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The Beatles Box of Vision

October 31---Happy Halloween!

Annabella Lwin

You remember her? The lead singer of Bow Wow Wow from 1981-1983. The new wave
band's biggest hit was "I Want Candy". Annabella was born in Rangoon, Burma 1965.
Making a couple of TV appearnces and a little music is pretty much all she has done since.

Birthday's today:
Julie Dreyfus, Jane Pauley, Adam "Ad Rock" Horovitz (Beastie Boys),
Kinky Friedman, Dermot Mulrooney, Sally Kirkland, Bernard Edwards, Steve Trachsel,
Dan Raather, Val Kilmer, Rob Schneider, Fred McGriff, Ken Wahl, Larry Mullen Jr. (U2),
Johnny Marr (Smiths), Robert 'Vanilla Ice" Van Winkle, Emily Chu, Michael Landon (R.I.P.)

What music was playing when you lost your virginity?
So what the music that surrounded you at that key
moment in your life? Describe.

*Thanks to Chris Wagganer Film Maker Los Angeles CA for this weeks Q of THe Week

"Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy."

Steve Tipp Ewing & Associates/Sotheby's International Realty Calabasas CA

This question sounds like it was inspired by the movie "High Fidelity".
For the life of me, I don't recall the music that was playing at key moments in
my life. I'd like to say "Louie Louie" in the backseat of a car, but it wouldn't be true.
I'm drawing a blank.

Howard Samon Tucson AZ

I haven't lost my virginity.

Victor Lentini Universal Records Chicago IL

*Victor, I've known you for almost 20 years, and you've never gotten
laid? Yeah right. Please don't yank my...hey wait...don't touch that!
-lol- JL

October 30
Grace Slick
I know, this picture has to be at least 30 years-old. But I think we all prefer
to remember one of rock 'n' roll's greatest 'bitches' the way she was when
with The Jefferson Airplane. Right?

Birthday's today:
Gavin Rossdale (Bush-Gwen's hubby), Joey Belladonna (Anthrax),
Ty Detmer, Nia Long, Dick Vermeil, Kevin Pollak, Larry Holmes, Kristina Malandro,
Monica Belucci, Charles Martin Smith, Andrea Mitchell, Kathleen Cody, Shanna Reed,
Henry Winkler, Phil Chenier, Hamilton Camp, Anne Wharton, Juliet Stevenson,
Louise Duart, Timothy B. Schmidt (Poco, Eagles), Michael Winner, Ivanka Trump

Myspace: This is jOdi, my new friend from Seattle

Join me, I just began 5 days ago http://www.myspace.com/jonathanlradio

October 29

Winona Ryder
Winona is an interesting study. Born Laura Horowitz in Winona, Minnesota 1971,
she took the name of her hometown. Even more interesting is that her parents
were very good friends with the late poet Allen Ginsberg. And, her godfather was
the late Dr. Timothy Leary. She has two films each in pre-production and post-
production, for release in the future.

Birthday's today:
Roni Size, Joely Fisher, Kelly Lin, Kate Jackson, Denis Potvin,
Steven Sweet (Warrant), Amanda Beard, Melba Moore, Brett Kelly, Finola Hughes,
Peter Green (original Fleetwood Mac), Heidi Strobel, Denny Laine (The Moody Blues),
Paul "Mr. Wonderful" Orndorff, Guy Gelso (Zebra), Kevin Dubrow (Quiet Riot)

October 28
Lauren Holly
The gorgeous ex-wife of Jim Carrey was born in Bristol, PA in 1963. Quite the
actress in her own right, can be seen in the soon to be released film
"The Pleasure Drivers".

Birthday's today:
Joaquin Phoenix, Jamie Gertz, Julia Roberts, Charley Daniels,
Brad Paisley, Wayne Fontana, Lenny Harris, Andy Richter, Tom Fitzsimmons,
Randy Newman, Telma Hopkins (Tony Orlando), Braden Looper, Desmond Child,
Dennis Frantz, Stephan Morris (Joy Division), Jim Beatty, Ben Harper, Bill Gates,
Bruce Jenner, Neville Henry (Blow Monkeys), Daphne Zuniga, Suzy Parker (R.I.P.)

Originated from: http://98kupd.com
E-mail Address: mckrout@netzero.net
City: Gilbert, AZ


I am a really big fan that was shocked when I heard you on the air last weekend.
I used to listen to you a long time ago, I really respect your aspect on music (no
bullshit). The Monday Music Meeting with Larry Mac was great. (a decade and a half
ago)...remember when Debra Harry left her purse in your studio? Frank Black
is still my idol. I saw him in person... with Larry Mac and...(Eric the Original Slave).
Infectious Grooves at Minderbinders, on the vollyball courts in '93.

To be honest I don't know why I'm giving you dates, but I'm a person that believes
that things are just not the same, But I love what we grew up with. My name used
on the radio on Z-Rock was TMI-KEVIN. I always asked Larry to play "So-What" by

Be cool... be safe.. and please bring the music back.

*Kevin, very cool e-mail. Larry will be happy you mentioned him. The Debra
Harry thing was classic. Yes they are all good memories. Ok...I promise to
bring back "the music"...oh, wait...I have for 10 weeks now. It will Continue.
Listen on November 5. Charles (Frank Black) called me last Sunday at home
and asked when he was gonna call in? So we set it up for that day.-JL

Q of THE WEEK: (see Monday)

Here are a few people I�ve lost track of over the years:

Harlan Winslow - former air talent from KKDJ (Fresno). Last known
whereabouts Sacramento classic rock station The Eagle.

Bob KranesWBCN, WLIR, Mercury. Last known whereabouts SONY Records NY.

James Israel � former promo rep from Mercury, SF.

Willobee Program Director 102.7 EQX - THE REAL ALTERNATIVE
Listen on-Line www.weqx.com 802.362.4800

*Well, my good friend, you came up with the Q of THE WEEK, so it's
fitting that you end the week. Ah yes, James Israel, what a great guy.
I don't know the other two, but I'd like to know where James is. Maybe
Idlis will see this and maybe he knows. Maybe? -JL

October 27
Kelly Osbourne and Tanya James: Tale of two 21-year olds

Both turn 21 today. Both have appeared in over 40 films or TV shows (more on Kelly's end.)
Kelly, not so cherubic anymore is the outspoken daughter of OZZY and Sharon. Born in 1984
in London, England. Tanya born 1984 in Riverside, CA has quite a resume for a young Porn star.

Birthday's today:
Veronica Hart, Scott Weiland (STP), Matt Drudge, Marla Maples,
Brad Radke, John Cleese, Ruby Dee, Lee Greenwood, Fran Lebowitz, Hazell Dean,
Jayne Kennedy, Simon Le Bon (Duran Duran, Peter Firth, KK Downing (Judas Priest),
Ralph Kiner, Roberto Beningni, Emily John Orton, Garry Tallent (E-Street Band),
Byron Allred (Steve Miller Band), Kyle Rote (R.I.P.), Carrie Snodgres (R.I.P.)

I feel so honored to have my email posted on your website!!!!!! I just can't
believe it :D hahahaha

Here's a link to the Howard Stern show that explains exactly what happened.
The really bad part was that the DJ's actually found out they're getting fired
on his show... I would've been furious. You can read it all here, in the second
column towards the end of the page.

A Huge Fan,

Guergana "The Great" Borissova New York
P.S. Thanks for comments! hahaha :) It feels so amazing when someone as
important as you says that!!!!

*Thanks (blushing). Nice way to hear it. Well, at least it comes from Stern,
who I would think has some empathy, considering he has been fired in the
past. Everyone in radio pretty much has been let go at one point.- JL

Hello Jonathan,

Hope you are well! Wanted to thank you for your continuing support of our record!
I hope the give-a-way went well! We wanted to let you know that we are planning on
coming your way soon and we were wondering if you might be interested in having
us down for an on-air set or if your show/station was interested in helping promote
a gig. We are not too familiar with the Phoenix area and any guidance you may have
in terms of promoters or clubs would be greatly appreciated.
Look forward to hearing from you!


Turu The Human Value http://www.thehumanvalue.com

*I would love to have you and Hiram do a live set on "Lopsided World Of L"
I will check into the other things you brought up.- JL

Q of THE WEEK: (see Monday)

Where is Scott Carter, ex-KCPR(?) and A&M.

Also, I've been trying to talk to Kenny Neumann at WLUM. Can you have
him return my calls?

Dave Lombardi Director of Promotion Astralwerks
104 W. 29th St., 4th FL. NY, NY 10001 212.886.7506

*Good question as to Scott Carter's whereabouts. As far as Kenny Neumann,
file him under "who are you and why are you bothering me?". Now if you are
truly serious about Neumann, who the fuck cares! Man, haven't you heard, he is
in the megalopolis of Milwaukee! He doesn't need you. Oh...wait, he might
when you have a mega artist at radio. Then, I'm sure he'll be a calling. -JL

*By the way, if you get a response from him, even indirectly...you owe me a
banner on this site!

*Now to you Willobee. A great question...too bad the response wasn't that great.
Not your fault...people are too busy or afraid to rear their ugly heads-LOL- JL

October 26
Rita Wilson
Look familiar? Yup, Tom Hank's better half. Actually her real name is
Margarita Ibrahimoff. The mother of two (by Tom, who she wed on
April 30, 1988), met him on the set of "Bosom Buddies". She has been
in a number of films too, her latest "The Chumscubber". Born in 1958.

Birthday's today:
Dylan McDermott, Natalie Merchant, Holly Woodlawn, Pat Sajak,
Bob Hoskins, Jaclyn Smith, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Bootsy Collins, Jeanne Zelasko,
Mike Hargrove, Ralph Bakshi, Gil Heredia, Aaron Kwok, David Was, D.W. Moffett,
Cary Elwes, Maggie Roche (Roches), Keith Hopwood (Herman's Hermits), Pat Conroy,
Kevin Sullivan, Mark Sweeney, Keith Strickland (B-52's), Ted Demme (R.I.P.)

Hi Jonathan!

Did you hear about WXRK in New York, the home of Howard Stern? It's
supposed to switch format to a talk radio station on January 3, 2006 and
most of the DJ's will be fired. I am so incredibly sad...I can't believe it!

I love them all sooo much and I used to call them everyday and talk about
random stuff. They've inspired me to become a radio DJ myself when I grow
up (I'm 14 by the way) and they have triggered this tremendous radio obsession
where I call random radio stations in the country and talk to the DJ's and
sometimes they put me on air and it's so much fun! Especialy when they send
me stickers :D 92.3 K-Rock is so important to me and I was thrilled when they
ditched their alternative format in April because I was just so tired of hearing
Linkin Park and Green Day and I even called it Green Park or Linkin Day because
they would sometimes play them one after the other.

I can't possibly imagine New York radio without K-Rock...It's just so painful...
And then Infinity Broadcasting wonders why people are switching to Satellite radio.
Hmmm, could it be because they're getting rid of the few good things left???

Here are the links to some of the DJ's websites :
www.djbenharvey.com www.jakefogelnest.com www.krockradio.com

Your blog rocks,

Guergana "The Great" Borissova New York

* Thank you...and I must say, for a 14-year old you are quite bright and
seem to be massively informed! I haven't heard anything to what you are
writing about, although I am quite aware of many changes to come with
Infinity stations. So it would not suprise me one iota. To you the viewers
of JLRadio, if Guergana is correct, than so be it. New York has never
truly supported a rock station anyway. At least in the 90's up till now. So sad,
when I grew up in New York, you couldn't find better rock stations anywhere.- JL

Q of THE WEEK (see Monday)

From Rita Wilde of KLOS:

I wanted to tell all of you in person or on the phone, but time won't
let me. And honestly, I can't say it anymore, so I apologize for the
written word you are about to receive, but Al Ramirez passed away on
Sunday afternoon of natural causes.

I know your thoughts are with him and his family, especially his son

-sent in by Mark Felsot Los Angeles CA

Hey Jonathan,

This one's tricky...Yeah I've lost touch with my former boss Aissa Juarez,
Assistant Promo Dir. @ KROQ

And to be fair I've been pretty bad a keeping in touch but at least I've emailed
a few times. Aissa, if you get this message or anyone who knows this really
cool chick sees this post please tell her that I'm @ KWOD in Sacto and it'd be
JUST SWELL to hear from her.


Rubin (1/2 of Rubin & Sims) Mornings on KWOD 106.5-FM Sacto www.kwod.net

Well, damn it would have to be Willobee!!!!
Cause we had a lot of fun in Phoenix when he was here!!! Him and the

Larry Mac "Red Radio Underground" KUPD Phoenix AZ

October 25
Tara Maclean
Sexy singer was born in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada 1973.
Her first album "Silence" came out in 1997. In 1998, oops...she divorced her
hubby Bill Bell. Her last album "Passenger" was released in 1999. She has one
child, and appeared as herself on TV's "The Magical Gathering" in 2004.

Birthday's today:
Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Tracy Nelson, Bobby Knight,
Adam Goldberg, John Hall (Orleans), Perry Saturn, Roy Lynes (Status Quo), Midori,
Robbie Macintosh (The Pretenders), Dan Gable, Matthias Jabs (Scorpions), Dave Collins,
Marion Ross, Dan Issel, John Matuszak, Helen Ready, Glen Tipton (Judas Priest),
Jon Anderson (Yes), Melinda McGraw, Joanne Black, Anne Tyler, Billy Barty (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: (see Monday)


It was kinda timely that this week's topic was seeking "lost
acquaintances." Last week I saw Boy Troy had posted. Coincidently enough, I
recently found a 9-card Houston Astro laminate display that he sent me
years ago. So, I e-mailed him to catch up. Haven't heard back yet. I see
yesterday he posts that he likes hearing from people who made him enjoy the
business. Troy, I'm only assuming that I was one of the many who did
make you enjoy the business? Weren't you at WFNX when I gave many
programmers Ramones leather jackets? Didn't I bring bands to 'FNX before
'BCN? Didn't we talk sports AND music? LOL

Just joshing with ya Troy...hope all is well and you find my e-mail!

Jerry Rubino Account Executive The CMJ Network
151 W. 25th Street 12th Floor NY, NY 10001 917.606.1908 ext. 275

Man...I do dig this website!


Michael Idlis West Palm Beach FL new cell: 561.670.8485

*Thanks. Great to hear from you. I'm sure many of you remember Michael.

I'd love to find an old friend and old radio girl.
Christi Carter who used to be on KROQ in LA and prior to that was
WRIF in Detroit. Does anyone know where she is?

Jillian Reitsma What Are Records Boulder CO 303.440.0666 x208

October 24
Raelee Hill
This Aussie beauty, born in Brisbane 1972, is a former star of the TV
show "Farscape", and guest on other shows such as "The Lost
World", "The Big Schmooze", "Beastmaster", and others. She is
currently filming "The Return Of Superman"

Birthday's today:
Mary Bono, David Nelson, Rafael Furcal, F. Murray Abraham,
Bill Wyman (Rolling Stones), Y.A. Tittle, Alonzon Bevan (Kula Shaker), Nicole London,
Ted Templeman, Dave Meltzer, Ron Gardenhire, Daniel & Joshua Shalikar,
Catherine Sutherland, Arthur Rhodes, Kevin Kline, Dara Hollingsworth, Griffin O' Neal
Doug Davidson, Scott Peterson (fry you son of a bitch), JP "Big Bopper" Richardson (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: Lost and Found
Reunion week. Where are they now?
Have you lost in touch and want to
find them ? Than, let's give a go. Ok?
I cannot promise anything, but send
an e-mail with who you are trying to
re-connect with and why?

*Thanks to Willobee PD WEQX for this weeks question.

Hello All,

To those of you who know us, I pray you keep us in your prayers during our
impending adventure (Hurricane Wilma). Those of you that don�t know
who we are please let us know and we will remove you from our master
mailing list. If you would like video and pictures after the storm I will send
that out when power and phone lines return. Those are usually the first to go.
For those of you in SW Florida, Be safe and God Speed through the adventure.

Oh, EJC Productions Inc. will be closed on Monday.


Ed and Julie Clay 239.455.2133

*Remember Julie Forman of Cincinnati and Nashville radio? That's who this is.
We all wish you and Ed complete saftey through this storm. -JL

Hi Jonathan!

Love your e-mails! I'm not looking for anyone in particular, but
always happy to reconnect with folks from the "good ol' days"!

Katie Seidel Seidelk1@aol.com 818.512.8070

*Katie is one of the sweetest beings on earth. For those on the West Coast,
Arizona, and New Mexico, Katie was your local Reprise rep for many years. -JL

Not looking to re-connect with any specific, but I always love hearing from folks
who helped me enjoy the business so much. It's always good to keep your toe
in the stream, even if you're just walking by...

Boy Troy ex-WFNX PD and MD boytroy2000@yahoo.com

I'd love to reconnect with Jeff Suhy and my inner child.

Paul Kriegler Operations Manager Midwest Family Broadcasting
319-B East Battlefield Springfield, MO 65807 417.886.5677

*Jeff Suhy is still in Los Angeles, at least I'm pretty sure. Hopefully
Paul, someone seeing this will get in touch and let us know how to
contact him. Jeff worked for A&M Records for years and is responsable
for signing and guiding the Gin Blossoms, Swervedriver, and others.
Just curious, is your inner child related to Suhy??-JL

October 23
Jasmin St. Claire
Ok..she is a porn star, but this beauty born in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands in 1970
has gone legit somewhat. Look for Jas in "Dorm Daze 2" and Swamp Zombies" soon.
Both films are in post-production. Probably straight to DVD?

Birthday's today: Sam Raimi, Ang Lee, Keith Van Horn, Michael Crichton, Pele,
Jim Bunning, Anita Roddick, Dwight Yoakum, Chi Chi Rodrigues, Doug Flutie,
Beatie Edney, Kaleena Kiff, John Lackey, Jessica Dunphy, Dimitri Arliss,
Jordan Christopher, "Weird" Al Yankovic, Al Leiter, Diana Dors (R.I.P.)

Originated from: http://www.98kupd.com
Name: Mike
E-mail Address: Mhart00@orbitelcom.com
City: Maricopa


What is this crap you are playing?

, it's called MUSIC. It's tasty crap, delicious crap, wonderful crap,
All different shades of crap. Crap that many people enjoy. With the exception
of a few hours, my 3 hours included, the world does turn. The sounds,
move beyond the normal everyday fare. If you are between 18-24, then I will
expect that you are not familiar with most of the stuff I play, and that's fine.
You will one day be clamoring for something different in your life. I hope.

Now, if you are an older person, then...I'm afraid it's hopeless. Your mind is
shut, and my measly 3 hours disturb you. I enjoy KUPD every day like you
do...but even I like a curveball once in a while. That's what my show is. A
curveball...sneaky, you never know what's coming up next, be it older or
newer music. It's all rock anyway.

You know what Mike, why have I even wasted two paragraphs on you already?

Get the fuck out of Maracopa, wherever that is? ...live a little, don't eat
junk food every day, clean your pick-up during those hours...and frankly,
go fuck yourself. -JL

*Of course as usual I do not respond on my 98 e-mail account. With me
it is all public.


Well if it isn't the legendary Jonathan L back on the local airwaves in Phoenix.
Love it. Great show man. It takes me way back. So far in fact I have a hard
time remembering what 'life' was like then...now nearly 20 years ago. Oooh.
I'm getting old. Maybe that's why I don't remember much or was it .. oh well
...regardless, it is wonderful to hear your rustic, chorded deep voice once
again..along with all of your commentary..and all the groovy tunes. I will be
waking up on Saturay mornings EARLY just for this. I really enjoyed today's
program..even though I tuned in late. I would just like to make a song/band
request if I may?

Will you please play some Rabbid Rabbit?

Still in Phoenix listening to local radio.

Ashlee Eisenstein Phoenix AZ

*Thanks Ashlee. Your e-mail made my day yesterday. Happy you
found me on the dial. Rabbid Rabbit...tall order...I believe I played
that from either vinyl or cassette. I'll check and see if someone
has a CD. Again thanks, and we are all getting younger. It works
in reverse these days. Didn't you get the memo. :) -JL

October 22
Shelby Lynne
Popular Country singer's real full name is Shelby Lynne Moorer. She was
born in Quantico, Virginia. Shelby won a Grammy for "Best New Artist"
in 2000. She began in the mid-nintie's and won other Awards.

Birthday's today: Shaggy, Jeff Goldblum, Carla Dunlop, Brian Boitano, Tony Roberts,
Leslie West (Mountain), Christopher Lloyd, Charles Keating, Cutei "Yumi" Suzuki,
Michael Fishman, Jonathan William Lipnicki, Zac Hanson, Ichiro Suzuki, Dory Previn,
Lee Meredith, Annette Funicello, Bobby Fuller, Catherine Deneuve, Stiv Bators (R. I.P.)

October 21
Jade Jagger
The daughter of Roling Stone Mick Jagger and former wife Bianca.
Jade, mother of two splits her time between London and Ibiza. Oh,
she likes to party!

Birthday's today:
Julian Cope, Carrie Fisher, Charlotte Caffey (Go Go's), Elvin Bishop,
Steve Cropper, Whitey Ford, Elenora Giorgi, Astrella Leitch (Donovan's daughter),
Patti Ann Davis (Ronald and Nancy's daughter), Christie Lee Woods, Julieta Cardinali,
Michael "Mandfred Mann" Lubowitz, Steve Lukathar (Toto), Julie Parrish, Paula Kelly,
Everett McGill, Lee Loughane (Chicago), Judge Judy Sheindlin, Dizzy Gillespie (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: (see Monday)


First Record: The Who (Who's Next) I believe it was. I remember begging
my parents to get that for me for my birthday.. good Mom and Dad!
(I still have the record to date)

Always supporting the rock n roll habit, good ol Mom also took me to my
first concert... Ozzy Osbourne "Blizzard of Oz" & Def Leppard. Now that's
good parenting.

Much love,

Laura Brady Conspiracy of Thought "you've got a mind, use it!" 909.728.8912

My Dad was an obsessive record collector so I usually made the trip to
the record store with him.

I remember going along to replace some of his worn out Beatles wax. He
bought a new copy of Sgt. Pepper and Bob Marley's "Live at The
Rainbow". I used my birthday money to buy Meet The Beatles.

I was so young that I spelled my name wrong when I wrote it on the back
cover in kid marker. That big blue blob is still in my record collection.

Pauly WZZP/WEGI Clarksville TN


My first record was a 45 of Don McLean's "American Pie"
when I was seven years old. It was .99 cents so I talked
my 10 year-old sister into paying half. As most of you know,
the song is so long that you have to flip the record over
to hear the whole song.

I would hear the song on the radio quite a bit, especially in the car
pool on the way to school. I think I even sang along with it. I
remember liking the part in the beginning that goes, "February made
me shiver, with every paper I delivered...", because my birthday was
in February and I had a (short-lived) paper route.

It would be a long time before I was aware of the music references
contained in the song. Sometimes, I'll hear the oldies station play
only the first half of the song and that annoys me as much as hearing
The Wallflowers cover of David Bowie's "Heroes".

Both songs tell a complete story and both of those versions leave the
story incomplete. Someone once told me that the version
of "Heroes" was a cover of the single version that Bowie
released and that it was a hit in some markets. It was never
played here, so I only know the album version and found
the concept of covering a radi
o edit instead of the full song
quite odd. It seems they should have covered the complete
song and then, if necessary, done their own radio edit.

Once again, I have gotten way off the subject!

David Sadof Host and Programmer "High Fidelity" Houston TX

Hey Jonathan,

Thompson Twins "Greatest Hits"; Extended Play CD.
1993 in NYC...I didn't even have a CD player at the time...But I had 'bout
an hour in the city 'til I had to get on a plane back home and figured that if
I bought a CD I'd buy a CD player. There's 24-year old logic for you.

Rubin morning jerk KWOD 106.5 Sacramento CA
www.kwod.net www.therubinstudio.com

I think, if my memory serves me (which it very often does not!), the
first record I ever bought was the a 45 single of "Killer Queen" by
Queen. I think the first full-length album I ever bought was "Q: Are
We Not Men? A: We are DEVO!" I bought that record at Zip's Records
in Park Mall (in Tucson) from the late Paul Young, a guitarist who
went on to play in Tucson punk outfits Useless Pieces Of Shit, Civil
Death and Blood Spasm. He was a good friend and turned me on to a
lot of good music. I miss him.

Chris Wagganer Filmaker Los Angeles CA

It was Iron Maiden's first album. Iron Maiden's "Iron Maiden". I wanted to
be rebellous so I walked 5 miles with my pal to the record store in the
Coral Springs Mall. We went into the Arcade ...played the shit out of Pong
(no - really -seriously), then walked into the record store. I was looking for
the most offensive cover I could find. Then, like angels from heaven singing
a chorus, there it was ...a picture of Eddie and the words "Iron Maiden"...
Eddie's face had no skin on it and I thought "THIS IS RAD!" ... I bought it.

My pal and I were walking back home and he's telling me the whole damn
way that "Scott, you're mom is gonna freak." I get home, tell my mom about
my day, told her I bought a record, she asked me what it was ... I showed her
...and she said ..."That's nice honey." and that was it. BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So it sat in my room unopened for 4 months...then I put it on and ...well,
became a hardcore fan. Maiden's "Iron Maiden Up Until Seventh Son" are the
best Heavy Metal albums ever ...(and "Sad Wings of Destiny" by Priest)...EVER!!!

Have a happy day!

Canon (AKA: Scott Petibone) Your Friendly Mid-day Dude (PD), WKRL Syracuse NY

Other than children's records, the first pop single that was given to
me was Billy Paul's "Me & Mrs. Jones." My mom bought it, and she continued
pick up current Top 40 singles that she liked and then just give them to me.
Later, I started buying Beatles singles.

I was eight years old when I first went to buy an album with my own money.
It was at Listening Booth and I'm proud to say it was "Meet The Rutles."
This was right after "All You Need Is Cash" aired on NBC. After my purchase,
I rejoined my parents who were in a clothing store.

A sales woman asked me what album I bought. I remember the strange
look on her face as I showed her my Rutles album. You had to be there. At the
time, most kids my age were into Kiss, or "Saturday Night Fever" and "Grease."

Billy Paul and the Rutles are still faves!

Scott Lowe B104 Allentown PA

Can't remember the first record or tape I ever got, but the first CD's I got,
I won from Hot 97 in NYC. I got 3rd Bass' The Cactus Album and Derelicts
of Dialect, and Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam's Spanish Fly and Head To Toe, plus
I won tickets to see both groups in concert. Lisa Lisa was playing at the old
Palladium, but I was too young to even get in, and 3rd Bass played at the
Beacon Theater, with Nice & Smooth, Jungle Bros., and Naughty By Nature,
right before "OPP" hit, although I was one of the few in the building who didn't
already know it. My first concert ever too...ah the memories.

Jay Wulff MD, Middays 96.1 Kiss FM Poughkeepsie NY

6th grade, 1969 Moody Blues "A Question Of Balance".
for Tuesday afternoon.

Bryan Jones San Diego CA 1013bryan@comcast.com

Dude, my first was Boston. We were on vacation in California, in Pasadena
they had a Fed-Co department store this was like the Walmart of the 70s.

My parents gave us each 5 bucks to buy whatever we wanted. My brothers
bought red, white and blue mirror sunglasses. I, with a little help from my
mom 'cause she kicked in a few extra bucks, bought the first Boston album.

My dad tried to talk me out of it. I said sorry dad, I am gonna rock out with my
cock out, (ok more like a vienna sausage out). He was not pleased.
I was 10 years old the year was 1976.

Foley MD KMRQ Modesto CA

My first cassette tape was Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys. I bought it
when I was 8 years old and had no idea how good of an album it was. I
simply liked the animals on the cover. At the time I was in cub scouts
and I remember setting up my camping tent in my bedroom as a 'fort' and
just sitting inside my tent listening to the album on one of those
cheap tape players that only played mono. "In My Room" indeed.
My first record was 1984 by Van Halen, bought at a grocery store. My
mom really didn't like the idea of an Angel smoking.

Mark Rudkin Houston TX

FIRST ALBUM EVER GIVEN TO ME: The Beatles - Meet The Beatles - 1964
(given to me on my 4th birthday by my Mom's friend Zelda. She started my
obsession with music)

FIRST 7" BOUGHT: Petula Clark - "Downtown" - 1965 (was the first one
chosen of 5 I bought with money from my 5th birthday. I think singles
were 55 cents? It was either at E.J. Korvettes or Alexander's in Paramus,

FIRST ALBUM BOUGHT: The Who - Tommy - 1969 (needed a double album to
shift out the seeds in. Wait, I didn't smoke pot at age 8! This was my
first "true" rock, non-Beatle album. 1910 & The Fruitgum Company, The
Monkees and Gary Puckett & The Union Gap, preceeded this, but were FAR
from rock!)

FIRST (and only) 8-TRACK BOUGHT: Pink Floyd - Animals - 1977 (this is
the only place where Pigs On The Wing - Parts 1 and 2 are connected by a
guitar solo by Snowy White. I became aware of this after seeing them do
it on the Animals Tour like that)

FIRST CASSETTE BOUGHT: Bread - Best Of Bread - 1972, Columbia House
baby! 12 for a buck!! This was the first I chose.

FIRST (and only) REEL TO REELS: (All given to me by my Dad's nephew,
Johnny Delia in the early '80's) Jim Croce - I Got A Name, Santana -
Greatest Hits and Borboletta, Chicago - V and VI -Rod Stewart - Every
Picture Tells A Story, The Who - Tommy, Bread - Best Of Bread, Three Dog
Night - Joy To The World, Neil Diamond - Serenade and Greatest Hits, Paul
Anka - Feelings, Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass - Christmas Album

FIRST CD BOUGHT: The Jam - Snap! - 1984 (my fave band of the Brit
punk/pop scene, so it made sense.) Two facts: 1) 9 songs were left off that
appeared on the double vinyl album. Seems the industry wasn't ready
for double CD packaging. 2) And speaking of the packaging. Remember when
CD's came in a long see-through hard-plastic case? Well, after cutting
it open with a scissor and nearly severing a finger, the instructions
on "how to open the CD packaging safely" was hidden INSIDE! Duh!

FIRST 12" SINGLE: 1980 U2 - Three (U2-3)

I still have all of these.

Jerry Rubino The CMJ Network / WCHR-FM

*I'll bet you do Jerr. Hey, Thanks to everyone for the great stories! It shows
me who is really into music. Too bad that the many of you who come to
the site couldn't have taken a few moments and sent yours in. Hey, it would
have spilled into next week, so I don't have to send another question for
the upcoming week-LOL...I know, sounds like I"m interested in being lazy.
I assure you I'm not...new question coming soon :) -JL

October 20
Dannii Minogue
Yes, it's the younger sister of major Pop star Kylie Minogue. Dannii is also
a singer and TV actress. She was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
She has posed for Playboy, and changes hair color more than most!

Birthday's today:
Tom Petty, Melanie Mayron, Juan Gonzalez, Fred Coury (Cinderella),
Eddie Jones, Snoop Dog, Ricky Byrd (Joan Jett & The Blackhearts), Ray Childress,
Keith Hernandez, Susan Tully, Viggo Mortensen, Scott "Razor Ramon" Hall, Eric Scott,
Erika Nann, Anne Marie Stefani, Ric Lee (Ten Years After), Al Greenwood (Foreigner),
Juan Marichal, Kristin Novak, Jerry Orbach (R.I.P.), Mickey Mantle (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: (see Monday)

I clearly remember the first Album I bought with my own
money..."Dynasty" by Kiss. It was 1978 and I was 7 years old. When we
got home, it was too late for me to put on on the stereo, so I set the
album on the shelf next to my bed and fell asleep staring at the cover.
I had some wicked dreams that night, but it did start a love affair
with Metal (not that that particular album was really metal) that lasted
into my early 20's.

JJ Fabini Assistant Director Of Programming Summit City Radio Group
2000 Lower Huntington Road, Ft. Wayne, IN 46819 260.747.1511
jj@summitcityradio.com jj@x102fm.com

Hey Mate,

The first CD I ever bought was the CD single "Monkey Gone to Heaven"
at Zia.

The first 45 I bought was John Sebastian's "Welcome Back", followed not
long after by Sweet's "Love is Like Oxygen" (still one of the best songs ever)
at Musicland at Metro Center.

Doug "Sluggo" Roberts Air Personality KROQ Los Angeles CA

War "The World is a Ghetto" in a grocery store with my allowance money
when I was 10 years old.

Dwight Arnold Air Personality KMRJ Palm Springs CA


That was so far back it's really hard to remenber.I know sis and I got a
lot of 45's back in the day.I remember buying a Tommy James & the
Shondells,"Crystal Blue Persuasion".

Tell sis I got the birthday card. Thanks for thinking of me. I'll send you some

Love to both of you!

Betsy Lucky Summersville West Virginia


My first record was Steve Miller's Fly Like an Eagle. Yes, I remember
buying it in Tempe, AZ with my own money! Previously, I played my
older brother's music on the record player...Beatles and all that stuff.

Gang of Four are in concert tomorrow night--I am there! Echo and the
Bunnymen next month! Heaven!

Jackie Selby
Air Personality KOOL-FM Denver CO

Boston's first self titled LP.

Bought it myself for six bucks at a Indy shop in Chico CA.

I must have listened to that record 30 times before I took it off my

If you haven't listened to that album lately, it still sounds great
cranked up on your car CD player!

Eric Cheroske Aezra Records Phoenix AZ

The Buddy Holly Story Vol. 1 at Hill's Books & Records in Tempe Center
in 1959. It was a big step to fork out $3.98 (+tax) of my paper route
money but I figured that it was a better deal than buying all the 45's that
were on the album.

So I mentioned to Howard Pearlman, the owner, that I thought
the picture of Buddy and his thick horn rim glasses on the front of the
album didn't really look that good. And Howard said the words that I
will never forget....."Well you don't play the cover John." So true, So

John Dixon Tempe AZ

I don't remember what the first one I paid for was...but the first
cassette tape I stole was the "Pretty In Pink" Soundtrack. And I hadn't
even seen the movie. I five finger discounted it specifically to get
Nik Kershaw's "Wouldn't It Be Good". Fucking great song! My friend was so
pissed off that I stole it she tried to make me take it back to the
store. I still have it.

Lisa Biello PD WHRL Albany NY

First single that my dad brought home for me was "Bang Bang" by Cher.

First single that I chose for myself was "Expressway To Your Heart" by
the Soul Survivors.

And since I realize that I'm competing with memories here that are more
likely to be '80s-based than 1966-67, I'll throw out this story from
early 1982:

Back when the only way to hear the hits from the U.K. was shortwave
radio, I was listening to the BBC World Service's top 20 countdown (which
they compressed into the space of a half-hour by only playing the new
entries and No. 1). One week during junior year, I heard a new entry by
what sounded like "Tony Battle." The next week, I had a buddy who had
shortwave hooked into his stereo system tape it and for a month or two,
the only copy I had was a barely listenable cassette. Finally, I was in
New York one weekend and scoured the import shops looking for it.
"We're out of it," said the first store clerk. But then he added, "But we
still have the 7-inch." He'd figured, like most of his DJ clientele, that
I was looking for the 12-inch single. For the next few months, I played
this record for anybody who would listen, and invariably people thought
it was stupid and awful. Finally, about 5-6 months after I heard the
song, it came out in America and "Mickey" by Toni Basil made its way
(slowly) to No. 1. A lot of PD's thought it was awful, too, but they
couldn't deny how well it was doing wherever it got played.

If that song came out now, of course, I'd hear it much sooner in its
lifecycle on British radio via the Internet. And it wouldn't take two
months or a trip to New York to track it down, either.

Sean Ross VP of Music & Programming Edison Media Group

October 19
Vanessa Guzman Niebla
Popular Actress/Model born in Mexico 1976, and was Miss Mexico 1995. She also
represented Mexico in the Miss Universe pagent 1996. All film and TV work in Spanish.

Birthday's today:
Jon Favreau, Amy Carter, Ty Pennington, Evander Holyfield, Peter Tosh,
John Lithgow, John "Joe Bob Briggs" Bloom, Karl Wallinger (World Party), Keith Foulke,
Tony Lo Bianco, Antoine Trousers, Anne Golden, Jeannie C. Riley, Benjamin Salisbury,
Dan "Woody" Woodgate (Madness), Nino Defranco (Defranco Family), Cyndi Thomson,
Carolyn Bishop, Joe McEwing, Robert Reed (R.I.P.), Harris Glenn "Divine" Milstead (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: (see Monday)


Feelies "Good Earth".

Bought it for myself in Waterville, ME

Bought it after seeing them open for a band I do not remember at the
old 9:30 Club in Washington, DC.

Seeing them live was a mind opening experience and music from that
point on became a passion.

Jeff Price spinART Records
New York NY 718.852.3294

saved my money from my paper route to buy my first album: Johnny
Mathis' favorite Christmas songs.. I rode my bike to Preston Records in
Dallas, bought it, and biked home as fast as I could to proudly show my
parents my purchase.

I wish you could have seen the look on their face as their nice Jewish
son displayed the album!

Ronnie Raphael
Promotions/Consulting Dallas TX rjrswan@sbcglobal.net

It was Elvis Presley's "Moody Blue" Record on Blue Vinyl. I rode my
bike to the record store 5 miles away. I was 11 or 12. It was the day
after he died, and I was surprised how many people were in line to buy
his stuff that day.

He was my childhood hero, so I was quite upset that the King had died.
I only knew him from the movies at that age, and I had a couple of his
other records, "King Creole" and the Hit record on vinyl as well. A year
later, I went to the same store and bought Kiss Alive II and became a
member of the KISS Army.

Two years later I bought this record called Dark Side of The Moon at
K-Mart while actually trying to buy Meddle by Pink Floyd, and I was
forever changed!

Larry Mac "Red Radio Underground" KUPD
Phoenix AZ

I won Queen's "Night at the Opera" on the boardwalk in Seaside Heights
the year it was released- that was my first vinyl album. My first CD was
Talking Heads "Stop Making Sense"- the original release, not the awesome
remastered version that's out now. First single may have been "Island Girl"
by Elton John; I had lots of cool 45's from my older brother and sisters
(Beatles on the Swan label, Creedence, 70s soul), but the first one I bought
was either "Island Girl" or Paul Simon's "50 Ways To Lose Your Lover".

Dave Lombardi
Director of Promotion Astralwerks
104 W. 29th St., 4th fl. NY, NY 10001 212.886.7506
IM: LombardiWerks www.astralwerks.com

Well I'm not sure if it was my first record but definitely my most
memorable. It was The Knack. I begged for it for Christmas. I got
it. My brother was jealous so I knew he'd try to ruin it for me so I went
upstairs and hid it in the attic.

My brother told my parents that the song was about a penis. They tried to
take it back from me but I never told them where it was. In fact I still have it.


Jillian Reitsma
Promotion What Are Records? Denver CO

First record ever was the 45 Signs by 5 Man Electrical Band, The first
album was Hey Jude by the Beatles (Funny, I am the furthest thing from a
Beatles fan) I purchased both with saved money from doing chores and
bought them at the discount department store by my house I think it was
called Grants. I bought Signs because I had heard it on the radio and
I really liked it. I was in 6th grade so probably 1970-71.

I bought Hey Jude because all the cool kids at school listened to it and talked
about it all the time, I liked it at the time but it was my only purchase of
anything Beatles. Just a couple of years later I was drowning in T-Rex,
KISS, and Atomic Rooster, guess its not surprise I became a first
generation punk rocker. :)

I attached a photo for you Jon!

Fonda Insley
Cox Media Tucson AZ 520.232.6122

I was 5 years old and my dad walked me up the street to a store that
sold musical instruments & record albums. There I bought for just under two
bucks of my own money, the 45 rpm seven inch single of Glen Campbell's "Like
A Rhinestone Cowboy". Anyone who doesn't like country music is a player

Lenny Lasalandra Combat Rock Promotions
Los Angeles CA

Being a big radio fan, I didn't buy my first record until I was about
15. It was "Picture This" from Huey Lewis & The News. It only cost me
$4.94 plus tax at A&B Sound on Seymour Street in Vancouver. You know,
if they sold CD's for that today, we might not have to worry about that
file sharing stuff.

Don Mitchell
MD CFNY "The Edge" Toronto Ontario Canada

October 18
Maria Bravo
Can be seen in "Carlito's Secret"

Birthday's today:
Pete Best (Beatles), Mike Ditka, Peter Boyle, Jean-Claude Van Dam,
Willie Horton, Laura Nyro, Pam Dawber, Erin Moran, Wynton Marsalis, Doug Mirabelli,
Martina Navratilova, Chuck Berry, Keith Jackson, Thomas Hearns, Katherine Kurtz,
Keith Knudson (Doobie Brothers), Kotomi Kyono, Howard Shore, Chris McKenna,
Vincent Spano, Emily Arth, George C. Scott (R.I.P.), Lee Harvey Oswald (DON'T R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: (see Monday)

I had a record player in my room almost from infancy...aside from the
"Peter Pan" and "Disneyland" records of fairy tales and cartoons, the first
record that was "mine" was the 45 of John Glenn's Mercury space flight
that came with the GI Joe Space Capsule...the first record I remember
that I actually bought at a store with my own money was the "I'm Not
Your Steppin' Stone/I'm A Believer" 45 by The Monkees in 1966...I had
just turned 5...this was at an S.S. Kresge's (what was once commonly
called a 5 and dime and the ancient forerunner of Kmart...geez, I feel
like Grampa Simpson) located in the Preakness Shopping Center in
Wayne, NJ...the Monkees so inflamed me with the love of music from
that day forward that I'm still plugging away.

New Dramarama album, "Everybody Dies," should be on your desk...if not,
write to Dramarama@earthlink.net for your very own copy...in stores
10/25, just in time for Dia Del Los Muertes, Halloween, All Saints Day,
holiday gift giving, etc.

John Easdale Dramarama
Orange County CA

First record I bought...with my own cash...saved up my paper route money
and got Edgar Winter's "They Only Come Out At Night" for something like $1.99
at Caldor..."Frankenstein" was the big hit at the time...1973, I

As for the photo, NO ONE believes me when I tell them I met the world famous
model Milla, you know, the Revlon girl who was in that crazy funny space movie
with Bruce Willis and Tricky and Gary Oldham and Chris Tucker...this is a shot of
the two of us "closing the deal" on playing her record (remember that one?) on
'FNX back in 1995.

And yes, I got to hug and kiss her too. Yo mama.

Boy Troy
Cape Cod MA boytroy2000@yahoo.com

*Yep, the film was Fifth Element. I think it was 1993 Troy. I do
remember Terry Ellis coming to the Q to play it for us. I told him
it wasn't for us, unless I'm thinking of a different singer at the
time. Anyway, Milla rocks!, and I am jealous you got to be that
close to her. But aren't we all? She kicks ass in both Resident
Evil films too! -JL

Hey Jonathan,

Long time no talk...been real busy on my end, buying &
selling and selling houses...anyway here goes.

1st album eh? I guess the "that I bought", qualifier would
eleminate the David Cassidy albums I got in 3rd grade (posters,
Teen Beat magazine, I was SO in love w/him). That leaves the Eagles
"One of These Nights" album in 8th grade.

To this day, hearing a song from that LP transports me
right back to evenings in my bedroom, huge quadrophonic KOSS
headphones squeezing my head, blacklight on and posters glowing.

Margie Rye KLPX
Tucson AZ

This is a re-run!!!! I should have TiVO'ed my last reply, lol.

Program Director 102.7 EQX - THE REAL ALTERNATIVE

*Uh oh, (lol)...you caught me! Actually I asked a similar question
months ago, but ya know Will, there are many new viewers to
the website. Right? I think this one has more meat to it. -JL

"Ride Captain Ride" by Blues Image.

Bought it at the Navy Exchange in San Diego.
Still love that song!

Mark Mayfield
Morning Personality KSLX Phoenix AZ

I think the first 7" I ever bought was Junior's Farm/McCartney but as I
recall Taproot Manuscript from Neil Diamond was the first album my
parents ever bought me.

One of the first albums I ever went to the store and bought was with my
grandmother. She let me buy Mothership Connection from Parliament
with Bootsy (or whomever) in full regalia coming out of a spaceship feet first.

I can't believe she let her 8 year old grandson buy it!

Paul Kriegler
Operations Manager Midwest Family Broadcasting
319-B East Battlefield Springfield, MO 65807 417.886.5677

October 17
Natalie NG
An up and coming Chinese actress. She has appeared in over 15 films.
Currently in "Where Is Mama's Boy" and "Demoniac Flash".

Birthday's today:
Marshall "Eminem" Mathers, Wyclef Jean, Ziggy Marley, Sam Bottoms,
John Rocker, Michael McKean, Steve McMichael, George Wendt (NORM!!), John Mabry,
Margot Kidder, Alan Jackson, Connie Ann Hearn, Danny Ferry, Vincent Van Patten,
Angela Kramer, Gary Puckett (Union Gap), Robert "Evel" Knevel, Shauna O' Brien,
Allen West, Brooke Richards, Earl Thomas Conley, Bob Seagren, Vicki Hodge

Q of THE WEEK: What was the very first record/CD
you ever bought? What was it?

Also, under what circumstances. Was it a gift?
Or...where did you buy it? What city? What store?
What drove you to buy that certain piece of music?
Does it hold memories to this day for you?

Everyone can answer this...it's a no brainer. Right?

In 1974 I bought Lorne Green's "Ringo".

Brett Victory Records
Chicago IL Brett@victoryrecords.com

*So, Brett...I did some research and found that the late TV star of Ponderosa
topped the Billboard Sales chart at #1 with "Ringo" in 1964. He then recorded
and released Lorne Green & His Western Classics album in 1966. Razor & Tie
Records re-issued it in 1997. -JL

Lee holding his bootleg


L' Shana Tova!

Hi, thought I'd join in the fun!

First record...

With my money? With someone else's money? Aside from children's
records, the first record I remember actually picking out would be
Herman's Hermit's Greatest Hits! I'd have been in the second grade, the
album was new...I started collecting records early!

Here's a photo of me (above) in the Bigfoot Lodge DJ booth, taken In December
'04 holding up a bootleg repro of The Jerks "Get Your Woofing Dog Off Me"
(I own an original too!)

Lee Joseph
The Dionysus Records Empire, Burbank CA
www.dionysusrecords.com "DJ Lee", The Bigfoot Lodge Los Feliz CA

When I was in the 6th grade I got just what I wanted for Christmas...a
record player and the two LP's I wanted the most...James Brown and
Johnny Cash...it was a great Christmas. And yes, I still have broad
tastes in music.

Donna Miller
MD KOSO Modesto CA dkoso@yahoo.com

I was the Entertainment Editor for my college paper. CD was submitted
for review. To date, the worst CD I've ever heard. Brougham
"Le Cock Sportif" on Warner Brothers.

On another note: Best discs so far this year:
Hot Hot Heat

How's Phoenix?

Brandon Pappas
Program Director WMZK & WJMT Oshkosh WI
715.536.4089 IM: dangler933

*Brandon, Phoenix is finally cooling off a bit. Ha, not like where you are.
I don't know if you read the question correct, but I like what you
submitted anyway. Thanks.- JL

Don't remember the vinyl but the CD was License To Ill, I believe.
A new record store (don't remember the name) opened in my town
(Fairport, NY) and I had just bought my first CD player. So, I went
to buy myself a CD, I may also have bought Bruce Springsteen's
"Tunnel Of Love" that day. I bought both CD's because I was fan of both
artists. Those are 2 of my favorite CD's still today!

Joey Gusto
PD WBER Rochester NY
2596 Baird Road Penfield, NY 14526-2333

October 16
Suzanne Somers
Birthday's today:
John Mayer, Tim Robbins, Tim McCarver, Barry Corbin, Tony Carey,
Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Bob Weir (Grateful Dead), Manute Bol, Paul Kariya,
C Fred Turner (Bachman-Turner Overdrive), Bob Mould (Husker Du), Jeremy Jackson,
Angela Lansbury, David Zucker, Melissa "Missy Hyatt" Hiatt, Dave DeBusschere,
Michael Ty Lo, PJ "Justin Incredible" Walker, Charles W. Colson, Heather Campbell,
Jermaine Lewis, Wendy Wilson (Wilson Phillips), Nico (Velvet Underground R.I.P.)

Interesting fact:

As I was inspecting my traffic logs for the website, I've noticed something
that raised my eyebrows-LOL

The following three are the most search's for this site in the past weeks.
And, there are many, as a matter a fact, a huge percentage!
In order:

1. Jessica Simpson
2. Sophia Bush
3. Jenna Jamison

Although they were probably mentioned on their birthdate (Birthday's today above),
seems like these three have a lot of people's interest. I think Sophia Bush is
the biggest surprise to me, at least.-JL



Born: July 8, 1982 in Los Angeles CA. She is 5' 6" and her sign is Cancer.

Film: "Supercross" 2004
TV: "One Tree Hill" 2003
TV: "Learning Curves" 2003
Film: "Point Of Origin" 2002
Film: "Van Wilder" 2002

Sophia married "One Tree Hill" co-star Chad Michael Murray April 19, 2005
in Santa Monica CA.

You can go to her website www.sophiabushweb.com

October 15
Tanya Roberts
Known for being a Charlie's Angel, Sheena, and a Bond girl

Birthday's today:
Stacy Peralta, Tito Jackson, Eric Benet, Sarah Ferguson, Jim Palmer,
Penny Marshall, Barry McGuire ("Eve Of Destruction"), Brittany Love, Chris De Burgh,
Richard Carpenter (The Carpenters), Linda Lavin, Masako Katsuki, Jeffrey Jacquet,
Lynn Lowery, Cathy Ladman, Lee Iacocca, Devon Gummersall, Yoko Maki, Renee Jones

Originated from: http://www.98kupd.com
Name: Mike Perez
E-mail Address: map30@cox.net
City: Phoenix


Just wanted to welcome you back, and tell you what a great show you have.

I used to listen to your show , Virgin Vinyl, where I caught Beck for the first
time. You were the first person I heard play his music. I also remember you
introducing the Danzig show ,in a club no longer around, called The Underground,
at 35th Ave & Camelback in '89, I believe.

Hey, good to hear someone with a real respect for music!! You always
turn me on to new stuff, way ahead of the press or other radio outlets. Now
if I could make one future request. Can you play anything from Hanoi Rocks
or Zodiac Mindwarp?

*Thanks Mike for all the kind words. I did play Hanoi last week, and I'm sure
you will hear more, and yes...expect to hear Zodiac.-JL

October 14
Natalie Maines (The Dixie Chick)
Birthday's today:
Usher (Raymond), Jim Rome, Stacy Keibler, Thomas Dolby,
Joe Girardi, Harry Anderson, Shaggy 2 Dope, Justin Hayward (The Moody Blues),
Cliff Richards, Roger Moore (007), Ralph Lauren, Joey Travolta, Melanie Wilson,
Greg Evigan, Marcia Barrett (Boney M), Arleen Sorken, Mike Tramp (White Lion),
Pat Finley, Daisy Eshuijs (Eye To Eye), AJ Pero (Twisted Sister), Daniela Pestova

Yo Jonathan,

Great hearing your voice today. So much catching up to do. Finished
law school a couple of months ago, got married, and started work at a law
firm in NYC. I wanted to shoot you an email before bed tonight, as I just
got home after a long day at work and am on the road early tomorrow morn.
I should be back early eve tomorrow, will try you then. Hope all is well,
and please give my love to Jeanette.

Spiro Phanos New York NY


I understand if you can't answer this inquiry but was curious, I was
just reading some past posts on radio-info.com and I think many people
think it would be wise for KUKQ to return to 1060 am since it's current sports
programming is just, well in the toilet. Even if it was a possibility
for KUKQ to return, I am sure you couldn't answer the question but is there
a chance they may bring it back. Hell the ratings could only be better.

Even if they only let you program it using strictly automation. Maybe
historical Icons should be left in the past and I could understand that
idealology. But how cool to have the original AM alternative return to
the airwaves.

Take Care,

Shon White The Point 99.1 FM Queen Creek Arizona.
Serving The World @ www.kqcx.com

*Interesting question Shon. I keep reading your e-mail over and
over...and you know what, I have no real feeling about this
subject either way. In other words, I'm numb to the idea. I've
done KUKQ three times since 1989, and with two supposed
alternative stations in the market, at least by today's
standards, I have no idea if anyone would truly care. As far as
ratings, due to AM Radio left for talk, sports and other oddities,
recreating something that was cool over a decade and a half
ago, might not translate into ratings. I don't know, right now
while I do "Lopsided" on KUPD, which I wouldn't give up for
anything...I have thought of something else that might work.

I'd love to do a daytime sports/music show on KDUS. I
really like this kid Pablo, and think we could make it
work. Pablo is primed and plugged into sports, and so am I,
although I think Pablo knows more than me. I work music
into the show as we banter about sports and have call-ins, etc.

Ok, slap me...I'm just dreaming.-JL

Originated from: http://www.98kupd.com
Name: H. George
E-mail Address: Hgeorgeherbert@cox.net
City: Phoenix



Thanks for the Guy Forsyth info.

I read your play lists from the last few weekends and it looks like you have
been digging through my CD collection.

You have great variety, something sorely missed on the radio these days.

Not only is "Books about UFO's" my favorite Husker Du song but I have not heard
that on the radio since the mid 80's.

I saw The Damned in 2004 and they still have the dark vibe, radio stations need
to follow your example and play more Damned.

Two more songs suited for your show are "I'm a Conservative" from Iggy Pop's Soldier
and the live version of "Black Leather Monster" from the Plasmatics Metal Priestess.

I have never heard of you before two weeks ago but I am glad to hear you have moved
back to Phoenix, 98 needs some fresh sounds!

Thanks for your time.- HG

*HG. You're welcome on the info. I'll try and be humble, but I really dig the
fact you have never heard of me before. There are many that do remember
me for all the contributions to help put Phoenix on the map from 86-95. On
the other hand, I'm like a new kid on the block to many today. I like that.
Thanks again for your communications.-JL

October 13
Kelly Preston
John Travolta's wife

Birthday's today:
Tiffany Trump, Sammy Hagar, Pharoah Sanders, Lacy J Dalton,
Pamela Tiffen, Reggie Theus, Marie Osmond, Tisha Campbell, Samantha Stylles,
Paul Simon, Jerry Rice, John Ford Coley, Trevor Hoffman, Nanako Matsushima,
Derek Harper, Rob Schneider, Jennifer Sky, Tim Conway Jr., Jermaine O' Neal,
Carig McGregor (Foghat), Summer Sanders, Joey Belladonna (Anthrax), Kira Reed,
Cady McClain, Dwayne Evans, Robert Lamm (Chicago), Desmond Wilson

Q of The Week: (see Monday)

Definitely need more details on this one- is it a live football game or
watching one on TV? Teams? Superbowl?

Sex with who? Anyone we want? And so on and so forth...

Jay Wulff Afternoons MD 96.1 KISS-FM Poughkeepsie NY

*Hmm, Jay...do I have to figure this out for you. Jets vs Giants...
Superbowl, of course...and I suppose anyone you can muster up
to have sex with! -JL

Why Jonathan, are you asking me out? ha ha...

You didn't say that the sex or the football game would be exquisite,
so I think I'd have to go with the meal! I mean, I get plenty of sex
and football as it is, but now that I have a one-year-old, fine
dining is not something that I get to do a lot of lately.

Chris Wagganer
Film Maker Los Angeles CA



Show was awesome!!...I need a nap every Saturday afternoon tho' !! LOL....
Thanks sooo much for playing the disc..you have no idea what it means to us.

All the best

Keith Jackson Glass Heroes Phoenix AZ www.myspace.com/glassheroes

Hey Jonathan,

Just wanted to touch base and express our gratitude for your support!
It means a great deal to us. Hopefully we can make it through Phoenix
soon and thank you in person!! Judging from your playlist you have an
awesome show!

We would love to send you a T-shirt and some vinyl if you are

Take Care,

Turu & Hiram The Human Value

* Thank you. I can't wait to hear the whole album.-JL

Just read your article on your site (KUKQ). Do you know where
Ernesto (Gladden) is now?

I knew him "back in the day" at WMMR in Philadelphia in the late 60's.


Gail Rosen catzactz@hotmail.com

*Gail, that is the 64,000 question! I also would like to know where
he is. I really miss him, and no one has any leads since 1998. That
would be the last time I spoke with him. I don't believe he is in
Phoenix. Maybe Florida, but not sure. I am putting your e-mail
address up so if anyone knows and contacts you...please let me
know. Thanks.- JL

October 12
Susan Anton
Birthday's today:
Jane Siberry, Luciano Pavarotti, Dusty Rhodes, Hugh Jackman,
Adam Rich, Kimberly Hoskins, Chris Wallace, Kirk Cameron, Pat Dinizio (Smithereens),
Tony Kubek, Jo Ann Willette, Nancy Kerrigan, Jose Valentine, Sally Little, Stan Hansen,
Dick Gregory, Sid Fernandez, Jeff Keith (Tesla), Sam Moore (Same and Dave)

Q of THE WEEK: (see Monday)

An exquisite meal, because as the priest at my church says he is a
foodie, loves good food, so am I.

But have no doubt SEX is very very close. I like to think of it as
what can I survive without, even though this is not the question.

I think of myself on an island (Survivor) it's the meal that I would crave!

Good one Jonathan.
Have you done one about TV, Computer, or Telephone?

Victor Caballero Pasadena CA Victor@thetopdeal.com


*I don't recall if I did or not Victor. What would be the question be exactly?-JL

Hey Jonathan,

I'm going to have to pull a Costanza here.

Gettin' a hummer from my classy girl while I watch the Indy Colts win
the Super Bowl as I wolf down a Morton's Steak Oscar.

Rubin Morning Jerk KWOD 105.5-FM Sacramento CA
www.kwod.net www.therubinstudio.com

Football game, cuz everyone else does all the work.

Geordie Gillespie Promotions Hollywood Records Burbank CA

October 11
MC Lyte
Birthday's today:
Kellie Martin, Holly Fields, Joan Cusack, Daryl Hall (Hall and Oates),
Dmitri Young, Ron Leibman, Andy McCoy (Hanoi Rocks), Ty Murray, Brianna Blaze,
Leslie Landon, Sean Patrick Flanery, Amy Louise Taylor, Kyoko Ina, Amos Gitai,
Blair Cunningham (Haircut 100), David Morse, Natalie Jay, Jon Moss (Culture Club),
Dawn French, Gene Watson, Thelonious Monk (R.I.P.), Jerome Robbins (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: (see Monday)

SEX. Hands down.

Lisa Biello PD WHRL Albany NY

The meal. I have a lot of wonderful of wonderful football memories
having so many games to choose from. Same with sex.

I haven't had as many memoriable me
als, although the company usually
has lot to do with an exqusite meal as well as the food preperation.

Ronnie Raphael rjswan@sbcglobal.net

Jon, Jon, Jon:

Sex, sex, sex! Might as well get naked under a blanket during the
football game to make it all happen. Forget the equisite meal, that is for
when you CAN'T have sex. Or when you are on a diet!

Love ya.

Jackie Selby Air personailty KOOL-FM Denver CO


Originated from: http://www.98kupd.com
Name: H. George
E-mail Address: Hgeorgeherbert@cox.net
City: Phoenix



I am not sure if this is the DJ that has been on Sat. morning the past two weeks,
but I had to write to say that has been the best music I have heard on 98 in years.

It reminds me of what I have missed the last 10 years or so on the radio-someone
who is not afraid to play something different.

The knuckles to the wheel style is exactly what 98 should strive for. I especially
like the older tracks like Television and Alien Sex Fiend.

I will be contacting 98 to see if your show can be expanded.

Could you let me know the name of a song played last week by "Guy Foresight"(?).

How about some Big Black "Kerosene" next week?

Talk to you later -HG

*Thanks HG. Cool. I like the tone of your e-mail. Makes it all worth it
doing the show. I will try and dig up up Big Black, and the artist was
Guy Forsyth. His song was "Long Long Time". He's an unsigned singer
from Austin TX. He does have a small label CD called Love Songs: For
& Against. Thanks again for your feedback.- JL

Originated from: http://www.98kupd.com
Name: David
E-mail Address: davesmoejoe@yahoo.com
City: Phoenix


How long you have been on Saturday mornings? I just caught you Labor
Day weekend for the first time, and have been listening every since.
Man, I haven't heard you since the KQ days.

Anyways, glad you're back. Dig your taste in music. Hoping you're gonna
turn me on to some cool new stuff.

I had Super Furry Animals stuck in my head this morning, then I turned on
the radio in the middle of The Damned, and afterwards, I could have swore
I heard you say you just played "Atomik Lust". You suck. That's ok, I had
"Ohio Heat" stuck in my head.

Thanks for playing the Southern Death Cult this morning too. That was a real
treat. My old records all got destroyed a few years ago.

I better stop, I'm probably rambling now, but I just want to comment on your
background music, and say the Reptile House EP is one my all time favorites.


* Ha...thanks David...glad you found me. I began "Lopsided World Of L"
on Saturday August 20. I purposely came back under the radar...which is
the way I wanted it. No pomp and circumstance. Ya know? Anyway, thanks
again for taking the time to write.-JL

October 10
Anita Mui
Fantastic Chinese actress and pop singer (1963-2003 R.I.P.)

Birthday's today:
David Lee Roth, Midge Ure (Ultravox), Julia Sweeney, Peter Coyote,
Brett Favre, Monika Kwiatkowska, Tanya Tucker, Pat Burrell, Chris Lowe (Pet Shop Boys),
Dale Ernhardt Jr., Jessica Harper, Kevin Paige, J Eddie Peck, Eric Martin (Mr. Big),
Mario Lopez, Naike Rivelli, Greg Douglas (Steve Miller Band), Bruce Devlin, John Prine,
"Maestro" Jimmy Fearnley (Pogues), Ben Vareen, Peter Jan Rens, Alan Rachins

Q of THE WEEK: Football, sex, an exquisite meal.
Given the choice of the 3. Which would you choose and why?


My choice to keep would be sex. The others I could do without if I had to.

David Ellefson
F-5 (formely of Megadeth) Ellefsonmusic@aol.com

What about sex, a football game on TV, and a pastrami on rye, aka 'the
trifecta', Costanza-style?

Gary Jay TVT Records
New York NY

Hi Jonathan,

Out of the three, I'd have to say....an exquisite meal. Food always

Sex? It's never simple...if only it was as easy to get as ordering an
exquisite meal!

At least the restaurant is open consistent regular hours.
Besides, a meal lasts longer than sex (at least with me).

Football? I could take it or leave it.

Thanks for asking me my opinion!

Howie Salmon Tucson AZ hsalmon@howardsalmon.com


A nice hard, fast fuck. A sensual, slow screw. On the floor, on the couch,
on the roof - just two people getting to those screaming, clawing orgasms.

FUCK FUCK FUCK. You with someone you love, making each other feel as
good as physically possible, until you're both exhausted.

Football? Sheesh. Who cares?

Doug "Sluggo" Roberts air personality KROQ Los Angeles CA

You can't answer this straight up, Jonathan. Waaaaaaay to many variables...
besides, any respectful husband would always pick the meal...if he knows
what's good for him.

"Boy" Troy Smith Cape Cod MA

**You ask SPITZER the question? Seriously**

I am going to a speech in Dallas that Elliot Spitzer is giving.
After the speech, there is a question-answer session with the

Since one of his agenda's seems to be the music/radio industry
without much public passion, I thought I would open it up to your audience
to try and determine a pertinent question.

-Name withheld by request

*NW...since you point out that there isn't much public passion...
which you are correct, so here is my question for Spitzer.

"Mr. Spitzer...considering the public's lack of passion for your fight
against the music and radio industry, why is it that a few bad apples
has helped numerous people who are honest persons, have been greatly
affected...losing their jobs and putting them more in financial stress,
putting many people on the unemployment lines? Doesn't this bother you
even a little bit?

- Jonathan L

October 9
"PJ" Polly Jean Harvey
Birthday's today:
John Lennon, Sean Ono Lennon, Sharon Osbourne, Eddie Guerreo,
Darius Miles, Tawny Roberts, Robert Wuhl, Al Jourgenson (Ministry), Scott Bakula,
Annika Sorenstam, Jackson Browne, Ini Kamoze, Joe Pepitone, Linwood Boomer,
Kenny Anderson, Zachery Ty Bryan, Randy Spelling, Roger (Chun-On Kwok) Kwok,
Jean & Liz Segal, John Entwhistle (The Who- R.I.P.), Peter Tosh (R.I.P.)

October 8
Sigourney Weaver
Birthday's today:
Matt Damon, Sarah Purcell, Chevy Chase, David Carradine, Paul Hogan,
Gavin Friday (Virgin Prunes), Rona Barrett, Ce Ce Winans, Dylan Neal, Stephanie Marrian,
Roy Royer (Procol Harum), Tony Wilson (Hot Chocolate), Candy "Lo Hau-Yam" Lo,
Rev. Jesse Jackson, Robert "Kool" Bell (Kool and The Gang), Michael Dudikoff, Matt Biondi,
Princess Juliana Edenia, Ricky Lee Phillips, Johnny Ramone (R.I.P.), Art Barr (R.I.P.)


You're right...I guess there is only one original Oedipus. But do you really think
Sophocles is going to mind that a DJ in Springfield has adopted the name of his
greatest protagonist?

Jim Kerr Director of Talent & Creative Services Pollack Media Group/Dallas
1121 Beachview Street #2214 Dallas, Texas 75218 214.324.9060

Loved the email response from the chick in Peoria, nothing like being able to
respond to a listener who won't affect you diary wise by giving them a piece
of your mind. Classic!

Troy Hanson Vice President of Promotion/Artist Management Wild Justice Management
28411 Northwestern Hwy Suite 930 Southfield, MI 48034 248.358.5818

October 7
Toni Braxton
Birthday's today:
Simon Cowell, Yo-Yo Ma, Thom Yorke (Radiohead), Judy Landers,
Tico Torres (Bon Jovi), Dino Valente (Quicksilver Messenger Service), Sam Brown,
Colin Cooper (Climax Blues Band), Ann Curless (Expose), Priest Holmes,
Desmond Tutu, Kevin Godley (10CC), Oliver North, John Couger Mellencamp,
Christopher Norris, Dave Hope (Kansas), Michael W. Smith, James Van Patten

Q of THE WEEK: RADIO NAMES (see Monday)

You can call it rape...I would call it an uncreative ripoff and pretty lame!

Robert Allen www.shala.com

I use my own name because people think it's fake :)

Joey Gusto (Juice-Toe) PD WBER Rochester NY

I think every DJ in the country should be called Shadow (or Shadoe)

Half already are, so getting the rest shouldn't be too hard.

Dave Lombardi VP Promotion Astralwerks New York NY

Ultimately, he'll have to drop it as it is a registered trademark...

Oedipus Vice President of Alternative Programming Infinity Broadcasting
154 Claybrook Rd Dover, MA 02030 617.787.7504

I agree...I also think that a "nickname" has to be naturally born...I'm dealing
with that right now...my consultant thought it would be a "good idea" for me
to just make up a nickname and start calling myself that...I've been on the air
as Dwight Arnold for over 20 years...why should I just change?...my ratings are
good and rising....thankfully my name was well recognized in our most recent
focus group....or might be on air right now as "Nutsack Arnold".

Dwight Arnold KMRJ Palm Springs CA

Hey that's lame, yeah and what does Homer think about all this?

Girls in Hawaii out Oct. 25th Finally!

Christian Unruh christian@chinashopmusic.com

Hi Jonathan!

You are right ! It is "name rape" and what a GREAT PHRASE for it.

I remember a morning man I worked with and he always said if you stole
from him you are stealing it twice then I found out he did STEAL another
jocks name too and alot of his material.....If you don't have any of your
own ideas and no creativity... I am sure next is hiring at the executive level. ;)

Summer James Actress, voiceovers Los Angeles CA

* You can go to the Archives page and read what Summer has
had to say in the past.-JL

True... I'm embarrassed for Oedipus #2.

What was he thinking?


Rich Michalowski 213.625.0892

I'm one to agree with you, which is funny because my last on-air name
was Adroq, a nickname given to me by a friend who took the first two
letters of my last name and the fact I'm a Beastie Boy fan into consideration.
I only spelled it with a Q because I'm such a (long distance) KROQ fan. I
never took flak from other industry pro's, but I did have a few listeners
upset at first.

So while I never would have used the same name as another on
air personality, I did use the name of well known musician. Does that put
me in the same category? If so, then call me a hypocrite and sign me up to
be caned.

Greggory Adams Houston TX

It seems as nothing is sacred in these bright and less than dazzling
days. It just seems to me, and I am not pulling one of those "back in my day"
trump cards...but it seems as though things had a little more shelf life...a
little more time to be looked over...a few more days in the window to be
browsed....you get where I am coming in from. As far as the "lifting"
of one's said moniker...there was a "Glass Heroes" in England...I fought
long and hard to finally get them to change it...and what did they change it
too??..."Stained Glass Heroes"!!!!...LOL. That's what I get!!

Band name karma!! LOL If you search Glass Heroes on the ever wonderous
"Google"...you will find our arch nemisis.

Jonathan, I hope all is well in your world...love the show...but it's
starting to annoy Susan when I set the alarm on her mornings to sleep
in...She will never understand what music means to me...but I love her
just the same!! LOL

Keith Jackson Glass Heroes Phoenix AZ


I agree with you, especially in this day and age of globalization.
It's not too difficult to do a little research to find out if there's someone
with that name. On the flip side, would anyone know who you are if you used a
name like "John Smith" or "Bob Johnson" on the Air?

Dean "Wirmer" Fait KALA Davenport, IA

* Actually, there are many with the name Johnson and Smith
on the airwaves around the country.- JL

Don't tell Tony Evans.

John Dixon Tempe AZ

* I have no idea what that means? But, okay.-JL

Hey Jonathan,

Nicknames/on-air names should ALWAYS be given.

My girlfriend is a "Boomer" but the name was given to her by her mom
when she was little. She was that kid with band-aides on both knees.

My on-air name is my real last name. People have been calling me "Rubin"
since I was in the 4th grade.

I agree though- to take a name unto yourself that's been established
(like Oedipus) is bullshit (or at least ignorant). There IS only one

Rubin (1/2 of Rubin & Sims mornings) on KWOD 106.5 Sacramento CA
www.kwod.net www.therubinstudio.com

October 6
Britt Ekland
Bond Girl in "The Man With The Golden Gun"-( also once married to
Slim Jim Phantom of the Stray Cats)

Birthday's today:
Fred Travalena, "Oil Can" Boyd, Ellen Travolta, Rubin Sierra, Yu Xia,
Kevin Cronin (REO Speedwagon), Glenn Branca, Samantha Torres, Jeffrey Trachta,
Lady Victoria Hervey, Bobby Farrell, Stephanie Zimalist, Tim Burgess, Jerry Wade,
Jennifer Oz Leroy, Lisa Sparxxx, Richard Jobson, Cees Veerman, Michael Durrell,
Lola Duenas, Rebecca Lobo, Inez Sainz, Robert Mitchum (R.I.P), Carol Lombard (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: Radio Names (see Monday)

My thought is why would anyone want the name "Oedipus"? What the hell
was that! You're name's gotta be something cool that fits you ... like,
"Sloppy Seconds" for a DJ that's a fat chick ... or ... "DJ Lock & DJ Load"
for a morning team who like guns ... Why does it have to be a name?

What about a phrase like "Cocaine Makes My Penis Tingle"? In the end,
it's radio and we're gonna have to name ourselves or our sales departments
are going to name us like "DJ Napa Auto Parts" or "DJ Microsoft".

um ... bone.

Scott Petibone PD WKRL Syracuse NY

*Scottso, all I can say is ...LOL...LOL...LOL. Especially love the last part.-JL


I believe, that Oedipus has been inducted in the broadcast division of the
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ,if that's the case, the name should be retired
with him, just like no Yankee will ever wear Joe DiMaggio's number
on a pinstripe.

Marc Alghini Come On! Management/Aurora Music Group
27 Ludlow Streetm Suite 4 New York NY 10002 646.862.4800

* Whether there really is a broadcast division of the Rock and Roll
of Fame or not, I agree...but you shoulda used Babe Ruth as example,
for he was a Red Sox player before he became a Yankee. I think
Oedie will not be pleased with a Yankee anaology-LOL-JL

Ultimately, he'll have to drop it as it is a registered trademark...

Oedipus Vice President of Alternative Programming Infinity Broadcasting
154 Claybrook Rd Dover, MA 02030 617.787.7504

Why would anyone wannabe Willobee? Although there is a Willy B that
I sometimes get confused with. AFTRA members have their names
protected, but not their jobs. Go figure.

Willobee Program Director 102.7 EQX - THE REAL ALTERNATIVE
Listen on-Line www.weqx.com


Originated from: http://98kupd.com
Name: Sarrah
E-mail Address: Frauschwarz14@yahoo.com
City: Peoria


PLEASE, stop plaything that stupid shit on the radio every Saturday!!!!!!!
Its sucks!!!

You work for KUPD, Arizona's Real Rock, not some pansy ass effing radio station!
Play some real music!!! Rammstein, Mudvayne, Distubed, Audioslave,
Days of the New, System of a Down...ect. PLEASE, I dread the radio every Saturday.

*Sarrah, wow, even if I played Rammstein (which I did a
couple of weeks ago)...a live version that rocked!...that probably
wouldn't satisfy you. I like the "stupid shit" I play, I'm sorry you
don't. PLEASE don't dread the entire day, it's only on for 3 hours.
A suggestion, you are from Peoria, spend that time cleaning up
your mobile home, and then at 10 AM come back and rock on!-JL

** I wouldn't reply from my 98 account, so I doubt this person
will ever see this. If she does...big f'n deal!- JL

October 5
Kate Winslet
Birthday's today:
Bernie Mac, Guy Pearce, Grant Hill, Mario Lemieux, Shell Kepler,
Michael Andretti, Sir Bob Geldof (Boomtown Rats), Karen Allen, Richey Reneberg,
Josie Bissett, Rex Chapman, Steve Miller (Steve Miller Band), Barry Switzer,
Peter Ackroyd, Lee "Kix" Thompson (Madness), Leo Branes (Hothouse Flowers),
Sandra "Puma" Jones (Black Uhuru), Sophie Favier, Troy Luccketta (Tesla),
Jeff Conway, Brian Connolly (The Sweet)

Q of THE WEEK: Radio Names (see Monday)


What can I tell you?!?!? I've been Dead Air Dave since '81, I know
there's one in Reno and the guy in N.Y. on the Stern show...and his
name ISN'T even Dave!!!

"Dead Air"Dave Sozinho Program Director KHWD/Howard 93.7
Infinity Broadcasting , Sacramento CA

I agree.

Geordie Gillespie Promotion Hollywood Records Burbank CA

Idea: why not use your frickin' name?

First? Last? Both? does everybody have to have a "handle" ?
is it "branding"?

Has the talent pool been watered down that much?

Bryan Jones San Diego CA

Ultimately, he'll have to drop it as it is a registered trademark...

Oedipus Vice President of Alternative Programming Infinity Broadcasting
154 Claybrook Rd Dover, MA 02030 617.787.7504

Hmm.. Interesting question J. But you gotta look at it from both sides:

On the one hand you bring up an excellent point in that a man with a history
in radio such as Oedipus (the Boston one) should be revered enough to have
his name kept intact.

On the other hand perhaps the REASON why this isn't happening so much is
that there isn't much of a tighly-knit community within the music industry as
there has been in years past-- and why that is can be a whole other topic for
another day, but suffice it to say that's how it is and that's that.

On the other hand... suppose Springfield, MO has their own scene going on
and they ARE somewhat detatched, both on the industry side and on the
listener side, from the fact that there is another Oedipus in Boston, and if
that is the case, then why shouldn't Oedipus (the Springfield one) be able to
keep his name?

Hey wait... that's three hands....

Lenny LaSalandra Combat Rock Promotion combatrock@earthlink.net

It's my fantasy...and you're in it!

Basaball has been vedy vedy good to me"-(don't remember who said that?)

As another season of Fantasy Baseball came to end this past
Sunday, I walk away with my second First Place finish. Boy, will
I be a target next year, so I think I'll enjoy the moment. Ok?


October 4, 2005

Dear Owners,

I want to thank you for a baseball season filled with so many memories.

It began with Mississippi Astros (Johnny Maze) shocker first round pick of
Jeff Bagwell and ended with The Artful Dodgers (Jonathan L) capturing the
top spot for the second-straight season and thoroughly dominated for most
of the season. Malibu Stat Mongers (Shawn Alexander aka The Commish),
that would be me, finished in second and caused Jonathan to sweat the final
weekend of the season. Rounding out the Top 3 is rookie sensation
Taylortown Ticks (Dave Lombardi), who managed to stay in the thick of
things throughout the season with a roster stacked with New York Mets.

For most of the second half, it was a five-team battle for both 2nd and
3rd place between Malibu Stat Mongers, Taylortown Ticks, Upstate
GarbagePlates (Jeff Sottolano), sJlongbALLERS (John Allers), and Jersey

Hawks (Jerry Rubino). Kudos to Cool Ethan (Jim Logrando) on a late-season
run to respectability.

The 4th Of July marked the first rejected trade by the league. The blockbuster
deal had Taylortown Ticks swapping Mike Cameron, Nick Johnson, Craig Counsell,
and Rodrigo Lopez to YrOfDAcub (Lance Hale) for Pujols, Aramis Rameriz, Garret
Anderson, and Brett Myers. It began a series of four rejected trades over the
course of a week and series of eye-opening message board posts between Brunswick
Stewarts (Dave Stewart) and Effin A�s (MoJo) that will never be recited, again.
What happens in the pool, stays in the pool!

The Commish-Shawn Alexander

What I will share are the Final 2005 Industry Hardball Standings, and the
faces behind each team:

------------------------------------------Hitting-Pitching- Total (in bold)

1. The Artful Dodgers (Jonathan L) 60 53.5 113.5
2. Malibu Stat Mongers (Shawn Alexander) 54 55.5 109.5
3. Taylortown Ticks (Dave Lombardi) 57 43 100
4. Upstate GarbagePlates (Jeff Sottolano) 55 43.5 98.5
5. sJlongbALLERS (John Allers) 33 61 94
6. Jersey Hawks (Jerry Rubino) 52 37 89
7. Cool Ethan (Jim Logrando) 41.5 43.5 84
8. YrOfDAcub (Lance Hale) 23.5 41 64.5
9. Brunswick Stewarts (Dave Stewart) 26.5 34 60.5
10. Trader Joe Jacksons (Kevin Jackson) 24 34.5 58.5
11. Sands Report Braves (Richard Sands) 42.5 15.5 58
12. Chico�s Bail Bonds (Jack DeVoss) 23.5 32.5 56
13. Mississippi Astros (Johnny Maze) 12 21.5 33.5
14. Effin A�s (MoJo) 20.5 10 30.5

Congrats to the winners:

1st Place- Jonathan L $350 (50%)
2nd Place- Shawn Alexander $210 (30%)
3rd Place� Dave Lombardi $140 (20%).

Thanks Shawn for inviting me 3 years ago to turn into
about the only thing "geeky" that can be said about me.
But serious, you are a great Commish, and all the
owners this year deserve congrats for trying as hard
as they could to take the top spot.-JL

October 4
Alicia Silverstone
Birthday's today:
Susan Sarandon, Anne Rice, Russell Simmons, Rachel Leigh Cook,
Linda McMahon, Armand Assante, Tony LaRussa, Mary Ellen Stuart, Jennifer Anglin,
Brian "BT" Transeau, AC Green, Meg Bennett, Clifton Davis, Jackie Collins, Kurt Thomas,
Michael Roman, Jimmy Workman, David W Harper, Charlton Heston, Mark MaClemore

Q of THE WEEK: Radio Names (see Monday below)

You need help. The next part timer I hire will be using the name
Jonathan L.

Lenny Diana PD WRZX Indianapolis IN

*Ya think Lenny? Very funny.-JL
** Lenny, it's not easy coming up with these questions of the week,
no excuse intended. Hey, maybe you can come up with a few for me?
Yeah, what a great idea...you're a brainy guy. DO IT!

I think nobody in Springfield has ever heard of Oedipus.

Kurt Steffek Razor And Tie Records New York NY

Ultimately, he'll have to drop it as it is a registered trademark...

Oedipus Vice President of Alternative Programming Infinity Broadcasting
154 Claybrook Rd Dover, MA 02030 617.787.7504


I believe it's ok if the persons name they're using is Dead.
If someone uses your name [JL] only means you made a huge impact on
their life.

Like they say..."Imitation is the first form of flattery".

FYI, Rapper 50 Cent is not the original 50 Cent. The original 50 Cent
was a drug dealer who was well respected in his community.

Mark Hill PreBook Los Angeles CA

Dude - fully. Since I rarely leave the house, and most humans who listen
to KROQ are lucky enough to have never really seen me, I've had people
tell me they met me at this or that club and why didn't I call, or, now, that
they were chatting with me on whatever board and why haven't I been on lately.

Wasn't me. Wasn't there - just people saying they are me. Yikes. Seriously,
say you're Jodie Foster or David Spade - someone INTERESTING, for fuck's sake!!!

Doug "Sluggo" Roberts air talent KROQ Los Angeles CA

October 3
Gwen Stefani
Photo by Frank W. Ockenfels III

Birthday's today:
Neve Campell, Tommy Lee, Lindsey Buckingham (Fleetwood Mac),
Al Sharpton, Roy Horn (Sigfried and Roy), Dave Winfield, Jack Wagner, Gore Vidal,
Madlyn Rhue, Ronnie Laws (Earth, Wind and Fire), "Stuttering" John Melendez,
Dennis Eckersley, Clive Owen, Frank Hannon (Tesla), Chubby Checker, Fred Couples,
Eddie Cochran (R.I.P.), Stevie Ray Vaughn (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: Radio names-

Sometimes it bugs me when someone will take the name of
someone who is well known and established.

There are a ton of "Sharks", "Boomers", and numerous
others. OK, but when someone like a jock in
Springfield MO (KQRA) takes the name "Oedipus", it's
looney. There is only ONE Oedipus!

You know, the guy from WBCN.

Maybe it's me, but I'm offended. I sure would be
offended if someone would call themself Jonathan L.
-How would you like to see more than one Ayo's, Jed
The Fish's, Sluggo's ?, as examples. Unique and
established names should be sacred. Just my opinion.

I call it name rape! What's your thoughts?????

Jonathan L (The real one)

Poor taste yes. A clear lack of understanding history and this persons
place in it, yes. Don't use the word rape. That's just drama.

Mike Stern VP Programming Emmis Chicago -- WKQX/WLUP

*Yes Mike, it is a bit dramatic using the word rape. But it makes
a point, besides I wouldn't be so offended...just a metaphor. Thanks
for responding though.-JL

Ultimately, he'll have to drop it as it is a registered trademark...

Oedipus Vice President of Alternative Programming Infinity Broadcasting
154 Claybrook Rd Dover, MA 02030

Well, Detroit has now had two Mojo's. The Electrifyin' Mojo, who was the
Frankie Crocker of the market (mixing Parliament and Ultravox) on WGPR
and WJLB in the '80s, and now the Mojo, who does mornings on top 40
WKQI. I would have thought that name was untouchable, too, particularly in
that market. But the new Mojo is doing just fine.

Sean Ross Edison Research


It was so great to see you, as always. Glad you got to meet some of the
fam, as well.

I'm in total agreement with you on the sacred name thing....but, I guess
they figure they are in another part of the country and have many new
listeners.....so, what the hell.....but, still not cool.

Talk soon,

The One and Only Jeanne Atwood! Upstate NY ilovecats53@netzero.net

*It was great to see you at the Gillespie's last week in L.A.
Hopefully one day you'll come and see us in Hotzona.-JL

Noah (a future Artful Dodger)


Hope your doing well. Sorry I haven't been in touch. Started a new job
and had a baby, all in the last 4 months. I finally feel like I am
settling down. You probably feel much the same way! How's Arizona? Do
you have any reason to come back to LA? if so, let me know and I will
score some Dodger tickets.

In any case, here is a new pix of Noah playing ball and a link to our
website...pictures and a short video of Noah being pitched to by
Reggie Smith.

Take care, and speak to you soon.

Andy Zicklin


Someone that most of us from the Phoenix area knew very well,
passed away on Saturday October 1. After a long battle with
mylogenous leukemia, Lissa Wales gave it her best fight,
but unfortunately succumbed. Lissa was absolutely the world's
most known photographer of drummers.

For well over two decades she was everywhere taking photos for
all the magazines for drummers and advertisements worldwide.
She traveled the world shooting Ian Wallace (King Crimson),
Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Steve Ferrone (Tom Petty),
and hundreds of others.

It's hard to put into words how much she will be missed.- JL

October 2
Kelly Ripa
Birthday's today:
Tiffany (Darwisch), Clive Barker, Don McLean, Lorraine Bracco,
John Otway, Maury Wills, Esai Morales, Jill Powell, Ricky Bell, Richard Hell (Voidoids),
Greg Jennings, Sting (Gordon Sumner), Lani O' Grady, Anna Ford, Rex Reed, Donna Karan,
Chris LeDoux, Roger Jett, Avery Brooks, Rodney "Yokozuna" Anoia (R.I.P.)

Hey Jonathan,

My favorite emails are when listeners quote me or just want to say
that they "get" the station.

Not much to make my day.

Rubin KWOD 106.5 FM Sacramento CA
www.kwod.net www.therubinstudio.com

As of this coming Monday (October 3), our new info is:

Barry Lyons Rent A Label
2448 23rd St. Santa Monica, CA 90405
(New Phone Number) 310.399.4440

Everything else remains the same. Thanks.

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Name: Mobile Home Boy
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City: Glendale


"Cinnamon Girl".... They just don't make it like that anymore.

Any chance you could whip out some old Bowie or Zappa today??? "Ziggy Stardust"
and "Cinnamon Girl" in the same day.... ya couldn't ask for more!

By the way, if you want to hear some killer metal / hard rock, check out the website:


Thanks for the good tunes,


* Recieved this a few hours after my show. I played old Bowie last week,
might consider something by Zappa in the future, and the version of
"Cinnamon Girl" was by Type O' Negative. Thanks for listening.-JL

October 1
Cindy Margolis
Birthday's today:
Randy Quaid, Stella Stevens, Jimmy Carter, Annie Leibovitz, Rod Carew,
Cub Coda (Brownsville Station), Michelle Bauer, Youssou N'Dour, Beth Chamberlain,
Donny Hathaway, Roberto Kelly, Keith Duffy, Stephen Collins, Tom Bosley, James Whitmore,
Martin Turner (Wishbone Ash), Phillip Oakley (Human League), Brian Greenway (April Wine),
Howard Hewett (Shalamar), Jay Underwood, Walter Matthau (R.I.P.), Ricahrd Harris (R.I.P.)