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September 30

Jenna Elfman
Birthday's today: Johnny Mathis, Anngie Dickinson, Jose Lima, Christina Marsillach,
Fran Dresher, Eric Stolz, Marty Stuart, Martina Hingus, Pinky Cheung, Patrice Rushen,
Barry Williams, Victoria Tennent, Gladys Portugues, Jada DeVille, Deborah Kerr,
William christian, Frank Zincavage (Romeo Void), Marilyn MaCoo (5th Dimension),
Deborah Allen, Dewey Martin (Buffalo Springfield), Len Cariou (Four Seasons),
Jody Powell, Buddy Rich (R.I.P.), Truman Capote (R.I.P.), Marc Bolan (T-Rex R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: Got any e-mails you want to share?

Good to hear from you Jonathan,

As you may, or may not know, we're new to the Las Vegas market. We
just joined Myspace.com @ www.myspace.com/xtremedisorder, and the
comments we've gotten are very encouraging:

* There ya go Dave, I love to listen to the radio when I surf the net, and
x 107.5 is my favorite station. I think more DJ's should put out their myspace
id's! Keep up the good work dude! -Jay

* Ya know, it's funny...I was just checking around here the other day to see
if you guys had a page up, but sadly I found nothing. Then I heard you mention
your new myspace page on-air today...I coulda peed my pants from the excitment!
You guys RULE!! =) -Katie


Sent in from:

"Attention Deficit Dave" Farra MD Xtreme Disorder X 107.5
Xtreme Rock Radio
Las Vegas NV

I just got one this week that kind of blew my mind.

91X in San Diego (where I worked a long time ago) recently announced that
they were bringing back some of their old time radio personalities and shows
like Marco Collins and Loudspeaker. I got an email from someone in San Diego
who went to the trouble of google searching the name of my interview show
"Backstage Pass" and emailed me through my website www.musicmeeting.org
saying 'Hey they're bringing old shows back to 91X...will you be bringing back
Backstage Pass to 91X?" That blew my mind because Backstage Pass hasn't aired
on 91X in 12 years and hasn't been on in San Diego at all in 10 years.

That was very positive and rewarding to read...

Dwight Arnold KMRJ Palm Springs CAHere�s one from this week!

Sent in from Willobee WEQX


I am just back to work today after a few days of Rn'R in the Adirondacks...and
how awesome was it to scan and find YOU!

This station, aside from that HORRIBLE Coldplay song, which as one of your
DJ's said should be on a Red Cross PSA-argh!, I LOVE IT!!!

I live on Long Island, a music mecca, just outside of the big apple...and let me
tell you, there couldn't be worse music on FM out here-hard to believe but true!

At least half of the people I know are switching to XM or the other satellite
music options...why, because it's ALL classic rock (which is good, sometimes)
or booty-shaking crap...and mind you, we could all use a good booty shaking now
and then, but I would prefer to get that shaking to your music.

-If you know alternative, maybe you remember WLIR or WDRE...they were the
"First in alternative Rock" or something like that was their logo...well they closed
one location-it went into a Spanish station and the other hanging on by a string
plays all bubble gum teeny-bopper music, no Depeche or NIN there! SOOO SAD!

This saves my sanity...now if I could just get you in my car! (Argh!)

Thanks, Jennifer

~The best ideas come after you think you've run out of them.~


From: jbaumes@yahoo.com [mailto:jbaumes@yahoo.com]
Sent: Tuesday, August 30, 2005 3:28 PM
To: willobee@weqx.com
Subject: Feedback

Originated from: http://weqx.com/contactus.asp

Name: Jason Baumes

E-mail Address: jbaumes@yahoo.com

City: Binghamton


In a time of continually growing and centralizing corporations, its
good to know you are out there.

viva la gente

From: shieldsfamilymd@msn.com [mailto:shieldsfamilymd@msn.com]
Sent: Friday, August 26, 2005 11:44 AM
To: willobee@weqx.com
Subject: Feedback

Originated from: http://www.weqx.com/contactus.asp

Name: Tyler Shields

E-mail Address: shieldsfamilymd@msn.com

City: Rockville, MD


I'm an Albany ex-patriot living in the Washington, DC metro area, and
I've recently rediscovered EQX's live webcast. For years I've lived in
playlist hell down here and am thrilled to find a station that dares to
empower it's DJ's to pick great music. Imagine my surprise to find out
that there are other "alternative" bands than just the Foo Fighters,
Weezer and Green Day. Jeepers.

You were one of my favorites back in Albany, and are now my favorite in
the DC area (praise the internet).

Thank you EQX!

I got an e-mail that said "god spoke to me this morning and wanted me to let
you know, you're doing a great job"

Tard at Planet 965 KFTE Lafayette LA

Wish I had one, but I deleted them...

Joey Gusto PD WBER Rochester NY

September 29
Erika Elaniak (Baywatch)
Birthday's today: Emily Lloyd, Bryant Gumbel, Mari Wilson, Andrew "Dice" Clay, Ann Hu,
Ken Norton Jr., Les Claypool (Primus), Mike Post, Karen Young, Mick Harvey, Don Nix,
Jean-Luc Ponty, Jerry Lee Lewis, Anita Ekberg, Jake Westbrook, Suzzy Roche (Roches),
Jill Whelan, Tom Sizmore, David Sammartino, Leslie Graves, Emily Evelyn Chase,
Mark Farner (Grand Funk Railroad), Lizabeth Scott, Ken Weatherwax, Danielle DuClos

Q of THE WEEK: Your e-mails please

Some jail mail, enjoy! Pauly WZZP/Clarksville TN

Pauly-what up man? I'm wanting to request some songs for the Methenbrug
County Jail laundry room. Hell we listen to your show every nite and wanted
to here "Seek And Destory","Sanitorium", & "For Whom The Bell Tolls". We rock
out to y'all here in Greenville KY. Keep it rockin' Pauly. Shout it out to us man, we
will smoke a fatty for later man.

Pauly, what up man? Hey man we appreciate the shout out! We also liked the
double shot. Hell I had a lot of people trippin' on that. We are in a pretty
good place to be doing time. My click is just a few of us unfortunate
caught up dealers that like to rock hard keep it up man I was kinda hoping
we could get another block in sometime soon we would like to hear "Fade To
Black", "Enter Sandman", and "Kill 'Em All". Neway's, that's what I'd like to do to
the rat that got me here. Alright man, keep up the good music I got the whole
class listening up here in Muhlenburg County. Hell I don't live to far from
Clarksville myself down in Logan County. I'll be home soon.

Laundry room Muhlenburg County Jail


Yes, it is certainly a good thing when a positive e-mail comes while
being employed in radio. Hopefully I'll be back in that situation soon.
I thought I'd hit ya with one of the many e-mails I received following
my "still puzzling" exit from Sirius. You should see the BOATLOAD I
got when WLIR canned me when the VP found out I was working at the
"enemy" (satellite) back in spring of 2000! Ya gotta love your
listeners...they can certainly make a bad day, better.

Jerry Rubino

Hello Jerry,

I'm VERY annoyed with the "new sound" of Alt Nation. I just
KNEW they'd have to go and "mainstream" it, and I hate it. LofC is
still okay (not AS good), but I feel that Sirius has gone downhill
TREMENDOUSLY since you and Don Kaye were shown the door.

To me, Alt Nation under your watch was the best alternative format in
the country, hands down. Perhaps XM has room?

Brad Savage

Originated from: http://www.98kupd.com

Name: Linda Cross

E-mail Address: Lcross22@yahoo.com

City: Scottsdale


I love your show!! I'm up every Sat. morning early to catch it. Saturday you played
a group called "Something" Heros. The song was really awesome!! I couldn't stop
singing it..."Turn off your tv"!! Where the hell can I find that record..and is it
old?, or new?? It's funny, my best friend called me Sunday morning and was like.."oh
my god" that song is stuck in my head!!" Could you please let me know who they are?
and what the name of the song is!! please play it again, and keep up the good work.
We used to listen to you on KUKQ. Thanks again


*Linda, the band is from Phoenix. They are Glass Heroes. Their self-titled
CD is available I believe all over the Valley. The song was "Turn It Off"
actually. Thanks for tuning in.

September 28
Hillary Duff
Birthday's today:
Mira Sorvino, Carrie Otis, Lou Pinella, Bridgette Bardot, Peter Egan,
Heather Sears, Fiona Lewis, Jennifer Rush, Moon Unit Zappa, Vincent Kartheiser,
Naomi Watts, Anndi Lynn McAffe, Karen Ashley Jackson, Alanah Currie (Thompson Twins),
Billy Montana, George Lynch (Lynch Mob), Todd Worrell, Helen Shapiro, Susan Walters,
Saffron LeBon (Simon's Daughter), Vanessa Vadim (Jane Fonda's Daughter), Luis Enriques,
Janeane Garofalo, Paul Burgess (10CC), Herbert Jefferson Jr.

Q of THE WEEK continues:
Your e-mails, that you've recieved and would like
to share with the JL Radio readers.


Not sure what this is exactly, but enjoy....I sure did :)

Hey girl you rock!

Just wanted to drop a line tellin' ya' I always appreciate ya' coming on
my radio and makin my day a little better. Hmmm... lemme think...
hang on actually lemme drink...(drinking always helps me write better)


My name is Justan and my job isnt nearly as cool to say, but I work as
a driver, which is cool cause it means I get to listen to you and the
tunes you play me all afternoon. Ummm I'm 21, like to cook, like to drink, like
to jay walk. (haha this is soundly like a bad personal ad... "Hi I'm
Justan and I like little baby ducks, tomatoes in the rain, and pain..." (just

OK so now that I've written you a drunken letter we'll see if your
REALLY cool and respond. Justan

Sent in from:

Mel Music Director 100.9 KRZQ FM
300 E 2nd St, 14th floor Reno NV, 89501 775.333.7626

*more e-mails that you have sent when I return.
And if you haven't sent one...well...go right ahead
and do it!

September 27
Avril Lavigne
Birthday's today: Gweneth Paltrow, Andy Lau, A Martinez, Shaun Cassidy, Del Rusel,
Mike Schmidt, Marvin "Meatloaf" Lee Aday, Don Cornelius, Liz Torres, Robb Weller,
Robby Shakespeare (Sly & Robbie), Greg Ham (Men At Work), Jayne Meadows,
Steve Boone (Lovin' Spoonful), Dick Schapp, Wilford Brimley, Kathleen Nolan,
Denis Lawson, Steve Kerr, Randy Bachman (Bachman Turner Overdrive),
Greg Morris (Mission Impossible R.I.P.), Roger C Carmel (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: Your e-mails please-lol

This sent in from: Mike Marrone XM Satellite Washington DC

Thanks for all you do.
Mike and Kate,

You are both awesome. You have built a station that represents what I
want out of my radio. It is not an understatement to say that I have
rediscovered music because of your programming. Like many, I had turned
to talk radio to get away from what was going on with music programming
everywhere. Thanks, keep up the good work. I will be listening about 7
hours a day.

PS - How do you both do it? There is magic there somewhere. No one
works 12 hours a day, every day. As much as I miss when your off, get a
life so that you can go on for years. No burn out allowed.

PSS - Is there ever a chance to go to a Loft Sessions? I drive by your
building in DC all of the time and live in Maryland.

Thanks Again!

Dick Cohen Business Resource Manager Sysco Foodservice of Baltimore


I worked at KFMA for a brief period of time on the weekends. My Aunt
Margie Wrye helped me get in contact with you and you so graciously gave
me thejob.

Although that long drive from Apache Junction to Wickenburg was
rough,it was truly an honor to play a very small part in that station.

I currently operate a very small online station here in Queen Creek and do a
weekend shift for Radio Free Phoenix (www.radiofreephoenix.com). Reading
the story of KUKQ & KEYX on your site was great and look forward to the
continuing story.

Again thank you for the gig at KFMA! I wish that signal did
saturate Phoenix. Working at KEDJ with John Clay was really a souring
experience that bothers me to this day.

Take Care & Best Wishes,

Shon White The Point 99.1 FM Queen Creek Arizona.
Serving The World @ www.kqcx.com

September 26
Olivia Newton-John (yes, that's her today)
Birthday's today:
Serena Williams, Linda Hamilton, Bryan Ferry (Roxy Music),
Melissa Sue Anderson, Tracy Thorn (Everything But The Girl), Mary Beth Hurt,
Georgie Fame, Kent McCord, Donna Douglas, Carlene Carter, Lynn Anderson,
Shawn Stockman (Boyz II Men), James Keane, Graham Faulkner, Martha Nix,
Craig Chaquico (Jefferson Starship), Lysette Anthony, Darby Crash (Germs R.I.P.)

Do you get e-mails? Like to share them with us?


I recently moved from Arkansas to Indiana and it's always cool to have a
listener from the old place find you online at your new place (even with
a name change), just got this the other day:



Good stuff, thanks Justin. I do miss Arkansas, but I have to admire the
blatant honesty of the new listeners here in the mid-west.

Got this one a few weeks ago. Not sure what category this REALLY falls into:

I listen to the Bear all the time,and I usually
turned it off when you came on. Just annoying all
around. But after shittin around the Bear site, I saw
your page featured Johnny Cash. Youre good in my book
from here out. -Adam

Thanks, I think. God Bless e-mails and the man in black.
Get that kid a ratings book quick--I think.

Stiller MD/Nights, WBYR Ft. Wayne IN

Oh, Jonathan,

The dumb hate mail is far more interesting.
Kat Corbett days KROQ Los Angeles CA

From my e-mail account on www.98kupd.com

Name: Bob Gromko

E-mail Address: mgbgmg@aol.com

City: Gilbert



I really enjoyed reading your link "STORY OF ONE OF THE HISTORICAL
I remember hearing in real-time all ofthe on-air descriptions that you
wrote about in great detail.

Several of my friends and I fall into the 40-plus year-old demographic
that remember the evolution of alternative music that you started in Phoenix.
The only part missing for me is John Dixon's role in temporarily kick-starting
starting K15 AM back in '81 or '82. With the recent sale of 103.9 FM "The Edge"
to the current owners of KZON, I can only imagine that the only true venue of
alternative music will come from your morning show at KUPD.

I hope your gig at KUPD sticks around for awhile. Thanks again Jonathan.

*Bob, first of all, thank you for the kind words. Believe me, you are stuck
with me for a long time at KUPD. It's home for me. The show is not exactly
alternative. It is a very eclectic show. But, I'm sure you can tell that by now.
As far as K15 AM, Johnny gave it a brave shot in 1980. Unfortunately it
only lasted 6 months. Another case of being ahead of it's time. Same goes
for KEYX, the station Johnny and I put on in 1986 in Mesa.-JL

Name: David

E-mail Address: cygnus4815@cox.net

City: Phoenix



Sooooo glad to have you back on the air in Phoenix. Used to listen to
you on KUKQ and KEYX. I also used to call you from Tucson all the time
when you had the KUPD show back in the late 80s (thank god for the 800
number that they had).

Anyhoo, just wanted to say welcome back. You are responsible for about
90% of my album (yes, vinyl) collection and a large chunk of my CD's.

Thanks for the music,

*Thank you David. Keep that vinyl, worth alot nowaday's.-JL

Name: Todd Mefferd

E-mail Address: tomef63@msn.com

City: Queen Creek, AZ


Hey Jonathan,

While out in the garage working on my truck a little earlier than normal
last Saturday, I caught your show for the first time. OUTSTANDING!!

The best three hours of radio I have heard in a long,long time. I am
41 years old and I thought I was pretty hip to 80's music but Gene Loves
Jezebel "Twenty Killer Hurts" from The House Of Dolls 1987, blew me away.

Never heard it before. Keep up the great show. I look forward
to hearing it again this Saturday.


*Thanks Todd. I like weaving stuff from the 80's, 70's and the 90's, and
somehow making all seem like it belongs together with new music that I
also play. Bunches of fun for me and you listeners I hope.-JL

September 25
Catherine Zeta Jones (Douglas)
Birthday's today:
Will Smith, Mark Hamill, Bridgette Wilson, Billy Dee, Hal Sparks,
David Weathers, Cheryl Tiegs, Barbara Walters, Scottie Pippen, Heather Locklear,
Phil Rizzuto, John Locke (Spirit), Michael Madsen, Anson Williams, Bob McAdoo,
Mimi Kennedy, John Fiddler, Tony Womack, Christopher Reeve (R.I.P.)

September 24
Linda (Eastman) McCartney (R.I.P.)

Birthday's today:
Rosamund Kwan, Kevin Sorbo, Rafael Palmeiro, Chris Nowinski,
Megan Ward, Gordon Clapp, Gene Watkins, John Mackey, Lee Aaker, Jim McKay,
Kevin Millar, Sheila MacRae, Anthony Newley, Jerry Donahue (Fairport Convention),
Gerry Marsden (Gerry & The Pacemakers, Catherine Burns, "Mean" Joe Greene,
Natalia, Paul Michael Valley, Jim Henson (Muppets R.I.P.), Phil Hartman R.I.P.)

September 23
Ani Difranco
Birthday's today:
Bruce Springsteen, Julio Iglesias, Jason Alexander, June Forester,
Mickey Rooney, Mary Kay Place, Patti Weaver, Jeff Cirillo, Matt Hardy, Rosiland Chao,
Don Grolnick, Maren Jensen, Pete Harnisch, Elizabeth Pena, Ronald Bushy (Iron Butterfly),
Paul Peterson (Donna Reed show), Eric Montrose, Ray Charles (R.I.P.), Roger Grimsby
(R.I.P.), Romy Schneider (R.I.P.), John Coltrane (R.I.P.), Roy Buchanan (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: What new TV shows are you looking forward to?

TV??? What's that??? LOL :-)

Hope you're well. Roger Smith asked about ya last week.

Holly Hutchison IL Sistema, CEO Artist Management/A&R Executive
732.978.0160 cell/home office www.egyptcentralmusic.com

* Ha...what's Roger Smith ??? I've left him numerous messages over the past
months, and guess what? He never calls back. He must be a busy busy guy
out there in Palm Springs. Yeah...right!-LOL-JL

Well, it'll be awhile yet for the greatest TV show EVER to start its
5th season, but I'm most anticipating 24, as I am every year. In the
meantime, I'll be endulging in my new found love of The Office.

If you haven't watched this show you are VERY much missing out.
I've only caught 2 episodes, so far, and I'm already hooked. Overall,
I'm not a big TV guy, so it'll pretty much be those two, some poker on
TV once and awhile, OF COURSE football (Skol Vikings!) and I might
check out this new Jason Lee show, My Name Is Earl.

That is all...peas

Polychronopolis PD/Afternoon Buffoon WRN Alternative Now Waitt Radio Networks
1000 N. 90th St. Suite 105 Omaha, NE 68114 Direct: 402.952.7611
www.heyradioguy.com The Original Localization CompanyT

As for new comedies, I'm going to definitely check out My Name Is Earl
and Twins, because I'm a big fan of Jason Lee and Sara Gilbert, respectively.

As for new dramas, Surface and Invasion have definitely piqued my interest.

As far as returning shows, I can't wait for the premieres of Desperate Housewives,
Lost, Arrested Development, and...wait for it...The King Of Queens (love that show).

Austin Davis MD WEEO/WGMR
10 Vairo Blvd. # 40B State College, PA 16803
Call times: Thursdays Noon-2pm EST at 814.867.3934

*The premiere episodes of Lost and King Of Queens rocked! The
stripper pole episode of KOQ could go down in history as one the
funniest ever!- JL

Battlestar Gallactica. Not the original one, the new one on SCI-FI.

Troy Smith Capecod MA

September 22
(there is only one) Joan Jett
Birthday's today:
Bonnie Hunt, Scott Baio, Eric Stolz, Lute Olsen, Mike Mathany,
Johnette Napolitano (Concrete Blonde), Debby Boone, Shari Belafonte, Paul Le Mat,
Meryl Streep, Nick Cave (Bad Seeds), Rob Stone, Billie Piper, Lynn Herring,
King Sunny Ade, David Stern, Art Metrano, David Coverdale (Whitesnake),
Chae-yeong Yu, Wally Backman, Catherine Oxenberg, Johnny Valentine (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK continues

"I'm looking forward to the return of the NHL!" *

*milk shoots from nose...gut hurts...falls on floor laughing

Pauly WZZP-WEGI Clarksville TN

The best show on television is DOG The Bounty Hunter! Hands down.
I am anticipating the new season of Hell's Kitchen and am really
anxious for My Name Is Earl!

Monk Production Director WBEI, WTUG, WDGM, WFFN, WJRD, WTSK
142 Skyland Blvd. Tuscaloosa, AL 35405 205.247.4805

Monday: Monday Night Football
Tuesday: The Real World
Thursday: Survivor and The Apprentice
Sunday: The Simpsons

I read up on all the new shows, but nothing sounded good.

Joey Gusto PD WBER
2596 Baird Road Penfield, NY 14526-2333

New Talent at WHRL, welcome Capone

Capone is a mixed breed that was born at KWOD in Sacramento, but spent
some time at a "No Kill" shelter known as WIXV in Savannah. He's really cute,
but needs to be house-trained (he still gets up on the furniture!!). We believe
with discipline and tough love, he'll be a great Music Director!!

Please, roll up your newspapers and scold him at 518.690.4727 on Wednesdays
and Thursdays from 2P-5P...but please, don't rub his nose in it, okay?? And
remember, he only remembers what he did in the past five minutes...When he's
a good boy, you can send your praise via email at capone@channel1031.com.
Please, be nice to Capone...and don't let him drink too much tequila or you'll have
to clean up a mess!!

Lisa Biello PD WHRL Albany NY

September 21

Two Bleached Blondes, two generations: (L) Nicole Ritchie (R) Faith Hill
Which Birthday girl is hotter?

Birthday's today: Liam Gallager (Oasis), Cheryl Hines, Jerry Bruckheimer, Ann Elder,
Ricki Lake, Scott Spezio, Nancy Travis, Stephen King, Bill Murray, Trugoy (De La Soul),
Luke Wilson, David Coulier, Ethan Coen, Fannie Flagg, Henry Gibson, Melvin Van Peebles,
Don Felder (Eagles), Leonard Cohen, Henry Gibson, Cecil Fielder, David James Elliott,
Artis Gilmore, Don Preston (Mothers Of Invention), Rick Mahorn, Jack Bisco, Ricky Morton,
Corinne Drewery (Swingout Sister), Joseph Mazzello, John Mengatti, Rebecca Balding,
Susan Maureen Fitzgerald, Rob Morrow, Philip "Philthy Animal" Taylor (Motorhead)

Q of THE WEEK: The new TV season is upon us.
Which shows inspire you enough to spend your time?

My Life On The D-List, that Kathy Griffen reality show. I can honestly say
I've never watched a reality show all the way through until now. Kathy Griffen
is always funny and yeah- she's probably not a "D" list celeb but she milks it,
she's really not the most attractive person but is so talented she's kinda' hot,
and the best part is watching her husband quietly go along for the ride.

Rubin of Rubin & Sims, mornings on KWOD 106.5 FM Sacramento CA
www.kwod.net www.therubinstudio.com

Curb Your Enthusiasm
King Of Queens
Two And A Half Men
My Name Is Earl

What I need back SOON:

Blow Out

Jerry Rubino The CMJ Network / WCHR - FM

JOEY has to be MUCH BETTER this year to last..
Also, I am looking forward to THE WEST WING to see
who they spin the show off to as the next President.
Heather Locklear joins the cast of BOSTON LEGAL, so I
can't wait for that...and FINALLY, WWE RAW is back on
the USA Network...lol

Johnny Maze PD WRXW Jackson MS

I'm a big fan of the spelling bees. You should tune in.

Dave Lombardi Director of Promotion Astralwerks
104 W. 29th St., 4th fl. NY, NY 10001 212.886.7506
IM: LombardiWerks www.astralwerks.com

*Interesting Dave. Every year for some strange reason while
channel surfing, I always run into it on ESPN. Then I can't
leave it, so I watch it all the way through. Nothing better
than watching 10-14 year-olds sweating their way through
words I could never spell.-JL

"Lopsided" feedback


Thanks so much for spinnin' the Glass Heroes new CD...It means a hell of
alot to us...tryin' to break out a little bit late in life...but hey!!...it's amazing
how the CD is doing. After opening for the Sex Pistols a couple of years ago
...we made the jump to really get out there!! It's been awesome!! We are
playing California more than here at home...but we'll be playing alot of
locals. Just did the Vibrators in Cali', and I booked them here at the Rythym
Room Oct.13th. Should be great. Hope ya' like the disc.. as much as we
liked makin' it!!

The response we got on our website from both yours and Larry's shows..was
wild!! Tons of mail!!. It really does make a difference...and we really need it!!
We believe in our music...and where it comes from. Thanks sooo much!! Pop
by the George & Dragon Pub...let me buy ya' some lunch or dinner!!!
cheers...all the best.

God Speed ya'

Keith Jackson www.glassheroes.com

PS: I got a contributors mention in Susan Dynner's new film
www.punksnotdeadthemovie.com plus, there's a little blurb
on the Glass Heroes. I gave her tons of old punk film & VHS
footage I have compiled since Beta recorders!!! Got the Clash
on Fridays & first Saturday Night Live show...very cool. Plus tons of
stuff Ron Ashton gave me when I was a kid in Ann Arbor...& some
stuff handed down by Pete Bankert. They used a bunch for the
film...very pleased.

September 20

Maggie Cheung (One of the finest actors to come out of China)

Birthday's today: Sophia Loren, Anne Meara (Ben Stiller's mom), Arn Anderson,
Mike Richter, Chris Douridas, Greg Valentine,John Easdale (Dramarama),
Dr. Joyce Brothers, ChesneyLee Haskes,Nuno Bettencourt (Extreme), Chris Douridas,
Rachel Roberts (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: The new TV season begins, so what
are you looking forward to?


I will miss Rock Star INXS! It has been keeping me going this summer!

Rome is a good new one on HBO.

Over all, fuck the networks. It's is mostly crap. Especially reality

Jackie Selby Air Personailty KOOL-FM Denver CO

I pretty much just watch Amazing Race (though with it being the family
edition, I dunno if I can stomach a dad screaming at his kid), Family
Guy, Simpsons, American Dad, South Park (hey there's a theme here...)
& whatever else is on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network.

Law & Order re-runs. whatever is on Fuel TV. The Alternative on VH1 Classic.
Ellen, People's Court (love Marilyn Milian) & Price is Right in the background
during the day. any music\documentaries. that sort of thing. I don't watch a
lot of "new sitcoms" or "must see TV".

If they ever put Sopranos back on, I'll get HBO those months.
then in May the WNBA starts all over again. :)

Liz Koch Notorious Promotions Queens NY

*Wow, Liz...you watch a lot of TV. Judge Milian does rock!-JL

There are other shows to watch other than the CSI franchise? Can't
wait for Deadwood and 24 to return. That new Hurricane one with Aliens
looks good.

Larry Mac Red Radio Underground KUPD Phoenix AZ

C. S. I.

Mark Felsot Little Steven's Underground Garage Los Angeles CA

September 19
Leslie "Twiggy Lawson" Hornby
Birthday's today:
Lita Ford, Trisha Yearwood, Jeremy Irons, David McCallum,
Freda Payne, Jimmy Fallon, Matthew Perry, Christy Chung, Joe Morgen, Rex Smith,
David Bromberg, Kevin Hooks, Osamu Matsuda, Joan Lunden, Jeremy Jordan,
Kim Richards, Lola Davidson, Al Oerter, Jim Abbott, Daniel Lanois, Scott Colomby,
John Coghlan (Status Quo), Bill Medley (Righteous Brothers), Nick Massi (4 Seasons),
Adam West (Batman), Brian Epstein (Beatles Manager R.I.P.), Francis Farmer (R.I.P.),
"Mama" Cass Elliott (Mama's and Papa's R.I.P.), Edwin "Duke" Snider (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: The new TV season begins.
Which shows to unwind will get you most excited?

I am digging Rome on HBO. It is really cool and debauched, and have
guilty pleasured on Rock Star INXS. "Nice outfit Brooke." "You used to
be a pretty dangerous guy, Dave."

Steve Tipp Los Angeles CA

Most interesting to me...the return of Desperate Housewives, The
Sopranos, Huff, what pro wrestling wars may develop with NWA-TNA getting
a slot on Spike as WWE moves back to USA!!!!!! And I can't forget that
now the greatest indoor sport, the NHL moves to the Outdoor Living
Network. Whew, JL is that a slobberknocker or what??? (Mr. Rosen will
get that!!!)

Tommy Nast Network Live Los Angeles CA

* I do Tommy. Didn't know that the NHL will be on Outdoor Living
Channel. How weird. Is that for real?-JL

Yo Jonathan,

How are things in Zona? Still busy around here and I'm sorry I've been
out of touch! I'll catch-up with you early next week and see what's going

By the way, as far as TV shows and the "New TV Season," it starts with
the NFL season kicking in. Game #1, that counts and all the games that
follow, are "must see TV!" Although, "LOST" and "Desperate Housewives"
are a must again this year.

(Keep in mind, Desperate Housewives can be seen with the
volume muted!)

Hope all is well! Take care,

Chris Reeves Operations Manager Waitt Radio Networks
1000 N. 90th St. Suite 105 Omaha, Ne. 68114 402.952.7612
creeves@wrnonline.com The Original Localization Company�

September 18
Kim Wilde ("Kid's In America")
Birthday's today: Lance Armstrong, Billy Drago, Fred Willard, Jada Pinkett-Smith,
Toni Kukoc, Douglas "Dee Dee Ramone" Colvin (R.I.P.), Frankie Avalon, Rick Pitino,
Jason Bentley, Roman Polanski, Ryne Sandberg, James Gandolfini, Robert Blake,
Holly Robinson-Peete, Joanne Catherall (Human League), Tara Fitzgerald,
Ricky Bell (New Edition/Bell Biv Devoe), Jensen Buchanan, Lindsey Campbell,
Mike Hossack (Doobie Brothers), Marangela Melato, Kerry Livgren (Kansas)

Kreigs on the move

I begin October 3rd as Operations Manager in Springfield, MO for
Midwest Family Group October 3rd.

I join the company from WCDD/WBYS Canton, IL where I was General Manager.

Midwest Family Group owns KOSP (Oldies), KQRA (Alternative), KKLH
(Classic Rock), and KOMG (Classic Country).

Questions? Call me at 309.338.7832 Thanks. All the best.

Paul Kriegler

September 17
Cassandra "Elvira" Peterson
Birthday's today: Rasheed Wallace, Doug E. Fresh, Rita Rudner, Keith Flint (Prodigy),
Orlando Cepeda, Nikki Crawford, Yvonne Yung Hung, Phil Jackson, Sterling Moss,
Dustin Nguyen, Fee Waybill (Tubes), Lord Jammer (Brand Nubian), Masahiro Chono,
John Franco, Mark Brunell, Steve Sanders (Oak Ridge Boys), Christian Conrad, Suzy Cote,
Malick Yoba, Lamonte McLemore (5th Dimension), John Ritter (R.I.P.), Ken Kesey (R.I.P.),
Hank Williams Sr.(R.I.P.), Roddy McDowall (R.I.P.), Anne Bancroft (R.I.P.)

September 16
Mickey Rourke (deserves an award!)
Birthday's today: B.B. King, Lauren Bacall, Bill Hicks, Ed Begley Jr., Elgin Baylor,
Andreas Javier Blazquez (Menudo), David Copperfield, Niles Rodgers, Robin Yount,
Kenny Jones (Small Faces), Jennifer Tilly, Peter Zaremba (Fleshtones), Earl Klugh,
Lucias Allen, Katy Kurtzman, Oral, Hershiser, Lenny Clarke, Ron Blair (Tom Petty),
David Bellamy (Bellamy Brothers), Susan Ruttan, Alessandro Cecchi Paone,
Madeline Zima, Justin Whalin, Mark Bruener, Joe Butler (The Lovin' Spoonful),
Peter Falk, Bernie Calvert (Hollies), Charlie Fields, Dana Dormann, Richard Marx

Q of THE WEEK: Are CD's facing extinction?

Hey JL,

How goes the new gig? I'm sure you're having a blast!

I just bought 5 CD's and would hope they don't go the way of the Dodo. I'm sure
downloading will continue to grow and eventually become the choice of the new
generation. I'd like to think the CD/DVD will be around for years to come.

But all things must pass, right?

Robert Allen www.shala.com


Yesterday, I discovered that the 3,187 songs that I currently have in
my iTunes Library could be saved on 6 DVD's. My DVD player in the
living room is six years old so it doesn't play mp3's, but now I am
considering adding one that does. More surprising is that those DVD
players are now only about $50.

Sure, most of the people reading this know that it's old
news, but I never said I was on the forefront of technology and yes my
car does have a cassette deck and not a CD player. I managed to skip
the whole generation of car CD players and in my next car I will probably
want a stereo that plays mp3 files from DVD, if that exists, otherwise I'll
settle for mp3 files from CD.

I think that the media used for music (ie: CD's, mp3, DVD, Vinyl, etc.)
will continue to evolve and change with each generation. The current
wave of teens have grown up with mp3 and see less of a need for owning
an "album" whether it's on CD, Vinyl or any other format. They're
growing up in a culture where songs are seen as individual works and not
necessarily as part of a larger work. In many ways, it's a full circle return to
the early days of this business when 45's were released and albums were
merely a repackaging of previously released singles with some additional

Subsequent generations will be open to the formats they grow up with
and won't have any particular attachment to one form over another.
That is, except for direct descendants of Neil Young who will be born
with an unexplainable emotional attachment for Vinyl.

David Sadof Houston TX

I don't think so, because consumers will always want a tangible product they
can hold, look at, read the liner notes, shit like that. sure, they can burn the
mp3's to a disc, go the bands website and read liner notes and look at pictures,
but I think that leaves a little to be desired...it's not the full "experience".

Scott Perin APD/MD KFTE Lafayette LA

Hey Jonathan,

I'll keep buying CD's. I kept buying cassettes & cassette players 'til
they became impossible to find. For me technology is all 'bout
convenience. As soon as it's not convenient for me to buy/own CD's then
I won't.

Give it a few more years though.

Rubin Rubin & Sims Mornings on KWOD 2.0 @ 106.5 FM Sacramento CA
www.kwod.net www.therubinstudio.com

Cd's will definitely go the way of cassettes and 8-tracks. However, vinyl is
making a small comeback. Mostly with extreme audiophiles. Digital is the
way to go. I can't remember the last time I bought a CD. Then again I am in
radio. Digital downloads will be the future.

There will be those scattered among us that will not buy a computer. But I
think the industry will be able to deal with that by inventing a compaq digital
storage unit you can take down to Best Buy and download the digital recording
you just purchased. Pop it in your car stereo and listen to it on the way home.
Get home and hook it up to the stereo. In fact I don't think it will be long before
our music can be uploaded directly to our stereo systems be it car or home.

Do you think I should get a patent for this idea? Aaaahhh someone smarter than
me probably already thought of it.

Foley APD WMRQ Modesto CA

I'm sure CD's will be superseded by another media as a means of buying
music. I mean, every other media, from Thomas Edison's wax cylinders
to reel-to-reel Hi-Fi to the Mini-disc (remember the Mini-disc?) has
been replaced by another. I think the CD's 5" laser encoded disc
format will be with us for quite some time however, as the DVD has
adopted those dimensions. I also think that as the current
generation of music consumers (the 14-24 year olds) mature, so will
methods of downloading music, like the iTunes music store.

Chris Wagganer Filmaker Los Angeles CA

Hey, Jonathan,

I do still buy CD's, although like many consumers, I want to pay for something
that's worth it. Unless it's by an artist I know is consistently putting out good
records, I have to hear at least 2 or 3 songs before I'll pick it up.

I think that probably eventually, like maybe 30 years from now when we
get even better technology, that CD's will probably go away.

I do think that there's still a market and always will be for having music on
something tangible, with liner notes and a case, as opposed to an mp3.
Even if I download something, legally or illegally, if it's good I'll get the
CD because I like to be able to actually have a tangible item.

Austin Davis MD WEEO/ WGMR
10 Vairo Blvd. # 40B State College, PA 16803
Call times: Thursdays Noon-2pm EST at 814.867.3934

September 15
Oliver Stone
Birthday's today: KG (Naughty By Nature), Tawny Little, Tiffinay Diamond, Josh Charles,
Norm Crosby, Wendie Jo Sperber, Robert Farley, Tommy Lee Jones, Marisa Ramirez,
Miki Fujitani, Merlin Olsen, Jaki Graham, Dan Marino, Myron Bell, Amy Davidson,
Kelly Keagy (Night Ranger), Jerry Dixon (Warrant), Danny Nucci, Sophie Dahl,
Scott Thompson Baker, Rebecca Miller, Jackie Cooper (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: You still buy CD's?
Do you think they will be goling the way of cassettes,
vinyl and 8-tracks? If so, why?

I think the CD is in trouble, no doubt about it.

The only argument I can think of for CD's are that they are a tangible,
permanent record of a piece of music. They have liner notes and a

That's about it.

As technology keeps leaping forward, the need for this will dissapate
as well. Mp3 players will have the technology to show you an album cover,
and give you all the applicabe liner notes when a selection is played.
Also, don't forget that by next year, the majority of cell phones sold
will also have a gig or two of music storage on them, and the cell
phone WILL become a music lover's iPOD, which means that the iPOD will
be obsolete before long as well. As it stands, the US is already selling
more blank CD's than recorded CD's. I think the CD will be relevant as
a storage device only until mini hard drive storage is in most households
and vehicles. I would say that by the end of the decade, that will be
the reality.

JJ Fabini Assistant Director Of Programming Summit City Radio Group
2000 Lower Huntington Road, Ft. Wayne, IN 46819
260.747.1511 jj@summitcityradio.com jj@x102fm.com

Not yet...maybe in another 10 years...but people still like a tangible product...
I think?

Dwight Arnold KMRJ Palm Springs CA

I sure hope not... now that I have collected about 4000 of them!

Monk Production Director WBEI, WTUG, WDGM, WFFN, WJRD, WTSK
142 Skyland Blvd. Tuscaloosa, AL 35405
205.247.4805 AOL IM: z100monk

I still buy CD's, but only if I have to. I prefer vinyl because I am convinced
that the brain does not process digital sound properly. Forget about all that
downloading stuff, I need the actual object, though I consider myself a music
collector more than a record collector.

OK, that's the short answer, I can go on and on.

Al Perry Musician Tucson AZ


It's inevitable that it will happen. I think they call it planned
depreciation. Why would you buy next year's product when the one you
have is better?

Tell me - Does it feel GREAT to be back on the air? hehe! It's an
addiction for me.

Dean "Wirmer" Fait MD KALA, Davenport, IA
and now track announcer for Cordova Dragway Park!

*Yes it does Dean. Feels awesome, and working for a great
station, and a great PD, JJ Jeffries. Thanks for asking.-JL

September 14
Faith Ford
Birthday's today:
Fred"Sonic" Smith, Mikko Kouki, Sam Neill, Larry Brown, David Bell,
Kimberly Williams, Satoshi Kojima, Morten Harket (AHA), Joey Heatherton, Joe Penny,
Barry Cowsill (Cowsills), Joan Thirkettle, Jon "Bowser" Bauman (Sha Na Na), Nas,
Tim Wallach, Mary Crosby, Ashley Roberts, Tanya Turner, Paul Kossoff (Free),
Nicol Williamson, Dan Cortese

Q of THE WEEK continues...

Sometimes you need an excuse to get out of the house. I think most
people still like to go out to shop and purchase tangible items rather than

Many consumers of music like to have something that they can literally
look, touch and feel. If the labels ceased manufacturing CD's, for many years
to come there would continue to be plenty of available CD hardware to play
your discs on, including compatible DVD players and home computers. Besides
audio, the five inch CD format has many uses and is not likely to disappear

Personally, I still buy new releases on vinyl when I can find it. (see

Scott Lowe B104 Allentown, PA

For the sake of the record business, I hope so. They should be changing
platforms every 5 years, so they can sell you the same Albums over
and over again.

Don Mitchell Music Director 102.1 The Edge CFNY Toronto

I believe that CD's will be around for a while because they are the
leastcommon denominator and it is tangible plus you sometimes get cool

We will see more alternatives, enriched music downloads, DVD audio
releases, mp3 and iPod players integrated with a phone like the ROKR,
more ways for people to consume music.

Just think of the people you know who download music and burn it to a

Victor Caballero victor@thetopdeal.com
626.585.1379 818.919.4264 AIM: VictorCab
TheTopDeal.com TheAffiliateManager.com

Within 10 years.

Joey Gusto PD WBER
2596 Baird Road Penfield, NY 14526-2333



Lissa Brings the Stars Out-Thanks to Troy Lucketta and Dan Zelisko

For anyone who missed the Lissa Wales benefit Saturday night, it was truly a
one of a kind event. Jimmy's article about it in the New Times summed up Lissa's
spirited energy and loving reputation best. After all, how many people have a
concert in their name with dozens of world renowned stars, plus videotaped
get-well-we-love-you greetings from no less than Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney?!

Troy Lucketta and Dan Zelisko did a fabulous job putting it together. Lissa told me
several weeks ago how thrilling and humbling it was for her to have her friends
and colleagues in the music world and otherwise get such an event together on
her behalf. As it turned out, Lissa's radiant face was not at her benefit concert
but her wonderful spirit was absolutely there.

Lissa is in the hopsital at this time. Recovery from the transplant is a long road,
and Lissa is, as always, valiant, determined and amazing. She constantly has
astonished her doctors and nurses with her resiliancy. I know Lissa is grateful
for all of you who supported this benefit. But more than anything, Lissa needs
our positive, healing energy and prayers.

For those who could not attend and still wish to donate to assist with Lissa's
ever growing mountain of bills, there is info on how to do so at Evening Star
Productions, on Lissa's Caring Bridge.org site, and on the AMEHOF site (Lissa
is on the AMEHOF Advisory Board, and the official AMEHOF event photographer.)

On behalf of all Lissa's friends at Radio Free Phoenix,

Mariah Fleming

* This star-studded event was this past Saturday night at the Celebrity
Theatre in Phoenix. Mary McCann, Mark and Wendy Naylor, and Jeanette
and myself went together, and witnessed a pouring out of love for one
the premiere photographers in the world. Lissa Wales, battling cancer for
the past few years, has photographed probably every drummer in the past
thirty years. And, boy some of biggest showed up and performed the other
night, giving their time to help someone they love. Her relationship was
way beyond business. Drummer's from Chicago, King Crimson, to Carmine
Appice, and singers Nils Lofgren to Dave Mustaine, they all were there,
and many more for Lissa. The Theatre was near packed. Quite an event.

Lots of love Lissa, please have a speedy recovery. Everyone misses you
being on stage, where you have always belonged.-JL

September 13
Fiona Apple
Birthday's today: Dave Mustaine (Megadeth), Jacqueline Bisset, Ann Dusenberry, Tom Holt,
Travis Knight, Ben Savage, Peter Cetera (Chicago), Steve Kilby (The Church), Jean Smart,
Michael Johnson, Barbara Bain, Stella McCartney (Paul & Linda's daughter), Karen Wyman,
Zak Starkey (Ringo's son), Bernie Williams, Clyde Kusatsu, David Clayton-Thomas,
Ted Mueller (Axe), Nell Carter (R.I.P.), Ray Charles (R.I.P.), Mel Torme (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: You still buy CD's? Will they go they way
of vinyl, cassettes, and 8-tracks?

I've dumped all my CD's to reel to reel tape.

Michael Yeager Program Director KWYE / KFPT Infinity Broadcasting
1071 West Shaw Avenue Fresno, California 93711 559.490.5982


Speaking for myself someone who just threw away a few hundred cassette
tapes (classic cool ones at that) I can only assume technology will eventually
kick the CD's ass as well.

CD's for me don't last they end of strewn all over my car and house.... and
eventually are all scratched and useless, so I sort of hope technology comes
up with something a little more Laura proof. haha

PS: You are awesome!!! I manage the band Conspiracy of Thought and I just
wanted to say thank you for listening and spinning us. Bloodstained is a very
deep song and the band feels so passionately about that particular occurrence
in the song. You made their day by playing it! Most other rock stations go for
the hard hitting other tracks. You're deep, dark and wonderful and we love ya!!!
If you ever do live shows or club nights or whatever keep us in mind. We will be
there! COT is awesome live!!!!

much love,

Laura Brady Conspiracy of Thought BackStage Pass Management
Musicmeeting.org 909.728.8912

The CD will always be around, but they will eventually disappear around 2010,
as a favorite consumer choice.

Mark Hill iprebook.com

As long as new forms of playing music can be foisted on the public,
they will continue to replace the previous. Is it good? Hell, I don't
know.....I'm one of those guys who actually miss my tape editing blade
and guide. Listening to music as it's sampled from a little stick the size
of my thumb can feel quite strange.

Kevin Childs...do-it-all guy at...KRCK 97.7 "Rock of the 80's...and a lot more!"
73-733 Fred Waring Drive 2nd Floor Palm Desert, CA 92260 800.723.4272

I buy at least 3-4 CD's a week...and I still own a ton of vinyl and
even an 8-track or two, only those honestly don't get much play these days.

Gary Jay TVT Records New York, NY

September 12
Nina Blackwood (original MTV VJ)
Birthday's today:
Jason Statham, Ming Yao, Ben Folds, Peter Scolari, Amy Yasbeck,
Rachel Ward, Mickey Lolich, Maria Muldaur, George Jones, Tom Carroll, Linda Gray,
Neal Peart (Rush), Chuan Chen Yen, Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits), Mylene Farmer,
Gerry Beckley (America), James Louis McCartney (Paul & Linda's son), Amy Locane,
Joe Pantoliano, Brian Robertson (Thin Lizzy), Cynthia Meyers, Darren E. Burrows,
Barry White (R.I.P.), Leslie Cheung (R.I.P.), Michael "Hawk" Hegstrand (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: Do you still buy CD's.
And/or, are CD's going to go the way of cassettes,
vinyl, and 8-tracks?

I sure hope not! That's a lot to replace. I do buy CD's, new and old.
Of course I still have cassettes, vinyl and 8-tracks.

Greggory Adams Houston TX

I bought CD�s 25 years ago...I'm half joking.
I hope you and Jeanette are well.

Jana Wolff East Berlin, Germany

*Great to hear from you Jana. We are doing very well thank you.
So, who are you managing these days?-JL

No brainer here. They are already heading down the path of extinction,
just check the Billboard weekly sales figures. Free up that shelf space.
It's now time to download baby!!

John Dixon Tempe AZ

Mucho more coming the rest of the week. Thank you.

September 11
Birthday's today: Virginia Madsen, Bonnie Law, Lola Falana, Leo Kottke, Tom Dreesen,
Roxanne Biggs, Ariana Richards, Laura Sisk, Neal X (Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Reed Birney,
Mick Talbot (Style Council), Mickey Hart (Grateful Dead), Harry Connick Jr., Ben Lee,
Paul Heyman, Jon Moss (Culture Club), Elizabeth Daily, Phil May (Pretty Things)

September 10

Judy Geeson
Birthday's today:
Amy Irving, Don "The Dragon" Wilson, Arnold Palmer, Guy Ritchie,
David Lowery (Cracker), Big Daddy Kane, Rosie Flores (Screaming Sirens), Colin Firth,
Randy Johnson, Ben Wallace, Joe Perry (Aerosmith), Bill O' Reilly, Margaret Trudeau,
Gerry Conway, Johnny Fingers (Boomtown Rats), Miranda Wilson, Allison Daughtry,
Bob Lanier, Peter Tolson, Kate Burton, David Titlow, Don Powell (Slade), Roger Maris (R.I.P.)

September 9
Rachel Hunter (Rod Stewart's ex-wife)
Birthday's today: Hugh Grant, Dave Stewart (Eurythmics), Brett Hull, Lol Creme (10CC),
Angela Cartwright, Sylvia Miles, Joe Theismann, Adam Sandler, Mike Hampton, Pete Gavin,
BJ Armstrong, Sean Rooks, Jennie Kwan, Todd Zeile, Deion Sanders, Lawrence Tremolet,
Scott DeFreitas, Dan Majerle, Tom Wopat, Billy Preston, Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder (R.I.P.),
Cliff Robertson (R.I.P.), Otis Redding (R.I.P.)

Well, I guess this week's question either stunk, or nobody cares
about their summer. :( -LOL :)

I really have nothing to add today other than if you are in the
Phoenix area...listen to my show on 98 KUPD, especially in the
8:00 AM hour tomorrow. New Model Army lead singer Justin Sullivan
is scheduled to call in live. Thanks, and have a great weekend-JL

September 8
Alecia "PINK" Moore
Birthday's today:
Aimee Mann, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Heather Thomas, David Arquette,
Great Kabuki, Jose Feliciano, Jason Downs, Brooke Burke, David Lewis (Atlantic Starr),
Clayton Norcross, Dean Daughty (Atlanta Rhythm Section), Will Lee, Virna Lisi,
Patsy Cline (R.I.P.), Benjamin Orr (Cars R.I.P.), Ron "Pigpen" McKernan (Grateful Dead R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: So, how was your Summer?

The best summer in a long time with all the amazing music out there!

Joey Gusto PD WBER Rochester NY

*Duh, Joey...did you forget you got married?-JL

When was summer? Damnit! Missed it again!

Don Jantzen APD/MD/Afternoons/Super Genius KTBZ Houston TX

By the way Don--congrats--Troy Hanson called the other day--said you
have the best radio festival of the season coming up.

Send me an e-mail with all the details and I'll put on the website.

Jonathan L

Thanks, this Buzzfest is going to be sick... Just sick.. Here's some

Buzzfest XVI Minute Maid Park (where the Astro's play) 10/22/05

Audioslave, Nickelback, Seether, Our Lady Peace, Cold,
Fall Out Boy, Institute, 30 Seconds to Mars, Yellowcard,
Coheed & Cambria, Bloodhound Gang, 10 Years, Hinder,
Dredg, Motion City Soundtrack, Vaux, The Starting Line,
Boys Night Out, Panic at the Disco

2 stages, show starts at 11 am. Tickets starting at $10.

Don Jantzen

September 7
Chrissie Hynde (The Pretenders)
Birthday's today: Angie Everheart, Gloria Gaynor, Julie Kavner, Eric "Easz E" Wright,
Jason Inginghausen, William Katt, (Benjamin) Latimore, Race Wong, Antonio McDyess.
Corbin Bernsen, Shannon Elizabeth, John Phillip Law, Garrison Keiller, Susan Blakelly,
Benmont Tench (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers), David Steele (Fine Young Cannibals),
Kyle Stevens (Bango Tango), Richard Roundtree, Ben Bossi (Romeo Void), Nadieh,
Darren Bragg, Mark Prior, Margot Chapman (Starland Vocal Band), Buddy Holly (R.I.P.)

Q of THE WEEK: How was your Summer?
Accomplish anything? What is your story?

How I spent the latter part of my summer vacation:
I sent Conspiracy of Thought music to Jonathan to see what he thought of it...
...and I waited...
...and I waited some more.....
..and I'm still waiting....

Dwight Arnold KMRJ Palm Springs CA

*Dwight, and Jonathan still hasn't recieved it. Please
send it to my new address. I seem to be getting
everything else. Thanks.-JL

My summer sucked so hard it could have gotten a NY cab driver
through immigration.

You played Telephone Operator...that was a staple on my automated
pirate station!

I would have given my left nut to hear Swamp Thing barreling out of KUPD's
airchain. People Are Still Having Sex? Too awesome. Joy Division into Placebo!
Omigod! wood!

I'd sure like to see this podcasted or something...awesome! You're my
fucking hero.

Saw that Mark Burgess of the Chameleons is on tour with a re-formed
New Model Army doing European dates.



Paul Kriegler General Manager WCDD / WBYS
1000 E. Linn St. Canton, IL 61520 309.647.1560
http://www.cd1079.com http://www.wbysradio.com

*Sorry about your Summer Paulie. But, thanks for the props.-JL

For immediate release: LARKfest 2005 / Hurricane Relief

WEQX in association with The City Of Albany and The Lark Street Business
Improvement District have transformed the 24th annual Larkfest into a
fundraiser to help those affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Larkfest takes place Saturday, September 17th -10:30 AM to 6:00 PM on
Lark Street in Albany, NY.

The lineup on the EQX, FYE and Metroland stages will include The Dandy Warhols,
World Leader Pretend, Rock N Roll Soldiers , Robbers on High Street and
The Cloud Room. Local artists include 5 Alpha Beatdown, Monkey Gone Mad,
The Wait and Rob Beaulieu and Raisinhead.

The American Red Cross of NENY will have booths set up on site to collect donations
for the victims of this disaster. A special account has been set up with Albany�s
Key Bank to take donations from EQX listeners who cannot attend Larkfest.

Larkfest is a free event and has attracted as many as 70,000 people in past years.
We hope to hit that mark and also hope that everyone will make a donation to this
humanitarian cause.

For more information, log on to weqx.com.

September 6
Macy Gray
Birthday's today: Ce Ce Peniston, Jane Curtain, Carol Wayne (Johnny Carson Show),
Roger Waters (Pink Floyd), Rosie Perez, Sylvester, David Alan Coe, Swoosie Kurtz,
Jo Anne Worley, Mark Chesnutt, Jeff Foxworthy, Gene Patrick, Linda Kaye Henning,
Patrick O'Hearn (Missing Persons), Michael Winslow, Amy Lynn Baxter, Justin Whalin

Just some quick notes on HIGH AND DRY for now.

Where to begin? As I sat in the Loft Cinema on Speedway, Sunday, I had no
idea what to expect from the film High And Dry, after 4 years in the making.

The first and only documentary of the Tucson Music scene, beginning in 1978
and ending with a small dose of up to current, was the love and passion of
filmmakers and producers Michael Toubassi and Chris Wagganer.

I moved to Tucson in July of 1973, and began my publication Newsreal in May
of 1974. With my radio show Virgin Vinyl that began in 1982, I was there to
not just view what transpired in the years to come, but was the overseer and
participant of not just the music of two era�s, but being a part of many of the
people's lives in the film.

But this isn�t about me. It was like an out of body experience in a way. Many
in the audience, including myself, were up on that big screen watching our lives
being discussed, us discussing people of the times.

The main focus of the film is Howe Gelb, a self unwanted spokesperson for one
of the bands that made Tucson a musical hot spot literally on the world map.
Giant Sandworms was THE band that could have been the IT band, but in the
end became the catalyst for the Gelb legacy. With a discography of near 30
albums now, Howe at least jumped past all the things that were the downfall of
hundreds of bands that were born, lived and died in the desert.

The friendship between Howe and Rainer is never exploited, but shows the kinship
and love of two people joined at the musical hip. His wife Patty is shown and speaks
of the that kinship and other things we wanted to know about one of greatest
guitarists and songwriters to come out that little cultural city south of Phoenix.

High And Dry exudes humor and sadness. Those are the critical ingredients, which
make this documentary work. One suggestion is to end the film with Rainers picture
and date of birth and death. That is the only comment I will say. Michael and Chris
and all the others that helped truly made not just a film not to massage my or any
of the others in the film, but rather etched us in time. I for one am grateful. I am
also grateful to see that Danny Stuart of Green on Red is a pretty funny guy. So sad
that GOR never fulfilled that Rock and Roll dream after putting out some pretty
fuckin� incredible albums. But, there Danny is looking middle aged and not giving a
shit, and as I said damn funny.

I salute you Michael and Chris, the film was worth your time, effort, pain, passion
and now joy.

September 5
Rose McGowan
Birthday's today: Michael Keaton, Raquel Welch, Dweezil Zappa, Kristian Alfonzo,
Steve Miller (Steve Miller Band), Dennis Scott, Cari Shayne, Sandra Guiboard,
William Devane, Chi Wah Wong, Al Stewart, Rod Barajas, Buddy Miles, Tina Yothers,
Kathy Kronkite, Jeremy Snider, David "Clem" Clempson (Humble Pie), Dennis Dugan,
Kimika Yoshino, Paulie Carmen, Freddie Mercury (Queen R.I.P.)

High and Dry: The Movie

Jeanette and I, and friends Victor and Jennifer drove down to Tucson
yesterday to see a film about life, the passion of music, and an
inside view of the lives that made the Tucson music scene a special
one a kind scene like no other. The span from 1978 to the mid-ninties.

Tomorrow I will go into depth about the film, the people, and my
personal thoughts.- JL

September 4
Beyonce Knowles
Birthday's today: Ione Skye, Damon Wayans, Mike Piazza, Lawrence -Hilton Jacobs,
Tom Watson, Anita Yuen, Blackie Lawless (W.A.S.P.), Shiro Koshinaka, Nona Gaye,
Martin Chambers (Pretenders), Kengo Kimura, Danny Ponce, Dr. Drew Pinsky,
Merald "Bubba" Knight (Gladys Knight & The Pips), Judith Ivy, Alan Griesman,
Ray Flolyd, Greg Elmore (Quicksilver Messenger Service), Jennifer Salt, Peter Virgile,
Donna Wilkens, John Preston, Dick York (R.I.P.)

September 3
Amber Lynn
Birthday's today: Steve Jones (Sex Pistols/DJ), Adam Curry, Carlos "Charlie Sheen" Estavez,
Luis Gonzalez, Norihiko Habino, Aaron Smith (Romeo Void), Mike Harrison (Spooky Tooth),
Todd Lewis (Toadies), Valerie Perrine, Al Jardine (Beach Boys), Eric Bell (Thin Lizzy),
Pauline Collins, Eileen Brennen, Donald Brewster (Grand Funk Railroad), Gary Leeds,
Ava Lovell, Damon Stoudamire, Tami Tyler, George Biondo (Steppenwolf)

The Holiday Weekend begins: Be safe and have a ball!

Here is a true story out of New Orleans!

Clear Channel... the company with a heart.

My friend John quit his job as chief engineer at Jefferson Pilot in San Diego
about six months ago and took a "dream" job working for Clear Channel in
New Orleans. He and his wife Annette LOVE(D) New Orleans... and always
wanted to retire there. John evacuated to Jackson, Mississippi during the
hurricane. Here's an email I got from him the other day.

Curtiss Johnson GM KWOD Sacramento CA

Hey all,

I can't make this too long because I'm running on battery power. I'm in Jackson
and Annette is in Memphis. I haven't talked to her in three days, so she doesn't
know anything you're about to read. Our house, as far as I can tell from a helicopter,
survived, but there is probably unseen damage. I flew in to New Orleans yesterday
to try to get a couple of my radio stations on the air. I didn't quite get it all done in
the three hours I had, so I was fired by Clear Channel Communications last night.

With the looting that's certain to occur, I believe our house and it's contents are
basically lost. It will be at least three months before I can get in to assess damage,
and it won't be habitable by then as it will likely be full of rats and snakes.

As bad as all of this sounds, I'm still alive, I'm not in New Orleans, and all I've lost is
stuff. I still have my talents and abilities and intelligence, and even though Annette
and I have lost our lifestyle we so much wanted to live, we haven't lost our lives.
We will most likely start up a new, Spartan life in Memphis, and hopefully I can find
some kind of work, but I may be done with radio. We'll see. I did manage to save
two of my favorite guitars, one amp, and Annette's portfolio negatives, along with a
few electronic gizmos.

Please feel free to share this email with whomever you have on your list that may be
interested. I can still be reached at this address, but I will have no cell phone for
awhile until I can figure out my next step in what will be a long and difficult process.

My best to you all. I'll be in touch.

John Buffaloe

*John, we all wish you and Annette well. Curtiss, thanks for sharing this.
Clear Channel, you should be ashamed. The right thing to do, is to
place this man at another one of your properties. Your radio stations
aren't the only things not working in New Orleans, as we all know quite
well by the news coverage.-JL

September 2
Salma Hayek
Birthday's today: Keanu Reeves, Linda Purl, Rex Hudler, Terry Bradshaw, John Zorn,
Eric Dickerson, Lennox Lewis, Tommy Maddox, Luis Avalos, Steve Porcaro (Toto),
Rosiland Ashford (Martha & The Vandellas), Rich Aurilia, Jimmy Conners, Mark Harmon,
Michael Gray, Glenn Sather, Mike Kaminsky

New Orleans!


Good news yesterday I was inquiring about the fate of KKND-New Orlean's
Sig in the wake of the devastation from Hurricane Katrina, and today, Aware's
Scott Burton checked in to say that right now Sig and his family are alive and
well in Houston.

Just wanted to pass that item along to allay any fears...

Hope you have a great holiday weekend!

Richard Sands The Sands Report Mill Valley CA

We are doing an auction/telethon for the hurricane victims. We are holding the
auction/telethon next Friday (Sept. 9th) live on the air. All proceeds will go to
The American Red Cross to aid in the relief efforts.

We are reaching out to our good friends to aid in the efforts. We are looking for
people to donate items that can be auctioned off. If you can help please let me
know as soon as possible.

This is a terrible tragedy and we all need to come together to help.

Thanks for your time.

3135 SE 27TH ST GAINESVILLE, FL 32641 352.372.2528

*NOTE: Many stations and the whole country are trying to help the
people of New Orleans in the wake of this catastrophic event that
at this point is indescribable on the short and long term effects. You can
go to www.allaccess to see what most of radio is doing. Great coverage

He's baaaa-ck!!

After just two weeks out of the industry, Austin Davis is back! Effective
immediately, I will be PD/MD of WEEO in Chambersburg, PA/Hagerstown,
MD (market #167); and MD of 50,000 watt powerhouse WGMR in State
College/Altoona, PA. AJ Meyer will remain PD of WGMR. I will be making
all music decisions for both stations, so please direct all your music calls to
me, Thursdays from Noon-2pm EST (starting next week) at 814.867.3934.
Please get us on your mailing lists as well! Please put WEEO on your list at:

WEEO c/o Austin Davis
10 Vairo Blvd. #40B State College, PA 16803
Please put WGMR on your list at:

WGMR c/o AJ Meyer
2351 Commercial Blvd. State College, PA 16801

These stations are both CHR, so if you are on this list because you're an alternative
specialty cat and would not like to recieve our playlists, hit me back and tell me so.
If you are not your label's CHR contact, please pass this message along to whomever
is and ask them to get us on the mailing lists. Thanks so much for your wonderful
support in the past and I look very much forward to continuing our great relationships.

Austin Davis WEEO
10 Vairo Blvd. # 40B State College, PA 16803
Call times: Thursdays Noon-2pm EST at 814.867.3934

Frankenstein 3000 mentioned on Brian May's web site.


Keith Roth New York NY

* That's awesome Keith!-JL

Sounds interesting, so I thought I'd pass this along
to all of you that come to this site. I guess that you
have to be a VIP though.

Dear Friends,

Sixthman is consulting for the �Xingolati Groove Cruise� sailing from LA to
Mexico this Oct 14th-17th featuring The Flaming Lips, G. Love and more.
The producers have asked us to invite industry VIP�s to experience the first
annual event.

Your total cost is $149 per-person to cover taxes and port charges for a 3-day
cruise on The Carnival Paradise ship. The price includes all food and entertainment.
It does not include alcohol or transportation to port.


Check out www.xingolati.com for more information.

If you are interested in attending, please reply with:

# of guests

Once I submit our list, you will contacted by the ticketing office to arrange
payment by credit card before 9/14/05.

We are excited to offer you this deal and look forward to seeing you on this trip.

Tod Elmore, Sixthman
158 Moreland Ave SE, Atlanta GA 30316
P. 404.525.0222 F. 404.525.0225
TodE@Sixthman.net IM: todelmore

The Rock Boat VI :: January 14-19, 2006 - Better Than Ezra, Pat Green,
Pat McGee Band, John Corbett Band, Aslyn and more; hosted by Sister Hazel

The Rock Slope III :: March 29-April 2, 2006 - Sister Hazel, Cowboy Mouth
and special guests; Ski-for-free with a 4-night package

*Of course, many of us (including me) are not industry VIP's,
so I wonder who will partake. If you do...let me know.-JL

September 1
Gloria Estefan
Birthday's today: Barry Gibb, Ron O' Neal, Grant Lee Phillips (Grant Lee Buffalo),
Iris NG, Ann Richards, Tim Hardaway, Katja Bienert, Lily Tomlin, Kate Webster,
Alan Dershowitz, Bruce Foxton (The Jam), Don Stroud, Billy Blanks, Timothy Zahn,
Scott "Bam Bam" Bigelow, Cuttino Mobley, David Zhaung, Conway Twitty (R.I.P.)

Hey Jonathan,

Have you heard the latest Jaguares CD "Cronicas de un
Laberinto"? Adrian Belew does a lot of guitar work
and production on it, not sure if he's touring with
the band. It's pretty good, following in the
direction Jaguares have been going their last few
releases. http://www.jaguaresmx.com

Kristoffer Phoenix AZ

*Thanks Kris for the tip.-JL

Lunatics On Parole are playing at Goodfellas in Rancho
Cucamonga Saturday, Sept 3. We are playing with End
Of Sorrow and Cutting Edge. The doors open at 8:00.
See you there!

Kenny The Gardener CA

Address for:
Goodfellas Haven & Foothill, Rancho Cucamonga CA 91701


Check out new songs and pics at: