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November 30
Elisha Cuthbert
For someone who turns 23 today, Cuthbert has carved out quite a career at a
young age, The French/English speaking native of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, was
the correspondent for the award winning series "Popular Mechanics For Kids (1997).
She played the role of Kim Bauer on TV's cult hit "24". A former foot model, Elisha
was seen in "House Of Wax", and "Love Actually". She has 3 films in the works for 2006.

Birthday's today: Jeanette (my wife) Dick Clark, Ben Stiller, Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez,
Clay Aiken, William "Billy Idol" Broad, Shuggie Otis, Andy Gary, Abbie Hoffman,
Cherrie Currie (The Runaways), Paul Westphal, Des'Ree, Bon Jackson, David Mamet,
Gary Lineker, Sylvia Hanika, Roger Glover (Deep Purplr), Kathryn Witt, Ray Durham,
June Pointer (Pointer Sisters), Mandy Patinkin, Luther Ingram, G Gordon Liddy

Q of THE WEEK: (see Monday)

Here's my answer
(sorry for my low level in english).

I consider that radio is for nowaday's times the best way to give
an alternative for music. We know that internet and its "vices"
grew up with time, it reaches more people in the world but there
is still a lot of people that not have it, not want or so...so why not
using radio as a promoter for some scenes that are unknown,
ignored or forgotten such as TV. Not really can let it run and local
organisators have sometimes diffiulties to do it.

Keep the fire burnin'!

Well, hope it an be ok like that for you. :)

DJ Echo Frau Evropa and France www.myspace.com/ErszebetX

*That is totally fine Echo. I forget, and others do too, that not everyone
has access to a computer. That is very true

Well, radio has too many commercials
in it anymore that is why I listen to CD's only....I love music...especially
rock...no commercials with CD's.

**UR Punk GOD_Dess** Jacksonville North Carolina www.myspace.com/grndyfanatic

Radio is a wheel for my gerbil-brain to run around in while I work,
an invitation to sing, a good story for a headache.

Maggie Keane Phoenix Arizona

radio to me is this...
an outlet for people to express through their music
dj.s and md.s to express their beliefs in music through what they
play, and for the listeners to express their way of life by what
they listen to.

it is a circle of intertwined expression and undying love and devotion
to music. KMBY is just one big happy family.

Gabby KMBY Monterey California www.myspace.com/radiogabby

I don't listen to the radio much these
days, don't have time. When I do, I enjoy it for the light hearted
humor side. I don't like drab radio.

Kathaleen Untited Kingdom www.myspace.com/celestianna


"Rock & Roll", "Left Of The Dial", "Do You Remember Rock & Roll Radio",
"DJ", "On Your Radio", "This Is Radio Clash", "Mexican Radio".

David Sadof "Hi Fidelity" 97.5 KHNC Houston Texas www.fmnewschannel975.com

*That's very good David. I have about 20 others. -lol-JL

Jonathan, first I'd have to say access,
to new bands I haven't heard of before. But, maybe that's too optimistic,
because rest I feel disappointment that most everything has become
homogenized and there is so much sameness. Everything is run by
demographics. And, that will likely keep some bands from ever getting airplay.

The Lowdown Paducah, Kentucky www.myspace.com/the_lowdown

*There are so many reasons why bands do not get
played. I could write a book about it. But, hey...some
do...so always keep in mind that there are many reasons
why airplay or no airplay. Some political, and then if you
have amazing music...it might take years...but if you still
believe...who knows. Never give up...some trip and fall
into success. I'm not speaking of money and fame, but
being heard at least. -JL

November 29
Gena Lee Nolan
Baywatch babe alert! Gena was at one time pretty big on the "Baywatch"
TV series, and two "Baywatch" movies for TV. She also starred in the short
lived series "Sheena". Born in 1971 in Duleth, Minnesota, really hasn't done
much at all since 2004. Hey Gena, what's cookin'?

Birthday's Today: Jerry "The King" Lawler, Ellen Cleghorne, Kim Delany, Lisa NG,
John Mayall, Vin Scully, Howie Mandel, Don Cheadle, Pedro Martinez, Joel Coen,
Gary Shandling, Dennis Doherty (Mama's and Papa's), Diane Ladd, Mariano Rivera,
Cathy Moriarty, Chuck Mangione, Pierre van Hooijdonk, Jamal Mashburn, Meco,
Tom Sizemore, Andrew McCarthy, Blake & Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit, Kira Eggers

Q of THE WEEK: (see Monday)

*An observation: I find it rather amusing that this is a radio question,
and that most of you (over 1,100) of my regulars that are in the business,
that I faithfully e-mail each week...cannot take a moment to answer
about YOUR business. I know the holiday was in the way, but you are
back now, so take that moment and let your personal feelings be known.
I thought Duane Doherty's response was GREAT! How about yours?

Now, on the other hand, many of my myspace.com friends find it very
easy to give their feelings about radio. And, it doesn't matter that most
are from other countries. They are great, because they have an opinion
about yours, and my industry.

This is a global website, and maybe all of you in radio and at labels
should pay attention. They are your listeners in a matter of speaking, and
they are your potential customers with purchasing power to maybe
buy your product. -JL

"Apathy is like taking a shit and not wiping" -unknown

I don't listen to normal radio anymore,
it's too mainstream. I go for private internet radio stations because
I can find music that caters soley for my taste without adverts.

It's the best way to catch new bands and tracks you'd otherwise never hear.

Gabi (pictured with Blue Meanie) Manchester England www.myspace.com/spikednbloody

Radio is very important to me.
It's my doorway to the rest of the world. Not a day goes by
without listening to the radio.

Rachel Rijsdijk Photography Hertogenbosch Netherlands www.rachelrijsdijk.com

Too deep for me with this one.

Joey Gusto PD WBER Rochester New York

*My friends, this is an example of what some of the programmers think,
and that's why they don't take the time to answer a SIMPLE question.
Joey, I love ya like a brotha, and I don't mean to ridicule you in front
of the world, but geez, is this too deep for ya?? Really?? -JL

The only thing out there that is actually fun to listen to is XM Radio.
My presets are: Fungus (punk), Fred (80's), Ethel (alternative), and
Lucy (alternative hits). Hail XM!

Jackie Selby Air Talent KOOL-FM Denver Colorado

Hi my friend!
The first word that comes to my head when listening, radio is
"publicity". In Spain there are only 1 or 2 channels with interesting
music and not interruption! Hate when they cut off the songs! : )

Pat now residing in Manchester England (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

I visited your website,
it's great! I listen to the radio every day, and now I have more choice!!!

I will spend more time listening.

Yee Ling originally from Hong Kong now resides in Amsterdam Netherlands

*Interesting. So, evidentally Yee Ling has been possibly going to some of
your websites that I put with your responses. So, it proves a point, many
of you stations that are streaming also, could have many Yee Ling's
listening. Think about it as your stare at my Q of THE WEEK...before you
delete. Answer the Q and put your website next to your name. Deal? -JL

Growing up in the UK,
I only have two words regarding radio:
John Peel R.I.P.

Sophie originally from UK now resides in Auckland New Zealand

*Soph...he was arguably the best DJ for music ever!! -JL

November 28
Anna Nicole Smith
Good to look at, but talentless. The former Playboy Playmate May 1992, and Playboy
Playmate of the Year 1993 was born in Houston, Texas 1967. After years of court
proceedings, Anna Nicole was awarded 88 Million Dollars in a settlement over the
battle over the money that was willed to her by short lived marriage to J.Howard
Marshall, a man much older than her. When he passed away his family fought to
keep Smith from the money. Her "reality" TV show was a farce. But with that kind
of bucks, what does she care anyway. Real name btw is Vickie Lynn Hogan.

Birthday's today: Judd Nelson, Randy Newman, Berry Gordy Jr., Agnieszkka Holland,
Matt Cameron (Soundgarden), Patty Zomer (Dolly Dots), Sonia O' Sullivan, Robb Nen,
Alexander Godunov, Paul Shaffer, Matt Williams, Deneice Lewis, Christina Trainor,
Jon Stewart, Ed Harris, Nick Knight, Jane Sibbett, Yan Ting Yuen, Kristine Arnold

Q of THE WEEK: What Does Radio mean to you nowadays?
Think quickly! Be spontaneous. Be it positive or not.
Please try and do it in 25 words or less.

In 25 words or less? I can do it in one..."paycheck".

Duane Doherty PD KDGE "The Edge" Dallas Texas

A friend, a lover who doesn�t ask
anything back, sometimes sucks, the best to travel with. Nothing
like driving at night with. My dad gave me an small one when I
was 5, it was the best present ever. Love to find frequences from
other countries, in other languages, and in other realities.

Mireya from Madrid Spain (Mexican though) www.myspace.com/mireyanotes

It means I don't have to wear a suit to "work". I look forward to meetings
and the majority of my co-workers are my friends. It means that in my short
time in radio I've met my best friends, found the greatest girl in the world,
and still don't feel like I have to work for a living.

Rubin 1/2 of Rubin & Sims Mornings Jerks on KWOD 106.5 FM
Sacramento California www.kwod.net

Radio has immense power to captivate, change emotions
and make people FEEL ALIVE with wonderful sounds, humour and interactivity
through participation.

Radio today ( speaking from UK ) is much of the same, nothing much new,
same music with middle of the road DJ's who are afraid to be different and
play different sounds.

Shelley Pogo Entertainment Ltd. Essex UK www.myspace.com/livepogomusic

There was a time when radio was cool! You went to bed listening to it and
woke up to it. But today, it's boring, laced with commercials, predictable
comments and programming and most of all greedy program directors/owners.

The only time when I look to radio for informative is when there has been a
natural disaster and/or a passing of a trail-blazer.

Station�s I listen to: KKBT, KPWR, and KISS (Los Angeles).

Mark Hill Los Angeles California

Radio...a lost form of communication.
However, here in the UK, our main radio station (BBC Radio 1) has taken
the step to go digital and broadcast on the net. The station covers all genres
of music, has regular, unbiased news reports, the world service, it even gives
advice to students for all problems they may face, from revision help to support
through bullying.

In short, radio is accessible, radio covers so many things and so many
cultures/age groups...radio is accessible to all...long may it remain.

^_^ Inkibink Hampshire (ack) United Kingdom www.myspace.com/inkibink


To all my friends.

As of last night (Sunday)..."The Lopside World Of L" will be on Sunday
nights from 7-9 PM in addition to Saturday Mornings from 7-10 AM on
98 KUPD-FM -the#10 station in the market. Big radio station, the
heritage station in the Phoenix metro area.

I will doing the same version of LWOL on Saturdays--70% FROM THE

The Sunday edition will be 98% NEW MUSIC!

I thank Program Director Larry McFeelie for the opportunity to double
your pleasure and your fun! And, mine too.

So "The Lopsided World of L" moves on and now rocks you 2x a week.

*I program all music and host both shows live.

Thanks and cheers,
Jonathan L

Ps: There will be a separate page for each playlist on this website.

November 27
Robin Givens
The 5'6" beauty born in New York City 1964, probably commited the biggest
career killer when she married boxer Mike Tyson. All the headlines of abuse
and more did not help Givens, who began on TV's "Head of The Class" in 1986.
She has been in numerous average films since. Do look for her in a film that
is now in post-production, "Restraining Order".

Birthday's today: Jaleel White, Bill "The Science Guy" Nye, David Giles, Yureck Person,
Nick Van Exel, Fisher Stevens, Mike Borden (Faith No More), Curtis Armstrong,
Brooke Langton, Mike Scioscia, Dave Winthrop (Supertramp), Farnk Boe~en,
Charlie Benamante (Anthrax), Charlei Burchill (Simple Minds), Patricia McPherson,
Calvin Hayes (Johnny Hates Jazz), Natasha Janjic, Jimi Hendrix (R.I.P.), Bruce Lee (R.I.P.),
Eddie Rabbit (R.I.P.), Davey "Boy" Smith (British Bulldogs)

*Okay, my friends...this what "NETWORKING" truly means.

I recieved these two e-mails on Friday, November 25

Would like to say a VERY big thank you...after going to your blog page
I found my friend from 19-years ago that I went to school with and am now
back in touch!!!!..big hugs!!!

Steely Sar (AKA Pissy Galore) Wirral England www.myspace.com/stinglestick

I am the friend that Steely Sar is referring to and I would like to say
thank you as well!

Anja Harwich Essex England www.myspace.com/yippet

How cool is that???- JL

November 26
Tina Turner
No doubt that Tina is a legend. She is a person who left a creep (Ike Turner) many
years ago and carved out a singing and somtime acting career like few have. Her
best attribute is her live performance's. For a woman born in 1939, Nutbush,
Tennessee, she can move and shake that thang! She will have a song in "The
Goddess" which is now in pre-production.

Birthday's today:
Dale Jarrett, Rich Little, Nicole Beach, Tammy Lynn Michaels,
Wayland Flowers, John McVie (Fleetwood Mac), Harold Reynolds, Aurora Snow,
Richie Hebner, Olivia Cole, Jamie Rose, Burt Reiter (Focus), Ayanna Mackins,
Lisa "Ivory" Moretti, Jessica Bowman, Weijian Liu, Art Shell, Tandy Cronyn


Saturday Nov 26th at 9:00pm (That's Tonight!)

Acme Scottsdale is hosting a party for everyone who is inked or pierced!!!!!
Over 25 of the valleys hottest tattoo and piercing shops will be in the
house on this night.

$2 and $3 dollar drinks specials all night long for anyone who is tatted or pierced!!

AZ Tattoo Expo model search will be held on this night. The model will be
featured in print, web, radio, and live at the expo and convention!!! Ladies,
all you have to do is sign up and show off your tats. (Nudity is not required,
nor expected).

If your tatted/pierced or love people with tattoos and piercings then this is
the party for you!!!

Acme Scottsdale 4245 N. Carftsman Crt. Old Town Scottsdale
Call us at 480.990.7111 for more info or directions

One Last Word on Tattoo's and Piercings:

Tattoo's and piercing's are not my thing although I see it as a piece of art.
I think it has to be in your social atmosphere. My brother got together with
someone who had a piercing and tattoo...and not long after that he
did as well.

Then he started to like it.

If I see some people...it is so beautiful the tattoos on them, but not for my self.

Kitty Babberich, Gelderland Netherlands www.myspace.com/cheesgrater

E-Mail Bag:

Thank you so much for giving The Craze the air-play that you did . Wish
we could have heard it but we are here in Califonia. I am the proud Mother
of the drummer Ainsley Hubbard . I don't know if you got any kind of Bio
from Gary or not but Ainsley is only 16 . When he started with The Craze
he was only 14. We are so excited right now just waiting to see if anything
happens for them . Anyway, thanks again for your help.

Sherrill Hubbard Palmdale California www.myspace.com/rockinranch

* You are very welcome Sherrill. I don't usually read bio's,
I let the music speak for itself. Then I look at a bio if I have
one-lol- JL

Originated from: http://98kupd.com
Name: David H
E-mail Address: davesmoejoe@yahoo.com
City: Phoenix


Man, the radio broke at work, so I missed your show last weekend.
I was looking over your playlist' and saw Christian Death in there.
I loved those guys, that would have been cool catching that on the radio.

So, I'm on vacation this week, and figured I'd a throw out a few goth request,
Bauhaus is one of my favorites, something off "In the Flat Field", would be
cool. Maybe some Fields of Nephilm, or Alien Sex Fiend. Haven't heard
My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult in a while.

I was surprised you didn't have Big Black on hand, and your choice threw
me way off, I didn't know who that was, until you said so. My favorite by
them is "Songs About F**king", and "Atomizer" is really good also.

You down with the garage rock? I got a pile of stuff you might want to check out,
Dirtbombs, Detroit Cobras, Swingin' Neckbreackers...The Dirtbombs'
"Ultra-Glide In Black" is a must hear, fuzzed out, R&B romp.

November 25
Christina Applegate
Probably best known as the ditzy blonde on the TV series "Married With Children".
Born in Hollywood, California in 1971. As she has grown and matured, in my humble
opinion, she is one of the beautiful women on the planet. Appearing in over 30 films,
look for Christina to be in the sequel to "Ron Burgandy: Anchorman". As a personal
aside, I worked with Christina's sister at The Album Network.

Birthday's today: Amy Grant, Ben Stein, Percy Sledge, Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees),
Amy Gibson, Kasey Smith (Danger Danger), Tim Armstrong (Rancid/Transplants),
John Larroquette, Storm Field, Bernie Kosar, Rita Jenrette, Anthony Peeler, Nena Cherry,
Stacy Lattislaw, Bucky Dent, Curtis Baldwin, Tracey Walter, John F. Kennedy Jr. (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: (see Monday)

Not sure if I've got this right ...I've got
46 piercings...none below the waist...mostly in my ears...all done
with me from the age of 16! Tattoo's...eek..full sleeve..2nd in
progress, back, back of neck, hands...I'm a work in progress!

Pissy Galore Wirral United Kingdom www.myspace.com/stinglestick

Excite you or disgust you?
Tattoos excite me well, it was because of that I picked up
FAB in 1993, at a Gothic night club.

Have any? Yes How many? 4 tattoo's and 3 piercing
At what age did you get your first? 16 for piercing, 19 for tattoo.

Where on your body? piercing: just ears
Tattoo's: Rose:back collar
Scorpion:chest (but can't see it without black light)
Spider: left arm
Tribal with blue violet: left thigh

Lamia Cross Paris France www.myspace.com/melamia

Well I was 32 and got my 1st tat.
It was crap and I went to a different tattooist who basically covered
half my arm [ the original tat was 2in square]. Then I got the bug and
got the other arm done, then my wrist, finger, ankle and back.

The Japanese wording is all personal to me and my life.
Hoping to get more done soon

My daughter wants one but she's only 15!!!

Suddenly I See Edinburgh Scotland www.myspace.com/thebitch_

Hi there
I'm writing this from work so I have to be quick.
I have to say that I don't like tattoo's and I have no piercings at all.
I had my ears pierced, but they got infected and I had to let them heal up.

Tattoos look great until they fade. Then they just look like a black splodge.
I'm ugly enough without having black splodges to contend with :)

Gathering Darkness Cambridge England (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

Hi Jonathan,

Well, my tats are kinda symbols to milestones in my life.
Unless I have another big change, I probably wont have anymore...
but ya never know!!

Nutmichelle United Kingdom www.myspace.com/nutmichelle

Hi J

I love tattoo's and my sister got me into them. She has about 20 all told.

I took my mum for her first tattoo at the age of 60.

I had my first one done at 18 as a birthday present from my sister.
I only have four in total but plan plenty more. I also have 7 piercings,
none below the neck line. My tattoo's are one on each arm, one on
my left shoulder and one on my back.

My bf has tattoo's and it was me who got him into it! I'm so proud.

I don't have any bad experiences with my tattoo's.

Tattoo's don't disgust me, they're a huge source of interest to me.
PS: It helps having a friend with a tattooist for a husband!

Jaxx Preston United Kingdom www.myspace.com/hellokitties

In reply to your request for info on the above, I have 2
tattoo's at present (planning more :) ), and 24 piercings.

I had my first set of lobes pierced at the age of 5, but my
first 'proper' body piercing (i.e. with a needle), at the age of
22 (navel). I have always had good experiences - mainly I think
due to sticking with one piercer who I trust. My piercing's are...
6 lobes (2 stretched to 6mm), 2 scaffolds, 1 inner conch, 1 tragus,
1 anti-tragus, 1 outer conch, 1 helix, 1 forward helix, 1 rook,
1 nostril, 1 horizontal eyebrow, 1 tongue, 1 nipple, 1 navel,
1 vch, 1 hch, 2 outer labia.

Anja Harwich, Essex United Kingdom www.myspace.com/yippet

I have around 30 tattoo's,
and I have 11 piercing's.
Plan to have lots more of both.

Eldest daughter has 2 tattoo's and 3 piercing's.

Middle daughter has 1 tattoo and 13 piercing's.

Youngest daughter has no tattoo's and 3 piercing's.

Raven Leicester, Leicestershire England www.myspace.com/raven_bird

Hey Jonathan,
Have 5 tats.
I was 23, I got my first.

Two dragon, one on the right calf,one on the left upper arm, a
tribal on my belly and one on my right shoulder and one on my
bottom...its a bee.

Very good experience! I would do it again and again.

Take care,

Fortune Sue D-Town Germany www.myspace.com/vivalostioz

Hey Jon,
Like tattoo's on arms and shoulders, but not too much and not for me :)
I have none, never wanted, never wanted piercing's. I think tattooing
is a way to change completely your personality - conscious and unconscious.

Could make one feel stronger e.g.( like war painting ). Think one should pay
attention to the balance between the body sides. :)

Kat Germany www.myspace.com/rakaethe

November 24
Katherine Heigl
Started as a child model. Born in Washington D.C. in 1978. Made her big screen debut
in 1992's "That Night". Has appeared in a number of films such as Disney's "Wish
Upon A Star". Played the role of Isabel Evans on TV's Roswell in the late 90's.
She just completed "Ringer" for next year, and "Caffeine" is in post-production.

Birthday's today:
Lu Chen, Clem Burke (Blondie, Dramarama), Stanley Livingston,
Billy Connolly, DJ Panic, Denise Crosby, Lisa Howard, John Squire (The Stone Roses),
Shae D'Lyn, Steve Yeager, Chris Hayes (Huey Lewis), Conleth Hill, Yat Ning Chan,
Bev Beven (ELO), Randy Velarde, Dannielle Nicolette, Cal Eldred, Alain Chabat,
Robin Williamson (Incredible String Band), Damon Evans, Doug Davidson

Q of THE WEEK: (see Monday)

Hey Jonathan,
I have a few tattoo's - dragon on the lower back , flower on abdomen,
free hand symbol on nape of my neck and a butterfly on my shoulder...
oh, and my feet are done too.

I am a big fan of piercing's , having a few myself.
Both nipples, clitoris ( vertical ), 4 in each ear .

Obviously, having a few of each, I don't find them disgusting, I plan on
getting a few more tats in the next 12 months.

I was almost 16 when I got my first tattoo done, mate of my partner is
a tat artist and he did it as a job on the side for me. Most of my
experiences have been good, although getting the second nipple done
hurt heaps more than anything else, I don't know why but it did.

Tanika Queensland Australia www.myspace.com/badgurlinoz

I have to say they (both tattoo's and piercing's)
definately excite me!!! A major turn on. And, I find guys that have their
eyebrows pierced to be extremely sexy!!! Unfortunately my husband is
tattoo free... (He's afraid of them!?!?) and he doesn't have his eyebrow
pierced!! LOL!!! What a baby!!! I've been trying to talk him into getting a
tattoo for years!! But he does have both ears pierced and his tongue pierced.

I have three tattoo's - the first one I got in New Orleans while on vacation
when I was about 20-yrs old, on my lower left hip/stomach and it's a sun and
moon. The moon has a serene looking face, and the sun looks devious...
to represent my two sides. The second one I got is a large one on my lower back,
that I designed. It's tribal on the sides, and in the center there is a tribal sun with
the Italian colors inside, with the words "LOVE GODDESS" written inside! lol!!!

And the last one I got was done by an apprentice tattoo artist...aaaagghhh!!!...
need I say more?!?!?! And, it's on my ankle, it's a dream catcher, with tribal
that goes all the way around my ankle. I was suppose to go back to get it
"touched up" but was afraid to... it hurt like hell!!! And, it was pretty terrible...lol!!

But, I am planning on getting it fixed soon. My first piercing was my ears when
I was a teenager, then my nose the day I turned 18. Then I got my tongue, and
last my eyebrow. But I only wear earings in my ears and eyebrow these days.
Although I am planning on getting my nipples pierced soon. The only thing that
has stopped me is that my husband said he doesn't want me to!?!?!? As strange
as that sounds... I think he's afraid I will "change" if I get that done. LOL!!!

Some kind of insecurity or something! But, it's only a matter of time before I do
it anyway. I am trying to allow him time to get used to the idea first. Or at least
get him to "think" it was his idea...LOL!!!

Melodie Sasebo Japan www.myspace.com/theprincessfairy

I will reply when I have mine done,
still getting the money, it's gonna be expensive.

Fabiola San Jose San Jose Costa Rica www.myspace.com/irina_goth_photography

Hi Jonathan,
Love Tattoo's but not piercing's.
Got 20 of them.

Tattoos from my ankles to my thighs, my chest, my back and
shoulders and more on the way!

Voodoodoll United Kingdom www.myspace.com/leopardlegs

I have around 25 piercing's,
all in my face and ears.

I started getting pierced from the age of 17 and have had good
experiences with all of them.

I worked for a piercing studio that was a member of the APP. I have
5 tats and a large branding of a butterfly across the top of my back.

I think body adornmant, if done safely is a great was to express yourself.

Claire Barton upon Humber England www.myspace.com/moopymoo

Hiya jonathan!!
alls gravy on my side buddy, and i hope it's just the same for you.
Um, I've had your site bookmarked for ages now ;)
here's my take on the Question of the week dude :)

Piercing's = HOT STUFF provided it's not a prince albert. Which I can
only imagine hurts like a bitch on heat. It's definitely not a turn on for
me, I'm more of the 'naturally hung' fan if anything.

Tattoo's = well spank me stupid and call me crazy but DAYUM tats are hot!
I'm gettin one on the back of my neck, like you Jonathan of a hibiscus which
would signify my Pacific Island heritage. That one I want for xmas.

For new years I'd like AMOR VINCIT OMNIA which is latin on my arms.
I'm gettin one for each arm.

Dude, you have a kick ass tat on your back. That one rocks.
Anyways, have a hardout awesome week.

Much love,

PuNKpistol Auckland New Zealand www.myspace.com/redlips_heels_rock

*Thanks PP, you are awesome!!- JL

I have one Tattoo that is very important to me.

It is a large Torch on my back. Many years ago I was married to
the love of my life... we were at a Sisters of Mercy concert early
90's, and they have a song they do called "TORCH" and it talks
about if one person loses thier way would the other carry the torch
for them? (or as so we interpreted the words) so my husband and
I promised that day in the packed stadium if something ever happened
to one of us that the other would carry the torch forever.

Well, three years later my husband ended up a "missing person" myself
and his family spent the better part of ten years searching for him. Nothing
was ever found not a trace nothing!!!! Finally upon giving up the search
I went to a tattoo parlor and had them tattoo a lare flaming tattoo on my
lower back (9"length x 4" wide) with the date we were married in roman
numerals put on it, and a symbol from the book of runes that represented
loss and separation.

To this day I keep my word and I carry the Torch for my lost love.
(ok, cant say my current love cares for it much but it means the world to me)
"and now the Torch and shadows lead, were it not so black and not so hard
to see...and would you carry the torch for me?" Sisters of Mercy - Floodland

Laura Brady Conspiracy of Thought California LBBackStagePass@aol.com

*Wow, that is one incredible story. -JL

November 23
Zo� Ball
Voted the sexiest voice in British radio by a Trojan Condoms poll. First woman to
solo, do a radio breakfast show on Radio 1. Her father was well known TV children's
show presenter Johnny Ball. Huge supporter of Manchester United football club.
Married and has two children with Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim). Has done many films,
and this year has been busy as presenter of TV's "The Loop", "Faking The Band",
"The Match" ,and "Elvis Mania". Born 1970 in Blackpool, Lancashire, England.

Birthday's today: Salli Richardson, Vin Baker, Joe Eszterhaus, Maxwell Caufield,
Charlie Grover (Sponge), Rich Hopkins, Steve Landesberg, Nikki Kelly, Don Frye,
Sandra Hubby, Bruce Hornsby, David Rappaport, Page Kennedy, Chris Hardwick,
Kristina "Kimona Wanalaya" Laum, Melissa Williams, Yoshino Takamori, Nika,
David Wallace, Jade Leung, Kirsty Young, Juventud Guerrera, Katharina Eckerfield

Q of THE WEEK: (see Monday)

Excite you or disgust you?
I like them lots, probably slightly more interested in tattoo's though
because they are a bit more detailed and interesting to look at.

Have any? Yes
How many? I have around 20 tattoo's and 32 piercing's if you count
them all individually.

At what age did you get your first? First piercing's before the age of 12
and first tattoo at about age 25.

Where on your body? Piercings are: ears, nose, eyebrows, bridge, labret,
tongue, nipples, navel, VCH. Tattoo's are both arms (upper and lower),
shoulders, finger, legs, bottom of back.

A Good experience getting them?
I don't enjoy getting piercing's done at all but tattoo's I don't mind because
its a different sort of pain.

Trash Kitty Barnsley (aka Tarn) England www.myspace.com/trashkitty

I'm no good for a story this week,
cuz I got no tats or piercing's of any kind! Damn me! Nothing against
either, just not really the piercing type and I haven't figured out a
good tattoo that I would want forever. I will eventually be marked
up one of these days, I'm sure...maybe I'll run out and get some ink
real quick so I can come up with something...ha ha ha.

SueBeeHoney The Human Value Los Angeles CA www.myspace.com/selagle

Well, depending on your interpretation,
I either have 26 small tattoo's or 2 small ones and 1 big one.

I love tattoo's and see them as a beautiful method of self expression.
I had my first one done when I was 21 in San Fransisco up in the Haight.
It is a small design below my belly button, hurt like hell, but made me
feel completely invincible - a theme that runs through all my tats.

The second was a couple of years later, and was a spur of the moment
thing. I took my sister to get a design and we had recently become close
after a big age gap closed a bit, so she suggested we both get one done.
I chose a wall design and that went on the bottom of my back.

The big design on my back was actually put together by my boyfriend and I.
I wanted something that wasnt going to look like a 'fashion' tattoo, and nothing
too girly, so the size was important. It took 3.5 hours in total and again, hurt
like hell, but was an incredible experience. I am very pleased with it and get
comments about it when I go out, which is cool. It isn't finished yet, I need to
do something about the placing of the second one, which now looks off side.
I have some more plans for it, but need to wait out the summer here in NZ
before that happens.

Tattoo's, to me, are like a diary of events. I will look back at my old, wrinkly
body and be reminded of times in my past and how I felt and why.

As for piercing's, I have a navel ring which is about 12-years old, 7 earrings,
used to have about 15, but they wouldn't settle down. Same thing happened
to the 2 eyebrow rings I have had. Just wouldn't settle, so took them out.

I like piercing's, and like the way they look, but as with tattoo's, a person can
wear them very, very badly. I am a tattoo snob, I guess. Don't come to me
with your devil on your buttock, or your dolphin round your navel, type bollocks!

Not interested!

Sophie Auckland New Zealand www.myspace.com/sophieuk

Hi Jonathan.....Well, I have a few tattoo's.
My first tattoo was my partners name "Davy" on my calf which was
10-years ago. I then had a gothic design which was designed by Davy
and tattooed by John on my upper right arm, next was an exploited skull
by John again on my left upper arm. My partner was at this time learning
to tattoo and I was a willing guinea pig and he did his first tattoo on me
which was a large lower back tribal with a red diamond in the middle.

I've since had a small tribal above my partners name, blue stars on my upper
arm with a purple background and "Nirvana" in big lettering as a band on my
arm, also have a large cats head on my stomach surrounded by flames, a
small skull and crossbones with stars on my lower left arm ,and my latest are
my gorgeous red tartan hearts on my chest. I will be having my right arm
sleeved when Davy has time as he's very busy at the moment as we are opening
up our own tattoo studio Cruithni Tattoo in the new year.

I find tattoo's very appealing. What I don't like seeing is badly done tattoo's on
young people...people that haven't been advised on design and placement.

Piercing's, I've got 2 labrets which I always wear my glittery red jewel balls on,
my ears which were stretched to 6mm, but at the moment I just have 2 barbells in
each and my bellybutton piercing, which I've had for 14-years and didn't take out for
two pregnancies...so there you go. Cheers, Mizz

Mizz United Kingdom (came from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

Excite you or disgust you?
Very much excite me

Have any?

How many?
I have 4 tattoo's, and 3 piercing's

At what age did you get your first?
The day I turned 18!

Where on your body?
I have a japanese symbol for the number '14' on my ankle, a
scorpion on my hip, a scorpion on the top of my foot, and a
tattooed FUCKOFF inside my bottom lip (picture of the fuckoff
is on my profile photos)

Good experience getting them?
Other than the pain of getting one on the top of the foot and the
really weird pain of getting one in the mouth, I knew all but one
of the guys that did my tats, and I would totally get a millon more
if I didn't work in an office!

Whiskey Ninja Columbus OH www.myspace.com/toplesshotdog

I luv piercing's and tattoo's.
I got myself two tattoo's (upperright arm and on the lower
left side off my belly) and piercing's (4 in my ears, one in
my tongue and my bellybutton)

I was 20 with my first tattoo and 21 with my first piercing.

Bonnie Close to Amsterdam Netherlands www.myspace.com/britje

November 22
Scarlett Johansson
Can you believe that she turns 21 today and already has 24 films to her credit,
and has two more in the works for next year. Born in 1984 in New York City.
She will always be remembered for her role opposite Bill Murray in "Lost In Translation"

Birthday's Today:
Billy Jean King, Allen Garfield, Jay Payton, Jamie Lee Curtis,
Meike Babel, Rod Price (Foghat), Boris Becker, Robert Vaughn, Devin Puett,
Tina Weymouth (Talking Heads), Yone Kamio, Little Steven Van Zandt (Sopranos),
Joe Nathan, Mariel Hemingway, Greg Luzinski, Terry Gilliam (Monty Python)

Q of THE WEEK: (see Monday)

2 tattoo's
One I'm not proud of, very young.

The other is 4"diameter upper back of clematis/mandala,
bright colored.

Husband has only one. Right back shoulder, SUB POP label.

Nice work on you I see. Ciao

Miss Dawn Weisbaden Germany (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

About my tatttoo's,
I got my first tattoo when I was 29.
All my tattoos have great significance for myself.
My kids (Erica Rose, Sarah Ashely), my parents, myself and JAPAN.
...( I got 6 now)

About my body piercing,
Tongue piercing and 4 ears piercing now. I used have bellybutton, nose
and 10 ears piercing but no more bellybutton and nose and some ears
piercing now.

I am having Art collections on my body and my body is like a canvas now
so I am going to get more tattoo's becuase I have so many reasons to get
them now.

You can't get tattoo's without the pain and the pain is my pleasure!!!!

@@Cinnamon Roll@@ Kanagawa, Okkinawa Japan www.myspace.com/baby_cinnamon1970

Excite you
or disgust you?
I like it

Have any? Yes How many? 5 tattoo's, 5 piercing's
At what age did you get your first of either?
Tattoo:13 --Piercing: 13

Where on your body? tattoo's: 2 Entire arms, back, chest
piercing: Ears, nipples

Good experience getting them? Not all

Fab (husband of Lamia Cross) Paris France www.myspace.com/lamiacross

I'm a big fan of tattoo's and piercing's, although I have seen plenty of
"misplaced" piercing's on people, and I don't like it when people have
gone too far.

I have eleven piercing's...7 are regular ear piercing's, 1 Tragus (ear)
piercing, my nose is pierced, my bellybutton and the last one
is...well, it's somewhere special!! That piercing was the most painful, but it
only hurts for 10 seconds. Once the jewelry is in...you don't feel a thing!!
The Tragus piercing was the hardest to heal due to the entire piercing
being through cartiledge. That one was a bitch.

I have several tattoos...the first one I got was a tattoo of my own
lips on my right ass cheek. I don't see it very often, but it still makes me
laugh!! Then I had a dainty tribal vine-like tattoo done on the top of
my right foot/ankle...it kinda starts on top of my foot and scrolls
around the ankle bones. That one may grow at some point. Then I have a
round, medallion-like "stained glass window" on my upper back, just
below my neck.

I recently just added to that a HUGE purple lotus (upper
right shoulder blade) and that seques into one I designed on my right
arm (my husband has the matching). I also have one on my left wrist that is
my husband's signature. All totaled, I've been in the chair 8 times,
with more on the way!

Lisa Biello Program Director WHRL Albany NY

Excite you or disgust you?
Tattoo's excite of course! How could anything so pretty and colourful
ever be disgusting! Piercing's, I like but not as much. I like the old rule,
if it sticks out its meant to be pierced. I'm not so fond of the implant type
piercing's or odd places like between fingers etc. But, I have no probs with
other people with 'em, I just wouldn't have them there myself.

Have any? Oh yes!
How many? I suppose the answer is four for the tattaoo's and 16 for the
peircing's. Although I don't wear all my jewelry anymore.

At what age did you get your first? 15 for tattoo, its illegle but I lied about
my age and 11 for my piercing.

Where on your body? Tattoo's are -one large one on the top of each arm from
shoulder to almost elbow, one all round right wrist and one round navel. Earings
- 7 in right ear, 5 in left ( I only wear one pair at mo) 1 in navel, 1 in nose and
I have had three in clit. ( I dont wear these at the mo either)

Good experience getting them? I enjoyed all my work except the navel tattoo.
it cut like a razor and my face went grey thoughout. Its the closest I have been
to passing out through any of my work. I would quite like a back piece but I can't
decide what I want and until Im sure I wont start it. I have made mistakes before,
underneath both large pieces are smaller crappy ones! I dont want to have to a
massive back piece twice. All my piercing bar one, were done by myself and I
have done all my husbands too including his Prince Albert.

Kim Stone Southend England www.myspace.com/floristkimmy

I have Piercing's and Tattoo's.
...Only 2 Tattoos.

But I pierced my ears myself 7 times in each, when I was a Punk
in the mid-80's. Stupidly I did them with Badges.. Luckily they never
became infected. Also my belly button is pierced.

Tia Essex England www.myspace.com/queen_bee_

November 21
Bj�rk Guthmundsd�ttir
Made her splash with The Sugarcubes. I interviewed her live on-air back in 1989, and could
not understand hardly what she said. LOL-the good old days. They also peformed on one of
my Q-Fests in 1992. Born 1965 in Reykjavir, Iceland. With many song credits in film, Bjork
had quite an acting role in "Dancer In The Dark", and many TV and film roles have come
since. Her singing solo career has established her way beyond The Sugarcubes.

Birthday's today: Harold Ramis, Goldie Hawn, Marlo Thomas, Nicolette Sheridan,
Mac "Dr. John" Rebennack, Heather St. Claire, Lorna Luft, Ken Griffy Jr., Rick Lenz,
Troy Aikman, Chiruru Ikewaki, Juliet Mills, Shane Douglas, Earl "The Pearl" Monroe,
Deborah Shelton, Livingston Taylor, Hank Blaylock, Yumiko Shabata,

Q of THE WEEK: We�ll call the Q this week �Body Language�

Tattoos and body piercing Excite you or disgust you?
Have any? How many? At what age did you get your first?
Where on your body? Good experience getting them?

Hi J.

I have had over the years 9 piercing's, (none below the waist!) but
gradually, due to unforseeable circumstances, three of them have gone!!

I also have had three tattoo's.

My husband has 2 piercing's and two tats.
No problem getting them - I quite liked it!
My first piercing was when I was about 12 -- ears!

I like to see nice tats and piercing's on people! They don't disgust me!

Take care,

Pauline Methihill, Fife United Kingdom eveofdestruction53@hotmail.co.uk

I have- 5 ear piercing, 1 navel piercing.
My BF has -1 Large tattoo on his back and 1 Middle size tattoo on his arm.

Luna Japan (came from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

Excite you or disgust you? EXCITE ME!
I have to say a guy needs to have at least one or both to get me intrested.

Have any? Yeah got both
How many? 8 piercing's ( four in my ears , one in my tongue , both my
nipples , and my belly button , next up is my clit and an industrial through
my ear. I hope if I don't chicken out on both of them haha)

At what age did you get your first? Both when I was 29

Where on your body? My tattoo's are four a tribal on the lower back, a tribal
zodiac sign of leo in my neck, flower backpiece from my left shoulder to
my right butt cheeck, and im in the middle of having a full sleeve done on my
right arm.

Good experience getting them? I love each and every one of them
( love the pain and the blood sorry )

Baby Tattoo Katwijk ,zuidholland, Netherlands www.myspace.com/members/ultraviolette

I've got a tattoo of Pac Man on my left tricep and a connected Olde English
J & K (my wife & my first initials) on my right leg. She has a henna-inspired
heart design that she created on her lower back with our initials in the middle.

We are both planning to get something involving our new daughter Riley pretty soon.

Jay Wulff MD Afternoons 96.1 KISS-FM Poughkeepsie NY

I was 15 when I went to the tattoo shop the
first time (no, they didn�t ask me for my ID card). I got a little skull with
a rose in it�s mouth on my left forearm. During the years it got really
blurry so it was covered up in San Diego by Scottie last August when I
was in L.A.

I have some more, the next tattoo will be done by my man, a cover up of
my moon and stars on my left hand.

tsch�ss (as we say in Germany)

Dana Cologne/K�ln, Germany www.myspace.com/danacolonia

Excite you or disgust you? Excite !

Have any? Yes both. How many? Tattoo's 1 piercing's 9 (9 retired)

At what age did you get your first? Nose at 16

Where on your body? In total... Piercing's= eyebrow x 2, septum,
both sides of nose at same time, tregus, ears, nipples (a few times) and labret.
Tattoo=right ankle

Good experience getting them?
Totally, wouldn't be without them and want more.

Tish London England www.myspace.com/miss_tish

November 20
Probably best known for her role as 'Dr. Jing-Mei 'Deb' Chen on the hit TV series "ER".
She was born in 1963 on the Island of Coloane, Mancu. Her name translated means
"enlightenment". She began on the Soap "As The World Turns" as 'Lein Huges #1'
from 1988-1991. You might also remember her from the film "The Joy Luck Club".

Birthday's today:
Bo Derek, Mike 'D' Diamond (Beastie Boys), Mark Gastineau,
James Brown (UB40), Richard Masur, Dick Smothers, Norman Greenbaum,
Rick Monday, Jack Linkletter, Steve Dahl, Gary Green (Gentle Giant), Ray Styles,
Joe Walsh, Joe Biden, Thea Vidale, Sabrina Lloyd, Duane Allman (Allman Bros. R.I.P.)

One last Concert answer, and then below:

You don't recognize me?

We we worked together for years at 120 N. Victory!

And what's with the stilted language? Where's your dream sample hour?

Okay, weirdest concert? Where shall I start? I dunno, the Buzzcocks show
at the SM Civic which was the first time mass spitting became au courant. Lovely.

The Clash show at the Palladium where Mick Jones, he slid across a stage
fulla spit. Yum.

The Ramones/B Flag show at Palladium, when I left it and saw helicopters
and 18,000 cops looking for action. I left fast.

The kids who did pass the tookie...at the Palace. The youngest had his fly down
and realized it midway though a song. Felt sorry for the brat.

Mats at the Palace. Their big just-signed to WB show. Came on drunk, took
requests such as "Ziggy Stardust", "Afternoon Delight", Zeppelin, whatever. Did
about 12 bars of each before asking for a new song. Curtain comes down at 11, they
sneak under it and still played. Mgmt had to turn off the power. WB execs left with
their jaws on the floor.

Bill Blog Sherman Oaks CA www.myspace.com/billblog

*If you mean that I don't recognize you from that dorky-ass photo
and the even more dorky name Bill Blog...you are wrong Jeff Silberman.
Geez, you think I can't tell from your writing. You still work for that
ultimate shithead Cagle. But I still like you Jeff. Just please don't
use words like "stilted", it makes me have to look the damn word up.
Any time you wanna have a real chat, contact me homie.-JL

Let's finish off the concert question with something special, shall we?

Here's a pic of Bono and my kids... 5 months after interacting with us
throughout out the show. He asked to have them pulled up during the final
encore song, "Walk On", the same song as my meeting with him..back in
Boston, June 2001.

Dave Schroeder Tempe AZ

November 19
Meg Ryan
Years ago I had a crush on Meggie. I won't deny it, and I still think she is one
beautiful woman with a great smile. I actually stood next to her at Mick Jagger's
ONLY performance for his solo album at The El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles a
few years ago. I almost melted, arm to arm with Meg. Born in 1961 in Fairfield,
Connectitcut, she began on Soaps, and has appeared in many films. I think,
the only thing that bothers me is that she did 3 films with Tom Hanks, the
lucky bastard! Look for her in "Land Of The Women" now in post-production.

Birthday's today: Jody Foster, Terry Farrell, Gail Dievers, Kerri Strug, Ofra Haza,
Allison Janney, Ted Turner, Larry King, Dick Cavett, Matt Sorum (Guns N' Roses/Cult),
Dan Haggerty, Bob Boone, Ann Curry, Asian Shan, Calvin Klein, Kathleen Quinlan

Q of THE WEEK: (see Monday)

Ha ha ha... Well, I was at a Jazz concert.
During the big Jazz Festival up in Sacramento, it was very crowded
and we were under the overpass stage in old Sacramento. Several
different men kept rubbing their hardon's against me. Mostly against
the small of my back because I'm so damn short... but nonetheless...
thats the freakiest thing that has ever happened to me during a concert.

Melissa Fairfield, California www.myspace.com/good_melissa

Before I even try and think of the
strangest/weirdest thing to happen at a concert or festival, I
have to say, Placebo are cool! Leave them alone, we love
Placebo and they're awesome in concert Saw them at Reading
last year and they seriously rocked!

Hmm, so, weird or strange? Couldn't really choose between the
twats snorting lines of coke at Reading this year and then falling
over and nearly catching fire, or the group of youngsters next to us,
again at Reading this year, where the guys were all wearing man
dresses and just having the best time and entertaining us in between
bands. I dunno, just something about young men wearing second-hand
bridesmaids dresses that appeals to my sense of the ridiculous.

Stay cool, man.

Liz Milton Keynes England www.myspace.com/sundown13

Hi Jonathan,

The strange thing I've seen at a concert was at In The Park in 2003,
when Sissors Sister where just about to and a naked guy came
on stage, he just looked at the crowd and walked off. lol

Kirsty United Kingdom www.myspace.com/dobby01

Hi Jonathan,
to be honest I dont think anything strange or weird has happened
at a concert I've been too apart from getting on the wrong coach
back after I went to see Queen when they were playing at Nebworth.
Oh, and some people were pretty strange but thats about it.

Yes, that was the best one I went to. They could sing and play live. I went
to a UB40 concert and thought that was a waste of money. I love my music
but don't get out to concerts no more, as I'm at home alot with the kids,
but I do love my music still.

Dawn United Kingdom (came from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

Hi Jonathan,

Many thanks...

What a great blog you have over there... excellent for netwoking.... a few
people have contacted me from there already!!!


I told Daniel Miller about your site and gig stories,,,,, he is a gig veteran and
has been watching bands for over 25 years... so he has soo many stories to tell
... and they start with the music of 1980.... and onwards. Lena Lovitch, Gang
of Four and Siouxie and the Banshees were some of his first gigs...

So get in touch with him... He will be able to tell you a lot more.

Hope you are keeping well.

Best regards,

Gabrielle Andersen London England




Radio Radio~

Originated from: http://www.98kupd.com
Name: Angelica
E-mail Address: angelica.gloria@gmail.com
City: Tempe


I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how shocked, surprised and happy
I was to hear you were back on the air in PHX. I grew up listening to you on KEYX
and KUKQ. This past weekend a new acquaintance told me about your show. I almost
passed out. I was so sad when you left in the 90's. I am very anxious to hear your
show this weekend and trust me I will be letting everyone know what radio show they
should be listening to! -Angelica

* I thank you so much for making me feel welcome, back on Arizona radio.
I just hope I don't dissapoint you Angelica.- JL

Originated from: http://www.98kupd.com
Name: Gary Porter
E-mail Address: z75642@apsc.com
City: Chandler


Hello Jonathan L,
I remember hearing you break the Ex-Idols on KUKQ back in the 90 somethings. Would
like to hear you play them again Saturday morning. I think you also did a live interview
with them on KUPD during that timeframe.
Thank You, Gary

November 18
Chlo� Sevigny
Born in Darien, Connectitcut in 1974, she is a familiar face. She has been in many
films, and TV shows. Films like "Dogville", and "Boys Don't Cry". Sevigny is also
quite known as a fashion impresario in the mid to late 90's. She is currently
filming "Zodiac" for 2006.

Birthday's today: Katy Sagal, David Ortiz, Amanda Lear, Linda Evans, Owen Wilson,
Sam Casell, Bonnie St. Claire, Aaron Carter, Delroy Lindo, Graham Parker, Sinbad,
Kevin Nealon, Dante Bichette, Junichi Okada, Glen Walken, Jenny Burton, Jack Tatum,
John McFee (Doobie Brothers), Elizabeth Perkens, Phil Buckman, Susan Sullivan,
Janice Lynn Kuehnemund (Vixen), David Hemmings (R.I.P), Imogene Coca (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: (see Monday)

Davy Jones of the Monkees - 1994.

The Middle East in Boston. A guy shoved past me, jumped on stage
and TACKLED Davy Jones, football style, in the middle of "Daydream Believer."

".... cheer up sleepy jean..... THUD."

Davy: "Why did you do that, man?!"
Dude: "Because you suck!"

Cat Noel New York NY www.myspace.com/radiokitty

Blimey! Well, I go to alot of Damned gigs.

If you know anything about the old captain, you will know anything can
happen when he's about!

First time the Damned played Fairfiealds Hall, London,
it was to be the 1st time the Damned had played there.
Captain used to be a toilet cleaner there before he joined the Damned.

So, I thought I would mark the occasion and dress up as a cleaner, then
thought, naa no chance of pulling any men dressed like that so went as
a fairy with a bog brush as a wand!

Hence my nick name and photos on myspace!
But, one of the strangest things among many to happen was after a gig
in Swansea. I found myself skipping around the local park at midnight
with Captain.

Umm also,

On his 50th I gave him a green recorder and did a recital of Dallis on
it and had Dave Vanian and Cap up and dancing to it. That was rather surreal!

Damned Fairy United Kingdom www.myspace.com/damnedfairy

Got to see my 5'2" GM from KEDJ in Phoenix HOPPIN' mad at KUPD
in Phoenix when they managed to get one of their staffers up on
stage to announce THEIR U-FEST onstage at OUR EDGEFEST.

Best part was hearing how our 5'2" GM and Smilin' Marty came off
the side of the stage, and tackled the guy...unfortunately, all I saw
was the angry aftermath.

I think the guy was booked on disturbing the peace because he said
he was with the fire marshall, or something....mostly, or something.

Paul Kriegler Operations Manager Midwest Family Group
319-B East Battlefield Springfield Mo 417.886.5677

Well, I've been to some pretty cool gigs
being a bit addicted to the whole live music thing

I've had some annoying things happen, like the guitarist breaking his
hand half an hour before the gig and cancelling, the usual festival rain
situations, and a multitude of people who for some reason think I'd rather
hear them singing the songs and the the artist I paid money to come and see.

But, mostly its where I've met some of my coolest friends. Music
lovers are the best.

Petra London England www.myspace.com/petrae

I went to one concert.
It was Type O Negative. and I had fun.

Sarah Mayer Arizona www.myspace.com/ski_ack_80az

At the Columbia Records Convention in Puerto Rico in 1968 (I think), my
band Flavor appeared at the convention along with Big Brother & The
Holding Company, Blood Sweat & Tears, Spirit, The Chambers Brothers
and a few others. After the show, the bands took a cab to Old San Juan and
hit a local's bar to party. At the club, Janis Joplin approached me
and asked me to dance. Later, we shared a cab back to the hotel and she
invited me up to her room. She got me stoned on what she called "Panama
Red". I'd never smoked pot that strong before and I passed out. When I
woke up, she had checked out. I never saw her again.

Oh well.

Gary St. Clair President Dynatone Records Palmdale CA

Oh god, so many strange
things have happened to me at gigs you wouldn't believe. I'd have
to say the latest weird thing was going to see a new up and coming
next big thing horror punk band from USA and ending up with the
singer driving my car back home... Others include going all the way to
New York to see a band play for half an hour at a charity gig and
flying straight back home afterwards! Lol Yes, I am insane. Oh, and
showing up at a sold out Bullet For My Valentine show the other week
and blagging myself in just as the intro music was playing. There's so
many more stories, probably too many to mention!

Julie Hull England (came from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

The funny tale.

Bologna, Isola nel Kantiere, a squatted building in the centre of
Bologna, ninetysomething.

I was at the entry of the concert hall checking the tickets for a Bad Brains
concert. I stopped this guy who nonchalantely tried to make his way in
bypassing me. He smiles and says he has to go in or else the concert can't
start. He was the singer. We met after the concert and had a few drinks.

The bad tale.

Bologna, concert of Casino Royal, a ska band, ninetysomething again. Some
skin heads just before me started a fight. Suddenly I felt some warm liquid
splashing my face. It was blood. One of the people involved had bits of his
lips smashed off his face and they hit me. Yeeeeek!

Gulia London England (came from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

God there's LOTS. But, an eerie one was seeing the defendant of the case
I had been a juror on at De La Soul show two weeks later. We had found
him guilty so I was nervous, as well as confused as to why he was roaming
about. Thankfully I had changed my hair color by then. Ah, the good old days.

"Notorious L.I.Z." Queens NY notorious@notoriousradio.com

OK, nothing too wierd. The only thing that
comes to mind is standing in the middle of a Chili Peppers gig
amongst a lot of tall guys (I'm a short girl!) and struggling to
a) breathe b) avoid falling over in the jumping, and c) avoid being
touched up!

CK London England (came from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

1976 or 77...Tucson Community Center, Tucson, Arizona. My mom and her
friend took six 13-year old girls to the Heart & Jefferson Airplane concert.

Even before Heart took the stage, the T.C.C. was filled with, ahem, smoke.
While we girls walked around trying to be cool, the mom's sat in the
back of the arena, breathing it all in. Driving home to Bisbee, Arizona at
2 a.m. apparently the effects kicked in, and my mom took a turn down the wrong
way of a divided highway, right in front of a highway patrolman. God knows
how strong the smell still was, but she got away with a ticket. The girls
and I got away with a great story to tell at school the next day.

Margie Rye Air personality KLPX Tucson AZ

November 17
Daisy Fuentes
The gorgeous Latino TV star was born in 1966 in Havana, Cuba. Did you know she
was Homecoming Queen in her High School? Of course Daisy is bset known for her
long stint as an MTV VJ. She has gone on to do many other TV shows and commercials.

Birthday's today:
Rupaul, Gordon Lightfoot, Lauren Hutton, Charine Chan, Eric Olson,
Takako Inque, Yolanda King, Martin Scorsese, Danny DeVito, Howard Dean, Elvin Hayes,
Tom Seaver, Merete Van Kemp, Justin Cooper, Lorne Michaels, William R. Moses,
Peter Cox (Go West), Sophie Marceau, Sheila Lussier, Jeff Nelson, Isaac Hanson,
Jilly Johnson (Blonde On Blonde), Bob Gaudio (Four Seasons), Ronnie DeVoe,
Peter Cook (R.I.P.), Gene Clark (Byrds R.I.P), Jeff Buckley (R.I.P.), Rock Hudson (R.I.P.)

Q of The Week: (see Monday)

Hi Jonathan, how are you?
It was nice to hear from you. For sure I have been to Andy Lau concert.
It was in Hong Kong, he is a good singer star. I really liked, but anyway I
like all kinds of music, I listen to them all the time. Never happened those
things that u asked me, am so enjoy music, even I don't sing.

Janice Hong Kong (from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

Dude...I'm Dutch...There is not much
at all what is weird to me....sorry

Bonnie Netherlands www.myspace.com/britje

* Duh, I fogot. LOL -JL

My 1st concert ever was a Who concert at Madison Square Garden, NYC.
I was 11 years old and accomanied by my friend Dan and his mother. I knew
all The Who records, "Who's Next" being my current favorite, and I inscribed
The Who insignia all over my notebooks in school. We had really good seats
like 4th row, we barely got through one song before a huge brawl
ensued in the first 3 rows , and the mom took us out immediately , never to
return again. But man that 1st half of "Baba O'Reilly" really kicked ass!

Tom Freund Musician Surf Road Records 938 palms Bvld Venice, CA. 90291

Me personally, nothing.

In radio: Lightning struck our stage at a station show at an outdoor
amphitheater. It was about 5 minutes before Disturbed went on. No one
got hurt, parts of the stage flew into crowd. Had to cancel show.

Brandon Pappas Program Director WMZK & WJMT Wausau WI 715.536.4089

Oh, that's probably an easy one.
Let me think. Oh!

I've ended up on far too many tour busses.

I think that's the weirdest. Normally with the band feeding me either
peanut butter and jellies or animal crackers. *The* best junk food around
is found on the busses.

Never been there in a skanky way. They generally find me. That's funny
come to think of it.

The only other weird thing that happened was some guy who offered my
friend and I klonipin and he was *out* of it. Saw him later in the night
slugging Jager so I know he was plowed.

Anyhow, outside the concert, this guy suddenly seized up and fell headfirst
into the gutter. He came to, but the only question I had is, "Is he breathing?".

The whole scene played out while a really fab banjo player was serernading me.

Weird stuff.
Welcome to Miss Tiffy's world. : )

Mischy Tiffty London England www.myspace.com/misstiffty

Hey Jonathan,

Well, the only thing that I can think of that was probably more cool for
my stepmom, was when I was about 14 or so and she took myself and
my sister and some friends to a Depeche Mode, or maybe it was INXS,
concert. We had the first row up from the floor. Well, at some point the
wicked cramps from the monthly flow kicked in. So some people took
me down to the aide station which happened to be by the stage. Well,
they went out to get my stepmom. The guard took her over the railing
(she's thinking, "oh cool") and then along the floor (the whole time she's
looking at the stage) and right before going from the main floor to a
passageway she notices that the lead singer isn't up there anymore. She
continues to walk. All of a sudden he comes running past her, stops, puts
a hand on her shoulder and because there's a bunch of screaming girls,
starts running again. And, then did this again the second time he ran by.
Man! she came in there and was like "Im sorry your sick...but OMG"
...and so on.

As far as the zillion other concerts...every Ozzfest I go to I get that body
paint done. Yeah, walking around with no shirt on...it's pretty cool. Well, in
2003 this guy came up to me with his kid and asked if his son could have
a picture with me. Mind Im in my late 20's and his son was 7...lol. The kid
was getting a good start in life. :) I'll have to get back to you on some
pictures from those shows.

Well, there is this one...When I lived in Hawaii, I went to a concert they call
The Big Mayala (sp?), that overlooks China Man's Hat. There's quite a few bands.
Well I was only 18 so I couldn't get through to the beer tents. So we drank a
bunch before going in. Well after a while that wears off. So the bf at the time
went to go look for weed but came back with acid. Mind you I was still a virgin
to drugs. But being young and dumb I went for it. Well that stuff took forever
to kick in, but when it did...OMG, wierd. Too wierd to explain. But the funny
part of it all was this chick dressed up in this black and white striped outfit with
a matching hat. Like Cat in the Hat. And she was everywhere. It was kind of
creepy. Then when the show was over we were out in the parking area and I
really had to pee. Long story short, I felt like it, but couldn't go. A bunch of ups
and downs (yes still high on this stuff) Finally, I rid of the bathing suit bottoms
and squated. But when I looked up at this bushes branches all I could see was
ants. But they were marching all funny, like to a music beat. Seeing shit big time.
Won't say it wasn't an interesting time, but I'll stick with the legal stuff. Like I said
this story is better when you get the whole story. :)

Amber Bethlehem PA www.myspace.com/crayzamber

I was at a Grateful Dead show in Long Island. It was one of the first
times I had been to see the Dead. Someone was walking around squirting
people with what looked like a harmless water pistol. I was squirted
on my bare chest and thought nothing of it. About an hour later, I was
tripping my brains out. Apparently, the water pistol was liquid acid,
and it must have been strong shit. I was tripping for 2 days. I guess
that's one way to brainwash people into becoming deadicated

Willobee Program Director 102.7 EQX - THE REAL ALTERNATIVE www.weqx.com

I have not any weird things at concerts.

Well, it's my band's hp.
Please check it out,if you like.


Mie Japan www.myspace.com/rockandrose

I followed a band member
into the men's toilets and chatted to him while he peed.

I also nearly got crushed. I fell and was gonna be trampled
but my friend hauled me back up by the back of my jeans!
Total wedgie!

Kerry Wellington New Zealand www.myspace.com/cheekykez

Well, the most fun were all the local Phoenix punk shows from 80 to 85
that are pretty much a blur, but a couple shows stand out. First was the
Ramones and Black Flag in 81 at the Palace West Theater. This was
basically of movie theater they were playing at, I sat on the stage right in
front of Dee Dee and pretty much got covered in sweat and drool.
I remember turning around and seeing the biggest pit rolling around across
all the row of seats.

After the show about half the chairs in the theater were GONE.

Next one was Ministry at the American Ball Room (can't remember year).
Stage was covered by a chain link fence and they had 2 huge torches on
each side and a movie screen in the back ground. I'm pretty jaded but
when they started playing and the energy, noise, screen images, crowd
and fire after about 4 songs all my senses were fried, I actually had to
step out side to recover, completely overwhelmed. I shook it off went
back to the pit and had one of the best times of my life.

Oh yeah
, sharing a spliff with Bad Brains was cool also.

Wayne Elam Gilbert AZ (My Brother In-Law)

Hey, wanted to tell you about
my concert experence.

First of all I went to see Nickelback and Puddle of Mudd and ended up
seperated from my crew of friends and hubby. So I was rocking out
by myself and a whole bunch of people I didn't know, no big deal.

We were packed in as you are when you are up front. I had this guy behind
me and I keep feeling him touch my back. Still no big deal, then this chick
screams in my ear that me and my boyfriend behind me make a cute
couple but maybe we should wait till we get to our car. Well, like the dumb
ass I am I turn around to check him out. He was cute for a sec till I looked
down and seen what had been touching my back. He had full on wood and
was rubbing it on me without me even knowing. I grabbed a guy that was on
the other side of me and said for five minutes you are my man and pulled
his ass up to the very front row pissing off all kinds of people but I had to
get away from the HARDcore PRICK that was up on me.

My new friend was happy to chill with me and after the concert I explained
what happened. He was all good with the whole thing. I got out to where my
car was supposed to be and realized I was left there. What friends and what
a husband? They leave me at the concert.

I got a ride from my new friend and it did not involve wood, but it was fun.

Stephanie Coeur D Alene Idaho www.myspace.com/nobodylikemestephy

November 16
Marg Helgenberger
With a very Euro name, Marg was actually born in Fremont, Nebraska in 1958. You
know this face, she is the co-star of "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation". Marg began on
the soap "Ryan's Hope" as Siobhan Ryan Nolak #3 in 1982 and up to 1986. She is
currently filming "Conan: Red Nails".

Today's Birthday's:
Lisa Bonet, Martha Plimpton, Guy Stockwell, Charles Jay Hammer,
Gay "Mani" Mournfield (Thompson Twins), Steve Railsback, Joanna Pettit, Jo Jo White,
Tammy Lauren, Chuck Finley, Diana Krall, Chelsea Blue, Gigi Edgley, Chenoa Maxwell,
Griff Rhys Jones, Dwight Gooden, Michael Faustino, Harry Rushikoff (Concrte Blonde R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: (see Monday)

Ok. I saw Green Day in 1st Summer Sonic
maybe in 1998. Vocalist picked up one of Japanese fun from floor.
He passed his guitar to him on the stage. Japanese fun played guitar
with Green Day. Finally vocalist gave him big kiss.

Setsuko Tokyo Japan www.myspace.com/setsukorock

We were playing in Bristol, UK in a
bar between two whorehouses. During our gig the two brothers
running the bar started fighting. People just kept 'flying around'
in front of the stage and the brothers were having a fistfight.
That was kind of weird to us.

Another time we played in V�ster�s, Sweden and this guy is pulling
his pants off showing me his dick. At the same time our bass player is
forced to kick a guy in his face from stage because he was fucking
with her monitors. And, at the same time, blood is running down her
hand because she hurt her finger during playing. So, she is bleeding all
over her hand while a bunch of security guards have to carry away the
naked guy and so on. Pretty weird.

Jannicke Malm� Sweden www.myspace.com/jannickeh


Hope this e-mail finds you well. Here's one for you. I was at a
Motorhead concert in Austin at a small club. I thought the guy in front of
me was trying to tell me something. He instead thought it would be a
good idea to try to kiss me! Cat-like reflexes enabled me to elude the
person and I was able to convince him I didn't swing that way with a
gentle push to the face that found him sprawled on the floor. He got up
and my large friend with whom I was attending the concert moved in front
of me. We let him know that was not appreciated and he left. Now
before the extreme left decide to consider this an act of hate against a
gay person let me ask you this. Would you feel the same way if this guy
just tried to get a little action in the same manner with your
girlfriend/boyfriend? Didn't think so.

In other news, we just got a new GM. Guy says he knows you from the
alternative past. Remember David Calabrese?? He sends his best and
heartfelt greetings.

Take care and talk to you soon. Peace,

Don Kelley MD WAQX Syracuse NY don.kelley@mail.citcomm.com

*Hey, say hello to Dave and congrats to him! Now, as to the question you
posed in your story. Forget the boyfriend/girlfriend part. But, hell I'd even
kiss you, your a good looking dude-LOL. But, seriously, if a guy even got in
my face-forget a kiss, I'd deck him. I don't like being bothered in public.

I'll share this with you and all. Early December years ago, Ron Poore
threw a party for me at the famous Yamahiro Japanese restaurant up
the Hollywood Hills. About 20 of us. David Soul, from the original
Starksy and Hutch TV show (blonde guy), is with a hot lady and getting
quite drunk a few tables away. As he gets up to go the bathroom, Ron
walks up to him and tells David it's my birthday, and would he come over
and wish me a happy B'day. He comes over and says hello and "happy
Birthday" to me. I said thanks, and he says "you're from New York"? I said,
yeah, born in Brooklyn and lived in area for 26 years. He then starts talking
about New York for about twenty minutes.

He then realized his purpose in life at that moment was to go to the bathroom.
He leans over and plants a long kiss on my lips. LOL. Other than his breathe
of booze, hey it wasn't a bad kiss...LOL I know, a different circumstance.

It was funny to me, and everyone else. So, to this day it remains a conversation
piece. Jeanette thinks it's hysterical. One of her closest friends is a gay male,
and whenever we would go over to his parties, a lot of men would be all over me,
but he would tell them, I wouldn't if I were you. Hey, I would never hurt a
gay man for trying. I'm sure you feel the same way. Right? -JL

Ok, not sure how this works yet, or if this
is classified as weird or strange, but probably clinging for dear life to the
speakers on stage with NIN during their Downward Spiral tour in London
years ago now.

Til security carted me off anyway, managed to fight my way back to the
mosh pit though.

I pinched Iggy Pop's bum once as he crowd surfed above me, but I bet
everyone does that so I doubt that counts.

I gave up mosh pits after almost getting trampled at a PWEI gig.
Couldn't keep up with the bouncing.

Katrina London England www.myspace.com/spaceoutkat

*For the uniniated PWEI is Pop Will Eat Itself. -JL

The Worst: Woodstock '99 watching people fight everywhere and knowing
the whole thing was spinning out of control.

The Best: the Xingolati Groove Cruise last month; Guy Grand Productions
succeeded in capturing the perfect positive concert vibe...not one unhappy,
angry or frustrated face the entire weekend. Miles of smiles and great,
creative music.

Dwight Arnold KMRJ Palm Springs CA

Hey J,

Well I got two, but not so much relating to the music per se.

The first is about the Grandaddy gig that wasn't to be. My flatmate
James and I are massive Grandaddy fans and they were playing in
Brighton, UK so I got us tickets. The night before we were meant to go
we were really excited and James wanted to look at the tickets, got
them out and the gig had been on the previous Sunday, the Sunday
James and I had spent listening to Grandaddy and getting really excited!!!

I don't know why I thought it was the following week but the moral of the
story is a) don't leave ticket buying up to me b)always check the dates.

Secondly, I was feeling pretty fed up one Saturday when I got a call from a
man who said he had met me at a party a month or so before, and would I like
to go to a gig that night with him as he had guesties. I was so blown away that
he had managed to get hold of my number and as I am always up for a good
gig that I went, he took me to see the Detroit Cobra's and it was one of the
best gigs I went to that year. Shame I didn't fancy him really as it was a good
story to tell the grandkids.

p.s say hi to Howe, what a dude.

Sam Brighton United Kingdom www.myspace.com/justablip

* Great stuff Sam. I will say hello to Howe (Gelb-Giant Sand)
for you. Howe will always remain a good friend. If I could only tell
you some of the wild times we had in Tucson days, like getting
stoned in his van, watching strippers pulling a gun...you know what,
I'll save that for another time. -JL

November 15
Mango Wong
Is this an up and coming Chinese actress? Could be. This 25 year old, born
1980 in Hong Kong, has starred in the "Qixlan wang yu Zhong Wu Yan" TV series.

Birthday's today: Chad Kroeger (Nickelback), Yaphett Kotto, Sam Waterson, Judy Gold,
Ashley Cox, Beverly D'Angelo, Randy "Macho Man" Savage, Mistress Persephone,
April Summer, Kevin Eubanks, Anni-Frid Lyngstad (Abba), Janet Lennon (Lennon Sisters),
Nina Dolci, Judith Richter, Joanna Barnes, Joe Leeway (Thompson Twins), Angie Chui,
Margaret Reed, Michiyoshi Ohara, Dandra Kim, Ol' Dirty Bastard (Wu-Tang Clan R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: (see Monday)

I saw someone having sex at a concert.LOL

Rei Kanagawa & Okinawa Japan www.myspace.com/happy_rei1961

Well, we had the opportunity of saving Ronnie
James Dio's behind from what could have been the fall of his life!!! My husband
is really good at getting to the front of any concert, and so happens we picked
the side, which Dio favored this night. He proceeded to, I have to say, carry
himself in an angry fashion this night as well, for nothing would go right with
his stage lights. Hastily, he stepped towards the front of the stage to greet us
and this lass proceeded to grab him and try to pull him down off the stage!!!
Pissed me off! My husband caught him mid air, and pushed him by his chest
back towards the stage. Meanwhile, he had gotten his foot caught between
the floor monitor and the guitarist petal board! Well, needless to explain, he
got his balance, thanks to my husband's helping him counter balance til he was
stable. He stood up, finished his sentence, and, moving the microphone aside,
told us (reading his lips) "Thank you!" That was a night to remember for me!

For he, along with Alice Cooper, Steven Tyler, Ozzy Ozbourne (and Sharon O.),
are my reasons for performing as I do, so this was a very special night! Besides
my opportunity of meeting Steven Tyler and the rest of the band, and my
husband along with our bud, Victoria Frederick, meeting Peter Frampton and
getting him to sign a shirt for our son. I am a musician myself, so don't get much
chances to get out to concerts, really.

But l plan on opening for many, with my Code Pearl, that has come upon me.
I hope to maybe meet my idols one day, just to shake their hands (Have met
Tyler, got that handshake covered already, at the Seattle book signing. Good
friend of Sam Andrew, and played with Big Brother and the Holding Company,
for a bit, so its partially done) and tell them thank you, for helping the world,
as well as myself, dissapear from the chaos, for just those moments, sometimes
that is all you need. The radio raised me, I shall have a radio on and in my grave,
for all to enjoy, the years of listening like I did!!

Monika Code Pearl Spokane Washington www.myspace.com/monikakozmik

I was working an Ani Difranco show at Smith College. I had just moved
back to town a couple of days before, and resumed my position at a
local independent box office that provided will-call services for shows as

I was sitting at a table, giving people their tickets, when a young
woman came up brandishing what looked like a tightly folded napkin. She
told me that it was imperative that this note get to Ani. "Okay, sure,"
I said reaching for it. She yanked her hand away. "You have to
swear!" she said.

"I swear," I said, trying very hard not to roll my eyes.

"Pinky swear," she demanded, crooking a pinky finger at me. I
hesitantly shook her pinky with mine, and she released the note to me and
went into the concert hall.

I called the house manager over and gave the napkin to her, with an
explanation of what had just happened. We both kinda chuckled and shook
our heads.

At intermission, the woman approached me, demanding to know if her
message had been given to Ani. I called the house manager over again to
ask her, and she said that she had personally given it to Ani. The woman
seemed satisfied, and went outside with the other folks grabbing a
smoke between sets.

Intermission is generally when I packed up and went home. I'd seen Ani
before, and was still in the process of settling into my apartment, so
I decided against staying to watch the show. Most people were
filtering back in as I was heading out. Sitting on the curb was the young
woman. She was rocking back and forth, crying.

"Um, are you okay?" I asked.

She started rambling, "I just love her so much and it hurts so much not
to be able to touch her and I think I'm suicidal and I need to check in
to the psychiatric ward at [the local hospital]."

I lived just down the street from the venue. "Wait here," I told her.
I walked home, got my car, picked up the young woman and drove her to
the hospital, where she committed herself.

Years later, I was walking along a side street, and I paused to let a
car back out of a driveway. In the middle of the street, the car
stopped and the driver's window rolled down. "Hey," the driver asked,
"didn't you drive me to the hospital a few years ago?"

I recognized the young woman. "Yeah, I did! How are you?"

"Much better, thanks!" And she drove away.

Jaz Tupelo Music Director / Midday Host WNRN
2250 Old Ivy Rd. Ste 2 Charlottesville, VA 22903
www.wnrn.org 434.971.4096

The weirdest gig that I've seen in recent years
has been a support band for Yeah Yeah Yeah's called The Locust...hardcore
punk band dressed on stage as grasshoppers!!

Booed off by every member of the audience... truly awful..!!!

*Went to see New Order the other night at Brixton Academy.. and the
show was sensational...They played old Joy Division songs and even
an old Warsaw song.

Gabrielle London England www.myspace.com/gabrielleandersen

The Plasmatics at Dooley's.....whipped cream, clothes pins, chain saw,
lots of pyro!!!!!! Nuff said.

John Dixon Tempe AZ azmusicdude@hotmail.com

Well, Jonathan I've never been to a concert
(*sobs*), I've been to a local gig...only cos my brother plays Rhythm
Guitar in the band I went to see. And I really only get drunk!!!!!

Debbie United Kingdom (came through www.myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

Well, let's see... there was this concert... some old alternative station
in Arizona or someplace as I recall.... I had arranged for Concrete Blonde
to play...but the always-nutty Johnette Napolitano was so on the outs with
her label at the time, I.R.S...seems she wouldn't come out of her dressing
room while anyone from the label was in the vicinity... ring any bells, buddy??

Barry Lyons Rent A Label Venice CA barry@rentalabel.net

*Yes, I do. It was sad. That was the only KFMA show I put together for the
5 months that KFMA-FM lasted in Wickenburgh AZ. It was at the old
Desert Sky Pavillion, October 1992. Line up: Mary's Danish, Dada, The
guy from Australia's The Saints, Concrete Blonde, and Joan Jett & The
Blackhearts. Yeah, I couldn't get her out of the dressing room until I
assured her that you and Mary from the label were out of site. I was
uncomfortable having to ask you to leave the area, but hey, she was being bitchy
and I needed her to get on stage. Looking back, as much as I cared about
Johnette, I actually loved and still love Joan Jett more, so I needed her
on stage, before Joan would get pissed off. I think Johnette was not happy
to have to play before Joan Jett, simply jealousy. Not your fault in any way.-JL

I've been in concerts but amazingly, here in Costa Rica is expensive to go
to a concert and not many cool bands come here. I went to see Sting,
Jethro Tull, Jon Anderson from Yes, and Aerosmith, that's all. I couldn't
go to see Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Alan
Parson's Project and the "Human Rights Concert" many years ago.

Not even Apocaliptica.

But a cool thing happened on the Aerosmith concert, my parents are
divorced and hate each other seriously, me and my brother went to the
concert with my dad and my mother went with her boyfriend. The organizers
didn't open the stadium until half an hour before the concert started and there
were tons of people waiting, so when they finally opened the gates everyone
started running to get in, people got slammed, kicked, there were lost shoes
everywhere, and even a kid got killed right in the entrance because he got
buried under hundreds of people running and he could not breathe anymore.

Police started to "electrocute" people to make them stand aside, it was total
chaos. We lost my brother on the run and finally found him with my mom and
her boyfriend right in front of the gates. I called her until I almost lost a lung
and she saw me, so we asked the police to take me there with her and they
agreed and my dad told them he was my dad of course, so right there in the
middle of total chaos and people screaming and kicking and gasping for air we
stood all together, all of the family and my mom's boyfriend too, we ended sitting
all together and having a great time, when Tyler screamed in one song "Living
On The Edge" a shooting star crossed the whole sky and everyone saw it.

It was pretty emotional and later we all agreed that the shooting star was that
boy's soul crossing the edge of life. It was sad that he died for trying to watch
a concert. That's the only time my parents have been so close for so many years,
and the only time that was, but I could be there with both of them and I had a
great time. I was happy to be alive and to come back home alive.

Fabiola San Jose Costa Rica www.myspace.com/irina_goth_photography

Ello, in answer to your previous question...
I got kissed on the forehead by Moby!!

Catrin Glastonbury England www.myspace.com/catrinoneill

November 14
Nina Gordon (Veruca Salt)
The voice of Veruca Salt was born in Washington, DC. Born Nina Rachel Gordon Shapiro,
she took her mother's maiden name as last name. The rocker has made numerous TV
appearences including "Howard Stern Show" and "Saturday Night Live". Gordon has
one film to her credit, 1998's "Totally Confused".

Birthday's today: Laura San Giacomo, DB Sweeney, Ray Sharkey, Sandahl Bergman,
Curt Shilling, Joseph "Run" Simmons (Run DMC), David Moscow, Stephen Bishop,
Dana Stubblefield, Sophie Von Haselberg (Bette Midler's daughter), Eva Roberts,
Rosanna Walls, Jimmy Piersall, Freddie Garrity (Freddie and The Dreamers), Yanni,
Jennifer Stead, Janin Reinhardt, Brian Shaw, An Jo, Veronica Lake (R.I.P.)

Q of The Week:
Due to the popularity of; What is the strangest or weirdest thing
to ever happen to you at a concert? Where? Describe...with so
many stories sent in...it will continue all this week again. Thank you.

Nothing too outrageous, i have to say. I went
to see HIM at the Astoria about 2 years ago and Bam Margera was there.
Half way through the set, he jumped off the balcony into the crowd. Nothing
particularly weird about that, except some twat thought he would copy him,
so he dived over the balcony and landed on some poor chick and broke her
pelvis. Ambulances etc.

Oh, and almost anything from the pool of many Glastonbury weekends.
(stood behind Robert Plant in the queue for a burrito a couple of
years ago! HA! HA!)

Sophie Auckland New Zealand www.myspace.com/sophieuk

Does fucking while a band is shooting a video in a Mexican club count?

Michael Halloran APD/MD 94.9 KZBT San Diego CA

*Not really Michael, but I figure if you are dumb enough to
pass this along, I'll post it. Hope Steph see's this and gives
you a good spanking!- JL ;)

Last year, on the Gibus's stage in Paris,
I had to sing during all of the show with glare of lights due to a
photographer's request. It's like singing in cottony clouds, I hear people
but I can't see them, the only thing that I coud recognize was my boots.
((^.^;)) ?

Lamia Paris France www.myspace.com/melamia

So I've told this story before to some laughs, but have never written it out,
so we'll see how it translates into text form. Please note to bear with the
profanity at the end. Five or six years ago, The Family Values Tour made a
stop here in Detroit at the Palace of Auburn Hills, it was the tour that had
Limp Bizkit and Filter on it. So Rob Tarantino from Interscope picks me up
at Riff (WRIF) in the late afternoon and we drive up to the Palace. We
meet up with his local Chris Hughes and we have a quick dinner inside
at the Palace Grill before the show starts. We kept it quick so I just got a
hamburger, fries, and water. We maybe spent a half hour there so we could
catch an early baby band they had on the bill. After that band got done, we
headed down to the dressing room area to do a quick hand shake and also
so Rob could have a quick chat with Fred Bizkit's road manager Dr. Ben.

Cut to meeting up with Dr. Ben, this about 40-45 minutes after we've had a
bite and seen the band. So the pleasantries begin and Rob and Ben start making
small talk. I was a bit warm so I took my jacket off while standing outside of
the production office/dressing room area. Ben mentions that he is having some
IRS problems, they are hassling him I guess, sending stuff to his Ohio address,
some shit like that. I just said mention in the last sentence...what I should have
said was it turned into spoken word. So time moves on during this fascinating
discussion about the IRS ( the glamorous conversations that happen back-stage
non-industry folks...you're not missing a thing), and I'm noticing that I'm really
starting to sweat like crazy. I'm feeling very warm and it's typical, comfortable,
average room temperature in the area that we are in.

This is where I start to check out of the conversation. Now, I feel I can say this
because we are all adults here on this blog and have had our experimentation's
with various mode altering chemicals, and I'm sure I've enjoyed one or two with
some of you reading this, so I feel the need to point out before I go any further.
I am completely sober at this point, did not have any alcoholic beverages at dinner
that night, drank water that day, did not have anything else. But something is not
right. I'm starting to feel weird. The sweating and warm feelings continue, but now
the conversation and voices are starting to fade in and out. Oh my god is he still
talking about the IRS....why does it feel like my legs could give out at any time....
what is going on.....I fall back against the wall and chill for a second because I can
barely see what is going on. I mean things are going black and I've never felt
something like this ever before. All of this is taking place over a 10-15 minute
period. This whole time, Rob, Chris, & Ben are continuing their conversation, not
really noticing that I've pretty much checked out over the last 7 or 8 minutes.
I practically pass out, and almost fall over onto Rob, when he looks at me and says
something about me looking ghostly white. I look at him and I manage to spit out,
"not right", something not right" ( I believe early cave man dialect). He asks if I'm
ok and say "I gotta get out of here, I've got to go, something is not right, I'm ill,
I don't know what the fuck is up". Sorry for swearing mom. I grab his shoulder and
tell Rob, I have to go home, I don't know what is going on but I'm not well. I imagine
Rob at that time was probably rolling his eyes thinking " f-ing radio guys, get the
dinner, skip the show" (and wow, what a dinner, a hamburger and fries)....but I
think he could tell I was genuinely having problems. At this point Chris needed to
run and take care of some LB stuff, so he scurries off.

I know this is taking some time, hang in there. So, we start walking towards where
the stairs are but it's a good little walk and I'm having troubles walking because
I'm fading in and out, things go black, and then they come back. I'm sweating
profusely. We get about half way to the stairs and we are walking by catering,
Rob suggests we stop and just sit for a second, I head over towards a round table
and practically fall into it. This is the most bizarre thing that has ever happened
to me because I've never felt this way before, I don't know what is happening to
me. Rob grabs me a water and I tried to drink a little of it and just sit for a second
and try and get my bearings. A few minutes pass and I'm still fucked up at this point.
We get up and I say to him again, I really need to get home, I'm really sick dude.
We begin to walk again, I make my way up the stairs and we get outside. Ah, the
cool air feels good, I needed that, but wow, I'm still illin'. We get in his rental car
and he starts to drive around the parking lot to get to the exit. We are near the
exit when I see the BP gas station across the street from the Palace and I say
something I imagine was a bit incoherent about going to the BP, go to the BP,
please go to the BP.

So Rob hits up the gas station, we pull in and I get out. What the hell is wrong
with me? It's like a bad acid trip or something. I practically drag myself inside,
I make my way towards the restroom inside the BP. Made it. I get inside and take
a moment to collect myself. How could I have gotten so sick, what did I do? Did
someone spike me? The next sequence of events, in one of the weirdest moments
that I will never forget for as long I live because it's not the most flattering of
events and it's gross.

I could dance a jig. I could go back and that damn Nookie song at full concert
blast (actually, it was a pretty cool song that summer when it came, wasn't it?).
I collect myself again and walk to the car. I get in and Rob says, " how you feeling?
you ok?", I say, "as a matter of fact, yes", I feel good. I don't know what just
happened, but I feel ok. We erred on the side of caution and thought it best to
get me home. To this day, I have no idea what happened, all I can think is that we
ate some bad poi ( that's Hawaiian for food Kentucky) at dinner.

I'm sure it was a great show. Try the veal.

Troy Hanson Vice President/Artist Management Wild Justice Management
248.632.3762 hanson_troy@yahoo.com

* Boy, that was fun editing your story Troy. I had to walk around
for awhile afterwards.-JL ;)

The strangest thing that happend to me at a gig
was at Sky City Adelaide. I had entered a competition like battle of the bands
sort of thing but more for solo artists, so I do about 4 songs and I get to my
last song and I ask the guy running it if I can swear (lol), and he said it was up
to me so I said " ok fuck it i'll swear" haha, so I did the song that had alot of
the F-wor
d in it and finished my gig! Then the guy running it comes up to the
stage and says " that was kasey!!" And, just so ya know, one of the judges is a
priest!! So, I didn't win but I did win the audience vote for best performence
of the night, 50 buck food, and bev voucher. Wooohoooooo!!! lol

Kasey Adelaide South Australia www.myspace.com/kaseyallan

Well... the weirdest thing has to be a bad thing
I'm afraid! When I was in high school I was at this festival just outside of
town and saw an artist called E-type (euro pop), and somewhere in the
middle of the concert this guy walks up to me and hits me hard in the face
with his fist for absolutely no reason! I've never met the guy before or after
that event... It was so weird, cuz I don't know the reason for that punch! I'm
not even sure there was one.

Freddie Hassleholm Sweden (came from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

*Ouch, Freddie. My wife Jeanette had the same thing happen
to her at a Wonderstuff show. He broke her nose. I wasn't
there at the time. If I had, I would have...you figure it out.-JL :-)

Donna and I went to see Way Of The West at The Mudd Club in NYC in
1981. The band was supposed to go on somewhere around midnight. As
midnight rolled around, I asked the band's manager, who I met the prior
evening when the band stopped by WFDU, what time they were going on.
He said they should hit by 1:00am. 1:00am rolls around, still no band, just
the music of the DJ. (maybe Mark Fotiadis?) I said to Donna, I'm going to
sleep, wake me up when they show up. I then lay on the stage, and get
awoken by her tapping around 2:30am, and they immediately start to play.

Jerry Rubino The CMJ Network & WCHR-FM jrubino@cmj.com

Slipknot a few years ago when the played the hockey arena in town and
had the crowd sit on the floor and then get up and go nuts!

Joey Gusto PD WBER Rochester NY

Last year I went to a concert of Steve Vai
and Metropole orkest in Groningen. It was a great concert but also a
bit strange because almost everybody was sitting in their chairs. Can
you imagine how people where headbanging in their chairs ;-)

But, that was not the only thing. During the show a man in the public started
to shout something at Steve. (sorry can't remember what it was) And everybody
had something like..."shut up are you crazy." And, also his wife sat there like she
wished she could disapeared. Later on he did it again and than we noticed that it
was part of the show. I do have recordings from that show because a few months
later it was on the radio. If that part is also in it I will send it to you.

Angelique Breda Netherlands www.myspace.com/angeleyes270970

* Would love to hear it Angelique, I like Steve Vai.-JL

November 13
Whoopie Goldberg
Whoopie has done it all. Comedy, Actress, Writer, Producer, and Director. She is a
National treasure. Born in 1955 in the Chelsea section of New York City. Quite
respected in the entertainment, her latest project is the voice of 'Darlin' for
"Yankee Irvine".

Birthday's today:
Aldo Nova, Jimmy Kimmel, Joe Mantegna, Ashleigh Aston Moore,
Tracy Scoggins, Terry Reid, Larry Miller, Mel Stottlemeyer, Candye Kane, Liu Zi,
Ron Artest, Sheila Frazer, Garry Marshall, Roger Steen (Tubes), John Hammond,
Andy "The Clobberer" Ranken (Pogues), Aisha Hinds, Christopher Noth, Shawn Yu,
Paul & Ryan Jessup, Melissa Hayden, Jack Elam (Jeanette's Uncle R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK continues

I guess going to a Pink Floyd concert at the
Docklands Arena. I was about 11 or 12 and my brother skined up and
the joint just got passed around the whole family. First time I got stoned.

Tayler NR Brighton United Kingdom www.myspace.com/taylersuicide

I broke my cheekbone in the mosh pit at a Fear show. You can still see
the scar. Pretty cool, huh?

Lenny LaSalandra Combat Rock Promotions Los Angeles CA

* Yeah Lenny I can still see it, so? -JL

The strangest thing that ever happened to
me was being ummm kidnapped at a Black Sabbath concert back in 1999
(or was it 98? All such a blur now) in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I was
there with my now ex fiance, and I'm really little... like 4'8". Some girls
and these guys cleared a spot for me to see better, which was very nice.
Suddenly one of the guys grabs my arm and tells me he has a better spot
for me.

Indeed... it was a better spot... FRONT ROW! But this came with a price, this
drunken fool and all his friends formed a baracade around me, so my fiance
couldn't get me back. The drunken dude was all over me, and decided to claim
me as his girlfriend. On one hand... Ozzy right there in front of me... How
wicked is that? On the other hand, Mr. Octopus hands groping me ALL over.

My fiance was meanwhile trying with some other guys to break through the
baracade I was told, but those guys were about to get very violent. It was a
no win situation.

The drunken guy did get me a guitar pick from Toni Iommi, which was really
cool... and right after he gave it to me, he bent down to kiss me. I dropped to
my knees and crawled between all these sweaty men on the dirty beer and
cigarette filled floor, right into my fiance's arms.

As we were leaving, all these tall guys kept coming up to me and patting me
on the head, I felt like a prize in a meat market. That had to be the strangest
concert going experience I've ever had!


Carrie Lynn Enschede, Netherlands www.myspace.com/kleinevos


Here goes: had the pleasure to open for the Cramps once, after we
play, we're watching the action from backstage; it's going off big
time! Lux is half naked, wine bottle in hand, microphone stuffed in
his gaping maw. Poison Ivy looks great, she is wearing a mini-skirt
with tassels, sort of a tacky lampshade look, very cool... the
drummer has these really cool water triggers hooked to his set, so
that every time he hit the snare water sprayed the stage.

I happen to notice the new bass player (at the time) on Luxs' right,
she's really good looking, a true fox! Pretty hair, nice body, can't
see the face or the front all that well, remember, I'm backstage, but
I can tell she's really cute, sexy too.

I mention this to someone whom is standing close by and they quickly
set me straight, "Oh, that's not a chick, man, that's Slim Chance!"

Oh... okay... bummer. Slim is a guy, I know that now... but, I
still think Slim is extremely good looking!

Chad/SPY Atlanta GA www.myspace.com/spyga

I would have to say it was a
Aerosmith/Monster Magnet concert in St. Louis at Riverport Ampitheatre.
A friend of ours Scott came with us and had the leather pants and long hair.
We had a few people come up to him and ask for his autograph thinking
he was with Monster Magnet..lol Then later some guy came up to him
asking if he had 'papers' as if Scott fit the stereotypical weed smoker..lol

Trisha Galesburg Illinois www.myspace.com/thickolicious_trisha

Hi Jonathan,

Sorry I've been out of the loop for a while. I've been busy getting things up
and running here at new label Q Prime is starting. The exciting news here is
that I've just signed the first band to the roster. They're a band out of the
UK called Mohair. They're very different from what we've been hearing on the
radio in the recent past. They will be playing The Best of In The City
(kind of like the UK's CMJ) show in London next week. They have a single out
in the UK now with another one coming out on Dec. 4. We'll start rolling Mohair
out in the states next year.

Thinking about your concert question (I'm going to disregard the 10 years I
spent in Stabbing Westward), the first thing which comes to mind goes back
to a Rolling Stones show during the Steel Wheels Tour. I was at WZOK in
Rockford at the time. We all took a limo to Alpine Valley in East Troy, WI.
for the show. I had lawn seats but tried to work my way as close to the back
of the pavilion as I could. After the first or second encore, a whole bunch of
people left their seats. I was with a mob right behind the seats. One person
took the initiative to jump into the seats and work their way closer. Like a
bunch of Lemmings, we all followed.

A couple of keen, yet not so keen, security guards saw us and tried to get
everyone to get out of the seats. The guy next to me said something to the
security guy under his breath and of course, that security guard thought that
I had said it. He grabbed me and roughly pulled me out of the crowd. I had
been picked. Everyone else could stay but I was getting thrown out! As he
escorted me out of the venue, he told me I couldn't talk to him like that.

I asked him to tell me what I said. His response- "You know what you said".
My concern now was getting back to where the limos were. He marched right
back stage (where I ended up closer than I could ever imagine to the Stones)
and threw me out the back gate, right in front of the limos. At that point,
fireworks exploded and the show was over. It all seemed so ridiculous.
He thought he was throwing me out of the great show when in actuality, he was
my personal escort to get through the crowd to get to my limo.

Hope all is well in the desert.

Walter Flakus Q Prime New York City NY
729 7th Av, 16th Floor New York, NY 10019 212.302.9790

* All is well old friend...now send me a copy of Mohair, now that I'm back in
radio, and play what I want...I'd rather not wait till next year! xoxo -JL

The strangest or wierdest thing that's happened to
me while at a concert was when my then-boyfriend started taking my
top off without me noticing. We were seeing Trivium and 3 Inches of
Blood at Big Fish Pub. I was wearing a corset and he was standing behind
me. For easy access, my corset had a zipper on the back. Well, my
then-boyfriend thought it'd be funny to try and unzip my top. I noticed
it when I was in the mosh pit and my top started to slide off. The top fits
perfectly, so I knew something was up. Just as I was turning around to ask
him about it, he grabbed the zipper and finished unzipping my top! Luckily
I caught it before it fell off completely. The strange or weird part about all
of that, is that no one noticed any of it. I mean my top was practically off
and no one saw. Let's just say that the rest of the night, I made sure no one
was behind me.

Mistress Liesl Chandler AZ www.myspace.com/drayesmama

November 12
Nina Brosh
"The Body of the Nintie's", Nina was born in Afula, Israel 1975. One of the
top fashion model's father was Russian, and mother was Chinese.

Birthday's today:
Neil Young, Kathleen Hanna (Bikini Kill), Tonya Harding, Bob Crewe,
Dave Ellifson (F5/Megadeth), Vic Chessnut, Heather Lauren Olson, Megan Mullally,
Michael Moorer, Donald Roeser (Blue Oyster Cult), Nadia Comaneci, Angela Watson,
Booker T. Jones, Al Michaels, Charles Manson, David Schwimmer, Anne Hathaway,
Arthur "Pooch" Tavares, Leslie McKeown (Bay City Rollers), Grace Kelly (R.I.P.)

Dylan Peters

Hi Jonathan and Jeanette,

How are you both?

Thought it was time I dropped you a line. Life is wonderful here. Mike is as
busy as ever, on tour and now recording for new album on EMI next year.

Our little boy, Dylan is an absolute joy. Please find pics attached for your
website. Would be honoured if you include on your website.

Let us know how your are keeping and please update me with your new address
if possible.

Jules Wales jules.peters@mac.com

More Q of THE WEEK continues:
Strangest or weirdest thing that ever happened to you
at a concert? Where? Describe

I got stoned and wasted at the NIN concert
with a friend recently and couldn't find where we parked our car. :)

MaNdA Tempe AZ www.myspace.com/daultimatepimpstress

Dublin, Prodigy concert New Years eve 1995,
was backstage hanging out. Completely over indulged, tried to find the toilets
and got lost, ended up walking around an industrial site in the dark, by the
time I ended up finding my way back to the gig everyone had gone, it had
finished. Then I had to find the hotel where everyone had gone back to and
I was also staying, but I couldn't remember the name of the hotel. Very messy
night... did get back in the end

Sonja Scarborough, London, South France, Mallorca, United Kingdom
(this came through www.myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

LOL um. Never really had anything overly
STRANGE happen to me other than running into people I haven't met in
a looooooong time, but in '99 I went and saw ICP in concert and I got to
go on stage during the song "Bitches" and they made a HUGE highlight
about my boobs. :)

Druidess Anchorage, Alaska www.myspace.com/xotiklovely

Hey Jonathan, - this question should get some interesting responses.

For me....

1972 - Pink Floyd "Dark Side Of The Moon" Tour...there was this girl
that I had been chasing...finally got her to go out with me to the show.
Apparently she had ingested mass quantities of 'shrooms prior to the show
and when Roger Waters cut loose that blood curdling scream during
"Careful With That Axe Eugene", she flipped out and blew chunks all over me.
First date, last date. Had to throw out the shoes, too.

Sam Kaiser MVP Entertainment

*Yes Sam, you wouldn't believe how many more stories yet to come all
next week. Thanks for participating.

A Fan?

Originated from: http://www.98kupd.com
Name: TJ
E-mail Address: qtpie33210@aol.com
City: Phoenix


I listen to KUPD every day at work, sometimes I work Saturdays and I can not
stand you, so please get that gay music off the air.

*TJ, first, I hope you have to work every fuckin' Saturday morning for
the rest of your life you sorry ass imbecile. Next time I speak with
Lemmy or Glenn Danzig and the other artists, I will be more than happy
to tell them that some idiots like you think their music is gay. Please do
NOT listen to my show, you might grow a pussy, pussy. Now if you are a
woman, you might grow a cock, cocksucker!- JL

November 11
Calista Flockhart
Best known for "Ally McBeal" from 1997-2002, Calista was born in Freeport, Illinois 1964.
Her career began as playing Elise in "Guiding Light", the soap in 1989. She really hasn't
done anything of substance recently.

Birthday's today:
Demi Moore, Leonardo DiCaprio, Andy Partridge (XTC), Steve Young,
Jo Kittsee (Fuzzbox), Alison Doody, Marshall Crenshaw, Damion Easley, Fuzzy Zoeller,
Philip McKeon, John Jett (Punter), Chris Dreja (Yardbirds), Berry Oakley (Allman Bros.),
Derry Browson (EMF), Vinnie Testaverde, Ian Craig Marsh (Heaven 17), Barbara Boxer,
Mose Allison, Jesse Colin Young, Jeff Buckley (R.I.P.), Laverne Baker (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: (see Monday)
*Due to the response, this Q will continue next week.
And through the weekend. Thank you all.

Hmm, strangest wierdest how bout ...

I was fourteen at a concert at Roseland Ballroom in NYC with a bunch of
my friends. We just got there so the first thing to do was find someone to
buy us booze. Usually this meant me just going up to some dude that was
eyeing me and tell him I left my ID at home and give him money tell him I
wanted a beer or just have someone buy it. I dont even understand how I
thought I was gettin away with anything especially when I told that to the
bar tenders...I barely look 21 now...let alone when I was 14 so, I saw some
guy eyeing me and decided to try it on him. I went up to him asked coyly if
he could buy me a beer. He says he doesn't think he could do that and pulls
out a badge. He was a cop...I jetted soooo fucking fast I thought I was gonna
get busted.

I eventually got my booze and watched the concert (not to mention later in the
show the bands videographer asked if i wanted to go backstage). I did and
proceded to get drunker and make out with the lead singer of the band. Hahah.
Hmm, if only I could tell you which band and which lead singer. I think he is
engaged now...to another singer. Wierd.

kayla-jane Danger California www.myspace.com/_just_jane

Hey Jonathan,

Long time, no talk! It's Michele Amabile, formerly of 'JSE and 'HTG. I have
a story for the question of the week:

The strangest thing that ever happened to me at a concert happened at the
Stone Pony during an Oasis show. I was standing in the back by the sound
board when suddenly I noticed Lars Ulrich singing along with the band.

He had been following the band on this tour, and was a big fan. I got to talking
with him, and he asked me where the bathroom was? Now, the Pony was packed,
and there was a huge mob between the sound board and the bathroom. I told him
to follow me. Now, I'm all of 4'10" tall, and he isn't much taller, but I took him
by the hand and led him through the crowd. He asked me to wait outside the men's
room until he came out, and I obliged. I then grabbed his hand and cleared him
straight through back to the sound board. He told me I'd be a great bodyguard.

Believe me, you haven't lived until you've heard Lars singing every word to
"Cigarettes and Alcohol." What a night, and a story I'll tell my children when they're
old enough to understand Mommy helped a member of Metallica find the men's room!

Great site, Jonathan!

Michele Amabile 609.581.0412 Jrseygrrl@aol.com

* Great story Michele! I miss you. I will call soon. Promise.-JL

Not wierd or fun just nice.
Went to a Rod Stewart concert and was backstage and he walked up to me
and said with his British accent... "u look like my galfriend Kelly Emberg"
and smiled and kept walking...I was like um duh did he just talk to me??

Oddly enough I ended up working with his guitar player who co-wrote some
tunes on my CD with me.

Ok, here's just a disgusting one...was at Phil Collins concert and the drunk punk
next to us threw up on me...(hey that's a good name for a band !! drunkpunks!!)
Good times!!

Sissy Burbank CA (came through myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

That would be the Replacements at Metropol in Pittsburgh. The Replacements
just kicked ass during the whole show. Westerberg was definitely having one
of his better nights. What I remember most, however, was how it ended. The
show started a bit late, and the band went past curfew. Some guy went up and
warned Paul Westerberg to finish things up. He didn't even nod, and just continued
playing. Eventually a cop came up and basically told Westerberg that it WAS his
last song. They kept playing.

About two minutes later, the lights come up and the sound is turned off at the
board. I thought Westerberg was going to go nuclear, but he just put his guitar
down and walked off the stage with the rest of the band. People started screaming
out, and I just hung around near the stage waiting for a little breathing room before
leaving. With the hall nearly empty all of the sudden Westerberg jumps on the stage
from the side, with the rest of the band looking a little dazed following him. He
plugs his guitar in, the sound guy turns up the sound, and he starts playing. While
he's playing the drummer is half playing the song and half trying to put his drum
kit back together since the roadies had already started to disassemble it. So like
20 people are watching the band play this song with the full lights up and roadies
on stage putting stuff together while the band is playing.

The song ends and Westerberg says into the microphone, "The show isn't over until
I say it's fucking over." He then literally just drops the microphone and his guitar and
walks off stage.

The best rock n' roll moment of my life.

Jim Kerr Director of Talent & Creative Services Pollack Media Group Los Angeles * Dallas
Dallas Office: 1121 Beachview Street #2214 Dallas, Texas 75218
214.324.9060 jim@pollackmedia.com www.pollackmedia.com

Well, didn't happen to me exactly. But the strangest
thing I saw was about 5 yrs back, we went to see Orbital in Manchester.

We arrived quite late so the place was heaving so we were more or less at the
back. Just to the side of us was a big space for disabled concert goers slightly
raised so they had a good view of things, and thats fair enough! There was plenty
of free space up there and some people tried to stand in it, One wheel chair
bound guy was going mad at them telling them it was not for able bodied people
and they should get off.

Anyways, not wanting to argue that there was enough space they got back
down and stood with the rest of the crowd. Orbital were great, light show was
awesome, but as always they save the best till last. Anyways, after two encores
the place was at eruption point because they'd gone off stage and hadn't done
"Philosophy By Numbers"! Massive crowd pleaser and one of my favorites.. 5 mins
later still no show, I was thinking shit they aren't going do it! Very disapointed and
being at the back I thought sod it we might as well get out now and get to the club.
As we were just walking past the disabled space the tune errupted out, and the
light show blazed back it to life!! The crowd went mad. I turned around to cheer.

Just in time to see the guy in the wheel chair who was doing all the ranting earlier...
jumped right up and starts dancing like a lunatic...stop look around, then sit back down
again. I was so stunned I just stood there and watched him. Now I suppose it could
have been divine intervention...and I'd witnessed a miracle by the power of the Orbital
boys themselves... but hmmmmm somehow I think not!!!

Pamela Cumbria United Kingdom www.myspace.com/pammy321

*Pamela, that is a great story. Reading it, I can hear in my head you saying
it. Outstanding! -JL

The best thing that ever happened to me at a
Northern Soul concert was ending up on stage with Edwin Starr. One minute
I was dancing away, the next minute i was being lifted up on stage by 2 of
the band members. He had chosen me and another female to dance on stage
and sing some of the backing tracks with him. It was fabulous. Really exciting,
yet had a strange feeling to it too. The following morning when I awoke I
wondered if I had dreamt it. However, it was a charity event and many people
bought the video of the event which shows me having the time of my life.

Good job, I am such a poser, like karaoke singing and can dance with the
best of them. Bye for now.

Hillary United Kingdom (came through myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

Okay...how about that open air theatre in Mesa???? At a Bruce Hornsby
concert, I took this cowboy back to my posh hotel room in downtown Phoenix,
The Hyatt, and got laid!!!!
Hope you're well.

Sharon White 1233 N. Flores St., #201 LA, CA 90069
H-323.656.5156 C-310.344.2906

*Ok, hope he had spurs on Sharona. -JL

Hey Jonathan,

Let's see...the last concert I went to was *ducks in shame*...DESTINY CHILD!!

Ok, so waiting in line at the FIRST set of the THREE, gates for over 2 hours wasn't
exactly my idea of a great time. Needless to say upon the gates being opened our
group pushed and groped our way to the front of the descending mob.

Once against the gates we were crushed mercilessly against the bars, almost having
to grasp for breath as the wave of fans continued to push forward. I swear, what
asshole would let in a FEW people at a time through the gates at a friggin concert?!?!

Poor gatesman looked to be around 70, and the idea of a few people at a time was
soon abolished.

Our group rushed towards what we thought would be the main entrance.....but no.
There we were, faced yet again with more metal bars!! And there we stayed for
what seemed like another two hours. By this stage I couldn't feel my fingers let alone
my bladder, so going to the bathroom wasn't an option.

After loosing feeling in my toes from the cold night, wind, the gates opened to let
through the increasingly irate crowd. SAWEET.....we're IN!!.....NOT. Again, more
metal bars. The last pair of metal bars seperating the singers from adoring fans.
By that stage people had had enough.

My friends and I managed to amuse ourselves with games and talk. We couldn't help
but over hear whispers around us of peoples plans to "crush", "smash", "stab" anything
or anyone standing in their way when the gates opened.

Anyways, after 30 minutes of more waiting, the gates opened and that was it.
It was all over rover. Bring it on like donkey kong. I was pulled, shoved, nudged,
yanked, even pinched! It was crazy shit man. Like moths to a flame, there we were
like food depraved paupers from a third world country.

Right before us a young girl of about 12, viciously flew forward, landing with a thud on
her side. Whats so crazy about that? Only that she stretched out her hand and called
her friends to "help" her only to have them turn back, look at her to mouth "sorry"
and kept running! People kept running past us, past the fallen teen...even ON her!
Needless to say I got caught up in the motion of bodies pushing from behind us that
I couldn't stop to help her.

It's crazy but when crunch comes to crunch...it's everybody for themselves.

It probably doesn't sound crazy or weird enough as some of the submitted stories
I've read on your site, but at the time it was crazy that no-one thought to stop and
pick up the young girl.

PuNKpiStol Auckland, New Zealand www.myspace.com/redlips_heels_rock

*Not true PP, I loved your story, and I'm sure others will too. New Zealand,
you rock! Sounds like a night of hell, but then, hey...I've had a few.
I hope you don't mind, I used a different picture. I liked this one
very much. Cheers! -JL

*Tomorrow: Mike & Jules Peters handsome son Dylan.
Yes Mike Peters from the Alarm. Good friends, Jules
sent me an e-mail on Thursday. I will post it with
two adorable photo's she sent along for the website.
Don't miss it!

November 10
Brittany Murphy
Ok, is she one the hottest stars of today? YES! Can you say "Sin City". Well, actually you
can say "Sin City 2" filming soon. Ms. Murphy was born in Atlanta, Georgia in1977, and was
raised in Edison , New Jersey. She has appeared in more than 30 films, and in 2005, and early
2006 has at least 6 films in the works. Can you say HOT! Yep.

Birthday's today: Warren G, Roy Scheider, Jack Scalia, Mario Cipollina (Huey Lewis),
Greg Lake (Emerson, Lake and Palmer/King Crimson), Vanessa Angel, Shawn Green,
Ann Rienking, MaCenzie Phillips, Kenny Rodgers (Pitcher), Chris Joyce (Simply Red),
Holly Joan Hart, Sammy Sosa, Donna Fargo, Tim Rice, Richard Burton (R.I.P.)

Q OF THE WEEK: (see Monday)

Hey there,
The strangest was definately Courtney Love pulling me up on stage at
Glastonbury Music Fest to sing a verse of 'Celebrity Skin' with her in front
of thousands of people!! No-one believes me til I show them the tape, as
it was televised on National TV. Hah, I rock! ;-)

Lilly Lovely London, England www.myspace.com/rockchicklynds

Thrown out of the Forum:

What stands out to me, was being escorted out of a Genesis concert 1988 as
me and my sister were supposedly, "too drunk" and disturbing other concert
attendees. OK this was the Los Angeles Forum. How did two girls stand out
as the most annoying drunk people in a sea of thousands? We were just die
hard Genesis fans we were enthusiastic, and excited. What a bummer...
so, we sat out in the parking lot and drank more... hahaha

Laura Bradey LBBackStagePass@aol.com

Ok, 1986, went to see Souxsie, two songs into the gig
and a fan threw a can, she fell over and broke her ankle, gig cancelled. Gutted!

Three weeks later went to see New Model Army, I fainted two songs into the set
and missed the rest of that gig.

Three weeks later thought I would try once more to go to a gig, went to Ramones,
friend fell over and sustained injury on the 2nd song, once again had to leave!
Now every time I go to a gig and the 2nd tune starts I panic!!!!!!

I lost my dress at a local gig, I was wearing rubber and got caught by a passer by with
a cigarette and it tore from top to bottom. I spent the entire gig in bra and knickers.

I haven't been to a gig for a while, ( at least a year!) I have tickets now though for
Prodigy and Chemical Brothers in December which I am really looking forward to.

Kim Southend, England www.myspace.com/floristkimmy

*Kim, now if I was with you, I wouldn't let us go in until after the second song,
maybe that would break the streak. ;-) -JL


1996 Riverfront Park, Nashville. I was hosting a World Record attempt
at the most guitarists on a single song for Gibson/WKDF. The Goo Goo
Dolls were courteous enough to let us broadcast from their tour bus.

I was interviewing the drummer for a still popular punk trio when he
whipped out a little smoke. No biggie...we continued the interview. We were
really getting kinda nuts on the air when Skunk Baxter pops in the bus door a
proceeds to severely admonish us for our actions. Before I know it my
drummer friend quips "Shut the fuck up you Doobie Brother lookin'
muthafukka!" and runs him out. This KILLED two of the Goos at the back
of the bus and I'm still..."Was that REALLY friggin' SKUNK Baxter of the
DOOBIE Brothers??" Did that just happen? Was he kidding? Holy shit!

We wound up in a cemetery near the old Krispy Kreme looking for country
stars in the middle of the night (FULL of doughnuts) before retiring to a local
bands party where one of their girlfriends upgraded her groupie status with
our drummer hero. No, we did not set the record.

I was also physically assaulted by David Yow of The Jesus Lizard at 328
Performance Hall (R.I.P.), set on fire by Gibby Haynes (also at 328)
and drenched in the blood of GG Allin once, but I'll save those for later.

Pauly WZZP Clarksville TN www.myspace.com/paulysucks pauly@z975.com

Nothing exciting happened to me - but I did hear a
kid once say Reznor taught Bowie something during their tour together when
I was leaving that concert - years ago. On some levels that could be true,
but come on - Bowie!!!

Brandi Gresham, Oregon www.myspace.com/goddessrow3an

I was taken backstage to meet the Cocteau Twins. Their personalities
didn't quite match the lovely ethereal sound of their records. Robin Guthrie
freaked out at the label rep because she asked him to autograph some CDs for a
WXPN pledge drive.

This sent Guthrie into a tirade about the band constantly being exploited by the
label. The rep burst out of the dressing room in tears, leaving me alone with
the band...kind of an awkward situation.

Guthrie, with a surprised look on his face, turns to me and says, "Uh-oh, we
pissed off the label again!"

Scott Lowe B104 Allentown PA

Jonathan, I went to a Earthday Birthday concert
put on by a local radio station 101.1 JRR. The main band was Offspring,
( a personal favorite ). Well, at the last song of the day some asshole behind
me opened my backpack and took my money clip, ID, and pager, the rest of
my crap fell on to the ground under peoples feet. I felt the guy behind me and
when I turned around he took off. I had to decide on finding what was left of
my stuff or catching the asshole and torturing him.

I decided to stay and gather what was left of my scattered propery. You know
that I really didn't give a shit about the stuff that I lost but the thing that pisses
me off the most is now everytime I hear my favorite song "Self Esteem" by
Offspring I have to think about that asshole taking my stuff! I hate theves!!!!!!!

The only good thing is that karma is a BITCH and it will come back to him, that
is a lil satisfaction. Not really that strange of an event but it stands out in my mind,
and that is my concert experience.

Huntress Melbourne, FL (came from myspace.com-no forwarding URL)

*Actually H, that is exactly a concert experience. A terrible one at that.
I hate fuckin' thieves too, big time! -JL

When I was in High School enjoying another Elton John moment (Goodbye
Yellow Brick Road tour) a female security guard beat the sh!t out of some kid
with a flashlight during the middle of "Your Song." Wacky stuff!

Steve Tipp Ewing & Associates/Sotheby's International Calabasas CA 818.657.4455

November 9
Bridget Maasland
Bridget is a well known TV actress and presenter. She was host of the Dutch version
of "Big Brother" in 1999. The beauty was born in The Hague, Zuid Holland,
Netherlands in 1974.

Birthday's today: Sandra 'Pepa' Denton (Salt 'n' Pepa), Nick Lachey, David Duval,
Susan Tedeschi, Chris Jericho, Kelly Michaels, Adam Dunn, Leesa Halstead,
Dennis Stratton (Iron Maiden), Mary Travers (Peter, Paul and Mary), Bob Gibson,
Yoichiro Saito, Sarah Madden, Alan Gratzer (REO Speedwagon), Lou Ferrigno,
Phil May (The Pretty Things), Carl Sagen (R.I.P.), Dorothy Dandridge (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: (see Monday)

Watching a band member go in to the bathroom
with 2 girls and a minute later both girls running out crying and looking like
they are about to puke, then about 5 minutes that the band member came
out with a big smile on his face it was great!

Clowngirly Minneapolis MN www.myspace.com/clowngirly

Hey Jonathan,

I've admittely had a LOT of weird concert experiences.....but the
weirdest is probably this -- The Clash, early 80's, Fox Theater here
in the Atl.....great show, great band, great seats, all that....so,
after the show is over, my friends and I wait a bit for the crowd to
thin before making our way out.....when you leave the Fox, there is a
long outdoor overhang/lobby/will call area that you walk through before
you get to the street....as we get closer to Peachtree, what do we see
but the Atlanta SWAT team with rifles pointed at all of us coming out
of the theater....as it turns out, the girlfriend of the lead singer
of the opening band (the infamous Restraints) was handing out
Communist Workers Union pamphlets (or something like that...), and
that didn't go over too well here in the south.....and this huge riot
erupted outside.....hence the SWAT teams' presence.....we were
directed away from the theater, as the cops wanted none of us
loitering around causing any trouble....its weird, I hadn't thought of
this in a really long time...thanks for the memory jolt.

ps -- if anyone wants to hear the first Atlanta punk band.....go to
myspace.com/therestraints (yes, old punk has invaded myspace), and
have a listen and a read...brings back a ton of memories.

Nan Fisher NFP Atlanta GA 404.281.1059 nfpromo@gmail.com IM-NFisher666

Gosh, there have been so many! But the one that
stands out in my mind right now is The Pershing Square Dancer.
Let me explain.

My band and I were playing a free-to-the-public show in Downtown LA at an
outdoor venue called the Pershing Square Arena from 12 noon-2:00pm about a
year ago. This particular venue is right in the middle of Downtown, so that you
are playing for office workers, construction crews, cops, homeless people... just
about everyone. In the middle of our first set, a guy wearing a t-shirt and jean
shorts showed up pushing a cart with a bright green parrot on his shoulder.

Abruptly he proceeded to perch the parrot on the cart and pull out a baton from it.
He began to dance passionately in front of the stage, twirling his baton, completely
lost in the music. He was leaping and bounding, twisting and turning all over the
place, having a wonderful time, oblivious to the fact that no one else was dancing
but him. It was as if he was performing his own ballet recital with us as the orchestra.
I began to wonder if more people were watching him than us! Yet I was very happy
that he was enjoying himself so much at our show!

He danced the entire time we played, only taking a break when we did. I didn't get a
chance to talk to him, because after the show he mysteriously disappeared. The staff
had never seen him before and didn't know who he was. The strange thing is that we
played there again a few months ago in September, and he came back, complete with
the parrot, cart, baton, everything! Again, the entire time my band and I performed
our sets, he danced and twirled his baton, twisted and turned, jumped and swayed as
if his life depended on it! When we finished playing for the day, I made a point to
acknowledge him as my band and I gave our final bows to the crowd. "Let's hear it
for the Pershing Square Dancer!" I said as the crowd erupted in cheers.

The man bowed humbly and then...he and his parrot were gone, never to be heard
from again.

Dina D'Alessandro Singer/songwriter/recording artist Los Angeles CA

* You know what's funny Dina, in my ten-years in Los Angeles, I saw
this character a few times too-lol.-JL

It seems sometimes that I lived half my life at concerts and even when I was
a kid I somehow always managed to find myself backstage. Although passing
out backstage on DMT with Jim Morrison (while the 3 other Doors were on stage
playing and waiting for Jim to join them), could be described as "crazy,"

For me the craziest thing of all was when The Nuns were about to go onstage for
a big headline show when the bass player got stage fright and started puking.

Someone thrust a bass in my hands, gave me a 30-second bass lesson and shoved
me onto the stage. I had never played an instrument before.

Howie Klein former President Reprise Records, my former neighbor Los Angeles CA

Hmmm, it seems like weird shit ALWAYS
happens at shows.

Well, a girl was about to jump off the balcony to her bloody demise at
The El Rey Theater at a Charlatans show, and my friend and I pulled her
back and saved her drunken spacecake ass. We did not receive a key to
the city for this selfless act, I would like to add.

My mom crowd surfing at a Billy Idol concert was pretty surreal. She's
very mom-ish, but just got swept up in a moment of bleach blond "White
Wedding" passion.

While stalking Duran Duran after a concert when I was 12, I met a boy
who was 14 that wound up stalking ME for YEARS. We met under a truck
outside the loading docks in back of Radio City Music Hall waiting for the
ever dreamy Simon Le Bon.

Moxy Musician Los Angeles CA www.myspace.com/mzmoxy

*Two things, first, I was that Charlatans show. I missed what happened,
and I was up in the balcony. Ha. Second, back in 1999, Simon dropped
by my office in Burbank. There had to be at least a dozen women
employees crowded in my doorway as Simon got up on a chair and
proceed with a magic marker, drew a huge penis on my wall, and
signed it "Simon was here". Those who visited my office will surely
remember that on my wall...lol-JL

At a Stray Cats concert at the Capitol Theater (in Passaic, NJ) back in
1982, my good pal Jerry Rubino ran onstage (in one of the few times
I've seen him really drunk, but we were kids then, and the drinking age
was 18, so it was easy to fake) and actually knocked Slim Jim Phantom
off his drum kit.

If you remember, he used to play the drums standing up, and he
only had like two drums and a cymbal, and he used to stand on the edge of
the kick drum.

Jerry went running up there and knocked him off! He was lucky
security didn't kill him, but he did miss the rest of the concert!

Dave Lombardi Director of Promotion Astralwerks
104 W. 29th St. , 4th Fl. NY, NY 10001 212.886.7506

Hi Jonathan,

David Sadof told me to check out your MySpace and website. I produce his
show and do the news at the top of the hour during the High Fidelity show on
KFNC. I've only had a chance to skim your website so far, but I have the
strangest/weirdest thing that happened to me at a concert.

This was December 7, 1985, at the Sam Houston Coliseum in Houston. I was
12- years old and ready for my 3rd KISS concert in my short life. The first
strange thing was when we were able to move up from the 29th row to the
11th row, but our excitement turned to disgust when the guy behind us puked
and his bright red chunky vomit got on the back of my new high top Reeboks.
So we ended up moving...more because when KISS took the stage, every one
was standing up and we were too short to see anything anyway.

On the way out of the concert this older Hispanic kid cornered me and my friend
in the stairwell, put his hand over my mouth and told me to give him my new
KISS concert t-shirt. My friend just ran and jumped down the stairs, but I was
more in the corner so like an idiot I tried to reason with him. I didn't feel TOO
threatened because there were a lot of people around, but no one seemed to be
wanting to help me...or they didn't know what was going on. Eventually I found
an opening and ran too, but it was still pretty scary!

Jarod Frank Houston TX www.myspace.com/budnick

November 8
Parker Posey
Great name! Beautiful woman. Born in 1968, Baltimore, Maryland. Raised in Laurel,
Mississippi, and was first seen as Tess Shelby on "As The World Turns" (91-92). Since
then she has appeared in over 40 films. "Blade: Trinity", Josie And The Pussycats", and
"You've Got Mail", are just some. Currently Parker is filming "Superman Returns".

Birthday's today: Leif Garrett, Bonnie Raitt, Rickie Lee Jones, Jack Osbourne,
Morley Saffer, Esther Rollie, Courtney Thorn-Smith, Jeff Speakman, Mary Hart,
Edguardo Alfonzo, Roy Wood (The Move/ELO), Li Ching, Ed Kranepool,
Bonnie Bramlett (Delaney & Bonnie), Larry Burnette (Firefall), Patti Page,
Randi Brookes, Jose Offerman, Minnie Ripperton (R.I.P.), Darla Hood (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: (see Monday)

Hmm..at a concert? Let's see..One time a guy at
a concert that me and my friends went to, slipped his hands between my
legs (as he was behind me)..Lamo...Probably got the shock of his life to feel
me up and felt something else. Lamo.

I was annoyed nevertheless. Though me and my friends had a good laugh.

Harajuku Tgirl New Jersey www.myspace.com/trannygurlinn

I've been thrown-up on at a concert. Twice. several years apart.

Scott Jameson OM WRZK Clear Channel Broadcasting Indianapolis IN

My daughter and i were up front at a Macy Gray show, enjoying the music
and the beauty of the Greek Theater, when she suddenly felt something wet
and warm on her foot.

A man standing next to her did not want to lose his place up front so he peed
where he stood and right where my daughter's foot was. We did choose to lose
our place up front to go to the bathroom and clean up.

Donna Miller MD KOSO-FM Modesto CA

Strangest thing was when I went to see Metallica
at Arco Arena in Sacramento, CA in 1988. I went with about 5 people and there
had to be at least 60,000. people there and somehow halfway through the set
I got "misplaced" from my group that I was with and found myself in the mosh
pit (which was actually cool).

After the concert was over I was lost in a sea of people and walking through
the parking lot amongst a sea of people thinking "I'm never going to find my
friends and I'm gonna die here"...when someone tapped me on the shoulder
and it was some dude passing out flyers for the next concert and I guess he
could tell I was freaking out and he immediatly asked me what's wrong and
that's when I told him that I can't find my friends and I had no way home
(I lived about an hour away)....He asked me if I was willing to wait that he and
his friends would take me home (naturally I was thinking that could be a bad
scene, but I was desperate so I said yes). He told me to go hang out where
his van was and as soon as I walked up to it I heard what sounded like a tailgate
party going on, and lo and behold it was MY FRIENDS!!!

They were parked RIGHT next to the nice stranger's van....out of ALL the thousands
and thousands of cars in the lot!!

Now that was just WEIRD!!!

Zivatar Houston TX www.myspace.com/zivatar

There is Two Times to choose from or both rank pretty high for me.
Then there are two X-Rated ones but I'm saving that for my book.

It could be:

(1) 1994 Standing on the side of the Main Stage at The Reading Fest
watching Mick Jones play guitar with Primal Scream doing "Get Your Rocks
Off" and sharing a beer with Dave Gahan from Depeche Mode before he hit
the stage also playing the harmonica.

(2) Sitting in a closet in a hotel room in Scottsdale, AZ
with Rankin Roger from The Beat/General Public & Mick Jones during the
last BAD Tour ever smoking POT and drinking Mad Dog 20/20 out of coffee cups.

Christopher The Minister "Left Of Center" & "Alt Nation" Sirius Satellite NY

Santana in El Paso this year. He began The Church Of Santana, spoke his
mind on the Pope and President Bush. Few minutes later some overall wearing
lesbian soaks him with beer....he turns and say's "thank you I have never been
baptized on stage before, this song is for you bitch". He sang "Evil
Ways". Unforgetable !!!!!

Jojo Garcia Operations Director KYSE,KHRO,KOFX,KINT,KSVE
Entravision Communications El Paso Tx 915.231.2430

I do listen to JJ every once in a while. I usually listen to CD's though. I think
I've actually met him at Pierres or something before, but I'm not sure if that
was JJ or someone else?

Craziest thing at a concert...hmm...Garbage and Smashing Pumpkins concert
in Fort Wayne, I think 96 or 97. I was on the floor, moshing (yes, they were
moshing at Smashing Pumpkins- lol ) and got a Doc Marten boot in the head and
ended up falling on the ground. The rest of the concert was cool, until we went to
leave, and my keys had fallen out of my pocket. We tried to go look for them on
the floor but the security guards got pissed...till I told them what happened, and
they took me in the back and luckily someone had turned them in.

Ooh...I got another one though. Pantera and Anthrax in 98...we couldn't get
seats on the floor, so my friend Nicole and I were up in the seats near the stage.
Two dudes in front of us had a joint and wanted to smoke with us if we let them
use our lighter. Turned out it wasn't pot. Don't know to this day what we smoked
but it was some bad shit. Nicole was hallucinating something fierce and we had
to leave 5 min into Pantera because I thought I was in hell with the drums and
bass being so loud. We went to Denny's to get some coffee but never ended up
going inside and I'm not sure how we got home after that! THAT was crazy!- lol

Mandy Ft. Wayne IN www.myspace.com/mandylyn80

I watched these two chicks duke it out in the pit of a Green Day
concert. I eventually grabbed one girl and pulled her away. But just
watching the Lee Press Ons go flying off was classic.

Rayne Tulsa OK Rayne@rendabroadcasting.com

November 7
Yoon-Jin Kim
As one of the stars of the hit TV series "Lost", You wouldn't know that she is one
of the biggest stars in Korean cinema. As "Sun", she is no doubt a popular character.
Born in 1973 in Seoul, South Korea, she stood out in 1999's "Shiri", a move I
actually have in my collection, and just realized that was her. Yoon has the
disctinction of turning down a role offered to her by Steven Spielberg in
"Memoir Of A Geisha". You will see her soon in "Diary Of June", now in post-

Birthday's today: Judy Tenuta, Lily Thai, Nick Guilder, Dana Plato, Joni Mitchell
Todd McGee, Christopher Daniel Barnes, Jeremy London, Christopher Knight,
Johnny Rivers, Liam O'Maonlai (Hothouse Flowers),"Jellybean" Benitez,
Joe Niekro, Melissa Ford, Glendon Rusch, Tracie Savage, Kris Benson, Annie Lee

What is the strangest or weirdest thing to ever happen to you
a concert? Where? Describe the experience.

I got into a screaming match/borderline fistfight
with a pregnant Nazi skinhead girl whose boyfriend/husband had gotten
kicked out of a Reverend Horton Heat show at the Five Points Music Hall
in Birmingham, AL.

I was outside the door getting some fresh air (the show was jampacked) and out
comes the Nazi dumbass guy, booted by security for starting shit, as, for
some strange reason, Nazi skinheads like to do at Rev shows in Birmingham
(or at least they used to, hopefully they've all been permanently banished to
the trailer park from which they slither).

Anyway, trailing after was his idiot girlfriend wife, screaming at security like
a brainless wench...of course, my friends and I HAD to start screaming back
at them (we were younger then, these days I would just laugh and roll my eyes)
and the Nazi freak girl, who had to be at least 6 months pregnant from the belly
she was showing, targets me, as the only female in our group, for her new

We get into it verbally, with me throwing the more literate of barbs, of course...
then the psycho starts trying to get me to punch her, which of course I would not
do, considering, number one, SHE WAS FRIGGIN' PREGANT!!!, and number two, I
am not the violent type and she was definitely not worth going to jail over...not
long after, she and her poor future baby's daddy got removed from the entire
premises, and I returned to the show to enjoy the Rev's rockin' show.

All I can say is, I sure hope that kid grows up to know what idiots his/her parents
are, and moves as far away from their hateful philosophy as possible...in the meantime,
I no longer engage complete morons in opinionated "discussions"...they simply don't
understand proper English, and aren't worth the wasted breath.

Sue Los Angeles CA www.myspace.com/selagle

Back in the late 80's, I was going to an AC/DC show w/some friends at MSG.

The people I was going with were a few years older than me...I was a sophmore in
college, and even though I wasn't a huge fan, they convinced me to go...they all
worked at WNEW at the time, and got the tix, etc.

Anyway...the band went on late...the crowd was getting extremely rowdy...we
were on the floor, about 20 rows back....the lights finally dim, the beginning of
"Hells Bells" starts, and all of a sudden, the nut jobs in the upper tiers started
ripping up the seats at The Garden! I'm in awe of what's going on, actually couldn't
believe it was happening, when all of a sudden, a Jack Daniels bottle comes crashing
down at my feet! Before I realize what's going on for sure, a chair comes flying
down and cracks me across my back, knocking the wind out of me, and in turn,
knocking me on the ground, where I slammed my head and got knocked out!

I don't remember anything after that, except waking up as I was being taken to the
hospital in the ambulance, and all of my friends were a little ticked off that they
didn't get to stay for the show!

Back in '96, I dislocated my shoulder in the mosh pit at a NIN concert, but nothing
ever rivaled the AC/DC show. Needless to say, to this day, whenever I hear them,
the radio gets turned off!

Debbie Mazella APD/MD/Middays 94-3 The Point, WJLK Monmouth-Ocean NJ
732.897.8282 Ext. 208

Was in Sept. 1992 - went to see Suede in concert in a
tiny venue in Edinburgh. Was too small for stage dives etc. But, somehow I ended
up at the feet of Brett Anderson himself on stage (haha), he asked very nicely if
I'd had a nice trip. (haha)

Very embarrassing!!

Helz United Kingdom www.myspace.com/hippyhelz

A good friend of mine dragged me to a Stryper show (no, really, it
wasn't my idea)...I was coming back from the can and got nailed in the
forehead with a bible that the singer had thrown from the stage.

Duane Doherty PD KDGE Dallas TX

Hi Jonathan,
Last summer at the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert in Hyde Park, London.
Just before the band started their set I ran to go the toilet (as I really didn't
want to miss any of their set)... I ran into the ladie's toilet and was undoing
my jeans...only to run straight into a group of guys all kissing and touching
...so i did up my jeans and left them to it -lol ....I think they had a great time
though!! I know I did.

Dee United Kingdom www.myspace.com/deeuk

The US Festival---1983. Day 3. Went with 2 other buddies from High
School. The lineup featured The Pretenders, Missing Persons, Stevie
Nicks, the first David Bowie concert in over 5 years and playing 3rd on
the bill was a little known band with just 2 albums out called U2.

All of us loved U2 since early 1981 but we'd never seen them live. The US
Festival had a microphone backstage and the band about to go on would
say something right before they hit the stage. Usually bullshit stuff
like "We're gonna rock ya"---"Or how the hell you doin out there!".
But this sweet and humble voice with a Irish accent took the mic at about
3pm and said "Hello...my name is Bono...I sing in a band called U2 and
we are about to change your life." They ruled!

This was when Bono had the White Flag--this is the Bono that used to climb
up anything. There was a John Lennon statue on the left side of the stage and
the ONLY band to acknowledge it was U2. Bono strolled over to the statue
and the band played "Dear Prudence".

They did change my life. I have seen U2 over 12 times (including the
"Unforgettable Fire Tour in 1985 in Denver when I was on some kinda crazy
substance) and besides seeing Jane's Addiction at the John Anson Ford
Ampitheatre in 1989 (and getting kicked out for hanging on a rope that led to
the monitor's)---U2 is hands down the best live rock 'n' roll band EVER!

Gary Spivak Promotion Geffen Records Santa Monica CA

*Many more to come this week. Great stuff!-JL

November 6
Kelly Rutherford
If you were a fan of Melrose Place, then you'll remember her as Megan Mancini.
Kelly, born in 1968 in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, has done mostly television, and,
maybe her most notable film role was as Christine in "Scream 3".

Birthday's today: Lori Singer, Sally Field, Glenn Frey (Eagles, Lance Kerwin,
Peter DeLuise, Lamar Odom, Corey Glover, Don King, Maria Shriver, PJ Proby,
Guy Clark, Rebecca Schaeffer, Ken Patera, Bubba Trammell, Ethan Hawke

From: http://www.98kupd.com
Name: New MaximumDonkey
E-mail Address: info@newmaximumdonkey.com
City: Los Angeles



Just did some random web searching to see how our album Spirt of the Donks was
doing and we were directed to your page. On it, we saw that you played our song
"Good Time" on Oct.1's show - just wanted to thank you so much. We appreciate the
chance to hit the Arizona airwaves (without the stigma of LA ruining it).

If you haven't, check out our website: www.newmaximumdonkey.com.
Hope there's room for us on the show in the future!

Jeremy, Benny, Tim, & Dylan
New MaximumDonkey

*Actually I played the song again on this Saturday's show. Thanks guys, and
by the way I just moved back here in late June after 10-years of living
in Hollywood and Los Feliz...so, no LA stigma on my show ever.- JL

In regards to the 'reunion' question two weeks ago:

Hi Jonathan,

Sorry I missed this one time, but I would like to find Amy Grosser.
Promotion in the late 80's early 90's. My reason: Amy kept me from
riding back to Amarillo from San Francisco...with a bear.

Also former Rhino man Tom Kenny. He taught how to talk into people's
home video camera while at Graumman's Theater.

Jamey Karr Amarillo TX jameykarr@1009theeagle.com

* I don't know about Amy, but Tom Kenny is the voice of
Spogebob Square Pants. Howie Klein knows how to reach him.
You can contact Howie at FizzTwo@aol.com

November 5
Famke Janssen
This beauty has gotten attention in both X-Men and X-Men 2. She will do it again in
X-Men 3, now filming. Born in 1965 in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands,
Famke began as a model. You might remember her from films like "I Spy", "Hide
And Seek", "Don't Say A Word", "House On Haunted Hill", and Clive Barker's
"Lord Of Illususions".

Birthday's today:
Tatum O'Neal, Bill Walton, Elke Sommer, Bryan Adams,
Gram Parsons, Art Garfunkel, Sam Shepard, Peter Noone (Herman's Hermits),
Mike Score (A Flock Of Seagulls), Johnny Damon, Bruce Jennings, Ike Turner,
Sam Rockwell, Peter Hammill (Van Der Graafe Generator), Debbie Massey,
Andrea McArdle, Rene Froger, Herb Edelman (R.I.P.), Vivian Leigh (R.I.P.)

Dear KEYX, VV God,

Now stop laughing.

Man growing up in the Valley it sure brought back memories reading your
web page. Been a long long time since I've seen some of those names.
I still have a tape with you on reel to reel even when most of us knew the
'Key' to our musical future wouldn't fit the new lock.

I had often wondered what happened to you. I'll have to check out
your show again. What happened to BoneMama. She was a cool person. I
got to know some of the radio folks in the Valley working for the Nicks
Brothers at Compton Terrace. There is a name I bet you haven't heard in
a awhile. Speaking of names, do you remember a band Toneset. If you
have their album it would be good to hear "What Stinks" again. Well I know
you get plenty of e-mail to sort through. I'm glad to hear your back in
Phoenix and won that battle with the big "C."

Dave a fond listener and now feeling old fan. davehochstrasser@cox.net

*First, Dave, don't get old on me. Thank you, yes I'm going on 10-years
Cancer free. Bonemama is still living in the Valley, travels quite a bit, and
has brand new book out. Sure I remember Toneset, the only problem is that
I need to find out if there is a CD, or one of these days I will have to transfer
from vinyl to CD.

November 4
Kathy Griffin
Very funny woman. On the old Brooke Shields sitcom "Suddenly Susan", Griffin
was really the star. Born in 1961 in Oak Park, IL, Kathy is all over TV. She was
seen in "The Cable Guy", the Eminem:E Video and she plays 'She-Elvis' in the
forthcoming movie "Vegas Baby", now in post production.

Birthday's today:
Heather Tom, Matthew McConaughey, Delbert McClinton, Laura Bush,
Markie Post, Doris Roberts, Walter Cronkite, Sean 'P Diddy' Combs, Berlinda Tolbert,
Jeff Probst, Dan Hartman, Erik Karros, Ralph Macchio, Jeff Watson (Night Ranger),
Chris Difford (Squeeze), Loretta Swit, Jesse Camp, Steve Mariucci, Carlos Baerga,
Karis Jagger (daughter of Mick and Marsha A. Hunt), Art Carney (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: (see Tuesday)

Well, first of all, I'm honored to provide the Q of the WEEK...

The album that was on the first time I had sex was "The Hurting" by
Tears for Fears. I did have some fears, but fortunately, there was no
hurting or tears!

Chris Wagganer Film Maker Los Angeles CA

* Thanks Chris, t'was a good one.- JL

Rush 2112 CD... The moment I lost my virginity in 1983 in the back of a
1972 Mustang. It was a cassette tape... Side 2 had a bunch of songs on it.
But forever I remember Rush!

Larry Mac Host "Red Radio Underground" 98KUPD Phoenix AZ

Days Of Future Passed by The Moody Blues.
I wasn't the one choosing the music.

David Sadof Host "Hi-Fidelity" 97.5 KFNC Houston TX

Howdy Jonathan,

That's a fun question. I'm thinking it was Meatloaf's "Bat Out of
Hell" recording on 8-track. Either that or David Gates and/or Bread with
their greatest hits. (That would be 8-track as well)

Dean "Wirmer" Fait KALA-FM Davenport IA


Michael Idlis West Palm Beach FL

*Knowing you Michael with your New England accent, you are
fucking with me and should have said "Hal-ooooooooo?" -JL

Ben Folds "The Luckiest".

It was my wedding song and getting married to Carla
has been the best thing I have done with my life.

Joey Gusto PD WBER Rochester NY

"Havin' My Baby" by Paul Anka. I should have heeded the sign.

Dave Lombardi Director of Promotion Astralwerks
104 W. 29th St., 4th Fl. NY, NY 10001 212.886.7506

Prince's 1999 album.


Jillian Reitsma What Are Records? Boulder CO

Hey Jonathan,

No music when I "technically" lost my virginity...Oh sure there was
probably some horrible 80s synth-pop blasting from the other room of
the party while I barely made it to Kelly Stockton in my parents'
room...But when I "made love" for the first time the song was "Every
Time You Go Away" by Paul Young...Ahh memories. Every time I hear it
I'm right back in the passenger seat of my dad's '81 Supra (it folded
WAY down) with Kathy Flynn just outside a new Biltmore Estates
property in Phoenix. No residents yet, just a working community
hot-tub...But I digress.

Rubin 1/2 of Rubin & Sims Mornings KWOD 106.5 FM Sacramento CA

*It would be kinda funny...or maybe not, if either woman read this-LOL- JL

1980 when I found radio in college and that blessing (and curse) all began...
XTC's Black Sea CD was the sound track that took me from ZZ Top to discovering
what later was termed "alternative" music.

Dwight Arnold KMRJ Palm Springs CA

* I must say, all week, it was mostly women that had no problem answering
the question that was supposed to be about losing virginity. It's fine that some
of you either read it wrong, the question, and/or decided it was about music.
Interesting to me. I have to mull over how this happened :) -JL

November 3
Brigitte Lin
Fantastic 'old school' Hong Kong actress. Born 1954 in Taipei, Taiwan. She has
appeared in over 50 films since the 70's. Among them, "The Bride With The White Hair",
Dragon Inn", "East Is "Red", "Zu Warriors", and "Chungking Express".

Birtday's today:
Kate Capshaw, Matt Lawton, J.D. Souther, Dennis Miller, Lulu,
Kathy Kinney, Rosanne Barr, Ken Holtzman, Adam Ant, Jamie Duffney, Marilyn,
Brian Poole, Kari Michaelsen, Doug Simper (Deep Purple), Armando Benitez,
Michael Dukakis, Jackie Gayda, Dolph Lundgren, Maty Monforth, Paul Quantrill

Q of THE WEEK: (see Tuesday)

Was R.E.M. - "Everybody Hurts" - playing at the time.
(sounds depressing but it was a romantic moment.- lol)

Was in love with Soundgarden, Temple Of The Dog, Pearl Jam,
Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails, Metallica, Faith No More, The Cure, L7,
Hole, Babes In Toyland - many more!!

Helz United Kingdom www.myspace.com/hippyhelz

There wasn't any music playing at the time.. Unless you count that
little voice in the back of mind that kept saying...

"Could we please have some foreplay!?!?"

Melissa Fairfield CA www.myspace.com/good_melissa


I'd say my music taste was vastly changed by listening to Modern Rock
KJ-104 (KJJO/Minneapolis) while in high school in 1991. Until then, I had
been a '80s rock/hair metal fan (I was young), and actually I was disappointed
when KJJO flipped from rock to modern rock. Still, this was the first place I
ever heard The Ramones, The Jam, JANE'S ADDICTION!!!!!, The Clash, and
bands like Beautiful South, Happy Mondays, Material Issue, and Ocean Blue
were incredibly different and new to me.

I'd didn't like it better than Winger or Slaughter at the time, hahahaha, but
with time these new sounds grew on me and I learned who the Smiths were
and why this new band Catherine Wheel was getting all this attention in press.

So I'd say that my "musical awakening" came from listening to KJ-104/Minneapolis...
and eventually I became an intern at the station and that was my foot in the door
to the radio industry.

I have been watching your playlists for your KUPD show. Best regards and
I hope you are well!

Brad Savage MAD RADIO 96-3 WMAD Madison, WI

*Brad, I think the question was of a sexual nature (lol), but I like your
take on the question anyway. Thanks for checking out my playlists. All
the best to you also.- JL

Genesis, A Trick of the Tail..... "Los Endos" I believe it was....whenever
I hear it to date it still takes me back..... :)

Laura Brady Backstage Pass San Diego CA LBBackStagePass@aol.com

I think it was Van Morrison's Tupelo Honey album playing in the
background, but I was way too pre-occupied to pay attention to the

Willobee Program Director 102.7 EQX - THE REAL ALTERNATIVE


Oddly enough, whatever radio station he had it tuned to played..."Like a
Virgin." Don't remember the rest because I was laughing so hard at the

LIZ N.O.T.O.R.I.O.U.S. Radio Queens NY

November 2
k.d. lang
Born in 1961 in Consort, Alberta, Canada, her real name is Katherine Dawn Lang.
She is opemly gay, a vegetarian, and ranked #3 on VH1's greatest women of Rock n' Roll.
k.d. has appeared in numerous film roles as an actor and also as a singer.

Birthday's today: Michael Buffer, Stephanie Powers, Rich Gooch, Tamara Hope,
Orlando Cabrera, Bruce Baumgartner, Maxine Nightingale, Dave Pegg (Jethro Tull),
Donna Springer, Alex Tanaka, Nelly, Pat Buchanan, Pat Croce, Jay Black, Sean Kanan,
Jeni Stephans, Bobby Dall (Poison), Claude Adkins, Kate Linder, Willie McGee

Q of THE WEEK: (see Tuesday)

Lost my virginity to "Stairway to Heaven" after senior prom. lol

Linda Krzyzaniak Cheveux Salon Burbank CA

I still have mine.

But if I were to lose it. I would be playing some Stockhausen.

Michael Halloran APD/MD 94.9 KZBT San Diego CA

I think it was Van Morrison's Tupelo Honey album playing in the
background, but I was way too pre-occupied to pay attention to the

Willobee Program Director 102.7 EQX - THE REAL ALTERNATIVE

Purple Rain soundtrack, 7th grade. It was the best I could do to set the mood.
I had no idea she was so easy that I could of done it to the sound of radio
static. It really sucked when I had to stop to turn the cassette over.

Don Jantzen MD KTBZ Houston TX

Cocteau Twins "Heaven or Las Vegas".


Turu The Human Value Eagle Rock CA www.thehumanvalue.com

November 1
Jenny McCarthey
The very animated Jenny was born in Chicago, IL 1972. She studied nursing at Southern
Illinois University. Her ticket to the entertainment industry was posing and being Miss
October 1993 in Playboy Magazine. After a stint as co-host on MTV's "Singled Out", she
has gone on to appear on TV and do films such as "Dirty Love" (2005), "Crazy Little Thing"
(2003), "Scream 3" (2003), and "Python" (2000)

Birthday's today: Sophie B. Hawkins, Larry Flynt, Lyle Lovett, Rick Allen (Def Lepard),
Anthony Kiedis (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Magne Furuholmen (Aha) , Rick Grech (Traffic),
Jim Steinman, Anna Stuart, Marcia Wallace, Barbara Bosson, Bobby Heenan, Lani Hall,
Keith Emerson (Emerson, Lake and Palmer), Robert Foxworth, Gary Player,

What music was playing when you lost your virginity?
So what was the music that surrounded you at that key
moment in your life? Describe.

*Thanks to Chris Wagganer Film Maker Los Angeles CA for this weeks Q of THE WEEK

Hi Jonathan,

Carrie's been telling me about you. I've been racking my brain trying to
remember what song was playing when I lost my virginity. It was definately
some form of ultra-shlock a la Boyz 2 Men or Digital Underground.

It's funny what you mention about the beach and leaving LA, I haven't been
to the beach since my dog and I got a ticket, that was 2 years ago. And Carrie
and I are moving in 3 weeks to Ithaca, NY. We're hoping it's the kind of place
where a guy with an acoustic can get an audience with just a few simple songs,
plus the water falls there are beautiful.

Thanks for playing my music on your show, we've gotten at least 2 e-mails
from fans in Phoenix who have said they were listening to KUPD! 9 out of 10
DJ's have dismissed us on name alone. Thanks for having a sense of humor!

Ken Adams from Poop Yer Pants Glendale CA

Not exactly a song but I met my ex-husband at a GRAVE DANGER show, In
hindsight how much more prophetic could it be??? :)

Fonda Insley Cox Media Tucson AZ 520.232.6122 office

"Psycho Killer" and "Take Me to the River" by The Talking Heads. I should've
known then that I was doomed!

I had the "Stop Making Sense" film on in the background and, to this day, I still
think that oversized suits are hot!

Jenny Dedes

Hi Jonathan,

I put on Van Morrison's "Tupelo Honey" album when I
was proposing to my then girl friend now wife. Right about the
time it got to "Old Old Woodstock" I popped the question and got
the right answer.

To order CD's, send a $16.00 check ($20.00 for Europe) to:

Tom Freund Surf Road Records
938 Palms Bvld. Venice, CA. 90291 http://www.TomFreund.com