a boy in a tough working class area
within Liverpool UK back in 1935. She always knew she was a girl,
but still did the expected male thing to suit society and went off to
sea at the age of 14.

She broke free by moving to London UK and got into female imper-
sonation cabaret, and the rest of her fantastic life is history as it were.

If interested you can read about her at http://www.aprilashley.com/home.html
and you will see how successful and well known she became, and indeed
the well known stars she became involved with as well.

She transitioned from male to female back when society had been even
more bigoted towards people the likes of me today. I owe a lot to women
like April, for they have helped me become the real me today through their
own difficult challenges in life by re-shaping how the world views my kind.

Therefore she gets my thanks, and my difficulty would be trying to pick
only one 24 hour period in her life to answer this question properly.

Luv, Alex. xxx

Barbara Morganton North Carolina

BARBARA SAYS: I would love to go back to the 60's.The one
person I would want to spend that precious 24 hours with would
be Jim Morrison.

But, I would have loved to have met him before he got so strung
out on alcohal and drugs.

Then I'd fast forward through time to a few moments before he
died. I'd liked to have been able to read his last thoughts, and
then watch him as he takes his last breath. And, see the life
drain from his eyes.

Jim Morrison was and still the SEXIEST DEAD MAN that ever lived!

I would have done about anything to spend that time with him.

Shawn Rock Manhattan Kansas

Jon, this question is always great...some
people take the high road and claim, "Jesus"...or "Ghandi"
..."Mother Theresa"...c'mon!!

Not me. I believe I'll take the back road...haha...kidding. I
would jump in my souped up time machine (which would be
a black '69 SS) and ride into December 8th, 2004...at Alrosa
Villa in Columbus, Ohio.

I'd go into that day early, wait for a one Nathan Gale,
sidestage...and put fifteen bullets into the man.

The man that took 4 lives that night...including Dimebag
would be stopped!

Then I could smile at Dime and everyone else in the building
...and toast a blacktooth grin.


Dark Diva North Dakota

DIVA SAYS: Easy cheesey answer here: Would love to have
gone back in time to the Haight Ashbury days and hang with
Janis and tell her, "girl, you're going to be a legend of women
rockers...keep it clean, keep it real and keep around us for a
long, long time."

May 23  
    Jewel Kilcher
Popular singer/songwriter was born in 1974 in Payson, Utah. Lived in a VW
bus in San Diego with her mother before making it big as the story goes. Her
father taught music in elementary schools. Her grandfather helped draft the
Alaska state constitution. She learned to play guitar at age 16.
Is able to speak
some Swedish. When she was 18 she had a Swedish boyfriend, named Musse,
whom she learned it from. She also wrote him a lullaby song in Swedish which
she has performed at concerts and on TV appearances. Dated musician Steve
Poltz for 3 years. They both co-wrote Jewel's 1997 hit 'You Were Meant For Me.'
Attended the world-renowned Interlochen Arts Academy, an exclusive boarding
school, in Interlochen, Michigan. Dated Sean Penn, who also directed an early ve-
rsion (1995) music video for her song "You Were Meant For Me." (which was later
re-made with the more popular 1997 version). Ranked #92 in Stuff magazine's
"102 Sexiest Women In The World" (2002).
She is one of the many artists and
songwriters asked to join Music United For A Strong Internet Copyright (MUSIC),
but she is still undecided as to whether the all-star ad campaign is an effective
means of putting a stop to illegal downloading.

Birthday's today:
Karen "Duff" Duffy, Joan Collins, Drew Carey, Linda Thompson,
Buck Showalter, Staci Greason, Baltimora, Zalman King, Shelly West, Ann Hui,
Jonathan Pryce, James Mankey (Concrete Blonde), Marvin Hagler, Linden Ashby,
Rosemary Clooney, Tiffany Rochelle-Anderson, Lauren Chapin, Robert A. Moog,
Charles Kimbrough, Ramon "Tiki" Fulwood (Funkadelic), Shannon Brown




(*Ends Friday)

Holly Nashville Tennessee

HOLLY SAYS: On a personal level, I'd love to go back and
spend 24 hours hanging out with my brother Travis Hutchison.

He was killed by a drunk driver May 24th 1992. He was my best
friend growing up as kids. Interesting that this question was posed
at this time of the year. ;-)

My mom had little competitions between my brother and I when we
were like 8 and 10 to guess which song was going to climb the chart
to number 1 on Casey Kasum's countdown. It was a blast!

Music has always been a big part of our family.

If I could hang with one person from music world for 24 hours, it
would be Elvis Presley - I LOVE him.

Hard to find someone with all that talent, charisma and good looks
wrapped in one package!

My brother would've made me drag him along too! He always wanted to
go do whatever his big sister was doing. ;-)

Snakelady Los Angeles California

SNAKELADY SAYS: Hey Jonathan. That's a tough one. First
I thought of Marilyn Monroe but then I realized she was just
a confused person and I probably wouldn't get much outta that
other than fan fascination.

Then I thought of Albert Einstein, and we could talk about
different theories of dimensions, quataum physics and his
theory on God and if there is one...which I've heard he did
believe in one.

A scientist believing in God is very unusual. I myself want to
believe but I'm still on the fence.

Alba San Jose Costa Rica

I would love to be in the Renaissance and
spend my 24 with Michelangelo having a super intensive
workshop and trying to learn all that I can about painting
and sculpture.

Hugs Jonathan!

Engel_Dust Norristown Pennsylvania

ENGEL SAYS: Hey, if I have a chance to go back in time...let
me see...lots of people in my mind, but now I'd like to meet
Martin Gore (Depeche Mode) back in the 80s (around '81).

I will probably ask him why he started DM and where does he
have those lyrics from. And, then he'll show me how to play
synthesizers, and maybe how he does his hairstyle and clothes.

Go to shop in London. Maybe see some punk or new wave band.
Then meet his bandmates-and Dave Gahan. And then, I'll have
another 24 hours with Dave. Ha, guess what we will be doing? : )

Back in the days, he was hot!

May 22   
   Naomi Campbell
The face of modeling was born in Streatham, London, England on this day in 1970.
Studied at the London Academy For Performing Arts. Discovered at age 15.
black female model on the cover of French Vogue, British Vogue, and Time Magazine.
Chosen by People magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the world -1991.
Has a scar on her nose. Has the letters F.B. tattooed on her arm. Has a successful line
of perfumes and colognes. Was engaged to the legendary group U2's Bassist Adam
Clayton in the 1990s. Attended the renowned Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts in
London. One of the five supermodels. The others are Claudia Schiffer, Christy Turlington,
Cindy Crawford, and Linda Evangelista. Has been photographed by noted fashion photo-
graphers Steven Meisel, Helmut Newton, and Seb Janiak. Was ranked #4 in Channel 5's
"World's greatest supermodel". Appeared on "The Tyra Banks Show" (2005) to end her
rivalry with host and fellow black model Tyra Banks. Appears in photographs taken for
Madonna's coffee-table book "Sex." Shown on a 75 eurocent postage stamp issued by
the Austrian Post Office on May 20, 2006.
Has written a book titled "Swan". It is about a
supermodel (1994). Has appeared as an actress and herself on many TV shows and also
in numerous films.

Birthday's today:
Maggie Q, Steven Patrick "Morrissey", Jerry Dammers (Specials),
Bernie Taupin, Charles Aznavour, Iva Davies (Icehouse), Alison Eastwood, Ed Fry,
Dana Williams, Julian Tavarez, Barbara Parkins, Johnny Gill, Susan Strasberg,
Richard Benjamin, Peter Nero, Tommy John, Paul Winfield, Ann Cusak, Jose Mesa




(*Ends Friday)

Eva Ruiz Los Angeles California

EVA SAYS: I'd spend 24 hours with the Emperor Montezuma
of Tenochtitlan.

I'd be one of his concubines and convince him that Hernan Cortes
was NOT Quetzalcoatl.

Perhaps the great city would have survived.

Chilli Denmark

There is a couple of persons that could be
interesting to meet, but right now I have chosen the amazing

Jim Morrison. Could be interesting to spend 24 hours
with him out in the desert; sing, talk, chanting, dance.

Yeah, I could defintely do that. :)

Angie Bristol United Kingdom

ANGIE SAYS: Dick Turpin ("the Highway Man")

I'd like a good stick up. Stand and deliver...thingy. lol

Angie xx

May 21  
   Julia Thurnau
Julia Thurnau was born 1974 in Munich. She grew up in France in a village near
Cannes. As a child she played several parts at her school's theatre but she was
undecided whether to become an actress or a sculptor as her father Nicolai
Tregor was. After finishing school in Munich in 1995 she was cast more or less
by chance for a role in the TV series "So ist das Leben - Die Wagenfelds". One
year later she had her first appearance in German cinemas in the movie "Nach
f�nf im Urwald". During the shooting she took private lessons in acting until she
enrolled in the drama school "Schauspiel M�nchen" in Munich in 1996. Julia is
currently playing 'Dr. Alana Hellmann on the popular TV series
Alpenklinik - Eine
Frage des Herzens, Die.

Birthday's today:
The Notorious B.I.G., Roger Hodgson (Supertramp), Kristian Jensen,
Renee Soutendijk, Tim Lever (Dead Or Alive), Judge Reinhold, Carol Potter, Sarah Forbes,
Hilton Valentine (Animals), Manual Pina, David Hill, Lisa Edelstein, Bill Champlin, Mr. T,
Ronald Isley (Eisley Brothers), Stan Lynch (Tom Petty), Mike Barson (Madness), David Groh




Alicia Tucson Arizona

ALICIA SAYS: I would go back to the mid 80's. I Would
want to spend 24 hours with Madonna.

Why? Well easy. She's supercharged, extrmemely amazing
talent, in sooo many areas!

If anything to pick her brain, learn new dance choreography,
perhaps choreograph for her. Go surfing, make a new friend.

Life is simply too short to say what if, and I should've. :)

If given the chance to do so today I would!


Trinity United Kingdom

TRINITY SAYS: My father. I'm blessed to still have him
in my life.

I would wish to spend the rest of mine with his... but that
won't probably be feesable...
so I cherish every second I
do have.

He's a hero u know. Thats his "job".

lol. Trinity :)

Petra Bay Area California

My Dad - I wouldn't care what we
did, as long as I got to see him.

May 18  
    Cynthia Preston
Longtime television actress was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on this day in 1968.
Became so popular with fans during her three-year role as Faith Roscoe on "General
Hospital" (1963) that ABC is reportedly trying to find a spot for her on one of their other
soap operas. Her name has been mentioned by several as a possible recast for Tina Ro-
berts on "One Life to Live" (1968). However, her agent said that up until now, she has
only been auditioning for prime-time roles. Speaks some Japanese as a result of living in
Japan for 6 months when she was 18.
In June, 2005 was very busy doing theater work
in L.A. after leaving "General Hospital". She played Ophelia in the Playhouse West prod-
uction of Hamlet, and two characters in the production of Haunted Heart. In August of
2006 was the lead in the comedy feature film "Domestic Import". Married to Kyle Martin
since April of 2000. Cynthia has had roles and appearences in over 50 shows or films since
1986. Everything from "The X-Files" to "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation".

Birthday's today:
Chow Yun Fat, Rick Wakeman (Yes), Nicole McLean, Heidi Willman,
Amanda Bently, Jenn Gotzon, Barb Beaser, Michelle, Ramaglia, Chantal Kreviazuk
George Strait, Alex Rodriguez, Mark Mothersbaugh (Devo), Joseph Baldwin, Tina Fey,
Brooks Robinson, Diane McBain, Holly Aird, Anna Ottoson, Asia Viera, Marcus Giles


When making love or just having sex-is it your
choice to have music in the background or not?

If it is music-what kind?  Is it soft or loud?

(*This Q is now over)

Tori South London England

TORI SAYS: Hiya. I've done it many a time to hard
house music!

Fast and hard. Just how I like it!!

Shawnrock Manhattan Kansas

SHAWN SAYS: Duh!! Music is necessary.

The Black Keys, Janes Addiction (old). Also Morphine,
The Stones, Etta James, Ray Charles, The Commadores,
Type O Negative, Deftones (White Pony album), Motley Crue,
old Van Halen, ACDC (Back In Black).

Ladies, you have to get into a stripper mentality in good swing!!

Come On!!!

What band haven't I named? I am naughty...geez!

Nikki Thomas Modesto-Stockton California

NIKKI SAYS: Uh yeah...Jonathan...umm...uh...actually...with
the way my life has been going...I'd just settle for anything that
will kill the sound of a constant buzz.

If you know what I mean?...or not.

BUT...should the real thing occur...saving me from certain "death
by carpal tunnel"...uh...it depends on the sex.

You can't go wrong with Zero 7 or Imogen Heap...or...then there's
System of a Down.

I also find the intro to Ozzy's "Flying High Again" to be particularly

Barbara Morganton North Carolina

BARBARA SAYS: YES, the kind of music that I might play
during making love, depends on my mood on what kind of
music that I listen to.

May 17   
Eithne Ni Bhraonain , born in 1961 the fourth youngest of nine children, comes from
the small village of Dore (Dobhar in Irish) in the Gweedore (Gaoth Dobhair) region of
County Donegal in the northwest of the Republic of Ireland. She now lives in Killiney,
a coastal district on the southern outskirts of Dublin The family is very musical and
her parents played in a family dance band before settling down. Her father owns a
local pub - Leo's tavern in Meenalech (min na Leice) - and her mother Baba taught
music in the local school. In 1968, elder brothers Ciaran & Pol, and uncles Padraigh &
Noel O Dugain, formed the band "An Clan As Dobhar" to perform traditional Irish music
 at festivals etc. Changing their name to Clannad, and recruiting sister Maire Brennan
in 1973, the band have gone on to international success performing both their own and
traditional material. They have recorded a number of albums. Enya joined Clannad in
1980 and, credited under her real name, provided keyboards and (mostly) backing vocals.
She appears on their 1982 album "Fuaim". It is often said that she also appeared on their
1980 album "Crann Ull" although she is not listed in the credits. In 1982, Clannad split with
their long time manager and producer Nicky Ryan. Often sings in a mix of Latin and Irish
Gaelic. Adopted the spelling "Enya" in order to avoid having to continually explain how to
pronounce her true first name, "Eithne." As of summer 2003, has never toured or perform-
ed a live concert. Most TV appearances have been accomplished by her either lip-synching
to her original recording, or singing along with it. There have been a few exceptions, most
notably at the 74th Annual Academy Awards and at least once on "The Tonight Show with
Jay Leno" (1992). According to Enya, tours and live concerts of her music are virtually im-
possible due to the logistics of trying to replicate her sound on stage.

Birthday's today:
Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails), Bob Saget, Dennis Hopper, Jim Nantz,
Sugar Ray Leonard, Taj Mahal, Yoko Shimada, Jody Pijper, Bill Paxton, Craig Ferguson,
Sasha Alexander, Naomi West, Danny Manning, Tracey Bryn (Voice Of the Beehive),
Jesse Winchester, Sue Carpenter, Bill Bruford (King Crimson), Cameron Bancroft,
Kathleen Sullivan, Rochelle Aytes, Erica Jennings, George Johnson (Brothers Johnson)


When making love or just having sex-is it your
choice to have music in the background or not?

If it is music-what kind?  Is it soft or loud?

(*This Q has had an overwhelming response. Ends tomorrow)

JoJo Okeechobee Florida

JOJO SAYS: I prefer soft music so I can hear my lovers
scream of joy! lol

Diane Phoenix Arizona

DIANE SAYS: Shouldn't it be spontaneous? Over thinking
and planning that sort of thing can be a recipe for disaster.

Missy Erie Pennsylvania

MISSY SAYS: I never really thought about it, but I really think
it is something that is best when it happens naturally.

It's not something you should prep for unless it's a special occasion
(birthday etc.).

Some of the best sex I ever had happened spontaniously. So it could
be music in the background or the sound of birds out my window.

The important thing is the sound coming from your lover.

Joe Tempe Arizona

It depends. It's not something I plan out ahead of
time but I usually love music in the background.

It has to be the right music and not cranked to high heaven.

May 16  
    Tori Spelling
Victoria Davey Spelling was born on this day in 1973 in Los Angeles to Aaron Spelling,
a producer, and Carol Jean Spelling. As her father was a producer of many shows in
the 1970s, Tori had a taste for fame. She began guest-starring on mostly her father's
shows such as "The Love Boat" (1977), "T.J. Hooker" (1982), "Hotel" (1983), "Fantasy
Island" (1978), "Vega$" (1978), and "Saved by the Bell" (1989). In 1990 she landed a
regular part in "Beverly Hills, 90210" (1990) where she played Donna Martin, a series
co-produced by her father and Darren Star. During the late 1990s she had a small part
in Scream 2 (1997) and starred in The House of Yes (1997). When "Beverly Hills, 90210"
(1990) ended she starred in more independent films such as Scary Movie 2 (2001) and
50 Ways to Leave Your Lover (2004), where she got praised for her acting. Had small
plastic surgery on her nose in 11/1994, after a parrot bit her. Her true hair color is dark
brown. Her name Tori means 'Bird' in Japanese. Ranked #23 in VH1 Top 100 Greatest
Teen Stars. First child, a son named Liam Aaron, with husband, Dean was born on Tue-
sday, March 13, 2007. He was born in Los Angeles, California, weighing 6lbs 6 oz.

Birthday's today:
Pierce Brosnan, Debra Winger, Toya Wilcox, Janet Jackson, John Sally,
Hazel O' Conner, Emiliana Torrini, Jonathan Richman, Tricia Cast, Roger Earl (Foghat),
Vincent LaRusso, Evan Ferrante, Richard Page (Mr. Mister), Jimmy Osmond, Brent Jasmer,
Billy Cobham, Nicky Chinn, Yvonne Craig, Nina Arvensen, Billy Martin (R.I.P.)


When making love or just having sex-is it your
choice to have music in the background or not?

If it is music-what kind?  Is it soft or loud?

(*This Q has had an overwhelming response. Continues all this week)

Kristina Phoenix Arizona

KRISTINA SAYS: I have a couple of CDs that I have
burned to play during sex with a blend of songs. I have
a surround sound in my room with the bass turned up
and a glass of wine is the best.

70% of the time I have music while having sex but some-
times I don't have time to get the CD in the player if you
know what I mean!

Usually loud metal and Techno.

I know my sister still is traumatized when she hears
Linkin Park playing, this is from when she stayed with me
for two weeks. She won't do that anymore. LOL

I think my fav blender CD is:

In The Air Tonight ~ Non Point
I Did My Time ~ Korn
Archetype ~ Fear Factory
Sun Doesn't Rise ~ Mushroomhead
Boom (remix) ~ POD / Crystal Method
Mindfields ~ Prodigy
Trip Like I Do ~ Filter / Crystal Method
Born To Slow ~ Crystal Method
Stripper Music ~ Crystal Method
Butterfly ~ CrazyTown
Sun King ~ The Cult

I didn't realize there's a lot of Crystal Method
on the disc. LOL

BREN-DUH Crandall Georgia

BREN-DUH SAYS: No preference. Just whatever
happens at the mo...hehehhe

Maureen Long Island New York

MAUREEN SAYS: Ok. Having sex. Yummy. First off I like
to have music playing in the background. It can set the

But make sure it`s the right music or it can kill that desired
mood. Seeing that music is a huge part of my life, it makes
sense that I would have it playing in the background.

Good sex Rocks with the right music. With the wrong music
things may cum up a little short...lol

Maureen Stasi (THE EDEN PROJECT)

Erik Duke City New Mexico

ERIK SAYS: Yeah, music can turn "just a mood" into a
religious experience.

Favorite tunes to use:
1) Virus 23's cover of PiL's - "Order of Death"

 2) Enigma's "MCMXC a.D." album (In it's entirety)
 3) Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - "Girl at the Bottom of my Glass"
 4) The The's "Soul Mining" album (In it's entirety)
 5) My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult - "Martini Built For Two."

Janice Middletown Ohio

"FETISH" by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.
That's all I'm sayin' ;)

May 15  
   Jamie-Lynn DiScala
Jamie- Lynn was born in Jericho, Long Island, New York in 1981 has been acting and
singing since the age of 7. Jamie got her start in New York regional theater, and has
since starred in over two dozen theatrical productions including "Annie", "The Wizard
of Oz", "The Sound of Music", "The Wiz" and "Gypsy". In the summer of 2001 she star-
red in the touring production of Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein's "Cinderella",
playing the lead opposite Eartha Kitt. Jamie made her Broadway debut starring as Belle
in Disney's Broadway production of "Beauty and the Beast" from October 2002 through
February 2003. Beyond her theatrical appearances, she currently stars as Meadow Sop-
rano in the critically acclaimed HBO original series "The Sopranos" (1999). For her work
on the show she received the 1999 and 2000 Hollywood Reporter Young Star Awards for
Best Young Actress in a Dramatic Television Series and both 2001 and 2002 ALMA nomin-
ations. She also has a SAG Award for "The Sopranos" Best Ensemble Cast. Ranked #73 in
Stuff magazine's "102 Sexiest Women In The World" (2002). Was featured as #24 in Max-
im Magazine's "Hot 100 of 2002" supplement. Named #42 in FHM's "100 Sexiest Women
in the World 2005" special supplement.

Birthday's today:
Melle Mel, Dan Patrick, Andrew Eldridge (Sisters Of Mercy),
Amy Chow, Chazz Palminteri, Gunilla Hutton, Kevin Von Erich, K.T. Oslin,
John Smoltz, Holly McPeak, Omar Visquel, Ahmet Zappa, Ray Lewis, Mike Oldfield,
Laini Kazan, Trini Lopez, Jeff Rochlin, David Charvet, George Brett, Brian Eno


When making love or just having sex-is it your
choice to have music in the background or not?

If it is music-what kind?  Is it soft or loud?

(*This Q has had an overwhelming response. Continues all this week)

Jennine Phoenix Arizona

JENNINE SAYS: When making love, I enjoy silence, mostly
because hearing romantic songs in the background usually
make me laugh (i.e. if "Always & Forever" plays).

I think my husband and I share this feeling. Being married
almost 12 years, at this point, it just feels corny.

Now having "sex" is something very different. The music doesn't
necessarily have to be very loud, but I definitely prefer hearing it.

The style and artists vary according to my mood that particular
moment. Here's just some examples: Sexy= Prince, Mike Patton
(solo); Sultry= Fiona Apple; Animalistic= Disturbed, Godsmack,
Pantera and Korn (the older, more angry stuff).

Ritualistic/Mysterious= Depeche Mode and the Cure's
"Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me".

Trisha Chandler Arizona

TRISHA SAYS: Silence is good if there is natural background
noise such as waves crashing, rain falling/thunderstorms, trees
rustling in the wind.

Otherwise I really, really love industrial music (various varieties
of it) while gettin' it on.

Oh, and thanks for reminding me that I definitely need a boyfriend
again, and soon!!!!

JONATHAN: Sorry for the reminder Trisha. :-(

Jilly Forfar, Angus United Kingdom

JILLY SAYS: LOL ya perve! I like music quiet-ish, but not
necessary. We drown it out anyway!!

Dirrrrrty fker!

JONATHAN: It was just a music question really. lol :-)

TaMaRa Naples Florida

TAMARA SAYS: Sexy music. Ravel, Kitaro, Enigma. Or, you
could go the other way and have the Simpsons...lol

No...I always go for the music, but low enough to hear my
ever elusive partner's (still single btw)...passion..ate kisses!

May 14   
    Cate Blanchett
You know her as Elf Queen Galadriel from "Lord Of The Rings" trilogy. Cate was born in
1969 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
She graduated from Australia's National Institute
of Dramatic Art in 1992 and, in a little over a year, had won both critical and popular acc-
laim. On graduating from NIDA, she joined the Sydney Theatre Company's production of
Caryl Churchill's "Top Girls", then played Felice Bauer, the bride, in Timothy Daly's "Kafka
Dances", winning the 1993 Newcomer Award from the Sydney Theatre Critics Circle for
her performance. From there, Blanchett moved to the role of Carol in David Mamet's sear-
ing polemic "Oleanna", also for the Sydney Theatre Company, and won the Rosemont Best
Actress Award, her second award that year. She co-starred in the ABC Television's prime
time drama "Heartland" (1994) (mini), again winning critical acclaim. In 1995, she was
nominated for Best Female Performance for her role as Ophelia in the Belvoir Street Thea-
tre Company's production of "Hamlet". Other theatre credits include Helen in the Sydney
Theatre Company's "Sweet Phoebe", Miranda in "The Tempest" and also Rose in "The Blind
Giant is Dancing", both for the Belvoir Street Theatre Company. In other television roles,
Blanchett starred as Bianca in ABC's "Bordertown" (1995) (mini), as Janie Morris in "G.P."
(1989) and in ABC's popular series Police Rescue (1994). She made her feature film debut
in Paradise Road (1997), and, in 1998, she played the title character in Elizabeth (1998),
winning numerous awards for her performance, including the Golden Globe for Best Actress
in a Drama. Cate was also nominated for an Academy Award for the role but lost out to
Gwyneth Paltrow. 2001 was a particularly busy year, with starring roles in Bandits (2001),
The Shipping News (2001), and Charlotte Gray (2001). Attended the 2005 Elle Style Awards
held at London's trendy Spitalfields Market. Posed for photos with fellow Australian Kylie
Minogue, who was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Birthday's today:
Sofia Coppola, Shanice, Amber Tamblyn, Natasha Ryan, George Lucas,
David Byrne (Talking Heads), Jack Bruce (Cream), Diane Arbus, Tom Cochrane (Red Rider),
Roy Halladay, Robert Zemeckis, Rachel Roth, CC Deville (Poison), Ian Astbury (The Cult),
Tim Roth, Francesca Annis, Gene Cornish (Fotomaker), Nancy Sorel, Pooh Richardson,
Sally Martin, Tony Perez, Amber Wallace, Carla Jimenez, Roy Halladay, Bobby Darin (R.I.P.)


When making love or just having sex-is it your
choice to have music in the background or not?

If it is music-what kind?  Is it soft or loud?

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Inga Brittingham Nashville Tennessee

INGA SAYS: I used to have music, but it's all a bunch of bullshit.

I don't like to have any sounds whatsoever...only so I can hear
him and what sounds we both make! Concentration too!!! LOL!!!

I guess if you are fucking someone you don't know...you might
want to have really loud music so that you can forget that you
did something stupid while you are doing it!

PimpZtress Rah Washington D.C.

RAH SAYS: You know what I find most astonishing? I have
asked this question of a lot of producers and DJ friends I know
and MOST say they don't like the "distraction". STRANGE!!

To me, with or without is great...but since music is everything
that I am, breathe and feel, it can be a great and emotional
experience if given the right beatZ.

Personally speaking, I would love to have sex dead-center of
the dancefloor with a bumpin Avalon system turned up till my
lungs feel it! That would be CRAZY FANTASTIC! (of course, the
club would be empty!! --- or would it??!! HA!)

And, it would probably be to several different types of tracks...you
know, like a set. Warm it up then take the plunge! "RIDE MY BEAT"
is a title of one of my tracks...yeah, I guess it would be like that.

For all those producers and DJs that say NO to the music during sex,

(I don't get it.)

xo -PimpZtress RaH

Charmaine Essex East United Kingdom

CHARMAINE SAYS: Ya no wot, I wouldn't know cause I'm
too busy havin' a good time and ain't got time or the
concentration to worry bout the music.

And, if I was listening, then obviously I'm not havin' a
good time!!

But, no seriously, as long as it's not lovey mush sick bucket
crap, I can tolerate most background music. xxx

Lula Hollywood California

LULA SAYS: Well, that all depends on the lover, but yes. I
used to have a very sweet hot man/boy lover and we loved
to have sex, to the album Dark Angel- Glenn Danzig, loud
and when we fell in love, it was Tiger Army's- Rise album
and Nick Cave, Swining Utters.

Another good one we enjoyed was Orgasimatic by
The Buzzcocks. Orgasimatic!

And when it was ending, Mike Ness. You know how his voice
makes you love to hate your lover. Great sex though.

Music is fantastic for love making and/or screwing. Could not
imagine not having one without the other even if it is in one's
head while making love in a dark alley.

Love oxoxox,

May 11  
    Natasha Richardson
The familiar actress was born in 1963 in London, England. Natasha made her feature
film debut as Mary Shelley in Ken Russell's Gothic (1986). Her performance caught the
attention of director Paul Schrader, who cast her in the title role in Patty Hearst (1988).
Since then, Ms. Richardson has achieved notable success in such films as Pat O'Connor's
A Month in the Country (1987), Roland Joff�'s Fat Man and Little Boy (1989) and The Fa-
vour, the Watch and the Very Big Fish (1991), featuring Bob Hoskins and Jeff Goldblum.
For her performance in Volker Schl�ndorff's The Handmaid's Tale (1990) and Schrader's
The Comfort of Strangers (1990), She earned The London Evening Standard Award for
Best Actress of 1990; and for Widows' Peak (1994), also starring Mia Farrow and Joan
Plowright, she received the Best Actress Award at the 1994 Karlovy Vary Festival.

Daughter of Tony Richardson and Vanessa Redgrave, and sister of Joely Richardson.
Richardson's television credits include Henrik Ibsen's "Ghosts" for the BBC, also starring
Judi Dench, Michael Gambon and Kenneth Branagh; the HBO cable feature Hostages (1993),
the BBC film Suddenly, Last Summer (1993), based on the play by Tennessee Williams,
and also starring Maggie Smith and Rob Lowe. In 1993 she starred as Zelda Fitzgerald in the
TNT movie Zelda (1993), co-starring Timothy Hutton and directed by Pat O'Connor (cable
Ace nomination for Best Actress). She played Ruth Gruber in the 2001 CBS mini-series Haven
(2001) based on Ms. Gruber's autobiography. Married to actor Liam Neeson and they have two
children. This year can be seen in "Evening", and on TV in "The Mastersons of Manhattan".

Birthday's today:
Hanna Verboom, Sarah Godshaw, Holly Valance, Carla Bley,
Jonathan Jackson, Austin O'Brien, Eric Young, Katie Wagner, Steve Bono, Milt Pappas,
Greg Dulli (Afghan Whigs), Martha Quinn, Boyd Gaines, Judith Weir, Joao Botelho,
Butch Trucks (Allman Brothers Band), Les Chadwick (Gerry and the Pacemakers)


When making love or just having sex-is it your
choice to have music in the background or not?

If it is music-what kind?  Is it soft or loud?

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Keren Stroud United Kingdom

KEREN SAYS: hehehe. I love to have music on in the
background. And, it's got to be rock all the way!!!

Great beat to pump to!!!

~Glitter~ Plano Texas

GLITTER SAYS: Well, when it comes to music when I am
making love or having sex it kinda depends on if I have been
drinking or not.

I love Heavy Metal, or just put a porno on but don't watch it
(hehehe), and just have their music in the background.

Also does very well if you are making your own video...haha.

Have a wonderful week. Glitter

Kavanah Walnut Creek California

Depends on my mood and who I'm with.

I usually like soft music...but sometimes rowdy music suits
the situation better.

I do not like to listen to "club" type or "techno" stuff when
engaged in such activities.

May 10   
   Linda Evangelista
The well known supermodel was born in St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada in 1965.One
of the five original supermodels. The others are Claudia Schiffer, Christy Turlington,
Cindy Crawford, and Naomi Campbell. Was ranked #2 (after Cindy Crawford) on MTV's
"House of Style" (1989) list of the top models of the 1990's. Entered the 'Miss Teen
Niagra' beauty contest at the age of 12 and lost. Named by people magazine as one of
the "50 Most Beautiful People In the World" (1990). Has changed her hair color a mini-
mum of twelve times. Recieved a special lifetime achievement award at the 1997 VH1
Fashion and Music Awards. Received a star on the Canadian Walk of Fame in Toronto in
June of 2003. Was ranked #8 in Channel 5's "World's greatest supermodel". At the age
of 41, she gave birth to her first child. Her son, Augustin James Evangelista was born on
Wednesday, October 11, 2006 in New York City. The father has not been named, but is
believed to be a NYC architect. Plays the accordion. Has four dogs Coco, Willow Flower,
Enzo, and Willy. Personal quote; "It was God who made me so beautiful. If I weren't,
then I'd be a teacher."

Birthday's today:
Bono, Sly Dunbar (Sly and Robbie), Meg Foster, Charlotte Emmerson,
Laurence Lau, Ashley Poole, Gina Philips, Rhona Bennett, Corri English, Jay Ferguson,
Nami Leolani, Graham Gouldman (10CC), Gary Owens, Jackie Lomax, Andrea Anders,
Sally Phillips, Aynsley Dunbar, John Simon "Sid Vicious" Ritchie (Sex Pistols R.I.P.)


When making love or just having sex-is it your
choice to have music in the background or not?

If it is music-what kind?  Is it soft or loud?

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Morrigan United Kingdom

Depends on my mood. If I'm in an 'obvious'
mood...then it'd have to be Revolting Cocks, "Do you think I'm

Whilst swinging around the self-constructed silver pole in the
bedroom. ;) (yeah right!)

~Starvixsin~ Phoenix Arizona

STAR SAYS: Jonathan, well, the music dick-tates the pace
of the sex.

For me personally the ideal music would be along the lines
of Pantera!

While Barry White is fun nobody would go to a Nascar race
and listen to Barry White.

You have to treat sex like the olympics, such events as the
shotput, polevault, and Greco Roman wrestling.

Jules The Philly United Kingdom

No way dude. I have to concentrate on the
job in hand, so to speak.

And, anyway my IPod headphones would get tangled up!

May 9  
  Rosario Dawson
We loved her in Sin City and Clerks 2. Rosario was born on this day in 1979 in New York
City. Was raised in Manhattan by her mother, a professional vocalist, and her father,
who worked in construction. Her uncle is a teacher known as Uncle Frank or Mr. Jump.
Was raised in Manhattan by her mother, a professional vocalist, and her father, who
worked in construction. Attended an alternative school in downtown Manhattan, where
she harbored aspirations of one day becoming a marine biologist. Discovered sitting on
her front porch in New York City and asked if she wanted to be in a movie. That movie
was "Kids" (1995).Her uncle is comic book artist Gus Vasquez. Co-created the comic
book "Occult Crimes Taskforce." in 2006. Is of Puerto Rican, Cuban, African American,
Irish and Native American descent. Originally had a small part as a nurse in the film The
Devil's Rejects (2005). Her character was cut out of the theatrical release after director
Rob Zombie decided to remove the character Dr. Satan. Her character was to be killed
off within forty seconds of her entrance. Rosario's character from Rent (2005), Mimi, is
modeled after the character Mimi in Giacomo Puccini's "La Boheme.". Has her own prod-
uction company called Trybe. Won a number of nominations and awards for Rent. She is
currently working on "Sin City 2" and "Killshot". She can be seen in "Grindhouse".

Birthday's today:
Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode), Candice Bergen, Albert Finney,
Glenda Jackson, Billy Joel, Tony Guinn, Paul Heaton (Housemartins), Alley Mills,
Richie Furay (Poco), David Benoit, Rachel Boston, Joan Sims, Matthew Kelly,
Jim Reilly (Red Rockers), Tom Peterson (Cheap Trick), Amy Wynn Pastor


When making love or just having sex-is it your
choice to have music in the background or not?

If it is music-what kind?  Is it soft or loud?

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Theresa Cincinnati Ohio

THERESA SAYS: When making love you have to have soft

Songs like "Black Velvet" by Alana Myles or "Come Undone"
by Duran Duran.

Soft music by Carlos Santana. Soft, slow and very
sexy music.

Don't forget that women love candles.

Phil Buckeye Arizona

Heck yes I listen to music during the act!
For sex, it can be anything from 2pac to Prodigy to
Mindless Self Indulgence, depending on the girl and
the situation.  Pretty much never country though.

For making love, Enigma is always on.  Always. 

Sometimes I'll mix in the classic love-making tunes or a
romantic instrumental piece, but no matter what gets
played, Enigma is mandatory!

Bunnie Phoenix Arizona

BUNNIE SAYS: My dearest Jonathan, hmm...preferably no
music. I love to hear "our sounds".

But really it would depend on the circumstance. Crazy night -
music. What kind of crazy night?

Crazy with passion - love songs. Crazy party - something a
bit more energetic!  Really, it all depends.

Kisses, Bunnie

May 8  
   Kimberlee Peterson
The televison actress was born in Boise, Idaho in 1980. Kimberlee was raised
most of her life in Colorado. From the time she was born, life was pretty much
her stage. Whether she was trying out new moves in dance class or exploring
the dangers of gymnastics, the one constant is that she did it with passion and
determination. Her family was always amazed and entertained by her "pres-
entation." As a child Kimberlee was slight in stature, had little freckles on her
face, was pigeon-toed and inherited her mother's ears. Growing up was tough
as times for this sensitive heart, because sometimes other children made fun of
the way she looked. At the tender young age of 4, she did some work in a Perry
Mason television show. She continued to navigate towards the arts and at the
age of 10, she did some training films for a police department. The response to
her performance came with much praise and accolades. It was clear at this point,
 that she had the innate talent and passion to pursue an acting career. When she
was twelve years old she competed in "Hooray For Hollywood" a competition that
was held in Los Angeles. She won some awards and had legitimate interest from
Hollywood agents and managers. The following year the trek was made to Los
Angeles, for pilot season. Kimberlee booked some jobs and became eligible to join
the Screen Actors Guild. Played Laura Shelby on a few episodes of "The West Wing",
and has appeared on "Boston Public", "Charmed", "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation",
and many more shows. Her career is at least consistant.

Birthday's today:
Alex Van Halen, Gary Glitter, Cheryl Richardson, Stephen Furst,
Keith Jarrett, Don Rickles, Ronnie Lott, Eric Brittingham (Cinderella), Nikki Plessen,
Melissa Gilbert, Julianne Morris, Peter Benchley, Colin Dunne, Julia Whelan,
Chris Franz (Talking Heads/Tom Tom Club), Deborah Harmon, Elizabeth Whitmere,
Toni Tennile (Capt. and Tenille), Sonny Liston (R.I.P.), Ricky Nelson (R.I.P.)


When making love or just having sex-is it your
choice to have music in the background or not?

If it is music-what kind?  Is it soft or loud?

(*This Q has had an overwhelming response. It will last two weeks)

Coree Las Vegas Nevada

COREE SAYS: Jonathan, "No" music for me. I enjoy all
the sounds of sex. If it's making love or maybe just a
good root...something about bodies laying, standing,
bending, and touching together. Yummy!!!

To me it's a natural kind of music made by two or more. :)

Sydney Vain Los Angeles California

SYDNEY SAYS: Hi Jonathan! I actually prefer NOT listening
to music when I am having sex because I would associate the
sexual experience to that song from that point after.

That could get very annoying.

However, I don't mind having sex while the television is on. ;-)

Kira Taz Madrid Spain

Hi jonathan! How r you? (of course with music)

Well, unfortunatelly I don't make love as often as I�d like to,
but for those romantic ones, I am gonna recommend a tune by
Touch and Go "Straight to Number One" is sexy, is hot.

But I normally prefer very loud and proper dirty Rock�n�Roll.
Oh yeah!

Have a nice day! Kisses to all u from Madrid!

May 7  
   Traci Lords
The former Porn star who was under 18 at the time, was born in Steubenville, Ohio
on this day in 1968. An incredibly developed, full-figured girl, she easily duped photo-
graphers, producers and directors (with the help of a false birth certificate and driver's
license). Her stage name is a combination of Traci, from a former school friend, and also
Lords, in honor of her favorite male actor, Jack Lord ("Hawaii Five-O" (1968)). She later
owned a white Persian cat named Mr. Steve McGarrett, the name of the character Lord
played on the show. Traci made somewhere between 80 and 100 X-rated movies (some
consisted mostly of leftover footage from previous shoots) between 1984 and 1986.
is easily the most successful of former porn stars to make a transistion to mainstream
movies. Her real name is Nora Louise Kuzma. Her father, Louis Kuzma, is a Jewish imm-
igrant from The Ukraine. Her mother, Patricia Briceland, is of Scandanavian decent. Pent-
house Pet of the Month - September 1984. She contributed vocals to the Manic Street Pre-
achers song "Little Baby Nothing," from the Welsh group's "Generation Terrorists" album
in 1992, and released as a single in November of that year. The song is about the sexual
exploitation of a woman and singer/guitarist James Dean Bradfield said that "we needed
somebody, a symbol, a person that could actually symbolize the lyrics and justify them to
a certain degree. Traci was more than happy to do it. She saw the lyrics, and she had an
immediate affinity with them. It was definitely easy to incorporate her personality into the
lyrics. We just wanted a symbol for it, and I think she was a great symbol." Traci said that
"I listened to the tape and really identified with the character in the song...this young girl
who's been exploited and abused by men all her life."

Birthday's today:
Robbie Knievel, John Heard, Janice Ian, Tim Russert, Sivi Aberg,
Derek Taylor, Amy Heckerling, Johnny Unitis, Kate Lawler, Prairie Prince (The Tubes),
Jimmy Ruffin, Johnny Maestro (Crests), Bill Kreutzmann (Greatful Dead), Robert Heges,
Peter Wingfield, Willard Scott, Angela Carter, Robin Strasser, Owen Hart (R.I.P.)


When making love or just having sex-is it your

choice to have music in the background or not?

If it is music-what kind?  Is it soft or loud?

(*This Q has had an overwhelming response. It will last two weeks)

Angiy Glasgow Scotland

ANGIY SAYS: HA! *wicked smile*

Well it has to be a mutual choice. lol

But if we both decide to have music on it's definately LOUD!!

hehe *smooch*

Liu Liu Riverside California

LIU LIU SAYS: An excellent question Jonathan.

When making love, I prefer something soft. Lyrically speaking,
that is. Preferably, something bluesy or sexy. Rather than
something sappy or lovelorn.

When having sex, I prefer something hard. Literally and lyrically
speaking. Preferably, something bluesy, sexy and even raunchy.
Rather than something maniacal or just raunchy.

In either situation...I prefer that the music play loud enough to set
the tone, but not so loud that it drowns out the music that is being

Liu Liu

Jools Liverpool England

Hi Jonathan. All that I can say on this subject is
that the strange lady that dwells in the flat below me has a habit
of playing Dido at 5am and howling like a banshee over it.

Maybe she is playing with her dildo to Dido, or maybe she isn't,
but hell she can howl!!

I would like to choose to have music the next time I make love and
it will be Massive Attack...chilled and cool!


May 4  
    Emily Perkins
Played the part of 'Brigitte' in the  bizzare film "Ginger Snaps". Emily was born in
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on this day in 1977. Middle child of three ch-
ildren, has a sister who is a year younger than her. Graduate of UBC (University of
British Columbia). Raising (and currently in the process of adopting) her two cousins,
age 10 and 13, because their birth parents are unable to care for them. Announced
the winner of the "Viewer's Fan Choice Horror Villian" on the 2nd Annual Spacey Aw-
ards on April 18, 2004. Loves Woody Allen movies. Likes actresses Fairuza Balk and
Kathy Bates. Favourite American singer is Billie Holiday. Enjoys painting and making
sculptures. Shares a birthday with Ben Heller with whom she co-starred in Stephen
King's It (1990) (TV). They were both born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Taught acting at University of Wales, Aberystwyth in 2005. Personal quote; "Unfort-
unately, after seeing Ginger Snaps (2000), people don't think of me that way, they
just think of me as Brigitte. I'm not like her at all...it's just a character I played".
She played 'Sue Lewis' in the series "Da Vinci's Inquest" in 2004-2005. Plays a goth
chick in the upcoming film "Blood", now in post-production.

Birthday's today:
Ben Heller, Pia Zadora, Carrie Askew (Shampoo), Randy Travis,
Kate Garraway, Alicia "Symphony" Webb, Darryl Hunt (Poques), Rene CM van Asten,
Stella Parton, Eddie Perez, Jay Aston (Gene Loves Jezebel), Hilly Hicks, Kristi Cline,
Julie Budd, Nickolas Ashford (Ashford and Simpson), Tara Larsen, Catherine Trudeau,
Paul Gleason, George Will, Heather Kozar, Richard E. Grant, Laci Peterson (R.I.P.)


 Once again it's your turn to ask me about anything.

Whatever topic you decide. I will answer honestly
and to my best ability.

(This is now over-thank you for the fun and tough questions)

Andrea North West United Kingdom

ANDREA ASKS: In June this year there is a public inquest
into Lady Diana's death. 

So, accident or conspiracy?

JONATHAN SAYS: CONSPIRACY!! I have thought from the
very moment of the tragic news it was a cover-up.

Personally I think the Queen and Prince Charles are totally
involved in some way. Not so sure about the late departed
Queen Mother though. Or maybe I'm wrong there. Dunno?

Obviously it will be huge news on the telly and in all the papers
for months. The question is, will there be an outcome to all of

Pauly Cookeville Tennessee

PAULY ASKS: Jonathan, why do bad things happen
to good people?

JONATHAN SAYS: Because good people attract bad people
and from there bad things happen.

Or, it's just dumb luck.

How about the reverse. Good things happen for bad people?

DJ Toni Tonton New Zealand

DJ TONI ASKS: Hey darlin...how are you? Hey, so what do you
think will happen to the record companies and artists, since sales
have gone quiet due to downloading and pirating and free music
and bands letting you download their music like on myspace.

Is there any benefits do you think??

Just curious as my mates and I were just chatting on this subject.

And, how will it effect radio?? Will everyone just switch on their
computer...in the end?? No more CDs, all data??

Lotsa love Tonton xxx

JONATHAN SAYS: Toni, there is no doubt that record companies
are in trouble. They will have to figure out new ways and means
to market their artists. Yes sales are down. Most CDs nowadays
are terrible. If you can find two songs that you like you are lucky.

Even with all the legal and illegal downloading (which the artists
do benefit from-such as iTunes, etc) I don't believe that CDs will
be gone forever. I do believe that it has created a 'singles' world.

For a cheap price you can legally download 12 songs and make
your own compilation and even do your own cool artwork.

One thing I would like to bring attention to since you mentioned
Myspace. A year ago, many had their settings so you could down-
load their songs. Take notice...a large percentage now have the
settings off, so you can't download.

As far as radio is concerned, it will always be around. It is a free
entity to the general public. Advertisers are not going to shy away
from supporting radio that is free to listen to, even if it awful to
listen to in most cases. Too formatted for real music lovers. But,
to a larger audience of non-music heads, radio is fine for them.

Not everyone owns an iPod, or even a computer for that matter.
You would think so, but many can just not afford these luxery's.

Internet radio can be huge one day when it is available in cars,
portable units similar to satellite radio. I think that is just around
the corner.

Hope that answers some of your questions. It is a very broad area
to discuss.

Diane Manchester England

DIANE ASKS: So here's my question. Do relationships
with a big age gap work?

Diane. xxx

JONATHAN SAYS: Yes and no. I do think when you hit
your 40s and 50s, it can work. 8-10 years is not a big
deal. You are generally more secure about yourself.

People in their 20s and 30s I'm not so sure about. Even
a 5-year gap can be shaky.

My wife is 8-years younger, but for us it works.

Let's take a 35-year old woman with a 27-year old guy.
Can the relationship sustain without jealousy? Same if it
was reversed. Interests and other things also come into
play too.

We already know that a 19-year old with a 25-year old has
a short shelf life. Very few at that age can deal with the age
difference, and besides they are at an age where they are
still getting to know themselves.

Whether it is hetero's or gay's, older persons seem to gel
much better with the gap.

May 3  
   Christina Hendricks
Christine Elise McCarthy was born in Knoxville, Tennessee, in 1978, 
but was raised in Twin Falls, Idaho since the age of three. Her cha-
racter in the TV series "Firefly" never gave her real name. The three
aliases the character used, Yolanda, Saffron, and Bridget, were cont-
racted into the nickname "Yo-Saf-Bridge" in  the episode "Trash". That
was in 2002-2003. Also played 'Joyce Westlake' in 4 episodes of "ER" in
2002. In the TV series "Kevin Hill" Christina was 'Nicolette Raye' from
Her brother, Aaron Hendricks, is one of the hosts of GeeksOn.       
Won the SyFy Genre Awards: Best Special Guest/Television; for the Firefly
episode "Trash" in 2006. Keep an eye on this up and coming actress.

Birthday's today:
Suzi Suzuki, Mary Hopkin, James Brown, Greg Gumbel, Ron Hextall,
Kimora Lee, Jay Darlington (Kula Shaker), Doug Henning, Frankie Valli, Arissa Hill,
Engelbert Humpberdinck, David ball (Soft Cell), Bruce Hall (REO Speedwagon),
Jeff Hornacek, Rachel Grate, Christopher Cross, Samantha Eggar, Chris Mulkey,
Ryan Dempster, Van McLain (Shooting Star), Ashley Hallford, Sally Whittaker


 Once again it's your turn to ask me about anything.

Whatever topic you decide. I will answer honestly
and to my best ability.

(One week only)

Nicky Germany

NICKY ASKS: So ok Jon, my question is, when you look back...
and think about your life since yet.
Is there anything in life you
wanted to do better or change...if you can?

Do you believe in god?

And, what is your important thing in life without family, radio and
music? ;O)

I know so much questions...but you�re an interesting person...and
I�m a woman...and we�re absolutly curious!!

Much Love from germany @->>>---


JONATHAN SAYS: Nicky, I'd like to say there would be certain things,
such as getting married to my first wife at 18 was a huge mistake.
That would be the thing that set the rest of my path. Other than that,
I wish I was like 6'3" tall.

Yes, I do believe there is a god. I don't practice religion, but I do
believe there is one.

The most important thing other than what you said, is very much my
health. As a cancer survivor for now going on 12-years, I just had my
11-year check-up in March. Absolutely healthy and happy to be alive.

Paula Stockport United Kingdom

PAULA ASKS: Why Oh why can't I get a date?

Thanks Paula xxx

JONATHAN SAYS: Strange question Paula. Judging from
your profile and picture, I wouldn't understand why. Is it
that you can't find any person to date? If so, are your
standards too high?

Maybe that's it. You are looking for the perfect woman.

As a lesbian, you should be able to find out where other
women are maybe having the same problem. I don't think
hanging out in clubs will find you 'Ms. Right', but then again
if you're only looking for a date, and not a long term relation-
ship, then clubbing might be the way to go.

Shawnrock Manhattan Kansas

SHAWN ASKS: I love this topic!! Here's my question, Jonathan:

Everybody has a story about their favorite pair of shoes...that's
right, shoes.

I know you must have a pair...even if they don't exist anymore.
And don't forget, you have to tell the story, why they're your
favorite shoes...or were your favorite shoes!

I'm weird...I know.


JONATHAN SAYS: Not so weird. Guys have favorite shoes too.
(I think). I do have one favorite pair, that I can't wear anymore,
but I still have them.

A pair of extreme high top black Chuck T's (Converse) that were
made in the 80's.  They didn't make them for long, and would
imagine they would be hard to find. Out of print, same as certain
recordings. They are CLASSIC! 10" in height.

Very cool sneakers. Was given to me as a gift from an old and still
friend Dave Lombardi back in 1990. He found them on a table that
was selling them as a closeout in Venice Beach, California. Lucky
for me they fit my size feet...8 1/2.

May 2 
   Katherine Willis
Born on the South Pacific island of Tonga in 1971. Mother was a homemaker, father
was an art teacher. Her father is now a psychologist in a maximum security prison
in Florida. Spent her childhood on a 200 acre farm in southwest Missouri and moved
to Springfield, Missouri the beginning of high school. Was a state and national cham-
pion in Forensics in high school, as well as a cheerleader and competitive swimmer.
Spent a summer in Sitka, Alaska gutting salmon in a processing plant. Speaks Port-
uguese. Owned a website design and marketing company before her acting career
took off. Katherine was featured in Inc. magazine and has been a contributor as a
web marketing consultant. Farrelly brothers wrote a role into "The Ringer" for her
as well as director Alan Parker in "The Life of David Gale". Was awarded Best Char-
acter Use and Best Ensemble Acting at the 2004 48 Hour Film Project. Appears in the
book, Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller. Frank Miller's Sin City: The Making of the Mo-
vie. TroubleMaker Publishing, 2005, pg. 219-221. Her scenes as a nurse were cut from
the movie. Currently plays 'Joanne Street' on the TV series "Friday Night Lights".
Harley Davidson Motorcycles.
She also Hula dances.

Birthday's today:
Paige Peterson, Bianca Jagger, Jenna von O�, David Beckham,
Cassie Pappas, Brooke Hogan, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Deejay Francesco,
Jos van Eck, Larry Gatlin (Gatlin Brothers), Alicia Ziegler, Christine Baranski,
Elizabeth Berridge, Leslie Gore, Ashlee Ashby, Doctor Robert (Blow Monkeys),
Bunk Gardner (Mothers Of Invention), Marie-Luise Schramm, Lauren Eckstrom


 Once again it's your turn to ask me about anything.

Whatever topic you decide. I will answer honestly
and to my best ability.

(One week only)

Tori South London England

TORI ASKS: Question for you. What's your opinion on
models who do porn?

Not that I do, but just a question out of curiosity. Do you
think it's degrading or is it just work.



JONATHAN SAYS: Hmm. First off Tori, I've always believed
what a woman does with her body is her business.

I'm a healthy male and porn doesn't offend me. I've met some
porn stars and to me they are making awfully good money for
the years they can do it. They do get paid alot more than the
male porn stars truthfully. So why not?

Some will disagree with my above statement. They think any-
thing in that area is degrading to woman. But it's a person's
choice the way I see it as I said above.

As for models who pose nude, again I see nothing wrong with it.
I only think it's degrading when a woman allows herself to be
pushed into it and is abused.

Your website is tasteful by the way. And, yes...it's simply work.

Martin Glasgow Scotland

MARTIN ASKS: Hi Jonathan. I'd like to ask you what your
ALL time favourite band and song is. If you have one that is.

I know it's kinda difficult but have a go.



JONATHAN SAYS: For me Martin this is difficult to pick one
band/artist and one song. This is one of those questions that
I could change over and over. But, you asked me to have a go
at it, so I will.

I will have to say the Ramones. Never has there been a band
like them, and never will be again. They were as original as
the Beatles, Stones, and many other great bands. They were
just ignored for so many years.

The song part is extremely hard to narrow down. One that
always gets to me though is "Be My Baby" by Ronnie Spector
and The Ronettes. I was a teenager when that came out.

And, on more than one occasion I've said to Ronnie live on
the air that she was every boy's "cream dream" back then.
She always laughs. She's a good sport.

Ramona Hope British Columbia Canada

RAMONA ASKS: What's your favorite sexual position?


JONATHAN SAYS: Oh no you're not kidding Ramona. :-)

My favorite position is being in a position to have sex.
Thank god for that.

You know what's cool though. A narrow table or bench,
high enough where the woman can sit on top with her
feet on the ground. Very sexy, and the man can at one
point sit up after laying down. You can envision the rest.

May 1  
   Farah Fath
Farah LeeAllen Fath was born in Lexington KY on this day in 1984. When she
was only five, she decided to start a career in show-business. In 1995, Farah
was crowned "Miss Kentucky Preteen". Farah appeared in a Pringles comm-
ercial and several Duncan Hines print ads. In 1999, Farah went to L.A. for her
first audition. After only two weeks of being on the west coast she landed the
role of Mimi Lockhart on her favorite soap opera, "Days of our Lives". Farah likes
Hanson, "Friends", and especially Lisa Kudrow.
Miss Kentucky Pre-Teen in 1995.
Dressing room at "Days of Our Lives" (1965) is red, and is filled with pictures of
Marilyn Monroe. Today Farah is still going strong on "Days of our Lives".

Birthday's today:
Tim McGraw, Glen Ballard, Judy Collins, Rita Coolidge, John Woo,
Bo Nilsson, Alex Van Pelt, Carrie Stevens, Felix Hanemann (Zebra), Tiffany Fallon,
Bernard Butler, Carlos Aalbers, Charlie Schlatter, Lizz Robbins, Alicia Callaway,
Steve Farris (Mr. Mister), Nick Fortune (Buckinghams), Paul Smith (Haircuy 100),
Austin Chroshere, Julie Benz, Ray Parker Jr., Gwendolyn Rich, Curtis Martin


Once again it's your turn to ask me about anything.

Whatever topic you decide. I will answer honestly
and to my best ability.

(One week only)

Alba Bama San Jos� Costa Rica

ALBA ASKS: As a kid, was your dream to work on the radio?
If the answer is no, please tell me what your dream was?

Hugs my friend!

JONATHAN SAYS: It truthfully was. Growing up in New York in
the 50's through the 70's, New York had awesome radio person-
alities like Scott Muni, Murry The K, "Cousin" Brucie (Morrow),
Alan Freed, and numerous others. I had one of the largest 45 RPM
single's collection when I was 12-13-years old.

But of course, it was a dream. Never in a million years did I think
I would end up with a long-time fruitious radio career. Kinda goes
along with the question that Vicki asked yesterday about 'fate'.

Still thinking about anything else that I dreamed about. I honestly
can't think of another.

Coree Las Vegas Nevada

COREE ASKS: When did you get your first tat? Age, place.
Best band, and what was going on at the time?

That's a thinker.. lol... oxoxo your the best J.


JONATHAN SAYS: My first tat was a prison type when I was
16-years old. I was incarcerated, and there were seven of us
that formed a gang to protect each other. An older black man
tattooed all of us with our  name and a cross above the name.

The kicker to it was that he was drinking Aqua Velva shave
lotion (contains alcohal), using a large baby diaper pin, bakery
thread to go up to a certain part of the needle, and a jar of
black india ink. Very crude. It was jabbing, and the tat was
raised up on my arm for years. You could actually see that and
feel it. I had it covered up many years later in 1978.

Best band/artist at the time of the tat was James Brown and his
Famous Flames.

It was the early 60's. I suggest renting the film "Mean Streets",
and that will give you an idea what was going on at that time.
I just watched it the other night on HBO. Brought back memories
of what life for me was like back then.

Tamara Naples Florida

TAMARA ASKS: Thanks J. That is very cool! Ok, here's my

Why are people so angry? It seems these days everyone is
angry! The whole world is mad at someone or something!

Why can't we all just get along?


JONATHAN SAYS: I had to think about this deeply. My theory
is that there are a few reasons. In today's society life is a
terrible struggle for many. Job security, finacial debt, marriage
and relationships having a shorter span than in the past.

Drugs (legal and not) and drinking has a large affect on people's
mood swings. Creating anger.

The percentage of having a normal, somewhat happy, stressless
life is very hard and low. It has affected behavior patterns that
are elevating which creates anger. Anger in many cases...over
absolutely NOTHING.

Pettiness and jealousy also come into play.

Hope that sums it up for you? Anger is not healthy.

April 30  
   Kirsten Dunst
Kirsten Caroline Dunst was born in 1982 in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. Kirsten started out
in showbiz at the age of 3, where she began filming television commercials (a grand total of
more than 70). She made her feature film debut in a segment of Woody Allen's 1989 film New
York Stories.
In 1994 she made her breakthrough performance in Interview with the Vampire:
The Vampire Chronicles (1994) alongside such stars as Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. Her perform-
ance earned her a Golden Globe nomination, the MTV Award for Best Breakthrough Performa-
nce and the Saturn award for Best Young Actress. In 1995, she was named one of People Mag-
azine's 50 Most Beautiful People. Over the next few years she made a string of hit movies inc-
luding Little Women (1994), Jumanji (1995) and Small Soldiers (1998). One of People Magazine's
50 Most Beautiful People of 1995. She performed her first screen kiss, at the tender age of 11,
with Brad Pitt in the movie Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles. One of Teen
People Magazine's "25 Hottest Stars under 25" (2002).
One of People Magazine's 50 Most Beaut-
iful People that same year. Made her singing debut performing the song "Dream Of Me" from Get
Over It (2001). Furthered her singing career with a song that appears durings the end credits to
The Cat's Meow (2001). Voted the 2nd Sexiest Female Movie Star in the Australian Empire Mag-
azine September 2002. Is a big fan of the British television show "Da Ali G Show". Ranked #25 in
Stuff magazine's "102 Sexiest Women in the World" (2002). Her favourite movies are Annie Hall
(1977) and Edward Scissorhands (1990). Name is pronounced "Keer-sten" (not "Kur-sten"). Will
always be known for her role as Jake Gyllenhaal's  girlfriend 'Mary Jane Watson' in all of the Spider-
Man films. Look for number 3 this summer.

Birthday's today:
Jill Clayburgh, Willie Nelson, Cloris Leachman, Merrill Osmond,
Mimi Farini, Babette Van Veen, Phil Garner, Kelly Duncan, Michael Waltrip, Booby Vee,
Diane Hurley, Nan Zhang, Bill Plympton, Burt Young, Isiah Thomas, Zohra Lambert


One week only-April 30-May 4

Once again it's your turn to ask me about anything.

Whatever topic you decide. I will answer honestly
and to my best ability.

Vicki Obsidian United Kingdom

VICKI ASKS: Dear Jonathan, do you believe in fate?

Or do you think that everything that happens in this life is
just coincidental?

Love Vicki X

I do Vicki. I do believe that everything happens
for a reason. I also believe you can change the path of things or
events in your life sometimes. But when you get to be my age, and
start going back over your decisions and see where they led, such
as a career path or marriage, relationships, it becomes facinating
on how you got there.

Coincidence is just that. Coincidence. My belief is that fate is all
about decisions, whether they are yours, or someone's about you.

However there was a rock band that sums up 'fate' quite well.
Fates Warning. ;-)

Larry Mac Las Vegas Nevada (coming back to Phoenix)

LARRY ASKS: Why do you like bald people?

Do I Larry? I don't, just you. Just kidding of
course. Oh, I mean because you and I go back almost 20-years,
I like you whether you are bald or had hair. :-)

Wait a minute! You did when I first met you. I remember when
you shaved your head the first time, and Jeanette warned you
to put on sunscreen as you drove off in your converatable 14-
years ago. Next time we saw you, days later, you looked a ripe

Ok, to answer your question. I like bald people that aren't so
concious of their head. Like covering it with stupid hats etc.

Be yourself. Be proud. Oh, you already do that. I was speaking
of others. Ha.