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September 28  
romantic affairs with beautiful Asian ladies!   
Naomi Watts

Born in Shoreham, England in 1968, and raised in Australia, Naomi has been working actively
in the film industry for 15 years. After she moved to Hollywood, she worked regularly, acting
in small roles in film projects she was less than enthusiastic about. Finally, her big break came
when she was contacted to audition for a coveted spot in David Lynch's Mulholland Dr. (2001).
Her star-turning performance in the dual role of Betty Elms/Diane Selwyn has garnered an ar-
ray of critic's awards and the attention of some major players in Hollywood and beyond. Watts
is now enjoying greater choice of film roles and played (with great success)the lead in Gore Ve-
rbinski's remake of the Japanese horror classic The Ring (2002). She also starred opposite Kate
Hudson in Merchant/Ivory's adaptation of the Diane Johnson novel Divorce, Le (2003). Subsequ-
ently, Watts' creative acting abilities have continued to grow and deepen. She has been cast in
an array of films with only the best directors and actors and continues to stun critics and amaze
filmgoers with her versatility and range. Daughter of Peter Watts, sound engineer for Pink Floyd
back in the 70's. Was named one of the 50 Most Beautiful People by People Magazine in 2002. Her
brother Ben Watts is a well-known photographer. He's been living in the US since 1994. Her fav-
orite actresses are Meryl Streep, Jodie Foster and Julianne Moore. For music, her favorite artists/
bands are Fiona Apple, Coldplay, Bj�rk, Radiohead, Cat Stevens and Pink Floyd. Ranked #76 on
Forbes 2005 Power in Entertainment List. Had an horrific fall on the New Zealand set of King Kong
(2005). She fell from a height into a ditch, to the shock of the cast and crew. She thanked her rig-
orous practice of yoga for saving her from any permanent damage. Named #99 in FHM magazine's
"100 Sexiest Women in the World 2006" supplement. Was voted #29 on AskMen.com's Most Des-
irable Women of 2006. Named #2 in the French edition of FHM magazine's "100 Sexiest Women in
the World 2006". Ranked #2 in the UK FHM's most eligible women (2006). Was voted 3rd in Entert-
ainment Weekly's Entertainers of the Year in December 2005. Named #4 of Sexiest Women over
the age of 35 according to the editors at MSN Lifestyle: Men.
Naomi and Liev Schreiber became the
parents of a boy, Alexander Pete Schreiber, on July 25, 2007 in Los Angeles. Alexander weighed in
at 8 lbs. 4 oz., and is 22-1/2 inches (Alexander is named for his grandfather and Peter is named for
her father, Peter Watts, who passed away when she was 7 years old.

Birthday's today:
Hilary Duff, Melody Thornton (Pussycat Dolls), Suzanne Whang,
Nancy Bush, Janeane Garofalo, Jennifer Rush, Anndi McAfee, Carolyn Carpenter,
Jennifer Leak, Stacy Hogue, Mira Sorvino, Melan Pavlovic, Helen Greenberg,
Sarah Mason, Conny Van Dyke, Cathy Barry, Maureen Prentice, Leilani Sarelle

Q OF THE WEEK:"Greatest Musical Ever?" is OVER

In your opinion, what is the greatest film,
play or video ever made about music?

Lots of areas to choose from.

So what is yours, and please describe
why you think it is.

*Thank you. This turned out to be a month long Q.
A first! Great responses. Scroll down page to see
all of the opinions from people like you.

Jane Evil (Musician) Upstate New York

I think that the greatest musical ever is
The Phantom of The Opera...in my humble opion.

That is a musical isn't it???? (Yes-JL)

Well...either way that's my answer.

Jennine Phoenix Arizona

Hey my brother from another mother
(East Coast LIVES)~

My two very best favs are what many call, "Mockumentaries".

This is Spinal Tap & NWH.

Two extremely different music style and two different group

However, both document the "behind the scenes/backstage"
interactions of a fictitious music band, while mocking real life
and the drama they create throughout a long drawn-out
world tour.

Both are hysterical and worth watching!!!!

Susan Bluechild (Musician) Dublin Ireland

Hi Jonathan. For me, the greatest film concerning
music would be Saturday Night Fever.

You can't get a better sounding soundtrack than that.

The film, although based on the life of a guy who loved dancing but
didn't have alot of self belief he could make it as a dancer, but was
restless enough to take his talent to the local Brooklyn discotheque
ever Friday night.

The music soundtrack shows how great music can power us towards
our dreams.

Without the soundtrack of Tavares, The Bee Gees, etc, the film would
never in my belief have become the success it became.

The love story too lends an endearing message too.

Susan xxx

Karey Long Beach California


I think it is timeless. And let's not forget John Travolta actually
sang too for real!

I wanted to be Sandy sooooo bad that when I got home from
seeing the movie I cried myself to sleep!! lol!!!!

September 27 
   Avril Lavigne
Avril Ramona Lavigne was born in Napanee, Ontario, Canada, on this date 1984. At 16,
she moved to Manhattan and began work on her debut album. She dropped out of high
school after 11th grade when she secured a record deal. When Avril was almost 18, she
released "Complicated" from her debut album titled: "Let Go" Which went 6x platinum.
A petite skater girl from a small town. Avril has shown she is independent, and full of confid-
ence and determination. A good combo to make "Complicated" and Avril a musical break-
through. "Complicated" went to number #1 on Billboards Top 100. Also earning her 5 Gra-
mmy nominations, MTV music awards, MTV European music awards and many many more.

Her trademark is her heavy black eyeliner and eyeshadow. Her first video, "Complicated",
cost over $1 million.Received 5 Grammy nominations, including 1 for best new artist (2003).
Won 3 MTV Asia Awards for favorite female artist, favorite breakthrough artist & style (2003).
Has been nominated for more than 6 Juno Awards since 2003. Won 3 Juno Awards; Fan Choice
Award, Artist of the Year, and Pop Album of the Year ("Under My Skin") in 2005. Named #36
on the Maxim magazine Hot 100 of 2005 list. Natural hair color is brown. Favorite actor is Tobey
Maguire and favorite actress is Sandra Bullock. Owns over a 100 pairs of Converse sneakers.
Is a vegetarian. Ranked #15 on the Maxim magazine Hot 100 of 2007 list.

Birthday's today:
Andy Lau, Meatloaf (Marvin Lee Aday), Gwenth Paltrow,
Shaun Cassidy, Arthur Oenn, Peter Dvorsky, Steve Kerr, Wilford Brimley,
Jackie Morrison, Sofia Milos, Jon GHarland,  Randy Bachmann, Jeff Pope,
Tim Campbell, Barbara Dickson,  Vincente Padillia, Mike Schmidt

Q OF THE WEEK:"Greatest Musical Ever?" continues

In your opinion, what is the greatest film,
play or video ever made about music?

Lots of areas to choose from.

So what is yours, and please describe
why you think it is.

Ely Los Angeles California

ELY SAYS: SOUND OF MUSIC (Julie Andrews) All that fresh
air on the alps of Austria. So romantic!
All the HERDS of KIDS. :)

Wow that HOUSE is now my dream! I wish I had a house on the top
of the mountains, and to drink hot chocolate. :)

And put a log on the fireplace. There are much more reasons why
Sound of Music is for me the best ever musical. :)

Calamity (Rollerderby Girl) Tempe Arizona

I can rattle off all the cool plays ever made
BUT, the two that instantly came up to my mind are Annie and
Wizard of Oz.

Whenever they are on TV I can't change the channel. There is
always the sense of home when I watch them.

Ultra Girlie Mesa Arizona

OK, it's not a musical yet...but I feel
strongly about MCR's Black Parade. Should be one!!

Hope that helps the cause!! =0)

No. I have no idea what you are referring to (MCR).
It was a question, not a cause.-JL

C-Rod Charlottesville Virginia

Rock N Roll High School !!!

It's the Ramones, 'Nuff said

Gloomy Phoenix Arizona

I would have to say the best music video
is Prodigy's Smack My Bitch Up.

There was a huge controversy over the title from feminists.

The uncut video brought that argument down to it's knees! If you
have not seen it, I won't spoil it for you. You must see it!

Made me feel proud to have once been a party animal!

September 26  
   Linda Hamilton
Born in Salisbury, Maryland in 1956, following high school, Linda studied for two
years at Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland, before moving on to acting
studies in New York. In New York, she attended acting workshops given by Lee Str-
asberg. Her first parts where small parts in TV series, with her biggest break coming
with her role in The Terminator (1984). Is most known to the public at large from her
part in the TV series "Beauty and the Beast" (1987) (before Terminator 2: Judgment
Day (1991), at least).
She reprised her Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) character,
Sarah Connor, for the theme park attraction T2 3-D: Battle Across Time (1996), a short
film filmed in a new 3-D process that makes the film really appear to jump out at you.

She divorced 2nd husband James Cameron after discovering he was having an affair with
actress Suzy Amis during the making of the movie Titanic (1997). Her divorce from him
was the second most expensive divorce next to Steven Spielberg's divorce from Amy Ir-
ving. She stood to take half of his earnings -- close to 50 million dollars.
Talked about 20
years of treatment for being bi-polar on the October 14, 2005, show of "Larry King Live".

Linda is an LA Dodgers fan. Hasn't done a whole lot since the film "Home By Christmas"
from last year.

Birthday's today: 
Bryan Ferry (Roxy Music), Serena Williams, Brooke Adams,
Mary Beth Hurt, Carlene Carter, Kevin Kennedy, Darby Crash-Germs (R.I.P.).
Tracey Thorn (Massive Attack/Everything But The Girl), George Gershwin (R.I.P.),
Anne Girard, Kent McCord, Julie London (R.I.P.), Shannon Hoon-Blind Melon (R.I.P.)

Q OF THE WEEK:"Greatest Musical Ever?" continues

In your opinion, what is the greatest film,
play or video ever made about music?

Lots of areas to choose from.

So what is yours, and please describe
why you think it is.

Amy Douglas (Musician) New York

WEST SIDE STORY, because it's a gritty street, NYC
hotbed of tension Romeo and Juliet cum musical with some of the
most compelling music ever written courtesy of Senor Bernstein.

It's also the musical with the only song that can make me weep
upon 4 bars, "Somewhere...."

I'd also say, that it's definitely either Almost Famous, or Dreamgirls.

Almost Famous is a love letter to a time long since gone, a time when
you could live your dreams, and ultimately the consequences therein.

Dreamgirls, because it's the story of how the business, changes the
family unit and makes legends out of faces, and failures out of true

Glory Palmdale California

I love musicals, so it's too hard to only choose

Grease, Moulin Rouge, old Rogers and Hammerstein-Carousel,
Cats, A Chorus Line....I could go on forever!!!

JJ Fabini (L) (Radio) Ft.Wayne Indiana

Tough one, Jonathan! As far as straight-up musicals go,
and bear in mind they HAVE to be funny or I can't manage to sit
though them, I think the Producers is one of the best.

I also agree with Steven Sondheim's ascertation of the South Park
movie as being one of the best musicals to come out in the last
15 years.

As for film, besides the screen adaptation of the Producers, I think
that Almost Famous is one of the best movies ever released about
the power that music holds.

I still get chills every time I see that movie.

Christina Phoenix Arizona

I am gonna have to say American Hardcore.
I love History, especially on any kind of music.

This video is about the history of hardcore punk! It a raw blast of
politics, passion, and rage back in the mid 80's!

Check it out it! You won't be disappointed.

Chrissy D San Francisco California

Hi Jonathan, David Bowie was rockin'
in Labyrinth.

This movie was a classic from that time period. Not to
mention Bowie was so hot in those pants!

The music was creative and I still listen to those songs.

September 25  
   Catherine Zeta-Jones
Catherine Zeta-Jones was born on this day 1969, in Swansea, West Glamorgan, Wales, UK,
the daughter of Dai Jones, who formerly worked for a candy factory, and Pat Jones. Her
brother David Jones is a development executive and brother Lyndon Jones works at her
production company. Catherine showed an interest early on in entertainment. She star-
red on stage in "Annie", "Bugsy Malone" and "The Pajama Game". At 15 she had the lead
in the British revival of "42nd Street". She was originally cast as the second understudy for
the lead role in the musical but when the star and first understudy became sick the night
the play's producer was in the audience, she was given the lead for the rest of the musical's
production. She first made a name for herself in the early 1990s when she starred in the York-
shire Television comedy/drama series "The Darling Buds of May" (1991). The show was a sm-
ash hit and made her one of the United Kingdom's most popular television actresses. She sub-
sequently played supporting roles in several films including Christopher Columbus: The Discov-
ery (1992), the miniseries Catherine the Great (1995) (TV) and a larger part as the seductive
Sala in The Phantom (1996) before landing her breakthrough role playing the fiery Elena opp-
osite Anthony Hopkins and Antonio Banderas in The Mask of Zorro (1998). She starred in many
big-budget blockbusters like Entrapment (1999), The Haunting (1999) and Traffic (2000), for
which many believed she was robbed of an Oscar nomination for best supporting actress. In
November 2000 she married actor Michael Douglas. She gave birth to their son Dylan Michael
in August 2000. Chosen one of 1998's Most Beautiful People by People Magazine. Ranked #50
on VH1's 100 Hottest Hotties. Ranked as #68 in FHM's "100 Sexiest Women in the World 2005"
special supplement. Named #82 in FHM magazine's "100 Sexiest Women in the World 2006"
supplement. She is a spokesperson for Elizabeth Arden Cosmetics.

Birthday's today:
Barbara Walters, Cheryl Tiegs, Christopher Reeve (R.I.P.),
Scottie Pippen, Tate Donovan, Michael Madsen, Heather Locklear, Hal Sparks,
Phil Rizzuto (R.I.P.), Dean Ween, Aldo Ray (R.I.P.), Shel Silverstein, Mark Hamill,
Will Smith, Billy Dee, Tony Womack, Chauncey Billups, Michael Douglas (Her
hubby was born on the same day as Catherine-wild huh?)

Q OF THE WEEK:"Greatest Musical Ever?" continues

In your opinion, what is the greatest film,
play or video ever made about music?

Lots of areas to choose from.

So what is yours, and please describe
why you think it is.

Cara Florida

Greatest Musical Ever?" It would have to be
Tommy by The Who.

I saw it in middle school and my mother took me...haha.

I loved the "Acid Queen". I'm not really sure if I knew that
musical had all the drug references that I know it does now.

But I loved the world that play brought my mind to.

ox Cara

Lore (Musician) Hollywood/Phoenix

Phantom of the Opera with
Michael Crawford was beautiful!

Johnny Payson Arizona

Dogs in Space. Captures an incredible
time in the alternative music movement (okay, it's in
Australia) but the soundtrack is tremendous.

Matt from Greenhaven (Musician) Tempe Arizona

Oklahoma. Poor Judd is Dead...
"He treated the rats as equals".

Best lyrics eva!

Slack Rope Jim (Musician) Tempe Arizona

To me its gotta be Guided By Voices
video Watch Me Jumpstart.

This shows the insecurity of a band without a supportive scene,
overcome by doing it themselves.

Very inspiring to those of us who waste our time making music
because we love to.

Not to mention some great songs and bonus' on dvd.

Musiq (Event Coordinator) Los Angeles California

Have you seen Punks Not Dead the Movie?

I think this is the greatest newbie film about music. It's a
rockumentary no one should miss. Check it out for yourself.


September 24  
   Stephanie McMahon
Stephanie Marie McMahon was born in Hartford, Connecticut, on this day in 1976, the
youngest daughter of Vince McMahon and Linda McMahon. After a childhood growing
up around wrestlers and the wrestling business, it was no surprise that the beautiful
and intelligent baby girl of Vince McMahon would enter the game herself. She was first
spotted in WWF publications modelling Hulk Hogan and Rockers merchandise in the late
'80s before disappearing out of the spotlight. She spent the time learning her trade un-
der Mom and Dad, and the avid WWF viewer would have spotted her sitting alongside
Pat Patterson in backstage segments of Beyond The Mat or fleeting glances of her on
PPVs. After gaining a degree in Communications from Boston University, Stephanie was
working in Titan's advertising department when Daddy came calling and told her she was
being written into the McMahon soap opera as a full character. Those who watch the WWE
know full well all about Stephanie. Married Paul Levesque (Triple H) on October 25, 2003
in Sleepy Hollow, New York at St. Teresa of Avila Catholic Church. She and her husband
welcomed their new daughter, Aurora Rose Levesque, into the world July 24, 2006.

Birthday's today:
Gordon Clapp, Lou Dobbs, Gene Hunt, Kevin Sorbo, Rosamund Kwan,
Megan Ward, Terry Metcalf, Bernadette Hingley, Rafael Palmeiro, "Mean" Joe Greene,
Jacqueline Courtney, Paul Michael Valley, Anthony Newley, Bernard Gilkey, John Mackey,
Linda Eastman McCartney (R.I.P.), Phil Hartman (R.I.P.), Jim Henson (R.I.P.)

Q OF THE WEEK:"Greatest Musical Ever?" continues

In your opinion, what is the greatest film,
play or video ever made about music?

Lots of areas to choose from.

So what is yours, and please describe
why you think it is.

Jodi (Entertainer/Model) Seattle Washington

I have two answers for that. Actually three.
Amadeus would have to be one of my all time faves.

And, behind that Tommy (the pinball wizard), and
Pink Floyd's The Wall.

I love those movies!!! ;)

MarZ S�dermalm, Stockholms l�n Sweden

G'day Jonathan. For me its got to be a toss up
between the Sound of Music and the Australian cult film
Dogs in Space.

Both for reasons of nostalgia. But, as everyone has at least heard
of the Sound of Music, I won't go on about it.

Dogs is a favourite because it is not about a band that has, or even
will, 'make it'. It has a lot of Aussie inner-city share-house dynamics,
and has a great sound track too.

Nick Cave, Gang of Four, Thrush and the Cunts (can I say that?, it's
their name! It has a lot to do with it, etc.) (Yes you can-JL

The film isn't brilliantly acted, the script is funny but uses a lot of
Aussie slang (eg "oi dog face, show us yer snatch!"), but music and
general chaotic 'atmosphere' carries it.

It stars the late Michael Hutchence (INXS) and the first scene is
of a bunch of punks lining up for David Bowie tickets around 1978 (?)
at the Melbourne Cricket ground. There is a decidedly punk flavour
from start to finish...and the exploits of the house mates aren't far off
my own share-house experiences in Melbourne...for real!

Sharon Northamptonshire South United Kingdom

In my opinion I would go with Tommy
as the best.

But, I did enjoy 8 Mile. :-)

Larry Mac (Radio) Phoenix Arizona

Um, well...I think you can guess my answer
pretty easy.

Evita. No, but same director...years earlier.

Alan Parker directed Pink Floyd's The Wall. Roger didn't like it,
but as a 16 year old, it blew my mind.
Showed me the power
of music.

On a related note.

Across The Universe looks like it could be cool, and I really did
enjoy Velvet Goldmine. That was a trip through glam and such.

Jenni Dallas/Fort Worth Texas

Well, the greatest "musical" ever is
Jesus Christ Superstar. The songs rock!

I like to blare the DVD while I clean my house.

The greatest movie about music...would
Spinal Tap count?

(Sure would Jenni. One of my faves!-JL)

Trish San Francisco California

For me, RENT has been life changing.

I am also deeply in love with Les Miserable.

September 21  
   Nicole Richie
Born on this day, 1981 in Berkeley, California, Nicole Camille Escovedo, she was adopted
by singing star Lionel Richie and his then-wife Brenda Harvey-Richie in 1990 and renamed
Nicole Richie. Biological father is believed to be Peter Michael Escovedo and a reunion was
staged on "The Wayne Brady Show" (2002). But Nicole has stated in interviews that Esco-
vedo is not her birth father. Attended the University of Arizona at the same time as profe-
ssional basketball player Luke Walton, actress Heather Blair and reality TV star Kourtney
Kardashian. Attended The Buckley School with her best friend Paris Hilton. Was offered
and accepted the chance to star in "The Simple Life" (2003) with her pal Paris Hilton after
Nicky Hilton turned it down. That show brought Nicole to public recognition. Her father,
Lionel Richie, wrote the song "Ballerina Girl" for her. It was on her album that came out in
2005. That was the same year that she and Hilton had a falling out. Named #37 on the Max-
im magazine Hot 100 of 2005 list. Announced she is expecting her first child with boyfriend
Joel Madden in late 2007. Is often seen singing karaoke alongside Lindsay Lohan, Bo Barrett,
Michelle Rodriguez, and Emile Hirsch. Nicole is 1/2 Caucasian, 1/4 Black, and 1/4 Mexican.
Her godfather is Michael Jackson.

Birthday's today:
Liam Gallagher (Oasis), Ricki Lake, De La Soul, Autumn Reeser,
Bill Leeb (Front Line Assembly/Skinny Puppy), Cheryl Hines, Faith Hill, Luke Wilson,
Larry Hagman, Scott Spezio, Dave Coulier, Ethan Coen, Stepehen King, Bill Murray,
Julia Beerhold, Dave Gregory (XTC), Nancy Travis, Don Felder (Eagles), Karen Webb,
Ricky Morton, Lars Eriksson, Jack Brisco, Fannie Flag, Henry Gibson, Cecil Fielder

Q OF THE WEEK:"Greatest Musical Ever?" continues

In your opinion, what is the greatest film,
play or video ever made about music?

Lots of areas to choose from.

So what is yours, and please describe
why you think it is.

Vivi (Music Journalist) besancon, DOM France

Hey Jonathan. My favorite movie about music
(especially music world, musicians and journalists) is
Almost Famous.

As I'm a journalist in the world of music, this movie particularly
catched my attention and impressed me because lots of things
I saw, or the different experiences that characters live, are things
I already felt or lived myself with artists or other journalists.

Either hard things or happy things...it's one of the most realistic
movie I saw about music world.

Wendy United Kingdom

Hi Jonathan! I would have to go for
The School of Rock, I think!

It was not only hilarious but heartwarming as well and the
music was brilliant. Plus the little girl, Summer, in the film
looked and behaved an awful lot like my daughter Shannon,
and it added to the hilarity of it all.

Seeing Shannon whacking her teenager brothers over the head
with cushions and stamping her feet every time they teased her
about it. Definitely a "Golden Memories" type of film for me..

Vince (Musician) Phoenix Arizona

Almost Famous. My friend from my hometown
Johnny Fedevich (Drummer) played the drummer in the band
in the movie.
He also laid the drums for some of the soundtrack for the film.
Great storyline and plenty of real life situations in the movie.

It is a five-star flick and worth checking out if you haven't yet.

Bri Aberdeen Washington

Oh definately Rock Star w/ Marky Mark and
Rachel from friends!

(I'm JOKING!!!)

My favorite is Almost Famous - not really a musical, but
it's about music and the lifestyle, and it's done really well.

Great acting in that film. It really draws you in. I love that

(Trick or Treat was pretty cool, too, though... ;P hehe!)

*Funny, it was an Almost Famous day. Just worked out
that way. :-) -JL

September 20 
   Maggie Cheung
Outstanding actress. Maggie was born on this day in 1964, in Hong Kong, and moved
at the age of eight with her family to England. After finishing secondary school, she
returned to Hong Kong, where she began modeling and appearing in commercials. In
1983 she participated in the Ms. Hong Kong pageant, winning first runner-up, which
proved not to be a detriment since she went on to become a star of both Hong Kong
television and film. She has appeared in over 80 films. My personal favorite is Maggie
playing herself in the facinating French film noir "Irma Vep". A classic story about an
aging director who wants to update a vampire film he did years earlier. They import
Maggie to star. Strange plot with actors playing actors. the 1996 movie has two songs
only. One by Sonic Youth, and the other "Bonnie and Clyde" by Luna. She has 10 wins
and 17 nominations for Asian and International Film Awards. She was First runner-up
Miss Hong Kong back in 1983. The first Chinese actress ever to win the Best Actress
award at the Berlin International Film Festival (1992 - for Yuen Ling-yuk) and Cannes
Film Festival (2004 - for Clean). Acted in 6 movies with Brigitte Lin Ching Hsia, whom
she considered her idol and an actress she respected. Declined lead role in "Memoirs
of a Geisha" because of racial sensitivity between the Japanese and the Chinese, due
to WWII.
Was offered a role in X2 (2003) but turned it down because "If I start making
films like that, they won't be proud. I'd feel like I was cheating. And I don't want half
the world, we have 1.3 billion people in China, to know I'm cheating. That matters to
me. I have more pride than that." Wanted to be a hairdresser as a child.
of LUX shampoo.

Birthday's today:
John Easdale (Dramarama), Alannah Currie (Thompson Twins),
Gary Cole, Nuno Bettencourt (Extreme), Jason Bay, Sophia Loren, Guy Lafleur
Jani Wickholm, Kristin Johnson, Crispin Glover, Arn Anderson, Chris Doridas,
Anne Meara, Gunnar & Matthew Nelson, Dr.Joyce Brothers, Greg Valentine,
Jeff Jones (Red Rider), Pia Lindstrom, Aimee Graham, Camilla Rutherford

Q OF THE WEEK:"Greatest Musical Ever?" continues

In your opinion, what is the greatest film,
play or video ever made about music?

Lots of areas to choose from.

So what is yours, and please describe
why you think it is.

Force Of Nature (Musician) Cape Coral Florida

Immortal Beloved, although I
hear they are making a movie about Vivaldi, which will win
hands down.

Tori (Musician) South Australia

Les Miserables. Beautifully crafted compositions,
intense emotive songs. French masterpiece!

Janice Middletown Ohio
Almost Famous is the best movie in the world!!!
It's actually about music journalism but...you get the idea.

It just makes me want to be able to be free to just pick up and live
wherever I want!

September 19  
   Lita Ford
The former guitarist of the legendary Runaways, along with Joan Jett as teen-
agers was born on this day in London, England in 1958. She turns 49 today. Lita
is Italian. Taking up the guitar at age 11, she joined the all-girl band "The Runa-
ways". "Lita" (1988), her fourth solo album, went platinum, and Guitar magazine
voted her Best Female Guitarist (1989). Was a Grammy nominee in 1984 for Best
Female Rock Performance, alongside Wendy O. Williams and Pia Zadora. Her hit
singles as a solo artist include: "Kiss Me Deadly" and "Close My Eyes Forever".
married former Nitro singer, Jim Gillette on May 13th, 1994. Together they have a
son named James Leonard Gillette, who was born on May 13th, 1997. They are still
married. Gave birth to a second son in June 2001, and now lives in Florida. Once
dated Nikki Sixx of M�tley Cr�e in the mid-1980s. Although there have been rumors
for years about a Runaways reunion, it is highly doubtful. In 2005, Lita made a rare
guest appearance on the LOU album "The Other Side". The song "I Want To Be Loved"
featured Lita on guitar and vocal.

Birthday's today:
Jimmy Fallon, Jeremy Irons, Twiggy (Lawson), David Bromberg,
Joan Lunden, Freda Payne, Kim Richards, Lol Creme (10CC), Hans van de Berg,
Rex Smith, David McCallum, Adam West, Ray Danton, Trisha Yearwood, Al Oerter,
Brian Epstein (Beatles R.I.P.), "Mama" Cass Elliot (Mama and the Papa's R.I.P.).
Bill Medley (Righteous Bros. R.I.P.), Brook Benton (R.I.P.)

Q OF THE WEEK:"Greatest Musical Ever?" continues

In your opinion, what is the greatest film,
play or video ever made about music?

Lots of areas to choose from.

So what is yours, and please describe
why you think it is.

San Jos� Costa Rica

Hi dear! My experience with musicals is reduced
to DVD's which is sad because I love them. But, a friend of mine
introduced me to the musical version of Dance of the Vampires,
or The Fearless Vampire Killers, an old film of Roman Polanski
from 1967.

So, I have to say that I've watched Tanz der Vampire more times
that I could count with both of my hands. It's amazingly funny. :D

Hopefully one day I will be able to see it live in Berlin.

Hugs! Alba

Christopher United Kingdom

For me it has to be the Rocky Horror
Picture Show. Having never been fortunate enough to go to one
of the stage shows, I was introduced to it 10 years ago by one of
my friends lending me the video of the movie.

Ever since then I've loved the show.

There's one line in particular thats stands out for me "Don't dream it,
be it"
that is so true.

There are too many people who hide or are afraid of who they really
are. People should be proud of who they are, no matter what others
think, living a lie is no way to live.

On a side note, how many shows or movies can a man go to dressed
in a corset, stockings and suspenders without being arrested.

Not many, that's for sure. lol!

Jenny Jen (Musician/skate instructor) New York City/Philly

There are so many good ones, and bad
one's that are good.

The anniversary edition of Prince's Purple Rain included a
documentary which gave me a new found appreciation for an
unbelieveable artist and movie.

Of course, since I love skating, I should say Xanadu, but
Krush Groove is more up my alley and Rocky Horror is
just genius, don't ya think?

September 18  
   Alison Lohman
Alison Lohman is a native of Palm Springs, California. She was born in 1979 and grew up
in a family with no showbiz connections but she always wanted to perform. By age 9 she
had landed her first professional, theatrical role playing Gretyl in "The Sound of Music" at
Palm Desert's McCallum Theater. At 11, Alison won the Desert Theater League's award
for "Most Outstanding Actress in a Musical" for the title role in "Annie" and by age 17 she
had appeared in 12 different productions. An accomplished singer, she performed as a fe-
atured solo vocalist for Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope and the Desert Symphony. As a senior in
high school, Alison was an awardee of the National Foundation of the Advancement of the
Arts. The offer of a scholarship to NYU's Tisch School soon followed, but instead she moved
to Los Angeles to pursue a career in film. She attended a session of the Royal Academy of
Dramatic Arts in London. She played a older teen pretending to be a 14 year old girl in Ma-
tchstick Men. In real life she was 22-23 at the time (She had a birthday midway through
shooting). Had a small role in Kevin Costner's 'Dragonfly' as a cancer patient, though her
scenes were cut. Since she shaved her head for the role she had to wear wigs throughout
her next movie 'White Oleander'. She's a natural blonde. Spends every summer in Marseille,
France visiting her relatives and cousins. Played the role of 'Lily McAllister' in 10 episodes of
"Pasadena" back in 2005. Look for her in the film "Beowulf" soon.

Birthday's today:
Jada Pinkett Smith, Lance Armstrong, James Gandolfini, Toni Kukoc,
Fred Willard, Joanne Catherall (Human League), Lindsey Campbell, Emily Rutherfurd,
Holly Peete Robinson, Rick Pitino, Reba & Lori Shappell, Tanisha Harper, Nicole da Silva,
Ricky Bell (Bell Biv De Voe/ New Edition), Justine Baker, Aisha Tyler, Ryne Sandberg,
Billy Drago, Frankie Avalon, Jeana Tomisina, Andrea Leon, Dee Dee Ramone (R.I.P.)

Q OF THE WEEK:"Greatest Musical Ever?" continues

In your opinion, what is the greatest film,
play or video ever made about music?

Lots of areas to choose from.

So what is yours, and please describe
why you think it is.

Freda Redmond Washington

Hi J! I'm not a video or movie buff. I just have no
time for movie's, because they're sooo long, and I hate sitting in
the dark with strangers around me munching popcorn.

That smell makes me wanna puke. So I don't go to movie theaters
or watch movies on TVor videos even at home because I'm too busy.
I'm just about music.

Plus, I don't like fictions! Also, I have problems with people being
somebody they are not. Like actors/ actresses.

Well it's a job they say, but I think it's more than a job. I'ts just me.
Who gives a fuck about me???

So, I really have no idea! However I've watched many documentry's
about the struggles and the successes of artists and musicians on VH1.

The best I've seen is about KID ROCK!

Becky Birmingham Alabama

Hmm...I would have to say The Sound of Music.
Because of the beautiful scenery, and the wonderful song's the
actors all sang in the movie.

I really loved it as a child and even now as an adult.
Julie Andrews
was wonderful. And, she could sing her with her heart.

Christopher Plummer was also a blessing to the movie with his singing

They could really make the hills come alive with The Sound of Music!!! :)

Eridani Bay Area California

Hehe okay, okay, I'll be the classical music dork,
and I'll tell you what I think, what I really really think.

It's a toss-up for me between Don Giovanni (W.A. Mozart), Madame
Butterfly (Puccini), Marriage of Figaro (W.A. Mozart) and um...okay,
guilty pleasure time, The Pirates of Penzance by Gilbert & Sullivan,
mostly because of the Major General song.

Broadway Musicals, you gotta love Little Shop of Horrors by Menken
and Ashman. Into the Woods by Sondheim. Speaking of Menken and
Ashman, don't discount their Disney musicals.

Movie musicals? Hair, Singin' in the Rain, and South Pacific.
Across the Universe might be cool, too, when it comes out.
Might be lame. Hard to tell at this point.

If I had to pick one that is the greatest of all time? Marriage of Figaro,
I think. Oh, wait, maybe Don Giovanni...oh wait...doh!

September 17   
  Cassandra Peterson
One cannot think of Halloween without the one and only 'ELVIRA'. 'The Mistress of the
Dark', was born in Manhattan, Kansas in 1949, and raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
She remembers always being a fan of Ann-Margret. Since Cassandra saw her in Viva Las
Vegas (1964), she wanted to be a dancer. Just days after graduating from high school,
Cassandra traveled to Las Vegas where, at the age of 17, she became the youngest sh-
owgirl in Las Vegas history. When Elvis Presley saw her perform he encouraged her to
pursue a singing career. She toured Europe extensively as lead singer for an Italian rock
band. She settled in Rome, where she became fluent in Italian. Here Cassandra met Fed-
erico Fellini, who cast her in his classic film, Roma (1972). Returning to the US, Cassandra
formed her own nightclub review, "Mama's Boys", which toured the national club circuit.
In the late 1970s she joined the satiric improvisational troupe, The Groundlings, which also
produced such stars as Paul Reubens (aka "Pee Wee Herman"). There she honed her now
renowned comedic skills as both a writer and performer. Film and television appearances
such as Cheech & Chong's Next Movie (1980) and others followed, but Cassandra was just
the typical struggling actress and spent years wondering where her next meal was coming
from. It was the fall of 1981, with the birth of her character, Elvira, that it all changed. While
she has since played herself in many film and television shows, Cassandra Peterson ultimat-
ely combines her numerous talents into an intriguing persona which has not only become a
Halloween icon, but a "vamp" for all seasons.

Birthday's today:
Paula Jones, Fee Waybill (Tubes), Baz Luhrmann, Kristian Kiehling,
Lori Jo Hendrix, Tracy Dali, Rasheed Wallace, Nikki Crawford, Anne Louise Hassing,
Doug E. Fresh, Rita Rudner, Phil Jackson, Orlando Cepeda, Erika Page, Ken Kesey,
BeBe Winans, Mark Brunell, Chrissy Schultz, Ilana Kiri, Jordan Wood, Sylvia Stewart,
Masa Chono, Anne Bancroft (R.I.P.), John Ritter (R.I.P.), Roddy McDowell (R.I.P.)

Q OF THE WEEK:"Greatest Musical Ever?" continues

In your opinion, what is the greatest film,
play or video ever made about music?

Lots of areas to choose from.

So what is yours, and please describe
why you think it is.

Johnette Napolitano (Musician) Joshua Tree California

Thanks, dear one...did you get my movie
comments? (no, unfortunately-JL)

I got kicked off and wrote a freakin' thesis.

Boil it down to Mad Dogs & Englishmen, I suppose, and
Carlos Saura's Flamenco.

All kinds of crazy this month.

xxlove J

*Follow-up (hours later):

Oh hell I have no idea but know I lost an entire thesis on rock
movies...but I maintain, Mad Dogz is a great one.

It'll never be like that again - and not saying it even should be,
since Leon and Joe do not speak...nor does anyone (the Concert
for Bangladesh funds were in litigation for 3 years).

Shit, I'll write it all over again when I can...but that is one hell of
a rock and roll cosmic experience...YouTube Joe Cocker and Leon
Russel doing 'a Little Help From My Friends' in Hawaii and let your
mind be blown.


MG Phoenix Arizona

What up JL!!! To me, the greatest musical ever

Absolutely love it. Even more than Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The story is unique, but totally heartwrenching at times, and
the music is awesome.

My favorite songs from Hedwig are "Wig in a Box", "Midnight Radio",
and "Origin of Love".

The last two actually get me kinda weepy. I know, I'm a dork...but


Jane Leicester United Kingdom

Well, ok you have me now because I am a bit
of a theatre buff !!

I have been very lucky to see a few musicals in London!
Les Miserables was incredible even though I realy did not
know too much about what was happening, the music and
singing just really got to you.

A very moving experience, also Joseph is a masterpiece in the
theatre. Highly recommend it...but I suppose my all time favourite
has to be Grease - just because it reminds me of when I was young
and carefree. lol

Jane x

September 14  
   Ashley Roberts
Ashley Maria Roberts, also known as "Angel Doll" from pop group The Pussycat Dolls
was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. She started dancing at 3 and singing at 8,
and both have remained her strongest passions in life. Two years ago during audit-
ions for the infamous Roxy shows, Ashley found her home with the Dolls. Being able
to support being a confident and sexy woman is Ashley's favorite part of being a
Pussycat Doll. Her outside experience includes American Dreams, MTV's Scratch and
Burn, commercials for Eclipse Gum, AT & T, and she appears in fellow Doll Carmen
Electra's Strip Tease video. Her mother was a Pilates instructor. Her father was a
drummer who played for the Mamas and the Papas. He later became a car dealer.
After high school she moved permanently to Los Angeles. Personal Quote; "My on-
stage character is flirtatious but innocent. She's a fun free spirit. I guess I'm `the
blonde' in the group but it ain't natural." She is currently filming "Make It Happen"
for 2008. She is a tiny thing at 5' 31/2" tall.

Birthday's today:
Carmen Kass (Fashion Model), Faith Ford, David Bell, Evelyn Ng,
Melissa Leo, Kate Millett, Tanisha Lynn, Walter Koenig, Mary Crosby, Satoshi Kojima,
Michelle Stafford, Melissa McGhee, Dan Cortese, Larry Brown, Joey Heatherton, Nas,
Kimberly Williams, Harve Presnell, Amy Winehouse, Sam Neill, Paul Kossoff (Free)

NEW Q OF THE WEEK:"Greatest Musical Ever?"

In your opinion, what is the greatest film,
play or video ever made about music?

Lots of areas to choose from.

So what is yours, and please describe
why you think it is.

Jade Starr (Performer) Sydney Australia

Hi Jonathan. Hmm, for me Hedwig & The Angry Inch.

I identify with it...being a TG, playing rock...totally outragous film.

Hard hitting, social comment and classic rockstar stuff. Playing
gigs in all you can eat buffets and western themed eatery's followed
by stalking her ex-lover after he steals all her material to become a

Love this film to death. Self discovery, great music and a real tear
jerker for me. :)

Jade xx

Catherine Phoenix Arizona

My favorite musical...if you can call it
that, would be Pink Floyd's...The Wall.

The first time I ever saw it I was in high school and I wasn't
exactly in my right frame of mind and it completely blew me
away. I will never forget it.

Lu Valentino (Radio) Florida/Alabama

A tie for my favorite; TOMMY, a classic!

And...Almost Famous, The scene where the band almost
crashes in the plane and all confess their sins and fight.

The one band member says "I'm GAY", sucked for him. They
all lived, but a VERY funny moment. If I'm flipping channels
and I see it's on, I STILL get sucked into watching it.

Thanks again for making me laugh at the stupid things
I do Jonathan! xoxoxo

September 13  
   Kelly Chen
One of the most current popular Asian actor's and Pop singers, Kelly was born
on this day in 1973 in Hong Kong. Her birth name is Wai Man Chen.
Went to prim-
ary school in Hong Kong, High school in Japan. Graduated from Parsons School of
Design in New York, specialized in Graphic Design. Speaks Cantonese Mandarin
Japanese and English. Has and elder sister and a younger brother, singer Victor
Chen Si Hon. One of the biggest pop stars in Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan.
leased her first Japanese album "Kelly Grace" in 2002. Considered to be a comb-
ination of Faye Wong and Brigitte Lin when she first debuted in 1995 in acting on
film and television. Very known for her role 'Dr. Lee Sum Lee' in the original "Infer-
nal Affairs" and also in again in the 3rd installment of the trllogy, which was the
films that American filmaker Martin Scorsese based "The Departed" on. She won
"Best Original Film Song" for Tian ya hai jiao in 1996 at the Hong Kong film awards.
She has a few nominations to go along with her win. Most recently can be seen in
"Sum seung si sing" (It's a Wonderful Life) this year. Did make at least one appear-
ance on American television on an episode (s) of "Friends" back in 2002.

Birthday's today:
Fiona Apple, Don Was (Was Not Was), Jean Smart, Ben Savage,
Randy Jones (Village People), Steve Kilbey (The Church), Peter Ho, Ann Talman,
Judd Sergeant, Ann Dusenberry, Barbara Bain, Bernie Williams, John Mattingly,
Stella McCartney, Yi Huang, Don Bluth, Sabine Koning, Kathleen Lloyd, Annie Duke,
Nell Carter, Megan Henning, Fred "Sonic" Smith (MC5 R.I.P.), Mel Torme (R.I.P.)

NEW Q OF THE WEEK:"Greatest Musical Ever?"

In your opinion, what is the greatest film,
play or video ever made about music?

Lots of areas to choose from.

So what is yours, and please describe
why you think it is.

Donna Brody Albuquerque New Mexico

I personally like documentaries about music
from the fifties and sixties.

I would have to go with movies, three to be exact. I like
La Bamba because it told the story of a latino man
(Ritchie Valens) overcoming the racists barriers and making
the music he loved and in return making tons of fans.

I liked the Buddy Holly Story simply because I love Buddy
Holly, and everything about him.

Last but definately not least, I love the movie Walk the Line,
because Johnny Cash is legendary in every way possible. I love
this era in music because it was harder for these artists to get
noticed and they had alot of barriers to cross.

But in the end, they made it, and in the process made an impact
in rock and roll history that will never be forgotten.

Brent Alan Beck (Musician) Santa Monica California

LADIES & GENTLEMEN: The Fabulous Stains,
starring Diane Lane, Laura Dern, The Tubes, etc.

September 12  
   Amy Yasbeck
The long haired redheaded American famiiar television actress was born on
this date in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1962. Husband John Ritter passed away back
on September 11 of 2003, the day before her birthday of a heart attack. She
starred with husband John Ritter in an episode of "The Cosby Show" (1984) 8
-years prior to their marriage. As a child, Yasbeck was featured on the cover
of the Betty Crocker Easy Bake Oven. She was recently presented with a new
Easy Bake Oven on the show "I've Got a Secret" (2000) for which she was a reg-
ular panel member. Studied theater at the University of Detroit.
The month of
September is related to all the members of her family. Amy was born on the 12.
Her husband was born on the 17th and died on the 11th. Her daughter was born
on the 11th. Amy was married on the 18th. Facinating. Personal quote; "After
you play husband and wife on camera multiple times, it becomes easy to be hus-
band and wife off camera as well." -About her relationship and marriage to the
late John Ritter. Played 'Michelle Lackerson' on 13 episodes of "Life On A Stick"
back in 2005. Probably most well known as 'Casey Chapel Davenport' on the very
funny sitcom "Wings" from 1994-97. Hasn't done much since Ritter's death.

Birthday's today:
Nina Blackwood, Peter Scolari, Larry Laronde (Primus),
Rachel Ward, Louis C.K., Mickey Lolich, Jason Statham, Juliet Reeves, Ian Holm
Ben Folds, Mary Kay Adams, Linda Gray, Joe Pantoliano, Neil Pert (Rush), Viper,
Jessica Steinfeld, George Jones, Mylene Farmer, Daria Knez, Rosemary Morgan,
Leslie Cheung (R.I.P.), Michael "Hawk" Hegstrand (R.I.P.), Barry White (R.I.P.)

NEW Q OF THE WEEK:"Greatest Musical Ever?"

In your opinion, what is the greatest film,
play or video ever made about music?

Lots of areas to choose from.

So what is yours, and please describe
why you think it is.

Michelle Hendricks (Musician) United Kingdom

Hi Jonathan. The greatest musical ever?
...mmmm...Let's think...Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

Love any Marilyn Monroe films but lots of great songs in
this one.

A warm-hearted social satire featuring a dazzling double act
from Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell. In one of the most
memorable movie entrances ever, Monroe and Russell burst
onto the screen in sparkly red costumes singing that they're
just Two Little Girls From Little Rock - and the pace never
slows from there.

The banter is witty, the outfits are fabulous and the songs are
superb, none more so than "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend",
a true Marilyn-defining show-stopper whose popularity transcends

Trudy Cardiff Wales

Without a doubt it has to be Pink Floyd -
Brick In The Wall.

Do I even have to give an explanation
for it?

It's got to be the most surreal, well thought, artistic,

musically correct, imaginative and derranged film EVER!!!
LOVE IT!!!!!

September 11  
   Tiffany Shepis
Voluptuous New York-born (on this date in 1979) beauty Tiffany Shepis has become
a princess of scream. In her films she often upstages more seasoned actresses and
has some great dance grooves. Can be seen at shows like Chiller and will obviously
make the move from indie schlock to mainstream films as time goes on and a good
agent looks after her career. She been involved in filmmaking since the ripe old age
of 12 and has appeared in numerous videos with people like Lil Zane, Wu Tang Clan,
Dexter Holland, Run DMC and Destiny's Child video "Nasty Girl", but this particular
video was never released. Tiffany also shot a spot for Nintendo but it was pulled for
being too (Janet Jackson-like) raunchy. She loves blood and gore but detests violence
and is a very good reason why men prefer brunettes.
She has two Chihuahuas, named
after Vlad the Impaler and Boris Karloff. Personal quote; I go after parts in horror films
'cause I have the most fun shooting them. I mean, wouldn't you rather be covered in
blood fighting some fucker with an axe than doing some lame romantic comedy? Her
latest projects are "The Queen Of Screams", and "Zombies!, Zombies!, Zombies!" (07).

Birthday's today:
Maria Bartiromo, Amy Madigan, Virginia Madsen, Elizabeth Daily,
Leo Kottke, Ben Lee, Ludacris, Lesley Visser, Kristy McNichol, Aneesa Ferreira,
Tommy Shaw (Styx/Damn Yankees), Lola Falana, Monique LaBarr, Brian De Palma,
Richard "Moby" Hall, Tom Dreesen, Mickey Hart (Grateful Dead), Jimmy Hitchcock,
Lea Walker, Tetsuo Kurata, Karoliina Vanne, Maria Yamamoto, Anne Ramsey,
Mick Talbot (Dexy's Midnight Runners/The Style Council), Renee Geyer, Bonnie Law

NEW Q OF THE WEEK:"Greatest Musical Ever?"

In your opinion, what is the greatest film,
play or video ever made about music?

Lots of areas to choose from.

So what is yours, and please describe
why you think it is.

Candy Stanton (Actress) Phoenix Arizona


"A demon summoned to Sunnydale forces Buffy and the Scooby
Gang to sing their most private -- and sometimes shocking --
secrets to one another."

It's not a musical about "the music biz", however it is a musical
about "why the hell is everyone singing???"

Which I find incredibly funny and entertaining.

Debby Phoenix Arizona

I would say Camelot, but I haven't had the
opportunity to see Spamalot yet. 

I have a feeling being a long time die hard Python fan that
it will not only meet but exceed my every expectation as
being the greatest stage show in history.

September 10  
   Siobhan Fahey
Siobhan Marie Deirdre Fahey was born on this day in 1958 in Dublin, Ireland.
Was a co-founder of 80s girl group, Bananarama. Was in the band with fellow
co-founders Keren Woodward and Sara Dallin, from 1981-1987. They had many
hits in the UK, and a number one hit in the US with Venus in 1986. Jaquie O'Sull-
ivan' was her replacement when she quit the band in 1987. After leaving Banan-
arama, she founded Shakespear's Sister with Marcella Detroit, along with some
help from her husband at the time, David A. Stewart. She married Stewart in 1987,
and they divorced in 1996. They had two sons together. Personal quote; "What's
the useless bit of skin on the end of a willie called? A Man!" Fahey's track "Bitter
Pill" was partially covered by pop band The Pussycat Dolls in their 2005 debut alb-
um PCD. The verses (which were slightly altered) and the overall sound of the song
are from "Bitter Pill", but added in was the chorus of Donna Summer's "Hot Stuff".
The song was renamed "Hot Stuff (I Want You Back)" and was included as a B side
to one of their hit singles. In 2006 ,Fahey's website stated that she had been writing
for other people; these include (former Sugababe) Siobh�n Donaghy, and Fahey also
penned a track which competed for inclusion on Kylie Minogue's last album.

Birthday's today:
Big Daddy Kane, Carol Decker (T'Pau), Colin Firth, Allison Daughtry,
Johnny Fingers (Boomtown Rats), Joe Perry (Aerosmith), Arnold Palmer, Guy Ritchie,
Miranda Wilson, Ben Wallace, Amy Irving, Rein van den Broek, Margaret Trudeau,
Gerry Conway, Don Powell (Slade), Artie Tripp (The Mothers Of Invention), Roy Ayers,
Bob Lanier, Jason Williams, Julie Hess, Kate Burton, Chris Columbus, Roger Maris (R.I.P.)

NEW Q OF THE WEEK:"Greatest Musical Ever?"

In your opinion, what is the greatest film,
play or video ever made about music?

Lots of areas to choose from.

So what is yours, and please describe
why you think it is.

Pauline United Kingdom

Greatest Musical Ever?

Got to be Grease!!

Shawn Manhattan Kansas

Spinal Tap is my greatest movie about music!
The funniest, most talented alter ego British metallers ever!

At 14 years old (1984), I learned that stuffing pants, cold sores,
and backstage tantrums were the norm among rock n roll bands.

This documentary, or rockumentary if you will changed my life.
Stonehenge, Big Bottoms, and Sex Farm...some of the most
memorable songs in all of NWOBHM history.

 "You're sweet but you're just four feet
And you still got your baby teeth
You're too young and I'm too well hung
Tonight I'm gonna rock you"

 Top that Nickelback!!

September 7  
   Angie Everhart
Actress known mostly as 'Carly' on UC:Undercover", among many roles in film
and television, was born in Akron, Ohio on this day in 1969.
Her father Bobby is
an engineer, and her mother Ginny is a homemaker. Moved to Paris by her self
at the age of 17. She lived there for several years and speaks fluent French.
Love in Paris (1997), a/k/a Another 9 1/2 Weeks, she has appeared partially or
fully nude in several photo shoots and movies, including a topless appearance in
The Substitute: Failure Is Not an Option (2001). Started modeling at the age of 16.
Was once told by Eileen Ford that redheads don't sell. Dated Sylvester Stallone in
1995 and was engaged to him for two months. Has a tatoo of a dragon on the base
of her spine and another tattoo on her ankle. Has a tattoo with her name on her thigh.
During an episode of "The Real Gilligan's Island" (2004) she sliced her finger with a
knife, cutting two tendons. She had to be life-flighted off the island and eventually
"cast off", giving the Movie Star title to co-star Erika Eleniak. Was the first redhead
on the cover of Glamour magazine.Owns a maltese dog named Sir Edward Van Halen II.
Crrently she has been making sparse appearences on TV and film.

Birthday's today:
Tara Slone (Joydrop), Mark Isham, Chrissie Hynde (Pretenders), Nadieh,
Shannon Elizabeth, Marja de Graaf, Eric "Eazy E" Wright, Ben Bossi (Romeo Void), Dan Ingram,
William Katt, Garrison Keillor, Corbin Bernsen, Jason Isringhausen, Luis Aravena Munoz,
Susan Blakely, Sonny Rollins, Antonio McDyess, Benmont Tench (Tom Petty), Gloria Gaynor,
John Phillip Law, Alfa K. Anderson (Chicago), Julie Kavner, Kyle Stevens (Bang Tango),
Margot Chapman (Starland Vocal Band), D Elmina Davies, Peggy Noonen, Buddy Holly (R.I.P.)


Forget all existing tattoos-or that you don't have any.

What tattoo would you have designed to fit you and
state who you really are?

Describe where on your body and why you would wear
 it proudly. Even if you were dreaming of getting one but
won't, you can still dream, right?

Kimmie Phoenix Arizona

I think if I were to get a tattoo...I would
probably get a white dove and a butterfly flying side by side.

I think of myself as being peaceful and free. Soooo, a peaceful
dove along with a free as a butterfly tattoo would best describe
who I am.

I would put it right on my lower back right above my crack! lol

Sooo, at least if they leave any droppings...it would be in the right
area!! ha ha-- Just kidding!

Charmaine Essex, East United Kingdom

Well, I already have a me tattoo. Bottom
of my back on my spine. Cheeky red headed bondage clad girly.

She is half devil half angel. Angel being I have big heart will help
anyone without thinking about it or expect anythin in return.

Devil because when I've been bad and got into trouble. I've done a
proper job of it so not all bad, not all good, somewhere in the middle.

Oh, and my Medusa which ya know is huge, although she is meant to
be evil and a Gorgon.

I see her as a godess punished and cursed for being beautiful and desired,
I can relate to that in other ways, hence why I had her done.

JONATHAN: I like your answer very much Charmaine. That wasn't the
question though, but it's all good. :-)

MICKY Northern California

Hi Jonathan. This is a character I made
many years ago called "Aldo".

After drawing it countless times, (on people too) someone
once said "Aldo Rocks!".

Someday I'll get around to getting him inked for myself.

Jo Jo Leigh, Wigan, Northwest United Kingdom

Dear Jonathan. The tattoo I would like most to
have is a demons head and shoulders, and just under it would
be a fantasy warrior woman stood with an archers bow in one
hand and ready to fire a arrow.

Her clothing would be scantily on her body, with armlets and
boots...looking very sultry with long hair flowing down her back.

And, the greenest eyes you have ever seen.

Who I really am is a woman on a mortal mission to protect and
nurture everyone I love and care for.

A true goddess, with a dash of the demon whore in the background,

Thank you for asking me. As always it's a pleasure.

Monika Spokane/Seattle Washington

I would have a Round Ouija Board placed
on my back. I was named from it.

My mother didn't have a name picked out when I was born,
so my grandmother used the board to do just that.

This is who I am and this is what I WOULD/AM getting as
my new tattoo.

September 6  
   Nina Persson
Wonderfully talented vocalist and lyricist, primarily with Swedish band 'The Cardigans'.
Persson was born today in 1974 in Orebro, Sweden. Always interested in music (she
plays harmonica, some guitar, piano and drums), she joined The Cardigans in 1992.
The band had formed in Jonkoping, Sweden after guitarist Peter Svensson met the
extremely tall Magnus Sveningsson playing in a hardcore group. The two were heavy
metal fans but had tired of this and decided to form a pop band. They knew Persson
from Art College and the line-up was completed by keyboard player Lars-Olaf Johan-
sson and drummer Bengt Lagerberg.
Signed to the Stockholm label, `The Cardigans'
debut album `Emmerdale' (1994) (named in tribute to the British television show
"Emmerdale Farm" (1972) showcased Persson's sweet voice and Svensson's winning
way with a tune. Much attention was focused on Persson's undoubted attractiveness,
some interviews airbrushed the other band members out entirely. Persson found this
sort of exposure discomfiting, being promoted as a pin-up was undermining to her real
musical ambitions. The next album, `Life', with several re-recordings of 'Emmerdale'
songs, was a satirical riposte to the first album and saw the band more in a more avant-
garde direction with arrangements and artwork. It broke `The Cardigans' into new mar-
kets -they were especially popular in Japan - and sold one and a half million copies world-
wide. After more albums, the band hasn't done much lately. Nina did a guest vocal on the
new Manic Street Preachers CD "Send Away The Tigers", on the single "Your Love Alone
Is Not Enough".

Birthday's today:
Dolores O' Riordan (The Cranberries), Macy Gray, Wendy Richter,
Patrick O' Hearn (Missing Persons), Sylvester, Rose Perez, Roger Waters (Pink Floyd),
Swoozie Kurtz, Derrek Lee, Charles "Claydes" Smith (Kool and the Gang), Jimmy Reed,
David Alan Coe, Linda Kaye Henning, Jo Anne Worley, Pal Waaktaar (Aha), Jane Curtain,
Jeff Foxworthy, Mark Chesnutt, Ce Ce Peniston, Justin Whalen, Katherine Cannon


Forget all existing tattoos-or that you don't have any.

What tattoo would you have designed to fit you and
state who you really are?

Describe where on your body and why you would wear
 it proudly. Even if you were dreaming of getting one but
won't, you can still dream, right?

*This Q is continuing from the last week of August.

Rachel Kentucky

Easy. A snake that wrapped around my
thigh and up around my belly...then maybe circled my
belly button.

I think it would look amazing when I do belly dancing!

The Richard Montreal, Quebec Canada

I've just had my biggest tattoo done.
It is of my best friend, fetish sex symbol: Bianca Beauchamp.
(Pictured above)

We've had a competition on her website ( Latexlair) calling to
all artists for an art of Bianca to be inked onto my flesh.

The winner would get picked on my birthday and she is Miss Gina
King. The design is amazing and so was the tattoo artist Freakynat
(Temptations Tattoo in Montreal).

We will now reveal the art come Labor day weekend as we will be
hosting our 3 day-night marathon for Fetish Weekend here in
Montreal city. ;)

Most amazing will be that Gina King will be down from Indiana for
this event and all will be filmed for the documentary-movie
"Bianca Beauchamp: ALL ACCESS 2".

Laura San Diego California

My boyfriend Dwight would have 3
Pepe Le Pew's
in hopping motion across his back.

But only the size of a 50 cent piece each.

September 5  
   Rose McGowen
The star of "Charmed" was born in Florence, Tuscany, Italy on this day in 1973. Rose
was raised in a 'Children on God' commune in Florence, Italy.
By the time she was 10,
her parents had divorced, and she went to live with her grandmother in Washington.
She legally emancipated herself at 15. She moved down to Los Angeles, where she was
discovered standing outside of a gym refusing to go in because she thought it would have
been 'too corny'.
She actually ran away at age 9 to escape the Children of God cult that
her parents were a part of. River Phoenix, Liberty Phoenix, Summer Phoenix, Rain Phoe-
nix and Joaquin Phoenix were also child members of Children of God. She won the role of
Tatum Riley in Scream (1996) after Melinda Clarke turned it down. Coincidentally, the two
would later work together when Clarke guest starred on "Charmed" in October 2002. Was
a child model. Was engaged to Marilyn Manson from 1998-2001. Announced on the Howard
Stern show  (October 2001) that she broke up with Marilyn Manson because she tired of the
rock and roll lifestyle he engaged in. When pressed further, she admitted that drug use was
a big part of that lifestyle. Ranked #39 in Stuff magazine's "102 Sexiest Women in the World"
(2002). Collaborated with musician BT on the song "Superfabulous" found on his 2003 CD "
Emotional Technology". Is the favorite actress of both Brian DePalma and Quentin Tarantino.
Owns the company Pinken Mint (with Natasha Andres) that designs and makes custom purse
caddies. Ranked #44 on the Maxim magazine Hot 100 of 2007 list.

Birthday's today:
Dweezil Zappa, Raquel Welch, Peter Wingfield, Cathy Guisewite,
George Lazenby, Princess Irene of the Netherlands, William Devane, Dennis Scott,
Werner Herzog, Terry Ellis, Kimika Yoshino, Rod Barajas, Loudon Wainwright III,
Buddy Miles, Yuki Ishikawa, Kristian Alfonso, Freddy Mercury (Queen R.I.P.)


Forget all existing tattoos-or that you don't have any.

What tattoo would you have designed to fit you and
state who you really are?

Describe where on your body and why you would wear
 it proudly. Even if you were dreaming of getting one but
won't, you can still dream, right?

*This Q is continuing from the last week of August.

Nikki Stockton-Modesto California

Hello Jonathan! I have no tattoos at all.
I opted for piercings. *ahem*

But...I ran a tattoo shop for a year or so back in the Carolina's
and often considered getting a tattoo. Just never gave into the

I've often thought that maybe I'd be down with something cool.
Maybe a Celtic cross. Something very simple...yet complex.

It's either that or a Foghorn Leghorn.

No. Not really.

But...wouldn't that be the dopest tattoo ever?

Everybody gets Taz...everybody gets Tweety Bird.
Why...WHY...WHYYY?!!?...doesn't anyone ever choose
Foghorn Leghorn?

Where's the Foghorn Leghorn Love? It's just not fair.

PS...You're the best ever, Jonathan.

JONATHAN: So are you Nikki, for participating as often
as possible on the Q's. I really appreciate that!

Debbie United Kingdom

I recently got a new tattoo which I am really
proud of and says a lot about me.

It consists of a chain wrapped around my ankle and drapes
unto my foot. Hanging on the chain is a large charm with the
CFH cowboys from hell emblem.

I believe this shows I am a permanent slave to good music as
well as being my Dimebag Darrell tribute.

Christopher United Kingdom

Well, the tattoo I've been wanting to
get for awhile now is a merging of the English flag and the
American flag, with "Made in England" at the top and
"Reborn in the USA" underneath it.

Reson for this is, that although I was born in England, my real
life will not start until i am together with my fiance again and
we can start our lives together. Then my true life will begin.

I'd like to have it on the top of my forearm or upper arm and just
hope it doesn't get faded by the Phoenix sun. lol

JONATHAN: One thing for sure on any tattoo, if you keep it
to the sun too much, yes, it will fade eventually.

Ninja Tucson Arizona

I�ve actually been thinking about getting a second
one next August.

My first was to commemorate one year of being pain free. This
would be to commemorate the five-year anniversary of my surgery,
the surgery that both saved my life and altered it completely.

It�s a design from the cover of Neil Gaiman�s �Neverwhere� novel
and it would encircle my right ankle. I chose this for several reasons.

I suppose the main reason is because of what the story symbolizes:
A man is suddenly plunged into another world that he never knew
existed, a dark, dangerous world where he has become invisible to
the people he used to know.

To me the protagonist�s invisibility represents the disease that I have,
the disease that most people don�t know I have (endomstrosis), a
disease that most people are not aware of at all nor how serious and
incredibly painful it is for those who suffer from it and what it has
taken from me.

My first tattoo is on my shoulder, hidden from most; it�s more of a
personal thing.

This one will be open to the public. To me it will not be a symbol of
almost dying or the inability to have children but a symbol of the will
to fight and go on and live, like the character in the story, a normal life.

September 4 
   Beyonc� Knowles
One of the top singers in the world was born in Houston, Texas in 1981. Made her start
as lead singer of the enormously popular Destiny's Child.
She and her group were disc-
overed by Whitney Houston. One of her favorite songs is "Lovefool" by the Cardigans.
Her favorite item of clothing is a pair of path work metallic boots. She writes & prod-
uces many of the group's songs, including smash hits "Jumpin Jumpin", "Bootylicious",
"Nasty Girl", "Independent Women", "Happy Face" and "Apple Pie a la mode". Once
appeared on "Star Search" (1983). In 2001 she became the first African-American wom-
an to ever win the ASCAP Pop Songwriter of the Year Award. Her biggest hit to date is
song "Crazy in Love." (2005) Was voted number 1 on VH1's 100 Hottest Hotties. Ranked
#7 in Stuff magazine's "102 Sexiest Women in the World" (2002). She and Jay-Z are buy-
ing a house in Miami as well as in London, England. Ranked #1 on E!'s 50 Steamiest South-
ern Stars. Has known R&B singer Alicia Keys since she was 14. Named #17 on the Maxim
magazine Hot 100 of 2005 list. Named #18 in FHM magazine's "100 Sexiest Women in the
World 2006" supplement. Was officially in the BAFTA longlist (Equivalently, the semi-finals)
for Best Actress in a Leading Role, for her role in Dreamgirls (2006), which consisted of 15
finalists for each category (except Animated Film). However, was eliminated in the next
round, which the five official nominees were selected in 2007. Ranked #13 on the Maxim
magazine Hot 100 of 2007 list. Her trademark are big and heavy earings.

Birthday's today:
Haley Miller, Ione Sky, Mike Piazza, Jennifer Salt, Ken Harrelson,
Anita Yuen, Martin Chambers (Pretenders), Shiro Koshinaka, Merald "Bubba" Knight,
Blackie Lawless (W.A.S.P.), Leonard Fry, Drew Pinsky, Tom Watson, Aaron Fultz,
Danny Ponce, Igor Cavalera (Sepultura), Ray Floyd, Candy Devine, Kevin Kennedy,
Judith Ivy, Adam Mesh, Richard Castellano, Kengo Kimura, Mitzi Gaynor, Dick York


Forget all existing tattoos-or that you don't have any.

What tattoo would you have designed to fit you and
state who you really are?

Describe where on your body and why you would wear
 it proudly. Even if you were dreaming of getting one but
won't, you can still dream, right?

*This Q is continuing from the last week of August.

Sherri Tacoma Washington

Atheist tat. Which would read fuck your God.

Now I know this sounds a little harsh, but the level of annoyance
and disappointment I go through everytime someone discovers
I'm Atheist is quit annoying in itself.

I will never understand how most people expect for you to not
only respect their beliefs...but believe them yourself.

Just because they say it's right...but don't know the first thing
about acceptance themselves!

Debby Phoenix Arizona

My tattoo is a heiroglyph of Anubis the Egyptian
God of embalming and protector of the dead.

I'm an embalmer and it represents my job. I got him this big
because I think large tattoos are sexy and even though it was
my first, I am a woman who knows what she wants and does
it right the first time.

Some people have a job they go to every day and a home they
go to every night. There is a wall that separates these two worlds.
In other words, they aren't their job.

They either like it and do it to pay the bills or they hate it and it
pays the bills while they look for something else. I however, am
my job, and my job is me.

Eventually I'm going to get a few words from the Egyptian Book
of the Dead to go down my back. I'm not sure what yet but when
it's finished it's going to look like someone transplanted a tomb
wall onto my back.

September 3  
   Clare Kramer
Born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1974, but was raised in the town of Delaware just north of
Columbus, Ohio since the age of four, Clare Kramer first became interested in acting
after being asked to represent the Wendy's fastfood chain, as Wendy, at the age of 14.
Clare first rose to attention in 2000 in the cheerleading comedy Bring It On (2000) ap-
pearing alongside Kirsten Dunst and Eliza Dushku in playing the hard-nosed cheerleader
Courtney. At the same time, she was cast in a recurring role as Glory, the vain hell-god-
dess on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1997) which also gained her some acclaim on tele-
vision as one of Buffy's most popular adversaries.
She also appeared on television in a
few guest appearances on "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" (1996), "The Random Years"
(2002), and "Tru Calling" (2003). She continues to work for both stage and movie roles
most recently with the horror flick The Gravedancers (2006).
In the online diary that was
kept by Roger Avery during the shooting of Rules Of Attraction, Roger wrote "Clare Kra-
mer, I love that girl, she's smart as a whip.". She has trading cards and two action figures
designed after her character, Glory, from the television series Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Birthday's today:
Charlie Sheen, Adam Curry, Tami Tyler, Luis Gonzalez, Pauline Collins,
Steve Jones (Sex Pistols), Todd Lewis (Toadies), Eric Bell (Thin Lizzy), Valerie Perrine,
Mike Harrison (Spooky Tooth), Aaron Smith (Romeo Void), Al Jardine (The Beach Boys),
Tara Oedayra Singh Varma, George Biondo (Steppenwolf), Gary Leeds (Walker Brothers)


Forget all existing tattoos-or that you don't have any.

What tattoo would you have designed to fit you and
state who you really are?

Describe where on your body and why you would wear
 it proudly. Even if you were dreaming of getting one but
won't, you can still dream, right?

*This Q is continuing from the last week of August.

Stephanie Riverside California

This has been on my mind for quite some

I want to get a tattoo. It will be my first. How did you decide?

JONATHAN: Throwing the Q back to me Steph. lol
Ok, well first you have to decide if you are ready in your
mind that, yes, I am different, and I want to show some
expressionism in my life. I had my first as a teenager. I
am now 60 and as you can tell I have a lot of ink (tats)
and also ones you can't see in my pics. Legs, neck, etc.
It takes a little pain, depending on your tolerance with
sitting for a period of time, and sometimes, more than
likely numerous sittings. In the end if you are pleased
with yourself, that is all that matters. Period. It's about
you and no one else. It is a feel good thing for most every-
one who gets one or many more. Hope I have summed up
about getting a tattoo for you. It's your body.

Kathaleen Sacramento California

The one I am having designed right now
is twin dragons.

Beautifully colored in blues purples and a hint of pink. Gorgeous
serene faces and very elegant bodies. The tips of the tails start
at the tailbone and come up and over the hips. In between the
tails is going to be a very detailed celtic triangle pointing down-

I have a very big fascination with dragons. So far the artist can't
seem to get the faces proper. He wants to make them mean looking
and that just isn't me.

Between my fascination, my heritage, and me being a twin. I feel it
will suit me.